John’s on Carnival Triumph

June 13, 2013 -

Everett the Beard

Hi all, Everett the Beard here on Carnival Triumph with John. John’s around here somewhere, charming countless interviewers with his natural charm, boundless Carnival knowledge and authoritative British accent, but he wanted me to make sure that you to have these.

So I leave you with this:



And, of course, this:



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13 Responses to John’s on Carnival Triumph

  1. Andrea Lukinuk says:

    would have loved to watch this clip in it’s entirety, but John, is the ship rocking, or is your camera man swaying back and forth…
    I am feeling rather depressed; as for the first time in several years I have no cruise booked. So in the meantime I live vicariously through your blogs and clips. This one even made me feel a wee bit sea sick!! lol Take care 🙂

  2. Marilyn Parker says:

    The Triumph was my first cruise, I’m so happy for her to be back sailing again.

  3. Patricia Varner says:

    WTG, glad she is sailing again. Wish I was there! Carnival number one in my book. Hope to be sailing in 2014!! Thx John!

  4. Bunny says:

    no pictures? 🙁

  5. Laurie K. says:

    I wish I was there also! Looks great so far!

  6. ANNITA HALL says:

    Hey, John just wanted to let you know Glen and I are really proud of the Triumph returning. It holds the memories of you making Glen a “STAR”. We still talk about the hat dance and saying, I love you I need you, I want you with everyone. We were so glad to have her back on the fleet.We have talked about a return cruise and will have to come see her updates. May her staff have many blessed sailings!

  7. jerry says:

    Wish he was on the Glory. We need a new directory. Matt’s not the best of Carnival

  8. Annie says:

    Hi John,
    On my first cruise in 2003 we got to tour the galley and really enjoyed it. Is there a way we can do this on the Magic? Back then we sailed on the Celebration and it was wonderful with the napkins folded differently every night. If there is a tour I would really like to take it. Thank you for your time

  9. noel johnson says:

    There is a channel on the onboard TV that gives updates on the location of the ship and other information. I would like to suggest that one of the posts should be a live view out to sea or port so that people with inside cabins can “see out the window”.

  10. Sandy says:

    Hi John

    I was on the February 7th sailing of the Carnival Triumph
    I am a travel agent – that was hosting 110 Jazzer Cruisers –
    I am getting back on the Triumph on August 3rd – I am also hosting a group on the Triumph – departing on Halloween 🙂

  11. paula odom says:

    will be on triumph with 4 yr old was this area refurbished all the way and is this ship considered a family, kid friendly cruise?,

  12. PirateMOm says:

    Just got back from the Progreso/Cozumel run on the Triumph.

    Ship was great, CD Jen was faboo, dancers were amazing, food was great… but what the heck was up with our room steward? We didn’t even see the guy until our last sea day! Every time we asked somebody working on our hall (odd number side, deck 7) they either didn’t know who he was, didn’t know WHERE he was or didn’t answer us at all. It was kind of odd, we thought.

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