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June 2, 2010 -

John Heald

There are very few things that make my blood boil. Obviously if you stuck a welding torch up my bottom, my blood would indeed get hot but apart from that, cruelty to children and people who get into elevators before those in there have gotten out ………….. little gets me really mad.

However, yesterday I was listening to a group of guests have a conversation and for some reason it really made me mad. As I am watching Hennie and helping him through his first week as Cruise Director I am a relative unknown here. Apart from the guests who have sailed with me before and those who recognize me from the blog, I am free to mince around the ship like a ghost……….a relatively fat ghost………….but a ghost none the same.

It was deck party night and I sat at a table near the lido deck stage listening to the band play some great rock music and waiting for Hennie and the team to start the appetizers.

At the table next to me were a group of 5 guys……just guys……no women …….. and they were having a few beers and talking the night away. Anyway, all was going well until they started talking about Bill Gates and all his money. He came up because apparently one of the guys had been having problems with his computer, something many of us can relate to, yet this one chap seemed to be blaming Bill for this and then….. he got onto the subject of his money.

Now money is a sensitive subject, yet people these days seem much more comfortable with talking about it. I reported on the blog a few weeks ago about a Q and A session I had held on the Carnival Conquest where a guest asked “How much do you make a year?” I couldn’t have been more taken aback if he’d asked me if I had ever had rumpy pumpy with a goat.

Things are different for the famous folks of the world. We are told, often, that George Clooney earns $20 million a movie and I guess that it has been advertised in the last few days how much Bill Gates earns. Certainly the chaps on the table next to me thought that whatever the amount that is was an obscene amount of money.

They then went on to talk about a friend (allegedly) of theirs who I guess from the conversation which was getting louder and louder owns a construction business and earns $1 million a year or more.

“Disgusting,” said one of the guys.

“F**k him,” said another.

Now, I know that these guests were sponsored by Bud Light but for some reason I got really, really mad and had to grip the side of the table. I really had to stop myself leaning over and saying “So what should he be paid? Half that? A quarter? Is $50,000 acceptable?”

Doubtless these are the kind of guys who look at all those multi-millionaires in Forbes Magazine and scream “How can any one man or woman possibly have a fortune of $1 billion?”

Why shouldn’t they? You don’t know them…….it’s not hurting you is it? It’s not like you are going to have to sit next to him on a plane or stand in line at the Publix checkout while they buy a box of Pop Tarts. And anyway, if the government took all their money away and distributed it evenly among the rest of the population, we would all be what ……  10 cents richer………..and they would be wondering why they spent their whole life working so damn hard.

Anyway, obviously I didn’t say anything after all, it was none of my business…………but then something happened………………and I did………….say something.

By now I had been joined by Sexy (Ugly) Craig  who again, has not been on stage this week and will be leaving for the Carnival Legend tomorrow………more about that later. So, as they ranted on about anyone who earns more money that they do, one of them who had been smoking a cigarette, ignored the ash tray on the table, dropped it on the floor and stamped it out with his big ugly flip flop wearing foot.

Now, I have to say that I am tired. I have been on the go for four straight months and therefore maybe my brain is not working as much as it should have been…..because what happened next and as witnessed by Ugly Craig and other guests was indeed …….quite interesting.

As he stomped out the cigarette I found myself grabbing the ashtray from my table, standing up and walking the three steps and placing it in front of him. The conversation then went like this.


And that should have been that and I think if he had been on his own he would have just said “OK” and moved on. But his mates were there…….and he needed to look the big man in front of them and therefore no way was he going to take orders from what he thought was a Brit passenger with a beach ball stuck down his shirt.

And so…….this happened:



And then I offered my hand to shake his and said;


He refused to shake my hand and instead inched closer to my face, I could smell the alcohol and cigarettes on his breath. His mates were laughing and at this point I was ready to block a punch that I truly thought would be heading my way.


I smiled and held my hand out again. He didn’t shake it but turned away and sat down next to the rest of the gang.

While this had been going on Ugly Craig had used his ship cell phone to call security and a few moments later Douglas one of the security team came over. Now at this point I had a choice to make. I could inflame the situation more by taking him over to meet the Marlboro man or I could just let it go. I decided on the latter and told Douglas all was well and that I would put something in the security report tomorrow.

A few minutes later the guys took their beers and left and as they did one of them, not the Marlboro man looked at me and said something neither I or Ugly Craig had heard before ………….and I swear……..this is actually what he called me………as he walked away one of them looked at me and said in a good southern accent and called me a “whistle d*ck” ………what………… the name of all that is holy ……… a whistle d*ck?

Some years ago a guest called me “the sperm of the devil” and when he did I laughed out loud. And when he called me a “whistle d*ck “I had exactly the same reaction. I looked at Ugly Craig……………..and we both laughed our heads off.

Time for today’s Q and A ……….off we go.

Alison Asked:
John (reply if you wish)

I just wanted to give my two cents on the power cord debate:

When I travelled on the Carnival Splendor in February 2010, I requested the disability access kit for the deaf (I have a 95% hearing loss). I was provided with devices to make my cabin more accessible and included in the package was a very long extension cord (which I never ended up using).

If someone needs an extension cord or power strip for a CPAP or other medical device, why not have them available through the disability accommodations department, that way Carnival can ensure that the cords are in good working order, have a better idea of how many people are using them so that the circuits don`t get over loaded and it reduces the number of items that a vacationer needs to tote around (or lightens the load so they can bring some booze on board LOL). (wow that was a long sentence)

I found that as a deaf traveler, I didn`t actually use any of the accessibility devices that were provided (some I didn`t know how to use as they were so different from the ones I use at home), and the ones I did know, I didn`t need 🙂

As for the need for a power cord in general, I don`t know why anyone would need one unless they are bionic and need to plug every person in the room into the wall. We had three devices with us, one we charged overnight, one we charged on the last day (cell phone) and my husband`s razor worked very well in the plug-in in the bathroom… what else would anyone need?


PS… LOVE your blog… a great way to start my day thanks to the email updates!!!

John Says:
Hello Alison

Thanks for using the word “bionic” in your posting as it brought back memories of Steve Austin, we can rebuild him etc. I loved that show. Anyway, you have raised a very important point and one I wanted to check on immediately. And indeed, if a guest has medical equipment and has forgotten or needs extra help with an extension cords etc, we can provide them onboard. Now obviously we do not have a boundless supply and we are not going to lend them out without checking what they are for. Not that we don’t trust our guests but we will want to make sure that they are going to be for medical equipment and not to plug in Eye Pads and hard drives and lawn mowers, etc.

The Guest Services Desk will assist with this and the cables and plugs we provide are all provided by our onboard technical department so they have been tested to make sure they are safe. I know some people bring lots of gadgets on a cruise but surely they can rotate the charging and use of their phone, computer, Eye Pod, blender and George Foreman grill.

Anyway, as a hearing impaired guest please make sure you let us know if there is anything we can do better for you while you are onboard. We continue to learn from your experiences so please let me know if you can think of anything.

Thank you for the kind words

Best wishes

Susan Asked:
John (please reply if you can)

I just need to share right now that I am really rather excited. I am right now doing an ob/gyn rotation, and in the midst of delivering my patient’s baby, my phone starts vibrating. I’m trying to finagle a large baby out of a small area, and it was not easy to focus on that when my phone is vibrating in my back pocket. Well fortunately, the phone stops vibrating, and the baby came out fine. I listen to the message, and wouldn’t you know it, I had a great message from a fabulous representative’s of Carnival, James Blackwell. And wouldn’t you know it… he was offering me a great upgrade from my ocean view on deck 2 to an ocean suite on deck 7! In all my cruises, I have never been in a suite before, so I am over the moon.

So now, I can say that I am booked on the Carnival Liberty, leaving June 19, in an ocean suite complete with VIP status! Sounds like a lot of fun to say. This will be a great cruise for my friend and I. This will be her first cruise, and I have a hunch after going suite style, she won’t want just any old room anymore. We also have some fun stuff to celebrate. My birthday will be a few days before the cruise, and my friend will have taken the first part of her board exam for medical licensing the day before we leave. So it will definitely be time for us to let loose a bit. Anyway, now if possible, I would like to ask for a small favor. Obviously, the VIP perks will be fabulous, but is there any way to arrange for something made out of solid gold plastic to commemorate my friend completing her second year of med school and taking the first of 3 exams for her boards?

If you get too busy to answer, it’s A-OK. I will still be a Carnival fan and I will still read your blog. There won’t be any hurt feelings on my end. Hope you’re having a great day wherever you are!


John Says:
Hello Susan

I am three weeks behind on answering questions marked for my reply and it is therefore a little weird that the day after writing the blog about the baby being born on the Carnival Paradise I answer your question. How brilliant though and having been at a birth recently I know how much help and encouragement you nurses have to give the mother as they “push” and “breathe.” I will say though that I think you nurses could be more considerate to the husbands. We go through hell during the birth and we get bugger all attention or offered a Diet Coke and some snacks.

Anyway, how brilliant that the elusive upgrade has come your way and I am very, very happy for you. The Carnival Liberty suites are gorgeous and it will make a great base for your cruise. It will be my honour to send you both a trophy for the work you both do.

I hope Mum and baby are doing well and wish you both a brilliant cruise

Best wishes

Michael Halloran Asked:
John (Please reply),

So if we looking now at the power strips as a fire hazard is carnival looking at the smoking issue in rooms?  IMHO there is a much much bigger fire hazard on the smoking in rooms and balconies. Instead of taking all power strips let’s look at power strips and make a decision if each one is a hazard. Or provide a power strip at each room so we all have our needs for our camera, laptops and I-Pods?

Thank you

John Says:
Hello Michael Halloran

The subject of smoking and where and to where not allow is indeed currently under discussion. I will agree that smoking is a hazard that can start fires on land and at sea. However while just a few guests are impacted by our regulations on power strips, many, many more will be affected if we were to change our smoking policies.

Now I want to make this perfectly clear, this is just my opinion and that I know of no immediate plans to put this into effect ………it’s just my honest opinion. I personally do not think that we should allow smoking in cabins. There are plenty of areas on the ship indoors and outdoors where smoking is allowed. I say this as a cigar smoker as well. The reason I say this is because of how difficult it is for our stateroom stewards to get rid of the smell of smoke during the short time between embarkation and debarkation. And if they can’t…..well the guests really give them a hard time and start their cruise in a negative way.

This would be a big change though and as I always say, smoking is a very sensitive subject and one that Carnival needs to investigate before making any major changes.

Michael, I was honest with you there on my smoking opinion and I will do the same in regard to the power strips. Surely it is possible to charge what you have throughout the day, one at a time isn’t it? I totally understood that people were upset about extension cords, chargers etc……..and I am glad we listened and clarified. But honestly……I just can’t understand the few who seem so very upset about power strips. I guess if you have a big family staying in one cabin it may be difficult to keep the Gamepodstation thingies charged but apart from that I would hope that this is not such a big deal.

However, I thank you for posting your opinion because that is what this blog is all about and thank you also for allowing me to express mine.

If you have a follow up to this please let me know

Best wishes

cruisinggrandma Asked:
John please reply

I understand the concern about power strips that are no good but has anyone thought about supplying strips like you do hair driers on the smaller ships?

Anyway my question is – Are your girls going to be able to join us on the Blogger four cruise?

I would love to meet them.

John Says:
Hello Cruisingrandma

We don’t have any plans on supplying power strips Carol – Ann unless it is for medical equipment. Now, as for the girls, well that is under “discussion” and will ultimately be Heidi’s decision. I hope they will come as I would love for them to meet you all too.

Thanks for taking the time to write and I hope to see you in February 2011

Best wishes

Michele Nolin-Love Asked:

My husband & I are sailing for the second time on the Legend on September 5, 2010 and this will be our Platinum cruise. When we were on her last August, we had the most wonderful server named Freddie. We also had a private table. Usually on the first day we go to the Maître D and request private seating, however, the last cruise we took, on the Valor, the Maître D didn’t even look and just said no. A bit disappointing. So….what we were wondering is if we could possibly put a request in through you for private seating now and if Freddie is still one of the servers, we would LOVE to have him again. We are booked late dining and it has been suggested that we do anytime dining, which is not something we would be interested in.

We met so many great people on the Legend last August and cannot wait to be on her in September. Every cruise we go on, we seem to see people that we have met on other ships and what a compliment when they remember your name. Our next goal is to meet you on one of your cruises.

Not sure what information you need from me – booking number #53SC34.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide, WE LOVE CARNIVAL!!!

John Says:
Hello Michele

I am sorry you didn’t get the table you wanted on the Carnival Valor and I will certainly do my best to help you when you cruise on the Carnival Legend in September. Please can I ask that on August 1 you re-post your request so I can speak to the Maitre D who by the way will be Ken Byrne…….you will love him?

I hope we get to meet one day as well and I hope you keep enjoying the blog. Please don’t forget to write again before you cruise

Best wishes

Two at Sea Asked:
John – reply requested to this comment

I just read on Cruise critic that you have stopped giving the pins away at the party for people who have cruised before and that you only give them to your VIP passengers. I am really upset about this and want to know why only the VIPs get them. I have done 4 cruises so I am not worthy of a pin and they are?!!

I am booked on the Conquest in August and I hope that you will do the right thing and get me a pin.

Thomas R

John Says:
Hello Two at Sea

Thank you for taking the time to write. I know that the pins were indeed handed to every guest previously but since the start of 2009 we have as you correctly stated only handed them to our Platinum and Milestone guests. You will though be happy to know that they are available for purchase from the onboard shops. I am sure the pins mean a lot to you and too many guests and I would love to get you one………but if I did that then I would be inundated with requests here on the blog.

I am so sorry to read that you are so upset and I hope that you will look forward to fun, great service and entertainment and if there is anything else you think I can do for you beforehand, please let me know

Best wishes

Jane_M Asked:
Dearest John (Please Reply)

Mr. Celebrity needs to go pound salt! I just got back from my 6-day cruise on the Carnival Freedom and the Celebrity can’t compare! While this was only my 2nd cruise, it was the most AMAZING cruise ever.

There were over 300 br*** cancer survivors on the cruise. Thank you so much for letting Ryan know about my friends Genia and Juli and for sending something to make us feel welcome!

I will post a formal review of my cruise, but I have to say that I was overwhelmed by how wonderful everything was. I have already booked for next year’s 5th annual bc survivor’s cruise which will be held May 14-21, 2010 on the Carnival Liberty.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about you, your blog, Carnival Cruise lines and the Carnival Freedom. I’m hooked on Carnival. Brand X can kiss my great big butt!

John Says:
Hello Jane_M

I am sure your cruise with 300 cancer survivors was one full of joy and reflection and there is absolutely no need to thank me for acknowledging Genia and Juli, I was glad to help them.

Thanks for the hilarious words of support and the President of brand X is on his way round for that kiss …….please take photos.

My best wishes to you and all the cancer survivors who honoured us by sailing with us.

John Clayton Asked:
Please reply

Hello John

I have been reading your blog for the past few months and I have to say that you are one of the funnies people I have never met. We have cruised once with Carnival back in 1990 on the Jubilee and since then I been on Royal Caribbean ships. But reading your blog has made me want to revisit Carnival and I am going to book a cruise with you on the Splendor in September with my wife and one of couple who are dear friends. Please tell me that you are going to be there for the week of Sunday September 19. I will also have other questions once I have reserved the cabins and I congratulate you on this forum which is free of corporate red tape and is then so enjoyable and fun. We look forward to reading that you will be on the Splendor and meeting you in September

John and Monica

John Says:
Hello John and Monica

Yes, absolutely I will be there with you in September and it will be my huge honour (spelt correctly) to meet you all and to show you Today’s Carnival. A lot has changed since the Jubilee and I know you will be thrilled at the fun for all cruise vacations we offer. And I will certainly do my best to make sure you laugh out loud every day.

If you do have any other questions please let me know here on the blog thingy and I will be here to help answer them.

Thanks you for coming home to Carnival

Best wishes to all

Susan Meeks Asked:

Thank you so much for writing this blog thingy. I am honoured to be one of your faithful followers. We have been cruising on Carnival since the Mardi Gras. I love that you find us Southerns so polite. That is how we were all raised and we continue to raise our children. Our next cruise will be yet again on the Carnival Ecstasy in cabin R49on June 3rd. We have been on her so many times that I have lost count. I am like so many other people asking you for a favor. I will be traveling with my daughter, son-in-law and two of my grandchildren. We will be celebrating one of my grandson’s fifth birthday. We will also be celebrating the memory of my husband who would have had a birthday while we are on the ship. He passed away in October after a battle with cancer. This will be my grandsons first cruise ever without him. (Yes they are both past guests of Carnival.) So what I am asking is if you will please have the cd send them a note I know they will feel very special and help them as well as me get through this very special time and also very hard time as well.

I hope your beautiful wife and daughter are doing well. I know you are looking forward to being with them soon.

Thank all of the 343 Stephanies for all of their hard work.

Again thanks for the blog thingy. I enjoy reading it every day. I look forward to having you as our CD again one day.


John Says:
Hello Susan Meeks

I was just telling John and Monica how things have indeed changed since the Jubilee and even more so from your first Carnival cruise on the Mardi Gras. I am so sorry to learn of the passing of your husband last October. I am sure this cruise will be one of mixed emotion and the staff and crew of the Carnival Ecstasy will do all they can to provide you with the fun that will hopefully dull the pain of him not being there with you. I have asked my good friend and Cruise Director Steve Cassel to send your grandchildren a photo of the ship signed by him and two shiny solid gold plastic trophies and two medals.

Thank you for your kind words for my family. I wish you all a great cruise and once again may I offer my deepest sympathies at your loss.

Best wishes

Stacey Asked:
Dear John (Please reply),

Not a huge fan of the name of the newest ship…Carnival Breeze sounds like something one would find on the Drink of the Day menu. Interesting…

I also wondered how you were coming along on nailing the beards down to give us an exact list of what isn’t allowed onboard. Rumors going around Cruise Critic of women’s curling irons and flat irons (used for styling 75% of women’s hair styles) being banned. Needless to say I think this is ridiculous, and if true, this whole “banned household items” list is getting entirely out of hand.

Please advise,


John Says:
Hello Stacey

Opinions are brilliant aren’t they? While most have welcomed this new kind of Carnival name for a ship you mention you are not a huge fan. I had a captain of one of our ships e-mail me recently and say he didn’t like it either, so you may be in the minority but you are not alone. Overall I have read mostly very positive comments on the new name.

I am sure regardless what is written down the side of the vessel that she is going to be a brilliant addition to the fleet. I am sure you have seen the list of prohibited goods by now and I am sorry that it has taken so long to answer this posting

Best wishes to all

The Moss Family From Atlanta Asked:
John Please reply

We just returned from a fantastic cruise on the Destiny. There were many highlights but one that me and my daughter cant’s stop talking about was the carrot cake at the coffee place on promenade. It was so yummy. Is there any way pretty please that you can tell us the recipe

Thank you so much. We LOVE your blog
Linda, Gordy, Chase and Simone

John Says:
Hello Moss family.

I am so glad you had fun on the Carnival Destiny. I have to say that I have never fancied carrot cake. It’s just that those two words don’t seem right together. A bit like Judge Judy and thong or Norwegian Epic and beautiful.

Anyway, I asked our executive chef and he has sent you his top secret recipe as requested. Here it is:

Serves: 8

225 grams Butter (8 oz)
225 gram light soft brown sugar (8 oz)
4 eggs, separated
1/2 orange, zest only
4 teaspoon lemon juice
175 grams flour (6 oz)
1 teaspoon baking powder
50 grams ground almonds (2 oz)
125 grams walnut pieces, chopped (4 1/2 oz)
350 grams young carrots, peeled and grated (12 oz)
225 gram creamed cheese (8 oz) & 2 table spoons of Honey

Pre-heat oven to 180 °C / 350 °F / Gas 4. Grease and line a deep 20 cm (8 inch) round cake tin.

Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale and fluffy. Beat in the egg yolks, and then stir in the orange zest and 3 teaspoons of the lemon juice. Sift in the flour and baking powder, and then stir in 100g (3 1/2 oz) of the walnuts.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff, and then fold into the cake mixture with the carrots. Pour into the prepared tin and hollow the centre slightly. Bake for about 1 1/2 hours. Cover top with foil after 1 hour if it starts to brown. Leave to cool slightly, then turn out onto a wire rack and remove the lining paper. Leave to cool.

To make the topping, beat together the cheese, honey and remaining lemon juice and spread over the top of the cake. Sprinkle the topping with the remaining walnuts.

There you go. I know you sent this question to me some time ago and I apologize for the length of time it has taken to reply. If you want my recipe for Spotted Dick ……..please let me know

Best wishes to all

That’s all today and a big thank you for all the great comments. Please keep them coming.

There is no doubt that the Carnival Pride has been a huge success in Baltimore. Even during the hard winter weeks bookings were very strong and the ratings and comments from the guests have been brilliant and of the highest mark. And like Baltimore and Galveston and Tampa and Jacksonville and Mobile and Port Canaveral and Long Beach …….I fully expect that Charleston will be add to this list of home ports that truly relish having a Carnival ship there each and every week.

And another success seems to be Carnival’s decision to call at the beautiful island of Bermuda multiple times next year. Just in case you missed it, here are the dates.

· Baltimore (seven-day cruises on Carnival Pride) – April 10 and 17, Sept. 18, Oct. 2 and Nov. 6

· New York (seven- and eight-day departures on Carnival Miracle) – April 14 and 21, and Sept. 11 and 27

· Norfolk (six-day sailing on Carnival Glory) – Oct. 16

· Charleston, S.C. (six-day voyages on Carnival Fantasy) – April 23, May 19, June 16, Aug. 25, Sept. 15 and Oct. 6

I only got to see Bermuda for one night when I joined my Carnival Dream there during her trans-Atlantic voyage. And unfortunately my memories of my time there will be forever dominated by the incident with the hot sauce which I described in a blog. It seems though that many of you are very excited about seeing Bermuda for yourselves as bookings I am told are going very well indeed.

Anyway, back to Lido deck last night and after the Marlboro man and his Budweiser- fueled mates had buggered off I watched a great Lido Deck party hosted by the entertainment staff and Hennie. It’s great to see a CD host the deck party and if I still had the energy or was 20 years younger I would as well. It was also interesting to watch the singles in their element trying…..well………not to be single anymore……..even if just for one night or at least for 30 minutes.

I am so glad that I am out of the dating game now. Apart from the fact that I am tubby and ugly I don’t think I could handle the rules. I wouldn’t be surprised if chaps are required to produce proof of earnings and that isn’t any history of baldness or excessive farting in the family. Anyway, it was fun watching those try and meet that someone special and I am glad that I have someone special waiting for me…….two people actually ………..three if you count Megan Fox’s bottom.

Today we are in Key West, Florida and I it’s time to say thanks to Ugly Craig. He will be leaving today and going to work as the Assistant Cruise Director with Wee Jimmy on the Carnival Legend. He has done a sterling job and one day soon he will be a great cruise director for Carnival. There have been times I have been tough on him including the time when he forgot to take the “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” headline off the front of the Fun Times………twice……..which meant we had three Happy St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on your Carnival Dream. But through it all I hope he has learnt the ins and outs of what this job is all about and there is no better thank you I can give him then agreeing that finally and in front of all of you……….I will call him “Sexy Craig.”

Thanks Sexy Craig……..and hope to work with you again soon……….oh God I think I am going to be sick……….Sexy Craig my arse.

So tomorrow I will be packing ……..again…..and there will be screams of “bugger ” coming out of cabin 128 as I try and fit everything I own into one sodding Samsonite. Tomorrow I will also be taking a look back at these last four months and looking forward to the future. But for now I need to send this blog thingy to the 344 Stephanies, take a pee and then meet with Hennie and talk to him about the 2 million bits of paperwork he is expected to complete for the beards in the office.

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the news on where your Carnival Magic will call home. The final decision is being made I am told soon and we will be ready to announce the winner within the next two weeks. I thought it would be interesting to put a poll in the field.  I like that…………put a poll in the field………….very West Wing….to see where you think the Carnival Magic should be based.

I am starting to hear about some of the hardware we will put on your Carnival Magic and there are some very exciting and very brand new items that I cannot wait to tell you about.

So, thanks for voting and as a reward for doing so I am so very proud to be able to show you the first ever photos of your Carnival Magic. I can do this thanks to our “Man in London” and Cunard’s President and Managing Director Peter Shanks. Peter and his hard hat were in the ship yard in Italy to see their own piece of magical history, Queen Elizabeth, and he took time to send this report.

Good Morning Young Mr. Heald

I was at the shipyard in Trieste yesterday visiting our new Queen Elizabeth. However being brother bloggers I thought I would pop over to have a look at your new ship Carnival Magic and send you some photos for you and your fine bloggers. They show the progress of your fine new ship. There are some cool shots taken from the front of the ship, one of a bow section being prepared and a couple to show the proud name already on her bottom.
Exciting times – and great to see both Queen Elizabeth and Carnival Magic coming to life together as sisters.

Best Regards

Thank you Peter so much for thinking of us. I never get tired of saying how special it is to have the President of Cunard special guest blogs for you and I.

So there she is, your Carnival Magic. Many of you have booked to sail with me in Europe and I hope many more will as well. There will be exciting ports of call and some very new and exciting things to do onboard as well.

Your friend


Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.