John’s Giant Ball

December 22, 2010 -

John Heald

It took a lot of digging and asking around, but I finally managed to piece together the full story on the secret New York event. I am sure the top beards at Carnival will get their knickers in a twist for me telling you prior to getting their approval but hey…………’s Christmas.

So um………………here are all the details:

Carnival has brilliantly been given the official sponsorship of the confetti for this New Year’s Eve festivities. How? I have no idea. Someone with a beard probably met and “networked”and reached out to another beard and after an hour or so of blue sky thinking they managed to get this done.

Anyhow I’ve been invited to this series of events, and one in particular is taking place the day before New Year’s Eve and I asked the beards if I could please have some of our blog readers attend with me. They were able to find me ten tickets, so I thought it would be nice if each person could bring a friend with them so they don’t have to cuddle with a stranger……….or worse, me……………… for warmth when they’re on top of a building called 1 Times Square, getting an up close look at a giant ball…………you know, the one you see every year on the telly? Yes, that one.

So five lucky readers and their friends get to participate in this invitation-only VIP event. You will stand on top of the building overlooking legendary Times Square – considered the center of the universe by New Yorkers – and take a picture with a giant…………………..ball……………………..while they analyze it to make sure it will be alright for the following night when the place will be filled with more than a million people whilst being as cold as a Polar Bears dangly bits.

This is seriously brilliant and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even if you can’t make it, there will be photos and videos of the event that our bearded friend Eric will be sharing with all of you on Facebook that day.

So if you CAN make it to Times Square, NYC on the afternoon of December 30th and you think all of the above sounds like fun, please respond below. The first five people who respond will get tickets to the event……………….BUT the beards said you need to also include the following in your comment to be eligible. It’s a little silly but now I’m curious to see what you all will say.

So put this in your comment and fill in the blank:

If I could stand above Times Square and take a picture with a giant ball and John……

I hope to see some of you there for a group hug and oh yes………..if Megan Fox is reading please come and bring your bottom.

See you tomorrow for a full blog thingy.



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