January 28, 2013 -

John Heald

Let’s start by talking about something we have all probably had today……..breakfast. Here’s a letter from blog reader Donna:

Donna Raymond
Amongst a few positives of our recent Carnival Liberty cruise was the lack of choice at breakfast which was a deal breaker for us coming back to Carnival. It seems that Carnival created some decent lunchtime choices but has not done the same with breakfast. I suggest you look at what others offer and then perhaps you will improve. This was the one disappointment of the cruise.

So, breakfast. Recently on Facebook we spoke about bacon and how it is indeed distributed by our service staff on Lido. However, I have never ever thought that our choices were not enough so this comment from Donna took me by surprise. Now, I have heard suggestions before that we add more Southern specialties to the ships sailing out of Charleston, including sausage and gravy and things like biscuits and chitterlings but, overall, I think we have an excellent choice on Lido. In fact, let’s have a look at some of what we serve, shall we?

  • Eggs to order
    Eggs Benedict
    Salmon Benedict
    Scrambled Eggs
    Omelets to order
    Boiled Eggs
    Grilled tomatoes
    Grilled Mushrooms
    Sausage Combo
    Yak Sausage
    Sautéed Breakfast Potato
    Baked Beans
    Assorted Yogurt
    Assorted Milk
    Whole fruits
    Honeydew melon
    Wheat Bread
    White Bread
    Rye Bread
    Gluten Free Bread
    Apple Cornets
    Crown Vanilla
    Cinnamon Swirls
    Raspberry Croissants
    Chocolate Croissants
    Banana Bread
    Chocolate Chip Bread
    Banana Nut Cake
    Cream Cheese
    Assorted Cereals
    Swiss Cheese
    Cheddar Chasse
    Sliced Ham
    Sliced Turkey

And some of the ships have the addition of the Punchliner Comedy Brunch menu which I know many of you have raved about. So there you go, looks good, doesn’t it, and certainly a more than adequate choice. Now I have to ask you, what’s your favourite meal of the day? Mine………well it is without doubt….. breakfast. I love breakfast because you really don’t have to make an effort, use a napkin, decide which of the 200 knives and forks to use and best of all……… don’t have to get dressed. You can have it in bed, at a table while reading a newspaper standing up if you are in a hurry. You can have it in silence, watch the news or enjoy a family breakfast in your pajamas. On the ship, you can order room service and have it on your balcony, naked if you wish. You can go to Lido and sit inside or outside and eat a huge plate of eggs, bacon, sausage and lashings of pancakes and pastries all washed down with a huge bucket of grits. You don’t have to dress and you don’t have to look good and you don’t have to cook and you don’t have to wash the dishes. You just eat, munch, slurp and enjoy while discussing what to do on this fun day at sea. It is the perfect start of the day.

I love breakfast. When I am home, Heidi makes me eat a healthy breakfast which usually consists of a boiled egg and wheat toast and a bowl of Muesli. I love breakfast, I don’t love sodding Muesli. It is good for you, I am told. Now, maybe it is healthier than eating eggs and bacon each morning but have a look at a box of Muesli……..go on……….just for me………look at the very small print on the side of the box and you will see a warning that tells you that eating Muesli may cause excessive gas and abnormal stool production. This, I can tell you, is absolutely true because after eating a box of Muesli, I always deposit a large snake in the toilet. Muesli is health food. Well, if you ask anyone who is standing within 20 feet of me after I have eaten a box if they think it’s healthy……….my guess is ……….unmmmm…

Occasionally, I am naughty and have what we Brits call a Full English Breakfast which consists of bacon — proper thick bacon sliced from Pete the Pigs thigh, not the thin weedy crispy stuff that like most land based restaurants in North America serve. And as for turkey bacon………..well I would rather eat a slice of Calvin’s thigh than that! In an English breakfast, the bacon and eggs are accompanied by huge pork sausages, or bangers as we call, them and they fight for a place on the plate with baked beans and fried bread. I am, as I write this, dribbling on myself.

Think about this though. Breakfast is the only meal where you can eat the same thing every day for the rest of your life and not really complain………well, most people can, anyway. Do you really want something that you’re not familiar with? When you are in a hotel in any country in the world, while you may experiment at lunch with some barbecued peacock and at dinner try the deep fried bison, at breakfast, wherever you are, you look for eggs, bread, butter, jam and cereal right?

So, thank you, Donna Ray, and I do hope you had a wonderful cruise and I ask you and all my readers now to tell me simply what we are missing from our breakfast selections because I have been sitting here in my underpants and honestly……………..I can’t think of anything, can you?

Time for more Q and A, let’s crack on.

Jeremy Childers asks:
We are thinking about going on a cruise with another couple – maybe sharing a room. What are the sleeping arrangements for that? I was just kind of wondering if you would suggest sharing or getting separate rooms.

Johns says:
Hello Jeremy Childers,

That’s not an easy one to answer but let me try and give you a couple of options. First of all, I guess the most important thing is how friendly you are with the other couple. You see, while the cabins are roomy and some of the biggest in the industry, with four adults in there it may become small very quickly and the bathroom issue maybe something you should consider as well. Now the Dream-class ships have cabins with two bathrooms. These have a half bath, a sink and overhead shower in one and a sink, shower cubicle and toilet in the other. We also have ships with adjoining cabins, meaning you can have a connecting door between and this may be the way to go. I hope this helps and if you have a follow up, please let me know.

Best wishes and I hope we see you all soon.

Beth Sewell asks:
If we are the Red Frog Pub first-guest VIPs, will you mention us from the stage and buy us another free drink? Can’t blame us for trying! 🙂

Beth and Kenneth Sewell

John says:
Hello Beth Sewell,

While we won’t mention you on the stage to 1,500 guests, you will get posted on my Facebook page which has a stage of 32,500 readers. So I wish you good luck and hope to see your photo there soon. Have a brilliant cruise.

Best wishes.

Kevin Compo asks:

Booked the Carnival Triumph for March 2 in Oct. and since have tried to do as much research as possible to make this a brilliant cruise for my wife and me. In all my searches, there is one thread that seems unanimous and seems to get no reaction from Carnival.

Lido music …….

The two most complained about aspects…
1. Style….this is a Caribbean cruise …not a rave….I’m all for mixing it up and I understand the band is gone but a wave file from a DJ can be anything. Especially when greeting and leaving port. Reinforce the Caribbean experience….

2. Decibels? I am a professional in the audio and video industries and mixing sound is without a doubt a profession …however, the levels I have witnessed on the Lido in videos is over the top. The music in this setting is an additive to the experience….not the experience. It’s not a concert, it should accentuate, not dominate.

Just my unsolicited thoughts in an attempt to raise a point I have heard over and over to make a better experience for all….


John says:
Hello Kevin Compo,

Thanks for taking the time to write and I have read similar comments on this page and on my Facebook page in recent days. We now have a new manager of music and while I know we won’t see the return of the steel drum bands which are too one dimensional, I think that one day we will look at adding more live music to our Lido deck, so let’s see what the future holds. You will see a big difference in the volume in all our locations as this is already being monitored and controlled much more than in days gone past. Thanks, then, and I will keep you informed as to what is happening.

Best wishes.

John Bodenhamer asks:
We just got back from our cruise on Carnival Liberty. It was our sixth cruise and it was the best one to date. The wait staff we had in the Silver dining room early seating was excellent, Head
Waiter Nicholas Timola, Team Waiter Venancio and Assistant Waitress Olivera (not sure of her last name) went out of their way to make our dinner time a great experience. Out of all the cruises we’ve been on this team was the best we’ve ever had serve us. There was another person whom we need to mention her name is Maria Zolezzi she is a bar waitress. Our son is mentally handicapped and just fell in love with her. She took time to make him feel special by dancing with him when the show started in the dining room and just talking to him. She is a very special person. This was his best cruise ever. We have only cruised with Carnival and have converted another couple to cruise on Carnival instead of RC.

John says:
Hello John Bodenhamer,

What a brilliant review and it is one I will take great joy in sending to the ship. Thanks so much for taking the time to write and those crew who you mentioned will be so thrilled to see just what a difference they made to your cruise. I thank you also for introducing others to this great cruise line and if there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Best wishes to you all.

Morris Richman asks:
I cannot begin to tell you of my anger at finding you will not have a rabbi for Hanukah for our cruise on the Valor. Last year we cruised on the Eurodam and the year before the Independence of the Seas ships and they both had rabbis for Hanukah. I called Carnival and spoke to someone who curtly told me there would not be a rabbi provided for Jewish guests. I suggest this be dealt with quickly as there will no doubt be many angry passengers who, just like me, will vent their anger and this lack of respect.

Morris Richman

John says:
Hello Morris Richman,

I apologise for the very late reply and I know the cruise has come and gone now but, nonetheless, I wanted to apologise and also explain. While we did, as no doubt you saw, have a Menorah lighting ceremony each night during Hanukah, we do not have rabbis sail on the vessel. In fact we don’t have any permanent religious program where priests, ministers and, indeed, rabbis sail and these include the important holiday times I am afraid. This may upset some but it is the current policy. I do hope you had a wonderful cruise and my apologies again for writing back to you after the fact.

Best wishes.

Debra Tucker asks:
I have been trying to send the form on for an answer for two days now and it won’t go through. I purchased Fun Ship dollars to be used as onboard credit before they were discontinued and now I can’t get in touch with anyone and they have not shown up yet.

John says:
Hello Debra Tucker,

I am hoping that this has been taken care of now and, again, I apologise for the delay. If you need further help on this subject please e mail and they will gladly help. Please also let me know if I can help you with anything.

Best wishes.

Julie Clark asks:
Dear John,

I have been trying on and off for years to find out what has happened to Malcolm Kennedy. I discovered quite recently to my dismay that he has died. Malcolm and I worked together more than a year on the Carla C, Costa line, and then the Angelina Lauro, in 1978-79. He was such a lively character, once met never forgotten! I still tell the joke about the German measles…I’m sure he told that one for years and years! Best regards and thank you in advance for any info on Malcolm. I lost track of him in1980 when I moved to Norway.

Thanks again,
Julie Clark

John says:
Hello Julie Clark,

Yes indeed, Malcolm Kennedy did sadly pass away some years ago and is deeply, deeply missed by all of us who knew him. I have many happy memories of Malcolm who, as you know, had a joke for every occasion and my favourite was his love song “She sits among the cabbages and peas.” Thanks Julie and if there is anything else I can do for you please let me know.

Best wishes.

Brandon Tremmel asks:

I am told you are the go to guy to get things done around here. My wife and I will be going on the Carnival Inspiration on 2/11 and need a rapid response to these questions. Who are the comedians this time because we had two that sucked last year on the Carnival Elation. I need a table for two as again we had problems on the last cruise where we were put at a table with passengers who spoke only Spanish and were boring for us so it’s best that you get us a table for two this time.

John says:
Hello Brandon Tremmel,

You will have Jerome and Adam Hunter as your Punchliner comedians and I have no doubts in telling you they will have you laughing out loud. I have also asked the maître d for a table for two which I agree will be for the best! I wish you a wonderful cruise and have loads of fun.

Best wishes.

Marsha Tweedie asks:
Today your blog praised the maitre d and I have to tell you that on my seven cruises I have never tipped any of them. Why should I tip people who pay me no attention and do nothing special for me? I give tips for the cabin cleaners and the servers in the restaurant but the maitre d is only seen on tip night. You should probably check the facts more before saying how good they are.

John says:
Hello Marsha Tweedie,

I am not sure what blog you are referring to so please excuse me if I miss the point here. Firstly, let me say that the maître d is no longer part of the tipping process and guests have for some time not been asked to tip them. I will say that some guests do tip them still if he or she has provided them with memorable moments or if they have done something special for them but it certainly is not compulsory to do so. The maître d’s have a challenging job in managing the dining rooms and the staff that work there and respectfully I will say that I think we have some of the best in the cruise industry. Thanks for taking the time to write and I hope we see you soon.

Best wishes.

That’s all for today. .

So here I am, back in my familiar hotel room here at the Intercontinhyattarriot Hotel. It’s 7:05am and here I sit, in my underpants writing the first blog after bloggers cruise number 6. So the immediate question is — was it successful?

Well, from my standpoint, the answer is a definite yes and, certainly, the remarks I received were for the most part very positive. There were a few comments about service outside the RedFrog Pub being slow and one comment about room service and a few comments about the air conditioning being too cold or too hot but that aside, it was all positive. Certainly, the bloggers enjoyed meeting each other and enjoyed the shows, events and activities and all loved the ship and all the Carnival Breeze has to offer.

It was interesting though listening to the comments from people with blue cards and who had never sailed before and those from the Platinum and Diamond guests who obviously have loads of cruising experience. Let me give you two examples.

The first-time cruisers and those who may have only cruised a few times had booked Your Time Dining and loved the flexibility of being able to eat when they want. Now I also spoke to some Platinum guests about this and they said they would never want Your Time Dining and would only be happy eating at assigned dining even though they have never tried the alternative.

Then there are the shows. The first time cruisers loved the Playlist Productions shows with Latin Nights being the favourite. When I received a compliment about the show I would often see a blue or red sail and sign card dangling round their necks. However, if I heard a negative comment about the shows it was, for the most part, from experienced cruisers who miss the big casts, feathers and Broadway-style of past shows. Two different views from two different levels of cruise experience. Interesting, though, isn’t it? So the next bloggers cruise will be on the Carnival Sunshine and here is the link to the official press release.

It would be fantastic to see you all there and for us to spend the week together and spend that week on what will be the brilliant Carnival Sunshine. I want to thank all the people who sailed with me this past week on the Carnival Breeze and I hope that you all had the best of times. It was an honour (spelt correctly) to see you all and thank you for sharing in the fun.

So my plans have changed a wee bit and here is my movement for the next few weeks. I have meetings all day today with the new entertainment beards where we will discuss enhancements in the live music program and also other areas of entertainment on board the ships. Then tomorrow, I fly home and then at the start of next week, I will be filming a TV program for our Carnival UK office to support the massively successful TV advertising campaign that we have recently started. Then later in the month I will make three trips to the Fincantieri yard in Trieste to film the transformation from the Carnival Destiny to the Carnival Sunshine. Oh by the way, talking about the Carnival Sunshine, stand by for a brilliant contest coming soon which I have a feeling you will truly enjoy.

Then, in early March, it’s back to the office to prepare the Fun Times and schedules for the European season of the Carnival Legend and then I am hoping that on March 17 I will be able to join the ship. It may be the 24th but I am aiming for the 17th. Regardless I will be ready to take the CD chair for the trans-Atlantic crossing and her European cruises around the Mediterranean, the Baltic, Norwegian Fjords and around the British Isles. Are you coming with me?

So how about Facebook and the blog? Well, it was impossible to dedicate loads of time to Facebook while I was hosting the bloggers cruise as I wanted to be as visible as I could be. However, I will be back to answer questions starting a week from today (Monday, February 3) allowing me a few days with the girls and then back to normal service from then on. As for the blog, well I will have far more blogs in the coming days, let me explain.

One of my great mates recently told me that many of my longer Facebook pages would make for great blogs. Now I always thought that blogs had to be long, like this one is. But bugger me, if that isn’t correct as my mate Mr. Bentley told me. So this is what I am going to do. Starting soon I will post a daily blog or indeed blogs. Some will be short stories and some will be just the ten questions but I hope by posting more here that people will enjoy the diversity of what I am going to do. I will still answer 30 questions a week here and multiple questions as usual on Facebook but I want to use the blog tool more as per the great advice from Mr. Bentley. Hope that’s OK and hope as we get ready to cross the 16 million views mark that you continue to enjoy them.

As I mentioned above, I will be doing a TV show for the Carnival UK office who have made excellent inroads in the British market and finally Carnival Cruise Lines is being promoted as the brilliant cruise vacation experience that we all know it is. What’s interesting about the British travel market is that many Brits still like to go to their shopping street or mall and use a travel agency that has real people behind the desk who will help find the right holiday for them versus in the states which has a higher number of Internet-based agencies.

I guess I have always been a bit scared to use the Internet. You see, I always feel that the moment I enter the details of my credit card into the computer, that someone in Nigeria will use my credit card to buy an industrial carpet cleaner or some machine guns. I know this is bollocks but it’s what I think will happen and that’s why I always try and buy something from someone I can actually see, actually talk to. That’s why I am glad to see the travel agent shops are alive and well in the UK and that finally they have the chance and materials to tell my fellow tea-drinking, spotted-dick loving Brits just what a brilliantly fun and affordable cruise vacation Carnival Cruise Lines can give them.

Well it’s been a busy eight days of events and activities and I guess because I have been with the bloggers cruise that I haven’t had time to sit back and realise that I am now 48 years of age ……. bugger me…….I am 48 years old………and that frightens me nearly as much as you would all be frightened if you saw me as am now sitting here in my hotel room in my underpants.

But there is no escaping it……I am 48 years old …….oh FFS!

And examining myself this morning it is quite obvious that age is not being a good mate. My hair..…well not only I am 50 shades of grey but I now seem to have forests of hairs of the same color sprouting out of my nose and my ears and I guess it won’t be long before my bladder will cease to function. I am already making old man noises when I get out of bed in the morning or rise from a sitting position…“Ohhhhahhh,” I heard myself say this morning when I got up off the toilet although it is only six sodding inches off the floor and, in my defence, I had been sitting there for 30 minutes reading the What To Do In Miami book the hotel provided which is in Spanish.

There are other signs too such as crying when Kye says she miss me, farting involuntarily and refusing to look in the mirror, terrified that an aging fat silverback baboon will stare back. OK, time to fly and I will be back here all next week and back regularly on Facebook from Friday if not before. I have a busy month ahead what with shipyard visits and TV shows and blogs and Facebooking and quite frankly I am very much looking forward to being a CD again which I will be from March to September on the Carnival Legend.

I can’t wait to see my daughter and my wife and, indeed, my dog Breeze although I doubt he would be happy to see me if he knew what was about to happen. Yep, he is getting neutered as they said. Not a very fetching sentence to read, I’m sure, and not particularly pleasant to write, either. Few sights are more guilt-inducing than your poor German Shepherd gazing in bewilderment at the blackened, pillaged terrain that was once his testicles and wondering why I have put a plastic lampshade around his head. I wonder if the vet will give me a two-for-one coupon so I can get my assistant Calvyn done, as well?
Your friend,

PS – Hope to see you on Bloggers Cruise #7


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59 Responses to BREAKFAST BLOG

  1. Tracey Berton says:

    Regarding the breakfast menu, I do feel it could be varied, especially at the sit down in the dining room. It is the same exact menu every day and can get boring. I think it should change from day to day just as the lunch and dinner menus do.

  2. Jeffrey Boardman says:

    Yak Sausage? Is that a Breakfast item or the answer to an old Johnny Carson Karnak the Magnificent question.

    The Answer is Yak Sausage.
    The Question: What do you do after eating Breakfast while in the middle of rough seas?

    Thank you, I’ll be getting thrown out of the comedy club all week.

  3. Timoneer says:

    I will be on the Carnival Breeze in a few weeks and will have to try the Yak sausage as mentioned in your list of breakfast items! I’m sure that it will be a unique experience.

  4. KenSanDiego says:

    OK. Here’s a list of things I would like to see for breakfast;

    Pancakes – Various Syrups
    Waffles – Various Syrups
    Chicken Fried (country) Steak
    Grilled Steak and Eggs
    Hash Browns
    Country Biscuits and Gravy
    Breakfast Burrito (this is a West Coast staple)
    MONTE CRISTO SANDWICH (to die for…really)
    Breakfast Torta (another West Coast staple, special mexican bread with basically a whole breakfast in the sandwich).
    Chorizo –

    I’m hungry now…have to leave the list as-is.

    • Fabulouskristen says:

      Perfect list. I would have LOVED to see these offerings at breakfast in the dining room. I got really bored of the same menu every day. If you don’t eat carbs or eggs there is not much left. Additional fruit such as grapes, strawberries or pineapple would have also been lovely.

  5. nancy tate says:

    I do wish that you would consider the sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast…Southerners love it and I do as well.

    • Fabulouskristen says:

      Absolutely-this is a staple in many states and I was surprised not to see it offered. Very inexpensive and filling too!

  6. Ed Dalton says:

    leaving Sunday on The Legends, any suggestions?

  7. Ellen Bannin says:

    The breakfast choices are fine and cannot imagine what else you could offer!

  8. robert ramunno says:

    Breakfast my favorite meal on carnival, every morning I wake up to orange and grapefruit sections, love it plus the juice bar has a guava/passionfruit juice. As far as eggs and bacon, ham and gritts. I can get that at Dennys.

  9. Morris Richman,

    If you want a rabbi or priest or witch doctor on your cruise feel free to open up your wallet and pay their way. It isn’t Carnival’s job and I know it isn’t mine to subsidize religions or any special interest.

  10. Coaster Joe says:


    I would love to see biscuts and gravy and hashbrowns added to the breakfest menu. These were the only items I could find that were missing.

  11. Don Kraeft says:

    Yak sausage for breakfast??? Indeed!!!

  12. Gail C says:

    Chocolate Croissants is the only thing missing for me at a Carnival Breakfast, love to have a couple of these for breakfast while I am on vacation.

  13. Marlynn says:

    french toast

  14. Joe Burger says:

    John, I was on the Carnival Paradise for my honeymoon in October and the only thing that was missing was a better fruit selection. The first day was great but after that it was pretty much grapes, oranges and grapefruit. The only day that Pineapple was available was on embarkation. Other than that it was a great trip and looking forward to the Magic on October 27th.

  15. Kay Goldberg says:

    When on the Breeze earlier this month I was surprised that you have meetings for “Friends of Bill W’ and “Friends of Dorothy” but no “Friends that are single” would be nice to meet other singles of either sex {even if they drink.} Back in the day I rember on sea days you offered sometype of craft project to do.
    I’ll be on the Glory March 24th with my family. My daughter has her hsband and my ganddaughters have Club O and Circle C..but Nana being a widow would like to meet other single people

  16. Shirley Kish says:

    There is so much variety for breakfast I can never make up my mind what to try first and can’t think of anything to request that isn’t already offered. Add the delicious heuvos rancheros,arapes, and breakfast buritos from Blue Iguana Cantina to that extensive breakfast list, those are favorites of mine!


  17. John:
    Bob and I want to thank you for a wonderful time on BC6. The days were fun filled with many fun activities, the Carnival Breeze is magnificent, the food, especially BREAKFAST, was amazing.
    It was an honor (spelt correctly) to spend wonderful time with you and the adorable Calvin.
    We have booked BC7 on the new Carnival Sunshine and we look forward to seeing the posting of how the ship is going to be rebuilt.
    I would also like to mention Pierre the hotel manager, and, Ken the dining room singing sensation head waiter. Our three lovely wait staff, Stanislava, from Bulgaria, Natalia and Anita. They were wonderful and Bob loved dancing with all of them.
    I would also like to give a thank you to Marvin our cabin steward for his outstanding service.
    Looking forward to our 15th Carnival Cruise.
    Marie and Bob Wolff

  18. Christine Bauman says:

    We’re glad you had a successful Bloggers’ Cruise, but it’s frustrating that they seem to always be scheduled early in the year–during tax season. That makes it impossible for accounts to participate. I realizes BC7 has already been planned, but would it be possible to have one in late October or early November at some futere date?

    Thanks for considering it!

  19. Bud Conner says:

    John, a hearty Bravo Zulu (that’s Well Done in U.S. Navy-speak) for BC#6. Our week with you (oh, and Calvyn, too) on Breeze, our first Blogger’s Cruise, was fantastic. The Carnival family is #1. The crew, staff and Officers were/are all the BEST! The food was/is out of this world – I gained 6 pounds, thank you very much.

    Having just read today’s blog I can only comment that you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but there will always be those individuals that are not happy unless they are complaining about the smallest of minutia. You and Carnival are doing a GREAT job EVERYDAY!!!

    Thnx, Bud & Mary Conner, Maine Cruisers

  20. Carnival Fan says:

    Just a suggestion…make all those people wanting to have sausage gravy and biscuits and provide them along with non-policed bacon and get rid of the following:

    Salmon Benedict
    Grilled tomatoes
    Grilled Mushrooms
    Yak Sausage
    Baked Beans

    Providing a bunch of krap people don’t eat does not result in people “having more choices”, and I bet you throw away a lot more of this stuff than the bacon that you keep guarded like a hawk. Why make things harder than they have to be? There is a lot of other junk in that list I would never come close to, but I tried to leave what I thought four or more people might like just to prevent a bunch of dumb replies.

  21. Fern says:

    John, first I want to say that not having a Rabbi onboard for Chanukah, Hannukah, or “whatever” is not a big deal. As most of us learn and know, Chanukah is NOT a major Jewish holiday. It’s mostly celebrated at home and there would be NO reason for a Rabbi to be on board!

    Second, I want to say that the Carnival breakfst is the best we’ve ever had. There are a lot of choices and it’s available until 11:00 AM!

    Third, have a wonderful time at home with your sweet ladies and we’ll see you later :)!]

  22. Jamie says:

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for bloggers cruise! It was a great and fun filled week! Hope to see you next year! Thanks again!

  23. Gary Davis says:

    I would think that if Religious services are important to you during the holidays, you would stay home so you could attend them.

  24. Thomas says:

    John, in regards to Marsha’s question about the Maitre’d, that was a question posted on your favorite website CruiseCritic about the Maitre’d only showing up on tip night.

    It should be noted that this question was not asked in any of the other cruise line forums so it was quickly seen by many as a bash Carnival thread.

  25. n skelly says:

    Just got back from the Breeze. Loved the look of the ship. However, many of us found the bloggers group to be annoying. This was particularly the case when they sat at Trivia & knew all the questions in advance from hearing them before. They were answering questions before the heart of the the question was even read.
    In our group of 7, 4 are platinum. Really disappointed in the entertainment,or lack thereof. The Hasbro show as the main entertainment. BORING!!! Comedy club was good but were dark for many nights. Again, the Hasbro show was the main & only feature
    We were so disappointed that we are looking into other cruiselines for our next trip

  26. Mike says:

    “I have also asked the maître d for a table for two which I agree will be for the best!”

    Too bad Brandon is too thick to realize you are insulting him. He probably thinks that you agree Spanish speaking is some crime when I realize you were saying it’s best not to subject jerks like him to another table!

  27. Peter Criscoula says:

    Hi John,

    I am looking forward to sailing with you (yet again)on the LEGEND this upcoming May 4th In the Mediterranean.

    I have a question: There is some question(s) on any new “2013” ship pins; check out this link:

    Perhaps you maybe able to provide an answer?



  28. Bonida says:

    We Southerners like sausage patties and biscuits&gravy along with our bacon, grits, eggs, pancakes,waffles and fruit. I have learned to like the Panco(?) encrusted boiled eggs. Southern fried potatoes w/onion would be a treat also. After seven cruises I don’t believe we have ever made a complaint to guest service about anything. There was some mighty strange music in the Lido dining room our last cruise tho, LOL. It wasn’t loud, but nothing we have ever heard; a female singing very mellow, slow, sweet songs that seemed out of place on a ship, you know? A little creepy 🙂

  29. Craig M says:

    The one thing I can say that is missing from the breakfast menu is something non-breakfast. I’m sure I am in the minority, but I for one find breakfast foods to all have a couple things in common. To me they are all either bland or loaded with sugar. Short of some fruit or possibly ordering a sandwich from room service the choices are pretty limited until lunch when I can finally fill up on something truly wonderful like a Guy’s burger or some Mongolian wok.

  30. Mike says:

    Thank you, once again Mr Heald for the awesome blog entries.

    I had a bit of a laugh, on the topic of breakfast I actually look forward to eating breakfast whilst reading your blog entries. Perhaps we could have a random button to bring up a random blog entry?

    …You know, to cover for the mornings when you haven’t given us an entry?

  31. Kathy Dunn says:

    Breakfast on Liberty NYE sailing. Oh my goodness I had breakfast at the Blue Iguana 6 out if 7 mornings. What a great option!!! This is one improvement that will certainly keep me coming back. You should see me trying to recreate the dishes at home. Not as good…need another cruise soon. Best to you and Carnival!

  32. Tracy says:

    The only thing the “other” line has for breakfast I’ve noted is fresh whipped cream…you have a daily choice between French toast or pancakes (carnival alternates daily) and blueberry or strawberry topping…I must say I have chosen that line a few times just for that breakfast…why I don’t go to an IHOP once in awhile baffles even me

  33. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    However YOU want to structure the Blog…

    (long or short …. 1 question or 50 questions)

    is perfectly fine with us….

    it is YOUR BLOG!!!!!

    Enjoy your time off with the family.

    Linda (Mom of your friend ~ gearing up for a new season of Nascar~ DJ)

  34. David Stern says:

    Yak Sausage? I have never seen salmon Benedict either.

  35. John (spelt correctly) says:

    Dear Wise and Powerful Wizard of the Marriage Show.

    Is the Carnival Legend going to get her FunShip 2.0 upgrades before or after her 2013 season in Europe?

  36. Danno says:

    I just got off the Conquest and did not see Deep fried bison on the ‘didja ever’ menue. But I’m pretty sure we had Yak sasuage at the VIVP party.

  37. Liz and Steve says:

    John: My only complaint/comment/observation is that I can never get hot toast! lol I know it’s just the nature of the ‘biz’ but hot buttered toast is one of my favourite things.

    I also want to comment on the Maitre D issue. We were on our 4th cruise last spring with the Victory out of San Juan. Until that cruise I would not have been able to tell you the name of any previous Maitre D. Frankly, I can’t remember his name now BUT I have to say that he was outstanding. You could not help but notice him every night. He went from table to table. He was one of those people who remembers names- not like me. Every night he greeted us. He always rememembered what conversation he left off on the previous evening. He was spectacular. We definitely deserved an envelope. He added to our trip. He greatly enhanced our dining experience. After that cruise I had an entirely new perspective on that job in particular. I wouldn’t last one night.

  38. Larry says:

    Yak sausage? Lol, I have yet to have that. No, I don’t think you’re missing anything (maybe farina), yes, there are some things I may have at home that you don’t have, but then neither would most other people have them.

    But before I pass judgement on the statement, I wonder, she said compared to other lines, so what is it that they have that you don’t, if anything? And, vice versa.

  39. Victoria says:

    Yes! This breakfast complaint always annoys me! It’s not just on Carnival, it is basically any vacation venue or resort where there is a PLETHORA of choice everyday… To keep guests happy apparently their error is offering EVERYTHING everyday. This seems to be backfiring because the whiners are like, “It’s the same thing everyday…” YA, it is… because it is everything imaginable under the sun! How about you just try not eating EVERYTHING everyday? Have eggs ONE day, pancakes the next, an omelet the next… it’s not rocket science. You CAN be in control of having a very varied breakfast for the entire length of your vacation… to complain that everything is out everyday blows my mind…

  40. Diane says:

    Hi John,
    You forgot to mention pancakes and french toast. The list is a mile long. What else can there be? Will the people who say you can get this and that on other cruise lines just stop it!!!! Go cruise with them. FFS


  41. Judith Mkam says:

    I find it outrageous that people are angry that there is no rabbi on Carnival ships at Hannukah. John, I am a former synagogue administrator and I don’t get what their problem is. Do they have a rabbi at home when they light their Hannukah menorah? Of course not. Hannukah is a minor festival that was built up by the retailers preying on Jewish guilt in the latter part of the 20th Century to compete with Christmas (a major Christian holiday). If our Jewish passengers want to observe their traditions, they might want to start with the Sabbath and ask why there’s no rabbi on board for Sabbath services (which of course is a moot point since Carnival does not have any clergy on board to lead services)My point is just that in the Jewish world Hannukah is a minor festival and Morris Richman should find more important things to get angry about.

  42. Kathy Preis says:

    Yes, John, I would love cruising with you on the next Bloggers’ Cruise and yes, I would love cruising anywhere with you! There! I said it and I’m glad! BTW, I think Donna Raymond might be referring to the daily breakfast menu in the Main Dining Room which hasn’t changed very much in over 30 years. The MDR HDIC might consider throwing a “daily special” breakfast burrito, Eggs Benedict or omelet that change up the at-sea menus a bit. Some of us old-zheimers prefer the calmness of the dining room over the sometimes frantic Lido buffet. Thanks for keeping it real John! Virtual hugs to you!

  43. Steve S. Chicago says:

    Dear Donna Raymond,
    This is a joke right ? Somebody named hugo2seeugone put you up to this right ?

  44. Jo Myerly says:

    John in my humble opinion the problem with Carnival’s food isn’t the menu. Your food isn’t consistant. Some ships have wonderful french toast others couldn’t make good french toast if their lives depended on it.Some ships have hot food others serve lukewarm food.You have cranberry juice and tomato juice in the diningroom but try getting them on Lido.Yes food tastes are an individual thing. I like hot food. Lukewarm food turns me off. I like Pepsi you might like Coke.Have both. I love bacon served limp not crispy or raw.Let me serve myself. I will pick out what I like and eat it. I like hot lunches in the diningroom served to me at the table. Have the diningroom open more.
    Have really interesting specials at every meal. Like blueberry waffles with bleberries in them not on them.
    Sometimes your food is a little boring. If I do two seven day cruises back to back don’t make Tuesdays food a little different each week. Don’t serve mystery food. If the menu has to be explained chances are I don’t want it. Sometimes chefs need to be reminded not to over salt the food. I always wonder what the cook is trying to hide when he uses too much salt.


  45. Laurie Kamp says:

    I must make a comment on your “Breakfast Blog”. I have only ever been on one cruise and that was on Carnival Fantasy a couple years ago (Another is planned for next year!) but I never ate so well at breakfast in my life as I did on that ship! I thought the choices available were fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  46. Michelle says:

    Interesting that your blog is about breakfast when I have just spent the last two hours reading Breeze reviews (we sail Feb. 24th on the Breeze) . Overwhelmingly unanimous feedback is the eggs are terrible. I have read before that the eggs are in fact real and not powdered, so why does everyone hate them so much?

  47. Suzanne says:

    Commenting on breakfast. I wouldn’t say it’s the quantity/variety that’s the problem, it’s the quality. A lot of the stuff served is really sub-par, especially the eggs. And the juice. Real over fake is always preferable. And figuring out ways of keeping things hotter and fresher would be a good thing. That being said, I enjoy Carnival’s breakfasts. The eggs at the buffett are gross but I just go to the omelete station. I don’t drink juice often so it’s not much of an issue for me but when I do drink it, I want real, as opposed to Tang. And really, would it kill the kitchen people to actually cook the bacon? I have yet to find any that is cooked all the way through. But, those are just my opinions and I’m sure others will feel differently.

    Have a good one,

  48. Janelle Glasgow says:

    Hello, John. I always enjoy reading your blog, because I think I saw some of the same whiny people on my cruise last week! I know a lot of people write you to complain, so I wanted to take a moment to give Kudos to the staff. We continue to return to Carnival, and are always happy with the service and professionalism of the staff on each ship. We had a large group on the Carnival Legend on January 20th, and everyone had a wonderful time. We brought some brand new cruise virgins, and I was able to take my first Platinum-level cruise on this sailing. Our room steward Twitchell was fantastic, our waiters Istvan and Udi were wonderful, and the server at the Legend Cafe on Lido Deck Lhu Lhu was very sweet. My husband and I are returning to the Carnival Legend on June 9th for the Barcelona to Dover sailing, and I look forward to sailing with you. Just remember that any time someone whines and complains, you have a lot of loyal cruisers who will return again and again. Thanks!

  49. JANIE says:


    • JANIE says:


      • Mary M says:

        Unless Butch is on vacation or on a different assignment for Carnival, he is contracted for the Breeze as the CD.

  50. Vega says:

    I just got off the liberty and think their was a AWESOME breakfast choices! Every morning I ate the Mexican taco with fried egg on top. YUM! I have no complaints.

  51. John Lussier says:

    My wife, Elizabeth & I were on the Breeze Bloggers Cruise, but were unable to be part of the group: I asked too late to join. How do we get to be part of the group should we decide to cruise on the Sunshine 2/16/14? I called Carnival & they did not have the information. We would love to cruise with you!

  52. Frances says:

    Hey John,
    We have a group of over 75 persons on the Carnival Sunshine leaving Barcelona on July 19th. Will you be on board?

  53. Donna Wilhelm says:

    Hello John,

    My husband, myself and two friends just returned from an 8 day cruise on the Carnival Victory. The staff was great! We had made reservations for the chefs table last April and had to ask our Maitre’D when was the Chef’s table being held. To our surprise he did not even have us listed. After a few phone calls, he did confirm our seating and has mentioned that he will make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. We think it happened because of the timing of the change of Maitre’Ds. I have only one suggestion for improvement of the Chefs Table. Maybe the Salmon portion should be smaller especially for the ladies? Apparently they no longer give a signed copy of the cookbook and that was a let down. It still was a wonderful experience.

  54. Melissa Lloyd says:

    Hi John,

    I love reading your blog (you are always good for a giggle or two). My sister and I are going on our second Carnival cruise this April on the Dream (4/27 sailing). On our last cruise (Freedom), we found it hard to meet people our own age who weren’t married couples. We are both single young women in our late 20s/early 30s. It would be fun to connect with another group of young(er) people.

    Any suggestions? I’m already arranging a meet and greet for my roll call on Cruise Critic but so far it’s all married couples!

  55. Mike says:

    I just got off the Freedom and I thought the choices for breakfast were fine. However, we did enjoy eating breakfast in the main dining room much more than eating at the crowded buffet.

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