VIDEO: Chatting with Butch

October 19, 2011 -

John Heald

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37 Responses to VIDEO: Chatting with Butch

  1. ahhh butch we’ll miss you on the dream, good luck and smooth sailing. from just another platinum cruiser kathy

  2. We are already deciding who is a red frog and the blue iguana for our cruise in November 5th can’t wait to meet John

  3. Rev Barb in Canada, eh? says:

    Butch is great news for the Liberty. Sad for me – I’m booked on the Dream…

  4. Carnival junkie says:

    WOW 2.0 and Butch TOO! Last cruise was on Dream and had a blast, looking forward to a reunion on Dec 10th sailing on Liberty. Congrats Butch.

  5. Rita Presnell says:

    Absolutely LOVED Butch on the Dream….he is wonderful and will add much to whichever ship he is on….wish him the best!!!! Liberty and her guests will be in good hands!!!!

    • milagros Gonzalez says:

      he started i think on the liberty i remember in 2005 i cruise the liberty he was assistant..who will be on the dream

  6. April S says:

    Excited about Butch as a CD!!!! 🙂 I’m a Blue Iguana! I hate frogs.. 🙁 Mortal fear… But I have a feeling I’ll like the rum part of the red area.

  7. peter stevenson says:

    ok, lets get one thing strait, the international language of travel sanctioned by the F.A.A. world wide is English. and English only. anywhere in the world you travel to, you will find in the airlines, trains, and ships at sea the only spoken language between any control center and it’s incoming unit will be ENGLISH. therefor, Should you decide to speak French, please do so in the sanctity of your own home. when out in public, please respect my personal wishes to speak English when speaking to me. If you wish to speak to me, and can not speak English, then piss off and don’t bother me in the first place. simple.

  8. sari b. says:

    Love you Butch! Great for the Liberty, sad for the Dream! I just told my friend at work to book on the Dream… Butch was one of the reasons! Wish I was going to be on the first Liberty 2.0 cruise! John and Butch on the same cruise??? Some very lucky people out there!

    • Marge F says:

      Great to see video with Butch – my favorite CD. He has so much positive energy and will showcase 2.0 in style. Will he still be on the Liberty during the month of February?

  9. PipergirlKerry says:

    I am sooooo excited! I never have had the pleasure of sailing with Butch and heard such wonderful things! See you in 16 days!

  10. John Frejik says:

    We just sailed with Butch on the Dream this past September 1oth. He a great CD, made the cruise enjoyable and hope to sail with him again one day. I would rank him as one of the best and the guest on the Liberty will be very pleased!!!

    Happy for you Butch!!!

  11. Helene Barness says:

    Never sailed with Butch but he looks like he will be alot of fun! Hey what happened to question and answers about the dry dock experience???

  12. Kim says:

    I have read alot of great things about Butch being a fantastic CD…I am cruising on the Liberty Jan 21/12 does that mean Butch will be on the same cruise as the CD….Sure hope so. Very excited to cruise on the Liberty.

  13. Kathy G. says:

    Congratulations to Butch! I wish I could be there. Was a little disappointed though, to see the two of you together, but you didn’t do the Barcelona dance! 🙂 I was waiting for it…… LOL! Thank you John for all you do! Have loads of fun launching the new Carnival Liberty 2.0!

  14. Pat Gruber says:

    It sure was great to see Butch! After you he is our favorite Carnival CD.

    Pat G

  15. Marlene Dovell says:

    Great to see and hear Butch again. Sailed with him on the Dream last year and he so graciously helped me get your Barney pictures for BC4. Wishing you the best on the Liberty, Butch.

  16. Bridget mckenna says:

    Thanks for the info you do for Carnvial cruise I have been writing down some wonderful tips. I just love your blog can you tell Butch Congradulations to going to Liberty,I was glad to met him when I was on Dream this past Jan, He is a wonderful CD.. Bridget Mckenna Indian harbour Beach Florida.

  17. Maryann Frysztak says:

    Butch,we are happy to see you again. My sister and I sailed with you in May and Sept. on the Dream. You are so funny.We sail Nov. 22.

  18. We will be with the bloggers in March, but you can be sure the Liberty , new looks will be where we sail to our next cruise!! Hope butch will be there then!!! 🙂

  19. Dawni says:

    Hi John, Was wondering in January of 2010 we sailed on the Liberty, I thought butch was our cruise director then, am I wrong? But if I’m right, we loved him! We are sailing on the Liberty again in Feb 2012, looking forward to seeing Butch again?

  20. Jim Guy says:

    Met Butch on the Dream this past April, on
    my cruise #13. Great host and Cruise Director on a Great Ship. Hope to meet with him again on a future cruise.

  21. Cassandra Shipman says:

    hi John!! I love your blog! We are taking our kids, twins age 6 and 8 year old on their 1st cruise Jan. 4, 2012. My oldest is terrified of “dress ups” so I was wondering if there is anyway that we can make sure Funship Freddy dosen’t come around here while she is Camp Carnival because I don’t want her to be scared to go back! I hope we can figure out something. Also I think the kids would really enjoy any surprise in the room when we get there! Thank you so much for your help!

    • amanda says:

      My daughter has the same fears. The program for Camp Carnival states when Funship Freddy will be around. We just kept our daughter our of Camp when it was “Funship Freddy” time. No worries. Freddy is totally avoidable LOL!

  22. Lori Drew says:

    I love this video chat with Butch! Hope we can sail with him one day.

  23. Juan & Maria Santana says:

    Directly from the MAGIC….

    Hola, John! This is our 5th day onboard the beautiful Magic & we’re pleased to confirm that yes indeed, this ship is magnificent, absolutely beautiful. The food is great, in fact, the Lido Buffet gets better & better on each ship!

    About the entertainment… the lady soprano, who I believe is from Australia, is incredible! What a voice! She sings like an angel! We didn’t care for the 1st production show the night before last. Juan attended the comedy club late last night and he told me that the comedian performing the adults only show was very good. The 1st night of the cruise there was no show at all…we couldn’t figure out why. The 2nd night there was only 1 show and it was late (10:30pm)… kind of late for “seniors” like that usually retire early.

    The weather in Marseille, Savone, Chivitavecchia(Rome) has been perfect! Today in Naples it was O.K. although a little bit cooler and windy. Tomorrow we have our 1st sea day and we’ll have the 2nd production show. We’ll report on that later on.

    Well, it’s time for more “snoozing & cruising” so we’ll be in touch later…. Regards to you, Heidi & a big kiss to Kye.

    The Santanas of Miami Beach

  24. Tim Huffman says:

    awwww Butchie wehave sailed twice with you on The Dream and are going again in may we will miss you who is taking your place George??? Thanks may all your seas be of the following ones!!

  25. Dawn Webster says:

    OMG Butch!!!! My husband and I enjoyed cruising w/ Butch on the DREAM in May. Butch made us feel so special w/ Baskets and chocolate covered strawberries. Good Luck Butch on the new Liberty. Looking forward to seeing you on that cruise as well. John I can’t contact you. Every email address I tried, doesn’t work. Please email me your email address so I can participate in your BLOG. Thanks! Dawn

  26. Lori says:

    Who will the Dream CD in Dec?

  27. Joy says:

    sounds wonderful. I wish that I could be there. my family and I are booked on the Dream in April and I am very much looking forward to that. After reading so much about Butch I am sorry we will miss having him on the Dream with us.


  28. Linda says:

    Butch was the CD when my daughter got married on the Dream last year, and he was PHENOMENAL! If he still gives a dance class, it is not to be missed. It was great! I may just have to book the Liberty again now!

  29. dee says:

    Butch just want to say thanks for reading the letter last year about my sister who passed away from cancer last year.-thanks again

  30. Crystal Q says:

    I’ve heard so much about Butch! Am sailing January 14th, 2012, hoping to sail with him! (if John could confirm if Butch is still on board then…) 😉

  31. Cindy says:

    Butch is that a Minnesota Twins cap I see? Are you a fan or did you just pull the hat out of John’s laundry basket?
    Good Luck to you!

  32. debbie says:

    just wanted to say that Butch is awesome! I sailed with him on Carnival Dream last September and he is the best cruise director ever. I hope that when we go back on the Dream September 2012 he is there.I f you have never sailed with Butch you have missed a great and funny man!!

  33. Taylor Kane says:

    Does anyone know who will be taking Butcg’s place on the dream??

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