I would like to proudly introduce you to some of the Entertainment Staff who have been chosen as the start up team of your Carnival Magic. Here they are:


I have been working in the cruise line industry for 7 years, 5 of them with Carnival. I enjoy short walks on the beach, my giraffe, and playing scrabble by candle light. Having a degree in microbiology has had absolutely no use in my life; however, my summer job working at the local Dairy Queen as a teenager helped me to develop character and has also provided me with a good fall back career. I feel so lucky that John pulled the short straw at the cruise director conference and as a result, had to bring me with him to the Carnival Magic as this is going to give me the opportunity to marinate in different cultures all the while learning from the best cruise director in the industry. Here is to a million and one magical moments and see you aboard.

Calvyn Martens, Entertainment Staff, Carnival Magic


I have been in the Entertainment industry for over 7 years now, from Musical theatre to being a Butlin’s Redcoat in my home land of England and becoming an assistant entertainment manager. But the sea called to me and now I am living the life on cruise ships. I have worked for P&O Australia and Princess but Carnival is where I have found my home. I am looking forward to bringing out the new Carnival Magic and meeting and getting to know all the lucky people who will be sailing onboard. Oh and of course being from the European community I thought it was about time I actually saw some of these other countries and not just England, Wales and Scotland. Which are nice of course. My big question in life is….do they have PG Tips over in Europe? The quest begins. See you all out there!

Christian Davies, Entertainment Staff, Carnival Magic



I’m John and I come to you all the way from the city that never sleeps, the big apple, New York City. I started working for Carnival in November 2009 and since then I have been on both Carnival Destiny and Carnival Valor. Before working for Carnival I had worked for the YMCA for 10 years, Working throughout the year in the Aquatics Department the Youth and Family Department and then during the summer, The Day Camp as the Waterfront Director. I have also had my experience in the performance world, taking part in two different Off-Broadway Shows. One of which I am still involved with while I am home on vacation.

I am excited to be a part of the Carnival Magic start up team and feel extremely lucky to be working with such great and talented people. I look forward to be able to explore the beautiful European ports of call. One of the things I am really excited to be able to do is ride on an actual gondola across the waters of Venice. Or meet the Pope and give him a high five, if not then just shake his hand. Hope to see some of you that I have already cruised with, and of course meet new ones!

John Gleason, Entertainment Staff, Carnival Magic



My name is Katie and I’m from Yorkshire in England. If there are few things you need to know about me, then it is that I love to dance, am always posing for a photo or taking them and can’t half talk! Ship life gives me the opportunity to travel and meet people from all walks of life and I can’t wait for my Magical journey to begin! Cheesey it may sound, but this is coming from a girl who was brought up on musicals and dances whilst ironing!

It all started in July 2008 when I flew to Vancouver, Canada to join the Carnival Spirit. Having only being away from home for 2-week vacations on my own, I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect and my first week was certainly a rollercoaster! I hadn’t been onboard for 24 hours and I wanted to go home! Luckily I had some lovely people around me who took me under their wing and here I am today, loving every minute of it! Over these past 3 years I have made lifelong friends and always look forward to the interesting guests I’m going to come across! I know a lot of past guests are cruising on the Magic and I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

Being involved in the start-up of the Magic has been a great experience so far and this is only the beginning. Watching a building site turn into a beautiful ship that will soon be bursting with new shows, music, entertainment and people from all over the world will be an incredible journey and I’m so pleased to be a part of it.

Make sure you say hello and make yourself known whilst you’re onboard and if you’re from England and can squeeze some Fox’s Classic biscuits and some Twining tea bags into your case, you’ll have a very happy Yorkshire lass! See you all soon!

Katie Robinson, Entertainment Staff, Carnival Magic



Hi Folks, My name is Leonnie, and just in case you were wondering, no… I am not Italian. I am from sunny England… Yorkshire born and bred! I have been working for Carnival Cruise Lines Entertainment Team for nearly four years now and loving every minute of it. Some of the ships you may have spotted me on previously are Carnival Dream, Carnival Victory, Carnival Miracle and Carnival Legend.

Before embarking on my journey with Carnival (Please excuse the pun!) I studied at Northumbria University School of Design… which basically means I love to get creative at every opportunity I can. Just a handful of passions in my life include my family and friends, dancing, theatre, drawing, pizza, laughter and of course, travel. I absolutely love to explore new places and have been lucky enough to see lots of incredible sites around the world… whether it be on a luxury cruise liner or roughing it with a backpack… I love it and intend to have concurred the world before I reach 30!

I am so excited to set sail on this magical adventure with the best team in the fleet here on board the Carnival Magic. I am ready and raring to take on all the challenges and experiences but most of all I can’t wait to have fun meeting and entertaining all the fantastic people along the way!

Leonnie Whitehead, Entertainment Staff, Carnival Magic



Hello All, Ryan here…happily writing this bio on my dinosaur of a computer in the comfort of my brand-spankin’ new cabin aboard the Carnival Magic. I’m very excited and honored to be invited here as a part of the Magic’s amazing inaugural crew on only my second contract with Carnival Cruise Lines. After working on the Carnival Splendor (including a quite challenging run in November of 2010) and spending a few months on the Carnival Freedom I’m very ready for the experience of starting up a brand new ship for this wonderful cruise line. The team chosen by John Heald is proving to be the most incredible group of people I’ve ever had the joy to work with. I’m also very excited to be exploring the Mediterranean coast and spending some time in Europe as the closest I’ve ever come to Italy is a family dinner at Olive Garden or a Fazoli’s drive-thru in the southern states! I can’t wait to see you all aboard this beautiful ship as we turn cruise vacations into lifelong memories…Magic Memories, even!

Ryan McQuarrie, Entertainment Staff, Carnival Magic



Hello Everyone! I am Melody, from the heart of Silicon Valley otherwise known as San Jose, California. I have been with the Carnival Entertainment Family since 2006. I have been on 7 ships including the now retired Carnival Celebration and the certainly memorable Carnival Splendor (YES, I was there!). I just finished up on the Carnival Dream with (the very tall) Cruise Director, Butch Begovich.
Since I arrived into Italy, I have been in a hard hat and steel toe shoes, witnessing the Magic evolve each morning. What a beautiful ship we have in store for you!

As John Heald’s Personal Assistant, I will be working alongside him assisting him in all that entails bringing out a brand new ship. This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. If you are lucky enough to book a cruise with us this season, I will be here to show you the “ropes” and how to get the most out of the Magic. I look forward to meeting you all!

Melody De Dios, P.A. to John Heald, Carnival Magic


The only one missing is Eli our Sports Director and I will be featuring him soon. They are all looking forward to giving you loads of brilliant fun.

Have you booked yet?


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36 Responses to Meet the Entertainment Staff…..and a Giraffe named Dario.

  1. Tim Kriebel, MCPO, USN Retired says:

    Cheap excuse for a blog mate!

  2. Bobbi says:

    Can’t wait to see everyone on BC5. Thanks for letting us meet your great staff John. Thanks also for the ringtones, you are the best!!

  3. John, thanks for introducing us to your team on the Carnival Magic. Please tell Calvyn we said Hi and he’s still number one. Alo a big hello to Ryan. I hope they will still be on the Magic when it gets to Galveston when we board for our cruise.
    Take care of yourself,

  4. Comedy Plus says:

    How fun. We’ve not booked this cruise, but we did just book the Hawaii cruise next January 20th on Carnival Spirit.

    We also sailed with you on the Carnival Glory for the BC4 in February this year. We had a blast. Just wanted to thank you for all that you do.

    Zane and Sandee Clark

  5. david says:

    Looks like a outstanding crew will be sailing november 27 I think or around that date. See you then

  6. Ashley says:

    I love Katie. She was part of the entertainment staff on the Dream and she was so much fun!

  7. Beka says:

    GO Calvyn (with a “y”)!!!!

  8. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    Hey Calvyn !!!


    Yes, we are booked on the BC 4.75 (Nov 14th). It will be a blast!!

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

  9. John_And_Gary says:

    We sailed with Calvyn on Triumph last February and had a great time. He will make an excellent addition to the Magic staff.

  10. Nancy McQuarrie says:

    Hi John – Please Reply when convenient

    Yes, I have! The TA! Although it is a couple of weeks after a strict 6 month contract, please tell me Ryan will be there!!

    So looking forward to a magical journey, and can’t wait until October. Thanks for all you do to assist folks have a memory-making time with lots of FUN.

  11. Jacqueline Triguero says:

    We were with Melody on the Dream in February! Nice, nice girl! I think she was Sonny in the Legends show with my husband, Frank….I mean Jason!

  12. Jan Reem says:

    Love your blog, John. Thanks!

  13. Cathy Jarr says:

    What a wonderful group of people you have chosen for this Magical Voyage. “WIWT”,to join you.

  14. Amor Roxas says:


    Lou & I were looking for you last August, 2010 when we were on board Carnival Spirit for 3 sailings to Alaska. We thought you were still there. Why don’t you invite your mom to sail with you on the TransAtlantic. It would be fun to have her. We will join the Carnival Magic on October 16 in Barcelona and will disembark in Galveston right after the TA.

    Take care and give our regards to the Heald’s: Kye, Heidi and John. We love them all. We wish the Music Network and/or the Music Unlimited are onboard.

    Amor & Lou

    • Melody says:

      Hello Amor & Lou…
      Of course I remember you, my Mother asks for you all the time! I am so happy to hear you will be joining us on the TA…I will definitely try to get Mom to cruise that week! With much love, ~Mel

  15. Jennifer (the twin) Pazmino says:

    I am so thrilled that Calvyn will be sailing with you. He made such a great Asst. CD on our Freedom this past February. Helped make it our best cruise EVER! Looks like you have assembled a great team…WIWT.

  16. heats says:

    What about the orchestra? 🙂

  17. bill bullington says:

    Glad to see Calvyn on the big ship, our favorite funship memory involves him and the beanbag toss on the Fantasy.

  18. Karen(formerly Techmom) says:

    To Melody,
    Let me say in advance you aren’t being paid enough!!!!
    Karen (formerly Techmom now a mom of a fireman-darn still wish he worked for Carnival)

  19. ;eo says:

    Will be on the transatlantic from Oct. 28th and sure will be enchanted to meet everyone and have a magical time. C u all soon

  20. April says:

    Wow what a small world–
    Hi Melody —
    I’m from San Jose too—don’t let John make you wash his underwear –lol
    Be tough——
    Can’t wait to meet you –and the rest of the staff—–
    The Magic is sure making waves out here —

    Ohhh hi John—please make up your mind on the next Bloggers cruise—I wand to book it for my birthday present to myself and my birthday is April 22—-


  21. What a great start-up team you will have working under you John! Jumbo the Cruising Elephant cannot wait to meet Calvyn’s Giraffe!

  22. Peg Dunbar says:

    John, It looks like you have an amazing group of young people to keep us Magically entertained. Can not wait to meet them all 😀

    Keep smiling John; you truly are one of the good guys.

    My best to Heidi and Kye.

  23. Vismal Cordero says:

    Hey John G. I will be on the July 10th sailing, also coming from NYC area, shoot me an email if you are home sick for some NY goodies! Viz Cordero

  24. Rev Barb in Canada, eh? says:

    Thanks for the intros, John. Can’t wait to meet these folks as my DH surprised me last night with a booking on the Magic for August!! Yippee.

  25. robert says:

    i am so happy you brought calvin along. he was the asst. cruise director when we were on the freedom on the 20th of feb, when you left early to go the splendor and dan was the stand in. he really made the cruise. his sense of humor was great and he made the cruise a ton of fun.

    • John,
      Glad to see all the entertainment folks.
      I look forward to meeting the Yorkshire lasses in May.
      Don’t take any notice of Tim Dribble….
      Some time people don’t realize all the effort that you put in.

      So actually Tim how much do you pay to expect John to have a “Not Cheap Excuse” for a blog?

      I am a shareholder of Carnival and am very satisfied with what John does.
      I am also a stockholder of many other companies where blog messages sometimes come out every few months or less.

      I would say that comparing blog against blog this is one of the best

      • Tim Kriebel, MCPO, USN Retired says:

        Well, aren’t you just special……you’re a stockholder so you must be someone important………..give me a break! Next time try to reply with something intelligent instead of sucking up.

  26. Jennifer Smith says:

    My husband and I will be on the first Magic cruise out of Galveston. We are looking forward to it. I believe Christian was part of the entertainment staff on the Conquest in January 2010 along with CD Chris Jefferson. The other two entertainment staff I remember were Nate and some guy who everyone called Stitch. Those were an AWESOME group of 4. They really made our cruise wonderful!

  27. melissa says:

    BOOKED ON 12/4 SAiLiNG!! Can’t waittt…uhh
    I am hoping the aMaZiN JOHN will be the cruise director!! We LOVE U!!

  28. stacy says:

    Excited to see John Gleason joining us! I work for YMCA of the USA, the YMCA’s national headquarters in the U.S., and know that if he is from an organization as great as the YMCA he will be a great addition to the Magic team:)

  29. Mieke Keesler says:

    Nice to see all the cheerful and youthful, (other than John of course)LOL faces of the entertainment staff for the Carnival Magic. We sail on October 7,2011. Excited about going to Barcelona, but just as excited of coming all the way from Ohio for our voyage on the Carnival Magic. It will be our 17th Carnival cruise. I hope all the platinum perks are available onboard. See you all soon. Mieke (Mee-ka) originally from The Netherlands.

  30. Jim Guy says:

    Can you tell me of a possible schedule when the Carnival Spirit goes to Australia–in October, 2011? I got that information on the Carnival Dream-4-16 thru 4-23-2011 from
    “Future Certificate” seller(can’t remember name just now), “Buttercup” and Butch, himself. No one knows the itinerary right now.

    Thanks, and it was a great cruise–weather, food, et al. Jim

  31. Rob says:

    Melody….Will you marry me????

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