The Making of a Legend

October 27, 2010 -

John Heald

Hello everyone. I don’t have the time to write a full blog today because of more meetings with the beards and a full crew safety drill for our upcoming Coastguard inspection on November 7th. However, I didn’t want to leave you with nothing so I popped into the galley with our Entertainment Technical Manager Alex “Dracula Iacebot” and we filmed the birth of a Legend. Hope you enjoy it and I will be back with a full blog tomorrow plus regular Facebook thingies as well.

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56 Responses to The Making of a Legend

  1. Stacey W says:

    OK, that was cool. But the part where you burned the heck out of your fingers and let out that yelp was hilarious. Hope you’re healed by now. 🙂

    Awesome plug for the Chef’s Table. I’m considering it.

    And that chef is so excited about what he does and it shows. That’s downright inspirational.

  2. Irene Garner says:

    Amazing video….and amazing that something so scrumptious should be so easy to make.

  3. mjgruskin says:

    I was so dissappointed because I thought you were going to show us how the galley kitchen whatever is only going to make these incredibly healthy salads for you. By the way you sound just like the Sham-Wow guy on television – you do know what a Sham-Wow is don’t you?

    • joyce g. says:

      Don’t you think it’s time to quit with the little jabs at John? Remember, what goes around comes around!

      • Terri says:

        well said Joyce!

      • Steve O says:

        Well said Joyce G. I’m tired of this guy and his attempts at humor. His continual jabs at John are not wanted on this forum. He needs to order a “Sham-Wow” himself and I BET Big Ed can tell him where to put it!! 🙂

      • Linda Bigus says:

        Totally agree with Joyce…be nice or go away, MJGRUSKIN…your comments are just mean….what are you so jealous of???

    • Janet Sammons says:

      You sound like a Bee otch! So I guess you guys are even!

    • Big Ed says:

      Marshall J. Gruskin,

      Like I said before go stick your head in a automatic flushing toilet at the next rest stop or what you may call a pickle farm.

      BIG Ed
      Yes I’m as BIG as John, even BIGger.

      • Big Ed says:

        Marshall J. Gruskin,

        IF by any chance this pickle stop doesn’t have automatic flushers please give it “A Courtesy Flush”.

        BIG Ed

    • Kathy M. says:

      I think it is time for John to have a delete button for certain posters like this idiot. I guess his mother lacked in teaching him/her manners, like “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”

      I don’t know what John ever did to you to make you do these nasty jabs at him, but I think it is time that one of the Stephanie’s just block your submissions

      Kathy M..

  4. SuzieQ says:

    Oh John !!!! Shame on you ~ !!!!! Know I will have to book another Cruise, as now I’m craving a Chocolate Melting Cake !!!!! LOL !!! Thank You, LOVE your videos….

  5. Jan Bode says:

    OMG John. Now I can’t wait for next week when my sister and I are doing the Chef’s Table on the Splendor! My mouth is already watering for the Chocolate Melting Cake!

  6. Amanda V. says:

    Mmmmm…..counting the days until February!

  7. Frank and Bridie says:

    I think this should become a weekly thing. A different dish or entree or appitizer done on cam for us! MMMMM Melting Cake!!!!

    Big Fans As Allways,
    Frank and Bridie

  8. joyce g. says:

    That was so awesome! I need to do the Chef’s Table on my next cruise. Being a non-cook myself, these people are astounding! Can’t wait for Nov. 14 on the Valor. I’m having Warm Chocolate Melting Cake with ice cream every night!

  9. That was just the coolest ever! My husband will love this! He has the cake every single night of the cruise! Thanks John!

  10. Nanc C says:

    I so want a choclate melting cake mmmmmm my favorite!! 114 days til ailing on the Liberty!!!hurry up Feb

  11. Terri says:

    Dear John,

    Loved the video. Can hardley wait for 11 days to be up! Then I can have some of that Chocolate Melting Cake. Don’t know if the Chef’s Table is on the Triumph, but believe me, I’m gonna find out as soon as we get on the ship.

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful Videos! Love them all.

    Take care!

  12. Debbie says:

    Fantastic video!! Loved it! Really makes me wanna do the chefs table!!

  13. Marty Paul says:

    John – great video! I too am a BIG fan of the famous CMC. By the end of a Carnival cruise, I am even a BIGGER fan of CMC (literally).

    Next cruise, Jeanne & I have to try the Chef’s Table.

    Marty & Jeanne

  14. Cheryl Killian says:

    OMG I need one of those quickly! Yum…

  15. Rena says:

    That melting cake was so wonderful!! I will have to try to make it…
    Thanks for showing us the recipe!!! :O)

  16. got2bachef says:

    OMG I can’t wait! 30 more days until my cruise on Spirit!!! I’m booked for the Chef’s table and am hoping the Chef on Spirit is as HOT! as the one on Splender!!!

    I wish The Chefs in my kitchen looked like Chef Alex! You should make a “Hot Men of Carnival” calender like the firefighters do and put him on the cover!

  17. Ernie/cruizer4662 says:

    A suggestion, when you have a guest talk, please hold the microphone closer to them. I have had the volume up as high as I can and it is very hard to hear them and some times you when they and you speak.

  18. retirementman says:

    Thank you John for showing us how this wonderful dessert is made. I’ve enjoyed the chocolate Melting Cake many times and it is scrumptious but there is just one thing, try not to have to much of the melting cake because that will be all that you will want to have for dessert and there are so many tremendous lovely desserts on the ship.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  19. Barbara says:

    I can see that on my next cruise I’ll be ordering more of that melting cake! Yum!!!

  20. Ann Marie says:

    Great video, could hear it just fine ! Would love more of these !!!

  21. Moni says:

    Wow…he”s cute!!! Can you get him over to the Glory in 92 days????

  22. janeygirl says:

    john, i have a question for you. My husband and i will be doing two cruises coming up in January. The first is out of San Juan, we then come back and head to Miami to get on another one right away. My husband is a somoker and we like to pick up cigarettes in St. Thomas when we go there. Can we mail them back to the states from St. Thomas. Or do we need to keep them wtih us but when we go on the second cruise how will that work. Hope you can help me out.
    Jane Bischoff

  23. hug71 says:

    Thanks John now i want to go on a cruise and i cant afford one since i still have to pay for the rest of BC4

  24. slickabrina says:

    Hi John ~
    Just wanted to say that I agree with you as to how awesome Chef Agnelo is! We experienced the Chef’s Table last week with him and in addition to the wonderful food, he was extremely personable and really gave us great insight to being a chef on board. And he even admitted he can be a bit like Gordon Ramsey at times.

    We enjoyed the experience so much that I recently sent in a reservations request for our February Miracle sailing. Thank you again for helping with these reservations!


  25. Caroldlr says:

    Fantastic video, thanks John, now if I can just convince hubby to take a cruise before our scheduled one in 2012. I NEED chocolate melting cake and the Chef’s table. Thanks again.

  26. Marsha Breen says:

    John or Stephanie – please reply

    It’s time that you ban MJGRUSKIN from this blog. Not only is he constantly bashing you but he is now starting to bash your loyal readers and insulting them. This is going to turn into a “free for all” pretty soon as people are really getting tired of this guy. He is obviously getting some type of sick pleasure out of saying these mean things and thinks it is funny. This guy needs to go away permanently.

  27. Beth Flynn says:

    Yep, he’s hot!!! I need to get on his ship (not a euphemism) LOL And I cant wait ’til my next chocolate melting cake!!!

  28. Larry Meador says:

    Love the video format. I could actually play it with all of the firewalls we have here. Now I’m hungry…..drat….

    Your friend in Texas,

    Larry Meador

  29. elizabeth says:

    John, you have lost so much weight that you can’t use the line about “fat cd” anymore.

  30. Host Mach from Cruise Critic says:

    Ahhh… you made Stitch’s day! She made me copy down the recipe as Chef spelled it out an then, low and behold, there it was on the screen!

    Thanks so much for the explanation of the Chef’s Table. I’ve been asked dozens and dozens of time to explain it and now I have a great reference to send them to.

    My thanks to you and Chef.


    Host Mach

  31. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    I was considering the Chef’s Table on our next cruise but considering how the ladies here on the blog have melted over the Chef maybe I better think twice.

    The Cruzin2some

  32. Sherryl R says:

    Fun video! But now I’m going to have to ask on my next cruise when they are going to make the sugar-free version. That would be awesome!

  33. Sari B. says:

    Hi John! What a fun video that was!!! I’m sitting at my desk at work, earphones on and literally laughing out loud. I do make warm chocolate melting cake at home but I did get a few tips here! I had no idea what the Chef’s table was…… it’s a MUST! Have to agree with Stacey W. above, the enthusiasm of the chef was Fantastic! Glad to see he loves what he does at Carnival!

  34. Monte says:

    Thank you for posting this video on your blog thingy John! We’ve sailed only once previously with Carnival but have booked our 29th Anniversary on the Triumph Dec 11. I had previously emailed you to get us on the Chef’s Table list, and then my wife sort of shied away from it so I canceled. After watching your video I got so stoked for the Chef’s Table I wrote direct to Prasad (who had confirmed my cancellation) and within a couple hours I had a confirmation from him. And I’m sure that my wife will appreciate it more than she realizes.

    Again-thank you and don’t let those occassional Negative Nellies you seem to meet onboard get you down! Give my thanks also to the Stephanies for their help with my requests!

  35. Vivienne says:

    Congratulations to you and Chef Agnelo D’Souza for this wonderful video.
    I bet that Heidi got a kick out of watching you in the galley.

  36. Big Ed says:


    Big Ed, on October 28, 2010 at 8:43 am Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Marshall J. Gruskin,

    Like I said before go stick your head in a automatic flushing toilet at the next rest stop or what you may call a pickle farm.

    BIG Ed
    Yes I’m as BIG as John, even BIGger.

    Big Ed, on October 28, 2010 at 10:26 am Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Marshall J. Gruskin,

    IF by any chance this pickle stop doesn’t have automatic flushers please give it “A Courtesy Flush”.

    BIG Ed

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  38. Lisa says:

    YUMMY I can’t wait to try that it looks SO SO SO GOOD.


  40. Jewels says:

    I Love you John & you do an excellent job for Carnival. I just can’t believe the nasty things people say & how they talk about your weight, that’s none of their buisiness jeesh!
    I am a Platinum cruiser & as long as Carnival continues to perform then I will keep cruising with them. I have some neat ideas for Carnival, who would I talk to about them???
    Love ya baby!

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