Piano Bars – Adult Only?

August 8, 2011 -

John Heald

Just a week or so after the terrible earthquake in Japan, I remember I had a Japanese guest on stage with me during the Welcome Aboard show and how I treated him so carefully and was nervous about saying anything that would cause him any embarrassment. I actually felt quite uncomfortable and a little nervous. But the guests were magnificent and applauded as one when I said that we were all thinking about him and his country during those horrific days. Well, last week it happened again and with the “bag lady” and everything else last cruise I haven’t had time to tell you about it. Except this time it wasn’t a Japanese guest I had on stage but a guest from Norway.

He was the first passenger onstage with me during my travel talk and was looking for his wife. I, of course, picked up on this and had some fun with him and made him come on stage and…. well …..never mind. What’s important is that we found his wife and the audience was laughing along but when I asked where he was from and he said Norway…….my whole demeanor changed …and so did the audience’s. The terrible attack by that right wing bastard was fresh in everyone’s mind including mine so again, as I had done with the Japanese guest……..I changed tact, my voice inflection and I said that we were all thinking of him and his country. And as they had done for Japan, 1,800 guests from all over the world……..applauded in their solidarity for this guest and his country.

Then, just today, I met some Norwegian guests on Lido when I was having breakfast with the girls and I found myself instead of saying, “Are you having fun?” or “What did you do in Monaco yesterday? ” or “Bugger me your wife is gorgeous, are they real?” I went straight into the “I am so sorry, how dreadful, it’s awful, I hope they cut his bollocks off and feed them to a moose” routine. As I was saying my words of deepest sympathy I sort of got the impression that my friend from Norway was…..well….sort of fed up with it because I guess that everyone he had met had probably said the same thing. And that’s a shame as if people are going to hear the word Norway and just remember this incident then they don’t know what an extraordinary country it is.

I have always wished that Carnival would send ship to the Norwegian Fjords. My friends the Bentleys did this on a Seabourn ship a couple of years ago and said it was simply stunning and indeed that is exactly what Norway is. I have been there with Heidi and anything with the word Norwegian in it should be thought of as exciting, stunningly beautiful………..well……..except if the word Epic follows.

However, it is cold and you spend all winter being frozen to death and all summer realizing that you live in one of the most jaw droopingly awesome places on earth…. Travel outside of Oslo and you will have no reminders of the civilization you left behind. The countryside is beautiful yet weird, the people are all good looking (the bastards), the weather defies belief and some of their laws and customs leave you scratching your head.

Norway has one of the best standards of living in Western Europe and a strong economy but bugger me it’s expensive. You pay $10 for a Diet Coke to accompany your plate of moose, reindeer or elk, which will be served to you by a lady who has completely see through skin. However, you will not be bothered by any of this because you will be too baffled that unlike the rest of the world…..…..night does not follow day.

In the world we live in, there are many uncertainties, but one thing we all relay on is that without fail the sun will set and day will become night. But in Norway, from the end of April to the middle of September, night is like turning your living room dimmer switch down a wee bit and in the month of June it doesn’t happen at all. It’s the most bizarre feeling to have it as bright at 4 am in the morning as it was at 4 pm that afternoon. Then, in the winter well blink and you will miss daylight which lasts just two hours. That means there is nothing to do but drink……..and boy can they drink.

But the Norwegians are not the biggest drinkers, no for that you need to go to their next door neighbors, the Finnish. There everyone gets totally and utterly smashed, soused, hammered, blotto, out-of-their-white-faces drunk. Their motto is that it is no use drinking the odd glass of beer now and then — it is like it is in Norway too expensive and a waste of time. So why not enjoy 30 beers and two bottles of vodka? And that is exactly what they do. It was the same with the shipyard workers who built the beautiful Spirit-class ships. Their work was faultless, the men and women who built the hull and welded the decks were the nicest most professional people in the world, and they built great ships but come the weekend they turned into binge-drinking nutters who would fill Coke bottles up with nine parts vodka and one part Coke………and that was to drink on the bicycle ride home…….some were so pissed (that’s the British pissed) that they rode home on their bikes…….backwards.

The Norwegians are different than us in other ways. Take the sauna. Norwegians love the sauna and most of them use saunas every day and not just at home. Most companies provide a café maybe, a vending machine and a water cooler but in Norway most companies ignore these and instead make sure every office has a sauna and instead of starting the day with a skinny crapafrapacino and a bagel, the average Norwegian office worker starts the day naked, sitting in a sauna talking to Mr. Oleg Nipples from accounting and yes……..they are naked. Some of you are for sure going “yuccchhh” right now and some of you are planning your immediate move to Norway.

Heidi and I went to Norway in January 2006 to a friend’s wedding and I can tell you that in January ……..in Norway there was a definite shrinking issue because of the cold if you get my drift and as a result I was also peeing nonstop for four hours. The bottom line is despite the cold and the naked people in the office sauna, Norway is a beautiful country created when God was in a really good mood.

All this rambling is leading up to the point that I am trying to maker which as usual has taken me forever to tell you. You see, my first reaction was that hearing the guests were from Norway was to give them a large dollop of sympathy. And this of course cannot help but remind me of the posting from blogger “RPG” who as you may remember is a NYPD officer who will be sailing on Carnival Miracle September 11 and is very upset that the ship will be pausing to watch the memorial lights be turned on. I have been thinking about this a lot and still believe that we are doing the correct thing and that having the ship be part of the 10th anniversary remembrance service is what most of the guests want and will appreciate. But I can also see his side. I am sure that when he introduces himself to people outside of New York or Manhattan even that eventually, when they discover he is a police officer that eventually 9/11 will come up in the conversation. And that must be for someone who lived through and who watched friends and colleagues who didn’t live through it……a truly emotional and in a way exhausting experience. There was of course a brilliant sense of spirit that grew instantaneously in New York in the days after the event. I have read that there was an extraordinary feeling of togetherness, whether it was just supporting friends and family, watching the televisions that appeared in hotel lobbies and on street corners in the hours afterwards, or giving money or food to the nearest fire station, or just hugging strangers in the street. All of us were affected that day and I’m sure most of us know somebody from New York who was affected one way or the other, as well. Everybody felt the same loss. I may be totally wrong here and indeed I will send a private e mail to blogger “RPG” later today. My gut feeling is though that he just wanted to escape the pain, the memories and the intense feeling of sadness and he chose to achieve this by getting on a Carnival ship to have fun and to sail away from the intense feeling of sadness and I will do all I can to make sure that happens.

Time for today’s Q and A…………here we go

Judy asked:

I have to agree with Flagmaster65 about the wait staff in the dining room especially the Monet. 14 of us went on the Conquest (third time) and during one dinner I apparently was not eating my steak fast enough for them and a waiter came to the table, grabbed my fork and knife and proceeded to cut up what was left my steak. I set there in amazement that this had happened. Come to find out the wait staff was trying to hurry us up so they could clear our table for the 8pm cruisers.

John says:
Hello Judy,

It’s not that I doubt you Judy one bit I want to make sure that this is absolutely clear. You are saying that the waiter took your knife and your fork from your hand and cut your steak into pieces? You didn’t ask him or her to, they just did it because you feel they were trying to get you to leave the dining room? If this is correct I urge you to tell me your sailing date, cabin number, etc., so I can address this with the ship’s senior management as this is obviously not only wrong but will probably lead to disciplinary action. I sincerely apologise if this is what happened and although there is limited time between the two sittings this is obviously very, very wrong. I hope to hear more from you soon.

Best wishes.


Dennis Hanovich asked:

We will be sailing with you on the 9/16 sailing. Our flight back to Houston departs at 8:40PM the day of debarkation. What excursion do you recommend that day that will take our luggage to the Barcelona airport? Look forward to seeing you.

John says:
Hello Dennis,

It will be a pleasure to see you soon here on your Carnival Magic and when you leave the ship there are two excursions I would recommend. First there is the Barcelona Highlights which does exactly what the name suggests including, of course, visiting the Gothic District and the extraordinary Gaudi-designed cathedral, Segada De la Familia. However, there is a second option which is to go to Montserrat which you ascend by train and once there you can explore the monastery and breathe in the peace and the quiet and enjoy the amazing views. The excursion will return you to the airport around 4 pm. I hope this helps and if there is anything else you need please let me know.

Best wishes and see you soon.


Jbfann asked:

I had written to you on Facebook and requested a table for two for our honeymoon and to make it special for us John. Well we got the table but that was it. The cruise was terrible and all the passengers were complaining that the drinks were watered down. Not once did me or my bride get tipsy. The crew was rude and unhelpful and nobody spoke English. My full review is posted today on Cruise Critic which means that millions of people will read it and hopefully be warned away. I suggest you get your head out of your ass and realise you work for a company that has big problems.

John says:
Hello Jbfann,

Thanks for writing and I am so sorry to read that you had such a bad experience. I do want to say that while we can always improve on service, the suggestion that we watered-down drinks is, quite honestly, ridiculous. However, I read your review and see that you had a delay in getting to Half Moon Cay and we certainly owe you an apology for that. I am sure the “millions” of Cruise Critic readers understand that sometimes, with port arrivals, things can happen that cause a delay. Again, I am sorry that this happened on your voyage. I am glad that you got your table for two as you requested and that despite the problems that you will think about the good times you had. I wish you many happy years together.

Best wishes.


F.T. and family asked:

My family and I will be cruising on the Thanksgiving week with you on the Carnival Magic. There are four of us and we need a table just for us and not with other passengers. We like to keep ourselves to ourselves and not have to find forced conversation with strangers who I am positive will not have the same likes or understanding of what we as a family talk about at dinner. We are in cabins 10225 and 7435. The other request is an unusual one. My son is 19 and is attending The School of Visual Arts in New York. He is the most talented painter you will have ever seen and I know you have art auctions on the ship. My son Adam is prepared to help with a lecture in modern art and will show some of his pieces as well which we will bring with us. I don’t know who to contact for this so can you point me in the right direction? Your passengers will snap his work up immediately. I look forward to hearing favorably from you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

John says:
Hello F.T. and family,

Thanks for letting me know you will be joining me here on the beautiful Carnival Magic. I will certainly help you with your table request but as we are a few weeks away and because I don’t want it to get lost, please can you write to me here again five weeks before you sail or 10 days before on my Facebook page. I have given your details to the people at Park West who run our on board auctions and they will contact you should they allow your son to do as you requested. I wish him well in his chosen career and I wish you all a brilliant cruise. See you soon and please don’t forget to remind me about your table.

Best wishes to all.


Marcia Hager asked:

I was wanting to book the Carnival Miracle out of New York on September 11 after reading that the ship would be able to see the dedication. I was wondering which side of the ship do I need to book a balcony on to be able to see the lighting? Thanks so much for your time. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Marcia Hager

John says:
Hello Mkarcia Hager,

I was just talking about this voyage at the start of the blog today. I am sorry it’s taken me a month to reply to this and I hope you are still able to book. The skyline of Manhattan and the ceremony will be on the port side which is the left hand side of the ship facing forward. Have a wonderful and memorable voyage.

Best wishes.


Patrick Shanahan asked:

Hi John, please reply.

We sailed Spirit to Alaska 5-10-11. This was our first platinum cruise and we were excited that we had achieved that status. After we finally boarded every expectation was met or exceeded as platinum truly does mean something aboard the “Fun Ships.” Now the bad. Embarkation at pier of Seattle was a nightmare, from the time we arrived (1:15 pm) and dragged our own luggage inside. I thought priority check-in and priority boarding meant something; apparently at port of Seattle it means nothing. My wife is a special needs guest and by the time we boarded (3:30) she was done in. THERE WAS NO SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR NEITHER VIP NOR SPECIAL NEEDS GUESTS. We were treated like snail **** and when I got pissed and told the agent how I felt he handed me a little blue card that said VIP. He acted like it was the keys to the city and told us to show it as we pushed our way to the front of the boarding line. (He called it weaving and, of course, we would never do that) By the time we got to our stateroom my wife was in pain and tears, and just wanted me to find our luggage and go home… I wrote a letter to guest services explaining what happened and when I got no reply I called (6-28) and talked to a lady with a condescending attitude who scolded me like a school boy for writing to the wrong department. I was told that my letter should have gone to Guest Desk Care. Like I was supposed to know. Anyway, she told me SHE would straighten out the folks at Seattle. She had no record of my letter and didn’t know what happened to it. I expected an apology and a little sympathy but instead got the feeling that she couldn’t care less. I am booked again on Spirit 10-21-11 and hope Long Beach is better organized than Seattle.

Patrick Shanahan

John says:
Hello Patrick Shanahan,

Comments like this are so important and while it is great to see that you enjoyed the cruise and the platinum extras, it was sad for me to see the concerns you had when boarding. In my opinion the cruise experience starts at embarkation and the fun and the service you expect to happen on board should also be emulated during the check-in process. Please, would you apologise to your wife on my behalf and I will be sending your comments immediately to the people who need to know and will make sure we improve our operation in Seattle. Thanks for telling me, my sincere apologies and my thanks for your loyalty.

Best wishes to you both.


RossY asked:

I want to bring some clarity to the problem you obviously have. You are fat. You are obese and as soon as you accept this you will start on the road to your new life. My guess is the reason you are so big is unhappiness, anxiety and thinking about food as a friend and comforter rather than merely as useful fuel. You can’t do anything about your face and how you look or your age, but if you’re so incredibly fat that people are writing to you on this blog and offering to help you then you should accept it or try going on a diet. It is that simple John. I am from Canada where the government is trying to end obesity unlike America where the crazies live and where laws ban fattism and where doctors aren’t allowed to tell any fattie they should lose weight for health reasons. So John, admit you are a fattie. A big walking pot of lard and you may live to write this blog for a few more years.

John says:
Hello RossY,

Reading between the lines I think you are trying to be nice and help me so I thank you very much for that. I know that I have to lose weight and I am trying to as best I can and slowly, very slowly it is working. Thanks once again and also you should you know you are the very first person ever to call me “a big walking tub pot of lard”……..brilliant description.

Best wishes.


Robert Sapp asked:
Greetings John!

I notice you’ve dropped several hints about upcoming changes to the Carnival customer loyalty program. Do you have any idea when these new changes might be announced? And in this age of corporate cost cutting, should we assume “changes” means “you’ll get less and you’ll like it!”?

Warmest Regards,

Robert from Pensacola

John says:
Hello Robert Sapp,

I am sure that you know that I have been apologising for some time that we have still to tell you about our loyalty program. It’s been a long time coming and I am hoping that soon I can start telling you about what we are going to do. I can tell you that it won’t be less and for those with platinum and milestone status less is definitely not what will be coming. I wish I could tell you more but on this one I have been told to wait by the most senior of beards. Until then I thank you for your loyalty and hope to see you on board very soon.

Best wishes.


Jake Gee asked:

Do any of the suites on the Carnival Dream have DVD players? I am sailing on my own in suite 7373 on the Carnival Dream and bringing my own “films” to watch and want to know if you have players in the suites. I sailed with you on the Carnival Glory in 2004, John, on the cruise where we had to spend an extra day on sea because of the hurricane.

John says:
Hello Jake Gee,

We don’t have DVD players in the suites but we do have interactive TV with pay per view movies that I hope you will enjoy. I checked with the techs here and unfortunately it is very difficult to hook a standard portable DVD player up to the TVs in the cabin. I remember that cruise well Jake and I hope your cruise on the Carnival Dream will give you fun and be storm free.

Best wishes.


And that’s all for today. Pot of Lard……….absolutely sodding brilliant.

Let’s talk about Monte Carlo. There is no doubt that this port is one of the most popular and when guests here wake up for their first morning on their Carnival Magic and they see this tiny principality they are totally gobsmacked. As well as the buildings and the landmark casino and the Formula 1 track there is no doubt that the stars of the show are the mega yachts that sit in the harbour. The likes of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Paul Allen and various Russian billionaires and their 18-year-old Amazonian girlfriends dock their gleaming white floating palaces next to even bigger ones owned by Saudi princes and kings.

Many of the yachts look alike and I am sure somewhere there is a very rich man who will be saying……..ummmm…….that’s my yacht……..oh no bugger…….it isn’t. But a few days ago the biggest yacht in the Monte Carlo Harbour was not The Lady Moura but the Carnival Magic. OK, calling this ship a yacht is like calling Megan Fox’s bottom ….well a bottom. But there was no doubt that we were the biggest for sure and took our place in Monte Carlo harbour and it was a sight to see. As indeed you will see now through the lens of Mr.Radu.

Have a look at these:

Brilliant photos once again from a true genius with the camera.

A moment ago I apologised again for the long delay in the release of the new loyalty program. I had mentioned this many months ago and was very excited about what we were going to do. Then there was a delay in the beards releasing the information and some new IT programs had to be written and now it won’t be ready until the start of 2012. This was my fault and I have of course and quite rightly so been ridiculed and bollocked accordingly by people with the words “Ugo” and the like in their screen names.

Along the same lines, a few weeks ago I was asked about the remaining dates for 2012. I know that many of you like to make your cruise plans well in advance and that is why I do my best to keep you informed. Carnival likes to open up sailings for sale with at least 18 to 24 months notice. Currently, all our ships, except Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory and Carnival Valor are open through April 2013.

No one is more eager to get these open than us but the truth is that the process can be quite complex and I had a discussion about this on Friday with a senior beard who explained why the dates I had promised on my Facebook page had come and buggered off again. You see, in additional to operational factors that need to be worked out, port authorities need to coordinate berthing requirements with our competitors and formal approval must be secured from local governing authorities. At times, the approval process from local commissions can take longer than they themselves expected, as has been the case with these three ships. OK, that was the official response and there’s not much more to it than that but………..go on……….play detective and come up with your own conspiracy theories. Anyway, I am very sorry for this delay. Rest assured we are very focused on getting these sailings open through 2013, and expect this to be completed by the end of August. In the mean time, thanks for your patience. I know the delay will be worth the wait when you see what we are doing. I think sometimes I am a bit eager to get the information out to the thousands of you who read the blog and Facebook. Sometimes I need to keep my big mouth shut until I have the actual information……..maybe I need to stuff a pair of my underpants in it.

It is a very interesting cruise for sure with so many different languages being spoken around the ship. The North American guests are all exploring the ports while again today the Brits and the Dutch and the Germans, who have all probably been to Rome before, are still on board. It’s now 10:14am and as I sit here in my underpants there are still 823 guests onboard which is a very high number and shows that once again the ship is the destination.

One of the decisions we will be making this week is if or not to make the piano bars a place for adults only. It has been noted by my fellow cruise directors and by some of you as well that since we announced that the piano bars were all non-smoking, that more and more mums and dads have been bringing their children there. Now we love to see families spending time together but is the piano bar the right place for this to happen? I asked this on my Facebook page and there were close to 500 immediate responses I think many saying no children after 10 pm and some saying that there should be no age limit. What’s really interesting about this is that as divided as the opinions were on Facebook they were also divided amongst the cruise directors, as well. The entertainment beards in Miami asked for their opinion giving them the options of:


And as I said, close to half wanted to see them as a place where families could be together ………. which I found very interesting indeed.

What about the piano bar entertainers? What do they want? Well I asked Jim who plays here in Carnival Magic’s piano bar, and he feels that it should be an adults only location and I have a feeling that some if not most of his colleagues would agree. I went to the piano bar last night at 11:45 pm after the Destination Unknown Magic show and there were at least 20 children of all ages there. I guess “bedtime” for a nine- to 12-year-old has changed somewhat since I was their age when I was in bed by 8 pm ready for a full day down the mines or cleaning chimneys at 5 am ………we were so poor we lived in a shoe box in the middle of road …… sorry……..I went into Monty Python mode there. Seriously though, as I stood in the piano bar last night I couldn’t help but ask myself was it right for children as young as five to be in the piano bar or any bar for that matter at close to midnight? I am not saying it isn’t, I am just asking you, I guess. But things have changed since I was a lad. Of course I grew up and celebrated my teens in the eighties. Being a teen was different then. In the UK we were obsessed with bleached denim, jazz-funk and Top Gun. Everyone was into cuddly aliens like ET and we all wanted to move to Miami where according to what we watched on TV we would have been shot in the face in a matter of minutes by Crockett and Tubbs. We didn’t pierce our faces with a staple gun nor did we ever have the chance to go on a cruise and enjoy what the kids of today get to experience……the lucky bastards. So anyway, let’s see what the beards decide about the piano bars and I will let you know the moment that decision is made.

It’s a joy having Heidi and Kye here but it’s also hard to juggle writing a blog and keeping 16,000 people happy on Facebook and being a CD and performing shows and running a department of 60 plus. It’s hard because nothing else matters as much as Kye and when she wants to sit on my knee and watch a DVD while I tickle the back of her neck (she loves that) everything else is suddenly not important. We are in Rome today and usually this is the day I can get caught up with everything but Kye is a major distraction and in case I haven’t mentioned this before…… I love her with every ounce of my being. She is growing so fast. She talks using four of five words in a row and even though those sentences might not make sense “Dadda more bath dance Kye,” she is growing before my eyes far too quickly. Unfortunately, though there is one thing she hasn’t grown out of and this will serve much delight to Big Ed and his Krewe who ridiculed me about this on Bloggers Cruise 4. Yep………my daughter still loves it despite my attempts to move her onto Dora the Explorer or Peppa Pig or The Sopranos.

“Dada Barney, Dadda Barney” she said to me at 8 am this morning which means I have to put her Barney DVD on, she sits on my knee smiling and singing while I sit there…….hating the bastard purple thing even more. I despise Barney the bloody dinosaur. His sickly, purple and green skin tones, his creepy little arms and dazzling white Californian dentistry and his sidekicks Baby Bop and BJ who look like the products of a nightmarish relationship between The Elephant Man and Judge Judy. And please…….”BJ”……is that the best the producers could come up with ….. are they having a laugh or what?

I hate the loved up, everything is just perfect in the world and nothing ever bad happens message. I hate the way Barney’s creators borrowed all the technical know how of Sesame Street and The Muppet Show and removed all the wit, bludgeoning children with the vomit-inducing world’s worst song “I love you, You love me, We’re a happy family, With a great big hug, And a kiss from me to you, Won’t you say you love me too?” which is the musical equivalent of putting your fingers down your throat.

The Navy Seals who shot Bin Laden a few weeks ago allegedly used this as a white noise weapon before storming his house. And all the other songs are crap, as well. The episode I watched this morning had a song called “Let’s Be Good To Our Pets” and one about a dog called “B.I.N.G.O.” During both songs a perfect dog sat next to a perfect child. The dog didn’t take a crap on BJ’s foot and the child didn’t once stick his finger up his nose, pull out a huge green slimy booger and feed it to the dog. Barney’s world is as fake as most of the Russian breasts you will see on Lido this week.

I hate Barney’s “Oh silly me” manner which is meant to be ever so adorable but is actually just put there to complement the highly dosed up on sugar, overacting kids. Dinosaurs are supposed to be fierce, rip-your-head off creatures that make kids scream in terror. It would be great, just once, to see Barney have a Charlie Sheen moment and when little Britney aged four from Los Angeles looks up at Barney and says “I Love You Barney”…….the purple thing picks her up and eats her.

I love dinosaurs….the fierce and deadly Tyrannosaurus Rex. Death with wings, the pterodactyl and the Norwegian Epic of the dinosaur world, the very ugly brontosaurus and the dinosaur that ate only spicy food, hot curries and had hemorrhoids………..it’s called a megasorearse.


Your friend,

The Fat Pot Of Lard

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154 Responses to Piano Bars – Adult Only?

  1. Isabel says:

    All I can say about Jbfann is WOW! He’s upset because his bride did not get tipsy once???? Is this the only way he could get his honeymoon to go well?? Was he expecting you to shower them with gifts just because they got married! As to RossY – admit that you are NUTS! Live and let live and good for you for giving Canadians a bad name! John, I’ve said it before, HOW THE HECK DO YOU STAY SANE!

  2. Melissa Jurgensen says:


    I don’t think children at all should be allowed in the piano bar. In my 16 cruises I have been in some lounges where unsupervised teens have been obnoxious, rude and disruptive to an entertainer and I don’t want to deal with that in the piano bar…. It’s a place to relax, sometimes the entertainer tells off color jokes and… well… In the US you can’t go into a bar at all unless you were 21 SO this should be the same on the ship.

    YES Carnival is a family cruise line but I don’t think children should be allowed free reign of the ship. Heck, adults aren’t allowed into Club O2 events!

    Just my opinion. It’s just inappropriate.


    • Melissa,

      Your so wrong on one point ” In the US you can’t go into a bar at all unless you were 21″. Hooters is a family bar and restaurant. A bar makes their own rules about age/time for minors in most states.

      • Melissa Jurgensen says:

        Ed that has been my experience all over the US. I don’t consider Hooters anything like the piano bar as it is also a restaurant.

        Regardless of opinions, I don’t want kids in the piano bar at all.

      • BarB says:

        Of course….

        That’s why parents take their children to Hooters….for the food.

        Give me a break.

        Hooter your family into a coma if you like but keep the piano bars for adults only. There are no scantily clad young females to entertain them anyway.

    • Paige says:

      I, too, would like to see a place like the piano bar be adults-only, at least after 10 PM.

    • Amy Wadsworth says:

      Actually, in America not all bars have that rule. All the bars in my area allow kids in there before 10 pm, then once it gets “rowdy” and the band starts they have to leave. So not all have the same rules. Even if it’s only 8 or 9, I think kids should be allowed in the Piano Bars during the day and early evening. Times have changed, but I know my 4 yr old wouldn’t be in ANY bar after 7 or 8…

    • BarB says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

      It would be different if Carnival didn’t have a place for kids to go and enjoyment themselves.

      Family cruise of not, most who cruise are adults and enjoy adult entertainment.

  3. John Frenaye says:

    The Navy SEALS that killed Bin Laden were killed this weekend.

  4. brent says:

    I have to comment on Judy who was on the Conquest. My family of 4, my Niece and sister and my Mother were on the june 19th sailing of the Conquest. We were greatly disappointed. Overall the experience was a good one but we sailed on the smaller Ectasy the previous year and they were not even close to be able to compare. On the Ectasy the crew was AMAZING. Our lead waiter Achmed was the best played magic tricks for my kids each night, had them up and dancing, did puzzles for the adults. We felt like we were his only table although we knew we weren’t. Chris a lido team member new us by name by the end of the 1st day. He would search for us knew what we wanted to drink every time. Never after the 2nd time had to show him our sail and sign card. Even when he worked the main show room or other areas if he saw us he came to us and took care of us. Sadly this year the crew seemed to be going through the motions. Couldn’t tell who the cruise director was never saw him (last year was the guy who plays the fiddle and he was amazing you saw him everywere).The wait staff in the dining room was forgettable never got to know the waiter’s name. The kids would order milk every night with their dessert and it usually got there as the meal was over with. Most staff members if they saw you looked the other way avoiding eye contact and saying hi or good morning only to other crew members. Svetlana who was a dancer also did Zumba she was amazing and super friendly. And the manager of the Punchliner was nice and friendly other than that we really felt like we were in the way or not of importance to the crew. Maybe the crew of the Ectasy really bumped up my expectations but it costs a pretty penny to cruise and this cruise has made us look into other cruise lines for future cruises.

    • John C says:

      Well we hopw when we get on Conquest their a new fresh Crew. Would not want a bad experiance like yours. And Yes Ecstasy Crew do have their act together. That was Our First Cruise and Conquest will be our Second. With Breeze or Magic will be our Third..

    • Texas Gal says:

      I was on the same sailing and had quite a different experience. Our waitstaff was amazing, as was everyone else we encountered.

  5. Debbie says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for another great blog! My opinion on the piano bar issue is that children should not be permitted after 10pm. The piano bars are often crowded enough already without having seats taken up by children. There are plenty of other venues on the ship available for children to enjoy that are more appropriate than a bar.

    If children are going to be allowed to hang out in the bars, does that mean adults will be allowed to hang out in the Camp Carnival areas? Just as the children have their own zones, I think there should be certain areas of the ship that are adult-only, and the piano bar is one of those places.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our opinions, for whatever its worth.


    • Paige says:

      I absolutely agree.

    • Reg Pettus says:

      I agree with Debbie. In my experience, often when children are with their parents in bars it’s due to a “babysitter” issue (they don’t want to leave their kids alone and also feel the need to go out). Yes, Carnival is a family cruise line, but the Piano Bar is an adult oasis as the Kid’s area is their oasis! In ths case each has their own place to enjoy and I would truly like to fully enjoy mine.

  6. WayneN says:

    A month or so ago you published a link to a cruise line in Norway that was doing the entire cruise live. I watched a lot of it online and Norway is beautiful and the people seemed to be having a great time. On the cruise critic person you helped then says had a horrible time, just consider the source. lol, He was just upset because the only wa he could get rumpy pumpy was for her to be wasted

  7. Ducky says:

    Dear RossY.

    Please don’t ever say again you are from Canada. You rudeness and ignorance is a national embarrassment.

  8. Allan from Canada says:

    As a fellow Canadian of RossY, I wish to declare that those of us that have manners wish to disown him as a true Canadian. That was ignorant and disgusting and you owe John a major apology!!!!!

    • Cindy56 says:

      I too am Canadian and am ashamed of RossY if he truly is Canadian. We are known for our manners and he certainly doesn’t fit the “bill”. You owe John a HUGE apology!

    • John C says:

      THat guy is not the rule for Canadians. And for him to Attack John like that is not a True Canadian. I agree to disown him. But US does not want him either. Maybe France would take him. RossY You owe John and the world a huge Apology. John Is John and RossY your the Fat Arse.

  9. RossY,

    You are just one plain arse. Why do you even think you have the right to say those things to John. Are you just looking for bloggers to write to you so you can think you have friends, NOT. I’m even BIGger then John and would just love to meet you on a cruise. One of us my be getting off at the next port.

    BIG Ed

    • John C says:

      Agree with you Ed, That RossY guy better never Cruise Again anywhere Cuz I too will make him stay at port and miss the ship’s last call. Maybe leave him in Mexico tagged as a molester…

    • Christina says:

      I too could not believe this post or that John even bothered a response. At first I felt bad for John and very angry to say the least at RossY, but now I just pity the poor fool as he must be miserable and lonely if he has nothing better to do than to attack someone he doesn’t even know, about something that has absolutely nothing to do with him in a public forum. Not to mention putting down a whole country in the process. What a disgrace to think it is ok to treat others in that manner!

      The American

  10. Duane says:

    Hi John,

    I guess RossY does not realize that you are not an American but a subject of the Queen. The same as he is. England enjoys a very good health care system as we do here in Canada.

    John, I to have struggled with weight and have done several diets (die with a t). There is not magic pill and you do not gain weight because of carbs, fats or what ever the weight loss industry will lead you to believe. It is calories in and calories out (burned) that controls weight. I have learned to journal what I eat and what I burn. You are losing weight the right way, slowly but surely.

    I am sure you know it, but the majority of Canadians are not ignorant assh..es as RossY appears to be.

    Wishing you are the success with your weight management.


  11. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    The Piano Bar is a dedicated BAR and children should not be in there…..just like Adults should not be in Camp Carnival.

    Sadly, some parents are nothing more than genetic contributors and are living proof that just because you CAN have a child does not mean you SHOULD.

    So Carnival is going to have to set the rules and “teach” the parents what is appropriate.

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

  12. DanB says:

    RossY clearly needs a smack across the teeth. That is all. And for you, John, I suggest you Google the phrase “concern troll” to learn more about idiots like that. Thanks again for all you do.

  13. Steve O says:


    You KNOW you love Barney. Did Kye bring one of her Barneys with her?

    Don’t forget, as soon as Heidi and Kye get back to Essex I shall be sending some packages stuffed FULL of Barney costumes. As I mentioned previously I had sent them the same time Barney crossed the Atlantic BUT, though you weren’t home at the time (were you?) the carton was returned to me MONTHS later.

    This time the Barney outfits will GET there because they will make Kye happy (and they’ll have tracking numbers)…..I wish I could be there to see you enjoy helping her get Barney dressed….and just forget the couple of dresses/skirts/wigs….she doesn’t need to know about Transvestite Barney….though you LOVE him, admit it.

    So Mr. Heald, you’re not finished with Barney YET, trust me. You’ll be through with him when Kye decides….maybe she’ll start “dating” about then….I know you’re going to love that.

    Hugs to Heidi and Kye and spend some time with THEM this week, please.

    Take care mate,
    Steve O

    • Marivonne says:

      Steve, since you and me are cruising together soon, we should take a bagful of Barney’s costume.. for Kye 🙂 John will love us! hahaha

  14. baf says:

    I may get “flamed” for this, but even the mouse ship has “adults only” areas. Why shouldnt carnival? I dont think kids belong in that type of atmosphere under the age of 18, no matter the time of day. JMHO

    • jes says:

      I highly enjoyed the adults area on the mouses’ ship. As a non-parent traveling w/my in-laws and their kids who I love to death it was nice in the evening to have an area where we could go and relax w/out the kidos around.

  15. Sharon says:

    Good evening John,

    I’m so glad you are getting to spend time with Heidi and Kye. I can tell you that the Barney faze will pass. Barney came on the scene when my son was about 2, there were only a few episodes at that time featuring Sandy Duncan and then a Barney in Concert video which introduced Baby Bop. The new episodes started shortly after that and then they brought Baby Bop on and my then 3 1/2 year old was devastated because (and I quote), “who shrank Baby Bop?” I’ll never forget it, Baby Bop was almost the same size as Barney in the concert video but on the show she was much smaller. After he saw that, he was done because he was so furious that Baby Bop had been shrunk! So, at the age of 3 1/2 we got rid of everything Barney. I’m sure Kye’s experience won’t be the same as ours, but it will happen and then she’ll move on to something that annoys you probably even worse. Keep in mind she could be hooked on Hanna Montana or wanting clothes that say “juicy” across her bottom! There are worse things than Barney.
    On to another matter, please tell Mr. Radu that I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all his photos. I’ve been thinking more and more that he needs his own Facebook page AND Carnival really needs to do a photography cruise with him. I think it would attract a lot of people.
    HUGS to Heidi and Kye and please don’t worry about the blog or Facebook, just enjoy your time with your family. Everything else where still be here when they go home.

    • jes says:

      I would be on that cruise of he was going to be teaching us how to take pictures 1/10 of the quality of his let along almost as great as his. I have a good camera that I paid good $ for and would love to take pictures to the quality of the camera and not my inability

  16. Robert Rich says:

    like I posted on the FB page after a 11 is reasonable . my 15 year old was a part of the show on our cruise at the piano with the performer. and again the place was empty except for about 6 adults (normally 4 – us) and then comings and goings of older teens 17-20 maybe it seemed. this was with a young pre former not a veteran, so he was doing more his young person music rather than the standard piano bar fun word changeable songs us old farts like… I can imagine now its non smoking the mums will bring the wee ones in as well .. this is the issue with non smoking a bar is a bar and drinking and smoking go together, take part of it away may as well make it family fare

    my vote again beards
    why because the teen club stuff (at least on the smaller fantasy class ships is pretty non fun even the game systems were out dated and the counselors always said we are not doing this tonight not enough people ! what 4 kids can’t play a video game?

  17. John,

    It’s so good to hear my Evil Crew had such a lasting effect on Kye and your love for each other. If I was you I would go put another Barney DVD in the player. Get Kye and put her on my lap (if I had one)and enjoy every minute of being with her. Forget about FB and the blog and just cuddle with Kye and sing “I LOVE YOU”

    BIG Ed

  18. Karen Chabot says:

    Hi John, First of all I must let you know how much I look forward to reading your blogs. I discovered the blog after our last cruise, on the Miracle, in April. It was our 5th, all with Carnival, which we all think is the best.
    I feel I must apologize, on behalf of all Canadians, for the extremely rude and uncalled for comments from RossY. I cringed when I read his insults and thought now here is an unhappy person. I just want to let you know that I was very embarassed by his nastiness.
    Keep up the great work, which gives me many good moments. You have a similar sense of humour (correctly spelt!) as my father, who was a Brit to the last. Karen

  19. Johnelle says:

    Wow, I thought Canadians had a reputation for being nice! I guess things have changed.

  20. Dear Jbfann,

    You are fooling no one with your lies. If you were on your honeymoon, I’m pretty sure you didn’t get any.

    Hopefully you have a real job, because you suck at writing fiction.

  21. Peg Lorenzon says:

    IMHO, piano bar should be for adults only. I miss Buster Freeze…on my Miracle cruise a couple years ago, we always ended up in the piano bar with Buster. He was a definite highlight of our cruise. The following year I was again on the Miracle and the pianist was horrible…and the bar was near empty…we were so disappointed. But if you have a great piano player, like Buster Freeze, the entertainment is geared to adults, not kids.

  22. Duane Lewis says:


    As a PB Entertainer with CCL for last 8 years, I vote for “No Children (Under 18) At All After MIDNIGHT”. The Piano Bar historically has been an adult kind of place and, in my opinion, should remain primarily so. Carnival provides a wide variety of venues, supervision and events for children (apparently defined as anyone under 18) which should be necessary and sufficient to occupy their time during the cruise. Many PB Entertainers (and Cruise Directors) specifically make the “after midnight” hours a time when “R-rated”, humorous, suggestive and somewhat bawdy songs can be enjoyed by mature audiences. Those wishing not to partake can always find alternative venues for adults as well. Piano Bar Entertainers must exhibit a unique mix of skills … pianist, singer, comedian and interesting conversationalist. We really don’t need to add “baby sitter” to our roles. Of course, families including “children” are welcome with parental supervision prior to midnight. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it !!

  23. Host Mach from Cruise Critic says:

    Jbfann… watered down drinks? Never… never happens. No one could speak English? Never happens. Y’all didn’t get drunk? Well… what can you say about that… your goal of getting drunk… how adult.

    I’m sorry… reviews like this are discarded out of hand by any cruiser with a lick of experience… plain and simple.

    Millions of readers? Ummm… nope. We’ve got about 733,000 members and only a portion of those read the Carnival forums and far fewer read the reviews. Sorry… your audience didn’t arrive.

    Please, try it again with realistic expectations and a bit more adult attitude. I think you’ll be pleasantly suprised…



    Host Mach

  24. Joanne McNicol says:

    How rude John..and once again, I have so much respect for you and what you do. I KNOW I wouldn’t have responded to that ^%@# with the polite answer you did. That letter actually made me ashamed to be Canadian. We are NOT all rude as%%%%es. I promise.

    • John C says:

      Joanne – John is Never ugly or rude to anyone. He read between the line that RossY was a Skinny uneducated person Living in Canada. I sounded like he was a draine on the Canadian Health System, and had an Opinion of why he though John was large. you should have stated that you “Disown” RossY as Canadian. I’m not Canadian and I would never accept someonr like RossY as a typical Canadian. Hate RossY not John.

  25. Shelly C says:

    Oh, my. It is a good thing that Patrick Shanahan is platinum, because general boarding in Long Beach is the biggest CF of any of the ports I have been to. The VIP boarders had it very easy, they were well taken care of, but at the time I wasn’t platinum and it was total chaos and long, snaking lines.

    • CathyWolfie says:

      We’ve sailed out of LB many times and had no problems, we are now platinum, but when we weren’t or weren’t in a suite, we were there early and in zone 1, no lines, first group on the ship after VIP and/or weddings. Also, I hope Patrick Shanahan doesn’t go to LB to sail on the Spirit on 10/21/11, she’s sailing from San Pedro that cruise, I know because we’re on that cruise also.

    • CJ says:

      I totally agree with you. Long Beach is the worst. The Carnival employees that work there are the WORST. It’s not just that they don’t care, they seem to want to make it even a more terrible experience. Unprofessional, nasty and uninformed. Yelling at paying passengers to get in line and get off their phones when they have been trapped in the line for nearly five hours is unconscionable. Lady, you know who we are calling? We’re calling Carnival to ask for our money back and to tell them they have a complete breakdown in their operations at the Long Beach Terminal. If I could have received a refund and never even board I would have. The single worst travel experience I have ever had was boarding the Splendor this past April. No apology for the five hour wait, no explanation, nothing.

      • Susie says:

        Wow…Really!!! I have cruised out of Long Beach 10 times. I have never had an issue. Prior to vip boarding…I too would get there early..check in on the Queen Mary and be in zone 1. No problems getting onboard. The staff has always been polite. I have not witnesses anybody yelling to get back inline or off a cell phone…however if you were on it inside the dome…then yes they will tell you to get off of it…as there are signs posted to that fact.

      • Bonnie says:

        I sailed out of Long Beach in Nov, 2009. I thought the terminal was beautiful and lacked nothing. The employees were all courteous and helpful. Embarkation was a breeze. Maybe it was the time of day you arrived, or maybe there were other issues that contributed. I had no complaints.

  26. Minsk says:

    Dear “RossY”-

    Please don’t tell people you are from Canada. We have a reputation as being a polite people, and I’m afraid you will have to be deported. Oh, and the only thing the Canadian gov’t wants to remove the fat from is our wallets.

    A Real Canuck 🙂

  27. Rita Presnell says:

    RossY……John (and many of us) may be overweight, but you, sir, are a complete and utter idiot and a sorry excuse for a human being! You need to crawl under a rock and become like the dirt you are!

  28. Karen says:

    My opinion is that children should be in NO bar especially after 10 pm. But I am also of the opinion that small children should not be on a cruise where there is drinking all the time. Not that I mind children, but I would never take a small child on a cruise. There are so many family oriented places to take them these days where alcohol is not served.

    Now I am not talking about Kye as she is there to see her Dadda that she misses so much and this is the only way she can. But I know that Heidi and you keep her shielded from the craziness that can happen.

    • Barb says:

      Just returned from the Freedom and traveled with my daughter, her husband and their kids ages 7 and 8 months. We had a very good time without drinking excessively. Children are welcome on Carnival and my grandkids were treated like royalty! There is a lot to do on a funship that doesn’t involve drinking. We had fun and were always entertained.

  29. Marylou Hansen says:

    RossY is a seriously unhappy individual and shame on him for being so mean-spirited and cruel to you John. Why do you even patronize folks like that by posting their nasty grams??? SO unfortunate :'( Most of us that read your blog and FB postings are saddened by posts like his! Please stop giving them their 15 minutes of egregiously nasty famedom!!!! Take care!

  30. Host Mach from Cruise Critic says:

    My goodness, RossY. Since Canada is so successful at combating obesity they should start to work on manners and civility.

    I certainly hope you’re not a typical Canadian as the entire country would be an embarrassment.

    Host Mach

    • Diane Shepherd says:

      HostMach – HE’S NOT typical – sorry (as a good Canadian – we must apologize – ask any one of us LOL)

      RossY – Take your head out of your skinny @## and take note that the First Lady is also trying to educate.

  31. tracy says:

    hello john well i dont know about the piano bar. i havenot been to one. my son is 6 and i dont leave him in camp carnival all day or forgetabout him.so when hes their i do things i like. but i dont always get to the piano bar.maybe at certain times it should be for familes. and after 10 adults. and kids probaly have a set bed time my son goes to bed at 8 but its later on vacation.nice blog john its always good.

  32. Martha says:

    Great blog John!!

    I am voting for no children under 18 after 10pm. That way people can bring their kids in for some family time and then the adults get to party. I think that is a great comparamise.

  33. Maribeth Kring says:


    Get A Life!! John is on a diet and is doing very well so leave him alone. Also, don’t talk about what you don’t know about as far as American health and doctors.

  34. Leasa says:

    John! Love the blog today! I hope you blog and Facebook less this week and spend more time with your sweet wife and little girl. Enjoy your time with them. I’m sure I speak for all of the people that care about you, they should be first this week. Now then to Ross Y! You Mr., are a complete and total ass! Who do you think you are?! I don’t believe you have been asked for your oppinion about John or anything else! I know John is to nice to say it but I’m not! **** off! Please John, stop printing these letters! Jerks like him are not worthy of your time or space here! This southern girl doesn’t get this angry very often but this man makes me want to find him and open a good ole can of whipass!
    big hugs to you and the girls!!!!

  35. Brad Alexander says:

    I have been a piano bar entertainer with Carnival for just over 7 years now and would like to voice my opinion about an age restriction in the piano bars. I remember being younger and fascinated by live musical performance, so I would like parents to be able to bring in their children to see a little bit of the performance if the kids have interest. Setting a 10pm cut off for that I think is very reasonable as it would allow that opportunity for families. After that though, I really think it should be a place for adults only. Having children around in a bar makes the other guests uncomfortable, and to be honest, it makes me uncomfortable too. When I do my show I am encouraging lots of audience interaction, and the songs I am doing it with are unlikely to be any songs that a 12 year old will know. I am also teaching the audience some drinking songs to use night after night and making toasts and what not. I don’t see how this is a good environment for children, and I also think that it probably spoils the fun for a lot of the adults who might want to let loose, and not have any kids watching.

    That’s just my opinion. Thanks!!!!

    • Sharon says:

      Patrick Shanahan–

      Check your cruise documents.
      The Spirit is sailing out of San Pedro, Dock 93.

    • Gina W says:

      Thanks John for another entertaining blog. I too went through the Barney trauma when my son was young, but what can you do? The little ones just love that sodding purple blob!!

      To address John Frenaye’s reply. Yes, unfortunately there were members of Seal Team 6, the Team that was involved in the killing of Bin Laden, that were killed this weekend when their helicopter was shot down. It was not the specific ones that were involved in the Bin Laden killing, but it was 20 members of the Seal Team 6 that were killed along with 11 others. We all know that you meant no disrespect to them in your statement in your blog. You probably had not even heard of the incident yet.

      As always, thank you for everything you do for the guests of Carnival and for the Carnival organization. It is very much appreciated.

    • Chris Packard says:

      Well since the piano bar is non smoking now I will not be in it near as much so I vote for allowing kids of all ages at anytime so that the parents can have a few drinks and spend some family time.
      I think they should also have a 15 minute period each hour dedicated to songs from Barney and Sesame Street….lol

      • MrPete says:

        Absolutely. I will be the one deciding where my child will be, with me, not the cruise line.

    • Monica B. says:

      I recently sailed with you Brad!

      You did an AMAZING job! But you’re very right… (and in fact, the SECOND I read about the age limit you came to my mind) the songs and “colorful” commentary everyone shouts when people walk in the doors– not for the kiddies.

      We had a WONDERFUL time though! Keep up the great work!

    • I vote no under 21 after at least 10 pm.
      Most all the PB entertainers I’ve seen have a good handle on the crowd and it definitely impedes their mojo to have to be careful because of young ‘uns.

  36. Mary says:

    The piano bar can get a bit raunchy after a few drinks, and I can’t imagine why a parent would want their children exposed to that. I would hate to see the piano bar have to “clean it up” because of children in there. It’s one place that you can go and sing along and have a somewhat quieter evening than the dance bars offer. There are plenty of things for children to do, and I think the piano bar should be adult only.

  37. Frances says:

    Hi John
    I am replying to the ignorant rude comment by RossY. I also live in Canada and I dont know what government he is talking about making everyone lean. This is a country of many nations of people of every shape size and colour and I am not seeing all size 8 or 10 here. I just find it disgusting that people can be so critcal of other peoples lives. Eat your black puddings, gammon bacon, fried bread and be happy. (I know all this about the good old English breakfast, because my native country was England.
    We will be on the Magic on August 26th sorry you wont be on that cruise was really looking forward to meeting you. Enjoy your family at this time. FV

  38. Doubting Thomas says:

    John we appreciate all you do for Carnival and for those who love to cruise. Your decision to put yourself out there is commendable and the use of various forms of social media to engage direct with customers is brilliant. I do however question the choices made on the Q&A in terms of the questions that are presented, surely more questions per day are received, the questions and rude comments from trolls looking to incite and enrage are not worthy of being presented here…some of the questions don’t merit a response and I believe its unfair to you, your followers and friends to need read and respond to trash. I appreciate that you are trying to keep the dialogue unfiltered but I am sure I speak for many that reading this blog is one of the more enjoyable parts of the day…who needs any more SPAM

  39. Mike says:

    John, after you put Kye to sleep at 11pm tonight (not midnight, she isn’t 5 yet!), you should write to the beards and tell them to keep the Piano Bar adults only all the time. Between Camp Carnival, Circle C, Club O2, and the new Night Owls program, parents have no business bringing their kids into any bar. I would think a good parent would have thought this through, but since they haven’t, please play nanny for them.

  40. Susan and Cary says:

    Hi John,

    Like I said on your FB page, the Piano Bars should be Adult Only after 10pm. It should follow the rules that the Beards set up for the Punchline Comedy Clubs – family comedy acts until 10pm, R rated comedy acts after 10pm.

    Other than that, great blog, and I really feel sorry for Jbfann – he had a horrible time on his cruise and blaming all of it on you – not cool in my book!

  41. Linda Martin says:

    Hi John, So sorry about the riot’s going on in England. I pray that the maddness ends soon. On another note, one of my friends saw that FaceBook has changed its website to a WWW. from an HTTP: making it even easier to hack an account. Which is why I sending my condolence message here Carnival’s page. If this is not the right spot to send comments, could you please let me know the correct site. Thank you, I enjoy your blog a lot.

  42. In my humble opinion kids have their part of the ship with activities, etc that they can partake of as well as activities that allow them to intermingle with the adults.
    Now it is time for the adults to get their activities too besides the Serenity Decks and adult pools which are not always kid free-some stay for extended periods of time

  43. Adult Only – that’s what bar’s are – the Piano Bar is a bar and should be treated as such. NO children.

  44. I think no kids under 18 in the piano bar after 10p is a very reasonable compromise.

    Duchess Sandy in GA

  45. bds316 says:

    Hi John…
    I absolutely love reading your blog. I do not post insane requests on here or anything like that, and I have only been on 3 cruises (but booked on our 4th in February)! It is getting more and more annoying to read the stupid comments and requests on your blog. It has almost gotten to the point where I will stop reading because my blood pressure gets elevated by at least one or two posts a day. I suggest that you and/or one of the “beards” weed out the trolls and people who do not have “please” and “thank you” in their vocabulary.
    Brian from Missouri

  46. dina says:

    Watch Barney with your daughter. I know it’s sickeningly sweet (I need to brush my teeth just thinking about it) but it’s made for young children, not us. Soon the shows she see will be full of insults and sarcasm. Let her have the loved up, everything perfect world for a little while.
    As for RossY or bossy, he called you a walking pot of lard- I think he’s a walking pot or crock of something else.

  47. kristine slough says:

    “Fat pot of lard”! I love it! You just keep smiling, John, and don’t worry about anything else..you have your girls with you. Thanks to Mr. Radu for all the pics. Wish I could see them in person……

  48. Elliesue says:

    I have to admit, I despise Barney and his ilk as much as you do. A group which is very entertaining, and is at the moment part of the Disney programming, is called “The Imagination Movers”. They’re a group of musicians from New Orleans who have managed to create music and good natured fun appealing to multiple generations. My granddaughter (age 4, who has sailed on Carnival with me and her mother) adores them, as do her mother and I. We’ve been to their concerts, watched their DVDs and listened to their CDs. They’re as popular in the UK as they are in the States and hopefully will be extending one of their concert tours to the UK in the not too distant future. (Disclaimer: we have no affiliation with Disney or the group, just thoroughly enjoy them.)

  49. Mike says:


    Thats about all I can say about RossY… I am a “Fluffy” guy like John and Big Ed and what I say to that is probably what they would say.. MY WEIGHT IS NO ONES BUSINESS BUT MINE!!!!! How dare he get on his bully pulpit and talk to you like that.. I agree he needs a good slap across the mouth or a boot up his ass… People like that sicken me.. Sorry for my soap box moment but rude people like that can push my buttons.. Truth be told hes probably a closet fatty anyway..

    As far as the kids in the piano bar, heres my opinion.. If its a “bar” where liquor is served then it should be just like anywhere else in the US.. NO MINORS ALLOWED AT ANYTIME.. IDK of any “bar” that a person under the age of 21 be allowed into.. I already feel weird if Im in the pool on lido deck and their are kids in it as well, so why cant the adults have a place where we can go to be with adults… I wish Carnival would adopt a policy like RCCL and have one pool and one hot tube open all night for the adults that want to enjoy them without the kids..

    Anywho those are my opinions and Im stickin to it..

  50. Bonnie says:

    To RossY:

    There is something very sad about your post. As we all know, those who are unhappy in their own lives, lash out at others to make themselves feel more important or worthy. John may lose weight and wake up smaller one day. You my friend, I’m afraid, will always be an Ass!

  51. Catrin says:

    Hi John,

    Great Blog as always! Just an idea for the Piano Bar… How about adults only, but ONE NIGHT be family night? That would be a fun night when families can attend for a sing along…. it would take a bit of creativity for the Piano Bar players to learn some new songs… NO>> NOT BARNEY! But some current up to date Pop Hits. I know my younger kids would love it.
    We are sailing on our 12th Carnival Cruise in 11 days on the Carnival Dream… and cannot wait! The Piano Bar is one of our favorite destinations.. I will report back when I return!

  52. Deb says:

    Hmmmm…. John, I’m wondering how many people are coming up to you now and saying how sorry they are that a bunch of barbaric hooligan bastards are torching England. The thing is, it is human nature to try to empathize. It is, in fact, the very thing that makes us most compassionate, most human. We need to express our sympathy, to let those closest to a tragedy know that our thoughts are with them. People might be tired of being “reminded” that something tragic occurred, but imagine if we all didn’t express our sympathies. We’d be heartless criminals, wouldn’t we?

  53. Peggy Dunbar says:

    Good morning/afternoon John. Fabulous blog as usual. With your girls here I do not know when you have time to do everything.

    I say NO to the children in the piano bar. I also do not think we have the right to tell any parent what they should do with their children concerning if they should be in a bar with them or not, as long as it is permitted. To say it is bad parenting as someone said here,is wrong IMO.

    Ah the purple one. Well John, I can sympathize with you on this one. We have two of our grandchildren with us this week and they like to watch Sponge Bob which I think is a ridiculous as the purple one. So, I guess we just suck it up and hope they out grow this in time. Enjoy your precious Kye, as you said, she is growing up very fast.

    Keep smiling John; you truly are one of the good guys.

    My best to Heidi and Kye.

  54. Deb says:

    RossY: Ummm… excuse me? “America where the crazies live and where laws ban fattism and where doctors aren’t allowed to tell any fattie they should lose weight for health reasons” What the hell have you been smoking up there in the wilds? Beaver shite?

    Beards: A bar is an establishment (haven) for adults, day, night, whenever. Children should not be brought to bars, ever, and any parent that thinks it is OK to do so should be horsewhipped. There are so many other places for parents to enjoy time with their kids. Just like at home (I hope), if they want to go to a bar, they should hire a sitter.

    John: I’m sure that no one knows better than you what “issues” you do or do not have with your physique. That’s your business and no one has the right to call you names (even funny ones) because they disagree with what they “perceive” to be your lifestyle. People who snark under the guise of “being helpful” have control issues; no control over their own lives and especially no control over their mouths. Personally, I’d rather be an overweight and happy person than be a thin and rude, self-righteous, immature, dispassionate a-hole.

    Love you/your blog.

  55. Jodi says:

    Hi John: No children in the PB. There I’ve said it, Sorry 17 to 20 year olds, A bar, is a bar, is a bar. That is why we look forward to becoming 21!

    Jbfann and RossY: who taught you manners? A troglodyte with a club? Didn’t hit you hard enough.

    As for Barney, well Kye will grow out of it, but unfortunately there will probably be worse things down the road. Not immediately for sure, but eventually. You John, however, have probably been scarred for life. Sorry. I can’t hear even the music from another room without cringing. But you love her so, well just enjoy HER as much as you can!

    Your friend,

    • Jodi says:

      PS: to Patrick Shannahan fuggidabout it. I wasn’t aware that Spirit is boarding out of Long Beach, I though it was only Paradise and Splendor, but if that is the case, you will be treated well. The rest of us poor buggers are in for the CF of our lives until we actually get on the gangway. Sorry John, we love the Paradise, but the boarding, well NOT GOOD.

  56. Bob Green says:

    Why is it that the people that are hacked off always seem to be active on Cruise Critic? You never see any other board mentioned. I guess they are just grumpy over there.

  57. Jill Fritz says:

    I really think 10PM is late enough for anyone under 21 to be in a bar. As someone else mentioned, they can’t be in a bar in the USA after that so why should the ship be different. That’s what Camp Carnival is for.

  58. Barb says:

    In regards to Patrick Shanahan’s issue with embarkation at the Port of Seattle. I embarked to Alaska the same day on another cruise line. It was the worst embarkation ever. But, it is not really a Carnival problem, but a problem with the port staff. I too was in a VIP line and took over 2 hours to get checked in. The port staff just doesn’t get it. Hopefully with enough pressure from the cruise lines they will get their act together.

    He should be much happier with the staff in Long Beach.

  59. TandMe says:

    John, why couldn’t they have a performer in these piano bars that did songs that kids would know up until 8pm. Then kids should not be allowed in places where adults are being, well being adults and letting loose and enjoying their vacation as well. I am a single father and don’t drink, but would enjoy taking my 8yo daughter to a place where she could enjoy some live music that she would know. Although she really listen’s to all kinds of music.

    I think that children should not be in these kinds of places with out their parents. But a reasonable timeline should be adhered to.

    I see the point of the adults. Its a place for them to unwind and relax. But this is a family cruise. You have to expect at least some of the venue’s to allow children.

    • Susan and Cary says:

      Children are welcome in the comedy club for the 8:45pm show, and they are also allowed to be at the Main Lounge for whatever shows are going on. That being said, the PB should be adults only after 10pm. After all, we DO deserve a place to go, have a drink (or two) and chill out without a child screaming that they’re tired/bored…


  60. Judy says:

    No one under drinking age should be allowed in any bar – with or without a piano. So now we’ve traded smokers for children? Pah!

  61. Allison says:

    Hi John – In regard to the Piano Bar being adult only, I would have to disagree with banning children completely. On our last cruise on the Carnival Legend, our nightly routine included bringing our son to the Piano Bar prior to bedtime, which was between 930 and 10 pm. He would have a coke and sing with the adults who, by the way, asked where he was the one night we didn’t bring him. He was always supervised and well behaved and welcomed by the wait staff, fellow cruisers and the piano player. I believe even on a family cruise line, like CCL, children under the age of 18 should always be supervised in the bar areas and have no business being in these areas alone.

    We will be sailing on the Magic on 9/25 with our son (who by the way is 7) and we hope to be able to bring him to the piano bar to enjoy singing along with the other guest.

  62. jes says:

    I’m thinking on land you have to be 21 to be in a bar, and since the ship has the same drinking age as the states, then the piano bar should be at least 18+ all the time since it is a bar. I’m sorry you had to start your day off with Barney, but remember it lead to cuddle time w/Kye. Forget the blog, FB for a day or two and enjoy Heidi & Kye.

  63. Jen Hug says:

    RossY, Get a life. I am a larger american who like John is trying to lose weight the correct way, slowly but surely. You are a disgrace to Canadians. I have met and befriended many Canadians who are extremely wonderful to be around and you are not one of them.

    John, as for Barney, I have gotten so many comments on our shirts that we had made that day. I have worn it on several occasions and am hoping to have my picture taken with the shirt on while meeting Barney in a couple weeks at Universal Studios. Tell Kye to keep enjoying that lovable Purple Dinosaur.

  64. Laura says:

    Really. Where do you get off pretending to know what John needs. He is an an adult and I think he probably is aware. And by the way I’m American and you have no clue what your talking about. Show some tact. Big or small doesn’t change the man you are.

  65. Jeff says:

    The Norway bomber was NOT a right-wing fanatic. That’s what the NY Times wanted everyone to believe. They fabricated the story to fit their agenda once again. That has been proven false. Please stop believing the left-wing propaganda and learn the facts about this nutjob.

  66. Jeff says:

    No children in the piano bar!!!!

  67. janet middleton says:

    John: just think of the fun you will have when Kye is getting married and you can show her future husband pictures of her and barney, her first love, (after you and Heidi of course). I have a pic of my 20 yo son sitting in front of the big screen tv with what is obviously Barney in his barney underpants…can’t wait to use it!!LOL

  68. Memrie says:


    I love reading your blogs and how you describe things… puts a smile on my face! I first want to comment on the above “RossY” comment… how completely rude of that person to say such ugly things!! I’m sure not one person thought it was being somewhat nice or funny or whatever! It made me picture this person as a worthless no-body that prob. doesn’t have the balls to say something of that sort to someones face and was prob. bullied as a child…. GET A LIFE! Anyhow… those pics are beautiful and I will be on the Dream with a drink in hand and soaking up all the wonderfulness of this beautiful place one day sooooon!! In regards to the piano bar…. I believe it should be “Adults ONLY”. I can see guests getting irratated at a group of children that more than likely doesn’t apprecitate that type of autmosphere… let alone, it is a “bar”! There are plenty of activities for the younger guests. I have 2 boys and they did not go nor did they care to go into the piano bars… that was for me when they were busy doing something else. Keep up the great work!!

  69. Michelle says:

    you are hysterical!! i really love reading your blogs … brings tears to my eyes!! So funny … barney sucks I’ll give you that, so darn annoying. Thank God my son is now 13 because I get to deal with all the Nickelodeon shows.
    the comment on you being overweight was completely unacceptable. Your reply was well put. Mine would have been much ruder in nature. I commend you for not slamming his or her stupid a** to the wall. it would have been well deserved.
    take care of yourself and i can’t wait for my February cruise on the Dream 🙂

  70. Patricia says:

    John, try “The Wiggles” – Kye will swear off Barney forever.

    And my vote is for the piano bar after midnight to be 18+. Let families enjoy time together earlier and then switch to adult only later (much like the comedy clubs – family rated shows and then adult rated shows).

  71. Helen "Sparkey" Fox says:

    Dear John.
    My husband and I are round and round is a shape. We are not oval or flat or square or triangle. We are round and proud of it. We are also Canadian and proud of it. But sad to say we are not proud of our fellow Canadian RossY calling you names. That is just plain rude and not very Canadian.
    That being said you are the best shape ever and that is round and we love it. Be proud of it . We are Canadian round and you are British round. In November 2012 we will get together on the Breeze for the transatlantic crossing and celebrate our roundness. Cheers.

  72. Ron I. says:

    I am getting the feeling lately that the beards at Carnival these days cannot make a decision without doing a No.2 job in their pants in case they upset ONE passenger.

    What is happening, in the old days the majority rules these days at Carnival it is the minority (even if only ONE passenger) rules.

    A Piano Bar is for adults, the kids have no place there, they have their own area. Also a Piano Bar without smoking is like Casablanca without Humphrey Bogart.

    Carnival Beards stand up and be a man (I was going to use the correct title “Person”, but I didn’t want to insult the lady readers of this blog :+] ), stop kowtowing to the ONE passenger crusade and listen to YOUR silent majority.


  73. Steven says:

    Okay… I have been thinking about this whole to piano bar or not to piano bar… Here is my request…

    How about letting kids into the casino? After all, it is family entertainment, right? I mean, heck, just because there is gambling, smoking and alcoholic consumption going on, why should the children not be allowed? How on earth will I ever be able to teach my children how slot machines work? You would think that Carnival would be cognizant of the need to educate the next generation of cruisers on black jack, craps, poker… After all, these kids’ parents paid good money to bring them along for the total experience, right?

    Come on, John! Get the ‘Beards’ to give the kids the freedom to roam!

    Okay… Okay… maybe that was a little bit sarcastic, but the point is valid. Children things for children… Adult things for adults. And quit making us pay extra for it.

    You big pot of lard! 😉

  74. Linda says:

    To Mr. rossY, Why would you ever think that it is acceptable to write anyone a letter like the letter you wrote to Mr. Heald? The only clarity you brought is the fact that you are a sad little man. You have no right to say any of the things you said. Mind your own business and worry about yourself, because you obviously have self-esteem issues. I hope you like yourself after sending that letter, because no one else likes you.

  75. J.R. says:

    The Piano Bars should be for adults only its one of the few places we can get away from the kids and let our hair down and not have to watch every word we say

    As for RossY You are a very rude person how dare you write like that to someone you don’t know!!!

  76. Kerry H says:

    First off, Ross Y – you are an idiot and as a Canadian you are an embarrassment and just plan a jerk!
    As for the piano bar, it is a BAR Adults only. If you want to make a kids version at camp carnival ok but a BAR is a BAR. (although being Canadian it should be 18 or 19, but it is what it is. (My son is 20))

    Have a great day everyone!

  77. jag says:

    I think the piano bar should be 18 and up.
    Once kids turn 18 and are kicked out of the teen clubs they roam the ship. That age group of 18-21 is alway left out.

  78. Hi John or my Friend Eric the Beard.
    I have already posted the fact that I have had Big Problems with Facebook access since my return to the UK in March after BC4 but even bigger problems with this Blog. Having contributed to the Blog for 3 years & received responses from John, when requested, in circa a 3-4 week turn around & been able to access all comments, I now get no response & am denied access to the full content of responss to his posts on the site, e.g., today there were >90 & I could only read 63. It seems to me that Carnival is actively discouraging UK guests from embarking on cruises that are on offer at knock down “fly aweigh” rates to US guests but unavailable to Brits & others like me who are approaching Milestone status.
    Shame on you! I have booked BC5, West Caribbean & following 7 days East Caribbean in March 2012 & the cost of Cruise Only is > 50% more than BC4 East/West in 2011 in same category of cabin, 8D. I need an explanation of the huge increase in final bill which was just over $3,400 for 2011 but will be over $5,00 for 2012 for a BtoB trip on C Magic.
    I do hope that someone can address this issue & provide me with justifiable reasoning as to why I should pay additional costs that are wholly outwith the true realms of inflationary indications.

  79. Greg Babstock says:

    No love for the Norwegian Epic!?!?!?! That’s hilarious yes, but I digress and remind the masses that a bad day on an ugly boat is better then a good day in the nicest of offices….

    Yes to kids in the piano bar up to a certain time in the evening, say 9pm-10pm. I wouldn’t be all that comfortable having a couple drinks and enjoying a responsible evening out “old skool style” — all the while having to trip over 7 year-olds on the dance floor or having a 15 year old asking me to buy him a beer.

    There’s an appropriate time and place for families to hang, and yes that includes the piano bar, but only to a certain point.

    Loving the Blog!!!! Dream in 104 days!!! I’m not counting — no…. Cheers John. Greg.

  80. I think you might be missing one option for the kids in the piano bar… and that is “no kids in the piano bar after __pm without a parent.” Peronally I would prefer no kids, but I get why people on a family vacation would want to be together… At least when parents are around their kids usually aren’t as… insane? Is that the word I’m looking for?

  81. RossY,

    John is losing weight and doing it his weigh (pun intended). Shut your pie hole and mind your business.

    • CruiseNChat says:

      Please no kids in the piano bar.

      Or at least no kids after 10

      I don’t go into Camp Carnival…they should not go into the Piano Bar. I am so glad they are now non smoking, lets keep them kid free too. Thank you

  82. Amy Wadsworth says:

    I think all of the nitwits that write you with dieting advice (that’s putting it nicely jerk-offs), should have to post a picture of themselves along side. Then we can judge their appearance as well. Now unless they look like Megan Fox, a long walk off a short plank would be in order. Keep up the good work John! You’re a pleasure to read. 🙂

  83. Jess says:

    What is with these people calling you fat!? Maybe it was the way I was raised, but I would never call someone those names. Or maybe it’s because I’m fat too and it would be like the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t know but it’s just plain rude. People can really be rude sometimes and I just don’t get it. I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite.

    Ok sorry, I’m done.

    Great blog once again John and Barney is creepy lol.


  84. Ted says:

    Hi John,

    I vote NO CHILDREN in the piano bar at all, ever. It is a bar and not a place for children. There are plenty of things for children to do all over the ship. What’s next? Allowing children to the ADULTS ONLY comedy shows and Serenity? The piano bar can get pretty raunchy after people have had a few, and I for one don’t want that atmosphere ruined.

  85. George J Walters says:

    The Piano Bar should be for adults only. Alcohol bars are not for kids. And the entertament is also for grownups. There is no place in the PB for the Barney Song.

  86. David S says:

    I think Piano Bars (and most others) should be adult only (18+). Let’s face it, kids have their own area for their own age groups, why can’t the adults have the same? There are plenty of places for family to be together, the bars don’t have to be those places.

  87. Brent Grinnell says:

    Hi John,

    The piano bar is a great place to have a great time. And as with most piano bars some of the songs are a little risque and involves dirty humour. Personally I love it that way and would hate for it to change because kids are now in there. I can just hear it now the guest complanining at the Guest Services Desk and you having to coddle the mother and give them a fruit basket….Keep it adults only after 10pm would be a fair trade.


  88. spencer says:

    I have not even been on my cruise yet (booked 10/30/2011 on legend) and I would prefer not to have children in a bar after 10p. There is a resort in Orlando that is the family capital of the world, they have a dueling piano bar that is a blast… but any1 under 21 is never admitted at any time and I didnt hear any parents or kids complaining

  89. BarB says:

    For: jbFan

    You are exactly why I dropped my membership in Cruise Critic. And, “millions” may or may not read your ridiculous review.

    People who travel, who are veteran cruisers will simply laugh at you and your review. It is the sign of a person who rarely travels outside his community of Podunk, USA.

    There’s a reason why we are known as “ugle Americans” in someplaces around the world. It’s you……

    Cruise Critic represents less that 1% of cruisers around the world. And, most cruisers who are veterans don’t bother reading reviews from that forum. Too many amateurs who don’t know the difference between land and sea; who don’t know that when you cross that portal from solid earth to ocean, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

    Next time, go camping…someplace close to home….

  90. BarB says:

    For RossY

    You are on the wrong forum.

    For weight issues, here it is:


  91. BarB says:

    I think the Piano Bar should be adults only. There are many places on Carnival ships where children and teenagers can enjoy age appropriate entertainment and activities.

    Let’s keep adult venues please. Many of us enjoy a children free zone……

    Not that we don’t like the darlings..many have raised house fulls…it’s just that, like in the real world, there should be places where adults can go without having the disruption of children.

    It’s bad enough they’ve been turned into a nonsmoking area, but to allow children? Heck, might as well put Legos and video games in there.

  92. Sheri says:

    Great blog, John! Regarding the piano bar….let it be adults only! I have precious grandkids that i love with my entire being, but that doesn’t mean i want to be around them 24/7! 🙂 Adults need places to unwind, and to be adults…i cringe when i’m in a movie theater and there is cussing, etc. and you look over and there is a child there with his parents…keep the piano bar for adults. As for the super rude person who called you fat….good grief! Have manners totally gone out the window? You do NOT motivate people by calling them names! I prefer to call MYSELF “fluffy”… 🙂

  93. Susan and Cary says:

    I just thought of a compromise for the Piano Bar situation – why not open the Piano Bar in the afternoon so that families can enjoy a little sing-along time with their children? It’s empty during the day, and I bet it would end the debate as to whether or not to allow children in the Piano Bar at night.


    • TandMe says:

      Susan and Cary,

      That would be a great compromise. I would enjoy having some with my daughter listening to live music and heck maybe even dancing with her and then she could go to camp while I enjoyed adult time. I don’t drink, but it would be nice to not have to watch my trucker mouth when I don’t want to. Excellent compromise suggestion!!!

  94. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    Right wing nuts shooting people in Norway.
    Left wing nuts burning, looting and destroying London….

    I think the world needs a CRUISE!!

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

    • Ron I. says:

      Where did you get that from “Left wing nuts burning, looting and destroying London….”

      That is totally and utterly rubbish!

      These riots have absolujtely nothing to do with politics left or right. Its a bunch of vandals out to cause as much damage and toruble as they can while looting along the way. You will NEVER ever see a political manifesto from them as most cannot even read or write.


  95. James Basler says:


    I have emailed and have not received a response. I am not mad though, so dont start your blog with “oh no” upset comments here.
    On the contrary, I am a very satisfied cruiser with Carnival. My family and I first cruised with you guys Spring of 2009.
    My twin sons were graduating high school and we wanted to do something different for them. Wow, is all we could say. We had the best time ever as a family on vacation. We never knew how much fun a cruise was.
    You see, I was not a good husband or father at one time. My former job had made me hard to deal with. I loved my family but brought work home with me. I was unhappy and it was ruining my marriage. We took vacations but all i could worry about was going back to work and the stress. My wife finally told me it was either us or the job. She pressured me to leave my job
    but I felt I couldn’t leave due to having trouble finding another that paid well enough. Well, she started putting applications out for me. Long story…short….I got a new job, I actually make more money now and my new job is more family-friendly.
    The only problem now is that I had to move to another state. Kids are off to college so it was bad but not as bad. Still close enough to drive and see them.
    We are sailing on the Elation on August 13th and I just want something special at dinner for my family. I don’t know what but just something for them.
    Carnival Cruises has been an integral part of reviving my family. I love them more than words can say. I am proud to be the Husband and Father of our Family. No phones to bother us and we get to spend so much time together.
    I know this is a late request but hope you can help me show them how much they mean to me.
    This will already be our 5th cruise and can’t think of any place we would rather be than on a Carnival Cruise Ship.
    Thanks again

  96. Blinkin says:

    Piano bars no smoking!!! Would also make sreakhouse, MDR etc no children. Bring back Cigar bars

  97. Dennis McWilliams says:

    Chefs Table reservation needed.

  98. Ed Bukovan says:

    We vote no under age individuals in piano bar. Not because of vulgar activity by the entertainer, which we would not enjoy. We spent every evening (and a substantial amount of cash) in the piano bar on our last cruise enjoying Barry Miller, who puts on a great show. Children simply detract from the performance of the entertainer, who is trying to involve the audiance in the show. If the room were to fill up with disruptive children, we would quickly depart. Ed & Laurie

  99. Jennifer says:

    Just had to comment on the Piano Bar debate. There is nothing wrong with a family stopping off at the Piano Bar for a before dinner drink but this is, after all, a BAR. Kids do not belong in the Piano Bars after 10:00pm and I find it extremely irritating when they are! If there were kids in a bar at that time of night on land in the US someone would call the police. Why should it be different on a ship?

  100. Suzanne says:

    I know it’s a little late but my vote is no kids after 10 or midnight (your pick, don’t much care). Or, make one night in the piano bar a “family night.” I know a lot of kids like to do the sing-alongs (and many, including my son, wouldn’t be caught dead there lol). It should be up to the parents to decide the appropriateness, for their child, of the content.

    Anyway, just my thoughts on the whole thing. On our last cruise (Legend in April), the piano bar “entertainer” was so bad, there were never more than 1/2 dozen people in there at any given time anyway.

    Have fun with your girls,

  101. Carla says:

    Dear John:
    On behalf of the people of Canada I would like to apologize for RossY’s comments. As we Canadians like to say “HOW RUDE!!!” We are better than that. Canadians are known all over the world for their politeness and respect for other people. He’s no Canadian. Probably just a frustrated person that has nothing better to do.
    RossY – Shame on you and don’t ever ever say you’re Canadian!!!

  102. Tom Grable says:

    On age restricitons in the piano bar. I too am a member of the Carnival family on the Victory as Piano Bar Entertainer. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but a bar is a bar; smoking or non-smoking.
    The kind of high energy, party show that most of us do I feel is not kid friendly. I know that most of my adult guests feel at the very least uncomfortable trying to party with children in the bar.
    Just my two cents worth.

  103. Shirley says:

    John, God bless you–you certainly have more stamina, grace, courtesy and better manners than so many “absolutely rude” people who write you. My hat is off to you! You seem to me to try so hard to please and make everyone’s voyage a joyful experience. I think those who have a somewhate bad experience could at least be respectful when expressing their views. Good luck! “You will never be able to please everyone—–NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY!!”

  104. Patricia "Carole" Holley says:

    Hi John, I hope you see this. My husband (who’s NEVER blogged, answered and Facebook subjects or anything) just saw the comment from RossY by accident (I was reading him the next comment since it was from someone in our hometown). All of a sudden, he said “Go up” and he read the disgusting comment from the jerk RossY. He said “Put on there that he’s full of S**t”! I think you get the jist. He was totally serious and I can’t agree with him more. Apparently, RossY is an anorexic jerk with no manners or a brain. Just had to get that off my chest and put Ronnie’s (my husband) comment here because it is a first for him. Take care and how you handle your job is beyond me,
    Carole Holley

  105. Jessie says:

    Hi John!!

    I was wondering about the kids in the bars/nightclubs/piano bar. Are they allowed?

    Thank you!

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