Backstage with Butch

October 31, 2011 -

John Heald

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10 Responses to Backstage with Butch

  1. Terry Mavis says:

    was a great video just wish it would not take so long to get 2.0 to the other ships. some of us cant sail out of Miami

  2. Marlene Dovell says:

    Loved seeing you and Butch together, two of my favorite CDs…was fun to view.

  3. Luis R says:

    That interview looks like it was shot with a cell phone. Very poor quality video specially when compared with the footage from other parts of the ship. And very poor audio. The hug at end was brilliant!! hehe

  4. Marylou Hansen says:

    that was so much fun to watch!!! I can’t wait for my galpals and I to sail on Liberty in early February ☺

  5. Marty Brown says:

    I am so glad Butch is so happy back on Carnival Liberty where we first encountered him…but we are really going to miss him on the Dream on New Year’s Eve..we planned that cruise around him being there….please help us find a cruise where Butch is CD in our future…

  6. STILLmissingthesmokefreeparadise says:

    Butch –

    Come on, give him a real hug. Heck, I gave him a kiss when I saw him on the first day of the 2008 Carnival Freedom Transatlantic.

    BTW – did you guys have an earthquake around 1:10 into this interview?


  7. Frank Heine says:

    The fun 2.0 looks great. It does make me want to go on a Carnival cruise even more. Good job !

  8. Courtnay says:

    I loved this interview with Butch! I just got off the ship today (11-19-11) and had an amazing time on the Liberty. I loved all of the 2.0 upgrades on this ship and Butch and his crew did a great job! This was by far my favorite cruise!! 🙂

  9. lavelle says:

    Does Butch have an e-mail address? If so what is it?

  10. kenneth heaverin says:

    John i have to say you picked the best cruise director in your fleet there is we have been with Bucth six or seven times should of been with him on the dream cant wait to go on the Liberty to see what has been done we where on there in Oct

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