A Message from a Carnival Splendor Guest

November 14, 2010 -

John Heald

I am a travel agent. I was on the sailing and had 119 people in my group.

I would like to make 3 important comments:

1. I am sorry to say that the media has made it sound much worse than what it really was. There were obviously problems and challenges for guests and the crew but I do not see why there can’t be accurate reporting of the facts. (Most all of my group considered it an adventure and are looking forward to cruising again!) One of my couples even got engaged on the sailing!

2. I have not seen any media report that tells what the compensation really is and what Carnival did for everyone! What Carnival is providing and has provided is way beyond my expectations and what I told my group to expect.

  • Full refund
  • Future credit equal to total of what was paid to be applied to a future cruise and must be used within 2 years.
  • Refund of transportation costs to the pier and from San Diego back home. One person said they took a bus from Las Vegas to the pier and Carnival (besides putting them up in San Diego is flying them home.)
  • Overnight stay in San Diego for those who requested it AND a daily stipend.
  • For those who had flights Carnival made the changes for them.
  • Any charges made on Sunday on the guests “Sign and Sail card were forgiven!!! (This included spa treatments, alcohol, purchases in the gift shop AND even gambling losses in the casino slots!!!
  • All photos taken by Carnival of the guests were put out in the photo shop and guests were invited to come get their pictures at no charge!
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday Carnival opened some bars. Alcohol, wine and beer was given to the guests.
  • Carnival advised the guests that everything in their mini bars was free! (My minibar had 6 sodas, 6 beers, and 10 or 12 shot bottles of alcohol.

3. The crew did a remarkable job. i.e. With no elevators there were human chains of crew members from the bottom of the ship going up to deck 9 to haul up the food, drinks, plates etc.

Special praise is due to John Heald, the Splendor’s Cruise Director , who made almost all PA announcements. His calm demeanor, very likable personality, and sense of humor was greatly appreciated and did much to assuage the guests concerns.

I sincerely hope that all this information is disseminated to the public whether I am contacted or not.

If desired I do have photos of the helicopters, ships and boats including one that has the tug, The Ronald Reagan, the Mexican ship and a Coast Guard small craft all in the same shot.

Respectfully Yours,

Glenn Jaffrey
Owner – SJB Travel Established 1989

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