March 26, 2012 -

John Heald

As you may know, I was in Miami two weeks ago sorting Carnival Breeze stuff out with the beards and while there I decided I wanted to go for a really good meal to say thanks to my assistant Calvyn for all his hard work. We had eaten for most of the week at restaurants that pretty much all look the same, smell the same and whose food all tastes the same. So taking a break from Tony Chili’s and Ruby Roma’s, we headed to Miami Beach for a proper dinner at a very upscale restaurant. It is considered the most popular place in town and the place to be seen and the place for the rich and the tanned. I knew it may not be easy to get into but considering Calvyn and I were heading there at 6 pm and most of the Miami “faces” don’t even get out of bed before 8 pm as it would be very uncool to be seen eating dinner before 10 pm.

I had been introduced to this restaurant by my friends Mr. and Mrs. Bentley and remembered the amazing cowboy steak and the huge baked potato that was the same length as LeBron James’ ummmmm……foot. So I was confident that we were early enough to get a table and was looking forward to showing Calvyn a good time and enjoying a wonderful meal…, I had Carnival’s company credit card and after the bloggers cruise and my hard work, I thought Gerry would love to treat me to a meal. And so we parked our rented Hyundai thingy and in we walked.

“Do you have a reservation?” said the supermodel type behind the hostess desk. She was truly beautiful but obviously had never eaten anything on the menu where she worked as she was as thin as anorexic stick insect. The restaurant was quiet as I had expected it to be with only three tables occupied and they were probably just finishing their lunch. She looked me up and down and asked me if I had a reservation. I told her no and smiled my cruise director smile. She looked me up and down and admiring my pair of Dockers and my polo shirt bought from Big Bubba’s High & Mighty shop and saw that I was fat and that my teeth were bent and the colour of a toilet seat after Stevie Wonder has finished using it and seeing Calvyn’s “Got Fun?” T-shirt and decided that, despite the restaurant being as busy as a Bath and Body Works in Paris, and said the place was full.

It wasn’t and I politely told the stick insect that this was bollocks and that it wasn’t and she simply told me that it soon would be and that without a reservation, she couldn’t help me. I started to name drop hoping that this would help. I said I knew Gerry Cahill and had beaten him in a race down a water slide and that I had once shook Micky Arison’s hand and that in 1996 on the Carnival Destiny, Regis Philbin had thrown a microphone at me. But Twiggy didn’t care because she was finished with Calvyn and I and showed us that was the case by picking up her jewel- incrusted EyePhone and called her friend probably to tell her the joke about a fat man and Cher-loving assistant cruise director who walk into a restaurant. I was furious, really I was, and felt bad for Calvyn as well because I had played this place up to him because it really is one of the best meals I have ever had. I also wanted Calvyn to see the amazing cars that pull up outside this restaurant and enjoy the sight of beautiful women trying to get out of Lamborghinis and Aston Martins wearing short skirts and no knickers.

But we weren’t allowed in. I would like to believe it’s because the place was going to be full in an hour or so, but deep down I knew that this was bollocks. It was because we weren’t dressed right and probably because we were too ugly. Bottom line, we didn’t suit the restaurant. Letting us in would have been like going to a party and finding a turd in the punchbowl. Don’t get me wrong, the food is incredible and you will, I guarantee, see someone from the world of film, TV and music so you will get a night of brilliant food and a chance to have Brad Pitt, Madonna or Dwyane Wade at the next table. But after my experience, unless Megan Fox invites me I won’t ever go there again, I would rather eat my own underpants!

Time for today’s Q and A…..away we go.

Gus Melchion asked:

Sir John,

First off, you are a great ambassador for not only Carnival, but for mankind. I have cruised on every ship in the fleet since the Mardi Gras (1977). I know things must change and have over the years. Some good 90% some bad 10%. The rub for me is the discontinuation of the daily news paper. Also I always request a six-person table and wind up in the chaos line on the first night. As an 80-cruise milestone and stock holder I expect better. What do you think? Great choice in promoting 6″3 Aussie Amy. She will make a great cruise director.

John says:
Hello Gus Melchion,

Let me first thank you for your loyalty and I know that you have always been a huge supporter of Carnival and long may this continue. We have indeed stopped the printed newspaper focusing on world events as the news now is shown on the cabin TVs but I miss it as well. I know that there is always a line for table changes at embarkation and that’s why I hope before your next cruise that you will contact me here or on Facebook so I can do my best to take you out of that line and help you before you cruise. I agree with you, Amy will make a great ACD for the Carnival Breeze and one day soon a brilliant CD as well. I hope we sail together soon and please let me know if you need anything.


George Scrogie asked:

I was sailing on the Splendor with my wife and was seated at dinner with two couples from South Africa and one couple from Australia. I was surprised by this and I asked to be moved but the Christmas cruise was full and there were no other seats. Why does Carnival not seat Americans with Americans? We had nothing in common with the non-American people we had for seven days within the restaurant.

John says:
Hello George Scrogie,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and I wonder if you saw that I also posted this on my Facebook page where it generated 700 comments and thus provoked great discussion. We really don’t look at nationalities when we seat people at the table outside of language. We try not to seat people from Venezuela say with people from Japan as obviously conversation would not exactly be easy, but in your case I am sure the maître d realising that people from Australia and South Africa would speak English, thought this would be OK. However, I realise that you didn’t enjoy the experience and so I would urge you to contact me before you cruise with us again either here or on my Facebook page so that I can arrange a private table for two or make sure you are seated only with other Americans. I do hope you had a great cruise despite this and that we see you again soon.

Best wishes.


Robyn and Grant Bonamasso asked:

We saw you on the Carnival Triumph in 2002 and had a great time and were really looking forward to seeing you on the Carnival Magic in February but just learnt that you won’t now be on the ship which I am quite upset about if the truth be told. I know you may say you are not in control of where you go and what you do but it’s not fair on my wife and me and others I am sure that I you let down. I would not normally ask for free stuff but under the circumstances that we booked the ship partly because you would be the cruise director, I am hoping that you will make it up to us in the form of a meal at the steak restaurant or a free excursion maybe. Our booking number this cruise is ****** You are a great person and have many followers but watch those followers disappear if you continue to let them down as you have my husband and me.

John says:
Hello Robyn and Grant,

Well, I guess I need to start with two apologies. Firstly, that I let you down and secondly that I have seen this post only now and you have already sailed. I do know that when I advertise a schedule and then that schedule changes, I do let many people down and while I do have bosses who tell me where and when I go I also know that in the wake of these changes comes disappointment, for which I am truly sorry. And while I am afraid I wouldn’t have paid for a meal at the steakhouse I would have certainly sent you something to say sorry that I missed you. I do hope you had a great time and I hope that we get to sail together very soon.

Best wishes.


Ginger Evans asked:

Last week my girlfriend and I were on the Carnival Liberty and read on your blog about the Guy’s burgers and how they were the best blah, blah, blah. I am here to tell you that they are not good — they are AWESOME! I am embarrassed to tell you that I ate one sometimes two every day and no other burger will ever come close. We both had a great cruise and it was our first on Carnival but it will not be our last because we had our best vacation ever. We will be back.

John says:
Hello Ginger Evans,

You’re so right, eating any other kind of burger after a Guy’s burger is a major disappointment and I am so thrilled that you enjoyed one or two and that most importantly you had a great cruise and that you will be back soon. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know and thanks for the great post.

Best wishes.


Mrs. Dianne Lilley asked:
Mr Heald,

I was on the Christmas sailing of the Carnival Dream. I am a VIP platinum passenger and did not get the beach bag you described but got a cooler. There should also be a private entrance for VIP passengers to the past guest party. We should not have to line up with the people who are not VIP. Please respond!

John says:
Hello Dianne Lilley,

We are looking at a number of new options and choices for when we launch our new loyalty program so please hang on in there. I know some guests were disappointed by the fact that they didn’t get the backpacks as the ships were told to run their stock of coolers down first but all the ships now have them and they are great. There will be many more changes coming to the loyalty program and I will let you know about them as soon as I can. Until then thanks for your loyalty and hope you had a great cruise.

Best wishes.


Jane Fairclough asked:
Hello John:

You don’t know me but I cruised with you on the Carnival Magic in beautiful Venice and Naples and Dubrovnik and Messina and Rome and it was so fantastic. I do have a question though about our waiter Joel. He was so charming and we tipped him extra because he was the highlight of the cruise. What concerned me and my table mates was the fact that another passenger at the table told us that Carnival doesn’t pay him anything and that he works only for tips. is this true because isn’t that illegal, John? Please set the record straight as this has been on my mind. Me and the girls had such a great time but this has been a worry so I am hoping you can settle this for us.

John says:
Hello Jane Fairclough,

I am very glad to know you and your friends had fun in Europe and enjoyed all the beautiful ports. I am also happy to know that Joel gave you such wonderful service and thanks so much for taking care of him with some extra gratuity. It is important to know that each and every single crewmember is paid a salary by Carnival Cruise Lines (excluding the concessions such as spa and gift shop who are all paid by their own companies) and that includes Joel and his fellow waiters. The salary they are paid is well subsidized by the tips our guests leave but yes, they do receive a salary. I hope this explains this well enough for you and I hope we will see you all again very soon.

Best wishes.


Alan Quigley asked:
Hi John,

We are booked to join you on the inaugural of the Carnival Breeze and was hoping you would have photos of the bars and possibly cabin 7300 which is where we will be staying.

Thanks for all you do.

John says:
Hello Alan Quigley,

Perfect timing because I will be heading to Italy next week and will send the first group of videos and photos straight away. Then when I return on the 29th I will get with Mr. Radu and start photographing all the cabin categories including yours. She is going to be a brilliant ship and I will see you there soon.

Best wishes.


Jonathan O’Neill asked:

I noticed a change on the CCL web site for the ships. The ships which had web cams had links to those web cams on their pages. I don’t see the links to ship web cams for those that have them in these new pages. I thought I saw a beta version of a new web cam user interface on your blog or perhaps a FB posting. Is that available now on the site? Looking to track the Magic this week. Thanks!

John says:
Hello Jonathan O’Neill,

We did indeed change the link and the best way to check them all out is to use this link here please at I hope this works for you and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best wishes.


Mark Sajeski asked:

We just got off the ship and our S&S card was paid off before leaving the ship but they charged my checking account anyway. I was shocked to find that there was no one to call this morning to correct this before overcharges hit. Your offices were closed today (Monday 1/2/12). Shouldn’t there be someone to resolve your billing errors anytime a ship comes in? This is leaving a very bad image for Carnival. Would it be possible to have staff available to correct Carnival billing errors everyday that a cruise docks even after a holiday?

John says:
Hello Mark Sajeski,

I am so sorry we made a mistake here and I will pass this onto the right people. Once again, I send my apologies. I hope you had a great cruise.

Best wishes.


Jennifer Larlee asked:
Dear John,

I love your blog thingy and I appreciate every second you dedicate to answering peoples questions, listening to complaints, and assisting with the multitude of things you are asked for. I hope Carnival gave you an enormous bonus last year! Last year we were able to go on our first family cruise on the Carnival Splendor, Feb. 20, and my husband and kids (12and 9) loved it. It was a great way for us to spend time together as a family after my husband came home from his deployment. I wanted to keep up the tradition this year, as unfortunately he is in Afghanistan and unable to come with us. We have decided I will still take the kids for spring break this year as it will give them something to look forward to and hopefully take their minds off of having their father gone again. If there is any way possible, I would love a small favor from you and the crew on board. If I send you a letter from my husband, who misses them like crazy and hates being separated from his sweet kiddos, is there any way someone can print it and have it in the room to go along with the other items I am ordering from gifts & services to have delivered on his behalf? Thank you so much for helping me and please, if you can let me know the right person to give my personal Thank You to on board, as well as a nice tip from our family, for making this time apart a little more bearable and this cruise that much more special.

Thank you.


John says:
Hello Jennifer,

I truly hope that I haven’t seen this post too late. YES, of course, I can do this, it would be an honour so please send me a note here marked URGENT AS PER JOHN’S REQUEST TO SEE THIS IMMEDIATELY or simply post it on my Facebook page at so that I can do this and more. Please thank your husband for his service and I really hope you will write again.

Best wishes to you all.


That’s all for today and thanks for all the questions and comments.

I was asked for the 15-day Alaskan menu rotation…… it is.

I had a fun time at the UK Cruise Show and one of the thrills was to meet Adolfo’s UK team all of whom are dedicated to making sure that the Carnival Cruise Lines name is shouted out loud and proud and I hope I helped with this somewhat by attending this event. \

The show was full of stands representing every cruise line as well as river boats and specialty operators. It also featured chauffeur transfers, excursions and one that caught my eye. The company who I won’t name offered this: door-to-door service without the hassle of lost, stolen, or damaged luggage, or having to drag bags along on your travels. Too much luggage ……… they’ll send it direct to your cabin for you. Wow, who knew that service was offered? Well, you probably did and it’s just my thick arse that wasn’t aware of this.

Now I can understand that if you are on a world cruise that too much luggage may be a concern and therefore this service would be invaluable but it also leads me to say that I am always bewildered by how much stuff some of our guests bring on a seven-day cruise. People I think go shopping before their cruise based on the thought that once on board, you will become a different person and will, say for example, start going to the gym every morning so you need loads of workout clothes. And please ladies don’t think you need a different outfit every night at dinner and a pair of shoes to go with every outfit and you need all of this because the new friends you share a dinner table with will do the same because they won’t. You’re still the same person, just at sea. Please pack based on that and not in the hope that George Clooney may see you in St. Thomas and invite you for dinner and some rumpy pumpy.

A few blogs ago I wrote about my desire to bring back pillow fighting which I always remember a as a fun event that the passengers as you were then called really enjoyed. Couples would climb on a slippery pole five feet off the ground and whack the living hell out of each other with a pillow. I wrote to the beards about my wish to return it to the ships and I am happy to tell you that they said yes. So pillow fighting will return on the Carnival Breeze and I can’t wait because I am sure it will be just as much fun as it was back when we used to do this.

So great news and I hope you all get to…………..oh, hold on…………….I just read the fine print ………….. bugger ……. we can do it providing we follow the following health and safety rules:

1. The pole must only be five inches off the ground.

2. The pillows must be filled with extra soft padding and no head or body shots are allowed. Guests must only strike each other on the knees which will be padded.

3. Guests must wear high visibility Kevlar body armor, crash helmets and the guys must wear a cup. Carnival will provide the male guests with cups which will come in three sizes, small medium and liar.

So my dear readers……in other words…….I was told to sod off and you will I am afraid never see pillow fighting again. Yep, pillow fighting has no place in March 2012 anymore than the old typewriters we used to make the Carnival Capers with. I remember when we first got e-mail on the ships. I was on the Carnival Imagination and we had a bearded person give us all a one week course on e-mailing. We were all very excited and found it to be a great convenience. There would be no need for piles of stationery in the cabin. No typing the passenger mood report to the office or the 20 page voyage report, checking, correcting with whiteout and screaming “s**t” every five minutes because the ribbon would get all crooked.
And if I wanted to send carbon copies, no need for carbon paper or a photocopier, or the hunt for addresses: just hit reply all, or key in the first few letters of the Miami beards name in the box marked CC. Yep, we were all very happy Carnival chappies ……..and now things have changed.

If I had a DeLorean I would journey back from March 26, 2012, to whenever the bastard that invented e-mail was about to have the idea. I would give him a good whack with a baseball bat so that when he regained consciousness he would have forgotten what his revolutionary idea was. Obviously if I didn’t have the internet I wouldn’t be writing this blog and yes, e- mail does have its good points I guess. But before computers arrived on the CD’s desk back in the pre-internet days they were spending perhaps between 30 and 60 minutes a day at their desk on paper work then e-mail came along and today my colleagues average 100 e-mails a day.

Sometimes these are simply e-correspondence to which they have been copied in (and increasingly they have slipped into the habit of copying others into their own e-mails, just in case) but woe betide the e-mailer who ignores mail for which he isn’t the primary recipient, for with e-mail silence can be taken as being rude and that means you have to reply……quickly.

I don’t know how it is with you but at Carnival, both on land at sea, each of us hits “reply all” for each of our replies, and from time to time it occurs to a few of us to add another name, usually someone with a beard, and this party will also press reply all, then the entire correspondence can begin to snowball out of control and like a drunk elephant on a skateboard……….it never stops.

Let me see if I can explain this disease that I have caught like many of my Carnival colleagues have as well. Replies fly back and forth at supersonic speed and that’s when things get out of sync, and we find ourselves confirming that we can do a proposed date for a conference call before we’ve realised that somebody else has e-mailed to say they can’t do that date; and by the time we’ve e-mailed again to say we will change the time of the call and proposed a new time, they’ve e-mailed back to say they’ve shifted another meeting and so can do the first after all. By then you are sitting in a dark room, dribbling on yourself making weird humming noises while banging your head against the wall. The first thing I used to do in the morning when I woke up was have a poo ….. not now. First thing every morning, I quickly check my e-mails to see if there’s anything that has to be dealt with before I drop the kids off at the pool even if one of the kids is already peeking his head out of the door.

Was it really better in the old days? Would I really swap now for then? I am not sure. All I know is that I’m 46, and I’m spending up to half my waking hours in front of a screen……and that’s not including my nightly visit to
Anyway, time to go but not before I publically thank all the wonderful people who came to the cruise show to see me. It was wonderful to meet everyone and I am honoured that you came from far away to do so. It was also obvious that the Brits are very excited about having a ship from Dover next year and they are also excited about the Carnival Breeze and the Carnival Sunshine. The UK is excited it seems about Carnival and we are ready to make sure they have a huge dollop of fun on our brilliant “Fun Ships.” I should probably also apologise to a chap I shared a panel with who while doing a great job promoting his cruise line probably didn’t appreciate my silly humour and if offended you in any way I apologise……..but that really was a nice suit you were wearing.

The late afternoon panel I was on was getting very serious and so I ummmmm……….told a joke and the audience all laughed, they really did but I am know thinking it was too much. We were all asked to finish with a statement. My friends from Mouse land and from Norway and from Brand X and Royalwall were all very serious and I ummmm……….well, wasn’t and as I was last I thought the proceedings should finish with a joke………..and while the audience laughed I am sitting here this morning in my underpants wondering if this was proper behavior for the brand ambassador.

The joke was:

So, there are three young boys aged around nine years old. They are walking down the road when one sees a five-pound note on the pavement (sidewalk). He picks it up and gets very excited.

“Look,” he says, “I have found five pounds let’s take the money and go to see Manchester United vs. Chelsea (soccer teams) play. We can watch the game and have hot dogs, it will be great.”

“Don’t be stupid,” says the second little boy……..”You can’t get the three of us to go and see the football match for five pounds, that’s not enough money.”

So he takes the money and says, “Let’s take the five pounds and go to the movies. We can see the new Harry Potter movie and have popcorn, it will be great.”

“Don’t be stupid,” says the third little boy…..”You can’t get the three of us in the movies for five pounds, that’s not enough money.”

So he takes the money and says “I know, we will take the five pounds and we will buy a box of Tampax.”

The other two boys look at him and say, “What?”

“Yes,” he says……..“I saw it on television. You buy a box of Tampax, you can go swimming, horseback riding, skating, mountain climbing……….it’s a holiday……….in a box.”

Too much?


Your friend,


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  1. mick says:

    great joke. you should have deleted that Heidi email and not responded to it.

  2. Rita presnell says:

    Mrs. Lilley, you are a complete snob. What makes you any better than others? Platinum only meansyou can afford more cruises thanothers who cruise less. I hope I never make platinum if it makes me as snobbish and hateful as you?

    John, cute joke!

  3. John, please reply. My DH Robert and I have booked the Bloggers cruise 6, on the Carnival Breeze. My question is this: How do we know we are incuded in the bloggers cruise activities? Our Personal Cruise rep. Oscar Miranda was very accommodating, but, he said he was not sure that Jan. 19, 2013 was a bloggers cruise. He said he had no notice of that being a bloggers cruise. Please tell me how to be sure we are registered correctly.
    Thank you, I did love your joke by the way.
    Mary Ann Wolff, aka Marie

    • Sage56 says:

      Mary Ann – there will be a sign up on John’s Blog closer to the cruise date. Look for the sign up for the Blogger’s events there. Have a great cruise.

  4. cindy56 says:

    I think you’re 47 now, John. I remember when you posted your birthday several years ago as January 22, 1965. My brother was born just a few days before you. Also in a blog a few days ago, you said “my 2 month old daughter” and someone caught you on that. I guess you are forgetting a few things these days….lol

  5. Dave Myerly says:

    I ask you about 2 years ago about the luggage service and if Carnival Supported anyof them. I also wanted to know what procedures Carnival was putting into place to haandle the receipt and shipment of such luggage.
    Your answer was, and I think is still the same answer….
    Carnival has no procedures to handle this type of luggage receipts at any of our departure points and no plans to do so anytime soon.
    Please correct me if I am wrong….
    AND tell us what shipping addresses to use when we ship luggage and how to use this service for both going and coming off a cruise.

  6. Ken says:

    When you go back in that DeLorean please give a good whack to whoever told you that joke in the first place.

  7. Kelli Pilsbury says:

    nope…I loved the joke!

  8. SCarlo says:

    John, as always great blog. Since you will be visiting the Carnival Magic and taking pictures, could you please take a picture of the Spa Interior Room (12008). I have booked this cabin and from the floor plans it is situated sideways so I am interested in seeing how it is layed out. There is only 4 of these.

    Thanks for everything.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I would like to comment on two things I just read; First, are things better now or then….Weellll both. I am in healthcare which has certainly advanced. I am in the adminstrative end and have been for 15 years. I can say things were better until a few years ago when outsourcing hit. I have noting against people from other countries but our system is what it is and if you don’t know what you are talking about you are wasteing my time and yours. I wouldn’t answer the phone on a carpenters help line! I’m not a carpenter!!

    Second comment; The joke was priceless!! This is an example of why Carnival is Carnival and not the NorweigenMouseClimbsaWall!!! The Fun Ships!!!
    Looking forward to my Breeze out of Miami on November 22,2012. Oh, and again on November 24,2012!!!! See ya then mate!

  10. Crystal says:

    Told my family your joke. We all laughed.

  11. Thomas says:

    No, not too much!

  12. Tom says:

    John, I am a bit surprised that you would try to geet into Prime 112 without a reservation, in season, without being dressed properly.
    I hope you took Calvyn to RED since you couldn’t get into Prime 112.
    Just as good without as much hype

  13. Tom Head says:

    Please everybody….. don’t believe that all VIP members are snobs…. they aren’t. We just happen to be cruisers who have cruised alot and have been granted certain perks. I have never asked for one. They have always been offered and I have accepted. If something is given I accept it and say thank you. If it’s a cooler instead of a back pack, so what. It’s a gift.

    Snobs are few and far between, they just gripe a lot, and have NO CLASS. They are not VIP’s in my opinion.

  14. Tom Head says:

    By the way, the joke was fine. It’s been around longer then Carnival. May we all last as long.

  15. Cindy says:

    Dear John,

    My husband and I are booked on the Legend out of Tampa on 4/1, and I was wondering how to get a reservation for Chef’s Table while on board.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Roxianne says:


      If you want John to see this you will have to post it on Facebook. He is usually at least 3 weeks behind on answering questions posted to the blog. You should also send it to the Ask John list at the top of the blog page.

  16. Mike says:

    John, I’m sorry to say that your response to George about his table mates was the wrong one. 700 responses on FB, and you still suck up to the xenophobe? I understand your job, but you just exacerbate the issue because now he thinks he was right to be so closed minded.

  17. chris Benson says:

    A comment for George Scrogie from an Australian. If you really had nothing in common with South Africans or Australians this must be the first time you have left your cabin in the woods and ventured out in the real world. People like you are the type who want to bomb and invade countries because they are not like you and do want to be. Nothing in common, tell that to the widows of our soldiers have have stood alongside your service men from every war since WW1, now through Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Bet you $100 you have never served, certainly not out of your USA comfort zone.
    I have always found when travelling in America and on ships how much we really are all the same with similar values. People make friends from all parts of the world because we ARE different. George you are what we call the “Ugly American”. Work it out for yourself.

    • jgeraci says:

      Well said, Chris! I’m an American who loves to meet and interact with people from all over the world. Aussies are some of the most friendly, fun people I have had the opportunity to meet. And I can’t get enough of your accents!

    • grizel robertson says:

      Well said Chris! I am a Scot who has cruised 24 times with Carnival, all but once in the Caribbean. I love people of every nationality & meeting them has enhanced my outlook on life & understanding of different cultures. On 30 September 2012 I am joining the Carnival Spirit in Hawaii (after long flights from Scotland) for the 17 day Transpacific cruise to Sydney. This is a lifetime opportunity for me to visit your beautiful country, spend some time with my cousin who emigrated to Oz 40 years ago & to meet many more new people on the way. Isn’t variety the spice of life?

    • RonRN says:

      Amen brother, I would cruise with you anytime. (A non-ugly American)

    • dragonrider says:

      I agree. The best thing about cruising is meeting all types of different people and relating both the differences and similarities. I also get fabulous ideas of places I might want to visit in the future. I would hate to be so close minded not to enjoy culture differences, and the chance to meet People from so many different countries.

  18. Tim says:

    You were a great Ambassador at the show, John and really funny. The seminar type thingies were crying out for some entertainment.

  19. Janey - OKGIRL says:

    To Mark Sajeski—–it’s likely that the charges that appear on your checking account are the “holds” that Carnival places there throughout the week.

    Once your account was paid off, Carnival advises the bank to remove the holds, but the bank can take up to a week to actually remove them.

    That is an issue with your bank, not with Carnival they have no control over the banking procedures. My bank removes holds within 4 to 6 business days after they are lifted by the company that put them there.

  20. Roxianne says:

    I have been reading the various posts at other website that give great tips on packing clothes a 7 day cruise in just a carry-on. The best tip was to chose one basic color, either black or brown, and match your tops accordingly. You can do 3 pair of shorts/capri’s and wear them multiple days. A top you wear to dinner one night can be worn the next day on a shore excursion. As for formal night ladies, three words, Little Black Dress! I plan on trying this for our September cruise since we will be driving to Miami in my two seater convertible and the only trunk space is right behind the seats. My DH doesn’t think I can do it, so I am seriously motivated to give it a try! My only problem is the souvenirs I bring back for the kids/grand-kids.

  21. Valorie says:


  22. Barbara says:

    To poor Georgie Scrogie.

    There is a reason why we are called “ugly” Americans in places around the world. Every American who travels seems to be painted with the same brush….due to people like you.

    In the US, many are simply terrified by people unlike themselves. This comes from ignorance….and a sense of “entitlement” many of us have. We think we are the kings and queens of all things and are far superior to the underling citizens of other countries, from other cultures; we consider them well beneath our glorious selves.

    These people are members of the lunatic fringe, who hate everybody…especially those who don’t speak English..

    By all means, put these people at a table for 2. Nobody wants to sit with them anyway…not South Africans, Australians, French, German….or Americans.

  23. Jack says:

    Im 10 the joke is LOL!

  24. Ken Martin says:

    John: With regards to your being “snubbed” for being “Permitted” to dine by Hostess Ms Twiggy at that posh Miami Restaurant. I wouldn’t take that laying down. I’d have published the name of it here on your blog or just ask Jerry Cahill to drop a note to the restaurant OWNER ( whom he probably has met in his social doings in the Miami area.)So I guess you’re not one of the “beautiful people of Miami. Who gives a rats rectum? Call them out on it in public and Ms Twiggy will probably send you a formal apology!

  25. Marilynn Weber says:

    John – My DH and I will be taking our 9th Carnival cruise on the Magic on June 3. This time we are bringing nine family members with us, all of them are first time cruisers. We are excited to introduce them to the world of Carnival cruising.

    I do however have one favor to ask of you. Our reservations are currently linked but I wanted to ask if you can make sure that we are seated at the same table in the MDR?

    Can you make this kind of Magic happen? If so, we would really appreciate it. We were sorry to hear that you wouldn’t be our CD. Too bad for you — you’re going to miss all the fun!

    Many thanks,

  26. Mike T says:

    I thought the joke was funny and wasn’t too much. As soon as I read it, I started laughing to myself.
    Mike’s wife

  27. Annie says:

    John I will be sailing on my 24th Carnival cruise April 16th on the Elation.I really wish that in the Funtimes they would put pictures (maybe one daily) of the dance team ,CD,ACD and others.I would love to keep them where I would be able to remember whom I had sailed with.The older I get the harder it is for me to remember!Hope to see you again on BC6!

  28. Pattie says:

    Dear John, I’ve written you several notes however I’ve never been replied to. Believe me that’s fine- I only wanted you to know, my husband & I have had the pleasure of meeting you. You are a very pleasant man, you are a pleasure to be with& Twiggy missed out on something NOT either of you. We cruise on the Liberty next Saturday & I truely believe Carnival has the nicest people of any line
    (THIS WILL BE OUR 20TH VOYAGE) If all people look at is the outside it’s their loss, not yours. Ewe’s not fat Ewe’s fluffy!!

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