May 18, 2012 -

John Heald

Here is the schedule for June, July and August and I will have the rest of the year as soon as I can. May I take this opportunity to thank all my Cruise Director colleagues for their continuing hard work and their dedication in making sure you have the most fun possible.

CD Schedule Summer 2012

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52 Responses to CD SCHEDULE SUMMER 2012

  1. Julie Sherman says:

    So will the Spirit have 2 cruise directors the week of May 29?? Will Captain Volpi be there :)??

    • Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

      Julie…Stu will be the CD for your cruise.

      Chris will just be there preparing to take over after Stu leaves on June 6th.

      It is called a holdover week where both CDs are on board…but only one is working.

      Have a wonderful cruise.

    • MARY says:

      Capt Volpi is on the Spirit until the middle of Sept. before retiring.

  2. Sheila says:

    Thank goodness we won’t be missing Stu during our August sailing to Alaska! This will be our third time with him. Always a charm.

  3. Cindy Veselak says:

    I think the schedule is great and wish I were on the Breeze with you. I do want to share a comment with you concerning your Karl (with a K) Bird. We were on the Liberty with him in February…and he is just magnificent.

    Karl has the energy of a 3 year old and uses it to put his all into the job of CD. He was shoulder to shoulder with the passengers and crew. Where ever we went there was always a Karl sighting. And I think he was genuine when with the passengers and his crew mates.

    Carnival is very fortunate to have a “Karl with a K”. And then they already know how great John with a J is for all of Carnival.


  4. John Guest says:

    Can you please tell me the name of the female CD that hails from Toronto, Canada? She was assistant CD with Tex aboard the Valor when I sailed in November of 2009. Thanks in advance.

  5. Leon says:

    John, it’s good that we can read your blog from onboard Carnival ships, but it won’t let us open any attachments such as the cruise director schedule from onboard.

  6. Karen Schultz says:

    John we will be cruising for a week on the Legend Feb 10th – 17th 2013 for Cozumel Belize Grand Caymen and Isle of Roatan. Would we be so fortunate to have you as our CD that week? It will be our 4th cruise. Our 1st cruise was on the Freedom and we were so lucky to have you that week, and you made it so memorable for us. Just hoping we can hook up again with you someday. Bless you and your family 🙂

  7. dave j says:

    John, hope to see your name to continue as CD for the new CARNIVAL BREEZE come my and my wifes cruise on 12/08/12. Please post a piano bar schedule if possible. Hope to see Marty on the CARNIVAL BREEZE in december.

    • Eileen says:

      I too will be on the 12/8/12 sailing of the Carnival Breeze. John replied to my Facebook post and he will not be our cruise director. We will have Butch, who I have heard is good also.

  8. Kathy says:

    Looks like the same scenario for Splendor the week of June 17. Changing of the CD guard for the following week?

  9. Maggie says:

    2 more weeks….can’t wait 🙂

  10. George Walters says:

    Wonderful idea! Now how about an offical Carnival panio bar entertainer list? Afe people are working their butts off right now to try to put together an unoffical one on FaceBook: Carnival Piano Bar-barians

  11. Jeff says:


    Do you know what ship you will be on in November/December 2012 ?

    We are planning a big family cruise, and I am wanting to book the ship your going to be on. As far as the Itinerary ? I have been on 16 Cruises in the Caribbean, so that dont matter. The truth is, “you” are what makes a cruise so much more memoriable.

    I have been on quit a few cruises with you, and the past few times I simply booked the cruise because of you. Being that this will be a big family cruise ( aunts, uncles, parents, brother, etc. ) I really want them to have the experience you being the cruise director.

    I am trying to book in “advance” but due to the cruise director schedule stopping at August, I dont really know what ship to book. I wish Carnival would realize you are truly a “one of a kind” there is no other cruise director of any ship, any cruise line that is half as good as you are, and they should make your schedule a #1 Priority on making it out because I know I am NOT the only person who simply books a cruise just because of “you”.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you

    • Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


      One thing to remember….

      except for the Bloggers cruise, John is never guaranteed to be on a ship.

      When “the beards” decide to pull John from a ship….he has to go.


    • MARY says:

      If you book the Nov 24 cruise on the Breeze, there is a strong possibility he will be the CD as that is the Augural cruise out of Miami and when Carnival will do the Christening of the Breeze. After that, I believe John will be on vacation. He usually takes December off.

  12. George Walters says:

    Question: Does it really matter who is the cruise director? They are all fine and trained by John and his staff… Make your decision based on the different ships, ports of call, price even. But the cruse director? I have my favorite, but I’d never base my decision on where he was… For God sake you are supposed to have fun, not analize the cruise Director.

    • Robin says:

      Why does it matter to you that they want to choose a cruise based at least in part on who is the cruise director? How does it affect you? If part of their having fun is booking a trip with John, why does that bother you?

      • Rick Williamson says:

        Does it matter? Not really. But I can see what George is saying. Go to see someplace you have never been. John or any CD should just be a small part of what makes your cruise a good or bad cruise. But to each his own.

  13. Geri & Jack says:

    Hi John,
    We are back! We sail on the C-Imagination in May 28 out of Miami for our 54th Anniv. And then on Oct 28 on the Liberty. We have Skippy CD in May. It is so nice to be back.
    Geri & Jack

  14. Geri & Jack says:

    Hi John,
    We are sailing on the C-Imagination on May 28 for our 54th Anniv. And in Oct in the C-Liberty. Skippy is our CD in May.
    We are so glad to be back.
    Take care.
    Geri & Jack
    Proud Platinum Guests

  15. grizel robertson says:

    John, I have had so many b****y problems with my TalkTalk webmail over the last 2 weeks, I was almost prepared to fly to Dehli to challenge the call centre staff FtoF. Their service is much worse than what you get in unchartered waters – they should rename it GagGag. I’ve been forced to purchase Microsoft Outlook (only £100) to enable me keep in touch with my friends as F/B access is taboo at work. I was particularly annoyed that I was unable to send a message to you for Kye’s birthday. I cannot understand Kis Marek’s comments about lack of knowledge about the English language when ordering drinks. Having cruised for 20 years with CCL, I have never had a problem with ordering a Drambuie, no matter the nationality of the server – some native English speakers have difficulty with the name – but not your multinational crew. As for Cucina Del Capitano, I would recommend it everyone. I ate there on Magic in Europe last year & ordered Chicken Parmigiana. It was a delight to the taste buds & covered my entire plate. I savoured every mouthful accompanied by a lovely glass of Chianti. I hope both your girls are doing well.

  16. Geri & Jack says:

    Hi John,
    We’re back!!! Leaving May 28 on C-Imagination for our 54th anniv. Nice to be back on Carnival.
    All the best to you and your beautiful family.
    Geri and Jack

  17. Melissa says:

    I must Say…… I hear so much about you John.. ALL good things! As for me all the cruise directors I have ever had ARE SSSSSSSooo Great! They have been fun, informative and also so happy go lucky that always got you in a good mood to hear the Ding dong and then Them speaking.. Thanks for all the great people on The ships..

    Ok question Can you tell me anything about Matt Mitchem He is our director June 23 <~~ My Birthday Cruise……
    Is there a way to Chit Chat with them before the cruise?

    • L Samer says:

      Matt is awesome! We just returned from the Valor and he’s the acting CD right now. He is so entertaining and really cares about his guests. He and the Asst. CD “Dr. E” have a great rapport. He also has a one on one session with the CDs. That was really informative. To top it off, there were two tough situations on our trip, and Matt handled them perfectly.

      • Jan says:

        We also enjoyed Matt earlier this month. He does seem to really care about each individual passenger. Now that I know we can find out who our CD will be each cruise, I wish we could find out about other staff. We’ve had a couple of awesome assistant CD’s (Eversen and Marky Mark come to mind) and entertainment staff hosts. I wouldn’t mind sailing with them again, too, if I knew where they were.

  18. Terri says:

    (1) Whatever happened to Josh? We loved him!! (2) I don’t suppose you could post the first week of January for the Breeze when you post the rest of the year . . . pretty please.

  19. dave says:

    is TBA a new cd? LOL

  20. Harry Songe says:

    Just got back on cruise on the Macic. Got to say very dissapointed. Ship was nice but the acttivities were boring. You can only play so much TRIVA. People are on vacation they want to kick off there shoes kick up there heals and dance ,party and yell not sit down and play triva. The meals in the market were basicly the same every night.For the money we paid it would be hard for me to book another any time soon. The conquest was a blast so it mite just be the cordinator not sure.

  21. Susan M / Please reply says:

    What happended to Ryan Fritzgerald? We really enjoyed him a lot.

  22. Christine says:

    Hello John –

    We have our 9th cruise booked this year and I am so close to the platinum level. Whoo-hoo!
    We are on the Carnival Magic Western Carribean booked for the end of June. Do you have a more recent fun times? I looked in your fun times library at end of the blog page and the most current Carnival Magic fun times was down loaded 25Nov2011.

    My husband and 19yo son are looking forward to the bean bag toss competition to win a piece of ship on a stick. Yes a lovely cruise with many activities and they are excited about tossing a bag of beans.

    Thank you, Christine

  23. Heidi says:

    Hi John, Cruise directors have the most difficult job aboard the vessel. They are the most visible and are the face behind the brand. My family had the pleasure of sailing with Jaime on her last sailing of the Liberty. Her enthusiasm and energy are boundless and the passion she has for her job makes her a wonderful asset to the Carnival Family. It was a pleasure sailing aboard the Carnival Liberty and we loved all the features with the FUN 2.0 enhancements. We can’t wait for them to be rolled out to the rest of the fleet. Our next ship will be the Carnival Breeze. (And a shout out to our cabin stewart – Katut!!)

  24. linda heaverin says:

    I was wondering do you know when the rest of the cd schedule will be up. I know you said you would as soon as you could. We are planning another cruise for Nov. and we would like to know where two of the cd will be.

  25. Paula says:

    Hi John
    Anxious to know who will be CD on Oct Breeze cruise – the ship is beautiful.

  26. Viola Guidry says:

    Hey John,
    I was curious if you knew when you might know when you will have the cruise director schedule for May 2013? We just discovered this before our cruise 2 weeks ago and are ready to plan our next one and want to go with a particular director that we have had in the past. Thanks:)

  27. jamie harden says:

    hi, just sailed on the dream a few weeks ago, cory was the cd.. he was great…trying to get in touch with Kaityln Berent, she is one of the ship singers that handles the superstar live and past guests reception. Any contact info for here or Cory would be super.

  28. Patty says:

    Do you know who the Victory Cruise Director for August 5th will be yet? It shows on this spreadsheet as “TBA”

    • Darcie says:

      I want to know this same answer for the 9/16/12 So. Caribbean cruise on the Victory!! 1st time cruiser!

      Have a great cruise!!!!!!!

  29. Darcie says:

    when oh when will the September CD schedule be posted??? I have been waiting for what seems like forever : )

  30. Tammy says:

    John, when will you be posting the schedule for the last quarter of 2012?

  31. Darcie says:

    Am I missing something? I thought this was the NEW CD list that includes Sept!

    Please direct me to the link with the current CD list. : )

  32. Orin Fatolitis says:

    Hello John;

    We first sailed together during the inaugural sailing on the Freedom, then again on the Dream a couple years later and it appears we’ll be on the Breeze in November. My wife and I are excited you’ll be on the Breeze.

    We just completed our 18th cruise with CCL.
    We cruised on the Carnival Legend out of port Tampa and once again I’m extremely pleased to share that we had a wonderful experience.

    We’re so excited to say that we’ve routinely enjoyed a good cruise but we’ve never experienced a cruise where every member of the hotel and restaurant staff smiled the entire seven days. The level of enthusiasm, positive attitude, helpful friendly service, and genuine happiness was so pervasive throughout the staff that we began looking for mediocrity. Finally, on the fifth day we found an instance where the services rendered would have been considered good on previous cruises but not so, if measured against peers on the Legend. Someone created the best ever customer satisfaction program.

    The management team has done a superb job raising the bar on providing the absolute highest level of customer service.

    We would like to offer special recognition to:
    • Martin & Jose, Head Team Waiter & Assistant: extraordinarily pleasant and they made every effort to ensure each contact was memorable for us.
    • Olvin & Jorge, Steward & Assistant: continuous effort to ensure we had everything we desired and that our experience was the best ever, these guys couldn’t do enough.
    • Alexandra: in the retail shops was very helpful in choosing selections and again the smile and friendliness was infectious.

    We also noticed subtle changes in the amenities offered to Platinum guests. The changes were refreshing and reflected appreciation for customer loyalty.

    Just thought we’d join the blog-wagon and share our immense pleasure and looking forward to seeing you in November on the Breeze.

    We renamed the Legend from a “Fun ship” to a “Happy Ship”.

    Warm Regards
    Orin & Sandi

  33. Grechen Frahm says:

    Who will be the cruise director for the Breeze’s Nov 2012 transatlantic crossing? Also will Calvyn be on board the Breeze on its transatlantic crossing?

  34. Sparkle says:

    Good Evening!

    I am booked on the Carnival Splendor sailing May 25th 2013 and I wanted to know who will be the CD for this sailing?

  35. Amy says:

    I have noticed that the same Cruise Directors seem to remain on the same ship. It would be great if they were mixed up more often; more than the six month on and then off. If that was done then I think there would be more variety in the ship offerings which would be great for folks who sail the same ship often. Having sailed a ship often because it is from my homeport I think I could recite the Funtimes and entertainment schedule!



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