A Message to Cruise International Magazine

September 15, 2011 -

John Heald

I am so glad I wasn’t at Cruise International Magazine’s awards ceremony last night. Yes, I really am happy. That’s because there would have been that moment, as in all award ceremonies, when the nominations are  read out and you’re sitting there waiting to find out whether you’ve won or lost. And I would have been sitting there with the President of Cunard, and talented (and in some cases bearded) writers who unlike me are proper journalists worrying about  what face I was  going to pull when the envelope has been opened and the winner has been revealed. I would have not been able to hide my anger and despair if one of the other buggers had won and if I had been there to hear that I had one I doubt the glamorous and influential cruise people gathered there would have been too impressed with the sight of a fat bloke jumping up and down and punching the air in delight shouting “take that Shanksey.”

However, I am in all seriousness in awe of the people who were nominated; all are much worthier winners than I and I salute their talents and most of all, the one common denominator they all share is their passion for this brilliant industry.

Thank you Cruise International Magazine. I am truly honoured by this award and I wish you continuing success with your excellent publication.



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