A Tale of Two Ladies

April 10, 2013 -

John Heald

Being single certainly has some superb benefits. You always get control of the remote control, you can eat what you want and not worry about what anyone else wants and if you’re male, you can leave the toilet seat in a permanently down position. But I have always marveled at the single cruiser, sitting alone on the Promenade deck, surrounded by couples. There are single cruise groups as well and they are an excellent way of meeting people. But for some guests, being part of a “single but looking for love” group cruise is not what they want. Yep, cruising single is not always easy. All of this came to mind yesterday when I was walking along the Deck 2 Promenade here on Carnival Legend and I saw a middle-aged lady sitting on her own by the Atlantis Bar. It was 9:30am or so, the ship was in Nassau and many guests were ashore. She wasn’t reading or doing anything really, she was just…….well……..sitting. I gave her a cheery good morning and she gave me what can only be a half-hearted smile in return. Now, I was actually in a bit of a rush as I was heading to meet with another guest who I will speak more of later in the blog.

It’s funny though because after 26 years of doing this, I have a bit of a sixth sense that tells me when guests have a concern or crew members, too, for that matter. Anyway, I turned on my heels and went back and asked if I could sit with her for a few moments. I am glad I listened to that sixth sense because once we got past what’s your name, where are you from, etc…….tears started to fall down her cheek.

Zoe is from Tampa. She is in her early fifties and up until nine months ago she was supposed to be here on this voyage to Barcelona with her husband Keith. But nine months ago, just two weeks after booking the cruise, Keith was killed in tragic motorbike accident. Zoe told me how she had tried to find friends of hers who could come on the cruise with her but nobody could afford to take 16 days off work and, after much soul searching, she had decided to come on the cruise……….. alone……..a decision three days in to the voyage that she said was “a stupid, stupid decision.” We spent the next 20 minutes talking about Keith who owned a small construction business and whose passion was his motorbikes. Keith left behind a son who is a proud serving police officer in Tampa and, of course, Zoe, who called Keith “her kindred spirit.” It’s not easy talking to a guest about this and some CDs may not be comfortable doing so and that’s understandable. But I have always thought that it is an important part of the job and, when possible, we should make ourselves available to listen and to help.

So how could I help Zoe? Well, first of all, we spoke about her dining table and if we could find her a more suitable place to sit. However, she said that she had been to dinner the first night and had been seated with two couples who were very nice and made her feel welcome. But, seeing the love and the fun they shared together, made Zoe miss Keith even more and so the next night, which was elegant night, she had eaten on Lido deck……….alone.  I made a call right there and then to the maître d’ and the guest services manager to check and see if we had any other single guests we could put her with. After a few minutes, the guest services manager called me back and told me we had four other singles sailing…………..all men.

So what to do? Well, at that point Zoe had already decided she was going to go to her cabin, pack and fly home from Nassau. At this point, I probably should have spent time trying to talk her out of it but as I began to open my mouth to do so, I suddenly stopped myself because I thought of all those sea days, nine of them and what she would be doing and then there were the ports to consider, too. Part of me, in fact most of me wanted to say, “Yes, I think that’s for the best. Go home because I think the loneliness of the next 14 days will be too much for you.” But I didn’t. It isn’t my place to say that and I didn’t want to influence her decision.  In this case I thought it was best I listen and support whatever choice she made.

However, I had one more idea up my sleeve and I asked her if I could try something. I explained what I was going to do because I needed her permission and Zoe agreed, reluctantly, I think but she agreed nonetheless.  And so I went back to my cabin. It was now 10:10am and I had now, for sure, a very irate lady waiting for me in the lobby so I dispatched Calvyn to ask her to be patient with me and that I would be with her as soon as I could.  I then made an announcement, one I had not made before in my time as a cruise director. It went like this:

“Good morning everyone, it’s a beautiful day in Nassau and I hope you are all ready to enjoy some time in port. I have an unusual request to make this morning. A few weeks ago, I was contacted on my Facebook page by a few ladies who had asked me to help them with something and I remember that the ladies had mentioned that they were all widows. If any of those ladies are on board I would ask that they contact me by calling 7777 or coming to the information desk.”

I didn’t expect anyone to answer that call because I wasn’t 100 percent sure that the ladies were on this ship as I answer so many questions each day. Plus, we had 550 guests ashore when I made the announcement. I was wrong because the call was answered by Alice who was one of four ladies who were all sailing, all friends and all widows. And so I spent the next few minutes talking to Alice about Zoe and, of course, I started the conversation explaining that they were under no obligation to help and that I would totally understand if they did not feel comfortable doing what I was about to ask. But I need not have worries because Alice said yes, of course, and so the first part of the plan had come together. So after a call to the maître d I then went back to Zoe who was right where I had left her, sitting in the Atlantis Lounge. I explained what was going to happen and she thanked me. I gave her my ship’s cell number and told her to call me anytime she needed to. And last night, Zoe sat at dinner with Alice, Sandra, Loretta and Bernadette, all friends from Sarasota, Florida, and all widows.

I desperately wanted to visit them at dinner but I couldn’t as I was on stage. I sent a bottle of wine for the ladies to enjoy together and I truly hope it went well for all of them. It’s not easy I am sure for the ladies to invite a complete stranger into their circle of friendship but I hope that it all worked out and that Zoe will have met some people who will understand her and relate to how she is feeling. I guess I am hoping that they will become friends and that that friendship will not only manifest itself at meal times but that the ladies will include Zoe in their daily fun on board. It may of course not work at all and Zoe will remain as sad as she looked yesterday. It’s 7:15am here and as I sit writing this in my underpants, I am anxious to know how Zoe is and I will be calling her later today and, of course, I will let you know.

Time now though for some Q and A……….off we go

Alex Richie asked:
Is there any chance that Carnival will sail to Europe in 2014? I don’t see any dates yet on carnival.com. Does this mean we will have to go with another line? Thanks John for keeping us informed

John says:
Hello Alex Richie

Thanks.  To be honest, I haven’t heard anything about our future plans for 2014 one way or the other but will check with the beards and let you know.

Best wishes.

Dan asked:
I just returned today from a getaway cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy. It was fantastic, as usual. The staff was wonderful, we did the anytime dining for the first time, which I was a little apprehensive about, but it worked out much better than I expected – little to no wait. I do want to right a previous wrong, my head waiter was I Wayan, and on my past cruise on the Carnival Glory I had the pleasure of having him serve us and was very pleasantly surprised to find him on the Carnival Ecstasy. On the Carnival Glory cruise, I Wayan showed great care and concern toward my mother in law and us, making sure he was very attentive and he did go the extra mile for us. I regretted not properly thanking him at that time. So now some years later, I hope this corrects my break down in courtesy. Please forward the director of the ship, Radu, the maitre d’. The dining room staff was excellent and Wayan’s assistant Uputo, (which I can’t spell his name correctly) the wait staff acted in a flawless and warm caring manner. Radu should be proud of his staff they are what carnival represents and should be complimented


John says:
Hello Daytonadan

There are lots of Wayans, along with I Made and Ketut, it is a common name in Indonesia and there are many great Wayans on our ships that provide wonderful service. I am so glad you had fun and I will make sure all the right people see your post. Thanks so much and I hope that we will see you very soon.

Best wishes.

Julia Boughtwood asked:
Maybe you could tell me why Carnival ignores the wants of its guests. The DJs do not and cannot replace the live calypso steel bands on Lido and anyone who thinks they can, is stupid and has no sense!! I was just on Carnival Liberty and got off with my cruise ruined because of no music on Lido. I have written to customer service but no return has been made to me. I have voiced my disgust on Cruise Critic and on Carnival Facebook so the message is out there to warn passengers that Carnival never listens.

John says:
Hello Julia Boughtwood

Thanks so much for taking the time to write and for voicing your frustration.  I can tell you that we do listen and the people in charge at Carnival pay lots of attention to what is written on Carnival’s Facebook page and this blog and other Carnival social media. Carnival Liberty has the 2.0 upgrades and we replaced the calypso bands and duos with DJs but along with the fun music they play, we also have guitar soloists who provide a great atmosphere on Lido at the RedFrog Rum Bar and the BlueIguana Bar Tequila. I think we do have to be careful in making sure the DJs play the right mixture of music on Lido and at the right volume but, that aside, the variety of music is beneficial to many guests. I hope you can also take the time to reflect and see that although not having live calypso music on deck did disappoint you, that there were many other aspects of the cruise that you enjoyed. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Best wishes.

Wanda Hauser asked:
I was wondering if you can book me a table with younger people. My husband and I are both retired but even though we are in our late 60s, we are both fun-loving people and full of zest and life. On our cruise on the Carnival Imagination, we had to sit with people our own age or older and they were so boring and we hated it. Can you make sure this does not happen on our next cruise which is Carnival Dream on 4/27? This is our booking number ****** and we want to sit with young people and not the almost dead. Can you arrange this?

John says:
Hello Wanda Hauser

Thanks for writing and I will certainly ask the maître d to put you with a mixture of guests if possible or with more middle aged /younger people. I know he will do his best and I wish you and your husband a wonderful cruise.

Best wishes.

Jory Provstgaard asked:
When is the “Cheers” or “My Awesome Bar” or whatever we are naming it this week going fleetwide? I am hoping it will be on Carnival Sunshine, at least when we sail. Loved it on the last cruise.

John says:
Hello Jory Provstgaard

I am glad you enjoyed the Cheers bar program and I am sure you are looking forward to much Carnival Sunshine. We have yet to announce any further ships will be added but I promise the moment we do, I will let you know. Although nothing has been confirmed my sources do tell me there is a good chance the ship will be added to the program and I will let you know as and when I have the information. I wish you a wonderful cruise.

Best wishes.

Carl Keddie asked:
Heald – I am sure you must know that Carnival’s decision to take the Carnival Miracle from New York and replace it only with the Carnival Splendor has angered many New Yorkers who cruise Carnival. Why do we not deserve a ship with these upgrades you talk about all the time and why do we get the tired Carnival Splendor and not Carnival Breeze or similar? New Yorkers won’t cruise with you; we will go to other lines that treat us with new ships and more options. This will hurt Carnival’s profits for sure!!!! Chew on that

John says:
Hello Carl Keddie

I am a bit surprised by this post as I have read other posts here and on Facebook showing that we have New Yorkers who are very happy with the Carnival Splendor home porting there and who have sailed on her and had a brilliant time. The ship herself is a superb vessel, one of my most favourites, and has a fantastic crew and guest spaces that are simply wonderful. I hope that you will sail on her and see for yourself and, if you do, I have a strong feeling you may change your mind.

Best wishes.

Julie Tocco asked:
Hi John-

I just wanted to drop you a line, I just got back from a six-day cruise on the Carnival Breeze. I was on the Carnival Destiny last May with Kevin Noonan, and I was sure that he was the best cruise director Carnival had, so I was a little apprehensive about who we would get this time. We ended up with Butch Begovich and I couldn’t have been happier. I feel like my last two cruises with Carnival have had probably the best two cruise directors Carnival employs. After spending some time talking with Butch, I found out that he and Kevin Noonan were best friends and he was even in Kevin’s wedding. Just wanted to let you know that Butch made the cruise and is awesome. I can’t wait to cruise again, hopefully with one of them.

John says:
Hello Julie Tocco

Well that post brought a huge smile to my face and, indeed, you did have two of Carnival’s very best CDs and I know they will be thrilled when they read this. I hope you do get to cruise again soon and that, once again, the CD makes a difference to your cruise.

Best wishes.

Brian Lochlaer asked:
Hey, John. My wife and I will be cruising on Carnival Magic in May. It’s my first time with Carnival and I’m really looking forward to it.  I was wondering if Carnival welcomes passengers to use space on the ship to give a public presentation or seminar on some topic that they’re knowledgeable about. Apparently, Royal Caribbean does this and even publicizes the event in their daily “Cruise Compass.” How would I go about making the arrangements? Thanks, John!

John says:
Hello Brian Lochlaer

I am sure this will be the first of many Carnival cruises and thanks so much for offering your services. All guest lecturers have to be pre-approved, so please can you send me the information on what you want to do and I will make sure the right people see it and we will let you know. Thanks again for taking the time to offer this and if there is anything I can do, please let me know.

Best wishes.

Lizbet Kenerup asked:
While on the cruise last month, we had a passenger who had to leave the Carnival Elation by helicopter.  After we watched the helicopter leave, we heard nothing more about what had happened to him. We should have been told but we were told zero news or information. Can you tell me anything about him and what happened?

John says:
Hello Lizbet Kenerup

I am afraid that it is not our policy to ever disclose this information as it is private of course.

All we can do is marvel at the wonderful work of the U.S. Coast Guard pilots and crew and thanks the ship’s medical staff for the work they did in looking after the guest. What we can do is keep the guest in our thoughts and hope that they make a speedy recovery. Thanks for asking and, of course, I do hope you enjoyed your cruise.

Best wishes.


And that’s all for today. My thanks for all your comments and questions and I will try to answer as many as I can.

It’s been the tale of two ladies, really. My friend Zoe who I feel so sorry for and another lady who I do not feel sorry for. I probably should and am trying to find sympathy for her remembering a complaint is a gift, etc………..but, bugger me……..it isn’t easy with this one.

The lady in question had already spent 30 minutes on the first night of the cruise commenting on how long it took to get on the ship, the fact that her table mates were late for dinner and the fact that at the welcome aboard show, my fat arse wasn’t dancing around the stage in a feather boa and a G-string. So I had arranged (along with the guest services manager) to meet her yesterday morning to discuss her concerns but because of my chance meeting with Zoe who I was telling you about at the top of today’s blog, I had to cancel and ask poor Sabrina, our guest services manager, to meet her on her own.  I now owe her a vat of red wine as she was with this guest for an hour and 15 minutes. And after much apologising and a new table for two for her and her cruise companion, it seemed that all was well……………but it wasn’t.


Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2013 12:24 PM
Subject: Miss———- Cabin ****

Good afternoon John,

Please kindly be advised that Miss ______ came to the desk to speak to you. She wanted your cabin number which I explained she could not have. She has asked for a meeting with you at 5pm to talk about the following: the smell of garbage as she walked on the pier in Nassau today. The music at the Jazz Hot show was not jazz and was too loud. There is no bridge instruction and they had this on Celebrity ship. Miss_____-also said that she approached an officer in blue uniform at the elegant party in the lobby and asked for him to dance with her and he refused. Miss _____- says it was _________ and that he was very rude to her.

John, please can you meet her because she is waiting for me to call her and confirm.

Thank you and kind regards,
Guest Services Associate, Carnival Legend


This e mail made me scream “Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh” on my Facebook page and I really should not have done that, of course, and was actually mad at myself for doing so. Anyway, I met with the lady, who for reasons known only to myself, we will call Minnie and as I sat there I realised I had met her many times before. OK, maybe not her but guests like her because on every ship, on every cruise line, every voyage, there is a guest who no matter what you say or do will simply not be happy and, despite what you say and what you give them, will always want more. It’s the same in hotels and in restaurants and in life, I guess.

I explained that the smell of garbage was coming from the aft of the pier where ships were disembarking garbage. I apologised but reminded her she didn’t have to walk past the areas that contained the garbage. I apologised for the level of the volume at the show which we had already lowered from 92 decibels 88 decibels on my instruction based on past trans-Atlantic cruises and that older guests had more sensitive hearing. I also apologised that the music was not as Minnie stated “real jazz” and promised to pass this on to the producers of the show.

But it was her venom toward the officer she asked to dance with that surprised me. I know this senior officer very well and I know he hasn’t got a rude bone in his body and I would bet everything I have that he politely and respectfully refused her request for a dance. Bottom line ………………Minnie wants him fired.  Yep, she wants him fired and as ridiculous as that may sound she truly believes that he should be and that she has the right to demand it. It goes without saying that……………well, it goes without saying so I won’t say it. As I was speaking to the guest, more than 2,000 other guests were relaxing in the sun and watching the ship sail away. The guests are superb and I have met so many (more on that later) and all are saying what a wonderful time they are having and praising…..well….everything really.

Minnie left our meeting waving her hands in the air like a demented stock broker and I know that we will meet again, sooner rather than later. Oh and before you ask, no, we have not, aside from moving her dinner table, given her anything and that includes money, ships made of plastic or a single solitary piece of fruit. We will monitor the music volume, that’s a worthy comment, for sure. I will work hard to please her, we all will, but even if I resurrected Louis Armstrong and had him perform a show on board, I have a feeling Minnie would tell him his trumpet was too loud and out of tune and that it really wasn’t a “Wonderful World” so could he just shut up.

More…………for sure………to follow.

I really am enjoying the Carnival Legend and, in a few minutes, it will be time for the Morning Show with Calvyn and me trying to be funny. We have lots of dedications to read out and it is strange through not broadcasting the show on to the big screen because, of course, we don’t have one. Do I miss it? Well, yes, I think I do and certainly it’s brilliant for the morning show and for movies under the stars. However, while I miss that and other 2.0 features it is amazing the difference a smaller number of guests make. You see, my last ships have all been Dream-class ships where you will meet a guest during the cruise, shake their hand and chat with them and then because the ship is so huge, never see them again. But here on the Carnival Legend we have more than 2,000 guests and I have seen and met many of them and I have seen or met many of them more than once. It is becoming then clear just why for some the Spirit-class is a favourite.

And just before I move on can, I say on a personal note how brilliant it is to listen to a 10-piece orchestra once again. The band here is superb and they play real jazz, as well!!

Just before I got on the Carnival Legend some 10 days ago, I stayed in Tampa at a typical 4-star business hotel for the night. I may have mentioned how expensive the club sandwich was from room service on a blog or Facebook already but I haven’t mentioned breakfast.

The morning we joined the ship I went to the hotel restaurant with Calvyn and when the check came guess how much it was. Go on. How much would you expect the check to be? Two people, one had eggs Benedict, the other had two eggs, bacon, white toast and shared a pot of coffee. How much did you say?  Nope. You’re wrong. It was $48.57, I know because I have the receipt here in front of me as I am doing my expenses. Now if it had been a nice round $50, I’d have asked to see the restaurant manager and inserted the coffee pot in his bottom. But because it was $48.57, it gave me the impression that they hadn’t simply said, “Look at that this fat British bastard. Let’s charge him $50.” It looked like they’d sat down and worked out the costing and come up with a price.

A bargain it certainly wasn’t but since we’re on the subject of bargains, let’s talk, shall we?  I was talking to a lovely couple on their first Carnival cruise and they had chosen the Carnival Legend to sail to Barcelona to see their son who had married a Spanish girl. They told me quite openly how much they had paid. Now regular readers of this blog will know that I always talk about the incredible value of our cruises and I’m going to do it again today.  This couple who were heading to see the son and daughter they had not seen for almost a year were enjoying a 15-day cruise, in a deck 8 balcony cabin, with a live show every night, 24 comedy shows, a huge selection of food served 24 hours a day, activities and events galore, seeing Nassau, Bermuda, the Azores, Valencia and Malaga without packing and flying each time, receiving friendly and fun service and having the ship take them to see their beloved family for one incredibly affordable price.

I just stayed in a hotel in Tampa. A four-star hotel with a sandwich for dinner, a bed with no towel animal on it and with breakfast I paid (OK, Carnival paid) roughly a quarter of what the family paid for an entire 15-day cruise – and that was just for one night in a hotel! No shows, no fun service, no activities. If I wanted to entertainment, a movie would have cost $15.99 plus tax and I am not paying that unless the Latvian is actually in my bed with me. Oh and when I woke up I was still in Tampa, the hotel hadn’t taken me to Bermuda.

OK, it’s two different things, I realise that but when you look at it, when you really look at it you start to realise what we at Carnival sometimes forget, well……….I certainly do. And that is the simple truth that sailing Carnival is a bargain. We often talk about the ship and 2.0 and burgers and shows and bands and chocolate melting cake and ports of call and much more. But it is important I think , especially at this time to remind ourselves and indeed remind our guests and importantly to remind those who have never cruised with us before that Carnival manages to be something that’s quite rare these days……. an affordable bargain that oozes quality and fun.


Your friend,

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82 Responses to A Tale of Two Ladies

  1. Lora says:

    After reading this blog entry, I now know for certain that you, John Heald, are someone I dearly hope to meet in my lifetime. I hope, as well, to have the chance to “get past the what’s your name, where are you from, etc.” stuff because I find you to be a very caring, humorous, direct, and just generally all-around awesome human being. It’s no wonder to me that you are Carnival’s Sr. Cruise Director. 🙂

  2. Steve Phan says:

    Wow…now I have never lost a wife, as I am not married…I did lose my mom 3 and a half years ago…and I tell you what…what you did with Zoe is AMAZING. I can’t tell you how empty it feels to lose someone sooo close to you. I’m cruising on Liberty in July…I’m very touched by what you did Zoe…My mom loved cruises…so I’m going with my GF kinda in remembrance of her as well..

    Thanks John for all you do.

  3. Joe Smith says:

    Howdy John,
    Great job with that lady who had recently lost her husband. So many would have just ignored her and not cared for another humans well being. The complaining women who wanted your cabin number to complain about nothing. It amazes me how so many passengers feel they are royalty and the ships staff is hers only for the entire week. I guess next she will complain to you when there is no pot of gold at the bottom of her next rainbow

  4. Dennis Hanovich says:

    Would have been nice if Minnie disembarked in Nassau and headed directly to the airport. Hope Zoe is still onboard and has a wonderful time with her new friends. You’re a good man, John.

  5. dianne rigano says:

    What a wonderful thing you did for Zoe! A few years ago, my now mother in lost her husband. They had a cruise planned around the Mediterranean (on a different cruise line). She felt like Zoe….but this was before she went. Fortunately, my husband decided to go with her and share something wonderful neither will forget. I hope Zoe ends up with a similar memory. Kudos to u,John on your sixth sense. I can’t wait to sail again!

  6. S.P. says:

    Wow…now I have never lost a wife, as I am not married…I did lose my mom 3 and a half years ago…and I tell you what…what you did with Zoe is AMAZING. I can’t tell you how empty it feels to lose someone sooo close to you. I’m cruising on Liberty in July…I’m very touched by what you did Zoe…My mom loved cruises…

    Thanks John for all you do.

  7. captnlen says:

    Afternoon John; Just read your Blog and hope things work out for the one lady and suggest a long walk on a short pier for the other.

    You comment on the 10 piece orchestra and lack of 2.0 updates was interesting.

    So far this year we have done the Breeze with all the updates and the newest ship, The Victory which had the live band and no 2.0 and now on the Imagination. Frankly I like the smaller ships. I really wish the ships were not moving toward being identical. The same shows, the same menus, the same DJ play lists heck even the Trivia are now the same and on the Victory a couple of guests had the answers from the previous cruises(on other ships) written down and won it all with 19 out of 20. Now I read the Chef’s table menu is the same fleet wise. I always felt that was a chance for a chef to demonstrate his specialty not perform to a script.

    Maybe this is the future, but I liked the old variety. just MHO,

    Will continue to enjoy the smaller ships and no 2.0 till they are all gone.


    • William C Jones says:

      I’m glad to see another person beside me isn’t thrill about the 2.0 upgrades, After experiencing the Playlist production show last cruise, I will only be booking ships that have the full show bands until they are gone.

  8. Karen K says:

    Thank you John….for being real!!! I enjoy that you can verbalize frustrations about and to passengers that are rude or demanding. I VERY much enjoyed your sensitivity to Zoe. Again..thank you.

  9. Cyndi Shirley says:

    Just wanted to say that my husband & I were on the Carnival Liberty in February and we personally liked the DJ on the Lido deck vs. the steel drum band. Guess its to each his own. Also, we missed our first port & I got injured on an excursion at our second port which pretty much put a severe damper on our fun for the remainder of the cruise. But I still can’t say I will never cruise again & that Carnival sucks. Its just not true. It wasn’t my best vacation – but it sure wasn’t my worst. And I think people really need to adjust their attitude sometimes.

  10. Lisa adorno says:

    WOW. Wonderful stories! Thank you. I look forward to reading more about how Zoe is doing. I cried like a baby during this story. You are a saint! I am so glad to hear that the lady who will never be happy will get nothing extra! She does not deserve it! For sure Carnival is a wonderful bargain and the best way to vacation! Only with Carnival am I able to look forward to the 4 cruises I have booked for this winter time. Anywhere else would have cost me so much more and I would get less vacation time. So thank you Carnival! Also, because of the wonderful deals Carnival has going on right now I was able to convince my husband that a little getaway for my bday/Mother’s Day was a good idea! 🙂 hooray for may 10th and the inspiration!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I am constantly amazed at some of the things that people say “ruin” their cruises.

  11. Eric says:

    Hello John,
    great to hear that the trans Atlantic cruise is off to somewhat of a good start.
    My question to you is a simple one,
    as I am living in the east coast of Canada for me it’s cruising out of new York that makes the most sense,
    I have taken 7 carnival cruises and 6 were from NY.
    now my question is will new York ever have the FTTF program?
    I know there are allot of people that would love to have this benefit.

    thanks for your reply
    Eric (carnival cruiser for life) I’m hooked

  12. Jenn says:

    I thought it was funny as hell that you put “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” on FB the other day! Don’t feel bad about it…everyone needs to vent once in a while! As for the Two Ladies! What a beautiful story! Zoe will be in my prayers but I’m glad she came w/o him, he would have wanted her too!

  13. Teresa Cooper says:

    Kudos to you John for what you did for Zoe. Please do let us all know how things go for her. I feel for her as I remember my first cruise back in ancient history (on the Carnivale!) was as a single traveler. I had just come out of a painful divorce and was learning to do things alone. I had a wonderful time! I met other single cruisers and didn’t feel so alone anymore. I even got asked out on a date to the movie theater on board!
    As for that other passenger you are dealing with-you have my sympathies. It’s going to be a looong cruise I think. Good luck!

  14. Susan Lee says:

    I have been on two cruises with Carnival, the Southern Carribean and for our sons wedding cruise to the Western Carribean. We had a great time on both! We are now thinking of doing the Panama Canal cruise in January and I was wondering about the ship the Imagination. Does it have the Guy’s Burger joint and the 2.0 upgrade? If not, what does it have that is special or noteworthy? Also on the other cruise we took Karl with a K was awesome! My father-in-law broke his hip on the first night of the cruise and they treated he and his wife so well! We were blown away at how Karl visited him in the Infirmerary and took care of everything so well that we did not have to worry (or worry as much). We are taking my in-laws on the Panama Cruise because they did not get to enjoy the last cruise. Thanks and we love Carnival!

  15. Julianne Laird says:

    John, you are WONDERFUL!!!! God bless you and your family!!!!!

  16. hi john, thanks so much for being so kind to the lady that lost her husband. people have been kind to me too and it really helps so much. i believe us widows are in a “club” if you will and we do try to help each other when possible so your idea to get them together was wonderful.

    thanks again, bee

  17. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    What an incredible act of kindness you and the ladies have shown to Zoe.

    How awesome to know that you have blessed the life of another human being….just because you took the time to care.

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

  18. Ellen says:

    John, that was a lovely gesture you made on Zoe’s behalf, certainly above and beyond what would have been expected. You trusted your instincts (as well as your years of experience)and once again have made Carnival (and those who read and enjoy you) proud of you. I’ve only sailed on Carnival once (and it was enjoyable, though my loyalty is with other lines in the Carnival family) but will continue to be a fan and admirer of yours.

  19. Christina says:

    Hi John this is the first time I’ve commented but after that story I just hope that we eventually meet 🙂 what a great cd you are! We will be leaving Iowa for SC in 3 days…THREE DAYS!! This is our fourth cruise but our first one with our kids! (5, 6, 8, 9) any pointers to make it extra special? We are cruising on the fantasy on April 16th and so excited! !

  20. Rachel Cerasuolo says:

    In regards to the poster “New York Carl”, is he kidding??? I jumped for joy when CCL announced the Splendor was coming to NYC. It’s by far probably one of the newest ships there. And I’ll hear no complaints as I’m from the Boston area and all we had for over 20yrs was a competing cruise line’s majestic ship in a tub going to Bermuda. Thanks to Carnival for the Splendor from NYC and the Glory from BOS. And thanks for your post about Zoe. I’ve travelled solo,not single, on Carnival before and had a great time.

  21. Carnival Fan says:

    Good job spinning around the Lido music situation again, from someone telling you Carnival does not listen to their guests, and you proving it. I’ll bet you one of my 4 shrimp cocktails a day that someday Carnival will come to their senses, and indeed start playing “cruising music” again on Lido. If you must keep your brother-in-law DJ on the payroll, might I suggest putting him near the casino. Putting a band in that area takes up too much space and is too loud for the casino, much less the people walking by. You could probably even pipe in the music there, even rap and hip hop, which would make people spend even more in the casino. But then your brother-in-law would have to get a real job. I can dream, can’t I?

    • Teresa Cooper says:

      I don’t think Zoe would say John doesn’t listen.
      And as far as the steel drums thing goes…Carnival has to do what pleases the MAJORITY. If there really were a massive outcry from passengers about the steel drum bands being gone don’t you think they would change it back? Anything that hurts Carnival’s bottom line will get the boot.
      Personally, I like a little steel drum on my cruise, but don’t want to see the DJ disappear either. Since I can’t have it both ways I choose the DJ.

  22. Randall Anson says:

    John- Thought you should know that your comments are actually read by live customers. I could not agree more that Carnival offers incredible bargains for seeing the world. We look forward to each cruise we go on, and Carnival has never disappointed. Carnival offers what we like to enjoy ourselves, music, dancing, good food, beautiful ships and above all a caring staff. It is a job well done so we keep coming back. We hope Carnival adds more TransAtlantic and long cruises. Those are our favorites, but we are not above doing short back to back cruises to avoid getting off. Thanks again, and hope to see you sometime in the future.

  23. Mike Kane says:

    What a sweet story John!! That was very kind of you indeed to take the time to check on a passenger dealing with such a loss. I hope Zoe has a wonderful cruise!!

    God Bless you John!! Keep up the great work!!

  24. richard hillman says:

    I have to agree with Julia Boughtwood about the live steel bands on Lido. As a long time cruiser, the one thing that said “I’m on a Caribbean cruise” more than anything was hearing the calypso music on the Lido deck. I miss it, and (while we’re talking about missing things), also miss the corny Horse Races you had in the showrooms…”and the crowd roared…”.

  25. Carolyn Kethcart says:

    Great blog John, enjoyed every word. What a great thing you did for Zoe, you have such a good heart. Hopefully Minnie has settled down….. yes there is one in every crowd.

  26. Mickie says:

    Your story above warms my heart! I, too, am a widow of almost two years. I couldn’t imagine going on a cruise alone, especially so soon after the loss. Introducing her to the other widows was the kindest thing I can imagine for her. Just being with others who have “been there” will be good for her. My husband and I loved cruising. In June, I will be cruising with my three daughters and son-in-law. We cruised on the Triumph last year, and will be on the Conquest this year. I can’t wait! Thank you for your hard work and compassion…

  27. Barbaramae Young says:


  28. Robert Huss says:

    Great Blog John!

    Do you have any updates on the Fun Ship 2.0 / Sunshine upgrade schedule?

    When will other ships get the upgrades? Will the Alchemy bar be added on other ships in the fleet?

  29. Joyce says:

    John – what you did for Zoe was amazing. It was thoughtful, purposeful and beyond sweet. It brought a tear to my eye, and made me think of the Prayer of St. Francis, for it is by giving that we receive. You deal with a lot of well, potty number 2 from people who are just so beyond rude. But you are not jaded – you do your best for everyone. You are truly a special person and Carnival is so very lucky to have you.

  30. Dolores Cornoni says:

    Your story about Zoe made me cry…I hope she stayed and I hope she makes some wonderful new memories while honoring the memory of her lost love…thank you for the story

  31. Jerry Howell says:

    John thank you so much for helping Zoe. My wife passed away last Aug and I am going on my first cruise as a single (unfortuanly not Carnival this time but I will be next time).

    I really don’t know what to expect but I’m like one of your poster, I hope I am seated with younger people for dinner. That happened with my wife several years ago and they accepted us and we had a lot of fun.

    Take care and God Bless,


  32. Barb says:

    Dear Lizbet Kenerup. There is something known as HIPPA which affords citizens health care privacy. It is now against the law to talk about a patients status to anyone but the patient and their immediate family. A company can be sued for doing so. So the days of being nosy re: what is going on are over. All that can be done is hope for the best for the ill or injured person. The rest of the story is just not anyone’s business

  33. Vincent Clausen says:

    Talking about a bang for your buck. We went to Haweaii On Splendor ( NY your gonna love Splendor) Needless to say we will never fly and get a hotel in Hawaii again.

  34. Chris Wright-Steele says:

    John today’s blog was touching. While I have not experienced the pain of losing a spouse my mother was a widow at the young age of 43. What I do know is the pain of watching somebody deal with the loneliness each day brings. Thank you for offering her a ear and kind words, my mother for months wanting nothing more than to die and be reunited with my dad. It was the formation of a young widows group that brought her out of her shell. Mom married later a guy I can’t stand (lol) but she’s happy and after all isn’t that what life is all about. Anyhow, bravo my friend!

  35. Linda Youse says:

    John, what you did for Zoe was so far above and beyond the call of duty. You are such a caring person. Others would have walked by without even a “Good Morning”. You took the time out of your already busy schedule….altough talking to Zoe had to be better than dealing with your problem passenger…to spend time with someone who truly needed a friend. The solution you came up with is nothing short of genius. I can’t wait to hear how she’s doing. I hope Carnival knows what a gem they have in you. We had the pleasure of sailing with you several years ago when the Legend was in NYC. We have been on many cruises before and after that cruise but we always said how you were the most approachable CD we ever had the pleasure of sailing with. I hope we can one day meet up with you again. You’re care for Zoe proved why you are the best of the best! Thanks for all you do.

  36. nanette Hurst says:

    So you! This is why I love you. You have a big heart.

  37. Debbie Hower says:

    I, too, miss the calypso bands on the lido deck. What you did for Zoe was really special and I am sure she will always remember your kindness. The other lady should go back to celebrity or that other cruise line “X” that caters to the princess type she thinks she is.

  38. Becky Smith says:

    John– two words…. you rock!! You were guided to be at the right place at the right time and I do hope this lady was able to make peace with the situation…hopefully with the aide of the other ladies. Kudos to you sir!!!

    • Teresa Cooper says:

      You know what? You’re right! If that lady hadn’t complained and demanded to meet with John when she did he wouldn’t have been walking by on his way to meet with her. Zoe would have been sitting there all alone and there would have been no John to be her knight in shining armor! Think about that one! Perhaps we should be thankful for Minnie being such a complainer. Ha!

  39. Luis R says:

    Very moving story about Zoe. Hope it turns out with a happy ending!

    About the calypso bands…. I live in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico to be exact, and would hate to be on a cruise where only calypso was played on Lido. Sure, its beautiful music and very “tropical” some may think but they all sound about the same and becomes old after a while. So please keep more varied music on Lido. The Caribbean is not all about calypso music.

  40. Heide maginn says:

    You have a very kind compassionate heart &
    Im glad you shared the story of the widow.
    You turned her vacation around im sure
    & she will make some new friends,
    The constant complainers will always
    Have a negative view of the world
    Dont let them get you down!
    Have a great day. Heide

  41. Genine Haslam says:

    Hi John, Today I am sad , today I should be flying out to Venice to board the Carnival Sunshine tomorrow. I am also sad that we never had an apology from Carnival for disrupting our holiday. I went to the Carnival facebook page to write how sad I feel and saw the comment about this blog so I logged in to my Carnival account and lo and behold I have one day till sailing,this has really annoyed me. I then went on to read about the widow and now feel less cross.I was not able to sail with carnival this time so am going with NCL. John you have restored my faith in Carnival by your kindness to that lady ,thank you.

    • Megan says:

      I have been reading your blog for sometime as my husband and I will be cruising for the first time next april. Never have I ever felt the need to comment before but todays blog warmed my heart. Its rare in todays society to see someone who can listen to anothers issues and really CARE when they do not have to. she had no complaints about carnival and so many others would have taken that as “good enough.” Hope one day myself and my husband get the pleasure to meet you for ourselves.

  42. carol says:

    John, You did a good thing for Zoe and now she will be fine, still heartbroken, but with people who understand where she is in her process of grieving. She will always remember you and your kindness.

    Having worked on ships many,many years ago, you know you will always come across interesting people on each and every cruises.

    I started following you several years ago during the Splendor’s crippling and was truly impressed with how you handled a very tough situation which no one can ever imagine will happen on their watch.

    You made someone’s cruise and for others well, there is no making everyone happy on board or in life in general.

  43. Mike Iiames says:

    As I was reading your post through the tears, I felt that I was standing next to you the whole time.
    6 years ago my wife of 36 years got sick a week before our Christmas cruise, she passed away on the Tuesday we we supposed to be in Nassau, where we had taken our first cruise in 1991. I can still remember the help and caring that I got from Carnival, I can never say enough about the people who work for the company. My two sons and I were able to do a cruise 6 months later, there was a big hole in the experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for reaching out to Zoe, you are an outstanding example of what a person should be.

  44. Joleen Koprucki says:

    I’m so thankful for what you did for Zoe. As a 60 year old single cruiser myself, and although I enjoy cruising solo at times, there are always moments that you feel sorta left out cuz you are wishing there was someone else to enjoy it with.
    I had one of those moments on my cruise last cruise in Jan on the Dream…I had a “dad moment” my father had passed away the previous Oct and I was having coffee alone (although I wasn’t traveling solo on this trip) on the lido deck and I started to cry and one of the wonderful Carnival employees who was cleaning off the tables came & sat with me. She said she didn’t want to leave until I talked to her because she was concerned. After talking to her, she hugged me and I felt so much better. I so wished I could remember her name because she is indeed an honour to Carnival.
    So, thanks again, John for what you did for Zoe 🙂

  45. Barbara Emmanouilidis says:

    your story on Zoe brought tears streaming down my face. Your thoughtful act of kindness so touched my heart. You are the best, Simply the Best! From the day we met 15 years ago on the Destiny I knew you were special, and you continue to prove me right on a daily basis. You are the best John, and I truly wish there were many more in our world like you, the world would be such a Better place. Hmmm, have you ever considered cloning yourself? Hugs to you, and one for Zoe too! God bless you my friend! You are the Best!

  46. Christine says:


    I don’t know Zoe, but I want to thank you for taking care of her. Reading this made my heart break and I am sure your kindness will stay with her for a very long time. That few minutes you spent with her may very well have turned what could have ended up being a horrible experience into a wonderful experience. Let’s hope! I just booked a trip on Breeze next January, cannot wait, and I hope to encounter other people like you on my trip!

  47. Eileene says:

    John, I know you have a new best friend in Zoe. I sent copies of this blog to friends to show them why I admire you so! Having finally sailed with you on BC6, I saw your wonderful nature in action. I told you about a young lady in the Fun Shops who had never had a chance to meet you, and you went immediately to find her. When you couldn’t find her that evening, you went back another day and did find her. She was thrilled!! Considering how busy you were at that time, between hosting BC6 and your other duties, that was wonderful. God bless you, John Heald!!

  48. BarB says:

    For John.

    I read with interest your experience with Zoe. WHat a great instinct you have; you were incredibly sensitive in you efforts. Nothing like a million years of dealing with we cruisers to pick up on “things”. I’m glad it worked out for that dear lady.

    That being said, I’m giving another perspective.

    I have traveled “alone” for over 25 years…many of those spent onboard a Carnival ship! After years of being a tour manager, trekking around with 40 lovely people, answering questions like “are we there yet” and “when’s lunch” or “why didn’t we take the faster route” and such…nothing is more fulfilling than the peace of traveling solo.

    I do travel with a companion once in a while; my daughter is a great traveler as is my son – and a few friends who travel well…but mostly I go solo…by choice…and love it.

    I never feel “out of the loop”. Being gregarious there is no problem meeting people or starting conversation. I can dine alone in the finest restaurant (including your Steakhouse), sightsee alone….with eagerness and interest.

    Mostly, I love doing what I wish, when I wish. Sleep when tired, dine when hungry, sit at the Caribbean Stud table when I feel like it.. Hours spent on my balcony enjoying the sea, the smell of it, the sunrises and sunsets.

    So, if you see me sitting alone somewhere, I hope your instinct will tell you I’m happy as a clam. Please have a seat next to me anyway…I’d love to talk to you and exchange “war stories”….ha

  49. Jenny says:

    What a great story. I just got back from a cruise on the Splendor. I booked the cruise in February with the plan to meet up with a friend that is a popular entertainer (soloist) on your ships. Three weeks before sailing, he was transferred to the Miracle. Needless to say, I was heartbroken. After many tears and trying to fix the problem, I decided to go on the cruise alone.
    First of all, I’m sure the other cruise director mentioned in the earlier comments are amazing but wait til they meet Malcolm. OMG so amazing. He was so sweet to me and gave my cruise a great start. Along with my friend’s friends in the band who spent their free time making sure I was having fun. In the end, I didn’t want to leave. I met some great people. I was seated at a table with all single ladies traveling alone. We enjoyed each other and plan to keep in touch.
    The only real complaint I had was the speed of the ship. We would haul ass then practically stop because we got there too quick. Same deal coming and going. But way worse coming back. It was a challenge to enjoy dinner or stay up for any entertainment. I’m sure they will figure out an average speed in time.
    But all in all the cruise was wonderful, the staff amazing and I look forward to my next cruise….. hopefully with my friend.

  50. Barbara says:

    God bless Zoe. You certainly went above and beyond to help her out, I respect a lot and I hope that she is able to find some pleasure and enjoyment in her vacation. That’s a terrible situation. My grandmother, whom I was VERY close to, passed away 3 days before our last cruise. It was difficult. I almost didn’t even get on the ship. This old lady behind me getting her S&S card just happened to have the same, Marion, name as my grandmother and it floored me when I heard it. But I also knew how excited she had been for me to get a chance to have such a nice vacation and would have been angry with me if I changed plans because of her. My family was insistent that we go and have a good time and held off on the funeral until we were back home. It was only a 5 day. We did end up having a terrific cruise, but there wasn’t a day I didn’t cry and there wasn’t a day I didn’t think of her and how much I would miss her, but thankfully I did have my husband with me. Zoe is a very brave woman and I truly hope she is able to find some peace on board and make some wonderful new friends. Praying for her.

  51. lulu says:

    John, one of the reasons you’re my favorite, and Carnival is too, is because of the time that you took with Zoe. Im so glad you were able to facilitate a meeting with the other ladies i hope that they can ease her sorrow a little, and maybe she can make a few new friends, at least for theduration of the cruise, or maybe even afterwards, especially since they aren’t that far apart in florida!

  52. Ralph says:

    Thank you for your interaction with Zoe. You’re a GOOD man!

    As for Minnie….don’t the azipods need cleaning while underway??????

  53. Christine says:

    You are a star John. Just read your blog, you made me cry happy tears for helping Zoe, and sad tears for her as well. Thank you for stopping to chat with Zoe, I hope she and the other 4 ladies get along great and that they can help Zoe through her grief. I look forward to hearing how things went. Thank you for being the kind caring ‘patient’ (Minnie) person you are.

  54. David Stern says:

    John, You are a Prince among men. Zoe reminded me of a woman I had met on the Valor at the wine bar on almost the last day of cruise Nov 2012. She talked about how she had to work so hard at her job and rarely took a vacation but had taken the cruise with her two children to give them a nice time. But she was sad that she had not met anyone herself to help her enjoy herself. I told her I was sorry she had not stopped at the wine bar earlier in the week as I would have loved to have done a few excursions with her as I travel single myself.

  55. Bill says:

    John, I am a hospice chaplain and a great fan of Carnival Cruise Lines. It comes as no surprise to me that a member of Carnival staff (management?) responded to a grieving widow with compassion and grace. You not only endeavored to comfort her in her grief you did so while maintaining her dignity and privacy. You are a blessing from God and I pray He sends blessings to you as well. Bill

  56. Terry S says:

    John, you certainly went above and beyond in helping Zoe. CHEERS! You deserve a ship on a stick! (LOL) I hope that Zoe stayed on the ship and is enjoying her cruise. As far as Minnie (hmmmmm any relation to Mickey) seems to be on of those people that you can’t fully satisfy no matter how hard you try.


  57. Kimberley Beyer says:

    Dear John,

    My heart breaks for Zoe. I am still married to a wonderful man and hopefully his heath will continue and we will have many happy years ahead of us, so I cannot even begin to comprehend the heartache and sadness that Zoe is feeling.

    I’m glad that she decided to come on the cruise, as I believe her husband would have been delighted that she would experience their dream and I firmly believe that he is with her very nautical mile you cross.

    I am glad that you were able to connect her with a group of women in the same boat and on the same boat that she is. I’m sure they have wonderfully welcomed her into their group and regardless of her decision that they will in time become great friends.

    But I can attest to the lonely traveler syndrome Zoe is experiencing. I’ve spent most of my adult life traveling, alone for business. I have spent up to six weeks at a time away from home and traveling single. It is difficult being away from home for such a long time and really outside of my comfort zone.

    It becomes even more difficult when well-meaning people try to stick you with couples for dinner or a bunch of single males or even single females on the prowl. It makes everything worse. I am so glad you stopped by, listened to her and changed her dining arrangements.

    But what I do to help alleviate the lonely traveler syndrome is to treat myself and spoil myself. I will participate in Teddy Bear Tea at The Luxury Collection in Houston, spa appointments, I buy myself flowers, eat in The Steakhouse, table for one, thank you. Indulge in a box of Godiva chocolates, or whatever meets my whim.

    Perhaps a little spoiling of our dear friend is in order and I know that you will do everything in your power to help her realize that she is as special as she truly is.

    Its going to take time for her to heal and nobody can replace her loss or fix her hurt. Just let her know that she is being thought of and that single travel, while not the best, can be a wonderful experience and tell her to take the time and money to spoil herself. She deserves it.

  58. Laurie says:

    Just found out we will have you as CD on the Legend on 9-13-13. Can hardly wait to meet you. Love your blog and think you are just awesome.

  59. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    I couldn’t agree more about the value of a Carnival Cruise. I also agree that the Spirit Class ships are the best. Love Love Love them.
    I hope Zoe finds friends at least on her solo cruise and those wonderful ladies help[ her get through this rough period.
    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy Enslow

  60. Cathy DeFlumere says:

    Hi John,

    I have been very busy lately and have not kept up with your blog, tonight my 21 year old son told me I had to read your blog. I am a widow, have been one for 16 years now, my sons were 4 and 8 when their Dad died. What you did for Zoe was awesome. Cruising can be so romantic, my husband and I were able to cruise a few times before he tragically died and I introduced my sons to cruising at a young age and they still ask (when we are cruising) when and where is the next cruise Mom. Now I just go for the fun and Carnival sure has that. My sons and I will be cruising on the Breeze on August 3 with a group of Survivors from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. All of us have lost a loved one in the line of duty. Thank you for being so kind and caring to Zoe.

  61. Denise Barickman says:

    You are great John! That’s why we love you and Carnival. When they hired you Carnival hired a real Gem!! xo

  62. Jenn says:

    Thank you for being you John. All around. And I hope I am never considered “one of those” cruisers. Please do let us know how Zoe is. I hope that the girls were able to lend an ear, and a glass! She is a brave woman for going and hope that she has been able to enjoy herself.

  63. John Grocki says:

    Hi John,
    Greetings from Connecticut. The story about Zoe was great! I hope she stays for the whole cruise and has a great time. Please send my love and wishes!!!

  64. Susie Van Diver says:

    Kudos John for helping Zoe. As for the complainers, Legend was the first ship I sailed on and she hooked me on cruising. You can’t beat the bargain of a Carnival cruise!
    Looking forward to someday being able to meet you if chance puts us on the same ship. With all the grandkids promised a cruise for graduating(there are 11 of them), the possibility grows.

  65. Ray McTeague says:

    John, we truly hope your young understudies take note, trust that sixth sense migrates, that others will possess and practice with the compassion you demonstrate with Zoe and others you engage with, one person at a time…on you final disembarkation John we hope you leave us with many more caring CD’s carrying on the good work…Cheers my friend

  66. Tracy Lowney says:

    I guess you won’t be introducing Zoe to Minnie…..

  67. Amanda Galli says:

    You’re right about there being “Minnies” everywhere. I’m a 3rd shift supervisor at a hotel, and I’ve seen, well, more than enough to last me a lifetime. I salute your patience, and extend my sympathy.

  68. Jackie Trepanier says:

    John, for some reason, the “ask John” tab doesn’t show up on my computer, so hence the reason for my posting here. Is it possible to get a maitre d’ contact for the Dream? We have a special request that I need to talk to him/her directly about.

  69. Tami says:

    John – You truly are one in a million. What you did for Zoe is absolutely amazing. That story brought me to tears. I am confident those four ladies will include Zoe with open arms and they will become life-long friends. You were definitely in the right place at the right time. You have a heart of gold and I’m sure you did more for Zoe than you’ll ever realize.

  70. Mary says:

    After reading your blog, I had to take the time to write a short note to say what a wonderful thing you did for Zoe..hopefully she will make some lifetime friends. You are a good man John

  71. Lesley says:

    Dear John-

    Any news on when Carnival will release its 2014 European itineraries? I love sailing with Carnival but I’m getting anxios to book. Any news would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance-
    Lesley from Hot Springs, Arkansas

  72. Mike Hogan says:

    I am very impressed by your attitude John. I have sailed with P&O, Costa and Cunard in the Carnival Group but not on a Carnival ship. Well done for the care you take and the consideration you give to your passengers.
    (I do not expect a reply to this message.)

  73. Pat Nordmark says:

    Regarding Minnie: My mother used to say, “Some people wouldn’t be happy if you hung them with a brand new rope.”

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  75. Carol Oleyar says:

    Hello John,,, I love to read yur blog,,you are 2 funny! I was wondering if you knew what the show(s) would be on the Fantasy for the week of June 29th? Also< I have read reveiws of other guest on other ships, that say, the quality of shows have gone down! I hope to be able to be pleased with the entertainment when we are on board,,,thanks so much,,Carol

  76. Katelyn Mounts says:

    Hello John,

    For starters I’d like to say I’ve been extremely blessed to have you as a CD on the Triumph almost 10 yrs ago ( which was my 1st cruise ) . I’ve cruised with carnival ever since then almost every other year and I will be sailing on May 11th on the Dream for my 5th one !! Can’t wait!!

    Now to get to why I’m writing.

    The cruise that I will be taking this year I’m not only going to be traveling with my parents who are also “seasoned cruisers” but I will be traveling with my wonderful sister and brother-in-law . This will be their first time cruising .

    Not only will we be cruising during Mother’s Day weekend , but it will be on the heels of my sister and brother-in-laws 6 year wedding anniversary . And I would really like to do something special not only for my mother who I love and adore so much , but I would love to do something special for my sister and brother -in-law as well .

    Could you possibly help me out ?

    Thank you


  77. Lorrie says:

    What you did for Zoe was AWESOME! Taking the time out of your busy day to help somebody who needed comforting is so heart warming.

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