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July 29, 2010 -

John Heald

I met a few famous people on the Queen Victoria. Their names won’t mean much to you but they are all household names here in the UK and of course Duchess Camilla is a name known around the world………..and they are all constantly in the spotlight. Just imagine for a moment that you are Samuel L Jackson. You are eating lunch at the famous restaurant “Villa Topi Topi” on the island of Capri with some mates. As you leave he has an urge pick something unpleasant from his nose. And as he does, there are the paparazzi ready to catch that special moment. As a celebrity you can never really just let your hair down and do what you want. I mean, Duchess Camilla couldn’t tell the fat bloke with the bent tooth that she couldn’t care less about his sodding blog anymore than she could part her royal cheeks and let go an industrial-sized fart in the middle of the plaque ceremony.

Yep, I have the greatest admiration for famous people who know that any tiny little mistake will have them splashed across the internet on www.celebritiesfartingandpickingtheirnose.com.

I did meet one famous person who though does not conform to the norm. His name will mean nothing to you but let me tell you it anyway……….it’s Jimmy Savile………….actually that’s wrong ………it’s Sir Jimmy Savile. I had the honour of sitting and talking with Sir Jimmy for two hours while on the Queen Victoria and he is quite the character.

Sir Jimmy was the most famous DJ on BBC radio before becoming the most recognizable face on British TV. He started with a show called Top of the Pops which was a live broadcast and a show that went on to run for many, many years. The first show was launched on New Year’s Day in 1964, a year before I was born. During the show Jimmy Savile introduced a new band called the Rolling Stones as well as Dusty Springfield and The Beatles, who played the week’s No. 1……a song called………….I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

He is also known as the driving force behind one of the UK’s most famous hospitals. Sir Jimmy Savile led the £12m fundraising drive for the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire. He told me that he persuaded the Duke of Edinburgh’s office to send a letter signed by Philip thanking a multi-millionaire businessman for offering his services even though the help had not yet been forthcoming. The letter sealed the deal and the hospital was born.

He has run 127 marathons for various charities, the last one when he was 70 years old.  But it is for a program called Jim’ll Fix It that he is best known. This Saturday night prime time was hosted by Sir Jimmy who know is never seen without a cigar in his mouth and a huge gold and diamond bracelet on his wrist. The shows premise was for kids and adults alike to write in and basically ask for their dreams to come true. Sir Jimmy told me that the show would receive an average of 200,000 letters a week and that choosing which to honour was very difficult.

Now, at this point I was a little embarrassed because I myself had written in to the show asking to fly on Concord…..but the bugger never wrote back and my dream never came true. He had a kid box Mohammed Ali and one sang with ABBA (poor sod) and……well the list of what he “fixed” is extraordinary.  But for many people they did and before I continue I thought you might like to see Sir Jimmy in action.

Now there are two links between myself and Sir Jimmy because even though he ignored my request to go supersonic he did fix it for a group of scouts to eat their lunch on a rollercoaster. Here is the clip of that and I will explain the link in a moment.

Did you recognize one of them……………yep………….the young lad with the dark hair is actually one of our cruise directors………none other than………….Wee Jimmy.

I told Sir Jimmy this and he laughed a lot remembering that fix it well. Sir Jimmy Savile was knighted by the Queen for his charitable services and now at age 80 something he relaxes by taking a Cunard voyage. He is quite the Cunard fan and holds court in the Churchill’s Cigar Bar talking of his adventures on the QE2 and how he thanks Carnival for investing in Cunard as he firmly believes that if they hadn’t that not even he would have been able to fix it for Cunard to still exist today. Sir Jimmy is eccentric for sure but he is a brilliant ambassador for his beloved Cunard and it was a true honour to meet him.

Here we are, in the cigar bar……..yes, the cigar bar……sharing stories, a fine cigar and our love of cruising. Oh…..and I asked him if he could fix it for me to see Megan Fox’s bottom up close and personal.

Time for some questions……….off we go.

William Jordan Asked:
Hello John (please reply)

Just found out about this blog and have had a grand time reading through the postings. My wife and I have cruised Royal Caribbean before but have booked two Carnival cruises. This will be our first experience with Carnival. One is the Fascination in December 2010, but the really important one is our 5th anniversary cruise on the Valor 9/4/2011. We booked the aft balcony 8450 and can not wait.

Our son will be three years old and will be going onboard the Valor for his very first cruise!

We have two questions — does Carnival serve a cider onboard? And what night would you recommend doing the Scarlett’s Steakhouse. We made the flip to Carnival for a couple of reasons — one, believe it or not, is the Behind the Fun tour I have read about. My wife says I am crazy, but I told her I wanted to do the one on the Fascination in December 2010 and the one on Valor in September 2011 because the I heard the five day cruise tour is different than the seven day cruise tour? Can you back me up?


John Says:
Hello William Jordan

Thank you first of all for booking two cruises with Carnival. I am sure you had a good time on the “Whatcamacallit of the Seas” but I am very confident that you will find more fun, better service, great food and a massive dollop of affordability on our fun for all ships. I also know your son will have a great time as well and Camp Carnival will become a big hit with him.

To answer your first question, yes, we do serve a cider and it’s one called Strongbow. Back in the day when I used to have a drink or two, Strongbow cider was a favourite tipple of mine. Have you tried it? Actually, it’s not too crazy to want to do The Behind the Fun tour on both ships as they are different class vessels and you will see just how far technology has come in places like the bridge and the engine control room from the Carnival Fascination to the Carnival Valor. So yes, you are right to want to take both.  Both these tours will take place on the last sea day and therefore I recommend either Tuesday or Wednesday as the perfect night to experience the steakhouse.

I am glad you have found my little blog thingy and if you have any questions before you sail, please let me know

Best wishes to you all

Audra Hough Asked:

We are going on the Valor on August 15th and my 14 year old son has Asperser’s (autism spectrum disorder). On the outside he looks like any other teenager but on the inside he is not.

I asked my TA if we had a letter from his specialists if we could go through the check in process quicker at the ports because depending on the day, time and hour he get extremely over whelmed in long lines and large crowds, he often has “melt downs.” WE are used to it but usually the people around us DO NOT get it at all. Usually we hear those comments on how we are bad parents, we need to control our child, and get bad looks from other families, etc…. (Which we ignore but I know it can be a huge disturbance to other vacationers)

Anyways my TA said she called Carnival but they don’t have any “quicker lines” that when you get there just mention it to someone and maybe you will get lucky.

I was wondering if you have any recommendations our cruise is coming up so fast and I would really like the right answer on what to do in this situation.

Thank you so much ahead of time! I really do appreciate any information and help you can give.

John Says:
Hello Audra Hough

I am sure that travelling with your son can be a stressful experience and it is a shame that this stress is multiplied because of the way some people feel it is their right to judge a situation that they don’t truly understand. I am going to send this request to our Guest Services folks in Miami and see if they can help you with this request. They will contact you directly. I know that you will find the crew of the Carnival Valor very helpful and sensitive to your needs and please ask them if there is anything that you feel will help you and your son have a more relaxing time on board. I wish you all lots of fun and I am sure you will have a brilliant cruise.

Best Wishes

David Poblowski Asked:
John, I need a reply to my question!!!!!!!!!!

I sent you a comment which you have not seen see you have not had the decency to bother replying to. In it I asked why you have screwed the single passenger and that because of your price increase I would not be stepping foot onboard a Carnival ship ever again. Royal Caribbean will get my business from now on as well as many their Cruise Critic readers and the rest of the idiots who read this blog and that continue to get ripped off will definitely be leaving for other lines as well.

John Says:
Hello David Poblowski

I am so sorry that I have not replied to your comment although maybe I have because I for sure have written replies on this subject numerous times. It seems that you are very upset and I am sorry that this has gotten you so annoyed. Here is the official line on the subject one more time in case you missed it.  Yes, we recently implemented a new 200% occupancy policy for single cabins. Due to heightened demand for our product, this increase was one of those opportunities that made sense to us. This change also brings our singles policy in line with our other competitors.

We recognize that some of our single guests will have to pay a little more, but hope they understand that Carnival still continues to offer a terrific value proposition to our customers.

Now, I am no expert but from what I have heard there it seems that many of the other cruise lines have the same tariff as well. I know that you are upset and again I apologize for this, however you reference to people who read this blog and whom cruise with Carnival as “idiots” is uncalled for and I will put this down to your bad mood at the time of writing your posting. Check out your options David and assess the value for money that each line gives and I hope that we will see you back with us on more time.

Until then I send you my best wishes

Kathy M. Asked:
Hi John,

Please, Please Reply,

I loved your commentary on the new Holland America Ship, but I do have to ask this. I know how excited the British get when they can meet one of the Royals or even an American when we get to meet our President so I need to know, did Heidi get to meet Princess Maxima? I know that you had said that she was excited about the possibility of meeting her so I was hoping that she would.

I also have to ask, on the second picture of the slide-show, is that little Kye dancing for the crew? She looks like she is really having a fantastic time.

Please give my love to Heidi and Kye,

From your #1 Bloggy Thingy Fan,
Kathy M…

John Says:
Hello Kathy M

It was a true honour for me to meet my first ever Royal on Monday and it was a day I will never forget. Heidi didn’t though actually get to meet Princess Maxima. She tried but the Holland America had to be first of course and she left without getting to meet her. Still, we had a fabulous time. Thanks as always for your continuing support of the blog

Best Wishes

Brenda R Asked:
John Please Reply

My husband and I are loyal Carnival cruisers. We have sailed with you, John, on several cruises including the blogger’s cruise.

We just returned from a cruise to Alaska in honor of my parent’s 50th anniversary. Unfortunately, we were not able to select Carnival for this cruise, and had to settle for the Free Style Cruising ship. (ok Norwegian)

I can not adequately tell you how much this made us appreciate Carnival. The food variety on this ship was non- existent. The same food served for lunch on the buffet was also served at dinner, with very few changes. We saw the same meals for 7 days!

If you wanted to get the food that Carnival “normally” serves in the dining room, like a good steak and seafood, you would have to pay extra at their specialty restaurants.

We also missed having our assigned tables/waiters in the main dining room. Yes, we could eat whenever we wanted, but we often had to wait in line for a table and rarely saw our waiter ever again. You just don’t develop the fun relationship that you do with the waiters on a Carnival cruise.

Tips were also higher on this ship and the inside rooms were noticeably smaller than the comparable rooms on Carnival.

I just wanted to tell you thank you for all the great things Carnival does. Sometimes we take the things Carnival just naturally does for granted…until you experience another cruise line.

We will be booking another cruise soon…on Carnival.


John Says:
Hello Brenda

I am so grateful to you for taking the time to write this posting. I am so very proud of what we do at Carnival and I am sure the people with beards will love reading this review. I hope you had a great time despite your home sickness for Carnival and that it will not be too long before we see you home again.

Best wishes to you and the family

Charlene Szwec Asked:
Hello John, Heidi and Kye,

Please respond

This is Charlene Szwec thanking you very much for the wonderful gift you sent to my husband and I for our 40th anniversary on the Carnival Dream June 12th – June 26th.. We had a wonderful time doing the back to back and can’t wait till our next cruise. We’re thinking of going on another Carnival cruise in February, 2011, This time it will only be either a 7 or 8 days cruise. Do you know what ship you will be on then?

The Carnival Dream is absolutely that, a dream. I don’t ever recall seeing so many people having so much fun at one time on any of our other cruises. The ages were from infants to senior citizens and everyone had a ball. The food was fantastic and the open dining is a wonderful accomplishment in cruising. The Serenity deck was amazing. What a wonderful idea that was also.

My only concern was where the kids went for their activities and the Piano Bar being so close and the cigarette smoke from the Piano Bar lingering in the halls where the kids have to go through. I know I didn’t have children on the cruise but if I did I would have been concerned.

Other than that everything was wonderful. Our cabin steward was a wonderful man who told us to call him Kim. Our room was 8472. His helper was also fantastic. The head waiter we had, Tatyana was a wonderful brightness to the end of our hectic days. She was on top of everything, had a great personality and was exceptional at her job. Unfortunately she was sent downstairs for our second week and we were very disappointed. We saw no reason why this happened to her because she was an ace. I highly recommend anyone having her as a head waiter. She deserves the title. Her team was wonderful too. They worked very well as a team. I hope she will be a head waiter when she comes back after her stay at home.

Well, I’m gonna go but I wanted to thank you for everything. You are a wonderful person and Carnival couldn’t have a better person working for them.

Tell Heidi and Kye hello and enjoy your vacation.

PS We did get our laundry done the second week because of becoming Platinum and the little perks were great.

Thanks again,
Charlene Szwec

John Says:
Hello Charlene Szwec

I am so glad you got the gift that I asked ACD James to send you and my thanks to him for taking care of it. I haven’t decided on 2011 just yet. Obviously we have the bloggers cruise in February which will be held on the Carnival Glory and maybe you could come sail with us on that. I will be the CD and I promise you it will be fun. Big Ed will tell you more about his Krewe and what they are up to that week in case you want to know more.

I will make sure that the team on your Carnival Dream get to read that great review which once again highlights the many different age groups of people who have fun on our ships each and every week.  The Piano Bar concept on the Carnival Dream is different as it is an open plan. One side is non smoking and there is a way to access the aft staircase and aft lounges without having to walk through the piano bar but your point is well taken. I am glad the laundry was taken care of and from now on you can you proudly walk up the gangway as a proud, proud Platinum guest.

Best wishes to you all

S. B. Abbott Asked:
Dearest John, (please reply; if you wish)

Thank you for replying to my questions… Here is an update from our cruise…

Well as you know the Carnival Ecstasy did not sail on July 1st because of the reminisce of Hurricane Alex’s effect on the port of Galveston. Carnival arranged for discounted hotel rooms in Galveston and our large group (#35) made an excursion out of it @ the San Luis Resort Hotel. They arranged for $99/night compared to $400/night. We enjoyed our stay and the hotel staff was wonderful. We were all pleased with the compensation that Carnival gave us for changing our itinerary to a 3-day Cruise to Nowhere. One question I have is the future discount, is this information logged into the system under the past guest number? We were only given a piece of paper on Thursday when we arrived to board, but it was a general announcement. Once we boarded on July 2nd, the Captain did a great job steering the ship to sunshine and keeping us out of rough seas.

I arranged for my mother & me to take the Behind the Scenes tour. It was fabulous! Vanessa and Gavin welcomed us with breakfast. We toured the several areas of the ship. The entertainment staff’s dressing area; I was shocked they didn’t know that the Ecstasy was relocating to New Orleans. How is the staff made aware of such big changes? We visited the Kitchen where we met Chef De Cuisine Erwin Gomes; and several of his chefs. I was amazed at how quick the swinging door revolves. Ya’ll have some very talented waiters with good timing. We visited the Galley, Engine control room, Laundry facility, Crew’s break-room, eating & training facilities and the Captain’s Deck. Captain Giulio Basso’s 2nd officer (didn’t catch his name) was very helpful and answered all of our questions. Captain Basso was kind and took a picture with our small tour group (#5). Vanessa arranged for the pictured to be delivered to our cabin after the tour concluded. When we returned to our cabin we had a nice surprise from Chef Gomes who sent some sweet treats and a small note of appreciation. We were very pleased with the tour!

Overall the cruise to nowhere was great. The families in our group loved their decorated doors; however it took awhile for them to realize my nephew & I decorated them. Our group truly made the best of the situation. For example, several of us enjoyed the daily bingo games; and on Sunday one of our “new cruisers” won the free cruise during the drawing. The first raffle ticket number drawn was not present; so her number was picked second. We encouraged her to go straight to the Casino to use some of that good luck! Also wanted to give praise to the Maitre D’ of the Wind Star Riccardo for correcting our dinner reservation, my mother & I were the only 2 not included in our group dinner in the Wind Song. He quickly changed our reservations & updated the information. I would also give praise to our room steward, but I didn’t write his name down. Maybe they could give out business cards, or write their name down in the cabin. Also one other suggestion that you might pass along to the beards-It would be very cost effective to place a wrist band on the children (under 18) who purchase drink cards; etc. I think 4 of our kids in the group lost their sail & sign cards…even after placing them on a lanyard. The only obstacle the wrist band would be opening the cabin door. Possibly they could develop a bar-code reader on the doorknob.

I hope I can encourage our group to sail the Carnival Magic when she arrives in Galveston! Thank you again for sharing information on your blog thingy!

John Says:
Hello S.B.Abbott

That’s very interesting indeed. I was so surprised that word had not gotten down to the crew that the Carnival Ecstasy would be repositioning to New Orleans. Certainly the Captain and department heads are told and from there on in it is their responsibility to tell the crew. This is usually done by posting the information on the crew notice boards and telling them in person at the weekly department meetings. I will pass this on to the chap who is in charge of the Fantasy class of ships and I know that he will make sure the information is relayed accordingly.

I know that your cruise faced some challenges due to Hurricane Arse……..sorry……Hurricane Alex and yet your determination to have fun has shone through in your review. I will make sure your suggestion is passed along as the wrist band idea is a very good one. I will also make sure that everyone on the ship gets to read this great review and thank you once again for taking the time to write it. I hope I will see you on the Carnival Magic next year.

Best wishes

Gary Nolan Asked:
Dear John (please reply)

I am a long time lurker to your blog thingy but this is my first time posting. Please do dot change anything you do. I read it every day and it really helps pass the time until my next Carnival Cruise. On August seventh me and my wife and 2 of my three children will be taking our 7th Carnival cruise on the Carnival Dream and we can not wait. We have also done a couple others on the something of the seas and each time I wonder why. Although we also have a great time I wonder why we did it as they offer a similar experience but nowhere near the value for the money.

I really hope to cruise with you someday and I will definitely look to see where you are before we book our next cruise. I do have a favor ( spelt correctly) Could you possibly see if you can get us a table or booth for 4 on our cruise on August 7th 2010 near a window we are in cabin numbers 2334 & 2336

One last thing, if you could tell us which machines in the casino are the loosiest I would really appreciate it! LOL I will try and write a small review once we are back.

Thanks for all you do and I hope you have a great time with your girls,
Gary & Colleen

John Says:
Hello Gary and Colleen

It will be my honour (spelt correctly) to ask the Maitre D to assist you with your table request. As for the casino, well while I can’t tell you which machine is paying out I can tell you that all you need to do is not worry about it, take my advice and put some money in an envelope, slide the envelope under the casino door and walk away………it’s the same process as you going in there anyway. Seriously, we have some great casino games and I’m sure our friendly staff will make your experience memorable. Thanks for this first post and I hope the second one will be a review of your Carnival Dream cruise.

Have a brilliant time

Best wishes

Naomi Asked:
Hello John, Please read.

Hi John I took my very cruise on Carnival way back in 1991 aboard the Jubilee and I’m wondering if Carnival would still have it’s videos of the cruise archived but I don’t remember the month and dates My Aunty and I Sailed on…We stayed in cabin number E90 and it was a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera from San Pedro, Ca. so if you know anything on how I can obtain the cruise video. It would be very nice.

Thank You.

John Says:
Hello Naomi

Oh how I wish they did because I was thin, gorgeous and sexy back then and I would love for you all to see some videos of the old days. But unfortunately we don’t keep them and those times will have to be just memories. I hope you have many memories of your time on the Jubilee.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you

Best wishes to you and your Aunty

Don Casinger Asked:
Hi John (Please Reply)

I hope all is going well with you. I tend to lurk on your Blog not posting at all but I love reading your comments and the letters from your legions of fans.

My wife and I are sailing on Splendor on 8/29, and our booking number is 85N9Q4. I am so excited about you being the Cruise Director for that sailing! Although we haven’t had the pleasure of sailing with you before, I’ve read about you for some time.

I love to read about cruising, even when I’m not doing it, so I’m constantly roaming the internet reading reviews and looking at pictures. When I’ve got a cruise booked I go into over drive consuming everything I can about the ship we are sailing on. It’s always helped me in the past; I don’t spend all seven days of the cruise learning the ins and outs of the ship and its activities. When we board I already have a pretty good idea about what we want to do and how to get around the ship so we have more time for fun and spend less time being lost. Doing my research for this cruise was how I found out about your blog, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

This is our third cruise on CCL. Our first cruise was 10 years ago, on Elation, for our twentieth wedding anniversary. We followed that with an 8 day cruise on Spirit, and now finally it’s off to Splendor for our 30th anniversary. I’m sorry to say that we sailed on one other cruise line during the last 10 years, but all it did for me was to convince me that Carnival is the place to be!

This brings me to my question… As I mentioned above, my wife and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary on August 30th. I’ve already booked a reservation at The Pinnacle Steakhouse for that special evening but I was wondering if you had any other ideas to make that night and the cruise extra special for the love of my life?

I’m truly a lucky man, I met my wife when she was still in high school (yes I’m a couple of years older than her…) and we’re still together 30 years later with two grown sons! Now this week is a prime opportunity to show her how really special she is to me.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. I hope we get to meet you while we are on board so I can personally thank you for all you do for Carnival and its customers.


John Says:
Hello Don

Your wife sounds like a very special lady and it will be my pleasure to send her a little something on your behalf. So what I need you to do is to write me a Dear John letter explaining just why you love her so much and to wish her a very happy anniversary. Please leave that letter at the Guest Services Desk when you board and I will read it out live on my Morning Show which is shown on the cabin TV’s and the big screen on lido deck. I am really looking forward to my time on the Carnival Splendor and I will do my best to make it a fantastic time for you both.

Best wishes and see you soon

And that’s all for today and a huge thank you for the comments from the last week. Have you all been getting your confirmations for the Chef’s Table? I sent another 34 to the ships yesterday and have another big group of bookings for today. I hope the system is working and if you haven’t booked a spot to enjoy this incomparable experience you really should.

We just got in these fantastic photos of your Carnival Magic.  Take a look.

The two pieces are ready to be placed together and once they do they will combine to make that famous Carnival emblem of fun. My thanks to Cunard’s President and our man in London Peter Shanks for sending me those. He was in the shipyard in Monfalcone visiting the almost ready Queen Elizabeth and I will be featuring more about her soon.

And one last follow up from a previous blog about the Carnival Spirit and a question about not being able to book 2012 cruises. All of the Carnival Spirit cruises through spring, 2012 are open for sale and available for viewing on Carnival.com. The 2011 Thanksgiving cruise will be on November 18 sailing roundtrip from Los Angeles (San Pedro) for 9 days (Friday to Sunday). The itinerary includes 2 days in Cabo San Lucas, as well as La Paz, Mazatlan and Puerta Vallarta.

I hope this helps and let me know if anyone has a follow up.

So, it’s time to go. I know this is a shorter blog than usual but I have lots to do before I leave on Saturday. I have to say goodbye to friends and family and get things in order here at home which is why I hope you will understand why there will be no blog tomorrow. I am off to the Carnival Splendor, a ship I have so many fond memories of. Let’s have a look at her and where she is going.

And this is where we will be sailing to

Sunday Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA 5:30pm
Monday Fun Day At Sea
Tuesday Fun Day At Sea
Wednesday Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 9:00am 10:00pm
Thursday Mazatlan, Mexico 9:00am 6:00pm
Friday Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 7:00am 3:00pm Saturday
Saturday Fun Day At Sea
Sunday Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA 9:00am

I have no idea about these ports. I have no idea what the weather will be like but I do know that the Carnival Splendor is a fantastic ships and of course it is the last ship that Heidi and I delivered and worked on as a team.

Thanks for all your support while I was home and on Monday I will be back onboard moaning about a week of handover with Goose, telling you about the ship and her crew and before long I will be back as CD, writing about the guests and this unique job that I do. I would think there is a good chance that I may be bit sad………..as I will miss the girls so very much.

The Carnival Splendor is where my beautiful daughter Kye was conceived ………….and how as the desk in the CD office didn’t collapse………………….. I will never know.


Your friends
John, Heidi and Kye.

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66 Responses to Jim'll Fix It

  1. Roger Tollerud says:

    We will sail on the Splendor again in October and we hope you are still there so we will finally get to shake your hand after following you on the blog for so long. Have a safe trip to the left coast.
    Roger T

    • Kathy M. says:

      John is scheduled to be on the Splendor until sometime in December. So don’t worry, he will be the CD in October.

  2. Astros77 says:

    hey David Poblowski, I can’t immagine why you would be a single cruiser. Oh wait….

    • Michele Nolin-Love says:

      I second that. That’s the kind of RUDE people that don’t deserve to have any requests granted (not that he asked for anything, YET!). John, you are so professional and polite. I applaud you for dealing so professionally with people like David Poblowski.

    • Cindy56 says:

      Ya David, I can’t image why John would want to help such a RUDE person such as yourself. NEWS FLASH! John doesn’t set the prices for the cruises, he’s an employee of Carnival who just happens to be a nice guy and helps us “idiots” who read his blog. Go ahead and go back to RCL, we WON’T miss you!

  3. Host Mach from Cruise Critic says:

    John, please say hello to our friend Goose when you get on board the Splendor!!! He was great and he deserves a rest.

    The pictures of the Carnival Magic stir my imagination! I can see her in port in Galveston now!!!

    All our best to the girls.

    See you Monday!


    Host Mach

  4. Mary H says:

    I remember Jimmy Savile well. I remember Savile’s Travels and Top of the Pops, before you were born John. Glad that you enjoyed a cigar together, he looks very happy!

    Love the photo of Kye, Heidi and yourself. safe journey to the Splendor

  5. kiciaski says:

    Hi John,

    Enjoy your day off from the blog tomorrow and spend the time with family especially Heidi and Kye.

    Just wanted to let you know that last week George and I were on a Disney bus and as they were coming to each resort they said the name of the resort and “Welcome Home”. We looked at each other and said “that’s John’s line” Maybe someone from Disney was on a Carnival Cruise and heard you say it. Anyway that made us think of you and we can’t wait until the Blogger’s Cruise to see you again and of course on the Carnival Magic in May.

    Give Heidi and Kye big hugs from us and have a safe trip to the Carnival Splendor.

    George and Linda

  6. ann mccleskey says:

    love your blogs and hope you have a good trip aboard the Splendor. i understand that in april 2012 there will be a trip from calif. to hawaii and back. any chance of your being on that.?
    and about the desk in the CDs office.TMI
    ann from texas

  7. Tradewinds says:

    Friend John,
    The office furniture on the Carnival Splendor must be of a very high quality, Seriously, enjoy your sojourn to the west coast. I look forward to reading about all the interesting things that are bound to happen to you while you are there.

  8. Dave says:

    Hey John. I’m sure the 2011 CD schedule is being worked on right now. Any chance you or Josh (big sexy) could be on the Carnival Legend during the month of May? You two are our favorite cruise directors, and with it being my sister’s wedding cruise, it would be awesome if one of you could be on the Carnival Legend in May. We sail on May 22, 2011.

    No need to reply publicly, just passing my suggestion along.

    Thank you!


  9. Mary Fairbanks says:

    When you sail by San Diego (Encinitas) CA have the captain blow the horn. I hope you enjoy your time on the west coast and Mexico. These ports are among my personal favorites. We hoped to join you in August but alas I booked the Emerald Princess for Aug 28. I went into the blog and read all about your time on her with Heidi. I am so excited to go on another Princess cruise.
    Now the question, do you have any idea when the girls will join you on the Carnival Splendor? We were hoping November so we could book and see you again!
    Safe travels my friend

  10. John,

    I received my confirmation for the Chef’s Table on Carnival Dream. Thank you most sincerely for your kind assistance. Also please extend my warm thanks to all of your staff who make the magic happen. I know how important a good staff is to handle the million details that let you do the fun parts that the public sees. Whatever they are paid, it can’t adequately compensate them for the joy they – and you – provide to all the loyal fans of Carnival. My deepest gratitude to all of you.

    Your Diabetic Support Team Member,


  11. retirementman says:

    John, enjoy back being onboard the Carnival Splendor. I’ll be looking forward to reading about the wonders of cruising again. Some day I hope to going on this beautiful ship. See you again my good friend.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  12. Bill Russell says:

    John, Please reply

    I guess my question got lost. I sent it weeks ago.

    What is there to do in San Juan at night. I am looking at a cruise that goes there but does not arrive till 5PM.


  13. Clair says:

    Hi John,

    Safe travels to the Carnival Splendor.


  14. ZackAttack says:


    The Carnival Magic is coming right along, a feeling of pride must fill oneself when that emblem of Carnival and her grandeur pieces together. I can’t wait to see what surprises are coming on the ship as you had previously mentioned before and I know they will amaze!

    I found that video of the this Jim’ll fix it guy very interesting and found it even more coincidentally comical that you had previously asked for a fixing as a youngin’, only to meet this seemingly brilliant person later in life. If only he still fixed youngin’s wishes, like my wish to sail with you! Now wouldn’t that be a fixin’?

    I hope you’re enjoying your time with your girls, and even as it comes to an end just remember you are one moment closer to seeing them again as each moment passes. That’s the way I feel about my Dad, living so far away from him. As much as I love your blog, I think everyone is pleased to see you take time for your girls. I sometimes wonder when you find the time to write such long blogs, but to do it when you are trying to spend time with family that you won’t see for so long? You are a magic man, John!

    Thank you for the laughs, the sincerity, and the pure joy you share with everyone, through stories and favors all around.


    PS I wonder if that desk becomes the slightest bit squeaky when high seas plunder the Carnival Splendor. Nahh, it sails too smooth anyhow.

  15. Cindy56 says:

    This is for David Poblowski: You have got to be the rudest (or close to it) person who has ever posted on this blog. John is NOT at your beck & call. He is doing you and all of us a service by helping you with your questions and by the way, he does not set the prices for the cruises……Carnival does! I’m not surprised that you would have to travel as a “single”…..who the heck would put up with someone with your attitude! Go ahead and book with RCL…..we “idiots” on the blog won’t miss you…….

    • joyce g. says:

      HERE, HERE!!

      • Gary Hewitt says:

        I second that reply. Rude is probably the nicest thing one could say about that @#$. I ‘d throw him overboard if he sailed with me 🙂

      • Richard G says:

        your response to David Poblowski would be the textbook example of killing with kindness, Good for you. I couldn’t do it.

    • Mary Fairbanks says:

      I just did a quick search on ugh Royal C site and guess what they too charge 200%. They don’t charge twice for tax or port fees, gee just like Carnival. Go find a cruise with them David P. and by the way it was $1100 pp for a balcony and we know we can get a balcony for $700 or so!

  16. Rus & Nina Franklin says:


    Just dropping a note to let you know we will be sailing with you Sunday during hand-off week.

    I know you will be very busy, but would love to offer a hand of friendship and send you back on your way if you can find time.

    The Mexican Riviera is one area we can fill you in on, as we have cruised there with Carnival 10 times (would have been 11, if we had not turned right out of harbor and headed to the Canadian Riviera thanks to the R2D2 flu.

    Anyway, as for the weather, expect hot days to be followed by hot nights, only to be followed by another hot day. Good reason to get wet! And Cabo San Lucas is the place to do it.

    Welcome to the West Coast, John.

  17. SB in Nebraska says:

    It just dawned on me….we’re getting ready for vacation, heading to California and will be visiting the Queen Mary on Sunday…..the same day you get on the Splendor!! Too bad we couldn’t meet you…..it’s a small world! Oh well….I’ll make sure to get a pic of the Splendor.

    Enjoy your handover week!

  18. michelle mann says:

    Great blog John

    I wrote to Jim fix it (wanted to meet David Cassidy) still do!!!!
    Have a safe trip, hope the girls will be able to join you soon and Kye is on the mend.
    Cant wait for the magic next year.
    take care
    michelle and gang

  19. Gary Woollam says:

    Sir Jimmy…c/w Cigar…
    Fantastic…What a Legend !!!!!

  20. Robert says:

    I would like to see a poll of how many children were conceived on Carnival ships in one year?

  21. Troy Isadore says:

    Idiot, I love it. I feel 100% like an idiot.

    Thank you

  22. David Templeman says:

    Hey John!

    Regarding ports….

    We spent a week in Cabo last year. (Saw Carnival Splendor in port… she’s a nice looking ship).

    Make sure that when you get to Cabo, try Mia Casa. The food there is UNBELIEVABLE. My wife especially liked the Carne Assada (sp?). Make sure you try a nice healthy portion of the green chile salsa they give you… A friend of mine made the mistake of taking a big scoop of that up with a tortilla chip (much to the delight of the waiters who were dieing of laughter in the background). Hottest stuff I’ve tasted in a while…. But it was a “Good burn”.

    The other place that we like was the Mango Deck. Food and atmosphere… it’s right on the beach… The food was great… and it was a constant party. It’s right next to “The Office”… which is another really great “party restaurant”. Both of them are literally on the beach… so if you’re looking for a fun place to send people for the day… there’s your answer.

  23. Greg 'The Moth' Saunders says:

    Please Reply.

    Hi John, you’ve come a long way since I was by you’re side. Hope you are well and looking after yourself.
    Shame all the fun came to an end!! Too much to soon! Still have those good looks ish, you’re not bad either. Luv to the family xx Miss you xx

  24. Kristie says:

    Hi John,

    We recently returned from our cruise on the 7/19th sailing of the Carnival Ecstacy and wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time. I also want to thank you for the Chef’s Table reservation. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Chef Erwin Gomes was great and the food fantastic! I would highly recommend it.

    The hostesses ( I can’t remember all their names) in the Wind Star Dining Room were great and really spent some time interacting with our seven year old son. They were great and I would appreciate you passing along how much we appreciated them.

    We also did the Behind the Fun tour and that was wonderful too. Gavin was excellent and we enjoyed seeing all the different working areas of the ship. Another highly recommended activity.

    If you could pass along our appreciation to all of the individuals above, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks so much!

    Kristie Kelarek

  25. Canuck Cruiser says:

    Hey David Poblowski,

    “Better to remain a fool and silent than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

    Chew on that one for a while and if you can’t be civil……stay the hell off our blog!

    there………………I fell better now.

  26. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    Safe travels and right now California is having a heat wave. Mid to high ninety (90°F) so be sure to bring your socks so you can go down the water slides.
    The Cruzin2some

  27. URSULA TAYLOR says:

    Enjoy your time with your girls! You have a beautiful family! You are truly blessed! I know you miss them so when you are away. Maybe they can join you really soon.

  28. Regina Boaz says:

    Hi John! My husband and I will be PLATINUM on the Sept 18, 2010 sailing on the Carnival Dream and yes, we are very excited. We’ll be celebrating our anniversary on this cruise and I would love it if you could possibly send an autographed picture of yourself to my husband. (his name is William, but goes by Billy) I know this might sound like an odd request, but we always pull pranks on each other. We met you and your big balls in Dallas…beach balls John, get your mind outta the gutter! LOL and have read your blog since. LOVE IT!!

  29. Meredith says:

    Love the Carnival Magic pictures! My 4 year old will be so excited to see these pictures. He thinks it’s so cool that he’s going on a ship that is still being built, and I think he’s got the order of all the existing pictures memorized by now, he loves those construction pictures. Keep ’em coming!

    Safe travels to the west coast, I look forward to finally getting to meet you in October!

  30. Big Ed says:

    With all the talk about the “Desk” thingy I thought I would repost the pictures of the cakes the Evil Crew gave John at the parties the Evil Crew gave him. BC1 is a Doghouse cake for all the times Heidi puts him in it. BC2 was a Desk cake for all the good Things that happened on top of it. BC3 was a Toilet cake for all John’s toilet humour. Thank to all the Carnival Chef’s that made these cakes at the request of the Evil Crew. If you want to see the cake we have planned for BC4 you better make your booking for BC4 and join the Evil Crew.

    Here is a Link to all the cakes the Evil Crew gave John.

    BIG Ed
    Evil Crew

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  32. Ashley Adkins says:

    Hi John (please reply…I’d love to hear your thoughts)

    I left a comment last month but I never actually heard back from you so I just want to make sure you recieved my comment. Anyways, we cruised on the Legend the second week of June and had an amazing time!! I just want to let you know how WONDERFUL your staff is. We had Wee Jimmy and Sexy Criag as cruise directors (I’m assuming Craig was one…he was at EVERYTHING)…and they were absolutely amazing. We were a group of single girls and they made us feel like a million bucks. Rick Lopez and Brianka (I think…she was new) were wonderful too. They were so kind. Also our wait staff deserve raises lol!! Indra (James as we called him) and Santino were wonderful. We also met Ignatious, who suprised us with icecream after he over heard us on the lido deck saying icecream sounded good. A guy who went by Dennis was great too! Vladimir and Eduardo in photography were wonderful and talked to us everytime they saw us. Phyllis and Brett were some of the dancers who were so nice. My friends didn’t want to go to some of the parties so I would go by myself and the program staff made sure I was not left alone. They always would come up and dance with me or talk to me or whatever. We loved our room steward his name was D’cruz. We had some special requests which are ALWAYS annoying when you’re trying to do a job and he was just super about helping us out and making it wonderful for us. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    We have already booked again and I will be cruising with Carnival every year for as long as I can! EVERYONE flirted with us which was EXACTLY what we came for haha! 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for working so hard to make us have an amazing time. PS Sexy Craig should be a director if he isn’t. He was the sweetest guy in the world! 🙂 🙂 We all loved him!!


  33. Gary Hewitt says:

    John, Please reply:

    A bunch of my friends and I will be sailing on the Carnival Fantasy on 8/21 out of Charleston, SC. This will be our fist cruise from that port and we are excited to see the area as well as enjoy a much shorter drive from our homes in Northern Va.

    This will be my 13th cruise and it will be the first for several of the party going. We are all hoping to be able to have dinner together as everyone pretty much does their own thing during the day so this would be a chance for us to share our memories in the evening of our cruise. I would appreciate it if you would please see if you could arrange for all of us to sit together or at least close to one another for our 8:15 dining time?

    I know this might be a little more than you are asked to help with usually, but I would very much appreciate it if you could work this out for us.

    Also, can you tell me what nights are formal on this cruise for dinner?

    I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed cruising on Carnival all these years and it was a pleasure meeting you on the Dream back in Dec of last year. You truly put the “Fun” in the Fun Ships of Carnival.

    Thanks again!!


  34. Brendan Lawrence says:

    Dear John: please reply please please please!!!!

    I absolutely live you and your blog! I have only Bren following for a day or two now but am already so in to it! But anyway I suppose I should continue with the question although I am so tired I probably have bags the size of plumbs under my eyes!
    I was always wondering about the laser shows and other pool parties that you guys have on deck. I am going on the Carnival Dream in may 2011, and I was wondering how the whole on-deck pool and movie thingies work. And just what to do if u want to see them. Do you have to pay?
    Sincerely, (your best blogger!) -Brendan

  35. Rob Robb says:

    Hey John
    I’m writing this in bed in my under pants on Maui…
    nice tactful job with Mr. I don’t like paying 200%..I’m sure when you were done writing …..you said to your self , what a Idiot as we all did
    thanks for all your hard work and time you spend helping all of us

    P.S. Will be on the Spirit 11/28/10… are they doing the chiefs table

    Thanks Again
    Rob Robb
    Kihei, Hawaii

  36. Robert Steele says:

    Mr. Heald,

    Hello Sir, I tried to make some reservations for the Chef’s Table on the Splendor’s August 15th sailing. I would like to thank you for passing it along although it is not available yet on that date. I have made arrangements at the steakhouse for that night instead.

    I see that you are our cruise director on this sailing. Being our first cruise I am not entirely sure what you do, but I assume you are in charge of everything? Regardless I was advised to write to our CD if we had any type of requests. I know that your staffs can not do everything, but I figures this would be worth a shot (couldn’t find a real email for the CD).

    August 14th will be my 8 year anniversary with my wife Rachel. To many 8 years may not be a big deal, but this cruise will actually serve as our honeymoon and a way to reconnect with each other without our kids (@ the grandparents). You see, we ran off and eloped in 2002 while I was still in the Marine Corps days before a deployment. Since that time my loving wife stood by my side supporting me through 5 more years in the Marine Corps (Infantry) through deployments to the Middle East, training operations, recovering from injuries in Iraq, etc. She also gave me two beautiful little girls who are the joy of our lives. In Nov. 2007 I was discharged and shortly thereafter deployed back to Iraq, this time with the Department of Defense. I have now been overseas for about 2.5 years (with a few short vacations) and my wife has been back at home running our family and raising our little girls. She has been much like a single mom the majority of this time.

    To get to my point though, I wanted to make this trip special for her because of the wonderful wife and mother that she is, and for our anniversary and “honeymoon” and was wondering if you had any ideas on the little “extras” that I can do? We have booked the steakhouse for a special meal already, but I am not sure of anything else that can be done? I didn’t know if there was anything that you can help out with, or your staff?

    Thank you Sir and thanks for the blog, it is very entertaining. I can see that you really do enjoy your job!

    Robert Steele

  37. Jeri Green says:

    Have a safe trip – and,hopefully, uneventful.

  38. Dutchman says:

    John, Please reply

    How true is the rumor that another Carnival ship is to port at Baltimore ??

  39. Vivienne says:

    Dear John, If I remember correctly, Jimmy used to be a disc jockey, on one of the “HAM” radio stations way back when. Wow, thanks for the memories.

  40. Tim Moden says:

    Hi John

    I was reading Questions and Comments from yourreading and came to one that I had to reply to. It was from a David Poblowski about the single rate. I have been on over 10 cruises on three different lines and have studied the different cruise lines sites. Most if not all charge the same for a single opp. I can understand the reason and have traveled by myself.

    Of my 10 cruises, seven have been with Carnival Cruise line. The reason is I have found out that I have more fun and Carnival takes better care of single passingers.

    I had the privelage of cuirsing with you a couple of years ago on the Liberty and had the most fun of my life.

    Thank you
    Tim Moden

  41. Michele Nolin Love says:

    Hi John (Please Reply)
    I wrote to you a while back requesting your assistance on private dining for my husband and I on the Carnival Legend September 5th sailing and you asked that I write back on August 1st.
    So here it is, August 1st :).
    I want to thank you so much in advance and sincerely appreciate your willingness to help so many people. Many people don’t agree with this type of request, but I feel that if someone gets joy out of helping others, then there is no harm in asking.
    My husband, Brad & I love Carnival so much and this cruise will be our Platinum cruise so it means even more to us.
    Thank you again for all you do. It really shows how much you love your job.
    Michele Nolin Love

  42. Linda A. says:

    Hi John,
    As always, I enjoy reading your blog and also hearing about your sweet Kye!
    My family and I are sailing on Nov.20th on the Carnival Dream for the second time. We are wondering if there is a behind the fun tour that we can sign up for??? You may have covered this with someone else previously, but I missed it. If so, could you please repeat so that I might sign us up if there is a tour. Also, is there a place to sign up for the special chef’s table???
    THanks for all you do both on and off the cruises!
    Your fan,

  43. Susan V says:

    John, Please Reply!

    John, I am not one that likes to ask someone to do something special for someone they don’t even know, but I have a very nice young man that works at with me at Publix Super Marketsas a Front Service clerk (bagboy). Mathew came to us almost 2 years ago for a job. Mathew has Asperger’s Syndrome and tried to work for Publix in the past but couldn’t make it though
    the orientation the first time. After some adjustments in his medication, he was hired at our store and myself being the Administrative Coordinator (personnel director/trainer), I did all of his training which took a lot more time than other new associates. Mathew has
    blossomed into one of the favorite front service clerks we have. Mathew is always on time, always getting customer compliments and is loved by everyone he meets!
    He has the mentality of a 8 year old. On is 21st birthday last year,several associates asked him where he wanted to go for his bith birthday and being Mathew, he said “ I would really like to go to the circus” The mind of a child!

    Mathew will be taking his 1st EVER cruise and his mother (with my encouragement and information) booked a cruise for them on the Carnival Fascination leaving Jacksonville on August 30th. He is so excited and it is all he talks about now. I directed his Mother to read everything she can on the ship and filled her in on what to expect as far as extra expenses so she can plan for It.

    John, I would really appreciate if you could contact Trevor Block,the Cruise Director on the Fascination and see if he will do something special for Mathew. It would mean the world to him to receive anything. He is such a wonderful young man and even with the disability, does a fantastic job for us at Publix. He is one that we can count on to be there when he is scheduled and loves his job. He may never do anything else but bag groceries, but that’s ok, because he loves what he does and makes it always a pleasure to work there.

    Thank you sooooo much,

    Susan V.

  44. SusanV says:

    John, I am very glad I got to meet you when you were boarding the Splendor today. I am the one that works at Guest Logistics and will be sailing on the Dream on August 21st with my hubby Ben for his 50th! I am sure you will enjoy your time here in Long Beach and the west coast route. Welcome and I am pleased that you have come here. I can’t wait to read all of your posts of your encounters on the Splendor!!!

  45. Leon Biesiadecki says:


    Dear John, I’ve seen on your blog that you have arranged special requests for dining and was hoping you could please help me with one. We’re sailing on the Carnival Glory out of New York on Sept 6th, this will be our 17th cruise with Carnival and we’ll be celebrating our 31st anniversary. In all the years we’ve been sailing, we’ve never had a table to ourselves. It would be nice if you could arrange for us to have a table for two. We’re confirmed for early dining, our cabin number is 8236. Thank you, we do appreciate any assistance you can give us on this.
    Leon & Sharon

  46. Cassy says:

    Hi John,

    Does that mean that Wee Jimmy is on the remake they did 3 years ago, 27 years on from the original trip on the revolution. Here’s the link on the youtube..

  47. peggy222 says:

    I hope you had a great w/e.

    Thank you John for sharing your pictures of the Carnival Magic and your beautiful family. I am so looking forward to more information on the Carnival Magic.

    As far as David Poblowski goes, he can do just that. You do not owe him anything. There is probably a reason he sails alone, nobody would want to be with him.

    Keep smiling John; you truly are one of the good guys.

    My best to Heidi and Kye.

    Peg Dunbar

  48. Big Ed says:

    With all the talk about the “Desk” thingy I thought I would repost the pictures of the cakes the Evil Crew gave John at the parties the Evil Crew gave him. BC1 is a Doghouse cake for all the times Heidi puts him in it. BC2 was a Desk cake for all the good Things that happened on top of it. BC3 was a Toilet cake for all John’s toilet humour. Thank to all the Carnival Chef’s that made these cakes at the request of the Evil Crew. If you want to see the cake we have planned for BC4 you better make your booking for BC4 and join the Evil Crew.

    Here is a Link to all the cakes the Evil Crew gave John.


    BIG Ed
    Evil Crew

  49. Big Ed says:

    John, I hope you had a safe trip. Can’t wait to read about your flights.

    BIG Ed

  50. Charlene Bartlett from cruise critic says:

    Hello There. I would love to make reservation for myself and 15 year old son for the Captain’s dinner .

    My son is mature and has a life-threatening , chronic and fatal illness. He has a great love of cruising . We started sailing in Dec. 2008 after his health sstablized ,after 300 admissions to hospital.

    My son likes cruising more then Disney World. Infact, he prefers Carnival over Disney cruiselines!!!!

    We sail on the Carnival Miracle on December 21, 2010. We are in cabin 5238. Could you help make this a Christmas Cruise to remember?

    Many Thanks

    Charlene Bartlett (Charley)

  51. Brian Sevits says:

    PLEASE REPLY (sorry for double post, but I forgot to add that the first time)

    Hi John. I have really enjoyed reading your blog in preparation for our next cruise (leaving August 9). I have been on the Conquest class ships, but my wife has never cruised. We are newlyweds and I booked the Elation since it was close enough that we can drive to the port in Mobile. I feel kind of silly asking this, but noticed others have requested specifics through this blog. If you would not mind to request a table for 2 for us I would appreciate it. That might make my wife’s first cruise a little more enjoyable… and it is her birthday. Hope to sail sometime in the future with you as our CD. I am now a cruise addict, and I really hope my wife feels the same way in a couple of weeks! Thanks

  52. The Cruzin2some says:

    To All Single Cruisers,
    Instead of being angry at Carnival for asking the full occupancy rate for the rooms. You should see this as a chance to get your friends interested in cruising. It will cost you the same to cruise alone as it would with a friend. SOOOOO, why not take a friend along. If they want to pay a little that helps you but it gives you a chance to infect others with the cruise bug. Also it gives you someone to hang with and do all the fun things that Carnival offers together. You may even find that cruising with a friend is so much more fun than going it alone that you do it all the time.
    Just an idea!
    The Cruzin2some

  53. Cynthia Soll says:

    Oh — and THANK YOU! Forgot to say that. 🙂

  54. LadyJag (Laura) says:

    Hi, John!
    It’s been a heck of a week for me, as my 4-year-old Alyssa had surgery, and I’ve been trying to be nurse and mommy to her and still work a full-time job from home plus rennovate our house.

    Without a doubt, I echo Alyssa’s almost daily whine: “I miss the Carnival Dream!”

    Anyway, thanks for the story, video clips, and pictures – they were a bright spot to my day.


  55. Cheri Bolchoz says:

    Cheri & I would like to take this time to express our sincere heartfelt appreciation to you, one of the 343 Stephanies (Stephanie Herrera), and all the cruise directors responsible fpr replacing my VIP ship funnel pins, lost when my hat blew overboard on the Carnival Fantasy, somewhere in the Devil’s Triangle. It is this type of act that truly lets one know how Carnival cares, and will go that extra mile for members of its family. It really softened the blow of losing something very special and years in the making. Carnival did the same thing for my sister-in-law, Julie Mendenhall sometime ago. I have my new hat now, and am placing the new pins for the ships we have been on as I write. We considered it an honor to finally meet you on the Carnival Fantasy on its Inaugural cruise out of Charleston, SC. As with all the guests, you truly made our cruise memorable, and justified our total loyalty to Carnival. Also I’d like to express my honor of being called Mr. Carnival by you, Todd Whittmer, and the Carnival employees. It is something I do not take lightly, and will represent the title with respect and pride. We look forward to seeing you again, if not before, on the Inaugural cruise of the Carnival Magic in Europe this coming May. By the way, I will be wearing my chinstrap when on the Lido deck from now on! God Bless you, Heidi, & Kye and please extend our thanks to all again who had a part in my trademark replacement.
    Carnival is truly “Fun For ALL, All For Fun”

    Mr & Mrs Carnival
    Michael & Cheri Bolchoz

  56. Wally SMith says:

    You commented that you were surprised to hear that the crew new that their ship was moving from Galveston to New Orleans. Carnival made a big FACEBOOK announcement a few months back, saying that both ships would move to NO and we would get the good ship Triumph and the new ship. We could not wait so we are sailing on the Triumph out of NO in Jan. 2011

  57. Nancy and Ron Pope says:

    John – WE have just returned home after being on the Queen Victoria / British Isles Cruise – 7/22 thru 8/01. Wonderful to see you aboard and for the chance to meet you in the Queens Room (walkway). We had a wonderful cruise. As discussed, we are booked on the 10/28/11 “T/ A” Cruise from Barcelona to Galveston on the NEW Carnival Magic. You indicated you may be aboard her as well, and we would love to see you again. We sailed on the Carnival Liberty (inaugural cruise) out of Rome with you in 2005. – It was a blast… Hope to see you then, – The Pope’s / Plano, TX

  58. Mike says:

    My goodness John!!! Kye is growing so fast!!! I know I’ve said it before, but don’t blink too many times…..they grow up so terribly fast.

    She is a treasure John and Heidi is as beautiful as ever. You are one lucky (and deserving) bloke.

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