Bloggers Cruise 4: Wrap Up Video

March 7, 2011 -

Eric the Beard

Hello Bloggers, Eric the Beard here! I don’t know about you but I’ve just now FINALLY recovered from all the fun that took place on Bloggers Cruise 4 and all of its Glory! (See what I did there?)

To be honest, I was severely deprived of my regular tofu consumption throughout the trip (I totally forgot to pack my emergency tofu kit from home) and towards the end, I have to say I was getting a bit weak in the knees, a little delirious, and my beard even started wilting a bit… it was quite scary. (I think I need to talk with the Food & Beverage Manager about future Lido dining options…)

However, since being home, I’m back to my normal schedule, having already consumed something like 20 pounds of the highest grade tofu the world has to offer (this stuff is seriously like the Aston Martin of tofu), and I’m finally feeling like myself again with a beard that’s… like the Megan Fox of beards! Wait… that’s kind of… not such a… well, um… let’s just say my beard is more beardy and powerful than ever! 🙂

With that said, if you’ve been following the blog or John’s Facebook, you know that we have been sharing videos updates of all the shenanigans that went down throughout the week on BC4 (and if you haven’t you can watch them all here). Everything from weather updates, to meeting the Captain of the Carnival Glory, and of course, Barney Galore (As you all know, he loves John, John loves him…). Well, without further ado, I’m here to present you with the final video of the Bloggers Cruise 4 series, in all its GLORY! (Hello! Do you see what I did there?)

Hope you enjoy it and while you’re at it, why not share your favorite part of BC4 in the comments section below, so we can make everyone who didn’t attend a little jealous ;-).

I’ll even start… with my favorite two parts….

1) Revealing a super-secret, awesome, never before seen John Heald “thingy” to all of the BC4 attendees.

2) John’s underpants hanging from the light during Big Ed’s Evil Crew Meetup! I will never forget this for as long as I live, as hard as I try.

What about you, which part was most GLORIOUS to you? (ANYONE? ANYONE?? IS THIS THING ON??!)

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