Just To Say

February 12, 2010 -

John Heald

Good news. The girls have landed and are on their way to the hotel. I will write more about their flight experiences next week but the most important thing is that they are safe and will be with me tomorrow.

As a new father I am experiencing all sorts of new emotions and today I have been a nervous wreck waiting for the news that the flight had landed. And when that news came, a sense of joyous rapture overcame me. However, I also felt guilty for only a few hours before I had held a lady as she sobbed into my shirt.

Michael and Ronda Long have cruised with me before and are readers of this blog. The last time they cruised with me they had their beautiful new daughter Rachel with them. Soon after that cruise Rachael passed away ……..she was only 4 years old. Rhonda told me that the years following had been so very difficult but Rachel had spoken to them from heaven and told Mum and Dad to so something fun……..and so they booked a cruise with me here on their Carnival Dream.

And they had a fantastic time but the memories of Rachel were overwhelming and so we shared some tears together.

Yet, in between the tears Rhonda spoke of her happiness for me and Heidi and the birth of Kye………I was lost for words.

I can only imagine that losing a child must change your whole perspective on life. There’s an unnatural order about experiencing your child’s death before your own. Nothing surely can adequately describe the pain of child bereavement.

I hope and pray it is something that Heidi and I never have to face and as I sit here in anticipation of seeing my beautiful wife and my gorgeous wonder of a daughter, I also sit here thinking of you Michael and Rhonda……..and your beautiful angel in heaven Rachel.

So, I will be back on Monday and will have some photos of my family….together again

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