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25 Responses to An Update from the Bridge and an Interview with the Captain

  1. Faye Murray says:

    Love the video’s especially the one with your introduction of the Captain. Will board the Breeze in 12 days – can’t wait John – I finally have a cruise with you as cruise director — and this makes #10 for us! Hope we get the opportunity to talk with you c=face to face as you made the last year so enjoyable with all of your “Breeze” updates! Cheers John –

  2. Karen Schultz says:

    John have been keeping up on the building and the sailing today of the beautiful Breeze. Is she only going to be doing European cruises? what are my chances of sailing on the Breeze on an eastern or western Carribeaan someday?

    • Kelsea Dobson says:

      i believe she will call home In Miami After the Med cruises are done

    • beverly ann says:

      The Breeze is coming to Miami in november and will
      Then start sailing in the Caribbean on 6 & 8 day voyages.

    • elaine says:

      she comes to Miami in Nov. and from then till who knows when Miami will be her home port. I myself will sail on her the very first 8 day in Nov which is the Saturday after thanksgiving doing southern caribbean.

      look out ARUBA here I come. WHOO HOO!!!

  3. john i swear calvyn is the perfect sidekick for you, together you two are a total hoot!

    smiles, bee

    • Kelly says:

      Miss Bee, you are so right!! They are like George and Gracie, Lucy and Ricky, just perfection.

  4. Linda Hartwick says:

    John, the ship looks fantastic, it will be a while before I can afford to go on this ship! Everybody will have a blast on the Breeze.

  5. Susan and Cary says:

    Congrats John, Calvyn, and the Miami Beards for the updates!!! We are so excited to not only see video updates, but also start reading reviews from passengers who have sailed on Breeze!!!

    Cannot wait to meet Breeze for myself when I step on board with my husband, Jumbo (who says hi to Calvyn and you!), and our dear friends from our Miracle sailing this past October!!!

    Susan and Cary 🙂

  6. LaRose Dean says:

    Oh, John, thank you for the posting the video with Captain Alcaras. He seems very friendly and down to earth. I will be looking forward to meeting him. I can not wait to hear that ship horn either! Oh, one more thing, where it the magic coin located on Breeze?
    Have a wonderful day!

    • elaine says:

      yes John, where is the coin located? I want a a picture of me and DH next to the coin please so do tell.

      glad your family was able to make the first cruise with you. see you in Nov!

      thanks and happy sailings John.

  7. Marty says:

    Thank you so much for all the info you have been giving on the Carnival Breeze!! It makes it even more of an exciting anticipation! I’ll be with you on Nov. 24th!! I loved your interview with the Captain too!

  8. Brad Kear says:

    Boarding on June 15th and looking forward to my 11 cruise with Carnival. The video with Calvyn is kind of strange. I guess this is John’s Martin/Lewis act on the sea. Hope the ship fares well over the next two weeks and all have a grand time.

  9. adriana says:

    Bon voyage!!!!

    • Mark Casey says:

      Hi John, thank for keeping us so up to date on the progress of the Breeze. I will be seeing you today along with my my wife and mother-in-law. You have built up such excitement in us with your updates on the Breeze. And like I haves said before, if she is 1/2 as good as the Magic we went last year we will be than happy. Hope to have a chat face to face sometime during the cruise. I bet you are busy today. See you in few hours.


  10. Diane says:

    She looks gorgeous! I still have 300+ days before I board her in Miami for a southern caribbean 8-day vacation!

  11. KATHY says:

    John, Give the Captains our blessings as he sets sail, so wish we BC6 could be with you all. Looking very forward to our cruise even though I have 2 more ahead of BC6, Legend oct and Conquest 9/30 … you and Calvin need to come join us Sept 30th … Tell Calvin this would be his Favorite Dinner Cruise with KD craft mac and cheese .. Inside jokw with calvin only..
    Your looking Great see you all soon .

  12. Congratulations John, the captain and all those who were involved with this tremendous, wonderful ship, the Carnival Breeze.
    I’ll be seeing you all in January.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  13. Willis O. says:

    The Captain does not look very old,how long has he been sailing?

  14. Kimberly Ford says:

    Love the looks of the Breeze! Can’t wait to sail on her!!

  15. John Rogers says:

    I noticed webcams at ther bottom of this page and clicked on the Dream…Are the cameras live?…these seem to be just pictures of the Lido Deck…I wanted to see if I could see Cory, the A.C.D., doing his everyday hard work on board…

  16. Steven Zavalney says:

    Hi. I know you are extremely busy, but wondered if you could give me the name of some beard at Miami I can talk to about problems with my future cruise certificate for the TransPacific Cruise.

    In short, they wont apply it because it was purchased AFTER I booked the cruise. Not that I didn’t have a stack of the certificates, I just used them in the wrong order. No one at the office will take time to listen to me, they just say “That is the rule” and that is that.
    PLEASE help! Ill buy you a nice fruit basket and thirteen chocolate covered strawberries next cruise…. or keep Calvyn from touching you for a whole day……lol
    Thanks for anything you can do. I don’t need you to fix it, just give me a name…..

    Thanks a million! Happy sailing WIWT!


  17. Jeff Chaffee says:

    Am booked on the Breezes transatlantic in November…I am so looking forward to the trip and the more that’s published just makes the wait harder! LOL! Already received an upgrade..woohoo! Loved the video of you and Calvyn, John. It was a good laugh tonite. Cheers and see ya in November!

  18. Peter Heck says:

    Awesome ship and an awesome captain. These videos are just epic!

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