Les Miserable

November 4, 2010 -

John Heald

I wrote on my Facebook page yesterday four simple words “I miss my girls” and received so many wonderful comments of support back from those who read it. I know this subject and my resulting miserable will piss off some regular readers of the blog thingy but I think I am entitled to express my feelings once in a while ………aren’t I?

And I do feel down today. Maybe it’s because I am having a bad diabetic day, maybe it’s because the dollar is tanking against the sterling which means I took a big pay cut thanks to QE2 (the quantitative easing thingy, not the grand old Cunard ocean liner) although it put Carnival stocks up to a 3 year high. Maybe I am miserable because I thought that maybe I should take a walk in Mazatlan today………and then realised I had nobody to do it with and that’s when I realised again how much I miss the girls.

Yep, sitting here on Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 7:40 am in my underpants I realise I don’t have many friends on board and only a few on land. Twenty three years of traveling and an arse that smells worse than Charlie Sheen’s breath in the morning have meant that friends have come and gone. However the friends I do have…….Alan, Danny, The Bentleys, Roger, Chris, etc all have one thing in common…..if they want to contact me they never….ever……….use the phone.

My phone never rings. It just sits there, sadly, willing someone, anyone, somewhere, anywhere, to dial its number and let it play its irritating ringtone….the theme from the West Wing which considering that when I go home I have to have the Barney theme because Kye likes it isn’t that bad I guess.

Anyway, whatever my ringtone is, it is rarely heard. My cell phone will ring about once a week, if that and it is usually Heidi or someone from a call center in India trying to sell me insurance, a new credit card or a bigger thingy. And certainly nobody calls me here on the ship and says “Hey John, let’s go and have lunch” because…….well because I am the cruise director and nobody wants to have lunch with the boss and a boss who for the most part is 20 years older than them.

Let’s say I did go out to lunch with the entertainment staff here on the Carnival Splendor. What the heck would we talk about? They will be chatting about the latest video game or how the new album by Jay Diddly Black Eyed Carrot is really “phat” and did you hear that the dancer Nicky has dumped her boyfriend and has changed sides and is with a bar waitress from Latvia?

Meanwhile I am going to be sitting there hoping that they will start talking about the new Aston Martin Rapide or how annoying it is to wake up twice a night to have to pee.

Nope, I have bugger all in common with anyone here and I refuse to do that table for one thing which is even more depressing. So instead I take comfort in being able to write to you ……. that and my West Wing Box collection which I am watching for about the 300th time. I bet President Obama wishes he had a CJ Craig, a Josh Lyman and a Toby Ziegler after the midterm election results. Anyway, before I get yet another bollocking for being political…….let’s get on with some Q and A…….but before I answer the questions of the day I want to answer this one which was sent to me yesterday and as it’s very current I thought I would move it up ahead of the line.

Sam Asked:
Urgent John Please Reply

The news is full of the cargo planes that were carrying bombs on them and this got me and my DH worried about our cruise on the Sensation next month. The ship must have lots of stuff in boxes that is brought on every week so what security do you do to make sure there are no bombs or terrorist hiding in them. Please reply as we sail in 2 weeks.

Thank you

John says:
Hello Sunnysideupsam

Please don’t worry. No I can’t tell you what precautions we take but I can tell you that we operate under very strict security procedures and everything that comes on our ships is screened, including people, luggage and all supplies. We are operating at a high level of security and, as Carnival guests, you can rest assured knowing that your safety is our top priority.

Now, go and dream of fun and chocolate melting cakes and have a brilliant cruise

Best wishes

Here are the rest of today’s questions.

Joanne and Terry Pryor Asked:

Hi John, I am not sure if this is how I contact you to thank you for all the pre-first cruise entertainment you have provided for our daughter. We are sailing as a family with her and her husband and our grandkids for the first time on Nov. 7 (on the Splendor). This will be my DH and my 7th cruise (5th with Carnival; 8th, 9th and 10th – back to backto back – beginning in Jan. out of New Orleans – again, with Carnival). Watching our daughter count the days down from 300 and being just as excited each day has been awesome. She is a daily devotee to your bloggy thingy since about day 200 when she discovered you. Because I tend to wait until 2 months before we cruise before I start researching everything in sight, I didn’t succumb to your charm until fairly recently. I have told you alllllll this just to ask one favour (spelt correctly – the Canadian way, lol) could you possibly send a brief welcome note to her cabin from you? She would be thrilled – and very, very surprised! We sail November 7th; their name – Christi and Stephen Elley and Jerricka (15) and Matthew (12) in cabin 6237; our name – Terry and Joanne Pryor in cabin 6239. .

You are truly a credit to Carnival and we are all looking forward to meeting you in person.


John Says:
Hello Joanne and Terry Pryor

So from 200 days it’s only 3. We will be here waiting for you and of course I will be happy to send a note to both cabins with a little something to say welcome aboard. Thanks so much for the kind words and I hope you are all ready for lots of fun and relaxation and until I see you on Sunday I send best wishes to all.


Jerry Calvert Asked:
Reply please John

Sorry to trouble you again, but you seem to be the only one in the whole carnival corp. who’s is accessible to us peons. I (we) need access to human beings before we get on the ships! Dealing with the office @ CCL,HAL,or Princess is like dealing with robots!! Princess does not even have a blog!

Current problem (affecting both HAL & Princess) is their new pricing policies after final payment. They offer ‘new bookings” better pricing than those who have paid.Their out of their minds and they won’t even talk to you about it.

I have 2 current cases where I’m even willing to pay them more money to improve my category and they won’t even talk to us or our TA.

This will soon catch up to you, as early booking will be out.
Please pass this on to those in marketing in Miami, Seattle and San Clarita–the customers (I think we pay your salaries) need to someone to call when common sense doesn’t prevail!!

Pls pass this on, and maybe someone will call??

John Says:
Hello Jerry Calvert,

I am always happy to help wherever and whenever I can and I am sorry to hear about your frustration. I have sent your comments to a vice president friend of mine at Princess Cruises and I am sure he will have someone get in touch with you straight away. If you have any other problems or worries please let me know. Did you see that Princess does indeed now have a blog? It’s a great read and can be found at www.50essentialeexperiences.com. Thanks for getting in touch Jerry and I hope you get your situation resolved as soon as possible.

Best wishes

Cax 12 Asked:
John!! please reply

There is some discussion, much of heated over on Cruise Critic about that good old favorite subject smuggling booze. As someone who does not do this I need to know that Carnival is taking steps to put an end to this once and for all. It is because of these stupid smugglers that Carnival has their bar prices so high yet honest god fearing folks like me respect the rules and pay our dues. So how come so many glorify in saying how they have managed to smuggle successfully. They should not only have their booze taken a way but they should be stopped from cruising on Carnival ever again. As you can tell John I am very frustrated.

John Says:
Hello Cax 12,

I am so sorry that you feel so frustrated and in many ways I can understand why. However, let me say that we really can’t blame our bar prices being on those who do manage to get through our security checks. Our bar prices are based on competitive reasons and are still relatively less expensive compared to many land based hotels and resorts. But I can see how as an honest person who abides by the rules how you feel like you do. We do our best to catch those who try and bring on their own alcohol but a few do escape through the net and we will continue to take steps to make sure that doesn’t happen. I will say that many of those who post their success on the cruise boards are just looking for self glorification and a pat on the back from others. Most people have now accepted our rules, just like you have.

Please let me know if you have a follow up question.

Best wishes

Debbie Asked:
John: Please reply:

I was on the Freedom in January and Wee Jimmy was the cruise director. My husband and I were in the audience when Wee Jimmy gave a show—-he split out his pants in front of a whole room of guests. That was one time we saw more than we bargained for!!!

Anyway, one thing they did on this cruise was a water exercise class in one of the pools. It was very well attended. This is something you could try on the TA trip. We have been on 8 cruises, 9th planned in Jan 2011, and this was the only time we saw this class. Not only was the pool full for the class but there were guests everywhere watching and believe me when I say they were watching the guy leading the class, they even cheered when he jumped out of the pool in a wet suit.

Another suggestion: The desk parties are usually late at night. We get up early and go strong all day long and just don’t make it to the parties at night. Why not have one during the day for guests who don’t make it at night.

And the chocolate buffet packs in the guests. You should have them on all the ships.

John Says:
Hello Debbie,

I am so sorry you saw what you saw and now you know why they call him Wee Jimmy. He is a lot of fun though isn’t he? I have not heard of this water exercise class before either. I know it’s something we did many years ago but I had no idea some of the ships were doing it again. I am going to ask the Carnival Freedom and see who did this. Was it a spa fitness instructor or a member of the entertainment staff? If it was as popular as you mentioned then it is something that we should let the fleet know about as sharing best practices is very important.

I hope you enjoyed the deck party. I think right now we have a nice balance of games, music and films and concerts and some quiet time as well on Lido Deck. However, over the next few months you will see more and more themed deck parties that feature actual shows there. These are already in place on your Carnival Dream and here on the Carnival Splendor. The chocolate buffet is indeed on many of our ships now and is a massive hit with everyone……except us poor diabetics for which its absolute bloody torture. Thanks so much for your loyalty and if there is anything you need before your next cruise please let me know

Best wishes to you both

belottlady Asked:
John: reply:

I understand that you are the brand ambassador for carnival and so I send you this review which I proudly posted on www.cruisecritic.com which I am a member.

If being brand ambassador of Wal-Mart cruising makes you proud then that’s OK but I suggest you read this report of mine and see that you should be ashamed

John says:
Hello belottlady,

Thanks for your review and there is little for me to say except I am sorry that you didn’t have a good time and can only hope that you will come back again and allow us to do better. However, I must also say that as Brand Ambassador of the world’s most popular cruise line……I couldn’t be any prouder.

Best wishes

Debra G Asked:
Dear John (please reply if you’d like):

Just got back from Carnival Dream (Exotic Western). I just wanted to tell you that we LOVED OUR CRUISE. I also want to pass along that Butch and Baby Butch were FAB on this sailing. I can’t say enough about the ship, the service, and anything else others complain about–I witnessed nothing of the sort.

Whatever the entertainment team has done with the shows, they need to keep it up–the shows this time were absolutely wonderful… particularly Dancing in the Streets. Please pass along to all involved we recognize their hard work and it paid off!

I do have a question and not sure if there is anything that needs to be done on this front, but here goes:

I just booked our next cruise for next September (hooray). We will be on the 9-11-11 sailing on the Carnival Valor to the Eastern Caribbean. Here’s the rub. I am having gastric bypass surgery and wondered if there is any way we could give a head’s up to the folks involved with the dining room for dinner time. Maybe that’s foolish, but I am just trying to prepare ahead of time.

I appreciate your thoughts on this, and my best to Heidi and Kye. So glad they’ve been able to travel with you!

Kind regards,
Debra from Maryland

John Says:
Hello Debra G

After the previous review this was a much needed read so a huge thank you for taking the time to write. I will certainly thanks all those you mentioned and of course they will be thrilled. I wish you much success with your surgery and of course please write to me and let me know what you need and I will make sure we do our very best to provide you with whatever you need. I remain here at your service and thanks so much for those kind words for Kye and Heidi.

Best wishes to you and your family

Ivan Arshavin Asked:
John, (please reply)

Will you please tell me if Carnival will ever cruise to distant shores? I know you are in Europe in 2011 on magic but I would love to go to Asia, Egypt and Australia and the South pacific on a Carnival ship. Don’t get me wrong, I love Costa and Holland America who I take these cruises with but as thirty something single traveler I would love to experience these places on a Carnival ship. I really enjoy your blog John, you have been blessed with a terrific skill of being able to tell a story so clearly.


John Says:
Hello Ivan Arshavin,

Those are very kind words indeed and thank you for saying how much you have enjoyed the blog thingy so much and I hope that continues. I am sure you must have enjoyed those voyages of adventure with Costa Cruises and Holland America Line and yes indeed, it would be brilliant if Carnival were to sail to some of these places. Hopefully, one day we will visit these fabulous destinations.

Best wishes

Lorrie D Asked:
Hello John, Please reply

A couple weeks ago I read on your blog that someone was taking school supplies to Cozumel for an orphanage. Is that correct? My husband and I will be sailing on the Ecstasy for our third cruise in early November and would love to be a part of this or whatever supplies are needed. Is there a way to do become involved? Does it have to be cleared first? With whom do we leave the items? Or is there someone else you can direct us for answers to these questions? Thank you for any info you can provide.

About the pets, we leave a blank check and directions with our adult daughter when we cruise. She uses the same vet for her pet’s health care and we trust their wisdom if one of our pups should become ill or die while we are gone. We do the same as the reader above and turn off our phones when we board the ship. In the event a family member has an emergency that requires us to be there, family can contact us using the Carnival ship’s information we leave with my daughter.

About the President and his look-alike: Whether you voted for the POTUS or not, the office deserves respect. Unfortunately, bad manners often win over good judgment. Thomas could probably turn this similarity of his into a new career.

This will be our third cruise in three years, all on the Ecstasy. Some friends told us we would LOVE cruising and they were right. A friend hooked us up with our Carnival Cruise Rep, Bernadine, and she answered all our questions…believe me…we had a LOT. We now count her a friend. We are booked on the Magic out of Galveston next November, our first 7 day cruise and first time with a balcony (cove). We are excited!

We enjoy reading your blog thingy and my husband now has a few new favorite words not usually heard here in the States. Thanks for the updates and entertainment you provide. We wish you and your family the best!

John Says:
Hello Lorrie D

Yes indeed, some of our guests have indeed brought supplies for schools and orphanages that can be found in some of our ports of call. How very kind of you to think of doing this, you are very gracious indeed. If you are going to do this and I am not too late in my reply, please let me know by return on a post marked “TIME SENSITIVE CHARITY SUPPLIES” and one of the 344 Stephanies or 29 beards whose names start with the letter “E” will forward me your post and I will alert the appropriate ship. Thanks for all your kind words and congratulations on also booking your Carnival Magic cruise. I will be writing much more about her very soon.

Have a great time on the Carnival Ecstasy and hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes

Bonnie Ham Asked:
John Please Reply (if you want to)

I have been reading your blog for a while now and I love it. Gives me some laughs and some frowns (rude people). I will be taking my 25th/Milestone cruise on the Elation November 15, which also will coincide with my 16th wedding anniversary. Part of the reason it will be my 25th Carnival cruise is because of the many hardworking crew and entertainment staff. Guess I should include the casino staff also. Too me they are the best I have ever sailed with, even when they are taking my money.

Thanks again for the many hours of entertainment while I am at home. Also as the owner of a retail business I was wondering where I could find myself at least 10 of those Stephanie types. I could use them when I return from my cruise to what I lovingly refer to as paperwork he! Hug that beautiful baby and wife of yours and tell them it is from one of the many people who appreciate all you do for us Carnival cruisers.

John Says:

The Stephanies have now been joined by 29 men whose name all start with the letter “E” and they have all been brilliant in helping me continue this blog and my new Facebook thingy page. I wanted to send you my warmest congratulations and thanks for reaching that brilliant Milestone status and I truly hope that this cruise is your best ever. Thanks for all the kind words and your tremendous loyalty.

Best wishes to you and the family

Kathryn Morrison Asked:
Dear John (Please Reply),

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to be able to cruise twice a year since about 2006. It took me over 25 years to talk him into a cruise — Our first was on the Carnival Conquest and to make a long story short….we were hooked! He had booked our next cruise by the 3rd day of that cruise. I love your blog and have been a devoted fan for several years but never had the need to ask you anything, that is…until now.

We have a confirmed reservation for the Chef’s Table on our next cruise which will be the Carnival Ecstasy 10/25/2010, Cabin E128. First question…is the food served at Chef’s Table the same as what you would be getting in the main dining room that night? Also, our booking currently shows our early dining request (6:00 pm) “waitlisted”. What exactly does that mean?

Cruising means so much to us as we both have rather high stress jobs and cruising is the only way we can truly disconnect. On our last cruise this past March, the day we returned to port and left to come home, we had been on the drive less than 2 hours (of a 8-9 hr drive) when we received a phone call that my dad was in very serious condition at the hospital. Rather than re-living all our great cruise memories on the drive home, it was rather quiet and we were focused on just getting home in time to see him. Needless to say, we really don’t have much memory of that cruise at all. That’s one reason this cruise is going to be so special for us and we are referring to it as our “make up” cruise which is why I decided to book the Chef’s Table as a surprise for my husband. Sorry to have rambled on, but I guess I feel like I am sharing with an old friend, even though we have never met. Your girls are so very lucky to have you John and I know Heidi and Kye feel lucky as well. I hope we will be able to sail with you some day. Thanks again for entertaining us with your blog writing.


John Says:
Hello Kathy Morrison,

I wanted to apologise for receiving your posting too late as you have of course already cruised. I am so sorry. I do hope you enjoyed The Chef’s Table which you will have seen certainly does not serve the same food as the rest of the guests get in the dining room that night. The seven-course feast you are served is something I hope you found to be truly magnificent. I wanted to say how special ……..bugger……I can’t type that word anymore without feeling guilty…….. I wanted to say how lovely your words were and I am so glad that you and your husband discovered and then fell in love with cruising. I hope you had fun and please once again accept my apologies for the late reply.

Best wishes to you both

That’s all for today.

Let’s move on and meet someone who got caught.

Guest: Ms. ________ Ref: 849007682A
Cabin: _____ Booking#: ________ Added-Changed: -03/11/10 – 03/11/10

Cabin Steward reported to Housekeeping Manager that he had seen guest take seven blue beach towels from his service trolley and place them in her cabin. Security was sent to cabin and the towels removed and guest spoken to.

Gotcha. Some of you may say we should punish her. Maybe ban her from the chocolate melting cake or remove all the toilet paper from her cabin so she has use the toilet brush. But how many of us can honestly say that we have never accidentally on purpose stolen something. What was it that accidentally ended up in your suitcase the last time you stayed in a hotel or took a cruise? Toiletries? Bathrobes? A stateroom steward? I could copy out War and Peace 500 times with the pens and paper that I’ve acquired from hotel rooms. And those Gideon bibles don’t sell well at garage sales…….kidding. That was a joke. I wish to clarify that I have never and would never steal a Bible or any of God’s works as I believe that this would condemn a person to hell even quicker than if you were to set fire to a cactus and shove it up the bottom of anyone who refers to Carnival as Wal-Mart cruising.

People who would never dream of thieving from a shop somehow feel fully entitled to do so in a hotel or cruise ship. We lose cutlery, towels, toilet paper and even once back on your Carnival Dream you may remember me reporting how someone tried to walk off the ship with a flat screen TV from one of the cabins…….luckily the stateroom steward had noticed it missing and reported it before the guest could disembark.

I admit to stealing the pens and paper at hotels. I do this because Mr. Marriott and Miss Hilton ….the robbing bastards……charge me $7 for a Diet Coke from the mini bar…..so…… I figure that morally they at least “owe” me a towel or five and the pens and paper are making up for it. You know, the more I think about it the more I realize how so many people look forward to coming back to their staterooms after a day in the sun and an evening of spectacular food and entertainment. You just don’t get that feeling when you stay in a hotel unless it’s the Presidential Suite complete with giant plasma screens……private swimming pools and three Latvian women laying on your circular spinning satin sheet covered bed. I often get asked what is the most challenging job onboard and while many do indeed fit that bill there are not too many more challenging than that of the stateroom steward. He or she has up to 20 cabins to clean…….twice a day and yet they do so with a smile and a personal greeting and that’s why I also say that a good cruise can become a great cruise thanks to your stateroom steward. Don’t you agree?

Time for a break then and let’s go to some more Halloween photos. This time we feature the Carnival Valor and CD Goose and the Carnival Victory and CD Karl with a K.

So that’s the scary decorations put away until next year and I hope some of you will cruise over Halloween because as you have seen, its loads of frightful fun.

Now for those of you (hello Laura) who worship at the altar that is the Piano Bar………here is the current list of top piano bar entertainers.

There are 2 TBA’s there as at the time of posting we had not filled those spaces. As soon as they are I will let you know who is there. I hope you all continue to enjoy these brilliant entertainers. Now talking of schedules the cruise director schedule for the first half of 2011 will be ready soon and as soon as it is I will of course post it here on a permanent link thingy for you. One of the best additions to the ships this year has been the Punchliner Comedy Club and soon you will see all the ships have the backdrop that now features on two of our ships as seen here on your Carnival Dream.

This certainly has not been my best blog ever and as I said I am feeling miserable today. This is though the one place where I can express my true feelings because the moment I walk outside my cabin door I have to put the smile back on regardless of how crappy I feel. Loneliness brought on by missing my family and the fact that I have no real friends onboard and the fall of the dollar and my hemorrhoids and because up until yesterday I was starting to feel better about my weight………until.

I was standing with blog readers Tracy and her daughter Carrie at deck party last night when a guest came over and told me they had sailed with me before and then said, “Don’t take this the wrong way”….as soon as he said that I knew I wasn’t going to like what was said next because no good can come from beginning a sentence that way..

It’s the same when a guest says “Don’t be offended, but”….or…..”I don’t mean to bother you.”

Anyway, the guest carried on telling me he had cruised with me on the Carnival Triumph and “It seems like you’ve put on some weight.” Then he added: “Quite a bit actually” and then he laughed “ha ha ha ha” and then rubbed my stomach.

There were just so many things wrong with that, I didn’t know where to begin. First of all, is there ever a right way to tell someone they’ve gained weight? Most people will have this information already. What good does pointing it out do? And considering I was on the Carnival Triumph last in 2003 and bearing in mind that I haven’t eaten any carbs for months and my poo is the color of concrete and I think I am actually thinner than when I was on the Carnival Triumph and because he rubbed my stomach while laughing I think I had every right to take the bottle of Bud Light he was holding and pour it down the front of his underpants……how bloody rude.

Where else in the world except on a cruise ship and except said to a cruise director would this guy be able to say things like this. Does he go to hotel he once stayed in seven years ago, check in and while doing so tell Mary the front desk manager that compared to last time he stayed here she has become the size of a Hummer…of course he bloody wouldn’t.

Yet, I stood there and smiled and felt embarrassed for those around me who had witnessed this. I had planned to stay out at the deck party longer but after that I just went back to the cabin and went to bed. I went to sleep in a bad mood and this morning as I write to you my mood hasn’t changed……I am sorry about this…..you all deserve better. I feel rotten and surely the only person onboard who feels worse than me is my cabin steward Ketut who as I write is desperately trying to separate a pair of my underpants from the bathroom floor.

Luckily though I have a colleague who works for Carnival in Miami who has just returned from a business trip to the shipyard in Italy to see your Carnival Magic. He wrote me this e-mail today just in time for the blog and feeling as miserable as I do today as soon as I read this story I knew that I had to share it with you. My colleague has asked not to mention his name because he hates the limelight but you know him……..I have talked about him many times here on the blog thingy and here is his story.

Like you, I’m extremely fortunate to have a job that allows me to travel all over the world for Carnival, and I would like to share one particular story with you.

Just a few days back I was returning home from Europe, on a business trip. Four airports, and 28 hours later I would arrive home to my wonderful family, but not before I had an amazing experience.

On the longest leg of the flight I was able to get upgraded to Business Class, which I was really looking forward to. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I’m grateful. What’s not to love, great meals, great seats, all the movies you can watch?

While at the gate waiting for our groups to be called, I noticed a man walking an incredibly large and beautiful dog. My first thought was that the gentleman was blind, and this was a Seeing Eye dog, and the second thought was, “How is this dog going to sit in a seat the entire flight.” To find out, the man was not blind, or even on this flight. The man and his dog approached a woman in a wheelchair, who looked to be suffering a crippling disease. However when the man and dog showed up, a huge smile came over her, and it had the effect on me as well, and I found myself smiling.

As it turns out, the man and the dog were there to send this woman off on her flight. So then again, I begin to envision her going to the states for treatment, and how hard it must be for her to leave her beloved pet, and husband behind. Plus, how uncomfortable she must be on a 12 hour flight. So as she strokes her dog, and kisses her husband goodbye, she boards the plane. I joined the plane shortly after, and settled into my comfy seat, which John, was no longer “Comfy.”

My mind raced with all the options. Could she be in business class too, in the cabin behind us, or was she stuck in a center seat all the way back in coach. I needed to find out. I walked back thru the plane as people were still boarding, and there she was. Cramped in economy. There was only one thing to do. I approached the Senior Flight attendant, and asked if I could switch seats with someone. He explained, “Yes but once we’re all boarded, we’ll know what seats are left.” I then explained I wanted to give up my seat for the lady in 24D, he then asked, “Are you traveling together?” I replied “No, I’ve never even met her, but I’m sure she would enjoy this long flight a lot more up here.” With a smile he said he would be happy to do it for me.

After the flight attendant spoke with a supervisor, they were some impressed with the gesture, they moved her to business, and allowed me to keep my upgrade. The only request I had was to remain anonymous, and they agreed.

There were so many people that will never know each other, working together to make this woman’s day. The airport security who allowed the woman’s husband and dog to see here off at the gate, the senior flight attendant who moved her to her new seat, and all the flight attendants who went above and beyond to make this woman’s flight.

Three hours into the flight, I received this amazing letter that will be in my heart forever!

Click image to make bigger

So if you ever feel like doing something nice for someone, Please DO!

What a wonderful story and what a brilliant thing to do. That lady will remember her journey in business class forever and my colleague should feel so proud for what he did. I will be back tomorrow…………in a much better mood I promise

Your friend

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.