February 5, 2013 -

John Heald

Across the fleet hundreds of guests enjoyed the spectacle that is the Super Bowl. Here are two reports from the Carnival Inspiration and first from Carnival Breeze as written by Cruise Director Butch Begovich.


Dear John-

We had a great super bowl night on the Breeze. We had the main viewing area on Lido deck and the SeaSide theater where we have game day snacks, lots of give aways to get guests in the spirit (noise makers, football beads, pom poms,). We did face painting and gave away team t-shirts for the best touch down dances after every score. We also shot off confetti cannons in the team colors after every touch down. We had a VIP seating area where guests won the opportunity to sit in one of the big serenity deck clam shell chairs each quarter with a free bucket of beer. The highlight of the night was when for a brief moment we lost our satellite feed during the singing of the national anthem and I got on the microphone and with the help of about 2000 guests on the lido deck we sang at the top of our lungs the rest of the song…it was very special.

Kind Regards,

Butch Begovich

Cruise Director, Carnival Breeze


Thanks Butch and thanks especially for jumping in to save the National Anthem………………you are Carnival’s Beyoncé



Butch, E-Staff member, Andy, and Assistant Cruise Director 6'3'' refereeing the party!

Butch, E-Staff member, Andy, and Assistant Cruise Director 6’3” refereeing the party!



Carnival Breeze Lido Deck in all of it's football spirit.

Carnival Breeze Lido Deck in all of it’s football spirit.


Viewing the Game from the VIP Seating.

Viewing the Game from the VIP Seating.

Let’s now to the Carnival Inspiration and as you will see from Cruise Director Jaques report,  the guests there were ready for some football  hours before it started.

 Hi John,

Midnight the Night before our guest were camping out and sleeping in the Lounges to get the best seats.

At 8am that morning when I went to the Lounge there were some guests sleeping in the Main Lounge and some in the Back Lounge desperate to get the best seats.

We had the game shown in the Main Lounge, Back Lounge, promenade Deck and every TV you can possibly imagine. There was food and Bar services for all and the  Main Lounge had one of the greatest atmospheres I have ever seen on a ship Everyone had the best time except the San Francisco fans some of who I saw crying including big muscle filled men. What a night.

Kind Regards,

Jacques DeLange

Cruise Director, Carnival Inspiration

Let’s have a look  at that atmosphere in the main lounge:

inspiration 1

 Now here is Troy, the CD on the Carnival Pride with a brilliant description of his Super Bowl cruise:

Hello John

I can’t imagine a better ship to have been on for this year’s Super Bowl! Sailing out of Baltimore, the guests we get on board are always incredibly fun and involved in all of the entertainment, but when the home town team is competing for the Lombardi Trophy the atmosphere is just electric!

During our VIP Seating Challenge we had guests getting up and doing impromptu cheers, mimicking the victory dances of star players and we even had a Jr. Cruiser who wrote a special song about the Ravens. I loved the new games the office sent us to use as part of the challenge, although I did have one slightly awkward moment when I told one guest that his team would have blue balls for the ladder toss.

The atmosphere inside the Taj Mahal Lounge at game time was almost like you were in M&T Bank Stadium with the Ravens fans good naturedly jeering the 49ers fans, doing the wave and going absolutely mental each time the Ravens scored. Our sports bars and casino bars were packed as well, so much so that we had to put the game on in the Starry Nights lounge to accommodate all our guests.

Special recognition should go to our Food Operations Manager Ganesh and Chef Ramesh for putting on an incredible spread of delicious food and making up some gorgeous snack platters for the dozen guests who won the VIP Seating Challenge. Beverage Operations Manager Anthony and his team also did a great job of keeping all of the thirsty fans well lubricated and happy, especially during the unexpected 30 minute delay.

It was a great game and a great time on board the Pride. I was very happy to be a part of it all!


On the Carnival Pride the support for the 49s was surprisingly lacking.


pride 3
Pride 2

Many of you watching on the ship and at home were as excited for the commercials as much as you were the game. Now here in the UK not only do we watch the game at 2:00am in the sodding morning but while you are watching them we get some British chap who thinks he is an expert on NFL. Hearing the words “ he rushed the wide receiver “ and Touchdown Ravens” spoken by someone in a bow tie and with the same accent as Prince Charles really is ridiculous. Anyway, I know many of you enjoyed them and in fact  we polled all the guests on all the ships about what they voted as the best commercial and we had literally thousands of votes. They are still be collated but I can tell you that in the lead we have the TIDE: Joe Montana Stain commercial which for those who have not seen it yet……………….here it is.

I will bring you the final results tomorrow as there is one about Darft Vader and a sandwich or something like that which is in a close second place.

Now we Brits did get to see the half time show and wow…………….what a brilliant show it was and compared to wrinkly old Madonna last year Beyoncé ( the real one not Butch) was magnificent. I had bollocked her a few days ago for miming at President Obama’s party thingy but at the Super Bowl…….she was magnificent. Her show had  lap dance style dance moves within the first few bars of the song . Now I only know this because my friend Mr. Bentley told me as he has far more experience at lap dancing clubs then I do allegedly. Anyway, she did yoga, she did cat walk moves all while singing live. If she had started to do triple back flips while singing Put A Ring On It nobody would have been surprised. Not my sort of music and normally IO would rather listen to Calvyn having his dangly bits tasered than her music but that woman is superhuman for that performance. Yep, she was brilliant.


So the Super Bowl was a huge success on the ships and with the give aways, prizes, drink specials and other additions from past years it shows our commitment to making special holiday’s and events a big deal on the ships. From Mardi Gras to Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s day, Father’s Day and more you will see the best places to celebrate will be on a Carnival ship.  Unfortunately my plans to celebrate May 8th have been put straight into the garbage can by the beards. Shame, May 8th is a very important national holiday and celebrating Rumpy Pumpy Outdoors Day on the ships makes perfect sense to me. Anyone else agree?



Your friend




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