John’s Facebook Change

October 26, 2010 -

Everett the Beard

Hi bloggy folks,

It seems a lot of you are John Heald’s friends on Facebook… so many of you that our dear John Heald has been literally banned by Facebook from having any more friends! What are we to do for our Senior Cruise Director? We zipped up our high-visibility jackets, securely fastened the chinstraps on our helmets and got down to work.

We’re moving John’s Facebook presence from a personal account to a “page.” (Facebook used to call these things “fan pages” but doesn’t anymore.) Here’s the page:

A little ways back, Facebook helped us out and automatically made everyone who was currently John’s Facebook friend “Like” his new page. A few hundred more people have become John’s friend since then — can you really blame them? — so I’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to please do the following to ensure you continue to get John’s droppings of wisdom delivered directly to your News Feed.

What you should do now is this:

  • first, log in to your Facebook account
  • then go to John’s new page
  • if you see a button at the top of the page that says “Like” on it, click it
  • if you don’t see the Like button, the page has already been Liked on your behalf and you don’t have to do anything else

The changeover will start tomorrow (Wednesday), meaning that will be the place to find new posts from John. Any questions? I’ll try to monitor the comments on this post and answer any, if needed.

Well, time to go trim my beard… with safety scissors, I guess.

All the best,

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30 Responses to John’s Facebook Change

  1. Marivonne says:

    We love u no matter where you go.. I am your number one fan,,,errrr,,, stalker… teeeheee

    • peggy222 says:

      Actually I am his number one fan.. errr…stalker 👿

      • Jan "Peaches" Silvius says:

        No, actually I am his number one fan…errr… least that’s what I’m afraid he thinks! Lovin’ CCL and John. Oh and you too Everett…thanks for the info..

  2. sue shiny says:

    i dont like the fan page, it looks weird 🙁

    • everettg says:

      Could you please elaborate on that, Sue? It could be something we can fix.

      • Big Ed says:


        Can you reverse section of John’s blog so it’s the way it used to be. Listing comments in order they are received. So we don’t have to scrool to the bottom to start reading in the right order. Sometimes a bloggers reply is based on what someone else said but not as a direct reply to their comment.

        BIG Ed

        • everettg says:

          That’s a bit outside of the scope of this post, Ed (and I can’t speak for why it’s set that way; that’s how I found it) but it seems like it keeps the freshest comments at the top. If you need to get to the bottom of the page to start reading upwards from there, the End key on your keyboard will get you there in an instant.

  3. Frances says:

    Hello… I would like to send you a email….but I don’t know how to contact you other than submitting a comment. What’s the best way?

    Thank you!! ;o)

  4. mrpete says:

    Only problem with a fan page is the stuff never shows up on your own wall.

    I guess it was fun while it lasted.

    • everettg says:

      Could you clarify what you mean by “stuff”?

      • shaun says:

        I can not see the posts on my wall either. i think this is the same problem that mrpete has. only way how i can read the updates is if i go to the actual page

  5. Chris says:

    Where is your “beard”? lol

    • everettg says:

      I know it’s not the clearest picture I’m using, but please trust that I’m wearing a small chin beard. 🙂

  6. LadyJag (Laura) says:

    Does this mean no more instant notifications when someone comments on John’s statuses?
    Bummer. 🙁

    • everettg says:

      Right Laura, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. New posts will continue to appear on your New Feed, but Facebook doesn’t send e-mails to each commenter for new comments left after yours. It’s a design choice on their part; the presumption seems to be that when you comment on a post to someone’s personal Facebook page, you’re likely to know the other people who comment (and would be happy to get a few e-mail alerts), while on non-personal pages, you probably don’t (and would be upset getting dozens of e-mails per post as strangers comment after you).

      Given our choices on Facebook, the 5000-friend limit pretty much ensures that John’s Facebook presence needs to be a “page.”

      • LadyJag (Laura) says:

        Thanks, Everett!
        I will adjust to the change, although I think John’s FB friends are a hoot and will miss the notifications.

        Oh well! Once John’s new page is established and running as expected, maybe someone can create a sort of “John Tracker” FB app for us stalkers, similar to the “Recent Blog Comments” section here? Just a suggestion.


      • Dwayne says:

        Hi Everett, Will John still be listed as a friend on the friends list? Or is his personal account going to be deleted?

        Thanks, Dwayne

  7. LadyJag (Laura) says:

    Also, what’s going to happen to John’s “old” page? Are all of us 5000 friends going to get the boot?

    Laura W.

    • everettg says:

      I believe the plan is to retire the old page, but we’ll make sure notice is posted there so everyone knows where to go.

  8. Gloria(Please Reply) says:

    The blog stays the same, correct? We’ll still get our answers via the blog and not facebook if the blog is where we submitted them?

    • everettg says:

      That’s right, Gloria. The only thing that’s changing is the one Facebook page changing to the other.

  9. flynlo says:

    So the blog will soon be dwarfed to Facebook also?

    Blog is great, facebook not so much.

  10. joyce g. says:

    Sure glad I’m not into that Facebook thingy! Way too complicated for this old brain. I’ll stick to the Blog, Thank you very much!

  11. Sage56 says:

    Just something to “hmmm” about… Facebook … a “Social” network?? limits the amount of friends one can have, and pushes them off to their “fan” pages … which aren’t really “fan” pages any longer….

    No worries John, we are still your loyal friends and fans… (no matter what FB wants to call us!)

  12. Optiron says:

    So on BC4 do we get a pin that’s says 1 in 5000??

    • Dave Bell says:

      Glad you finally flipped the switch.
      Our band outgrew our ‘personal’ page a few months ago and had to do the same thing.

      everettg, you should turn on the feature that makes John’s posts automatically go out on Twitter too. We did that, and though we don’t post directly to twitter, we soon ended up with 2000 people following the twitter feed.

  13. Barbara says:

    I’m not exactly sure either how to leave you an e-mail comment either John–remember we talked about the privacy issue with posting vacations,etc. Thanks. Barb

  14. hi everett, glad to meet you.

    smiles, bonnie and prince charlie

  15. shaun says:

    I am not getting the posts by john on my wall anymore. I have tried unliking and reliking the page. It is a big annoyance to go to the actual page to read the updates instead of it being posted on my wall

  16. Edward says:

    Wow! I just joined you on your facebook account! I love costa!!

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