Having a Scrap

November 1, 2010 -

John Heald

One of the best things about embarkation day is that I am pretty much free to wander the ship without too many people knowing who the fat bloke in sweatpants and oversized T Shirt is. This is good because it allows me to get coffee and lunch without being asked questions and also being the grey man.

Yesterday I was at the Coffee shop. It was around 2:30pm and thanks to Customs and Border patrol, being in a grumpy mood again we had started embarkation much later than it had been starting up until two weeks ago. Anyway, there I was and as I got my coffee the Promenade deck was quiet except for a couple and their young daughter who were having a good old argument about their cabin. I guess they had an inside cabin because the argument went something like this.

“Dad is too mean to pay for window cabin or a balcony,” said the wife to her daughter who I guess was around 7 or 8 years old…

“Daddy is not too mean,” retorted the husband, crunching his empty can of beer fiercely.

“Mama spends too much money on clothes”

“Oh and who said that we wouldn’t need a window or a balcony and said there was no way I am paying for that” shouted his wife

By this stage, me, Tatiana the Coffee Shop girl and the one guest who was now standing there were drinking in the drama.

“Brandi wants a window and now she’s upset “said Mum……..we all guessed that Brandi was the daughter

“It’s not about her it’s about you” retorted Brandi’s Dad.

“Well, it is, isn’t it?” continued the wife.

“Shhhh,” he said, noticing we may be listening, and for a moment they both went quiet, perhaps embarrassed, but mostly exhausted, though only for a bit, because two minutes later she couldn’t resist

“Why do you always have to silence me?”

“Because that was the main thing they said, wasn’t it, that we had to talk about our feelings.

Ahhh……they were in therapy. That made sense. And with that I took my crapafrapacino and went back to my cabin.

There’s nothing quite as riveting as a couple rowing in public. The ship is a place such pain, anger and misery can be found every week. Warring couples whisper angrily “Who left the key in the cabin? And “I didn’t come all this way so you can play golf.” or if it’s the husband ”I didn’t come all this way so you could go shopping.”

I liken having a blazing row in public as the married version of shouting at the Guest Services Desk or sending back the wine…………..mostly, it’s for show. There are no rules of engagement: when it comes to arguing in public. I once heard a man and woman screaming at each other outside the ship in Venice a few years ago. I remember this argument well because as Heidi and I walked past the arguing couple the lady said “If you shout at me any more Morris, you’ll wet yourself again.”

While most of the time these arguments are quick and painless some have these past few weeks led to arguments that were serious enough that we have had to either ask the guests to leave the ship or one of the partners has asked to leave on their own accord. And that’s such a shame.

Anyway, I looked the name “Brandi” up on the manifest and found the cabin which was indeed an inside. They might not have a window but they now have a fruit basket and some chocolate covered strawberries and Brandi has a trophy and a medallion. I bet they are wondering who it’s from and just why they got it.

Time for today’s Q and A……off we go.

Linda Evans Asked:


I follow your FB and Blog thingy. You really have a
talent for writing. My DH (who is HC on high concentration oxygen,) along with myself and other families will be joining you on the Magic in Nov 2011.

We are assigned the fully accessable HC cabin. We have a non smoker assigned on one side of us. We do not know about the other cabin occupants on the other side. My concern is about the smoking on the balcony of unknown persons. I have a question for you. I wonder if when a handicapped guest is assigned a fully handicapped cabin with knowledge that this guest is on oxygen, does Carnival try to assign a non smoking guest in adjoining cabins?

Concern is for flammabiliity of high flow concentration oxygen while HC guest on balcony. Smoke can also be life threatening to my DH. Thanks so much for finding this out.

John Says:
Hello Linda Evans

I am glad you are enjoying both my Facebook thingy and the blog thingy and thanks for the kind words. I checked with our reservations department and we do not have the capability to do this at present. However, please do not worry. I doubt that there will be any problems even if you have a smoker in the cabin next to you. If though you feel worried or concerned it is imperative that you let someone onboard know. We have lots of guests who are on oxygen and I have not heard of any problems. Actually, you may have read my blog a few weeks ago where a lady had an oxygen tank on a small trailer thingy and was always around the ship sitting and smoking right next to it. I am sure you have some concerns but please don’t worry and of course I will be there should you need anything at all.

See you next year.
Best wishes to you both

MattInSoCal Asked:
Hi John,

We were on a sneezing pig rerouting on the very pink Carnival Splendor last May. We had booked the cruise many months before as a Mexican Riviera itinerary and stuck with the sailing when it changed, mainly because we were sailing to celebrate my birthday and wanted to cruise. This was hands down our favorite cruise until our sailing two weeks ago to Alaska on the Carnival Spirit. We even had “Canadian Riviera” T-Shirts made for our roll call (through the former Carnival Connections site, the other CC!) by Carnival’s vendor; they were so much fun to wear and I could have sold 200 of them onboard!

We were lucky enough to have three port visits, unlike some of the earlier sneezing pig reroutings that got two. We had Astoria, Oregon, which was a real bummer of a stop due to our 3:30 PM arrival and the fact that much of the town decided to close so as not to deal with 3,000+ tourists. The stops of Victoria and Vancouver were brilliant!

We have been BEGGING for alternatives to our tired Mexican ports, and would sign up for a northern itinerary in a hearbeat! Perhaps an 8-day 3-port itinerary would work best, with the first stop being San Francisco or Seattle instead of tiny Astoria. (For those who don’t realize it, it takes two full days and a couple of hours to make it from Los Angeles to Seattle, it’s not a short distance!).

The only negative to the northern sailings is that you start the cruise sailing against the California Current, which can be strong and thus makes the ship rock a bit and will upset more than a few people. You sail against this same current when sailing back home from Mexico but by then most people are less susceptible to the ship’s movement.

OK, see the excitement in the post above? You’ll easily fill any ship with a northern sailing out of California!

On a different topic, I went to Guest Services on the Carnival Spirit to ask why we didn’t get any comment cards, and was surprised to learn then they were discontinued. It’s now been two weeks since the cruise ended and we have yet to see the promised survey mail. There are crew members onboard that deserve to be recognized!

Matt Mendenhall
aka MattInSoCal

John Says:
Hello MattInSoCal

Just before I talk about the main topic of your posting may I ask if you did in fact receive your review card by e mail? You should have done as you are correct that we have now stopped doing this onboard. I know that there are many people who were effected during the sneezing pig season last year and non more so than those guests who sail out of Californian ports. Unlike the Western and Eastern Caribbean which is full of alternatives to Cozumel and Progresso, that is not the case for cruises out of Longbeach and San Diego. When El Pigo sneezed we had to find three replacement ports for the Carnival Splendor and as you mentioned the ones we came up with were very much enjoyed by those that sailed there. I hear Victoria was the highlight. I have spoken to one of the SVP’s about this very subject just a few days ago when they were here on the Carnival Splendor and asked them if we had any intention of making regular voyages to these ports and the answer I am sorry to say is ……..no. That’s because they feel we simply couldn’t fill the ship because while there are many who would love to see these ports most of the people want sun and fun and not US ports.

Now we may have one or two special cruises there in the future but certainly not as a permanent itinerary. Many of the guests who sail on the Carnival Splendor and Carnival Paradise and Carnival Spirit are from California and research shows that they don’t have any interest in going to San Francisco or Canadian ports.

To me that sounds wonderful and I hope we do offer one or two of these voyages soon. We do realise though that we need to look at different ports for sailings out of California and I know the beards are doing just that. I hope this helps answer your question and I am sorry if I have disappointed you.

Please let me know if you have a follow up to this.

Best wishes to you and the family

Lisa Kilmartin Asked:
Hi John (please reply),

Continue to enjoy your blogs as usual. George and I are sailing the Liberty on 11/13 and would like to respectfully ask for your assistance with dining. We’d like to request a table for 2 (no booth please) in the forward dining room if at all possible. We are also confirmed for early seating and are in cabin 6201.

Thanks, as always, for all you do.

We aren’t sure yet if we’ll be able to join the Blogger’s Cruise in Feb, but we are making every effort to make it work. Look forward to seeing you again soon we hope!

All our best to you and your family.

Lisa and George Kilmartin

John Says:
Hello Lisa and George Kilmartin

I do hope we will see you on Bloggers cruise number 4 and meanwhile I have asked the Maitre D on the Carnival Liberty to help you with your table request.

Hope to see you soon and have a brilliant cruise.

Best wishes to you both

Paul Sapperstein Asked:
John to reply

There are rumors abounding on Cruise Critic that Carnival will introduce the fuel surcharge again on October 21st. Is this true?
Paul: on behalf of many others

John says:
Hello Paul Sapperstein

Well as you can see October 21st has come and gone and we have not re introduced a fuel surcharge. And at the time of writing and having asked some of our top Miami people I can confirm that there are no immediate plans to do so. I would be grateful if you could pass the good news to the “many others” you spoke about.

Best wishes to all

Zoo Sue Asked:

I will be sailing on the Miracle for the New Years cruise. This is a very important celebration for me and the family and I need help. I have a cronic brittle bone disease and have to spoke medicaly prescribed marijuana every day for the pain. I will bringing this on the ship with me along with the Doctors note etc. How do I declare this and where can i smoke it. I need to do this three times a day for the pain. I have been folowing your blog these past few weeks and if anyone can help me I know you can.

Thanks so much

John Says:
Hello Zoo Sue,

I had to check on this because I had no idea. After doing so I was informed that in fact we do not allow marijuana onboard the ship even if with a doctor’s certificate etc. I am sorry that you have to do this for the pain and hope that the relaxing and fun cruise you will have will also take some of the pain away and if there is anything else you need please let me know.

I will be back to you soon

Best wishes

Peg Down Under Asked:
Hi John (Please reply)

We will be sailing with you on November 7th coming all the way from Sydney Australia. There are 4 of us including my husband who is a Captain of a 1000,000 ton oil tanker. He would love to sit and chat with the Captain of the Splendor ship. Is this something you can arrange?

Thank you

John Says:
Hello Peg Down Under

G’dday. Yes of course. Please can you leave me a note when you board the ship at the Guest Services Desk with you cabin number and maybe your husband’s business card. I will present this to Captain Cupisti and ask him to arrange a meeting with your husband.

Have a safe journey here and we will see you soon
best wishes to you all.


The Redwoods Asked:
Reply please

Here is our cruise review.

In our mid-forties, we tend to think of ourselves as polished and refined. We prefer to take it easy on our vacations. More catching up on reading, connecting with each other, fine food and wine etc. Not this ship. The open areas always had some mind-numbing music or equally mind-numbing activities on the go. Not that the ship is bad – just not our thing.

The food – everywhere – in the dining lounge, in the buffet, in the special $$ restaurants, picnics etc was definitely BELOW par. That is a ship thing and not just us. Wine list was not upto par, the drinks were mixed badly (differing amts of juice, and liquors at every pour).
Finally, the retro-fit. Bah humbug. Look carefully and you will see that it did not really do anything but update the ship. The staterooms are still too small, The port-holes are still tiny, the casino is still dingy and smoky, there is still not enough space to sit in the Windjammers, and on and on it goes.

I am sure people who have never cruised or have limited exposure to cruising may enjoy this. But not for me and my wife.

John Says:
Hello The Redwoods

I have to say that I have read this review a few times and can’t work out what ship you sailed on. I say this because of the word “picnics ” you used. I also don’t know which of our ships has a place called Windjammers. I thought at first you were referring to a Fantasy class ship because you mentioned the vessel had a re-fit but then you mentioned specialty restaurants which of course the Fantasy class ship does not have. So……..before I comment further please can you send me another post telling me what ship you sailed on as I am somewhat confused. Were you maybe on another ship from the Carnival family and just wanted to let me know?

Thanks though for taking the time to write and I hope to hear from you soon.

best wishes

Glenda asked:

John, I thoroughly enjoy your blog!! Kye is adorable!! I’ve been on 7 Carnival Cruises. The problem is my first 2 cruises don’t count towards VIP status. Our first cruise was on the Carnivale in 1987 and the second was on the Jubilee in 1990. When my records with Carnival are looked up, those 2 do not show up. What can I do to get these to count. We did not buy the pictures of us entering the ship with the ship name showing. I don’t know where else to turn. Thank you for the wonderful job you do!! Next cruise is on the Valor on Oct 24, 2010. Can hardly wait!!!

John Says:
Hello Glenda

As I write you have been home for a day following what I hope was a brilliant cruise on the carnival Valor. With regard to your cruises on the Carnivale and Jubilee, do you have any photos, tickets, anything official that can show you were on these voyages? If so please let me know and I will tell you how to proceed further. Thanks for your loyalty to Carnival and for those lovely words for my daughter

Best wishes

Maria & Juan Santana Asked:
John please reply…

Hola, John! We’re still in N.Y. after returning Sat., 9/25 from two 1-wk. cruises to Canada & the New England states; the 1st departing from Brooklyn on the Caribbean Princess & the 2nd departing from Manhattan on the Carnival Glory. We had a wonderful time & although both were excellent & the Caribbean Princess visited 5 ports as to 4 visited by the Glory, we have to report that the Glory won over all.

As expected, George/Jorge, “the man” Solano was our CD on the Glory. This was the 1st time we cruised with him…. and we also met his lovely wife & asst.. “Kiwi” from New Zealand. We had a blast with Jorge, who is an excellent CD & comedian (like you)…. in fact, he told us that he started as a “fly-in” comedian for Carnival! (Don’t worry, don’t get jealous, you are still the best CD/comedian in the world!) Well, although there was only chance for 2 Wake Shows because of the early arrival of the ship to the ports, Juan & I were very lucky because we won 3 times on the Trivia Contests held during these 2 shows & we got lots of prices!

We are glad that we met Jorge & Kiwi because right after that cruise they were going on vacation to New Zealand to see Kiwi’s mom. Kiwi was going 1st and then Jorge after stopping in Miami for a few of days he would join her over there. In fact, Jorge told us that he was going to perform one day (Sat. Oct. 2) at a Miami Comedy Club. We would love to see him but we’re not sure if we’ll have the opportunity to do so.

Sorry to hear that Miss Kye Heald has taken over your job & the blog. Yes, she is prettier & younger and she looks very professional at the desk.

Warmest regards to you and Heidi & a big kiss to Kye.

We’ll fly back home to Miami tmw., 9/28 & we’ll try to catch up with the blogs that we didn’t read these past 2 wks.

The Santanas of MIami Beach

John Says:
Hello Maria and Juan Santana

Welcome back and i am so happy you finally got to cruise with George Solano who is one of the funniest people I know. He is also a dedicated professional who gives nothing but 100% each day he is onboard. I hope you have had time to catch up on the blogs. When and where are you sailing next? I hope I get to see you both soon.

Thanks for the kind words for Kye.

Best wishes to you both

Anthony Asked:


3 questions that will determine whether Carnival will be my next cruise (just took 2 this past summer):

1. With the introduction of the new “Superstar Live” karaoke, does this mean that the ships with this new feature will NOT have the regular karaoke anymore, or will this new format only be one night on a 7 or 8 day cruise?

2. Will you still have the Legends concerts with the karaoke “winners”?

3. Will the Glory, Freedom, and Valor “Christmastime cruises” (the ones leaving either December 18 or 19, 2010) have the Legends Concert or will they replace it with some type of holiday event?

Hoping for a LOT of regular karaoke!!!

P.S. I was on the Freedom in August and they had one hour of karaoke with the band. It truly wasn’t well received by the karaoke folks. The music was merely lyrics with no sheet music or indication of verse repeats, time to enter, etc. Because karaoke songs are sometimes different from what’s heard on the radio, these are important aspects to consider. Just letting you know.

P.P.S. Great blog. Wish I’d have found it sooner!

John Says:
Hello Anthony,

Thanks for finding this little blog thingy of ours and I hope you have found it useful as you plan your next cruise vacation. Let me answer your questions. Superstar Live is a chance for our guests to sing with a live rock band and it has proven to be a huge success. However, it is in addition to and has not replaced regular Karaoke which continues on every one of our ships.

Carnival Legends is in need of change and it will be getting one but it is still a huge hit on all our ships that sail on a 5 day voyage or longer.
The ships you mentioned will not be canceling their Carnival Legends shows during the Christmas cruises.

I am guessing that you love both Karaoke and Carnival Legends both of which are alive and well and I hope this news gets you booking your next cruise with Carnival.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Best wishes

That’s all for today and I will be back with more tomorrow. As always my friend Host Mach has been keeping me in touch with some of the things being discussed over on Cruise Critic. One subject he told me about were rumours that the Carnival Miracle was going to stop calling at La Romana and replace the port with Catalina Island. So I asked one of our Senior Vice Presidents Terry Beard who sent me this reply:

We will continue calls in La Romana on the Miracle through spring, ’11 and then again from fall ’11 to spring ’12. There are some calls where we will go to Catalina Island. This is a small out island off the coast of La Romana. Even when we go to Catalina Island, we will still provide transportation to Casa de Campo and run tours on the mainland.

Mach – please glue this to the thread thing would you mate and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

So last week was a good one and everyone had fun apart from the chap who punched a security guard and was deported off the vessel and told he would never cruise with Carnival again. He became very abusive to the Mexican authorities in PV and thus stayed at their pleasure overnight. Hopefully his cell mate was called El Bubba who made him his Las Bitcho.

Anyway, that was the week that was so lets see who is sailing on voyage SL70103110

Guests: 3331

Non-US: 381 – 71 from Mexico and 44 from Australia

Past Guests: 1409


Under 2 Years: 31
2-5 Years (Camp Carnival): 66
6-8 Years (Camp Carnival): 56
9-11 Years (Camp Carnival): 63
12-14 Years (Circle “C”): 59
15-17 Years (Club 02): 60
18-20 Years: 70

We have a couple of interesting groups this week including a Scrapbooking club from Reno, Nevada. This consists of 76 ladies and gentlemen all of who will be spending each morning, including port mornings from 8:00am – 1:00pm scrapbooking. I had a quick look in the boardroom on my way to the Morning Show today just to see what they were up to. The first surprise is that it’s not quite the old people and housewives that I had imagined would be doing this. The majority of women here are busy professionals juggling families and a career. I spoke to the group leader, a charming lady called Roberta who explained that amongst the group there was a senior company executive for CISCO, business owners, a Human Resources manager for Pepsi and many other hard working ladies But no men? I mentioned this to Roberta who told me it is generally women who collect the first tooth, school reports, old letters. “It just comes more naturally to us.”………….and I guess she is right isn’t she? How many of us male bloggers collect stuff like that………not many I bet.

I had a quick look at what they were doing and one lady showed me her “stash.” It might sound like a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, but the “stash” in question is not drugs, it’s what these women call the paraphernalia they each collect for making scrapbooks. And if you’re wondering how a bit of glue and some pictures torn out of magazines could possibly clock up a $5,000 price tag, you are out like I am……… of touch. Now we have scrapbooking classes on board but they tend to be as I mentioned, slap a few photos in the book and job done. It’s a huge business from what I saw and Roberta told me that some scrapbooks and all that’s in them can cost up to $5000………….bugger me!

But then the lovely Roberta summed up what they were doing when she said “I have two boys and they’ll know how much I love them, and how I remember their childhoods because they’ll have my scrapbooks “……………and that totally made sense. Heidi has scrapbooks right from the moment she got pregnant and as of today I have been empowered to start one of my own…………….so if anyone has any photos of Megan Fox’s bottom please can you send them to be for my scrapbook……….thanks.

The Superstar Live event has been a massive hit here and we have never had to push people into singing as there has been a waiting list for every session. I thought you might like to see which songs have been the most popular ones sung by the guests on board…………….have a look at this.

Top 10 Selections From Last 7 Days:

  • You Oughta Know – Alannis Morisette
  • No One – Alicia Keys
  • Man, I Feel Like A Woman – Shania Twain
  • Redneck Woman – Gretchen Wilson
  • Total Eclipse of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler
  • Baby Got Back – Sir Mixalot
  • I Love Rock and Roll – Joan Jett
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot -Pat Benatar
  • Dancing Queen -Abba
  • Crazy – Patsy Cline

Now I think you will see there that its been the ladies that have domineered this event and certainly every time I have entered the El Morocco Lounge to watch what’s happening it has been a female guest that has been strutting her stuff on stage. It certainly is a great addition to the ship’s entertainment program and I wonder whether these songs will always be part of the top ten. We shall see……..I think by the way that I know most of those songs but what the heck is Sir Mixalot ….isn’t that a dog food?

So Halloween has come and gone and within the next two days I am going to share some photos from around the fleet. As you know the Frightfully Fun event is staged wither one or two weeks before the 31st. This allows guests who cruise before the actual day of Halloween to enjoy the fun as well. Here on the Carnival Splendor we had our first party on Friday night and we probably had around 50 in costume which was to be honest pretty disappointing. Many of the ships were reporting the same thing and it appears that many guests did not know we were going to be doing this and some were quiet upset that they weren’t informed by their travel agent, PVP and Carnival. It looks therefore that we have to do a much better job getting this message out.

However, yesterday was a different story. We had around 500 – 600 in costume and the party, parade and events were fantastic. As I said, I will include photos from here and from other ships throughout the week but for today I want to talk about the kids.

There will be more photos from around the fleet tomorrow but here are some from last night here on the Carnival Splendor. The winner by the way was the headless woman….great costume.

One of the things I did for Halloween last Friday was to go and help with the Camp Carnival trick or treat events and read them a ghost story. Now the story that the staff had chosen for me to read to the group of 7 – 10 year olds was called The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. Now, I read this story off the cuff meaning I hadn’t read it before hand and did my best to use ” strange voices ” and make it as scary as possible. However, from the lack of screams or yelps and the digging of fingers in noses it was obvious that this story and its narrator were as scary as a new born puppy.

I think the stories I read when I was younger were far scarier. I mean, think about ones like Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel. The strange house in the woods, the promise of candy or something nice, the seemingly kindly person who turns out to be a nutcase who wants to eat children for dinner.

Anyway, I did my bit and read the not at all, scary about a headless man on a horse to the kids. These kids were in costume for Halloween. There were two Harry Potters, a cowboy, a couple of princesses and assorted Star Wars characters doing battle with Batmans and Spidermans. But it wasn’t these costumes that grabbed my attention. Oh no, that award went to a ten year old girl.She was wearing a tube top, a tiny leather miniskirt, platform heels and glitter eye shadow. I asked one of the Camp Carnival girls what she was supposed to be and they informed she was “A Bratz” If like me you have no idea what a Bratz is, it is apparently a children’s doll which is also a big TV series I think. Well good….thanks for telling me because to me she looked like a something you would find sitting on a bar stool at 3:00am in the morning.

Honestly, I thought it was disgusting …..but then again I am an old fashioned bastard I know. When Kye is older enough she can go to her first Halloween party as Barbie. What happened to Barbie ? Why didn’t this young girl want to be dressed like Barbie instead of a mini hooker complete with trout pout lips.. At least Barbie has values. She was a one woman man (Ken), she kept her belly button covered and her skirts weren’t so short that you could see her lady garden and she always saw the sense in wearing a headscarf when driving in a convertible. They just don’t make them like that anymore.

Well as I said the Halloween party went well and yet it was marred by another helicopter evacuation. Just twenty minutes into the Welcome Aboard Show I received a note on stage that told me I was needed immediately on the bridge for a helicopter rescue. So mid flow I had to apologise to 1000 guests and explain to them what was happening. To please not use flash photography and to come on back for the Halloween parade after the event. I then asked them to please think of this guest and keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

At this point I didn’t know any details so when I arrived to the bridge I was astonished to discover that the person we were taking off was in fact someone from my own department….I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, I had to inform the entire ship was about to happen and did that I then I quickly went down to the ship’s medical center to see him. He was in a bad way and I told him to be brave and that we would all be thinking of him. Now I can’t tell you any details of course but I can tell you that he was in massive amounts of pain. He kept telling me how sorry he was and as I held his hand a solitary tear began its way from his left eye down his cheek. It was heartbreaking to see.

I told him he had nothing to be sorry about and to hurry up and get his arse back to work. I then left him in the capable hands of our medical staff and the stretcher team who took him up to the top deck for the helicopter rescue. My job here is to keep the guests informed and to assist in the radio communication with USCG who once again were extraordinary.

So this morning we are all waiting for news on our mates condition. We haven’t heard anything yet and hopefully later today we will get some good news. It has had quite an effect on the department and later today I am getting them all together for a quick chat.

In situations like this there isn’t usually any kind of comic relief. I felt so bad for this young man and I felt bad for the guests for having to stop the show so quickly. The sight of a large red and white helicopter hovering over the deck is always an awesome one and as I said there is little comic relief in this kind of situation. Except maybe last night there was. At least for the pilot and crew of the helicopter…..who looked down from their aircraft and saw a hundreds of ghouls, zombies, vampires and 12 very hairy cheerleaders…..looking up at them.

Your friend

Hello Zoo Sue

I had to check on this because I had no idea. After doing so I was informed that in fact we do not allow marijuana onboard the ship even if with a doctor’s certificate etc. I am sorry that you have to do this for the pain and hope that the relaxing and fun cruise you will have will also take some of the pain away and if there is anything else you need please let me know

I will be back to you soon

Best wishes


Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.