Bloggers Cruise 4: Good Morning, Grand Turk

March 4, 2011 -

Everett the Beard

Outside of Grand Turk — and in front of some almost blindingly blue water — John and Emmet say hello from Bloggers Cruise 4.

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26 Responses to Bloggers Cruise 4: Good Morning, Grand Turk

  1. Jacqueline says:

    ROFLOL,John, tnx for the Amsterdam weather, and in Dutch, I am impressed. Thanks!!! I am laughing really loud 🙂

  2. Valorie says:

    Beautiful!! Can’t wait til my next Carnival Cruise!!


    Theyre just getting funnier and funnier…WIWT

  4. Starr says:

    John, So funny I called the DH in to watch! I never share you with him. I have so missed the humor. I sail in 3 weeks and am looking forward to a wonderful time with friends.

    Am considering joining a Bloggers Cruise in the future!

  5. Julie Mendenhall (jrmende63) says:

    wow…that water is amazing! I can’t wait to see it in person!

  6. Judy S. says:

    JOHN!!! SHow us the island not the water! Do you tapes after docking so we can see beach!!!
    Hawaiian Music in Caribbean????? Wheres steel drums???

  7. Mary H says:

    ROFLMAO! Where did you find Emmett?

    Miss your blogs John but love Emmett as your sidekick. Did he ever get a zoom of the mackerel?

    Looking forward to seeing you on the Magic in October.

  8. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear Bloggers & John,
    I am soooooo Jeqalous. We were originally going to go to Grand Turk until we had to change to a different ship and they didn’t go there. It looks wonderful. The water is so blue it almost hurts your eyes.

    Tell Emmit that the weather in California is Sunny. Big Surprise huh?
    Have a great time all and I want to hear all about it when you get home.
    The Cruzin2some

  9. Maria & Ken says:

    You make our day John !!!! Funny stuff

  10. Dina says:

    You are so funny… I think I will definitely take the bloggers cruise next year. I sail in 7 weeks on the Miracle. Can’t wait….

  11. d says:

    Don’t get bound up John. LOL You need new clothes because that shirt is about to fall off of you! Proud of you!

  12. CruisinSue says:

    Hi John and Emmet

    Wow what a hoot!! I sure wish hub and I could have been on this cruise. Love that Emmet. He looks just like he came from the trailer hood. Give him my best and I hope to cruise with him soon.
    Give hugs to the girls in 3 days when you get home. Have safe travels and enjoy your time with the girls. Kye will be a young woman before you know it. All it takes is a blink and they are all grown up.
    Take care and have a safe journey across the pond.

    Gloria aka Sue

  13. Lizz Mehegan says:

    Reply please.
    John ~

    What’s this I hear about alcohol no longer being delivered to cabins last night of the cruise? Do the beards not realize how many people fly in for their cruises, which means flying out and the logistics of having to “re-pack” our bags in between the cruise port and airport is just insane. As loyal Carnival cruisers, 16 cruises with 17 & 18 booked, and my boyfriend at 23 cruises with 24 & 25 booked… this change does NOT make us happy.

  14. Mike Lewis says:

    John & Beards
    Because of the Jones act, non US flagged vessels operating from US ports must stop at a “foreign” port of call. ??

    If the Ensenada port of call, is taken out of the mix ( I believe with good reason) , how can the 3 and 4 day west coast cruises continue to operate?

    This has the potential to ruin the “get away” cruise Opurtunities for those of living in California. (RCL pulled their ship last year)

    Would it be practical to “”dock”” in Ensenada just long enough to meet the Jones Act requirements and spend a day at sea or proceed to other ports of call along the California coast?
    I am interested in this issue.
    Please feel free to email me directly.

  15. Christine says:


    I have been meaning to write about our trip last week. I wanted to commend all of Carnival, every Carnival cruise we take is better overall than the one before. We sailed the Splendor last week on her new inaugural sailing and I must say I was blown away by the ship herself as she was truly beautiful, by far the nicest Carnival ship I have been on. Of course there were the little hiccups that week, but I am sure it was in large part to just getting going again. By the way we were pleased at not seeing Park West on the ship, not sure if they just weren’t back yet or not but we were happy none the less with their absence.

    As this may humor you I will share this. When in the ports of call our 3 year old fell in love with the Disney ship and we were thinking about taking him on one of the new ships in a few years, that is until I started reading the reviews of the Dream and now I am looking at other lines for that trip and considering taking him on one of the older (cheaper ships) at some point so he can do the character breakfast and all. I guess I am saying it sounds to me like Disney missed the boat with this new boat, pun intended.

    Anyhow, thanks again to all of Carnival for a wonderful family vacation. Our cabin steward and wait staff were incredible, we gave extra tips to all of them as they really earned it. I do look forward to another Carnival cruise in my future. Another thanks to all of Carnival for making sure we were safe and canceling Mazatlan, though we would have loved to see Mazatlan we appreciated our safety being looked after.

  16. mike cowley says:

    Funny as heck keep them up.

  17. debbie browning says:

    Please reply

    Hi John. You and Emmet had me laughing had to tell hubby about no bulky deposits. Is there a delay with the Carnival Magic, She should have had her sea trial in Feb but have not heard anything yet. I sail on her in 65 days and counting. I cannot wait to meet you. Also I have some friends that are sailing the day I disembark. (we work together and are unable to have the same time off) I wanted to get them something for their cabin, but I don”t know there number. I know that I would not be told but if I went to the purs….( Shit) guest services desk when I am on board, can I order something and have it sent without knowing the cabin number. I don’t want to ask them too many questions they will know I am up to something. Have a safe journey. You will need your thermal here.


  18. jgeraci says:

    I’ve been watching the video blogs with interest, and wish I could have been along. But I will be happy when you return to your regular blog format. Please post some updated news on the Magic. And where is #007 with the scoop on Spirit to Australia news? I need particulars! Where’s it sailing from, what are the stops, what are dates, will I be able to afford it? These are all burning questions that are keeping me on pins & needles!
    By the way, is Emmet Larry the Cable Guy’s cousin?

  19. Jane Schneider says:

    Hello John,

    I had the pleasure of sailing with you on the Splendor in Italy. It was the most amazing cruise! You were expecting the “thingy” and so excited!

    I am currently booked on a cruise sailing from Barcelona in Oct 16, 2011 Was so happy that Carnival decided to return to Europe. Was wondering if we will have the pleaure of having you as our Cruise Director again?

    My husband and I have sailed on many Carnival cruises and although all the other cruise Directors were great you made our trip! My best to you and your family. Hoping to see you again soon.

  20. Bobbye says:

    Start by saying I did purchase trip insurance. That isn’t the question or the concern. Elation, Feb 26 – Mar 2, 2011.
    I had cut myself on a table on the lido deck a little over an inch long and deep enough that i could spread the skin apart good, but not deep enough to bleed more than a minute or so. I stopped it and washed my hands etc.. then went to the desk to report the table, so they could fix it or file it or something. She informed me I could go to the nurse and get a bandaid and some topical ointment but if it required any further medical aid I would be responsible for the bill. Is that normal??????? Now in no way did I need more medical care and had insurance if I did. And I don’t think she ever turned in a work order.
    Now that part over. The Elation is one of the prettiest ships I have been on the color scheme is fantastic. The crew is friendly, effiecient and helpful. The maitre’d is one of the most personable I have ever seen (I realize I have not cruised that often, yet, but I’m working on it). Our steward …. Iputu… was fantastic along with his assistants. Friendly, helpful, and effiecient and helped us before we asked. I will definitley cruise that ship again.
    We are cruising on the Freedom May 7, which I think also has a great color scheme.

  21. Jodi says:

    OMG! Brilliant! WIWT too!

  22. William Heck says:

    Blackberry version does not have the video link to youtube.

  23. Laurie Collins says:

    Love your Piggly Wiggly hat Emmett!

  24. Gene and Deborah Turner says:

    John my wife and I had the pleasure to sail on the maiden voyage of the Dream. I was in the U.S. Navy for 27 years and sail the Med many times. It was really great to show my wife all the great cities and sites that I enjoyed during my time there. Some of the memorabilia that I gave to many local bars where still their. We have sailed with you many times and look forward to sailing with you again. You really have a way of keeping everyone entertained. We are sailing on the Dream on July 30, 2011 with a few of my cousins and looking to have a great time as always. I participted in one of your shows having to get down on one knee and saying sweet things such as A yaba dada do time. Your where sick on this cruise so we didn’t get to enteract as much as you have in the past with your guest but it was really fun and everyone in my family that see’s the video laughs and can’t believe I did all of that. We hope to join your blogger group and sail with you again. We want to thank Carnival for all the great cruises we have had. This one coming up is our 10th and I know we will have many many more. You guys have got it right and anyone that goes on a Carnival cruise and doesn’t have fun. It’s their own fault. Have a safe flight home and hope to sail with you again soon.

  25. Helene Barnes says:

    HILARIOUS – For God sakes though John stay away from any bathroom near customs! Emmett you rock!

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