John’s Carnival Triumph ‘Welcome Back’ Recap

June 13, 2013 -

Everett the Beard

Here John takes you through the great day we had as we welcomed back Carnival Triumph, and saw her off as she prepared for the first leg of her voyage — heading toward Cozumel. Enjoy!

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9 Responses to John’s Carnival Triumph ‘Welcome Back’ Recap

  1. Beverly Lopez says:

    John; I met you many years ago. I worked for Carnival also starting in 1986, doing the accounting collections at the Ft. Lauderdale pier for the Mardi Gras. Once the Mardi Gras left, I became Supervisor of Accounts Receivable Dept. at the home office. My husband George Lopez (yes, that’s his name) and I have of course been on many cruises in the time I worked there and met you on several occasions. I retired from Carnival in 2006. I haven’t been on any of our newer ships, but hopefully we will soon. Keep up your wonderful blogs and Facebook comments. I look forward to reading them. It definitely keeps me in touch with Carnival

  2. Eileene Plummer says:

    John, I am so glad it all went well. I would have loved to be there to see it. Thank you for sharing with us. And, I must say, you look rested and like you’ve lost more weight. Way to go!

  3. Phil Hale says:

    Thanks for the update buddy, you need some SLEEP! What did the shirt look like?

  4. T.A. LOMAURO says:

    Well done, as usual the cruise line deals with the situation in the most upbeat, positive way possible! Way to move onward and upward! Bon voyage and best wishes to all

  5. Linda Krause says:

    so….I gather you DIDN’T sail on the Triumph for this 4-day? I’m sorry for the passengers, but glad, because I thought I missed out on getting to cruise with you! We don’t get to try her out til October…but can’t wait!!!

  6. Charles Forshee says:

    John:/ Erick: Loved the talk but there wasn’t any video to go with it.

  7. Patty Martin says:

    For some reason I wish that I would have held out o go on this trip…As you know my cruise got cancelled twice…so I booked the Magic…Im not saying I did not have fun…and the crew was AMAZING…but the thought of being able to meet you…and see George lopezwould have been(and I use your word which so fits) brilliant! Again youre a great person and all of you really do try to make sure that we have fun..Ohhhhh and I did on the Magic..but have been on the Triumph before and getting a chance to see the upgrades would have been awesome..Thank you…Yeah I guess that you could call me a CARNIVAL CHEERLEADER…Just dont ask me to shake my hips or do the splits…cause trust me at my age something would break or split…Have a great one…Enjoy your time off with the girls..

  8. Paul E. Duckworth says:

    Glad the Triumph is back. Looking forward to be on her in December.

  9. Linda Patent says:

    Hi John! We love you! The most fun I have had ona cruise was with you. I especially enjoyed stopping to see the lava going into the Oceans at Strombolli. Take Care, Good Luck with the PR problems. Hope to cruise with you again sometime!

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