March 28, 2012 -

John Heald

It’s amazing how a beautiful sunny day where the birds are singing, the sky is blue and my hemorrhoids are not itching can instantly turn into a crappy day. And what did it for me yesterday was something that turned the skies grey and made my hemorrhoids feel like someone had poured sawdust on them. Heidi had asked me to “poop to the supermarket” as she was busy waxing her legs or watching Desperate Houseb****es of Orange Jersey and so off I went like a good husband would.

Usually, I go to a supermarket called Waitrose but because I wanted a DVD while I was there and Waitrose doesn’t sell them, I went to ASDA which, by the way, is owned by Wal-Mart……so looking back at the conversation on Facebook last week I can say I proudly shop at Wal-Mart, or ASDA, as we call it here. Anyway, I bought what I had been sent to buy including my DVD of Dexter Series 5……oh, by the way, I love this new program that’s started here called Homeland. Have you seen it? If not, watch it – it’s brilliant. But I digress. So, I headed to the check out with a trolley full of stuff and suddenly I saw that there were only three ladies with nose piercings behind the registers scanning the bar codes. But there were dozens of these self-service checkout thingies.

Now, I don’t know if you have these where you are from, but I had no bloody clue what to do and I am sure they are designed with the specific intention of driving shoppers into a rabid dog style rage. There are quite a few things about these barcode-hungry Terminators that make me want to go to the cereal aisle, take off all my clothes and crap in a Cheerios box. The sign as you approach these lifeless automated checkouts says that the “touch screen is easy to use.” I should have bought a pen just so I could scribble “my arse” after the word “easy.”

Amongst the things I had bought included a 12-pack of Evian water and a box of strawberries. The scales couldn’t tell the difference between the weight of 12 bottles of water and the weight of a few bits of sodding fruit! Now, while there is no actual person helping you, each checkout has a stern looking lady with a beard who glares suspiciously at everything you’re trying to scan in case you’re shoplifting your purchases or, worse still, taking more than one plastic carrier bag.

However, the single most hateful thing about self-service checkout machines is the electronic voice that loudly informs you that there is now “an unexpected item in the bagging area” when you place something completely expected in the bagging area.

Where do they get these voices and it’s not just these check out thingies either? Some of the voices they use in the elevators on the ships are nice and pleasant. However, there is one of our ships and I shall leave it for you to guess which one that use a Germanic voice owned probably by someone called Frau Nipplerippenoffen who shouts “DECK SEX” when you arrive on Upper Deck. So, back to the super market automated voice. The main reason this is so annoying is that, by definition, anything that I placed in the bagging area has more than likely come from the shelves of the very supermarket you are in. Some tea bags or a box of hemorrhoid cream. So why the sodding heck can anything you have placed in the bagging area not in any way be described as unexpected can it? I bought from here, you ignoramus!

However, if, as happened to me today, I place a box of PG Tips teabags in the bagging area, this should not come as a surprise to you should it you automated bastard. So just shut up with your stupid electronic announcements, repeated over and over, telling me that a box of tea is somehow unexpected, and do your job. I only wish I could surprise you with an item you certainly aren’t expecting such as running Calvyn through the scanner or if I slapped my thingy on there. That would be truly unexpected and would probably be the heaviest thing that had ever been placed in the bagging area I am sure.

Time for today’s Q and A………away we go.

Jim De Vere asked:

Do you know why I cannot get a straight answer from Carnival about my group function? We have a group of 34 from the Ionic Composite Lodge in California and have paid for a cocktail party. I need to know when this is and have called multiple times and each time have been met with dumb answers given by Carnival employees who couldn’t care less. I was told by one idiot to write to you and so do you know what night our drinks party is? We are on the 5/20/12 sailing on Carnival Splendor. I am hoping that the service we receive on the boat will be better that what I have experienced from Carnival so far. I am not impressed.

John says:
Hello Jim De Vere,

Thanks for taking the time to write and I am sorry that you have not gotten the answer you wanted. The fact is that the ships have a function grid each week which shows where all the groups’ functions will take place. This grid gets to the ship two weeks before that cruise which is why none of the people you spoke to were able to tell you where and when it will take place. I did speak to someone today and I can tell you that once we have the location and time sorted we will email you immediately, I promise. I wish you and the group a brilliant time and I promise also that the service you will receive on the ship will be wonderful.

Best wishes to you all.


Anthony Morra asked:

I would just like to make a mention of one of your employees. I just booked a cruise on your line with Ronny Cadogan. It is a first time cruise with my family and Ronny could not have been more helpful and professional. He made the experience very easy. We are eagerly looking forward to the cruise. Just wanted to let you know that Ronny is an asset to your company.

Thank you.

John says:
Hello Anthony Morra,

Thanks for taking the time to mention Ronny. It is always wonderful to read about our shoreside employees and how great they are, especially after reading the posting above you. I certainly will make sure he sees this as will his boss. I hope you have a wonderful cruise.

Best wishes.


Rob Erickson asked:

We have a large and very influential Cruise Critic group sailing on the Liberty 4-14-12 and need your help organizing a meet and greet. We expect 100 to attend and the roll call wants to meet on the 1st sea day in the piano bar lounge at 1:30pm. Other cruise lines have the captain and cruise director attend and some provide free refreshments which I am sure considering the number of attendees and the fact that all will be writing reviews is something Carnival will want to do right by us! Let me know as soon as you can that this has been arranged so I can let everyone know.

John says:
Hello Rob Erickson,

While I cannot authorize refreshments, I will organize a room for you. I can’t guarantee the piano bar we will try and get that for you and if not somewhere else for you all to meet. I wish you all a great time and this will be listed in the Fun Times for you. I see this was posted some time ago so my apologies for the delay in my reply and I wish you all a brilliant time.

Best wishes.


Luis Hernandez asked:

What’s the possibility of getting a singles only cruise or a ship only for singles. Other lines do this and they are a big success. Carnival should do it as well and talking to my college buddies I know they would go for sure.


John says:
Hello Luis Hernandez,

Thanks for taking the time to write and I am sorry to say that I doubt we will ever do this. We are proud to be a family cruise line and while we encourage singles groups and single guests to sail I doubt you will ever see a ship dedicated for single guests. I do hope you and your mates come and sail and have some Carnival fun and good luck in college.

Best wishes.


Stacey R asked:

I heard that you arrange special things for cruisers and I need something special done for my daughter Hannah. She was the Miss Anchorage Outstanding Teen and Miss Chugiak/Eagle River Outstanding Teen and won a Troy University Full-Ride Scholarship to Auburn University. We are going on our annual family cruise this time on the Sprit on the 4th of June in cabin 1239. I think it would be awesome if she were brought on stage and presented with a prize for her achievements and the prize could perhaps be presented by the captain. She is a special young lady and one who deserves more than most to be recognized. I hope you will make this happen!

John says:
Hello Stacey R,

Please can I send you my warmest congratulations as you must be a very proud mother and of course we are very happy that you have decided to spend your family vacation with Carnival. While we can’t bring your daughter on stage I will ask Stuart, the cruise director, to mention her on his live morning show and we will send her a little something as well. Please if you can may I ask that you post this again on my Facebook page at facebook.com/johnheald so that I don’t forget. I wish you all a wonderful cruise and many congratulations to Hannah.

Best wishes.


Sara Tang asked:

I wish you would get caught up on your questions as I am worried about you missing my request and this is the seventh time I have sent you this request without an answer be returned which is not good customer service. My fiancé and I as well as my parents have booked the inaugural sailing of the new Carnival Breeze and we absolutely want a private table for four. Our first Carnival experience was on the Destiny in 2009 and it was spoiled for many reasons so this needs to be special for us.

John says:
Hello Sara Tang,

I am sorry you didn’t have a good time on the Carnival Destiny and I will certainly do all I can to help you and your family make this the best cruise ever. See you soon and get ready for a brilliant time.

Best wishes.


Harry Landherr asked:

Can you tell me if there will be a chapel on the Carnival Breeze and if Carnival will provide information of mass in Dubrovnik as we will be there on a Sunday? Thanks, John, and my wife and I are looking forward to finally meeting you.

John says:
Hello Harry Landherr,

And I am looking forward to meeting you both as well. The ship will not have a chapel I am afraid but I will certainly give you the information you need when you are onboard. I can tell you that there is a cathedral in the old town and they will welcome everyone for mass and I will let you know the times when I see you. I can tell you it will be held in Croatian not English. There will be a shuttle bus that costs $10 round trip to get there. See you soon and if you have any questions please let me know.

Best wishes to you both.


Bryan Coogler asked:


I know you get a ton of questions so I hope you can find the time to give me some insight. We sailed on the Conquest back in July (where we got engaged) and it was our first cruise. We had a SPLENDID time no doubt; however, had an outright horrible experience with our room steward and waiter. It was a last minute booking so we booked a lower level cabin which to me was “bottom rung.” My question is with a better room do we in turn have better equipped and experienced room stewards and/or dining staff? This time we booked a cove balcony (2279 on Carnival Magic 1/15) and had numerous attempts from Carnival to upgrade us to a higher category – we kept with the cove just because of the reviews of privacy and such that it had received. My fear is that since we are again on the second deck that we will have the same type of service displayed back in July. I expect there are always a few bad apples in the bunch; however, had it not been for our bartender Made Winaya (who I believe is on the Magic this time around again) we probably would have looked elsewhere… he kept us entertained and was ever so helpful the entire trip. Again, I don’t like to complain; but this time we brought other family for their first cruise and I’m taking every means necessary to ensure it is the best vacation they have ever had.

John says:
Hello Bryan Coogler,

Thanks so much for writing and please do not worry. Please understand that we do not place the stateroom stewards or waiters in sections based on their ability or how high up the cabins are. We expect all of our staff to be the best and the vast, vast majority provide superior service that is raved about from our guests. I can say that you will love your cove balcony and while I apologise that you had service that was not up to our standards last time, I can assure you that the staff on the Carnival Magic will make sure you have the best of times. Please let me know how the cruise goes and if there is anything you need I am here to help.

Best wishes.


John Vanecek asked:
Hi again John,

I met you on the Carnival Magic, but I have to say I like you a lot, but do not have any luck getting replies from your blog, so here goes another. Now we are hearing Carnival is changing the loyalty program to points. As it is now, we are booked on two cruises; the second in April of 2013 would make us Platinum. Will I now lose out on this after all the years in trying to gain Platinum status? Please respond. I know you get more of these than you want, but we really enjoy our Carnival cruises, and I hate to see it get fouled up.



John says:
Hello John Vanecek,

I am so glad that you kept writing to me as I am so far behind on the blog questions that I am sure it feels like I am ignoring some of you. Yes indeed this year we will be changing to the number of days sailed and please don’t worry because as you are so close and as you have cruises booked, then you will have your current loyalty taken into consideration and you will not lose out. Thanks again and I hope we meet one day soon.

Best wishes.


Jeremeka Barrett asked:

I first want to let you know how much my family & I love cruising. This time we will be on Carnival Sensation from Port Canaveral April 3. Can you send my four kids something special? Cabins are R79 and 81

John says:
Hello Jeremeka Barrett,

I caught this just in time as I can see you are sailing next week. I will send your kids a little something and I wish you all a brilliant time.

Best wishes.


Fred Harzstark asked:
Hi John,

We are excited to being booked on the 11/24/2012 Carnival Breeze in a 7C balcony. Hopefully by that time we will be VIP. In Curacao, there are no Jewish Heritage Tours with Carnival. I have been researching the web and can only find private tours for six or more. I am sure besides the Jewish passengers, others would be interested. Maybe the beards or you can look into this to arrange. We are excited to have you as our cruise director, and maybe have a cocktail together.  We do have a great PVP in Jenifer.

Fred Harzstark

John says:
Hello Fred Harzstark,

I am indeed looking forward to seeing you and showing you this wonderful new ship. I will indeed speak to the beards and see if we can include a Jewish Heritage tour. I know we have these in other ports so let me see what I can do for you and I will let you know. Thanks for your loyalty and thanks for the kind words. See you soon.

Best wishes.


Ashley Loader asked:

Just off the Carnival Dream and will post my review on the website you hate but as a smoker I found this ship had nowhere to enjoy a cigarette and I will not be coming back to the Carnival Dream ever.

John says:
Hello Ashley Loader,

I was surprised to read this because the Dream-class ships have The Lanai which is available to smokers. There are outdoor smoking areas on the port side and if you walk further aft you will discover large, comfy chairs outside of the nightclub disco dance club thingy. So, while on the Dream class we may have reduced the smoking facilities in the casino and inside areas the opportunities for smoking outdoors (where many believe it should be limited to) are much more than on any of our ships. I do hope you had fun and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best wishes.


That’s all for today.

OK, let’s talk about the crew, shall we? These past few days I have been talking about them a lot on Facebook with comments about tipping and salary and often we forget that with all the bells and whistles our ships have that they remain, in my humble opinion, the most iconic part of the cruise. I know a lot of you enjoy the Behind the Fun Tour where you get to see behind the crew only door and discover where those who serve you live. However…….what do they eat?

So there are four dining rooms on most of our ships. One for the crew which is where the waiters, stateroom stewards, cooks, etc., eat. Then there is the staff mess where the entertainment staff, shop and spa staff, casino staff and others will eat. Then we have the petit officers dining room which is where the Italian bosons, sailors and non-striped officers will eat. And, finally, we have the officers and captain’s dining room where the senior officers and captain will enjoy their meals. There is a slightly different configuration on the Dream class but for the most part this is how it works.

The crew mess is self-service and mostly the staff and officers messes are waiter service. It is important to remember that none of us, not your waiter or the dancer or the engineer have hours to linger over a meal because there is work to be done and most of us spend no more than 30 minutes over any meal, it’s always been that way. But what has changed is the menu. In days gone passed there used to be a separate menu for each of the dining rooms I mentioned above.

There would be a menu for the crew based on where they were from with local Indonesian, Pilipino, Indian and other ethnic recipes. Then there would be a staff menu and in the old days most of the staff was either western European or from the US in the case of the entertainment staff and musicians and so that menu was meat and potatoes based. And finally we had the Italian petit officer s and senior officers all of whom were Italian and so the menu was based around the traditions of Italy and that meant cheeseburgers and Pop Tarts…….bugger……I mean pasta.

However, over the last 10 years we have changed a lot with our crew and staff coming from so many different countries and so it was decided that for this reason and other operational reasons that we would combine the menus with all the officers, staff and crew eating the same menu.

There are still some staple foods. Rice, for example, remains the most popular dish onboard with goodness knows how many tons of the stuff we serve each week. During the Carnival Splendor fire there was as you know no hot food and the crew couldn’t wait to go ashore and eat…… yep ……. rice and in fact there was a saying around the crew during those days that said, “No rice no power.” It’s a staple diet in so many countries and it’s a staple diet for the crew onboard as well.

So, we all eat the same food although the chef still prepares daily pasta specials for the Italian officers and the captain and that’s very much appreciated by them. Anyway, let’s see a few examples of the dinner menus served around the fleet to the crew.

Here they are:

Menu 1

Cream of wild mushroom soup with porcini, bottom, and shiitake mushrooms

Today’s feature: is Greek salad diced cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, peppers and olives in vinaigrette, diced feta cheese

Salad bar
Assorted marinated salads
Fresh greens with a wide variety of trimmings and dressings
White tuna, boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, crudités

Baguette or rolls, ciabatta, onion rye, bagels, whole wheat and white bread

Assorted cold cuts and cheese

Spaghetti with artichokes tossed in a zesty tomato sauce

Steamed grouper with julienne of celery, leeks and carrots and a touch of white wine

Chicken kavarma – boneless chicken with bell peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms

Grilled sirloin steak served with peppercorn sauce

Steamed zucchini, squash and carrots

Lentil stew with vegetables

Assorted pizza

On the side – parsley potatoes, couscous

Also available:

Veggie burgers, hot dogs, *hamburger, *cheeseburger,
*assorted eggs and omelets, penne with tomato sauce

Grilled chicken breast, soy milk

Date and ginger chocolate cake and other treasures from the pastry shop

Assorted whole or sliced fruit

Menu 2

Chicken dumpling soup with chicken, vegetables and Jamaican dumplings

Today’s feature is: Waldorf salad – diced celery, apples and walnuts in a creamy mayonnaise

Salad bar
Assorted marinated salads – fresh greens with a wide variety of trimmings and dressings
White tuna, boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, crudités

Baguette or rolls, ciabatta, onion rye, bagels, whole wheat and white bread

Assorted cold cuts and cheese

Penne incrazo – tossed in a zesty tomato sauce with roasted zucchini

Fish and chips served with malt vinegar and tartare sauce

Roast chicken – chicken marinated with lime and cilantro

Barbecued pork spareribs – juicy and tender to the bone

Steamed cabbage, green beans and carrots

Sautéed okra and kernel corn casserole

Assorted pizza

On the side – Double baked potato, lemon rice

Also available:

Veggie burgers, hot dogs, *hamburger, *cheeseburger,
*assorted eggs and omelets, penne with tomato sauce
Grilled chicken breast, soy milk
Fresh fruit tart and other treasures from the pastry shop
Assorted whole or sliced fruit

Menu 3

Jamaican bean soup – with diced vegetables and dumplings

Crispy fried mozzarella – served with a zesty tomato dip or remoulade

Salad bar
Assorted marinated salads
Fresh greens with a wide variety of trimmings and dressings
White tuna, boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, crudités

Baguette or rolls, ciabatta, onion rye, bagels, whole wheat and white bread

Assorted cold cuts and cheese

Farfalle in gorgonzola cream served with grated parmesan cheese

Grilled fillet of pike perch served with citrus butter

Tandoori chicken- sautéed chicken with a yogurt and green chili paste, red onion julienne

Beef stew with fava beans – browned and braised beef in its own gravy

Steamed cauliflower, green beans and cucumbers

Grilled eggplant casserole with feta cheese

Assorted pizza

On the side – Oklahoma fried potatoes, white rice, polenta

Also available:
Veggie burgers, hot dogs, *hamburger, *cheeseburger,
*assorted eggs and omelets, penne with tomato sauce
Grilled chicken breast, soy milk
Walnut and green tea cheesecake and other treasures from the pastry shop
Assorted whole or sliced fruit

As you can see, burgers and rice and eggs and hamburgers are always available as are fries and other items. There are 17 menus on a 17-day rotation so that the crew doesn’t get bored. OK, it’s not five-star cuisine and it’s designed to fuel the crew for their hard work but its good hearty food that the crew appreciates and some of the ethnic foods like the tandoori chicken, the jerk pork and the smelt (small fish) are fantastic.

The best food, though, is not around anymore and that was the food that used to be cooked down on Deck A in the laundry. Back then, these were run by young men from China whom you rarely saw. They slept there and they worked there and they cooked there. Yep, they had their own galley and that’s where on a Friday night I would head down armed with a case of Heineken and a huge thank you for washing my underpants and they would return the favor by serving me the best Chinese food in the world. I miss those guys.

I will leave you today with this gem of a question.

Madelynne Stottlemyre asked:
Hello John,

We love your blog and Facebook updates and especially love the photos by Radu. He is so talented and it got me thinking. Each year in New York, the NYC Firefighter Calendar is the most purchased not only as it goes to a wonderful charity but the men are hunks and are mostly, dare I say, “naked.” So my suggestion is why not get Radu to take photos of you and the cruise directors and maybe some of the other crew who are pleasing on the eyes in unclothed poses. The money raised would go to St. Jude and I bet ya that hundreds would buy this. What say you?


Madelynne Stottlemyre

John says:

Hello Madelynne Stottlemyre,

Ummmm, let me think about this for a moment. Would I like to parade my arse, alongside other naked cruise directors and captains, while Radu snaps away with his wide angle lens? Yes, I’m up for that. In the same way I’m up for boiling my thingy in a vat of acid. I am sure the Gooses and the Todds and the Ryans and the rest of the metrosexual clan of CD’s would happily do this and I am all about supporting a great cause…but who the heck is going to buy a calendar full of the bits and pieces of Carnival cruise directors and captains… apart from the CD’s and captains themselves, that is. I can think of nothing more disgusting than turning the calendar page over to May 1 to find Butch, covering his gentleman’s sausage with a postage stamp. And while I want to raise as much money as I can for charity, I don’t see how January’s photo of me writhing on a sandy beach is going to get the money pouring in. And I am sure that while Radu loves taking photos, seeing my naked body through the lens of his Nikon is not what he signed up to do.


Your friend,


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77 Responses to WHAT THE CREW EATS

  1. Allan from Canada says:

    Stacey R…. Really????

    • Erin says:

      LMAO! Took the words right out of my mouth. WOW. I hope her daughter has a little more humility.

  2. Aubrey Schuh says:

    John, weell ive got a few things, and lucky enough for you there all goodd! First thing i would like to inform you of is i just sailed, march 18th to march 25th on the carnival splendor and had fantastic time. Not only because i meet many wonderful teens in the teen club on board.. but because my wonderful waiter Milo helped me with everything. He is absolutely wonderful, and you guys are lucky to have him as a waiter in the Gold Pearl Restaurant!(: noww my question.. next year we are planning a reunion cruise with the kids I met on the ship. I’ve been on to cruises, the carnival paradise and the carnival splendor. I was wondering your advice on what a ship we should take next. my grandmother kinda wants to go on a caribbean cruise, but two of the kids i met are from canada. Please help.(: thaanks!

  3. Cheryl Fuller says:

    Again, the audacity of some people never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, someone thinks that there is actually an “influential” group on CC??? They should have free refreshments and the captain come meet them??? As I said the other day, the Troublemakers have sailed with as many people as he says they will have, and we have never expected, nor asked for, preferrential treatment. What makes them feel that they are more important than all the other passengers. Frankly, I think you should give them a space outside the bathroom, throw a bag of Goldfish at them and be done with it. That is more than sanctimonious groups such as this, deserve!!!

    • Carole says:

      Cheryl I had the same reaction. “Influential CC group”????? Yikes how self important. I just peeked at the Roll Call and these guys have no idea who this joker is or what his agenda is. They’ve chosen to ignore him.
      This is just another juvenile attempt to make us CCer’s look like jerks.
      But it’s not a real person, just a troll!!!
      Happy sailing to all!!!

    • Cindy McCormick says:

      The influential CC group makes up something like 3% of the guests onboard. How influential can 3% really be?

  4. Ralph says:

    Rob E., Stacey R., & Sara T.,

    Hope I don’t ever sail with any of you! Your assumption that everyone should kiss your very important arse…..is pathetic!!

    • Rick Williamson says:

      I have no idea who these people are but they srue think alot of themselves. I have never seen one on board my 14 cruises. And hope I never do!

  5. Really John, why do you post things from Cruise Critic. Especially those with extortion written all over them.

    Without so much as a please and thank you, you should delete the messages without comment.

    And 100 is really not that large of a group.

  6. KenSanDiego says:

    Any message that starts “We have a large and very influential Cruise Critic group…” should be immediately printed out and burned in ritual fashion. Complete with Gregorian Chants. Sometimes I am ashamed to be associated with these arrogant sods.

  7. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    Rob Erickson:

    You are an arrogant arse and a total and complete embarrassment to Cruise Critic members like myself.

    Get over yourself you pompus idiot!


  8. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    Sara Tang:

    This is John’s personal Blog…NOT a customer service department.

    John OFFERS to TRY to assist when he can.

    You need to get in line just like EVERYONE ELSE, once you get on the ship, and talk with the Maitre d’ about a private table.

    And by the way…. you might want to try to add just a small amount of manners like a PLEASE and THANK YOU!

    Something tells me the biggest problem with the Destiny was you!


  9. mike arbolino says:

    John you are too nice to some people especially Mr Erickson who has an “influential Cruise Critic Group” who cares sounds like another arrogant clown to me. I have sailed many cruise lines and the ship decides when and where the meeting for roll calls takes place due to scheduling issues. They all have provided coffee, tea etc including carnival. I am tired of these Cruise Critic prima donnas busting your balls then asking for favors. Time for you to draw a line in the sand.

    • Cindy McCormick says:

      Reading John’s responses to some of the more outrageous requests and comments makes me realize his ability to interact with many types of people is the reason he is so good at what he does. I could never be as reasonable and polite as he in the same circumstances.

    • Tom says:

      Hi there, (I’m not that cruise critic member – nor do I feel more special than others) but I do love the cruise critic site for many of the same reasons I love this site — it provides details and tips for a great cruise. I think most cruises can be looked at like LIFE- “It is what you make of it.” Sure problems come up – but it is how you deal with the problems that matter most. I also agree John in NOT the entire customer service dept. John provides a service here and gives us tips to enjoy our cruise. Lets give him a break and enjoy everything this site brings — which is a lot!. Tom

  10. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    Yes indeed…

    after reading some of the questions you got…it must be a full moon out.

    Apparently SEVERAL villages are missing their idiots.

    Enjoy the time off with your family.

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

    PS: I was not aware that when our oldest graduated with a 4.0 in his major (Chemical Engineering) with NO college debt (completely paid for by academic accomplishments) …..

    I was suppose to demand from Carnival that Mr. Arison himself do a handstand in the middle of the Corporate Office to be broadcast to every big screen on every ship!

    geez….. (lol)

  11. Mike says:

    John, it has been a very trying week and I thank you for the laughs, not just today, but all the days when I am too busy to even read in full sentences! Thanks for the peek into the crew mess(es)! It is very interesting to read about life on board. I had no idea how rough it was during the fire though! No rice? My GOD! You would have found my lifeless body curled up next to an empty rice cooker somewhere in a pantry below decks! Most people love Hawaii for the beaches or the things you find on beaches…I love any place that serves rice for breakfast! LOL! Maybe you can answer a question for me. What exactly is a v\”Very influential group of people from Cruise Critic”? I mean I have an account on CC and I won’t be there, so does that somehow make my opinion unimportant? Or maybe I am just a puddin’ headed imbecile who doesn’t know enough to recognize his betters? No, wait, I just realized! It is a group of self important old biddies who should spend less time criticizing and more time enjoying the fact that they are privileged enough to be able to cruise and be thankful for what they have. What a cow. John I could never do your job! My hat is off to you sir!

  12. Isabel says:

    Rob Erickson can you possibly be more obnoxious??? Calling your CC group influential and then warning John that you will writing reviews if you don’t get what you want — REALLY??? How pompous of you to basically demand that officers be present!

  13. Jeanette says:

    Ha ha ha, I have to laugh at the comment left by the “large and influential” Cruise Critic group for their meet and greet. Well, great that you have over 100 people, but that doesn’t guarantee that all 100+ will show. No, we had agreed on a Lido Aft deck meet n greet on the Splendor in September 09 and of the 120+ people who said they would be there perhaps 25-30 people showed up. Yep, 75% said they’d be there and didn’t bother to show up…The same thing happened in November for the Magic cruise, they said they had over 100 people who were going to go, but in the end only 20 or so showed up cuz many had met the day before the ship sailed.

    Crew Food–Photos we want photos!!!!

  14. Carnival Fan says:

    What??? No meatloaf, “gourmet” burgers, fried alligator thingys or any of that other crapola on the menu?? How about putting some of their food on the menu?

  15. Eileene says:

    Great blog, as usual, John! Keep them coming, please.

  16. Pat and Dennis Murphy says:

    We would buy the calendar… 😉
    Best wishes,
    The Murphy’s

  17. DianeF says:

    Rob Erickson – are you serious? What a pompous, elitist attitude! You are no more important than anyone else who pays their fare and takes a cruise vacation. Did your family raise you to think you are the center of the universe? Time to get a grip on reality. All cruise passengers are created equal. Upon reflection though, maybe the cruise lines have brought this on themselves by creating the various reward levels. Hmmm.

  18. Catrin says:

    Hi John…..
    I watched the entire season of Homeland in a two day period. Best show in a long time… Enjoy it!!!

    Btw….my son is barely passing high school because he is a typical lazy bum 17 year old. If he passes, can he be brought on stage and congratulated too??? Hee hee. People never stop amazing me here.


  19. Kathy says:

    Ok, not sure where I would request this, but was told to seek Johns help. I am looking to get reservations for the Chefs table for our upcoming cruise on the Miracle out of NY in November. Can you help??

    • CanuckKaren says:

      Kathy, go to the top of the page and click on the Ask John tab. There’s a form on that page to request reservations for the Chef’s Table. They get back to you fairly quickly.
      Good luck!

    • Mark says:

      You will LOVE the Chefs Table….it is a long evening, but WELL worth the time!!!!!!!!

  20. colin thomson says:

    Iam going on the BREEZE JAN5/13. I was told that the captain:s table has been discontinued. Is this true? If not I would like to find out how to do it

  21. Larry Meador says:

    It amazes me how many people have made deands and requests from you yet cannot use common courtesy or even the words please or thnk you….

    Your friend from Texas,

    Larry Meador

  22. Thomas Osullivan says:

    What is an “influential Cruise Critic group” versus and “very influential Cruise Critic group”?

  23. Ed Bell says:

    Greetings John, I’ve read cc every day for years. To join all you need is a email address. You know, like millions of people. Yet they think they are something special. If I were you every email I read that had the words “other cruise lines” I would hit the delete button. How many times do you need to tell these “very influential”arse’s that Carnival does not give free drinks and special privileges to 2 to 4% of the passengers because they have a email and join a web site. Big deal, if these other lines are so great, then go there and quit bitching about what Carnival doesn’t do. John know it or not you have to be a Saint or on some special drugs to put up with the idiots you deal with. Keep up the good work and try to enjoy life,thanks for your time. Oh ya I liked the joke yesterday. Ed

  24. Richard Taylor says:

    Why not amend that calendar idea. Use the best of Mr Radu’s photos, maybe a facebook cometition to choose them? And as an insert to each month have a Ship’s Cruise Director, Captain, etc photo. Or an insert with CD with a photo of his home town? Southend Pier goes world wide……..!!!!
    PS: My wife was born in S-o-S, and we’re on the Breeze 9th July; hope to chat!!

  25. Kelli Pilsbury says:

    Yes, while I believe Mr. Radu could take his talent and sell lots of calendars, I don’t think one of the CD’s naked would be so hot! Maybe one of “Get Here with Carnival” featuring some top spots that you can see while cruising….
    As always, love the blog! I dislike those stupid self checkouts too! They make you feel like an idiot! I cannot wait…my spirit suite and 25th Anniversary in Alaska is 40 days away!..WYWBT

  26. CDR Scotty says:

    @ Rob Erickson

    How is it you Cruise Critic folks feel you are so special and influential that you can demand services based on thinly-veiled threats of a bad review.

    Get over yourselves. You are NOT better than anyone else — likely just the opposite.Just because you cruise a lot and write lame web site reviews does not entitle you to any special treatment.

    • SheriL says:

      PLEASE do not lump ALL Cruise Critic members in with that jerk! Not ALL of us are like that! Again, i think that post was just another troll, trying to make CC look bad….

  27. Roxianne says:

    John – You need to seriously stop providing services to people who don’t have the common courtesy to say either please and/or thank you! You are a wonderful generous human being who deserves to be treated better! Whatever happened to basic manners???

    Rob Erickson – I am shocked and amazed at your audacity! Where is the PLEASE? How about a THANK YOU! Let me say, you and your tiny group of 100 are no more influential than my big toe. John Heald’s “arse” has more influence than you and you tiny group of 100, so go ahead and post a negative review about Carnival, and while your at it please go back to that “other cruise line” since they seem to want to cater to your pompous a**!

  28. ShellyA says:

    I cannot believe people give our their cabin numbers, sailing dates, and ship on a public blog because they want something free.. seriously? Have some common sense.

  29. Judy says:

    I do so love to read (and laugh at) the people who have the nerve to come right out and ask for stuff as if they were special and entitled. I cruise on my birthday every year and other than noting it on my reservation form, I ask for and expect absolutely nothing other than a wonderful cruise, which I always get. I am just happy to be healthy and able to afford to cruise.

    As for a “cheesecake” calendar of Carnival employees. I think it’s a great idea for a fundraiser. The picture for each month could be divided into 4 quaters – one showing a ship, one a port/destination, one a crewmember, and the 4th something else.

  30. LadyJag (Laura) says:

    Just remember, John – Stay calm and press the Delete button!
    Your blog cracks me up! 🙂

  31. Brent G says:

    If you are interested in Single Cruising I recommend getting in touch with Vacations to Go or SinglesCruise.Com…..I did this after my divorce and met many wonderful people and after 2 years still friends withmany of them.

  32. Deb says:

    Hmmm – the calendar idea isn’t so bad. Maybe it just needs a simple tweak.

    How about all of the CD’s dressed up in various costumes? I’m sure John, that you would enjoy donning the Dolly costume again. *giggle*

  33. Susan M / Please reply says:

    Rob Erikison aren’t you H82seaUgo in the unnamble website? There is a link over there with you bashing – just saying.

  34. Gwendolyn G says:

    Thanks for sharing John. That was very interesting. I have always wondered where the crew eats. Just curious, whatever happened to the minute steak sandwiches that were once offered. I recall my first cruise on the Pride and they had them at the burger grill. Just curious as I thought they were great.

  35. SheriL says:

    I have to wonder if some of those things written to John are fakes….good grief! The person who thinks just because he is on Cruise Critic, that makes him influential? And all the DEMANDING of stuff, without even a please or thank you?? John, you are saint for putting up with crap like that! Once again, not ALL people on Cruise Critic, myself included, are greedy and rude!

  36. Cindy McCormick says:

    John, as always your writing has given me a few good laughs. Thank you for brightening my day. I found the crew menu to be interesting and I’m glad they aren’t eating beans and sausages every night. Perhaps one of these days I’ll find myself on a ship with you as CD. I look forward to it!

    • Richard Young says:

      The crew version of Greek salad sounds pretty good. Often the MDR Greek salad contains some or lots of iceberg not usually part of a good greek salad.

  37. English Tim says:

    However unpleasant any of us perceive anyone else to be, is there really any need for these unpleasant responses? Can’t we all play nicely together, it’s so less stressful.

  38. John,

    I would buy the calendar. First, because it would be for a good cause. This was an important charity for “The Woman to Blame” and she did something for them every time she could.

    But John… I would only buy it if you were in it. In fact, I suspect that Mr. Radu could probably work enough magic with his camera that all 12 months could be of you in various places your cruises take you.

    So, come-on bloggers… speak up. Isn’t this something you would support! Just think… 12 months of Mr. Radu’s magnificant pictures with John and his underpants hanging over your kitchen sink… or over your desk at work!

    I leave you all with one more thought. My “signature block” in all my posts is always the same. This time it takes on a whole new meaning.

    Bob (AKA Kokomo_man)
    Memories of Naked Fanny

  39. John Baggott says:

    I have a simple question and if the answer is no then a request. I see the Dream is due to dry dock in September. I am booked to cruise on her on the second week she is back from dry dock. I see that the Guy’s Burger Joint is not going to be added, does this mean that the grill where the burgers are at on the Dream will not serve his burgers? If not, can you please suggest that Carnival reconsider this? I know you are not the almighty power at Carnival but you can express that people are asking. Thank you and I can’t wait to get on the Dream!!!

  40. Elaine says:

    John, As promised, my review of the Carnival Glory March 18th cruise, stateroom 1256 & 6381… Cruised with 6 family members (myself, husband, Grandma & Poppy, my daughter 18 and my nephew 19). Grandma & Poppy are Milestone, the rest of us are Platinum…

    Boarding at the Port of Miami was a piece of cake.. We all went thru the VIP line, up the stairs, took our boarding picture and was on the Lido Deck all within 30 minutes of arriving at the Port…

    We did the Safety Drill prior to leaving and it was really nice not having to wear the life vest. Most of the passengers actually listened to the announcements being made this time…

    After heading up to the Lido Deck, and getting my first Mongolian Grill meal, we always check out our dining room table. Poppy has this thing about only wanting to eat with his family when cruising, and when you’re 83 years old, you’re not going to change that, so we don’t even try… One thing I will say, be careful what you wish/ask for… I did ask you for a table for 6 in the Golden (middle) Dining Room because my Moms cabin was right in the middle of the ship and when not using her scooter she uses a cane so that was the best location for us. We had guaranteed early seating. Once on board, we find out that YTD is on the lower level of the dining room. Well, we got the table for 6 that I requested THANK YOU but it was upstairs 2nd level against the wall (or a fake window because there is a shade covering it but it doesn’t open).. What’s the problem you ask, well my Mom and the rest of us really enjoy watching the Staff perform and we couldn’t see a thing up there as the Wait Staff always performs on the lower level… Mom couldn’t get up to watch, and the rest of us had to go stand behind the Maitre’d desk and look over, it was horrible… Again, this is our opinion, something we always enjoy in the dining room and we were not happy. We did tell the Maitre’d and he did set it up so that we were able to sit downstairs 2 nights and that was the best 2 nights of our cruise in the dining room.. So, PLEASE tell Meton THANK YOU for working with us and doing that for us.

    Another thing on this cruise that has never happened on prior cruises… We have always met our Room Steward upon getting to the cabin, say hello, give him a $10 handshake and ask him to please empty the refrigerator… Well we did it the same this time BUT, the Room Steward whose name I cannot remember looked at me and said, you can empty it yourself and put it in the closet!!!! Never ever before has a Room Steward not done it for us… The rest of week he did his job but that was it…not overly friendly and definitely did not go out of his way to do anything extra. We did not tip him anything extra at the end of the week which is very unusual for us. Again, not a big deal, but I think he could have done it if he wanted to.

    ROATAN… There were lots of free lounge chairs to be found and there were people walking the beach taking food and drink orders if you didn’t want to go order it yourself.. We were lucky enough to be sitting right next to some of the dancers from the ship and the two singers. Let me tell you that the fact that these dancers have only been dancing together for only 2 months, they were great… The were all together, always smiling, very friendly and their shows were very entertaining. A shout out to dancers Jena Pepper, Chole Giguera and Richard who as well as being great on stage, were great on the beach!!! Singers Tim ( who says hello to you and who we will one day see on Broadway) and Tori were probably the best duo I have ever seen on a Carnival ship… Again, both very friendly at the beach and extremely good and very entertaining on stage….. This was by far a very relaxing day, almost compared it to Half Moon Cay…

    Yes, the chair hogs OMG were out in full force very early in the morning.. And it wasn’t the young kids that were the chair hogs. It was really bad.. I know you know this is a problem but something has to be done about it…

    The Staff… Never met the Captain but he did come on the speaker a few times during the week… Every single officer I saw I went up to, shook their hand, and told them THANK YOU and let them know what a great job they were doing. I felt a little strange doing that, but you had mentioned doing it a while ago so I did… Every single one of them seemed so happy to hear it that after awhile I didn’t feel silly doing it anymore… Each and every staff member I encountered were very friendly.

    Trevor did a 180 on me…If you remember I had him as our Cruise Director on the Destiny this past August and honestly never saw him, didn’t go to any of the shows etc…I got on the Glory thinking, oh well, I guess the Cruise Director isn’t going to do anything to make this cruise any more fun. Well he did… This time I met him, went to his shows, talked to him and took pictures with him…I have to tell you how we met. I was talking to the Assistant Cruise Director, John Gleason and asked him to take a picture with you (yes, I printed out the head shot took and took you with me)… Well all of a sudden John G’s phone rang, he answered and told me someone wanted to know if that was a picture of John H that he was taking a picture with. When he said yes, Trevor told him to tell me to turn around that he needed to meet this female (me!!!)… That is how we met!!! He was so funny and thought how great it was that I was taking pictures with the Staff and John Heald!!! Trevor is so friendly and I would love to cruise with him again… His Assistant Cruise Director, John Gleason… watch out for this guy… he will be a Cruise Director one day.. Very tall 6’4, very cute, the young girls loved him and also very friendly. Got to talk to him while waiting for the tender on Grand Cayman and really think he will go far. And Trevor does a mean Cher, while John does a meaner Dolly Parton!!!

    Overall, with the exception of a few small things it was again, another great cruise. The Carnival Glory is also one of our favorites as far as the decor. We really liked it.

    Couple of disappointments…Besides the dining room location… The new menu did not go over well with us… Meatloaf we didn’t like, they don’t offer the Veal Parmigiana anymore which really was our favorite meal, not interested in the frog legs etc… We felt like the waitors in the dining room had too many tables and not alot of time to chat with us (but we don’t blame them). They were friendly but always seemed to be in a hurry. Although I Made,from Indonesia at table 231 in the YTD was amazing, friendly and just made us laugh the 2 nights we ate on the lower level. We wish we could have taken him back with us…

    There was a real problem with the tenders and the lines at Grand Cayman… The Staff thought it was because we had missed Costa Maya that so many passengers lined up so early to get off the ship… Some passengers were already blocking the hallways an hour before we were even scheduled to anchor. The tendering started, then had to stop because the ocean was still a bit rough, the ship turned and we had to wait until the Captain was able to turn her around in order to re-start the tendering process..This really backed things up a lot and it was not a good thing. Lots of passengers missed their excursions, both private and Carnival sponsored because of this delay getting off the ship. Trevor kept us all informed, kept apologizing and did announce that if passengers missed their Carnival excursions, they would see a refund back on their sign-n-sail account. I was told that they had stopped giving out tender tickets a couple of weeks earlier because it was going so smoothly but this day was not to be… Although we are Milestone/Platinum, and yes, we were taken down to Level 0 to catch a tender, we also had to wait, it was long and it was hot, but I guess because we’ve done this so many times before, we just waited it out and understood… Lots of passengers did not and I bet Trevor and the Guest Services Staff heard a lot of complaints that day…

    The Casino Staff was very friendly. One Casino Dealer, Elena would just come and sit with me when I was at the machines and we would just talk. She was always friendly and smiling even when she was my dealer at the 3 Card Poker table… Smoking was the worse I have ever encountered in the Casino… horrible, terrible, yuck… Someone needs to figure out a better ventiliation system in there… The VAULT was busy most of the week but noone won an iPad …Two passengers did win the $200 from the machine…

    Getting off the ship, although sad, was also not too bad. Found our bags immediately and was off the ship and done with Customs within 40 minutes.

    Another great cruise with the small exception of the dining room, which we will check out much better on our next cruise, which we booked at the FCC desk for the Carnival Breeze 1/13/13… Please also let the appropriate people know how wonderful the Staff that I mentioned were. So, once again, THANK YOU Carnival for another wonderful cruise…

  41. Starr Willaman says:

    I apologize for not doing this sooner but I did want to write you about my March trip on the Glory. It was wonderful. We were in cabins aft starboard and loved them. There was so much room in cabin 2473 that I felt like a queen. We could have run around in the cabin if we were younger. Our Steward Gerry was terrific and he made me feel right at home. I do have to say that the little goodies in the bathroom were not what we had in the past but we were fine about it.

    The Glory was a beautiful ship. I had no real problems navigating it as we were on the Freedom the year before. The shows were good and we went to three of the comedy shows. I enjoyed all of the food I tried. I wish I could have tried more choices but I did eat my share. I never made it to the Mongolian Grill but my husband did and loved it. We had your time dining and we never waited more than 5 minutes to be seated. The staff was different each night but I truly enjoyed Houston from St Barts. He was fun and entertaining.

    I also want to thank you for my two ships on a stick. I think that Josh (Big Sexy) did not want to be outdone and sent me two more. I was over the moon with happiness. The are displayed on a shelf right behind my favorite chair. Josh called me to see if my cruise was everything I expected it to be and I was really impressed with him. He is a wonderful cruise director and one I can gladly say I will never forget. Thank you John I feel honored to say I am a fan of Carnival Cruise Lines. For an old girl you really make everyone feel special.

    A quick note here from our friends who celebrated their 30th anniversary, thank you for the gift of Champagne and Chocolate Strawberries. They were completely surprised and also are fans of Carnival as well. They enjoyed the ship, the service and the CD. Josh is such a wonderful asset to Carnival.
    Thank you again,
    Starr & Cliff Willaman
    Bob & Vicki Sorber

  42. Margaret Holmberg says:

    Hi My friend,
    Just back from a 7 day on the Pride out of Baltimore. I can/t said enough good things. This has been about our 5 Carnival cruise, and each one gets better, Great over the top shows, crew, food etc… Looking forward to our next cruise

  43. Capt Bill says:

    Hey John,

    I am behind reading your blog, as I am reading your last posting (March 28th) I have to say in response to your last comment, about the calander, Maybe not one with Naked people, but I think some of the pictures that Mr Radu takes would make a great calander, I knw for one I would be interested in buy one of them if the money was being donated to St Judes (form the Procedes.) Just a thought. thanks again

    Capt Bill

  44. Melvin Holden says:

    I would like for you and the Carnvial Staff to know that our Carnvial Cruise Planner Ms. Yvette Forde has been wonderful to work with. We have been going through her for our bookings the past four years and will continue in the future. She is a very nice person to work with. Thanks

  45. Kim Harrison says:

    Naked Cruise Directors…..ah…..No. Semi-clad barwaiters from Serbia…..Oh YEAH! That is a fundraising Genius Idea. We can even throw in some Latvian girls for John.

  46. Cassie says:

    This all sounds yummy to me, granted they’re working hard and deserve some good grub no doubt!

    • Scott and Paula says:

      I read these comments John and don’t know how you do it! People “expect” you to give them free stuff, bring their daughter up on stage and can’t even say please???? Really? It is a good thing I don’t get to answer their questions because I would return the rudeness right back at them! Cheers John and thanks for all you do!!!!!

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  48. zena says:

    Hello, I sent u a question a while back and never received an answer, I just wanted to say this is my hubby and my first cruise. We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary, so excited. It’ll be june 3 on the carnival magic. Just wanted to know if you do anything special for people celebrating anniversary especially that of a special anniversary like ours?

  49. Carter Northcutt says:

    My son and I just returned from our cruise on Carnival Legend. We were at sea from 1 APR 12 – 8 APR 12. We were on the same ship and itinerary two years ago in October. Our cabin number was 5142. We had a great room steward whose name I cannot pronounce or remember how to spell. He kept our cabin clean and always had fresh towels ready for us when we needed them. Of course the towel animals were great.
    Our table mates in the dining room were a good match for us. The couple were only a few years older than me but we became good friends and were able to meet along the road home after the cruise to eat together. Juan Carlos, Tatiana and Hadek took care of us at our table every day. They did a wonderful job and knew what we liked. If I have a complaint at all it would be that I liked the menu the way it used to be before the change. But, the food was still good. I miss the escargot. That was one item I always got and the only time I eat it is on a Carnival Cruise.
    Kirk was our Cruise Director and I think he does a fabulous job. Very friendly and always making sure we were having fun.
    As this was my fifth cruise I decided to try something different. I made a point to go to a piano bar every night. I went to Billie’s Bar after dinner each night and thoroughly enjoyed making that decision. Alan was the, “Piano Man” at Billie’s and what a great time he provided. He was friendly and shared little facts about different songs and music. I have never done the piano bar scene before and I think it is one of the best kept secrets on a ship. There was a small group of us in there every night. I want to say again that Alan created a fun atmosphere for all who entered. The small group of us would stay until he was through for the night and he usually started at 19:30. I hope he is playing on the next cruise I book.
    Lastly, the day of debarkation went very smooth. My son and I ate breakfast up on Lido then went back to our room to collect our belongings. We were in the self-assist group and decided to wait on Deck 3 until we were cleared to leave. We were off the ship and in our car by 09:00. Who could complain about that…except that we had to leave of course. I hope I did not leave anyone out that I wanted to compliment. It was another enjoyable cruise.

  50. Shiv says:

    We missed the Behind the Fun Tour as we probably were not aware of all the events on board Carnival Magic, not could we be in tow places at the same time. But I enjoyed reading “WHAT THE CREW EATS”. And looking at the price $95 we would have skipped it! [The last time I went on a large pax ship was in 1955 from Bombay to Liverpool, via Aden and Suez Canal/Suez/Port said on Anchor Lines Caledonia where we also visited the engine room. The 21-day fare was GBP185. And no extra charge for behind the fun.]
    “Then we have the petit officers dining room”. By the way shouldn’t it be ‘Petty’ not ‘petit’ (though both mean the same)?

  51. Cynthia Oberg says:

    Hi John, I rarely hear you talk about the medical staff on your ships. I am actually interested in hearing more about them, as I would like to be a cruise nurse. I am registered in the US, current in ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ENPC, and have 8* years in Emergency Medicine. I am a Nationally Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN)through the Emergency Nurses Association. Where can I apply?

    Thank you,

  52. Jo-Lynn Rupp says:

    My husband and I went on our 1st cruise with another couple that have taken many cruises. I have to say it was only a 3 day to ensenada but I was wery excited. My husband and I purchased the crusie as our 25th aniversary present to ourselves. I couldnt wait. We figured that this would be the begining of many more cruises to come. We have never been more disapointed. Most of the people on the cruise were so drunk they couldnt thing strait. In the comedy show their were 2 hecklers wight behind us that made it unberable so bad that my husband had to say something in fact the whole room started telling the couple to shut up… Finally after 15-20 minutes of hell one of hte gentelment got escorted out. It was just a bad experience. My question is are all the cruises just about getting drunk if not is their a little bit classier cruise that you could recomend. We left out of long beach, we stayed at the queen mary then left on a friday on I believe it was the inspiration. I must say I was disapointed after staying at the Queen mary I was really looking forward to 3 days on the cruise ship… At one point their was a girl who did a beer bong with a whole bottle of champagne of course she threw up and that was the type of situation that we kept running into. I felt like the staff was more worried about the drunks getting drunker as long as they could put that pen in their hand to sign they got served it was so bad. I am all for a good time but some of these drunks were really bad to the other guest and the staff didnt really seem to care…. we spent about $1400 between the both of us between the price of the cruise, bingo etc… I would have liked to enjoy the cruise without such a drunken stupor going on. Are all of the cruised this way… I have spoke to 3 other people that have taken the same cruise that we took on different days and the same sort of situation happened to them… We are all very disenchanted in cruising.

    • Erin says:

      On a boat with 2 – 3k people on vacation, there are bound to be a handful of drunks. One drunk person can seem like a thousand drunk people.


  54. skimanpr says:

    I need some help. I was on the Carnival Destiny for a Western Caribbean cruise March 29-April 2. First of all, it was fantastic! But, as to the purpose of this post, I’m looking for a video. On Friday night during the Captain’s Dinner in the Galaxy Dining Room, I proposed to my girlfriend. There was a gentleman sitting next to us at another table that quickly queued up his iPhone and took a video of most of the proposal. Afterward, he showed it to me and said he would send me the video after the cruise. I gave him my business card with my contact information.

    Unfortunately, I’ve yet to receive the video. I know it has only been two weeks tomorrow, but I guess we’re all anxious on our end to get it. If anyone here reading this knows of this gentleman (in all the hype, I neglected to get HIS contact information) or has any suggestions on how to find him, it would be MOST appreciated!

  55. linda paulson says:

    We have a group of 20 or so sailing on Elation 10-15-12. This is a surprise birthday cruise for Andrea Williams, who birthday in on 17th. Can you send her something special that day. She has no idea all her family and close friends will be with her on this cruise

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