John’s Facebook Change

October 26, 2010 -


Hi bloggy folks,

It seems a lot of you are John Heald’s friends on Facebook… so many of you that our dear John Heald has been literally banned by Facebook from having any more friends! What are we to do for our Senior Cruise Director? We zipped up our high-visibility jackets, securely fastened the chinstraps on our helmets and got down to work.

We’re moving John’s Facebook presence from a personal account to a “page.” (Facebook used to call these things “fan pages” but doesn’t anymore.) Here’s the page:

A little ways back, Facebook helped us out and automatically made everyone who was currently John’s Facebook friend “Like” his new page. A few hundred more people have become John’s friend since then — can you really blame them? — so I’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to please do the following to ensure you continue to get John’s droppings of wisdom delivered directly to your News Feed.

What you should do now is this:

  • first, log in to your Facebook account
  • then go to John’s new page
  • if you see a button at the top of the page that says “Like” on it, click it
  • if you don’t see the Like button, the page has already been Liked on your behalf and you don’t have to do anything else

The changeover will start tomorrow (Wednesday), meaning that will be the place to find new posts from John. Any questions? I’ll try to monitor the comments on this post and answer any, if needed.

Well, time to go trim my beard… with safety scissors, I guess.

All the best,

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