May 31, 2013 -

John Heald

 Like food in Italy, football in the UK and right to bear arms in the USA, music in Ireland is so important to the people. The rich musical tradition that stretches back through the entire history of Ireland and of course compliments perfectly Ireland’s other rich tradition…………pubs. 

And so when I saw that these two brilliant Irish traditions were coming together and doing so on a Carnival ship……………..I wanted to learn more.

 I am talking about the Celtic Thunder cruise which takes place on November 2nd – 7th on the Carnival Victory. Now my schedule had a hole I n it between getting off the Carnival Legend after her trans-Atlantic voyage and my time in the office in November and so I ummmm………………well………………I sort of invited myself………………………..and so………………I thought I would invite you.


I am going to go and host some of the concerts because I love this music. My Grandfather on my Mother’s side was Irish born and bred and his house would always be filled with a mixture of jigs, reels, hornpipes, and polkas plus he played the Irish Tin Whistle. Ok, when he played it  sounded like two cats having rumpy pumpy on an electric fence, but he loved it and so did I.


That’s why I wanted to be part of this cruise and here are some of the brilliant things they have in store for you.  Here’s a little background on the World Famous,  Celtic Thunder;   since 2007 they have released over 10 CDs and DVDs.  Mythology is their latest release which has been on the Billboard world charts for 13 weeks and was recently ranked #1.  (I told you they were popular!)    Celtic thunder has performed at the White House, the Pentagon, the St. Patty’s Day parades in both Chicago and NYC and has participated in the PBS pledge drives for the last 6 years.


This cruise is like no other you will find.   They’ve completely  customized the cruise from entertainment, to itinerary,  to activities and dining. 

With  over 25 shows scheduled in just 5 days, including the Celtic Thunder Mythology Show  along 30 special activities, it is surely to delight!     This is Celtic Thunder and all the best of Ireland.   To find out more,  visit www.celticthundercruise.com   and  if you plan on joining us,   be sure to make your reservation ASAP.  Space is limited!    


As I mentioned that Irish music goes with Irish pubs…………there will be a Celtic Thunder Pub—our normal ship’s bar will be converted to a Thunder pub for everyone to partake in . You may have an Irish pub near you and while some are excellent many Irish pubs outside of Ireland are not.  I remember talking about this with our Irish Senior Maitre D Ken Byrne. He told me Walk into one of these pubs and there is not a single pub in Ireland remotely like them,”  I guess it’s about turning Ireland into Disneyland, where everyone drinks so much Guinness that their liver is as hard as the Blarney Stone, wear large shamrocks in their lapels and can be found singing drunken versions of Danny Boy. This will not be like this. This Celtic Thunder cruise will be a true and pure taste of the Emerald Isle and I hope to see you there.





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