Aliens, Elizebeth And Heidi

March 12, 2010 -

John Heald

I have to admit something to you which may change your opinion of me. Last night before I went to bed……….. I killed four men.

The first two I shot with a good old-fashioned shotgun, and then for the third one, who was 9 feet high and wearing body armor complete with alien technology, I had to use a photon cannon…….thingy.

I was able to do this thanks to my predecessor Todd who apart from leaving his metro sexual hair and body products in the bathroom cabinet and a copy of “Big Jugs” in the desk drawer………also left me his Playstation 3 game. I have written before I think that I am not a fan of these but these last few days since discovering how to turn the dam thing on I must admit that in a lonely cabin without the joy of Heidi and Kye……….they offer perfect antidote to loneliness.

I’ve been to strange planets, driven a car at 150mph into a wall (it was a Toyota and the brakes failed), killed a Zombie who spurted green pus out of the place where its head used to be, become a Shaolin kung fu master fighting alongside a fat panda and attacked and defeated the entire French Army…….that took five minutes by the way. I might actually consider buying one you know.

Heidi has the Wii Wii game and I think it’s a load of bollocks. She plays Wii Wii tennis, and exercise stuff and occasionally as a special treat while Kye is asleep she will go bowling ………why? What’s the point. You can play tennis in real life, so what’s the point of replicating it on a computer? You want to play golf? Then go outside and pick up a golfing bat, you lazy sod.

Proper computer games are the ones that let you do things you can’t actually do. I want to shoot an alien that looks like Judge Judy and Phil Spector’s love child right between two of its eight eyes but I can hardly pop on down to the shopping mall to have a go at that, can I?

I want fantasy on a games console. I want to pick up a plasma rifle at a far-flung outpost of the universe and kick some serious arse. Yes, I’m beyond terrible at it and don’t even get as far as the first checkpoint before I get killed, but, hey, rather than a game of “running and jumping” as Wii fanatics seem to enjoy.

Well, I am not 10 years old so I don’t want to run and jump. I want to take control of a stealth fighter armed with plasma torpedoes and go up against the Dark Star of the Seas in my quest to destroy the climbing wall network from the planet Epic. And what have they got on the Wii …………duck-shooting………….duck my arse.

“But the Wii keeps you fit,” says Heidi and people with beards. So what? The Playstation and XBox thingies are far more important than that. Come the day when the Earth is at war with real aliens I want Kye to be able to protect herself. We’ll need her skills in the future. Frankly, if she’d been playing on a Wii then I’m afraid mankind’s only hope when the aliens arrived would be that, rather than all-out interstellar conflict……..all they wanted was a bowling contest.

You want exercise? Okay, what you need to do is this. Take the Wii to an actual, real-life bowling alley. Put on those smelly shoes that someone with gangrene of the toes was just wearing….. line yourself up carefully, with the Wii gripped firmly in your hand. Now, when you’re comfy, run down the lane as fast as you can. Then, when you get to the pins, use them to smash up the Wii. And then take the bits to the park…….. and throw them in a lake.

Oh and one more thing. I wish I had a the photon cannon in real life yesterday afternoon when during my afternoon show a lovely and charming spring break type called the show from a phone on lido deck and shouted “we want some fu**ing party music on.” Unfortunately I didn’t have a photon cannon or a plasma rifle or even a pointed stick so I just told the guests that she was the perfect example of why some animals eat their young.

Time for today’s questions……… we go.

Paul Baranowski Asked:
Hi John, Please respond if you can.

My wife and I have been on 11 cruises. Nine of them have been on Carnival. The other two were before we knew better. Our last cruise was on the Dream on December 3, 2009. This cruise was, without a doubt, the most fun we have ever had on any cruise. We were seated at a table on the other side of the dining room from your table. Bryne Ken, “The singing maitre d” was a great addition to the dining room entertainment and a great maitre d’ as well. The dining room staff was wonderful. I have nothing but praise for the entire ship’s staff. After reading your blog thingy and having such a great time on the Dream, I would like to make two suggestions.

First, I would love to pick my future cruises based on Bryne Ken’s schedule. So posting his schedule with the CDs would be nice. The second is to allow PVPs to place cruisers in general dining room locations, i.e., aft dining room, large table, lower level, center, or some other scheme for seating guests. You are burdened with a large number of seating requests and it would make many people happy. It would also allow the maitre d’ the flexibility to arrange guests in the dining room since no specific tables were assigned.

I would also like to compliment my wonderful PVP, Michele Avins, who I have on speed dial, for doing an outstanding job over the last five years making all of my cruises memorable. Also, Lyndon Culiner is another great PVP who I have gotten to know.

We will become Carnival platinum cruisers on September 12, 2010 when we sail on the Pride with my sister and her husband (who we have converted to serious cruisers). I am hoping you will be our CD on that vacation.

If possible, could you please respond regarding my recommendations and if there is any chance that you will be the CD on my next cruise.

Hoping that many cruises are in all of our futures,
Paul and Laurie

John Says:
Hello Paul and Laurie

Thank you firstly for those nine cruises you have both enjoyed with Carnival. I remember you well from the bloggers cruise and of course you like many others are quick to sing the praises of the incomparable Ken Byrne. Ken has two more weeks’ vacation and then will be on the Carnival Legend from early April until the end of October. I will ask him to tell me his exact dates and post them for you here on the blog thingy. While it would be nice to have the PVP’s help with dining requests I am afraid that it won’t be possible. There are lots and lots of them and while I send maybe 15 or 20 requests a week they would be sending many more times that thus making an already difficult job for the Maitre D’s even harder. I should mention I suppose that my relationship with the dining room teams also helps get things accomplished if you know what I mean. Meanwhile I will be happy to help as many people as I can.

Thanks though for those great words for Michele who when I send her this will be thrilled to read your kind testament as will Lyndon. There is a good chance I will indeed be with you on the Carnival Pride and I am sure you are very excited about your Platinum status.

Please let me know if you need anything

Best wishes to you both

John Asked:
Hi John H, (Please reply)

Last year I had inquired with you – via your blog thingy 🙂 – regarding Carnival’s smoking policy in regard to the Piano Bars. I realize that Carnival periodically reviews these policies and has even tried out non-smoking piano bars, etc.

As far as I have been able to find out so far, it appears as though there are not any piano bars that are non-smoking on Carnival (please correct me if I’m wrong), so I am going to have to assume that the bottom line has something to do with the current policies. Realizing that in order for some policy changes to be successful, they must be done quite slowly.

In the meantime, it would be really grand if smoke intolerant passengers were able to experience the uniqueness of the piano bars without being exposed to second and third hand, yes, third hand smoke. LOL, there seems to be such a thing now.

Having tried to enjoy the piano bar on our 2 last cruises (another coming up on 2/21 and we will try again!) I realize that a big part of the problem is poor air ventilation in the piano bars. We tried to sit in a non-smoky location but the air was actually so still that the smoke from someone’s cigarette 10 feet away from us actually lingered almost horizontally towards us.

I would like to suggest that when Carnival is building new ships that additional ventilation capabilities be installed in the piano bars and perhaps the casino. Major land based casinos seem to do a great job of this. Of course, just like everything else, not everyone will be satisfied, but I think most reasonable non-smokers would be thrilled. I realize that it is impractical to modify current piano bars to drastically improve ventilation.

I would also like to mention that there is no information regarding smoking policies on Carnival’s site, except for information regarding Spa cabins. Realizing that the policy (along with others) may vary from ship to ship I am hoping that with the new “Capers” – FUNTIMES that there is a possibility that each ship could post their FUNTIMES somewhere for everyone to see. This would certainly help provide some of the ship specific information that doesn’t appear to be available anywhere else.

I always enjoy your blog thingy and your brilliant sense of humour (spelt correctly).

I would like to close in saying that I enjoy sailing with Carnival and would very much like to continue to do so in the future, but may consider some other lines with less interior smoking venues if I can find any that offer a similar value.

Thanks for your help!
John R

John Says:
Hello John R

Anytime I write about smoking I always start by saying that this is a very sensitive subject and that we as a company are very aware that we need to try and keep both smokers and non-smokers happy as both groups are vital to our business. With regard to the Piano Bars you are correct that they are all smoking and I am not aware of any plans to change this. Now I know that’s not what you wanted to hear and even if I balance this out by saying that all the other entertainment venues (except the dance clubs) are non smoking across the fleet …………that it’s not going to appease you.

You bring up a very good point about the smoking rules and regulations not being online …………mmmm…………let me see what I can do about that. By the way………..what’s “third hand smoke?” ………never heard of that.

I obviously hope you come back to us the next time you decide on a cruise and I think you will find that industry wide the smoking policies are pretty much the same. Let me see what I can do about getting the fleet wide information on smoking.

Best wishes and thanks for the very kind words

Agent Dotski Asked:
John, please reply:

Hey John! Long time no talk! I am so far behind on my blog reading!! As a travel agent in the middle of booking season, it’s not too hard to do, but I’ve started stretching out with the laptop in bed to catch up! Should start putting in my two cents more often shortly! Haha!

Just have a quick question for you – hopefully it is just as quick for you to find the answer! My band of fellow Canadian Travel Agents and I all sailed on the Splendor in May (during the whole swine flu issue!) and had the pleasure of travelling with fellow Canadians CD Brad and assistant CD Matt. They were both great to travel with and would do so again in a heartbeat!! We had great fun with them! Anyway, a few of us were chatting about the trip and were curious as to how “our boys” were doing. I see from the CD list that Brad is en route to the Ecstasy shortly, but was curious where Matt is located at the moment. For the life of me I can’t recall his surname. He was very personable, always visible and all of the guests (of all ages) that I saw him dealing with loved him. From our interactions with him, I and the agents that I was with thought that he would be great as a CD someday as he seemed able to adapt himself to every personality. So hopefully he is still with the company and doing well. I’m escorting a group of clients on the Freedom at the end of April so if he happened to be there…! Haha!

Thanks so much for your time and effort John! As always, you are very much appreciated!

John Says:
Hello Agent Dotski

Goodness me it must be a year or so since I added the letters “ski” onto the end of your postings. Welcome back. Thanks for highlighting Brad who did a great job during the whole sneezing pig thingy and in fact he was just here visiting his girlfriend who is a Carnival Dream Dancer and obviously blind as a bat. Yep……..Brad is doing well and is on his way to the Carnival Ecstasy where I know he will do a fabulous job as always. Now, as for Matt? Not sure who that is but will ask around. It’s been great to hear from you and please send my kind regards to all my Canadian travel agent friends and if you need anything from me I will be here…………eh!…….sorry, couldn’t resist.

Best wishes

Isabelle turell Asked:

My fiance’s name is David Stamper (if you want to see all his past cruises he has done 9 cruises so far and was on the very 1st ship the Mardi Gras on Oct 6 1991 lol. This next cruise is David’s 10th cruise. As a Valentine’s Day present I am booking a cruise for me and my fiancé’ on the Carnival Dream leaving February 27th coming back March 6th. I am writing you as David is a big fan of you Mr. Heald and hasn’t sailed with you since September 13 in 1997 on the Imagination. I got David a bobble head John Heald on Ebay. Don’t ask me how much I paid lol. You actually wrote about the ebay auction on your blog. I was bidding on that auction and got outbid last minute lol. won another one on Ebay a week later. David is a police officer and this will be a great vacation for him. We are going to I am excited about it as we have heard a lot of great things about the Dream and John Heald is on it right now which David would really love that. I haven’t told him yet about it but I know he is going to be very excited. I am booking through a Carnival representative by the name of Mary Hirschman, which we booked our Carnival cruises in the past. I love Carnival. We usually do the balconies but I wanted to get a deal and I am going to book an inside cabin. I have no idea what that’s like but as long as we are on the ship I am happy.

I am bringing the John Heald Bobble head for good luck and also in big hopes that you can sign it for David.

John Says:
Hello Isabelle Turell

I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to see you both last week. I hope you both had a great time and I was proud to sign your bobble head. You obviously are both very much in love which was wonderful to see. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog thingy.

Best wishes to you both

Luigi DiFazio Asked:
Dear John, (Please Reply)

(Am sending this a second time because I did not include my booking number the first time)

Apparently your last name has been changed from Heald to Please reply (correct spelling lol).

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed this special day with your girls.

John it has been 2 years since the last time my family and I sailed with you on the Carnival Freedom. We first met you on the Freedom when you were being visited by Mr. Bell. We chatted about the Blog thingy and you mentioned that they were even working on a possible TV/Sitcom based on the blog and your life as a CD.

We are booked on the Dream for the March 13, 2010 sailing. Our family is looking forward to once again cruising with Carnival (4th cruise) and to have you as our CD. My girls love Carnival and we always have lots of fun. Even though this is our 4th cruise with Carnival my middle child mused that since we always have 2 cabins that we should be platinum members by our next cruise. I told her we would be honourary (spelt correctly) members until we had our 10th. However, I was wondering if you could pass on a request to the singing Maitre’d (Ken. B) to see if we could possibly be seated at a table of 5 as a family by ourselves.

Also, in the past we have brought walkie talkies with us as a way of keeping in touch on the ship. Some of the blogs say that the ship is too big for them to work. Do you rent any walkie talkies on board that are hooked up to the ship’s system?

I am also looking forward to experiencing the Dream for myself. Some of the reviews have been quite harsh in their assessment of the ship. I will be writing my own assessment when I get back. I will add however, that previous cruises on the Triumph, Liberty and Freedom were also met with many harsh words by the critics who proved for the most part to be unfounded, we had a great time. When reading reviews I am always suspicious of phrases like “my entire cruise was ruined” and “it was the most painful experience”. Really, just because you had to wait half an hour your cruise was ruined?

Experience has taught me that a good time is based on reasonable expectation and not absolute perfection. Those expecting perfection from humans are always disappointed.

See you soon

John Says:
Hello Luigi Di Fazio …..are you Irish?

Thanks for those kind words about your last voyage with me and my visit by that bastard Bell and his palsy. You know, I keep expecting him to pay me another visit as that apparently is the normal thing that happens but so far……touch wood………..that has not happened. Ah yes, the sitcom. Well I was visited by an LA agent type who said lots of nice things and said this and that and how funny I was and then………I never heard from him again. Oh well……it was a dream but unfortunately I had built my hopes up as usual so I was a bit disappointed to say the least when I never heard anything from him again. That I guess is show business.

The walkie talkies work fine on the ships and I see many guests carrying the Motorola things with them so they can be useful.

Well, you will be here soon and I am looking forward to meeting you. Unfortunately Ken is on vacation and instead I am going to put you with Ante or Klaudio who are brilliant Maitre Ds and will look after you for sure with a table as you requested.

Please leave me a note when you board.

Best wishes to all and see you soon.

Bonnie Boatner Asked:
Dear John please reply.

My husband and I, along with some dear friends are blessed enough to be sailing again, this time on the Legend in April. Can’t believe it has been over 2 months since our fabulous cruise with you on the Dream. My husband truly enjoys good cigars, and I recall you recommending a shop in Grand Cayman. Could you give the name/location again? That is the only thing Steve has said he wants to do this trip, buy some good cigars and smoke them under the stars. Thanks so much for your response and all you do for us.

BTW, you would not believe the offers I have received for our John Heald bobbleheads.

John Says:
Hello Bonnie Boatner

I always enjoy passing on good cigar recommendations and when you get off the tender in Grand Cayman you will see a parade of shops to your right situated on the waterfront. On the corner is a restaurant/pub called the Landmark and three doors down from there is the Casa De Habana’s where you will find the greatest selection of cigars in the Caribbean. I wish I could be there to smoke one with your husband.

As for the bobble heads………it was probably the Chairman of RCI wanting to buy it to use as a voodoo doll.

Have a great time on the Carnival Legend.

Best wishes to you both.

Tim Kriebel MCPO USN Retired Asked:
John: Please respond…….

Couple of your promises that need revisiting, if you can swing it.

First of all, the video that was shot on the Dream Blogger’s Cruise has never surfaced (or did I miss it?). I remember you saying that it would be up somewhere, but don’t recall seing it. ????

Maybe more importantly, at least a year ago (or so it seems) you spoke of the “brilliant” new guy at Carnival who was now in charge of the guest loyalty program….amidst promises that changes were possibly coming after his evaluation etc…etc… What has he found and where is the loyalty program headed. Certainly he has had time to assess the situation…..What say you?

John Says:
Hello Tim

You are correct about the video mate and do you know what….I had completely forgotten about it as well. Bugger. Thanks for the reminder though and I will get straight onto Peter the Hair and one of the 343 Stephanies and get that posted.

Did you see the interview with Jim our Chief Marketing Officer yesterday? He has been very busy with lots of projects as you may have read but the next on his list is the loyalty program which is already under discussion with all the big beards at Carnival.

It was great to meet you and I will be back to with regards the video.

Best wishes

Charlene Szwec Asked:
Please respond

Hello John, hope everything is well with you, Heidi and Kye.

I love your blog and try to read it as often as possible. I love it.

My husband and I are cruising on the Dream for a back to back 6/12/10 – 6/26/10 to celebrate our 40th anniversary. This will be our 9th and 10th cruise on Carnival. I made our reservations through Carnival and asked the rep since our 10th cruise will make us Platinum if we will get the perks for being Platinum. I don’t expect it for the first week but would look forward to it for the 2nd week. He contacted Carnival and was told this could not be promised because of our cruise being a back to back.

I’m not really interested in all of the perks except for our laundry being done by the cabin steward. Since we will be sailing for 2 weeks we don’t want to over pack and only want to pack for 1 week and have our laundry done for the 2nd week. With the cost of baggage on airlines going up all the time we would only like to bring 1 piece of luggage each. We would rather like to spend the extra cash on the ship.

Can you please help.

We have always sailed on Carnival and love it. Never had a bad experience with the personnel. We highly recommend it to all of our family and friends.

Thanks for your reply.

PS Can’t wait 121 more days till we sail.

John Says:
Hello Charlene Szwec

Thanks for the kind words about the blog thingy and I am sure you are excited for your back to back cruise on your Carnival Dream to celebrate that special anniversary. I checked with our loyalty team and I can confirm that on the second week of your cruise you will indeed be given Platinum status and that shiny card and all the benefits that go with it will be yours. So pack accordingly and if there is anything else you can think of before you sail please let me know.

Best wishes

Jerry Calvert Asked:
Pls reply:

John, I just got home from 8 days on Carnival Spirit, so I may have missed your response. My previous note was crabbing about the absence of the “Bannister Island tour in Belize and inquiring of its return.

Today you talked about Belize–what do you recommend in its absence?

John Says:
Hello Jerry Calvert

I hope you had fun on the Carnival Spirit. I think I did indeed reply but in case you missed it I would recommend that you try the superb cave tubing tour which has returned to our excursion program. I would recommend booking this on line though because since I have been here on your Carnival Dream it has been sold out before each cruise started. Please let me know if you have a follow up question.

Best wishes,

Abraham G Asked:
John – Reply to this please

Going on the Liberty on March 20th and am concerned that others on Cruise Critic have reported that the food is not as good as Royal Caribbean or NCL. I am most disappointed to read this and I am already perturbed before I even get on the boat. Is it true, is the food as awful as they say. I would cancel the cruise but it’s for my daughter’s graduation and I don’t want to disappoint her.


John Says:
Hello Abraham

I don’t know if the food is as good as what is served on RCI ships or on NCL. What I do know is that whoever this “they” is that you referred to but I wish I could meet them. Please don’t judge the cruise before you even get onboard and please don’t base your expectations on what others say. Remember that what is said on Cruise Critic and on this blog thingy are opinions…..not the facts and for every one person who writes that they didn’t like the food on Carnival ships I can find you the same number who says the same about other lines as well. More importantly, for every one person who says the food on the Carnival Liberty is not good I can find a dozen or more bloggers who will tell you the opposite………….right, bloggers?

So, go on the ship. Have fun. Enjoy this special time with your daughter who you must be so proud of and let me know what YOU think about the food when you get home.

Best wishes to all

That’s all for today and thank you all for all the hundreds of comments you write each and every week.

Time for a video break and once again we go to the world of Cunard and a look inside the ship that carries the name……….Elizabeth. In this superbly made video we meet the interior designer and get to see the famous “Grills”…….. here is your host Alistair Greening, the soon to be Entertainment Director of Queen Elizabeth.

Seeing that video makes me proud to be British. Yes, I know she is made in Italy and that’s our own fault as a country and a subject for a cigar and a Diet Coke with Peter Shanks. But this ship not only has the huge responsibility of being the Cunard flagship but to the Brits she will be the flagship of the nation, as well. She will demand the same respect her predecessor had as did the much missed Concord. Yes, the plane was a little bit French (they made the toilets) but to me, my mates and millions of Brits…….Concord was as British as Shepherd’s Pie, warm beer and David Dingle and that was what we all felt about the QE2.

I feel sorry a bit for the old lady. Much was promised by the sheiks of Dubai who were going to keep her essence yet turn her into an uber-luxury floating hotel. But the money ran out.  It’s sitting in Dubai, wondering what it’s done wrong. Why did it not sail yesterday and why is there no sense that it will sail today? Why is nobody drinking tea in the Queens Grill and dancing to the sounds of Glen Miller?  I hope something positive happens to her soon.

Meanwhile, Cunard has a new Queen that is getting ready to take on the role of the most famous ocean liner in the world although her sisters Victoria and Mary may have something to say about that. My thanks to Alistair and of course Peter for including us in the build up to the launch of Queen Elizabeth…………I can’t wait.

This week has nearly come to an end and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. Obviously the low light was missing Roatan. Overall people have been mostly fine and understanding and I thought I would show you two letters at opposite ends of the spectrum written by people at opposite ends of the evolutionary scale.

Well there isn’t much to say is there? The first letter is one that shows the understanding and disappointment felt by anyone who does not get to go to a port that they choose although I am not sure what internet site they looked at as the gentlemen was wrong. This is the first time that your Carnival Dream has missed Roatan and although I know the Carnival Valor missed it once last month it is not by any means a regular occurrence. But again, I understand that this gentlemen like everyone wished that this had not happened and that the wind had not been so strong and that we made into the beautiful port of Roatan.

The rest of the cruise has been gorgeous though and I hope the guests remember that we have had glorious sunshine all cruise long. Certainly the mood on the ship for the most part has been excellent and apart from one or two obnoxious spring breakers, including the idiot who felt the need to swear on live TV……the guests have been fantastic. I doubt anyone who has been here this week will forget the characters we have met, including of course the one and only Stinking Creek who has made an everlasting impression with everyone and I wish he was here every week.

Yep…….even though we missed a port this has been one of the best weeks I have had here on my Carnival Dream. I have worked extra hard to keep everyone’s spirits up and we shall see if I managed to do so when we get the report cards back. By the way ……… there is some very interesting news about the comment cards coming your way very soon.

It’s 8:15am and I have been sitting here…….in my underpants……..writing since 6:40 am. I have had two cups of tea and I feel like crawling back into bed, but I can’t of course. I have my senior officers meeting followed by debarkation talk…….oh yes……there is some interesting news coming your way about that soon as well…….followed by a technical show meeting……followed by the afternoon live show where if that idiot girl spring breaker calls again I shall muzzle her with the pair of underpants I wore all day yesterday which are currently marinating on my bathroom floor…….followed by the Carnival legends show. So, it’s time for me to go but not time for the end of today’s blog thingy……….because………………here’s Heidi.

Hello Bloggers and John

We are back home safe and sound and had the best time on board.

I enjoyed it so much because I didn’t have to think of anything but John and Kye and it was great for Kye because she got to spend time with her Daddy.

Thanks again to Stewart, the Hotel Director, for letting us use his cabin. I don’t know how we would have managed in the Cruise Director’s cabin for 3 weeks without going crazy. His is three times as big and I am very thankful and so is Kye as she had room to play in.

After walking up the gangway for 12 years as a crew member, walking up the gangway pushing our daughter in her buggy was very strange and amazing at the same time.

Kye spent some time in Camp Carnival. I left her with someone other than John’s mum or my Mum for the first time and she had a great time. She loved all the staff in Camp Carnival and they loved Kye, how can they not 🙂 They called her “Happy Baby” and that is exactly what she is. Nothing seems to bother her, not even a 9 and a half hour flight across the Atlantic.

We bought her the typical souvenirs, the Mexican maraca and summer dress, a photo frame I could have made myself from St. Thomas etc. It was very hot for her most of the time but the Lanai was amazing, Kye had a lot of naps there in a nice breeze.

Of course she got so much attention from absolutely everybody. I want to say a big thank you to Carolyn and Don and Big Ed and Pat who came on the cruise because they knew Kye and I would be there. As always the time went to fast and we didn’t get to spend as much time with them as we probably should have but their generosity and love was so wonderful and I thank them all as does Kye. And a special thanks to the Evil Krewe for your amazing act of kindness from the last bloggers cruise. You are all amazing!

I bet she would have liked tinted windows in her buggy once in a while though ………. especially when she saw Fun Ship Freddy. The photographer managed to take a photo of her with the biggest smile and then she realized the big red and white head was looking at her (it belonged to Fun ship Freddy not the photographer) and started crying, which was the only time she cried in 3 weeks, so thanks Freddy 🙂

Saying goodbye to John after 3 weeks was very hard and driving away from the pier, the driver passed tissues to me without saying a word. It was almost like the last scene of Pretty Woman except that Richard Gere was nowhere in sight…..bugger!

The flight back was a bit harder than coming over, even though it was 2 hours shorter than coming over.

I was all settled in my seat with Kye when the man next to me approached, saw Kye and his face dropped. Not bothered about his childish behavior, Kye and I played and read books and she even fell asleep in her own special seat…..until the seatbelt sign came on and I had to take her out, thus wake her, and put strap her in on my lap. (not something that Kye was planning on at that hour of the day). Being a night flight it would have been great to just let her sleep as we took off at around her usual bedtime of 7pm but Mother Nature had different plans and with Kye on my lap the plane made us feel like we were on the Tower Of Terror ride in one of the studios in Orlando…….Of course, all babies, including Kye, started crying and Mr. I Hate Babies next to me started tutting and pulling faces. At one point, when I just had enough of his posh Surrey (a county in the UK where posh people live) self I asked him if he would like to hold Kye for a minute while I am going to use the toilet…..haha! His face………..MasterCard Priceless with capitol letters!

All together, Kye must have cried for 20 minutes but of course felt as a lot longer and at the end of the day….Am I bothered though????? We made it to the ground safe which is the only important thing and Kye was happy as ever after not sleeping at all during the night…….I put her in her Baby Bjorn carrier and she thought going through passport control was very funny as she smiled at the officer, then going down to the luggage claim area where luckily our luggage showed up really quickly.

But, as I have this opportunity to write…..what happened to men being gentlemen?

Really, standing there with Kye hanging in front of me, my backpack on my back, not ONE person offered to help with my 2 suitcases and Kye’s buggy, not ONE. I think after my Dad’s generation that quality in young man has just gone.

Where were Tom and Jane when you need them…….

Anyway, back in the cold and getting back to our routine at home.

Thank you to all the staff on board the Carnival Dream who treated Kye and I like royalty, especially the Chef ;-)) I will miss the chocolate covered strawberries and fresh fruit being delivered.

I know I don’t write much on John’s blog these days as Kye and her diapers keep me busy. But I do want to say how much I appreciate all of your kind words you write for me and my daughter each day and more importantly for all the love and support you give John. He works so hard on the blog. When Kye and I were there his alarm went off at 5:30 am every morning so he could write and spend time later in the day with his daughter. I don’t know how he finds the time to do this and be the Cruise Director he is. Thanks to you all for the support you give him

Here are two photos of Kye. One with me and one with her Daddy who sings his Bouncy Bouncy song to her every day

We hope to see you all soon


Heidi and Kye

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