October 27, 2011 -

John Heald

Being here on Carnival Liberty has meant that I have seen people I haven’t seen for a long time both crew and guests. Yesterday I met a guest who last sailed with me on Carnival Triumph in 2003. “You look good,” he said. “I barely recognised you.” Er, thanks….I think. Then just this morning a guest who is an avid reader of the blog and a prominent poster on Facebook told me “You know what I really admire about you?” “What?” I asked, preparing to be flattered. “The way you don’t care about fashion,” he continued.

These comments are all brilliant examples of a lost art form………the compliment that really isn’t one and is in fact the complete opposite.

Disguising an insult through flattery requires skill and expertise. Usually they are time release criticisms, as well. You think they have given you a huge compliment but a minute later the sudden realisation that it wasn’t explodes inside you and leaves you pissed off for days. Often a guest will say to me, “You look well John,” but I have learnt to understand that this actually means: “You’re a fat sod.” “You look tired,” spoken similarly means: “By God, you’re old and look like you are a few steps away from the pearly gates.”

But this is child’s play. To be a proper bastard, you need to be really clever. I was in the entertainment offices last week where one lady who I can’t name but used to be a dancer when I was the CD on the Carnival Ecstasy back in 1788 said to her colleague who was eating McDonald’s at her desk. “It’s amazing,” that you eat so much junk food and still stay relatively slim”………a round of applause for that one. She should teach a master class in the backhanded compliment. Other comments I have heard her use include the wonderful “You look thinner than usual today.”

I realised when I did those few weeks as CD on the Carnival Fantasy last year that some Southerners have a marvelous way of giving someone a compliment that really isn’t one. People from the south it seems can get away with the most awful kind of insult just as long as it’s prefaced with the words “Bless her heart” or “Bless his heart.” My experience of this was usually from two Southern ladies chatting to each others in, “Look at the size of that woman. Her legs could hold up an oil rig………..bless her heart” Or, “Hey Mary Lou……..look at that cruise director. He’s so fat he was baptised at Sea World…………..bless his heart.”

But the best one ever said to me was by a beautiful girl I was trying to date. It was back on the Carnival Imagination in 1995 and I will never ever forget what she said to me. Her name was Sam, another dancer in fact ……….yes, yes I had a thing for dancers. Anyway, I remember trying everything, flowers, meals, gifts and eventually I got her to my cabin. We sat on the sofa in the CD cabin. I poured her a glass of wine and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes looked back at me and just when I was ready to move forward she started talking about her ex-boyfriend and she said these immortal words. “Good looks are a curse. You should count yourself lucky John.”

Time for today’s Q and A……….off we go.

Wendi Barlaam asked:

I will be taking my grandson on his first ever cruise this Thanksgiving. He has overcome dyslexia to do well at school and deserves a reward. He will be with me and my husband on the Splendor 11/30 in suite 2282 and a visit to the bridge with the captain is something he deserves and would make his cruise very special.

Thank you!

John says:
Hello Wendy Barlaam,

Congratulations to your grandson, you must be very proud of him. While I can’t get him to the bridge I will certainly send him something from me to say well done. I hope you all have a brilliant time together Wendy.

Best wishes to all.


Caroline Kaiser asked:


I need to ask why Carnival does very little to help those with special dietary needs like other cruise lines do. I have been a strict vegan for 11 years now and I know you like to make fun of us but I wonder John we are roughly the same age I think and I think I know who is the healthiest. This last two months I have cruised with Celebrity and on Carnival and the difference is that Celebrity cares. At their lunch buffet we had so many options including aborigine burger, vegan wraps, Mediterranean vegetables, Mexican style tomato & bean chili with vegan cheese. They also serve vegan ice cream, vegan cakes, flapjacks, toast with soya margarine & strawberry jam/marmalade and soya milk. A very vegan friendly cruise line and Carnival is going to need to step up if it wants Vegan cruisers to consider them, the choice on the Carnival Dream was pitiful.

John says:
Hello Caroline Kaiser,

First of all please allow me to apologise if I offended you in anyway. I do have a bit of fun with vegatableists as I do with my own weight. If you think another cruise line is providing more choice than we are then we need to do something about it and I have sent your list of examples to Sanjay, the executive chef. Can I mention we have three different vegetarian options and the new BlueIguana Cantina including a vegan burrito. Thanks for taking the time to write and I hope your cruise on the Carnival Dream was a fun one.

Best wishes.


Glenn E Conklin asked:
Good Day John!

I trust all is well with you and the Carnival Magic today over in the Med. I just posted a similar message on your Facebook wall and wanted to send it here as well to make sure you receive the feedback. I want to firstly say THANKS to you and ALL the crew on the Magic for making our recent vacation so AMAZING. My partner Jason and I just returned home to Washington, DC after sailing with you on the 8/26 nine-day sailing from Barcelona, and we had an excellent time! Everyone on the ship was a delight to be around, and you and your staff do an excellent job of making things fun for everyone. I want to especially thank John (Beyonce), Calvyn, Christian, Ryan, Melody, Nebojsa (shore excursion), and Maja (photo) for leaving such a positive impression of Carnival with us after we have arrived home. We are still laughing and talking about “Single Ladies” days after. We really appreciated all the hard work you and your staff put forth to make it a true vacation for everyone.

My partner Jason was a first time cruiser and before we left on the trip I wasn’t totally sure how he would react to the Carnival experience – as you stated in previous blogs, sailing with Carnival isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK – this was my fifth cruise with Carnival (sixth booked for 2/2012 on the Carnival Destiny) so I knew exactly what to expect, but wasn’t sure if Jason would find the experience as amusing and light-hearted as I do. Well, the team on the Carnival Magic really knocked it out of the park with Jason – not only are we both booked on the Carnival Destiny in February, but we are now trying to scrape the funds together to sail with you on the inaugural voyage of the Carnival Breeze next June 3 from Venice! I can’t say enough thanks to you and the crew for truly letting me go on vacation these past nine days. Keep up the good work and take good care of the Magic – she is truly a beauty in the Carnival fleet. CHEERS!

John says:
Hello Glenn E Conklin,

That is a brilliant post and one I am very grateful to you for writing. My time on the Carnival Magic seems so long ago and as I sit here now on the Carnival Liberty in my underpants those wonderful memories have come flooding back thanks to your post. She is a great ship and I worked with one of the best groups of crew members that I have ever worked alongside and they made an already fantastic ship even better. Thanks to you and Jason and I look forward to seeing you both next year.

Best wishes to you both.


Lora Haddon asked:

We have just returned from a cruise on the Carnival Triumph. This was our eighth cruise so I know what cruising is all about and this cruise in no way measured up to Carnival’s standards. I have never been on a more disorganized cruise. From the beginning our luggage was loaded into the ship in the rain – uncovered. When the luggage arrived at our stateroom water was pouring out of it and everything inside was soaked. Lots of luggage had gotten so wet that the luggage tags had washed off so they didn’t even know where it belonged. There has got to be a better way! Then we were late getting into Cozumel and it took over an hour in line to get off the ship. Once off the ship it was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed our time at the beach. After arriving at the mouth of the Mississippi we were forced to anchor and wait for the river to reopen. We then arrived in New Orleans and the announcement was made for people in wheelchairs and early flights to exit. Everyone seemed to be exiting at that time no matter what. None of the Carnival employees did anything to even try to correct this. Perhaps an announcement could have been made stating “be prepared to show your boarding passes” to try to stop this. After waiting almost two hours to exit the ship we too decided that since everyone seemed to be debarking we would too. We had a four-hour drive ahead of us and had small children that had school the next day and couldn’t wait any longer. John, I have cruised in bad weather before. We were on the Carnival Conquest when Hurricane Katrina/Rita first moved us to Galveston then turned our seven-day cruise into a 10-day cruise. Even on that cruise we NEVER experienced delays and incompetence like we experienced on the Carnival Triumph. It just seemed to me that the situation wasn’t handled properly by Carnival. The entire situation was disorganized and seemed like chaos with nobody trying to sort it out. With all that said, we had a great time onboard. Our waiter Ragu and assistant waiter Jeffrey John were marvelous. The food was good although not as good as I’ve had on other ships. We were disappointed that we didn’t’ get a soufflé or Bitter and Blanc on this cruise. We were looking forward to this on formal night. Several of the trivia games and other activities were scheduled to take place at the World Bar which is basically the walkway outside the casino. There was never anywhere to sit and it was always far too crowded. I couldn’t figure out why these activities didn’t take place in one of the bars or lounges. I am really not meaning to complain too much. I love cruising and will definitely cruise with Carnival again. I am looking forward to becoming Platinum soon. I am just frustrated with the way this situation was handled. Thanks again for all that you do and I look forward to cruising with Carnival in the future.

John says:
Hello Lora Haddon,

This kind of post is as important as those that praise us. Let me start by saying how sorry I am that you had these obvious concerns, especially with your luggage getting wet like that. When your luggage is dropped off at the pier it is in the hands of the local stevedores who load it onto the ship. There is no cover between the pier and the ship and obviously the luggage got soaked. I wish there was a better way as you mentioned and that way would be to wait until the rain stops. This is fine but this could result in the late departure of the ship. I need to ask you Lora, when you discovered the suitcase was wet and your clothes were soaked was complimentary laundry offered to you? Please would you let me know as it absolutely should have been. Obviously having to wait until the river was safe for the ship to enter was not a good scenario for anyone but when the Mississippi port authorities close the port and order us to wait, there is little we can do. I know about this cruise and have had similar comments about the debarkation process and while everyone praised the ship and her crew for handling a difficult cruise many thought as you did that the debarkation process was not handled well. There is the excuse that guests did not listen to what the CD was saying but that is just an excuse as regardless it is our responsibility and I promise that your remarks will be read by the right people and once again I sincerely apologise for the very obvious inconvenience you suffered. But on a lighter note I also want to thank you for all those great comments and I hope that the crew and the fun will be the overriding memory you have of your time on the Carnival Triumph.

Best wishes.


Celia Alonso asked:

I need to tell you about the life boat drill on the Carnival Destiny because to get to my life boat I had to walk with my two children through a group of crew who were all smoking. It was disgusting but nothing was done. I told someone in a white uniform but she told me that it was a crew smoking area and just walked away. It was not a good start to the cruise John.

Thank you

John says:
Hello Celia Alonso,

Thanks so much for writing and I had seen a similar comment about this recently and I apologise that this happened. It should not have and I am sorry for any discomfort this may have caused you and your family. I can tell you that the crew smoking area will be closed 30 minutes before the drill starts and that this situation will not be repeated. I do hope you had a great cruise.

Best wishes.


John & Patty asked:
Hello John,

It has been three months, since our wonderful cruise on the Carnival Magic, and we just came off a four-day cruise out of NYC on the Carnival Glory to Canada. It was an amazing cruise. We have been on the Carnival Glory many times prior to this cruise and the ship stills looks great! It nice driving to the ship, instead of flying! We were on the ship by 11:30 am and saw some familiar faces, and had a nice lunch on lido. And everything just fell in line to having a brilliant cruise, our state room as well appointed and “roomy” our cabin steward took great pride in his work. Went to the early seating in MDR Kavian was the maitre d’ and was just a wonderful person as was Yosuf from the platinum DR! They kept the flow working very well as well as their very personal touch! Perhaps people will understand that the MD make thing happen, which makes our dining so much enjoyable! They normally do this w/o fanfare we appreciate a good MD, the new menus were in place and were nice, we also noticed ThirstyFrog Red beer on tap, which is a plus!

Entertainment was great, the highlight was the CD Josh and Pepper, the ACD. Josh is a brilliant CD, and Pepper will make a great CD (he has the charm and nice personality that is needed). Just as a matter of interest they both had glowing nice word about you and what a great mentor you are to them. I still say that a good CD can really enhance your experience on the cruise! Also they set the tone for the cruise. The port of Saint John, was surprisingly wonderful with many places to explore Reverse Fall, Bay of Fundy rocks as well as great lobster, we were impressed! When the cruise was finished the process of leaving the ship was well organized, and easy, overall the staff at all levels that we came in contact with were very warm and friendly and always for the most part called us by name. We will visit the Carnival Glory again, thank you john, for a stage (blog, FB to tell our thoughts).

Best wishes to you.

John and Patty

John says:
Hello John and Patty,

I am glad I have found this as I know we have been talking about where your post went to over on Facebook. I have fond memories of our time together on the Carnival Magic and our chats at the Ocean Plaza and I am glad that you had such a wonderful time and repeated that on the Carnival Glory. I am a big admirer of Josh as a CD and it sounds like he and the staff gave you loads of fun and that the dining staff did the same. I shall make sure that I pass this along to the ship. Thanks for the kind words and I hope we will get to sail together again very soon.

Best wishes to you both.


David R asked:

I am a platinum passenger with Carnival and on cruise number 15 next week on the Carnival Elation. As a platinum passenger I feel that my luggage should be delivered to my suite first but it isn’t and non VIPs get their luggage sometimes before mine. Has Carnival any plans to change this?

John says:
Hello David R,

Thanks for your loyalty and there will be anew loyalty program introduced at the start of next year which will include new benefits and while luggage delivery is not one of them I am sure you will appreciate what we will be doing for you. More details on that soon.

Best wishes


Nadine Hertzog asked:

Hubby and I will be sailing on Magic on her first cruise and we would like private time that a table for two brings. This is our fifth Carnival sailing and we hope to have many more so I hope you can fix this table for two for us.

John says:
Hello Nadine Hertzog,

I am sure that the Carnival Magic will be your best cruise yet and I have asked the maitre d to do his best to assist you with your table request.

Best wishes to you both.


Kristy Varunan asked:
Hello John,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping to arrange a Tamil-speaking waiter on my recent cruise on the Carnival Pride. Ajeesh was the only waiter on the ship who spoke Tamil and we were given him as our waiter. He did a wonderful job as our waiter and even helped to arrange special meals, including for lunch. We saw him many times around the ship and he always greeted us with a smile. Also, thank you for the gifts in our cabin, I really appreciated it. You are very thoughtful!! Even though our cruise was cut short due to Hurricane Bastard we still had a great time and I can’t wait for our next cruise.

John says:
Hello Kristy Varunan,

It was a pleasure to help you and I am glad despite the challenges the storm brought that you had a great time. I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes.


That’s all for today.

Over the last few days I have highlighted the new areas that Fun Ship 2.0 has created and they are of course brilliant additions that simply make our guests smile. But as always it is the crew that has breathed life and fun into them and they are all thrilled to be the first team to work these new spaces. And to complement the Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades those crew have been given new uniforms to wear and I can tell you having spoken to these crew…….that they love these new uniforms, I mean absolutely love them. So well done to the beards for dressing our crew in uniforms that go completely with the product and I thought you might like to see some of those crew and what they will be wearing when they serve you.

Let’s start with the RedFrog Rum Bar and Mr. Winston from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

And now it’s time to see the uniform for the BlueIguana Tequila Bar as modeled by Grimaldo from Panama.

Probably the coolest new uniforms are those worn by the bartenders in Hot & Cool nightclub. They love them and so do the guests as you will see now as we present from left to right: Maria from Belaruse, Levgen from Ukraine and Trayana from Bulgaria.

And finally we have the Alchemy Bar and the lovely Adri from South Africa.

You can expect to see new uniforms for all the ships with or without Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades. Last month Gerry and the beards were treated to a fashion show on the Carnival Imagination where the crew modeled new uniforms from the waiters, housekeeping, security and other departments and may I say “thank goodness” because we have needed to freshen this up for many years. And at last our entertainment staff won’t look like they are about to deliver you a sodding pizza.

Next week you will see all the videos we have made and a huge thanks must go to Peter the Hair and Jay the Recently Married of whom I will talk more in a moment for all their hard work and, of course, my assistant Mel who has been her calm organised self and I hope you enjoy the footage you will see next week.

So how do I recap what the Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades have meant to the Carnival Liberty? I can honestly say I have had nothing but brilliant reviews from the guests and nearly as important is the fact that her crew is thrilled and excited about the new features here. Carnival Liberty is not the newest ship in our fleet. She’s not the biggest either but with all these brilliant new spaces ……… there is no doubt in my mind that she is the coolest. Come see for yourself.

So let’s talk about me for a bit shall we. Good, glad that’s OK then. First of all I am a little sad today. You see I haven’t mentioned this before but next week Heidi and Kye were due to join me. They had planned to fly into Miami on the 29th, stay with me in a family friendly hotel with a pool and beach and bouncy castles and then join me on the Carnival Magic before all flying home together in early December. But that has now changed………bugger. Heidi will now be going to Holland to look after her Mum for a while as she has to have some immediate surgery that Heidi wants to be there for. So that’s that then and obviously I am really disappointed but of course Heidi must be with her Mum who will be fine but will be a bit immobile for a few days.

And indeed I have had to change my plans ……….again. I will fly to Galveston as planned and host the concert and events and sail on that first cruise but then on the 20th I will fly to Miami so this means that I won’t be on for the three cruises as planned. This is because of two reasons. First I am going to be meeting with Carnival’s new VP of entertainment Adrian Fischer. I am honoured to be asked to discuss with him about our current entertainment program and the role of the cruise director. Adrian has a marvelous resume and we are all excited to see where he will lead us and I will be there to assist him as and when needed. I will of course be interviewing him for the blog very soon. The second reason I am coming back to Miami is that I have an appointment on the 22nd of November with a specialist regarding my carpool tunnel thingy which continues to play me merry hell.

Now I don’t like doctors because whenever I go and see them about whether it’s my arm or my nose or my little toe it always involves me dropping my underpants and Dr Longfinger giving me the business with latex. But I have to get this arm thing sorted out so I know I have to go. My only experience of American hospitals was pre-blog. Heidi and I rented a villa in Orlando and she trapped her finger in the sliding doors that led out to the pool. After I had called her a clumsy sod I noticed that her finger looked like Tom’s after Jerry had given him the good news by dropping an iron on it. And so we went off to see if George Clooney was working at the Orlando ER.

Well to cut a long story short Heidi was denied treatment at the hospital because our insurance didn’t extend to the U.S. Even though I had a wallet full of credit cards, she was prepared to let Heidi’s finger explode all over her desk because we didn’t have the necessary insurance. I was very upset as you can imagine and had to use all my charm and the promise of a free cruise and a fruit basket to get her to let me see a doctor. We finally got in and the doctor told Heidi she had broken her finger, gave her some pain killers and put a peg thingy on her finger, smiled and gave me a bill for $475 …..I kid you not….$475. After telling Heidi she could forget seeing Disney World that week and writing my address as 25 Bollocks Street on the hospital payment form and shortly thereafter I got a new insurance plan that included worldwide coverage.

Of course us Brits have a National Health system that is brilliant and it is also bloody awful. When Heidi had Kye I could not fault them in anyway and our Mrs. Doubtfire nurse or midwife as we call them was a true angel from heaven. She held her hand, cleaned up things that had dripped from Heidi and agreed while Heidi was “pushing” that I was a complete bastard with no more right to live on God’s green Earth than a dung beetle.

And of course there are negative sides to it as well. The government has found it hard to pay for this health for all care and thus standards have slipped and continue to do. There are long wait lists and ask any Brit and they will tell you their own stories.

My sister Suedrip recently bought a horse. Ever since she was young she has always dreamt of owning a horse and now she does. She has worked hard for this and I am always so proud of how successful she has been in the bastard world of banking. Anyway, back in September she bought a horse and along with her two dogs and the farmhouse she lives in on two acres on I now call her Laura Ingles. Anyway, my sister is an experienced rider and yet as she tried to mount her new steed the sodding four-legged glue stick bucked and she fell off and her hurt her ankle and couldn’t walk. Her husband was out and because it hurt so much she decided to call for help.

Things started well. The ambulance arrived promptly, the ankle was strapped and off she went in a big, exciting white thing with big blue flashing lights. Now, we are all used to a bit of a wait at the hospital in a room full of people with swords in their eyes, bowling balls lodged in their bottoms and their feet on back to front. But nothing can prepare you for the yawning chasm of time that passes in a British ER room (or A & E – accident and emergency as we call it) before the healthcare system actually does any healthcare and she had a four-hour wait before she was seen. And when she was she then had another two-hour wait for an X-ray and another hour wait after that before Dr Ramitin could see her. So it was a total of seven hours…..for a badly sprained ankle. But it was free. So, there is good and there is bad to both. But I have to get this taken care of because after a day at the computer writing this and my Facebook page it hurts, honestly it does. So I will have tests etc done in Miami and then they will send the reports etc to a specialist in London whom I will see when I am home.

Talking of home I will be going home on November 23 until January 20. This will be nearly two months vacation and I really need that. It has been a long six months of Carnival Magic delivery and a European season plus of course these last two months of traveling so seven weeks off will be just what me and more importantly my family need. I will of course be with you here and on Facebook throughout that time and hopefully will be writing with a less painful arm. On January 20 I will be in Philadelphia for a few days to meet with the Hasbro folks and then I will be back on Carnival Magic on January 29 for a few weeks as CD and then of course ready for the bloggers cruise which Heidi and Kye will be sailing on.

You know, people tend to tell me their problems. I think this is because they see that being fat and ugly that I have problems of my own and that maybe I will understand theirs. This has always been so and over the years I have had guests and crew tell me about their relationship problems and troubles and cares about life in general and I always try and listen and give them the best advice I can.

Many years ago I had a singer from our shows knock on my door late at night on the Carnival Fantasy. He was married to a dancer and told me that he had realised that he preferred men and that his marriage was a sham. I spent the next few hours listening to him and then the following day sitting with him and his soon to be ex-wife as he explained to her that their relationship was over. She left the ship immediately and it was a traumatic time for them and I hoped I was a good listener as he described his situation.

I tell you this because of something that happened last night. I have been working here on the Carnival Liberty with Peter the Hair and Jay The Recently Married. These two chaps have taken our video coverage of everything we do at Carnival to a new level and they have I promise, only just begun.

So last night we spent hours filming and they then spent even more hours editing the footage you will see very soon including me bartending at the Alchemy Bar! Anyway, it had been a long day and later we met for a wrap up session in the EA SPORTS bar. I arrived and Jay was there on his own, sitting have a ThirstyFrog Red. Jay is so talented and great fun to be with and as I have mentioned he has just gotten married to a lovely lady called Heather.

So anyway, I sat next to him, ordered my Diet Coke and saw that Jay looked very serious and this is what happened and will explain why I had a flashback to the story I mentioned that happened many years ago on the Carnival Fantasy. Jay sipped on his beer and looked so so serious. He was quiet, withdrawn even and certainly not his chatty self. And then suddenly, he looked up and with purpose in his eyes he said something that I had not been expecting.

“John, I have to tell you………………I really like guys.”

There was no emotion in his voice – it was just a statement that he needed to tell me. My brain quickly analyzed this and I was drawn back to the singer on the Fantasy who had told me the same thing.

“Oh,” I replied and not sure what to say I followed on with “Have you told your wife?”

Jay’s demeanor suddenly changed and from showing no emotion his face turned as red as his hair and he started to laugh really loud, so loud that everyone in the EA SPORTS bar started to stare back at us.

What? What was he laughing about? I was about to find out because when he composed himself he said and I quote, “Not guys, you f*****g idiot, I like Guy’s………….Guy’s Burgers.”

And the laughter continued. Still, I gave Jay Calvyn’s number……….just in case.


Your friend


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49 Responses to UNIFORM 2.0

  1. John R. Masalko II says:

    This may come to a huge suprise, but I’m not writing to ask for any special favors or free gifts. I writing to say that I really enjoy reading you Blog and your Facebook posts. It really helps to pass the time until we cruise on the “Dream” 11/19/11. Thank You for doing what you do so well.

    • Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

      Hope you have a wonderful cruise…..


    • Michelle says:

      wow, you didn’t ask for anything. It seems like every time i read his blog someone feels they “deserve” something for free. So irritating!!
      Have a great time on your cruise. I’m jealous, I have to wait until 2/25 for mine on the Dream. Can’t wait!!

  2. Ken says:

    Is Carnival planning any all ‘Guys’ cruises soon?

  3. Jennifer says:

    I just had to comment on what Caroline Kaiser said about the vegan thing. I looked this up (vegetariantimes.com) and only .05% of Americans are vegan. Considering that a ship has very limited storage space for food I am not sure what it is you expect. YOU have chosen this diet. While I agree you should be offered some choices you need to remember that you are a very small group of those on board. I don’t wish to offend but please put things in perspective. I am one of the 16% of Americans who are hearing impaired. It would be a bit unfair for me to expect every show, every comedian, every show on tv and every announcement to be closed caption so I can read it. Consider logistics and just be real. Celebrity ships are have fewer people on them and are more expensive. We all have to be a bit considerate of our own special circumstances.

    • Sage56 says:

      Jennifer, that was an amazing, truly amazing response.. Thank you for that bit of insightful, and refreshing perspective!

    • Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


      What a well written response. Thanks for putting things in their proper perspective.

      Linda (Mom of DJ)

  4. kimberly Walker says:

    John, I am POSITIVE the men will love seeing the hot&cool bar women in uniform !! I am glad to see a more fun and relaxed uniform standard. Im relaxed on my cruise and I want everyone else to be also. A comfortable person is a happy person, a happy person makes those around them happy….what else could you want, right?

    I hope your Carpal Tunnel get better. Mine isn’t as bad since I stopped using my mouse and just use my swipe thingy on my laptop…

    You wouldn’t want to jump on over the the Imagination for a few days on Nov 4th would ya? 🙂

  5. Jean Morgan says:

    The NHS is truly wonderful in an emergency. 11PM on New Years Day 2010 I arrive at A & E feeling unwell with a burning pain in my chest. I was taken for an ECG within 3 minutes, told it was a heart attack and from there I was in the operating room before midnight with a team who had all been called from home just because of me. Two days later I was home feeling better than I had for a very long time.
    Right now I have already been waiting 4 months to see a specialist in January … fortunately nothing too serious or painful, just inconvenient so I will wait.

    • Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


      Indeed the countries like Canada, England, America etc should be thankful we have such excellent health care.

      I can only speak for the US, but every citizen in the United States has FREE health care.

      John just happen to go to a PRIVATE (for profit) Care Center.

      Had he gone to any of the non-profit hospitals or care centers, Heidi would have gotten the same excellent care that the {PRIVATE) “For Profits” provide….without the expectation of “cash before service”.

      It is illegal in the United States for a Non-Profit Hospital to refuse service for lack of insurance or the ability to pay.

      Now, this means those individuals without insurance (or funds to pay) can only get free care AT those non-profit hospitals, but there are multiple locations in the cities.

      For example, we live in a town of 40,000 people and there are 4 such hospitals within a 20 minute drive.

      Ambulances must also transport with or without insurance or cash.


  6. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the laughter! I needed that!

  7. Sharon says:

    Great blog as usual and I’m so sorry Heidi and Kye won’t be joining you as originally planned. I know you miss them terribly and am glad you will have two months at home with them. While I’m sure the conversations on the Fantasy were not fun, I’m so glad you are there when people need help. It’s what makes you a great CD and a good friend. As for the conversation with Jay the Recently Married, all I can say is priceless!!! See you in 17 days in Galveston!!!

  8. Barb says:


    Regarding your carpool tunnel thingy. You do know that there is voice recognition software that you can use on your computer, don’t you? Then you could just talk into a microphone hooked into your computer and it would type everything you said. Ask the IT guys about it and give your carpool tunnel thingy a rest.

  9. Peggy Dunbar says:

    Oh John, I think I just peed my pants I am laughing so hard. I thought of the same thing, I have to tell Calvyn about this “guy”.

    I too think it is so disrespectful for anyone to ask for anything be it a table for two or a “small gift, perhaps a note”, and never say please or thank you. I put it to how they were raised. I was always told to say thank you and please and call people mam and sir. I was raised in Texas and you will find Texans not only friendly but very courteous. Some of your readers call us crude, I say they are just rude.

    I for one am happy that you are going to being going to the doctors to help with your car pool tunnel 😉 It is not ever going to get better and will continue to get worse but then you know that. From what Jacqueline tells me, the operation is a snap and you are going to be just fine when it is all over and you have healed.

    You must be so dissapointed about missing your precious Heidi and Kye. I will keep Heidi’s Mum in my thoughts and prayers and you as well John. You will be home very soon, just keep the faith that time does go by very fast.

    Thank you for helping me with my review of my Carnival Magic cruise and “where to put it” LOL. I did as you asked, put it here in two parts. It is super long and I did tend to ramble, but I just had to tell you all about my wonderful cruise.

    Keep smiling John; you truly are one of the good guys.

    My best to Heidi and Kye.

  10. richstowe says:

    John , the last couple of blogs have been very good for you. You are getting pretty good. No need to apologize.(Figured I would practice my back-handed compliments. Actually loved todays blog. Well done.)

  11. Teresa Richardson says:

    Well, John, as usual, this blog has us in stitches–and that is meant as a compliment not a zing. Sorry, I am one of those who often speak before the brain is in gear and say the wrong thing when I mean entirely the opposite–bless my poor little ole heart and please forgive if I have ever offended. (example: me: that little girl is pretty. son: Mom! you can’t say that! me: why? She is. Son: Because when you say one is pretty, you just called all the others ugly…)Just can’t win sometimes. Speaking of backhanded compliments, what is the title you give to requests that aren’t even slightly disguised as a request? ( Example: Dear Sir, I looked on a website for a Carnival Magic cruise, but accidentally paid for a closet in the laundry room on the ex-Carnival Holiday. Since this was my first booking error, don’t you think I deserve a spa suite with a wrap around balcony and my own slide to the lido deck and front row seats reserved in the ballsyroom theatre since I am so stressed out because the tiny print on your web site may make me miss my dream vacation? PS: I am sailing tomorrow, so can you get this fixed ASAP?) Okay, so they aren’t that bad, but the unmitigating gall of some, is amazing, humorous, and makes us wonder how many poops downstairs you have to make before you can print a gentlemanly response. We may not say it right, or often enough, but we love and appreciate you, John Heald.

  12. Sandy Pickett says:

    I love the story of the two southern ladies saying bless there heart after they say something insulting.Myself if some one is feeding me a line of bull I just say that’s nice but thinking to myself your full of s–t.Anyways John very funny blog.I hope you feel better and your mother-in-law has a speedy recovery so you can have a good holiday with your family.

  13. Valorie and Rodney says:

    Once again you have made me laugh just when I needed it! THANK YOU JOHN for sharing your time with us! I sincerely hope you know how much we appreciate the time you give to keep us informed and entertained!!

  14. Maurice O says:

    Thank you Jennifer for commenting on Caroline K’s comment’s to John… You know, rude people are always going to be around.. It’s just bad that people have no tact in their approach of asking for things. Yes, this is YOUR diet, and you expect a Brand to expand on it? I think it’s very inconsiderate. Now, Carnival does have a good selection of vegetarian dishes. Is it nessicary for you to be so rude? Really? Makes me sick. I refer back to my mother and her sayings as we were growing up, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t day ANYTHING!

    • Gordon says:

      I’m still trying to figure out what an ‘aborigine’ burger is? Exactly what part of an Australian do they grind up for that patty? I’m going out on a limb here, but it really doesn’t sound too vegan to me.

  15. Lynda Ulrich says:

    Great blog today John. And Calvyn, if you´re reading this, Bob and Lynda say I and will see you on BC5.

  16. Host Mach from Cruise Critic says:

    What a way to end a blog! That was hilarious!!! Jay, if you’re out there, I’m sure that thousands of folks are laughing loudly at your expense!!

    How sad that Heidi and Kye won’t be able to join us on the Carnival Magic for all of the fun from Galveston. Bummer… BUT we’ll be thrilled to see them on BC5!!!

    Speaking of the girls, all our best to them, please, sir!!!


    Host Mach

  17. John says:

    John, you might want to check out the Brown Hand Center in Houston. I had good results from them.


    • Cathy says:

      OMG – Can’t wait to hear what John has to say about the “Brown Hand Center in Houston!” Why is it brown, I wonder??

  18. Eileene says:

    Thanks again for the entertainment, John – hope your carpool tunnel doesn’t bother you as much today.

    On FB, you mentioned people not saying “thank you.” In this blog, two people (Wendi & Nadine) asked for something, and neither one said, “Please.” I teach 2-year-olds at Bible Study who have better manners, so it’s not a generation issue. So sad!! At least you’ll soon have 2 months away from it – I’m sure Kye’s manners are much better. 😀

    See you on Nov. 13th!!

  19. Lisa R says:

    Dear John,
    I am an avid reader of your blog and have seen you move mountains before…for this I am hoping with all of my heart that you will be able to help me or put me in touch with some of your carnival friends who can help.

    Nearly 2 months ago I booked my bachelorette party and my friend’s 30th birthday for 9 people on the Carnival Destiny sailing Nov 10. I used a 3rd party company, vacationstogo.com.

    Now we are 9 women flying in from all over the country. We agreed to go on the Destiny for the simple reason that we were able to get adjoining rooms because we booked early enough. We haven’t seen each other in years and decided not to book a balcony or interior because it did not adjoin. We paid more to select our rooms and not have the guaranteed option again for the adjoining purpose….you see, we are 9 women, at a bachelorette party, for obvious reasons we desperately wanted to be together…this may not seem important to most, but it was key to our decision to go on the Destiny.

    Anyway, we paid for rooms 1266 and adjoining 1264 and one door over 1270. When I went to check in online, there was a mistake. I don’t know if it was the fault of vacationstogo or Carnival but we were given rooms 1270, 1266 and 1134! Our adjoining 1264 was given to someone else!! The worst part is that no one through Carnival or vacationstogo caught this mistake! Now I’m left for my own party on the other side of the world, away from my friends.

    No one is willing to help or even listen. I just want what I paid for…what all 9 of us paid for. I am hitting road blocks and horrible people who wont even bother to help..they already have my money, why bother give me what I paid for is the general attitude from all parties.

    All that I want is to see if the people in the adjoining room I paid for but didn’t get (1264) will move to the room we were mistakenly given 1134 instead…but no one will contact them to ask.

    We are 9 very, very upset women who are the victims in this whole mess…please, what can you do, I am so sad and have lost enough sleep over it.

    Thank you so much.

  20. Carol DeLaRosa says:

    John, great blog as usual! Glad to see you are going to have an extended time with Heidi and Kye, you all three deserve it.

    Also would like to say Kudo’s to Lora Haddon, hope others take note. She stated her concerns, without a bunch of whining and at the end there was a Thank You. And then your response was perfect! Sometimes, we all get frustrated, but knowing that someone is there to listen is what we need. I am a big believer in “If it’s done right, make sure and praise, and if there is a problem Let someone know, so that it can get corrected or explained.

    Thanks again for giving us this opportunity.

  21. Sue D. says:

    John, after reading your blog thingy I now regreatfully understand how this country is in the shape it’s in. How many times have I read how some of these people feel they are ENTITLED to free stuff or I am platium I should get my luggage first crap. And those are the same fools that don’t even have the manners to say THANK YOU OR PLEASE!!! It just galls me to think these people bread!!

  22. Bill Heck says:

    Dear John:

    Carnival Magic is back in Barcelona, and yes Calvyn is a little strange. Has a quirkiness about him, you will have fun, unless you go nuts. He sure adds a new dimension to the trivia, says a whale shark is not a fish, because it is a shark. ??

    The cruise was great, service perfect, had fun in each port.

    Looking forward to 16 days onboard to Galveston. Hope to see you in Texas for just a hello. WYWH

    Sorry to hear about Heidi’s mom, hope that works out ok.

    We are forward on Lido deck and we find people outside our room looking for the buffet. The Ocean Plaza is a good invention, enjoy the service there, nice place for a light breakfast or lunch.


    Almost time to cast off lines and go to Palma de Mallorca.

    Your Friend

    Bill Heck

  23. amanda says:

    Hi John, I really like all these new changes, and I bet the employees appreciate a chance to wear something more up to date and fun to fit the new environment.

    I’ve got a request for you. My brother and soon to be sister in law (who introduced me to your blog thingy) are getting married on board the Carnival Inspiration the first day of our two week cruise. The whole family agrees that it would be awesome to get them in the love and marriage game show. Can you assist?

    My sister in law loves Carnival and your blog. She is the one who does all the work for each of our cruises. I thought that I could help thank her by asking this favor of you. I don’t have her booking number, but her room is u183 and this is on Dec.3, 2011.

    Thank you John.

  24. grizel robertson says:

    Hi, John, yet another great blog!
    I can fully appreciate your sister’s frustration with the NHS in the UK, it has being going on for many years!
    After visiting the renowned Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow & looking forward to watching Europe clutch the Ryder Cup on my return home, I tripped and fell almost flat on my face in full view of many shoppers. I just dusted myself down, tried to be invisible, hobbled back to my car & drove home. While watching Europe triumph, I noticed my left foot had swollen to to twice the size of my right foot.
    It was time for action. With difficulty, I drove the 15 miles to Casualty at my nearest General Hospital, accompanied by my partner who can’t drive. Being a Sunday night I, mistakenly thought I would wait only a short time for attention – wrong it took 3 hours before consultation & x-ray.
    By this time, I was brassed off & ready to blow a fuse. However, a short time later, the on-duty doctor appeared with the results of my x-rays & could hardly contain her composure. She asked me if I was trying to upstage David Beckham & could see that hadn’t a Scooby about what she meant. It turned out that I had managed to break 3 metatarsals bones in my left foot whwn DB only succeeded to break one several weeks previously in a soccer match. When the penny dropped I nearly broke my hip as I rocked in laughter, but I was duly plastered & banned from driving for 4 weeks.
    So sorry about Heidi & Kye being unable to join you soon but I am looking forward to meeting both on BC5 & also Host Mach & the other fantastic Bloggers – only 4 months to go, can’t wait!

  25. ooops accidentally hit send before i meant to. We will be on the carnival liberty Nov 5th state room 6387, So if you could arrange a birthday song for Jen I would be so happy.

  26. Talmadge (Tal) Strickland says:

    John just a BIG thank you for all you do. Diane and I really enjoyed our cruise on Liberty this week. It’s the Carnival family that makes the trip worth while. Taking time to make sure all details are in order is a large task and Carnival does a thumbs up job. We really enjoyed the Guy (not gay)Burgers and the Alchemy Bar. Thanks for OUR European trip where we first met you. Diane and I will be cruising again -soon and it’s because of people like you.
    Thanks Tal and Diane

  27. barbara says:

    Hi John,
    That was a good one , about the Guy joke.Gave me a good laugh for a Friday. Just wanted to say, we went on the Splender last week, Had a good time. Wanted to say we had a good steward ,”Marco” , wish I could take him home Going to miss putting my dishes outside my door , That won’t work at home. LOL. Also like the morning show , with Todd and Stephine.Good info for the day. Todd has a lot of energy , I guess that is one of the requirement to be a curise director.My husband , saw he was in the comedy act, and he said .Dosen’t Todd ever rest? LOL. I said guess not. . Thats why you get 2 months of vacation, you guys put in lot of hours . Well stay healthy , and rested.And hope to see you on a curise, not sure where I will go next, to many to choose from.

  28. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    I am so glad you are getting this carpool issue addressed.

    We hope Heidi’s Mom has a full and complete recovery.

    If you think financially providing healthcare of 35 Million is an issue for England… just think how difficult it would be for America to do it for 300+ MILLION.

    Btw, I am sorry that Heidi had a bad experience at a For Profit Care Center…but just like ALL of Carnival Cruise Lines should not be “critized” for one bad cruise…..ALL American Health Care should not be “critized” because you had one bad experience.

    We have THE BEST health care around. If I need health care (surgery, physical therapy or just a flu shot)…it is available to me immediately and perfectly done.

    But then…we work for a living….and I am aware that this may not be the case for those who do not.

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

    • Bill Heck says:

      Linda, not all people who work for a living are fortunate like you to have healthcare. I think this was your innuendo, that those without healthcare just need to get a job. Sorry, but this hits me the wrong way. Kind of like, let them eat cake.

      The interesting thing about healthcare in the US is that your bill for $475 John, would have been discounted to about $47 dollars to your insurance carrier, had you had one.

    • Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


      I wanted to add ( as I addressed in an earlier post)….

      Americans are provided FREE health care if they do not have insurance or the ability to pay by multiple NON PROFIT hospitals and medical providers.

      It is AGAINST THE LAW for a Non-profit medical facility to refuse service of any kind. Now PRIVATE (for profit) care centers are not required to provide free care…just like England’s PRIVATE hospitals will turn YOU away if you don’t have the cash or insurance…

      Our Pastor’s son is 30 years old and does not have insurance. He just received $250,000 in cancer treatment that saved his life…and to date…he has not paid one penny.

      Linda (Mom of DJ)

  29. Luis R says:

    Hello John!

    So sorry to hear about your forced change in plans and that Heidi’s Mum will be alright quickly.

    I wanted to comment about the wet luggage complaint. I sailed on Carnival Magic last July and we didn’t have any issues with embarkation and luggage. But now that I read this I realized something. Some time after we got to the ship we saw some 60 luggage cages next to the ship on the pier waiting to be loaded. My girlfriend and I even found amusing that we spotted our luggage in one of the cages all the way from deck 11. The cages remained there in the open and unprotected for several hours and were loaded shortly before departure. That day the weather was perfect and there was no issue with the cages being outside in the open for so long. Had it rained our luggage would have been soaked becuase they were right on top of the other bags in the cage.

    Now… like Lora said, there’s got to be a better way. Perhaps the cages could be similar to the containers used in aircraft which are enclosed. I realize this brings other complications since the cage walls are collapsible to save space and they stacked on top of each other in what little space is available for them on deck 0 (I know because I took the Behind the Fun tour and were taken to this area). Or perhaps have the port authorities build a shed close to the loading area at the piers used for embarkation/debarkation.

  30. Lexi says:

    Dear John- just flew home today from the Liberty. I wish I could say it was brilliant. Both Husband and I could not wait to go home. Never said that in all my 34 cruises on 3 different lines. It was pretty bad. From returning the rental car downtown which took seconds to do and waited nearly 40 min for a shuttle for the pier. Then once we got to the ship we find that they have cut pit actual people in the terminal it is similar to what they have at the airport. We scanned the Passports and then my credit card and it would not work then 10 min later someone assits and then off to another line for a card. Does not make sense to do that.

    The cabin on deck 2 was ready so off we go. Guess what no TV and later no hot water. Our cabin steward Luis was unfriendly and said he worked from x-x and of you have a problem it really is difficult to get some help. The worse was the next am at 8am when the cabin stewards kitchen area is across from the cabin and started scopping ice and making loud noise. Some days we could hear him and his little cabin key pounding on doors.

    The food areas on Lido were fantastic! Guys was fantastic. The Buritto bar was great too. We enjoyed the red frog beer too. We missed the Reggae music. During the day why must we see the same Grand Cayman turtle on the big screen. How about some Short movies or sports or making of the Dream or Magic? The hot tubs on Lido were Luke warm at best. I have never been cold in a hot tub but was this time. By 9 am there were towels galore. No umbrellas like the Dream the worst thing on lido was that someone Puked by the red frog and as of this am it was still there! It happened on Monday.

    The Silver Olympian food was not nearly as good as it was on the Dream. We really had no clue who our server was we had both a male and female and they both handed out the menu. Never made suggestions. Service was very slow too. Very few people spoke to us when in the hall. We loved Gran Turk and really wish more ships went there. Get rid of Grand Cayman this is so much better! We enjoy the blog and will continue to read it. Not sure if we will return to Carnival. First time I have ever left a ship without booking another cruise. Hasan the head Maitre D was fantastic! He was the one bright spot in the cruise.

  31. Tim Harrington says:

    John, I’m glad to say my wife and I had the chance to meet you on the Liberty.My wife took our picture in the new EA sports bar, while you were touring the ship with a video crew.We loved all the changes,I had huevos rancheros almost every day for breakfast and GUy Fieri (sp) burgers for lunch or snack or whenever we happened to pass buy.And the port changes were a bonus for us because we had never been to Grand Turk before.But and this is a big BUT the watch sale on the last sea day was a mess it really cheapened the cruise experience for us.My wife was nearly trampled in the store,There were f-bombs flying from every direction.From previous cruises our experience has been that the watch sale has been a well organized event.Well this will not change our opinion of Carnival we already have two cabins booked on the legend for Nov. 2012.We loved the cruise and wouldn’t change a thing except for the watch sale.Thanks again for the photo op and we hope to sale with you again in the future. The Harrington’s

  32. Kathy Locke says:

    Hello John, regarding the post by Lora about the Carnival Triumph, I have just returned yesterday from a 5 day cruise from Galveston on the Triumph. We did not have any issues with rain on our luggage but I did not find the ship to be unorganized. We had to be detoured due to Hurrincane Rina and only had a short stay in Cozumel but it was handled very well. I was impressed also on the disembarkment as it was the smoothest that I have had on any of my Carnival trips. Tex, our cruise director, and the other employees kept things moving smoothly and orderly.(Hopefully, this will be as smooth on the Magic when it arrives in Galveston). This was the first time that we have had Tex for our cruise director and we enjoyed him very much. ( John you are our most favorite of all cruise directors. We sailed with you on the Conquest and loved you and were hoping that you would be on the Magic when we sail 11/27 from Galveston.)

    I want to commend Carnival on the Maitre D in the Paris dining room, Miguel Rodriques. What a entertaining man he is. He kept us laughing through our meal and you could tell he loved his waitstaff and they loved working for him. This is the first time on any of my cruises that I actually remember the Maitre D’s name! Please reward him for his great work.

    Also, regarding the Brown Hand Center in Houston mentioned earlier, it was named after Dr.Michael Brown, MD who founded this procedure for carpal tunnel. I also have friends that have had his procedure done with success and with a speedy recovery.

    Thanks again for your great work and wish you a great vacation time with your family.

  33. Jodi says:

    Dear John,

    Brilliant! As usual. I am so glad that you did not have to repeat your friendly listening ear experience! You are the best no doubt! Especially at finding the way to tackle life’s issues with laughter. And at getting everyone up and excited about this Funship 2.0! I am really looking forward to celebrating my 30th anniversary on the Carnival Splendor which will by that time have had her makeover, I beleive. If not just gives me a reason to go again the next year.

    BTW, you have even influenced a new generation of cruisers! We have talked so much about you, your blog and Carnival our 5 and 3 year old grandsons are talking about their turn to go cruising w/Nana and Grampy! And we are happy to endulge them. We are still working out the details, but expect that will be next year.

    Thanks again for a terrific blog!
    Always your friend,
    Jodi 🙂

  34. Becky S says:

    RE: comment made about luggage getting wet–
    I had a similar unfortunate experience with soaked luggage a few years ago in Miami. Not only did the clothes get wet, but as a result, some of them faded on each other and I was NOT happy. But I definitely learned from that mistake. I now put all of my clothes in the travel “space bags” that are like oversized baggies. Not only do they help keep clothes dry from the possible rains at the ports (both embarking and debarking), they keep them organized and do indeed help with space in the luggage.

    RE: Southern expressions–

    John, as a proud/card carrying Southerner, I must say that you are quite right and it is a standard thing in the south to say, “bless her/his heart” when you are trying to describe folks who have “issues” but can’t help themselves. LOL!!

    And as for the last info on liking “guy’s,” all I have to say is…make sure you are always VERY clear as to the intent of your statement!! 😉

  35. JTC says:

    John – Why can’t the Beards go to YOUR Office to SEE in REAL LIFE what the entertainment needs or does not need. The Beards need to get out of the office and SEE what the guest see everyday. They can Fly to any POC and cruise to the next POC or Debarkation port anytime. They can afford time out of the office and make the money to just jump on a jet and go. BEARDS GO SEE JOHN at HIS OFFICE.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    Please Post:

    We were on the Ecstasy in August. It was exactly as we had hoped that it would be. I once thought that I didn’t like the ship. It wasn’t the ship, it was the (relatively) short 5 day cruise.
    There are several crew members who should be mentioned. A member of the wait team, Melody from South Africa was an absolute delight. She took time to tell us South African names for foods. She is taking ship offered computer courses. I hope that she stays with Carnival for a long time for I think she will add a great deal to any company for which she works. Bryan, the singer, was always very friendly and often had children playing percussion for him, much to the delight of the children, parents and those passing by. I can’t mention our cabin steward. He kept the room very clean but we never met him.
    We are looking forward to our Jan cruise on the Triumph and our May cruise on the Magic. I wish that you could be there.

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  38. Amy Wadsworth says:

    I have to say I find it amazing that someone took the time to write a complaint about their kids walking through a crew smoking area during a drill. They probably get more exposure to smoke and fumes standing in a parking lot then the seconds it took to walk by, and out of a WHOLE cruise, this is what they remember to write home about…lol. Not the crew, the food, maybe the weather? Cracks me up. Some people’s priorities are wayyyyy offffff.

    Keep up the good work John, love your blog and read it all the time. 🙂

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