A Message From Heidi

January 6, 2011 -


Hello Blogger friends,

Heidi here from a very grey U.K…..

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and FUN 2011! All festivities have come and gone again and as much fun as it was….I don’t mind getting back to normality, well, as normal as it gets in the Heald household.

I am writing this with Kye on my lap as Dadda has a serious case of Man Flu / Real Flu….

It is hard for me to admit that this time John actually has a real cold and he looks and sounds very poorly. The “sniff” sounds normally start with Man Flu and if you ignore it long enough, it goes away automatically, funny that! The sniff sounds John started to make this week didn’t go away after I ignored it for 2 days, it got worse and then started to show a cold sore and that, my dear Bloggers, was the sign that John was either getting a real cold OR was run down from the trip to New York and the cold weather which gave him this rotten cold.

I really try and feel sorry for him but it’s hard to concentrate on him all day with a toddler running around the house wanting my attention as well. Trying to keep Kye away from John as I send him up to bed and get “rest”, which is a word I don’t think exists in Johns vocabulary. Rest for John is sitting in his Lazyboy with his legs up and still answer hundreds of e-mails, all work related. I have given up getting myself worked up over it as I now know it will never change and I would really love to meet the person who invented to sodding thing and tell him what I think of him, in DUTCH, as I swear better in Dutch and it will sound better, I am sure.

Anyway, I tucked my husband up in bed, telling Kye every 5 minutes “Dadda isn’t feeling very well, we need to leave him alone”. Good luck explaining that to a 1 year old……

So, John won’t be writing a blog today, I have taken away every single piece of equipment in our house with any kind of button on it so he only has the bedside light switch to play with 🙂

I am sure you understand and maybe I am doing you a favour so you can get on with things and get some stuff done at work or actually have a proper lunch as you don’t need to take out an hour or so now to read today’s blog………double 🙂 🙂 (as John loves them oh so much).

Until next time ….


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