BC6 – Day 6

January 24, 2013 -

John Heald

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7 Responses to BC6 – Day 6

  1. Diane says:

    No comment

  2. Roxianne says:

    I’m sorry but I have to say this out loud and get it out of my head…Calvin is just creepy!

  3. William Geick says:

    The Skycourse is fun. Did it on my 68th birthday the first week of Dec. The Breeze is a beautiful ship!

  4. Mark Feola says:

    The Calvyn ending was the GREAT! Cant stop Laughing!!!!

  5. Mark Feola says:

    The Calvyn ending was the GREATEST! Cant stop Laughing!!!!

  6. janet cartwright says:

    From The 28 Crazy Girls on the “Tanglewood Girl’s 4th Annual Get Away” on the Destiny 1/21 to 1/26/13. The balcony doors were open when we arrived and we appreciated that very much. And we partied! And thank you for the gifts sent to our cabin, the girls were wondering who this John was! And I didn’t tell them! My hiusband and I are going on The Breeze on Dec 7, 2013 for our 25th wedding anniversary and are going with another couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. We have cabins next to each other
    and are wondering if the balcony doors adjoining our cabins are able to be opened as well?

    Thank you again John for making me feel special and also getting those balcony doors open for our girl’s. Happy sailing!

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