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25 Responses to A Stroll Along the Carnival Breeze Promenade

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks John for the videos. Looking forward to a Jan cruise aboard the Breeze! Keep the videos coming, they really do whet thevwhistle. Maybe a 10 min video tour of the ship showing the entire ship and the major categories?


    Hi John,
    We met you on the Magic Cruise.
    We are from India. We have sailed on all your Europe Cruises. The Splendor, Dream and Magic. Loved them .
    Maybe we will cruise on the Breeze also .
    It looks great .
    Best of luck .
    Great to hear that Ken is also on the ship

  3. Chris says:

    34 days and i will be there in Barcelona WoW

  4. Lori Barber says:

    Wow, she’s beautiful! Can’t wait ’til our September 28, 2013 cruise to Aruba on her. Thanks for the stroll!

  5. Theron says:

    I have really enjoyed the videos and pic`s you have posted.We will be sailing on the first Oct Cruise.Well done please keep on.

  6. Leonard Cole says:

    Breeze looks wonderful. I’ll see you in December when it gets to USA. Will be my 37th. May need a strip of velcro again John.

  7. thge opening blast is a startle, you may want to consider having your sound guy make a gradual crescendo at the opening of the soundtrack, if you have such an aminal onboard.
    Our wifi is intermittent centigrade minus or plus one degree may or may not burst the pipelines – – – > got a hat the other day , a blue base ball item with a USS NASSAU insignia
    LHA 4 ~PRIMA { * * * * * } AbMARE brown eagle yellow beak & hemp line wrapped around a grey anchor

  8. Janice says:

    Thanks for the updates John. Can’t wait to be on this great ship next January. Keep the videos coming!

  9. delmer thompson says:

    John, I was listening to part two regarding the barbaque and I noticed that nothing was mentioned about beef being cooked. Wheres the beef? I hope true meat is being considered.
    Fins and feathers are great for wimps, but men need beef. Thanks and God Bless. Delmer

  10. Kristel says:

    hey you are behind times. We went on NCl and they alreayd had the sushi rest and irish pub…Will the dream be redone to have these features.

  11. Ellen Bannin says:

    Can’t wait to board this beautiful ship on 9/19!!!

  12. Michael Paul says:

    We were on the Magic’s second cruise, the one where you pants fell down on stage after being somewhat tackled by a guest. Our room was directly above the Red Frog. The fun level was high enough at night we decided to join in. What a blast. Met you there a couple of times. Enjoyed the video. Keep up the good work. See you soon again.

  13. Joyce Loomis says:

    beautiful ship…very affordable…too bad the airfare to get to it costs more than the cruise itself!!!!!!!

  14. Mark Levine says:

    Yeah! Keep those videos rolling! It’s 5 months until I sail on the Conquest, and every one of these gets me a little more excited!

  15. Rick Williamson says:

    I love what I see in the pictures and vidio’s you have posted. I love the color of the insides of Breeze. I don’t have a trip on her yet set. But wish your team had done the other two dream class ships this way. She really doesn’t need to be in that class but a class of her own.

  16. Tom Breault says:

    Hello John My wife and I have crusied with you several times, the last was the inaugral of the Magic out of Galvestion. I have been watching your videos of the Breeze and after we go in Sept of this year on the Freedom or next one is the Breeze, hope you are still CD on it. Keep the blogs coming.

  17. Pam says:

    Thank you so much John! I can not wait now to sail on the Breeze with you, the Crazies and Bloggers, and my parents. My dad will be hitting up Fat Jimmy’s on the c days and mom and I will be hitting up Bonsai. I love the piano bar and can’t wait!

  18. bob walker says:

    Finally real BBQ !!! I have taken every opportunity to point out hamburgers and hotdogs do not mean BBQ..Finally it has arrived.. Thank you SO much!!! BTW I am from Alabama… where BBQ is a way of life !!!

  19. bill arendt says:

    Hi John,Booked to go on 2-16-2012 the breeze looks beautiful cant wait.This will be our sixth carnivl cruise.Taking the grandkids on the Fantasy out of Charleston 8-11-2012 they should have a ball

  20. JWMiddleton says:

    Thanks for the videos John! We are really looking forward to our Med/TA cruises on the Breeze. It looks like lessons were learned with the Dream and adjustments made to the Breeze.

  21. Amazing my friend. I just can’t wait until January.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  22. michelle Booth says:

    Amazing John see you on the 14th of August…..You just get better,well the ship not you…

  23. Steve Chafe says:

    Hi John,
    I can not wait till the Breeze reaches Miami, it is a beautiful ship. Being that it was just built, is there anyway possible that there are engineering drawings available from the ship yard? I design large projects and there is always one overall view, usually in elevation and top view that shows the entire ship. An “A1” size print, or even a PDF would be great!
    The Color glossies of the ship in water are nice, but the underlying beauty is what intrigues me.



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