March 25, 2013 -

John Heald

Since I returned from Russia last week, I have had a cold. It was inevitable that I would get one because it was -12C outside and Boris the driver that was taking me around had the car heater set at 1,200C and I was in and out of the car all day long for four straight days. My nose is so clogged I am thinking of hiring Bruce Willis and the team from that Armageddon movie to build a tunnel up my nose and drill a hole. (more…)

It seems like ages since I have written a blog. It has been difficult to do so with all the travelling I have been doing and of course it is much easier to find material for the blog when I am on the ship as a cruise director. That was what the blog was always supposed to be, a diary of my life as a CD and, certainly, if I was to ask you I am sure that most would say the stories of life on a cruise ship and tales of disgruntled guests is what you enjoy and the reason the blog now has 16.1 million page views. So at the end of this month, the blog will return to its natural habitat and there will be no doubt lots to share with you as the Carnival Legend heads to Europe. (more…)