Before I Forget…Again

July 19, 2010 -

John Heald

I woke up this morning abruptly, sitting bolt upright in bed. I looked at the bedside clock and it shone 5:05am.

Cold sweat was running down the back of my neck and my hands were trembling. Fragments of my dream that weirdly seemed to be about George Hamilton walking down the beach with Judge Judy started to come back to me. Both were naked and one of them had recently had a Brazilian.

Was that causing my panic……………or had I forgotten to log off of

Then I realized it was neither of those…………….it was because I had forgotten to post the latest piano bar schedule……………….so here it is.

SP Peter Brenner 07/13/10
CQ Mikael Smith 07/18/10
SL Patrick Leng 07/18/10
IS Linda Wiggins 07/22/10
PR Paul Difazio 08/01/10
SE Barry Miller 08/01/10
VI Angela Johnson 08/15/10
FS Dana Barnes 08/26/10
IM Tom Grable 09/03/10
FD Robert Crucilla 09/19/10
GL Bruce Mcghie 10/09/10
EC Dana Honey 10/11/10
LI Walter Boik 10/16/10
MI Rich Canter 10/16/10
VA Randy Heidema 10/24/10
DR Jason Davis 10/30/10
TI Agustin Villarin 11/27/10
FA Rick Atha 11/27/10
PA Kyle Bronsdon 12/03/10
LE Zachary Harris 12/05/10
DE Larry Maconaghy TBA
EL Lizl Strauss TBA

Back to dreaming of George and Judy.

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