March 25, 2013 -

John Heald

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  1. randy says:

    hey john had a great time with josh on the glory thanks for the gifts

  2. Donna Jones says:

    My husband and I went to Colon on the Liberty, and did an excursion through three locks of the Canal. I would have loved to be on that cruise with my husband, but sadly,cannot he passed away this past June. He had ALS. He and I loved to cruise especially on Carnival.

  3. Joyce says:

    Enjoyed going to visit the Canal on Miracle, would love to been on her as she sailed through the Canal this time.

  4. Linda Lowery says:

    That is awesome. We are planning that cruise for 2014.

  5. Denise says:

    Been on this ship 3 times to the Caribbean. Now she’s left us 🙁

  6. Laurie Kamp says:

    That was a very cool video to watch! How long does it actually take to get through the locks?

  7. Dupreen says:

    Thanks for posting this video John! We are booked on the Panama Canal transit in Jan. 2014 and cannot wait! This video really gave me an insight into what the transit will be like. Thanks again!

    • Wendy Gardner says:

      Hi Dupreen,
      My husband and I will be on the same cruise as you through the Panama Canal in January. I am presently following the threads on CC Meanwhile, good to see a name I recognise from the thread! We are both looking forward to Carnival Imagination. It’s been great to see this Panama Canal time lapse video.

      Doug and Wendy

  8. Marie says:

    Loving the photos and videos of the Miracle making her way to the best coast, oh I meant the West Coast. Looking forward to her 1st trip to Alaska. 5 weeks and waiting…these make the time pass a little more easily…Thank You John for posting them 🙂

  9. Rick Williamson says:

    Cool!!! This is one of our to do trips on Carnival in the future.

  10. Barbara Johnson says:

    I can’t believe she’s on our side, the Pacific side already. Look forward to her in Nov. I really like the Spirit class ships, the Pride & Spirit (did the inaugural cruise in 2001 thru the Panama canal). And now the Miracle. Please bring more ships to the west coast.

  11. Terry Baldwin says:

    I just watch the video on the ship going throgh the panama canal and was wondering if the sides of the ship rubs up and needs the sides paintedat the end

    • Charles Forshee says:

      It took about 8 hours to go thru the canal and we had about 2 ft on either side of the ship. Beauftiful trip. My wife and I are board her now.

    • Wally Smith says:

      It needs a few spots down low repainted. Probably done already.

    • Mindy says:

      We dud scrape a little on the last one, but easy to repaint. Just some black marks, no damage. It was incredible going through!

  12. Comp8 says:

    Thanks for posting this! Somebody I know is on the Carnival Miracle at present, and it is fun to gain some sense of what crossing the Panama Canal actually entails at street view level.

  13. Patty Martin says:

    one heck of a driver.!!!! 🙂

  14. mike richardson says:

    Was this ship made to just make it through or what? Beautiful time laps!!

    • David says:

      Yes, the Carnival Miracle and other “Spirit class” ships are all built to “Panamax” form factor, meaning they are the maximum size that can cross the Panama Canal.

  15. Krusty says:

    Well that was very cool!! Awesome Video!

  16. JoJo. says:

    This is on my bucket list. It looks so amazing!!

  17. candi says:

    I think I have changed my mind. Instead of seeing Alaska I WANT to do this cruise and go thru the Canal like that!! This is so cool to watch!!!

  18. JoHanna says:

    Looks so amazing. I have always wanted to do this. It’s on my bucket list.

  19. My husband and I were on the Carnival Pride in 2009 and it was absolutly amazing. We would love to “repeat that journey” someday!

  20. Going thru the Panama Canal is an amazing sailing. The video of the Miracle going thru the Canal is awesome. I loved the sailing in 2009 on the Carnival Pride. The Miracle says it all. Awesome. Thanks John.

  21. Ron I says:

    Is this Blog dying or is it already dead?

    Who wants to just view videos – for that we have Youtube.

    This Blog set John H. on his path and rise in the social media world, but now we Blog readers have become a very poor and very distant second class citizen.

    NOT EVERYONE has a facebook account or even likes it.

    One used to get excited when we received an email saying a new blog has been posted, these days all we get is a short email to view a bloody video – thanks alot.

    Either kill off this blog or bring it back to it’s former glory – just don’t leave us in limbo.

    What did John H. boast abot about – 16 million views – this should now be set to go backwards and see how many view(ers) hae left.

    To use one of John H. favourite words “This Blog is now a load of Bollocks!”

    • Mark says:

      I’d be more apt to take your post seriously there Ron if you weren’t “Sour Grapes” and posting at 4am.

      • Ron I. says:

        You should have paid more attention during your geography lession, then you would have learn’t that the world is round and with 29 time zones.

        The 4:00 am time is the local time of the server n ot the time I posted.


    • Mark C. says:

      There always has to be someone who dislikes something. Just enjoy the video and shut up.

      • Ron I. says:

        Not complaining about the video but the lack of Blogs and lack of respect to the faithful that follow the this Blog (myself included).

        What happened to the promise a few weeks ago, wherby John H. said there would be 3 Blogs a week, morely likely now 3 a year.

        I would love to see more Blogs, much more entertaining than Facebook, talking of which don’t you think we have become the poor relation in regards to news and comment from John H.


        • Rick Williamson says:

          Ron, I do agree with you about facebook getting more of the questions he asks about thingys both he and the beards want to know about how the people feel. That should also be ask on here. I don’t do facebook but do click on his name so I can go to his page if I want to read the whole posting. But I do think that is the place post late breaking new about a ship.

  22. Betty Baldok says:

    AWESOME!! I would like to see a video of that in REAL time, not sped up like that, cause that was fun, but it would be better in real time. Probably take 20 minutes for the video or more, but it would be worth it. 🙂

    • Kevin O says:

      Betty.. it would be an 8 hour video! That is approximately how long the transition takes…

  23. Ray Haluska says:

    Were the vehicles on the walls of the locks pulling the Miracle or just keeping it straight as it went through the locks?

    • Rick Williamson says:

      They are called mules and they are just for keeping the ship in the middle of the lock.

      • Teresa Cooper says:

        LOL. I’m such a goofball that when I first read the word “mules” I thought it literally meant the four legged kind. It was late and I was tired…

  24. Mona Schuster says:

    John, jump ship while you still have the chance.

  25. robin says:

    Awesome video! Now I want to go!

  26. Carol Myers says:

    Dear John, I remember that cruise it was wonderful only we were on the Carnival Jubilee on the last year the USA owned the P.C. Thanks for the remembrance. Good Sailing our friend. Carol and John Myers Estacy in 1993 with you. LOL.

  27. Brenda Furmato says:

    I LOVE the MIRACLE AND the Spirit Class. Only one we were not on was the Spirit ship! Been on Pride, Legend (2s’s)& the Miracle..Just a Warm & Cozy ship, love the casino, shopping there isn’t anything not to like. Cabins are the best in the industry, loads of closets and storage. Then again, Carnival is our FAVORITE CRUISE line. Been thru the Panama Canal but not on a Carnival. Wished we had the chance to go on the Miracle thru the canal. Maybe we can be lucky enough to cruise on the Legend in Europe, and with JOHN, would be the ultimate! Cruised 3 x’s with John, most memorable in the Grand Med. and cruising down the Grand Canal which was the Captains first time sailing the beautiful ship into Venice where he use to work the gondoliers. Very magical moment.

  28. Sandy L says:

    Great video, John. I was on the Carnival Pride in 2009 when she repositioned from LA to Miami and this video brought back wonderful memories of that cruise.

  29. sandra broooks says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the video. I booked a cruise for the Panama Canal as a surprise present for my husband in 2007, when he retired. Unfortunately, a hurricane caused the ship to go to other ports, but it was still a wonderful cruise.

  30. Leonard Cole says:

    Been to Panama twice on Carnival. Took bus to other side, then small boat back through locks. Was great!! Touched side of wall inside of lock. 42 Carnival so far, diamond member, met you once on Dream about 3-4 yrs ago. You got me velcro. Used Travel Chums until they went out of business. Am 76 now, widower, haven’t booked yet for this year. Do you know best site to find cabin mate?? Hope to see you again. Leonard

  31. Dan coffman says:

    Cannot find this cruise on

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Dan all cruises are taken off as of the sailing date. What would be the point of have a cruise posted that you can’t get on?

  32. Harrison Yeakey says:

    To answer a few questions: a full transit is roughly eight hours. And, no the sides of the ship normally don’t scrub on the sides of the locks; the mules attached keep the ship very stable. The ship we were on had 9″ clearance on each side.

  33. Daisy Max says:

    I like all things Carnival. Sailing in Nov. 2013 and that is way too long to wait. May need another booking before then.

  34. Daisy Max says:

    Love all things Carnival. I am booked for Nov. 2013 but that is way too long to wait. I may have to book another in between to makethe wait shorter.

  35. Herbert says:

    The Miracle is the ship we are taking to Alaska this summer. This is my first cruise but my wife and daughter’s second. I cant wait.

    It was very interesting watching it go through the canal.

  36. Diane Grossack says:

    Wow that was so cool to watch
    Thanks for sharing that video,John

  37. Ellen T, Horan says:

    Dear John, Thank you for sharing the beautiful Miracle. We sailed in her in June, 2004. and she was a very nice ship. As with all our 13 Carnival cruises we had a marvelous time. Unfortunately due to a fall last Mother’s Day I fractured my femur and only now am I learning to walk again. Please keep me in your prayers. Say Hi to Ken Byrne for me. Please God I will get well enough to cruise Carnival again.

  38. Gale David says:

    OMG! My next cruie (5/21/13) is on the Miracle! Hope it is the same crew cuz that is some really good “driving!” Now I HAVE to do the Panama Canal Cruise after my Alaskan Cruise!!!!

  39. george brown says:

    hey john had a great time on Valor

  40. Charles Forshee says:

    John, Lin and I are on the Carnival Miracle down as we sail up the Pafic coast after going thru the canal. Thr trip has been great so far with clam seas and great freind ships on board. Just wish that you could have been here to enjoy the trip. Tex has been great and sends
    his wishes. 2 sea days now then Cabo.

  41. Viviana says:

    We just came down of the dear Splendor and had a wonderful trip in South America. One comment….disembarking 3.000 souls on pier 88 was anything but easy. Perhaps somebody could manage a way of bringing the cabs near the curb as crossing South Ave with luggage was really difficult as no porters were available.

    • Mark says:

      Viviana, a wonderful post. I loved the Splendor too. A shame they had to move it to New York and send a small ship to Los Angeles.
      I understand the problems in Mexico but Carnival split the year in half between Alaska and the Mexican Riviera for the Miracle which could have easily been handled by the Splendor.

  42. Ken says:

    I am writing from the Miracle and yes the Canal Crossing was great. To answer a few of the questions I noticed, we were in the canal from 7 am until about 5:30 pm going through all the locks. We did rub the sides however they have huge black tires for bumpers which did leave lots of marks on the sides of the ship. As you’re going through the canal you can literally reach out and touch the sides however they frown on you doing so. It was truly a great experience and seein the passengers and crew excited to see it was a highlight. Today we were in Guatamala which was another great experience and now on to Cabo.

    • Ray Haluska says:

      Thanks for your live report of your canal crossing. Photos of tire tracks on the side of the ship when you get to the next port are a must! 🙂 Enjoy your vacation on my first ship!

  43. This was exciting to watch and after seeing this I plan on arranging this soon. Thank you John for showing this.


  44. Doug & Patricia - Kaytee Losche says:

    What a wonderful treat to view this morning. I just don’t know how I feel about the canal crossing – now, maybe, just maybe, this has altered my opinion. I know my Engineering husband does hope to do the Panama Canal one day. Thank you John so much!

  45. Cfrances says:

    Wow! I have to do this one day. Breathtaking. Love the video creating also. I have to learn how to do video like this. Thank you!

  46. Marjorie says:

    We were on the Coral Princess on that date and I took several pictures of the Carnival Miracle going through the locks. It was fun waving to passengers on Miracle.

    • Carol Kaczerowski says:

      It was a very exciting day and a spectular site to watch your ship go through just ahead of us in the next lock. I was on the Miracle in the front of the ship. Didn’t have a great view. Can you post pictures or email them to me?
      🙂 thanks,

  47. amosinski says:

    Awesome video. Would have been so neat to be on board.

  48. Jeff B. says:

    Dear John,

    We are excited about sailing with you for the 3rd straight summer. We sailed the Breeze and the Magic with you and had a blast. We will see you on the Legend in June. Looks like a great line up of ports.

    Info on the status of the Legend is spotty at best. Is the old tug back up to full speed? If there are still problems, will they be fixed by June?

    Look forward to seeing you and hearing some of your old jokes…

  49. scott says:

    John, you are the face of carnival… I am a Platinum member and a very unhappy one… Carnival apparently had a website glitch and lowered the price of the cruise im taking in August by 90.00,,, when I screen shot this and printed it out, I was told there would be no price match because of the error on the website….. Do you agree with this type of customer service?? Feel free to contact me and ill send you the screen shots….

  50. Sue March says:

    john we are booked on the Miracle July 9 and have cabin 8178 with an extended balcony. Now we hear that means we look down on the lifeboats and not directly down onto the water…is that true?
    In my opinion that would be a less desirable choice yet we are told it was a higher, more expensive, category. I am cocerned as we, of course, want this to be the perfect experience as we had in 2009.

  51. Sue march says:

    John we have an extended balcony booked on the Miracle in July. as it is a higher category and more expensive, we assume it would be Better. Now we herepeople saying it isn’t worth it as your view down to the water is obstructed by the lifeboats. My favorite place on a cruise is looking down to the wakes while sitting on my balcony.
    Our cabin is 8178….will my view down to the water and down the length of the ship be blocked? We didn’t like our balcony on the Magic for a similar reason.

  52. Cris G says:

    Just got home this morning from this trip. First time going through the canal and we really enjoyed it. It was fun to see that the crew was just as excited as we were!

  53. George Mckay says:

    John, we were on this cruise and had a wonerful time. The first transit we did was on Pride in 09 and when we found this sailing from New York it was a must do. I must say that sailing from NYC, while I love NYC, I certainly did not like SNOW on the Serenity hammocks!!!! It took 2 days for appropriate weather to ensue and boy did it!

    I highly recommend the transit and wish everybody could get the opportunity. To think this was built 100 years ago and still works is a statement all by itself.

  54. Wally Smith says:

    Hi John. We were on this cruise and it was the best one ever. 15 days of fun. Snowing when we left NYC. Debs from the Bingo games is the best and we enjoyed the liars club and the comedy clubs. My only complaint, I gained 10 pounds.

  55. Charles Carmichael says:

    John it was a real pleasure to be on board the Miracle as she made her Panama Canal Transit. It was a once in a life time event!

  56. Chris and Shelley Roach says:

    We had a wonderful time on the Carnival Miracle as we made our way through the Canal on the March 16th sailing. We just returned home this evening. Was nice to see this posted online. Thanks so much for sharing our crossing. You can actually see us from a distance standing on our balcony at the 5 second mark in this video just above the first life raft. It was wonderful to meet Ragu. He did some awesome pictures!

  57. Mona says:

    how do I discontinue getting all this junk mail ?????????

  58. Sharon McQueen says:

    Hello John,

    My husband and I just returned from our fabulous Panama Canal cruise on the Carnival Miracle. I have to say this is probably the best of my 34 cruises! Thank you so much for the strawberries and ship. We really enjoyed Tex and Christian and all of the wonderful Miracle crew members. I’d mention all of their names but there isn’t room here! We really enjoyed YTD and the fact that we upgraded the day before sailing to a balcony.

    Please thank everyone on the Carnival Miracle for us! They will remember my name because I won the door decorating contest, the trivia contest, and got called up on stage by the magician “Magic Bob” (that was *really* fun!). We did the Chef’s table, the behind the fun tour and Nick and Nora’s steakhouse. I can’t say enough about how much fun we had. We really didn’t want to come home.

    Thanks again!
    Sharon and Keith
    Cabin 8111

  59. rocknrollgal109 says:

    I have a client who was on the Coral Princess and he took pictures of the Miracle as it was going thru the canal. This was a very very cool thing to watch the Miracle going thru the different locks.

  60. Keith says:

    When we disembarked from the ship in Long Beach it was a real big mess trying to find a bus to the airport, We were told to go out the door and across the street and to your right to find your bus. The buses had no sign to say where they were going. The people checking off riders was not coordinating with the driver loading luggage resulting in people on the bus whose luggage was not loaded and luggage on the bus whose owners couldn’t board the bus because the bus was full..
    You need to do this as if it was a tender stop and give out a number to leave the ship based on the time and airport you are leaving from.The bag numbers did not work. Too many people were leaving the ship at the same time than there were buses available. I know a lot of people missed their planes on Easter. I have never been so frustrated with the bus arrangements after a cruise as I was with this one. We all had a wonderful cruise and this made a sad ending to a great trip. Thank you John I know you can send this message to the right person.

  61. my husband and I were on the miracle crossing the panama canal the very first crossing for the miracle. 100 years old canal we looked forward to buying a tee shirt that sayed panama canal.but to our surprise no tee shirts or anything at all that sayed we had been there. not one thing that sayed panama canal.we ask and were told by the store people we are selling what we had enjoy the trip but do not expect to get a tee shirt that say you were there.

  62. d skippen says:

    Hi John;
    Just returned from this trip through the Panama Canal and it was awesome. Didn’t like the snow leaving NY. but made up for it a couple days later. Unfortune to miss Turks but the other ports were excellent. Made great friends in the dining room. Also nice to re aquaint with Elvis as he was with us on the Freedom in 2008. Would highly recommend this trip to anyone Thanks for the video. I also bought the video on board haven’t watched it yet but looking forward to with my family

  63. Thomas Jones says:

    Enjoyed the Panama crossing cruise on MIRACLE! Was very disappointed that the “Fun Shop” did not carry a single item for any of the ports we visited or the Panama crossing. We would have “loaded up” on souvenirs there for the cruise. Also found the two men that worked in the shop to be poor representatives for Carnival – discourteous and not friendly. This all made a “Fun Shop” that was not a place to shop! I certainly hope this is not represantitave of the other Carnival ships.

  64. Regina says:

    That was awesome!! I can’t wait to go through the Panama Canal!!

  65. Hannah says:

    My husband and I are planning for the Panama Canal Cruise Jan 2014 (Miami to Long Beach). We have had a hard time finding info regarding this cruise since it is not a normal route. Will there be extra activities aboard or will the shows, activities repeate since it is a 16 day. We are approaching 30 and realize we will likely be on the younger side of the majority of cruisers but we still want the full Carnival fun experience. Any info regarding on board actitivites, formal nights, etc would be appreciated. Also any shore excursion info as there are not any listed for the a-typical ports. Thanks!

  66. Mike says:

    Going to miss the Miracle,,, I hope we enjoy the Splendor as much as we did the Miracle.