January 19, 2013 -

John Heald

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15 Responses to BC-6 THE FUN HAS BEGUN

  1. Chris says:

    WWWT!! John, I can only cruise late Oct, Nov, Dec and May!!!! Any of those months and I will be at BC7!

  2. john & mitch castillo says:

    Hoping to make Bc7 since it should be on Sunshine out of NOLA.

  3. Phil Hale says:

    Wish I were there! GLAD you’re doing the video updates. At least I cang be there virtually if not actually. Get better!

  4. Kim Woods says:

    Hey John, Hello from British Columbia Canada, I trult enjoy reading your comments, gives me my daily chuckle.
    I would really love to be on the 7th annual bloggers cruise, how do I qualify????
    Have a great cruise with all your fans, and take some imodium to counter act the exlax…wear depends till then and Buckley’s for the cough.
    Kim Woods

  5. Richard Taylor says:

    Glad to see you’re looking better!
    How’s about a Bloggers Cruise from the UK?
    Even Southend? That would be a first, though I think you’d have to bus us from Southend to Dover?!!
    Richard (Who’s wife was born in Southend)

  6. Brenda Jones says:

    Boy that looks like fun, can’t wait to hear when BC7 will be I have my husband and I will be able to go on that one. Have fun this week!!!!

  7. Inez Layne says:

    Lots of my friends are with you on the “Breeze”! Wish I was there! Number 7? I can’t wait! So glad I found your blog–you are a fun guy and that’s what it is all about. By the way, all those friends-(must be at least 40 are from Sarasota, Florida!! I will be watching each day–so as you say–“The fun has begun”!! Yeah!

  8. chad says:

    sure hope there will be more than just 10 seconds of the blogers in the next up dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mike says:

    Hoping to see Calvyn in the update videos!

  10. Kaytee L. says:

    Keep up the great work John….you brilliant bloke! Kaytee

  11. Fern says:

    Wish we were there, too! I’m so envious. Maybe next time 🙂 !

  12. Mary HIrschey says:

    I have been a Princess customer (leaving on 2/25/13 for 10 days on the Emerald) but you make Carnival look like so much fun. I might just have to give it a try, being certain of course that you are the cruise director. Enjoy your blog very much.

  13. Tina says:

    This is an exiting cruise for me to follow because some friends we met on a cruise last year are on this cruise! Coincidentally, we were both already booked on the Breeze when we met. Our cruise is not for a few more weeks though–we are doing the 8-day cruise. I am following closely to see if I happen to see them in any of the photos or videos! 🙂

  14. judycrockett says:

    I guess I am now a member of your John Heald Blog I think. Love to read your blog each day.! How do we know what we are included in on our Cruise, as we cruise with the Carnival Magic March 10th, 2013

  15. jessica rodriguez says:

    you never fail to make me giggle a little lol
    super funny , and im going to be on the breeze march 2nd , hope youll be there !

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