It's Not An Illusion………It's Magic

June 22, 2010 -

John Heald

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45 Responses to It's Not An Illusion………It's Magic

  1. Nancy Trevino says:

    Woohoo, Galveston got the Magic–I am so excited!

  2. Shawna says:

    This is such good news!!!!!! We’ve been waiting for the “break” and now we are officially booking! Yay for Galveston and New Orleans! Both great ports with great ships!

  3. If you every need someone to teach a class for one of the cruises on Writing your break out novel let me know!

  4. Marty Paul says:

    Thanks John! We were on the Carnival Dream last Oct 15th in the Med, we live in Houston, Texas (close to Galveston) and Carnival is sending her sister, the Carnival Magic to us! Also, the Carnival Triumph is a bonus!! Thanks for the great news!!

    Marty & Jeanne

    P.S. hold your nose when you change the diaper; kind of like what you have to do when you look at the Norweigan Epic.

  5. John for the ones of us that can’t download and hear the video, would you please put it in writing.
    Carolyn and Don

  6. Princess Susan says:

    Texas!! Ok, I know I have relatives AND evil crew members that live in Texas….I see me in Texas soon!
    Thanks for the advance notice!
    And it’s always great to see and hear you!

  7. Host Mach from Cruise Critic says:

    I am thrilled for Galveston and wondering who in NOLA is going to fill the Conquest and Ecstasy.

    Good move… bad move…

    I hope for the best for both ports…


    Host Mach

    • jetskier says:

      Lets see two hour drive to New Orleans……..8 hour drive to Galveston. So that will be me filling the Conquest and Ecstasy on occassion. LOL

  8. monica says:

    Hi John which ship are you on now? I sailed with you on Destiny or Victory don’t remember which one, but you were great. We are sailing on the Valor July 112010. Hope to see you aboard. You made me pee my pants you were so funny.


  9. Clair says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you for the information on the Carnival Magic’s homeport.


  10. dac61 says:

    Glad to see Galveston getting the Majic. Also a good deal for N.O. Good move!!

  11. KITKAT0229 says:

    YIPPIE! We’re so excited for Galveston & New Orleans!

  12. Pam says:

    (Think Pointer Sisters)
    I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

  13. Sherry says:

    I am soo glad to hear the Magic is coming to Galveston. We were definately due for a new ship. I have been on the Conquest 4 times, 3 of which were in Galveston and the first time was out of New Orleans.

  14. Dixie & Brian Grass says:

    So very glad to hear this news!!! We love Galveston and can’t wait to sail on the Magic from there! Already booked for the MED in late Oct and awaiting the Transatlantic dates and hope to do a back to back!!! Yeah for Galveston!!!! But will miss the Conquest – wonderful ship!!!! Look forward to seeing you in Oct John! Thanks for the news!!!

    • mary & gary says:

      I just booked us b2b for Oct 16 Grand Med and Oct 28 TA we’ll have to get together, well have lots of time! Woo-hoo. We booked the same room for both cruises, a cove balcony.

      • Dixie & Brian Grass says:

        Mary & Gary – Thanks for the info – hadn’t checked for a day or two!! Got our TA booking this morning – cove balcony also.

  15. Little Nan says:

    Yay! Yippee! Yee-haw! I can’t think of any more words right now for how happy I am for both Galveston and New Orleans.
    Very excited for the Carnival Majic, but sad we’re losing the Carnival Conquest. At least she’s still close in “Nawlins”.
    Thanks for keeping us posted, John. Hope to see you next year on the Carnival Majic.
    Love to Kye, Heidi and you.

  16. Little Nan says:

    See how excited I am? I can’t even spell it ! Magic (spelled correctly). LOL

  17. Lisa Beshears says:

    Great news! Thanks for the information!

  18. Kim OBar says:

    Yay….I am so excited I have been waiting to book my next cruise pending this news, looks like as soon as it is posted on the website I will be booking the Carnival Magic out of Galveston..

  19. Charles B. says:

    Wow… This is some good news. I cruised with you this last Easter on the Conquest.. Yes the dreaded delayed departure. Really wanted to start off by saying that you made our cruise one that will never be forgotten. That was my third cruise on the Conquest and I have never been so entertained. Yes Chris Jefferson and Ralph V. were both great cruise director but nothing can hold a candle to you!!! Once again thanks for the good news and hope to here youll be back in Galveston soon!!
    -Charlie B.
    Celebration 2005
    Ecstasy 2008
    Conquest 2008
    COnquest 2009
    Conquest 2010

  20. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    Well it’s not the west coast but it is close enough to take advantage of. The one thing I have noticed is that Carnival places a ship at a port and it stays there for quite a long time. To the beardies, I think you might also consider playing musical ships every three years and moving them to a new home port. This gives a reason for those in a certain area a reason to book another cruise, even if it is the same Iteneriary as the ship is new therefore it will seem like a different cruise too. It also gives Carnival the oportunity to do the unique iteneriaries like when the Carnival Splendor moved to Los Angeles (Long Beach) . These are great cruises and people can get a chance to do South America. Even if it is just a re-positioning cruise from NOLA to Baltimore or something it would be great to have different ships in the ports every few years.

    Just my Humble Opinion!

    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy Enslow

  21. Maribeth Kring says:

    YIPPPEEE the Carnival Magic will be only a short drive away from my house!!! Sooooo excited to see her!

    Big Ed’s Little Cousin
    Maribeth Kring

    • Big Ed says:


      How did I know you would like that.

      BIG Cuz Ed

    • the black widow says:

      Oh, so that’s why you talk that poor man away from the U of A Cancer Center, so you could be closer to a port of call? Life is good on the high seas, yes?

  22. Stitch says:

    Absolutely thrilled that the Magic will homeport in Galveston.
    Broken hearted that we lose the Conquest AND the Ecstasy.
    Disappointed that we will not have new itineraries.
    Bittersweet to say the least.
    Congratulations to Galveston and NOLA.

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  24. Slickabrina says:

    Hi John –
    Let me first say it really didn’t matter to me where Magic ended up. But, as someone who sails for ports, can Carnival PLEASE look into getting some new ones? I love Carnival and think it has a great product but as I approach platinum, I find myself wondering where do I go from there?! With the exception of Half Moon Cay, after we do the new Miracle itinerary, there is no itinerary that I am particularly anxious to sail on. Please don’t make me go to those Of the Seas ships!


    • Big Ed says:


      All I can say is how about the GREAT LAKES.

      BIG Ed

      • Beth Flynn says:

        Again…here here!! 🙂

      • Naomi says:

        It would be impossible for Carnival to Transport a Ship Into The Great Lakes Region, The Rivers are not big enough and are to shallow, not even the Giant Mississippi could support a Carnival Ship. I know Bummer.

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    • Jo says:

      Dear John,

      Do you know if Norfolk, Va. is in the line up to get a ship full time? We built a great cruise terminal and even named it after Half Moon Cay. We scared away RCL. What else do we need to do?

      Also, I am sailing on the Destiny on 10/4/2010. Do you know if the Aqua Boats excursion is really already sold out? I looked at it one day and it is gone now. Seems early to sell out. I understand if it is. Just wishing it wasn’t.

      Have a great day,

  26. Terry & Maggie Orzechowski says:

    Dearest John,
    I know the chances of remembering certain passengers from the past is impossible but my husband, and my in-laws sailed with you on the first voyage of the Carnival Paradise (back when it was a non-smoking ship) in 2001. I was in the talent show and sang “The Rose” and you entertained us with “The Bedtime Story”. I had just had back surgery 2 weeks prior to sailing and begged my doctors to let me go on that cruise. Although I was not able to go out to see any of the ports of call on that cruise, I wanted to let you know that we have never been so entertained, nor taken care of as well as on that cruise. We recently cruised with Ryan F. and he came real close to you but there will NEVER be another you! I wanted to take this opportunity to say that my husband Terry & I are hoping very much to cruise with you again real soon. By the way, are there any cabins on any of the ships that have some softer beds for someone like me who has chronic back pain? Is there any way to request one on upcoming cruises? Thank you again for everything you are and all that you do for those around you. God Bless you and your lovely family. Sincerely, Maggie O.

  27. Marcus says:

    I agree with my fellow travel mates regarding the stale itineraries. I love Carnival (Platinum cruiser) but new itineraries are a must! I enjoy the Caribbean, but would like new ports of call. Also, we desperately wish to cruise the Med with a stop over (or two) in Greece, but Carnival doesn’t go there. We loved the Northern European itinerary, and would love to cruise to Finland and St Petersburg again, but alas, they too have disappeared from the Carnival travel route. John, please convince the beards to spice up the choices!

  28. grizel robertson says:

    I am so disappointed that the Carnival Magic’s home port will not be in the UK as I thought Greenock, Scotland would be an ideal embarkation site!
    Of course I am merely jesting as I knew there was no remote possibility of that happening. However, I am glad that I have booked a 9 day trip on C Magic in Europe in August 2011 as that will be the shortest trip I have ever made to embarkation during my 18 year love affair with Carnival & will probably be my only opportunity to sail on C Magic.
    Galveston is some 8000+ miles in flight terms, around 24 hours in transit from my home & is not well served by flight connections & other timing issues from Scotland.
    I have met several lovely US citizens during my 19 seven-day crises on CCL. However, please have some sympathy with loyal UK CCL cruisers who spend much more money & time on their travels to enjoy their Fun vacations. We pay over the odds for flights plus related punitive air taxes & cannot get the cheap Cruise Deals enjoyed in the US because we are UK citizens.

  29. Kelly says:

    Sooooo excited to get the Magic and Triumph! I just really wish we could get a new itinerary for the Galveston port!

  30. Flynlo says:

    Woo Hoo new ships in Galveston!

    Booooo on the same old ports!

  31. golfmom98 says:

    John (or one of the Stephanies),

    Please reply or just make a note.

    A few days ago you so graciously said you would send my son a surprise while we are on the Ecstasy in August celebrating 5 years being brain tumor free. I cannot thank you enough for that and for the information on the behind the fun tour (that I will be booking the moment we hit the ship). I just got word today that our cabin has changed we are now in cabin E106 I probably just made your job harder and I apologize for that but I wanted to make sure you knew of the change. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and say Howdy to Heidi and Kye from all of the very happy bloggers in Texas!!

  32. Maribeth Kring says:

    So John, does this mean that you will be returning to Galveston???

    Big Ed’s Little Cousin
    Maribeth Kring

  33. DreadPirateRobert says:

    I’m excited Galveston is getting the Magic. That says a lot about how far cruising from Galveston has come from the days of Celebration and Jubilee. That joy is tempered though by the loss of the Ecstacy. I really love Fantasy class ships probably because I fell in love with cruising on one.
    More over I guess I’m a little disappointed to see that it’s just new ships going to the same ports. I was hoping bigger , faster ships would be opening new ports for us to reach.
    Well, it’s a done deal. In the end we’ll love it but for now it’s a little bittersweet.

  34. The Mystery Man says:

    Can someone explain to me this. I thought that the Magic was staying in Europe in order to do the European Cruises. However it appears that it is now homeporting in Texas rather than Barcelona as it was originally. Does this mean that Carnival are dropping Europe Cruises again??

  35. Juan & Maria Santana says:

    John please reply…

    Hi John, Heidi & Kye! We are so happy that you are home with the girls! We were away for 2 wks., got back last Sun. (exactly a wk. today) and we finally got caught up reading the blogs. John, I don’t know what happened but we sent you a couple of comments between mid- and end of May and never got a reply. At the beginning of June we sent you another comment saying not to worry about delays in answering the other two because we knew you were getting ready to go on vacation and we were also going to be away, but now that we finally got caught up reading your blogs, we find that it seems you never saw them. We made sure to mark them “please reply”, so it is a mistery. We read that there is another blogger that apparently had the same problem we did, so we guess the comments are flying somewhere in cyberspace! There was one in particular that we really wanted for you to read and pass on to the big bosses….it was about a recent Costa Cruise we took in Europe (a 1-wk. mediterranean cruise from Barcelona on the Costa Concordia). There are several things that need to get the attention of the Carnival bosses about this particular ship and they go from the very top to the very bottom.

    Well, we are glad you and the girls are having a good time…. in between lots of funny and not so funny incidents! We have been laughing so hard at most of your life stories! You are the best CD, the best blogger, and the best family man! Triple congratulations!

    We went to Bermuda on a 1-wk. cruise from N.Y. (sorry, it was on one of the competition’s ships) and we stayed in the N.J./N.Y. area 4 days before the cruise and 3 days after the cruise. Well, we are glad to know that Carnival will be having Bermuda cruises from the East Coast in the near future because we certainly loved Bermuda and we really want to sail on Carnival. Right now we are booked on the Carnival Glory in Sept. and we are seriously joining you on the Glory on the Bloggers’ cruise in Feb. 2011 and also in the Magic. We are going to make sure we personally see and hear plenty of you ! We cruise very often since we live in Miami Beach and we have the Port of Miami and Port Everglades nearby, but we go as far as Spain (Barcelona is our favorite European port) to get to cruiseships that visit new ports that we have not been or visited in 25-30 yrs. So, we are looking forward to Carnival’s great success in the industry. Keep up the good work.

    Warmest regards to you and Heidi & big hugs & kisses from
    Juan & Maria
    The Santanas of Miami Beach

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