The Bloggers Cruise will be on Carnival Sunshine on February 16th 2014 from New Orleans and registering will entitle you to be part of the private events, shows, activities and a few gifts from me to you………, not fruit.

I am planning a lot of surprises for this cruise and I will also be bringing some of the entertainment I have been highlighting here in Europe so I have no doubt that this will be the best bloggers cruise ever. I truly hope to see you there.





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  2. wynde says:

    Hi John. My boyfriend and I love reading your blog. It always makes us laugh. We just registered for Blogger’s Cruise 7 and were wondering if we are supposed to get some kind of notification that it was accepted? Sorry for the silly question, but this will be our 1st Blogger’s Cruise and are so excited that it will be sailing from our home port. Thanks for any help and Anthony and I are looking forward to meeting you. Cheers

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi John
    I’m currently sitting on the Serenity deck of the Sunshine whilst its docked in Citavvechia and the rest of the guests have headed into Rome. An amazing cruise so far and highlight for me has to be the performances of Seth in the Piano Bar (he absolutely should be #1 in the Top Ten list of Fun Times). As I said its been great so far and a huge thanks to all the Carnival staff for making it so. But, one question. Why does the music and video clips have to be played so loudly? It’s not just the Djs when they play although they are by far the worst offenders but pretty much everything is way too loud! I find it impossible to relax in the Serenity area due to the constant drone of intrusive noise. A couple of polite requests has not improved matters in fact it reached its worse point on Sunday in Messina when we visited a church in the town centre but could clearly still hear the Sunshine singer blasting out the hits from the Lido deck. Yes, it was that loud and surely can’t be appreciated by the residents of this amazing city. I appreciate the nuances of sound amplification in the outdoors and how difficult it might be but in this respect, Carnival need to learn that not all volume levels should go to 11.

    • Joan says:

      I’m with you. The VERY LOUD music drives me out of the outdoor Lido deck on every cruise. Can’t it be turned down?

  4. mark wisner says:

    John, You mentioned entertainment for the Bloggers Cruise out of New Orleans on the Sunshine. Please don’t have it be that Hasbro the Game Show. I was on the Sunshine in Europe in May. That show was sooooo boring. I felt like I was watching a really bad live commercial. Oh Yah, I was.

  5. Carol Moore says:

    I really hope we have a good music on the Magic Oct. 20th. when we go. We had a wonderful Asian/American Band one time and then on the other end had very bad with a woman piano player for our Past Guest Party that was a slap in the face to it. We love the band I can’t remember their name or what ship. Hope to have good comedy too. This is our 10th, Carnival Cruise. Have never tried a different one. Can’t beat price and love Carnival. Never had a bad experience to switch. Do you know who entertainment or main bands are? Thank you, Carol

  6. Mr Mike says:

    Hi John,

    Just wondering if Calvyn will be with you on BC7. You guys together had us in stitches last year!

  7. Anita Davis says:

    Hi John,
    After meeting you on the British Isles cruise of September 13, we have signed up for the blogger’s cruise for February 16th
    on the Sunshine. We enjoyed meeting you so much and I am the one who told you that you had “the patience of Job!” I have a great photo of you with my husband and me and we look forward to seeing you again. We live in The Capitol city of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, and are only an hour away from the great port of New Orleans! It is TOO easy to cruise from there.

  8. Chris Robertson says:

    I booked the February 16 Sunshine cruise from New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. This is my first time reading John’s blog page so I’m not really sure what this blogger’s cruise is about. Can you enlighten me please?

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