Pour Some Suger On Me

February 19, 2010 -

John Heald

Today’s blog is different not only in the layout which we will chat about in a moment but also that today it will a very brief blog. I am so sorry about this and I should explain why.

As I have mentioned before Friday’s are my busiest day here on your Carnival Dream and that means that me and my underpants have been getting up at 6 am to write the blog of the day. However, this morning, me and my underpants couldn’t get out of bed because I felt really, really strange. I was sweating and had the shakes and that was a sure fire sign that my sugar had dropped and it had. I had checked at as always before I went to bed and it was a little lower than normal (5.3) but I thought nothing of it as it usually goes up during the night.

Then at 4 am I woke feeling sick and sweating more than the guy who told the President of NCL that his design for the Epic was a beautiful one. I couldn’t even get out of bed and had to wake Heidi and ask her to go into the bathroom and get my finger pricker test kit thingy.

Well, my sugar had dropped and had done so faster and lower than Paris Hilton’s underwear on a Saturday night………….It was 2.8…………it has never been so low and the safe level for normal level for non diabetics is 4.8.

And so I had to quickly get some sugar and so I drank a can of Coke and had some glucose tablets and Heidi insisted she call the ship’s doctor even though I told her not to.

Anyway, 2 hours later after some sugar in take and a huge bollocking from the Doctor I was sent back to bed to rest. I wasn’t really going to protest though because I felt like …… well………..crap. I woke again at 10:15 am and managed to get myself up and about for the debark talk which I have just finished.

I am very angry with myself because I didn’t have time to have dinner last night ………….. insert bollocking from thousands of bloggers here………………..and what with the shows and playing with Kye and………well there is no excuse really and it won’t happen again because it was very scary. I have been diabetic now since 2007 and this is the first time this has happened. My sugar has been under control and after my last medical the HA1C which takes an average sugar level over 3 years from a blood test was 5.5 which considering a non diabetic person’s is 4.8……….well that’s not bad. However, I have to be more careful because honestly speaking…….this morning…….I was scared…… really scared.

And so there is no time for a long blog today. I have the Newly Wed Game in an hour plus tons of paper work and, and, and. However, there is time for me to welcome you to the new format to the blog which one of the 343 Stephanies, Stephanie H, has worked very hard on. I hope you like it, I know I do. And here is Stephanie to tell you a little more about it.

Hello bloggers. I hope everyone is doing fabulous. 🙂

As you would have seen when opening the blog today we have changed the format of the blog to keep things fresh and have added a new picture of John at the top, which I personally think represents him to the fullest. I’m sure Heidi will agree.

Keep an eye out for some new features that we will be adding soon. I don’t want to spoil the element of surprise, so you will just have to keep checking back for more FUN updates.

We hope you like what we have done and welcome all suggestions you may have.

Have a great weekend.

Stephanie H.

Thanks Stephanie for all your hard work with this and I would like to know bloggers what you think of the new page format.

There is just time though to mention that it has been a fun week here and for the first time since I returned as a CD that my timing and my improve skills were where I wanted them. Much of this was because of the unique guests I had onboard this week including Robert from Indian Head. Here he is getting his prizes for proclaiming his love to his wife all cruise long.

It really has been a great week and I have met some brilliant guests……none more so than Paul who is here on his honeymoon with his new wife Latisha. They were with me on stage for the Marriage Show. I asked how Paul proposed to Latisha and he did so over the phone…….from his hospital bed…………in Afghanistan. Here are Paul and Latisha

Paul’s patrol drove over a roadside bomb and while his injuries are obvious he told me and the 800 plus in the audience that he was so lucky because two of his comrades died.

Three days later Paul awoke to find his injuries were severe but that he was alive and the first thing he wanted to do was to propose to his girl back home in Chicago. One year later they were married and how proud………how very proud we all were to be sharing the start of their married lives with them. Now, usually in this bit I have the husband go down on one knee and sing a love song to their new bride but for obvious reasons I couldn’t. And so Latisha did the honours and her beautiful rendition of “At Last” brought tears to many eyes…………including mine.

And so I once again apologize for the shortness of this blog. I apologize for not answering any questions today but I will answer 20 on Monday I promise. I apologize to Heidi for scaring her in the wee small hours of this morning and promise that will never happen again. And most importantly I salute Paul who despite his injuries had such a positive outlook on life and ……………to whom we all owe ………..so very much. He referred to his new wife as a “Goddess” and I asked what makes her that……………..and Paul said…………and I quote “She makes me what I want to eat when I want it. Her priority is making me feel very special and ………..she never forgets I may have lost a leg………..but I still have two more!”

Not for the first time this cruise………the audience laughed out loud and gave Paul his second standing ovation.

See you on Monday
Your friends
John, Heidi and Kye

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