February 25, 2013 -

John Heald

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  1. Joyce says:

    Love it that we get to watch the transformation.

  2. John good to hear from you about the Destiny and it’s arrival. Can’t wait to take the Bloggers Cruise # 7 in Feb. 2014. Diane and I thoroughly enjoyed the Bloggers 6. A great group of people and a grand time that Carnival made possible, along with you and Calvin. I know you’ll keep us post so stay warm my friend. Tal

  3. Debbie Gray says:

    Aaaarrrggghhhhhh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hank Brote says:

    Can’t wait to view the updates John. We’ll be on board the Carnival Sunshine very soon.

    Hank Brote

  5. josh singer says:

    Thanks John. Well I’m ready!! Thanks for getting us fired up and how do I get a job like yours? Will we meet you on the inaugural trip out of venice?

  6. Laurie Kamp says:

    My hubby and I are SOO looking forward to sailing on the new Carnival Sunshine next year in march for our anniversary! I just know she is gonna be the grandest ship ever!

  7. Tom says:

    I was wondering what, if any work/upgrades were being made to the engines?

  8. We have just come back from a back to back and are going cruise crazy. The Legend, and Pride booked for October and November and the latest the Sunshine booked for January. Cannot wait for this cruise. New Orleans is one of our favorite places and I am sure thee Destiny will be one of our favorite ships.

  9. James Greer says:

    Hi; John this is James I had a good time on the on the good old Destiny ship I like the old one but I would love to ride on the new one.

  10. Good to see you again John. It’s just as if we were still on the Carnival Breeze for the Bloggers Cruise. This change on a ship, has this ever done before?
    I’m planning on my next cruise next year and my wife & I have decided to go back on the Carnival Breeze next Feb. 1st. I know that you’ll probably not be there, but thoughts of you will always be in our minds. See you my friend.


  11. mark w says:

    two questions:
    1) How often will you be making updates about the Destiny -> Sunshine conversion?
    2) Will they be doing a Travel Channel or Discovery channel documentary about it. I remember one done about another ship several years ago. This one seem more extensive.

  12. Deb says:

    Yeah for Destiny. Our first cruise with Carnival, and with John H. as our C.D. Double-yeah! Sorry to see Destiny go away, but excited to her evolution to Sunshine.

  13. Deb says:

    Yeah for Destiny. Our first cruise with Carnival, and with John H. as our C.D. Double-yeah! Sorry to see Destiny go away, but excited to her evolution to Sunshine. Now Platinum, and still loyal to Carnival. Thanks for the memories John.

  14. Giรน Mancuso says:

    Dear Sunshine…You’re welcome! Can’t wait to see you passing through the Strait of Messina

  15. Mark Feola says:

    What Happen No Calvyn popping in on the video? Cant wait for the next video of the transformation

  16. Martin Grant says:

    The Carnival Destiny was our first cruise ever and got us hooked, 10 cruises later we will be on the Sunshine Spa deck on April 12th from Venice, hope she is going to be ready in time John…. can hardly wait.

  17. Chris Bourboing says:

    Glad to see the Destiny made it. We can’t wait to sail on the new Sunshine in May 26, 2013. John will you be on board the Sunshine.

  18. Linda C says:

    Hi John! Will the cabin numbers remain the same on Sunshine as on Destiny? One of my reservations was scratched with a message that that cabin did not exist. This was two weeks after I reserved it. Not a problem , just want to know if I should look at a different deck plan than is on Thanks for your hard work.

  19. Jeffro says:

    The only problem I have is that it is an old sailing tradition that it is bad luck to change the name of a ship, and I’m an old sailor, and I do believe in sailing superstitions.

  20. Simeria Ionut says:

    Amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing another update. Will you be able to take some pictures of the workers? My father is among them.

    Thanks and have a great day.

  21. Simeria Ionut says:

    Hi John, is it possible to know when the next update will be?

    Thanks and have a great day.

  22. Simeria Ionut says:

    Hi John, is it possible to know when the next update will be and what will it contain?

    Thanks and have a great day.

  23. Martin Stewart says:

    Howdy !

    I’m excited in what you do John. When are you going to make an update to the video?

    Thanks and best of luck.

  24. L. C. La Vine says:

    John: We are anxiously awaiting our embarkation aboard the Carnival Sunshine April 12, 2013 in Venice. It will be our 28th cruise with 20 of these being on Carnival’s Ships.
    1. Will there be cameras and or videos showing the progress of the Carnival Destiny’s on going transformation to the Carnival Sunshine?
    Considering the scope of the re-furbishing we would enjoy viewing the ongoing progress as it occurs in real or near real time.
    2. How much time has been scheduled for Sea Trials and unforseen corrections if needed?
    3. We enjoyed you and Calvin on the Breeze
    last September and hoped you would be on the Sunshine’s maiden voyage. We searched for a bio/etc. on Kevin Noonan and were unsuccessful. Can you steer us in the right direction and/or provide some background on him?
    Sincerely Diane & Skip

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  26. connie baldwin says:


  27. connie baldwin says:

    Sorry Todd was the name

  28. Samantha says:

    Was wondering if carnival has any “grand plans” for the sunshine when she arrives in New Orleans? If so when will these details be announced??

    We are very excited an cant wait!

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