BC6 – Day 3

January 22, 2013 -

John Heald

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10 Responses to BC6 – Day 3

  1. Kevin Boerio says:

    Remarkable clip. I lvoe St. Thomas. I love Italian food and cook it all the time. I’m a true blooded Italian to. I so bad want to sail on Carnival Breeze. I can’t wait to eat at the Italin Resturant on board and try out all their mouth watering food they make in their. Any how John. I hope you all have safe sailing.God bless

    • kevin rachor says:

      i hope the pasta isn’t made with eggs…you know–you being a pseudo-vegan and all…


  2. English Tim says:

    Hope you son feel better mate. You look a bit pale in the BC3 video, but maybe you saw Calvyn eating, which turned you green! 🙂

  3. Kurt Petterson says:

    Thanks John for this video. Looking forward to our cruise on the DREAM next month out of Port Canaveral.

  4. Stephen says:

    Hello mate! I know you have stated before the popularity of the late night movies over sports unless its the Super Bowl, however can you please contact the media person for the breeze march 2 sailing? Basically the Super Bowl of college sports falls on our last sea day DUKE versus UNC at 9pm and with over 500 of us in our group being from the state could you assist? Also date we set sail we have Louisville Syracuse, Michigan state Michigan, and 10 other ranked versus ranked games. Thanks and first beer is on me John!

  5. Celia says:

    John,what do i need to do to join ur blog???? & see u while we cruising on the BreeZe?????

  6. Hi Birthday GUY, dON’T KNOW IF MY FACEBOOK POST WENT THROUGH. I know the Bloggers are having fun, for you on your special days. You need to know we love you and appreciate All you do for us. The naysayers are the real —pains. Hope to sail on the bc7. Cheers. Ann

  7. Dee Sarro says:


  8. Emily says:

    I am a faithful blog reader/watcher. How do I get a pin and get to go on a Bloggers Cruise?

    Loyally. Emily

  9. Laura Ann Smith says:

    Thank you for making me laugh! My mom Carolann Johnston(crusinggrandma) and my dad adore you. My father has made special stain glass piece for you and other bloggers. (Isn’t he talented. Please call them out about what wonderful people they are and how much they mean to their family. We celebrated their 45 wedding anniversary as a family last October on the Carnival Fantasy and really enjoyed the cruise! Thank you again.

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