50 Reasons To Read A Blog

October 6, 2010 -

John Heald

Finally we have the complete set. Please welcome Princess Cruise Lines to the best blogs at sea.


I have been hoping for some months now that the brilliant people at Princess (they don’t have beards) would come and join us in the world of blogs and not only have they done so but they have come up with a brilliant formula in which to do it. Having a gaggle or herd or cluster or whatever a group of 50 top cruise experts are called to reveal their bucket list of cruise experiences is a brilliant idea. Who better than to talk about this than the people who have been there and done that? This is certainly going to make for great reading and I know all of us who love cruising will be looking forward to reading the blogs that will start soon.

As you know I have made no secret of my love of Princess cruises and I know many of their shoreside and onboard staff and I also know that they have the right people to make these blogs absolutely superb. So, enjoy their first blog and I wonder how many of their 50 essential experiences you have done and how many you will read about and realize……that you absolutely must do.


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