Here is Greenland

October 10, 2013 -

John Heald

Hello everyone,

I thought you might like to see what our guests experienced these past 15 days on our amazing trans Atlantic voyage on Carnival Legend.

My thanks to Martin, our videographer, for his great camera work. So sit back and let’s go to Greenland.


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104 Responses to Here is Greenland

  1. sherri greene says:

    No words are good enough to describe how marvelous these pictures and videos are..Just wish I could experience this trip myself. Greatful to get to see these. Thanks so much.

  2. Martha Morris says:

    Thank you, Mr. Heald, for sharing. Though I will never get to make a cruise like this one, at least now I can see it in my dreams. Love you, CARNIVAL, and hope to make another (shorter) cruise with you next year.

    • Steve says:

      Hey John,
      Steve again, been awhile since I emailed you. I figured with all the issues carnival was going through you didn’t need someone saying “I told you so”… but I did. I read about CCl’s reorganization..I fear more blandness and mediochrity coming from the executive floor. You guys used to be the industry leaders. Now the competition is coming up with the new ideas and you seem happy to bring out the same old same old…its not working as you can clearly see. Now the brands are reorganizing yet again..more cost effectiveness I fear which will water the brands down further. What a shame … I wish you guys could see just how boring you are becoming. Much like the General Motors of the cruise industry.

      Good luck…Carnival is going to need it

  3. Paul A Salata says:

    Great musical tracks for all three videos, also great videos.

  4. Edward Gramauskas says:

    Absolutely brilliant……..thank you for sharing this with us.,,,,Carnival needs to return to europe and do this voyage again so that I can make sure I am on it……..Wish I was there

  5. joyce loomis says:

    Thanks so much John. Really enjoyed the little vacation you gave me!

  6. jeff paintner says:

    It was an extraordinary trip

  7. Colleen says:

    These videos are breathtaking and leave me at a loss for words. But they sure brought tears to my eyes they are so moving and the music makes it even more moving. Thank you Martin for doing such a beautiful job with the videos and taking us on the journey through Greenland.

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  9. Naomi Kuhns says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful video John. The Northern Lights were breathtaking.

    I hope Carnival will offer this again, as a TA it is on my bucket list and some of my clients.

    Naomi Kuhns
    Cruises Inc.

  10. daniel from GA says:

    Incredible! I hope Carnival sends more ships that way soon!

  11. Valerie Phillips says:

    Thank you for sharing these videos with us. They were absolutely breathtaking. Wish we could have stayed on bard with you all. What a brave ship is the Carnival Legend to have gone through so much this last six months and will continue to do so. Thank you John for the great time aboard on the Baltic and British Isles. We loved both trips.

  12. Laura says:

    WOW!!! Awesome videos! I would NEVER complain if I was to go on that trip…maybe about the cold…but I would be prepared for it…coat, chap stick, gloves…

  13. Bob says:

    Fantastic videos. Better than any food porn BSB could ever come up with!

  14. Joan Kochetta says:

    Wow!!! Amazing!!! Thank you for showing a place a lot of us will probably never see in our lifetime…

  15. Brian says:

    Wow amazing, would live to do that!

  16. George Meyer says:

    wish i was there

  17. Gary Feld says:

    Magnificent videos of Greenland

  18. Linda says:

    Amazingly beautiful, so many things to see, so many things to experience, thank you for sharing, and to all who took the time to put this together. Carnival is a vacation experience, not just a ship.

  19. Smitty says:

    Those were wonderful!!! The man with the photo of the lady REALLY gives me an idea because we leave in two weeks for Norway to see the Northern Lights (we hope), but one of the couples has had to cancel due to a relapse of her cancer. SOOO I’m going to take a photo of them and take photos with them in the picture, as you just showed. THANKS FOR A GREAT IDEA!!! (enjoy your tongue in cheek humor too!)

  20. Karla Caho says:

    Fascinating, John, THANKS!!! Have always wanted to go there. Now I want to go there even more than before.

  21. Scott says:

    remarkable, a once in a life time experience, great video photography, and thank the Captain and the pilot for taking you there!!

  22. Jeannie says:

    The Northern Lights, so beautiful. Everyone there had a big smile on there face even though I bet it was very cold. I think they felt very privileged to witness such a spectacular event. the real angels of the world protecting the Planet from harmful Solar Flares…fantastic you were all very lucky to see such a show.

  23. Jeannie says:

    Greenland, are they not worried by those icebergs floating around?

  24. Jeannie says:

    Never fancied cruising here but it look stunningly beautiful and sooo peaceful!

  25. vicki gallaher bailey says:

    I took my first cruise in October 2004 on glory. Had I not had such a good time with my daughter, dana, I may never have cruised again thanks to you, John. I was shocked and so disappointed in the afternoon shows when you were cursing and using such vulgarity. I thot it was a family oriented show and there were small children there too. From then on I always asked who was the cruise director before I booked my next cruise. I never sailed with you again.

    • grizel robertson says:

      I am surprised you decided to post on this particular blog to broadcast your obvious dislike of John H. In the main, the responses relate to the itinerary of Legend as it sailed through new waters via the Baltic, Norway, Europe, British Isles, Iceland, Greenland & Canada to New York. I was fortunate to be on a 12 day Norwegian/Europe trip on Legend a few weeks ago. Despite unfavourable weather most of the folks I met were upbeat because they had a caring CD & fantastic assistant (Calvyn) and amazing ports of call. I have to beg the question – why post about something you experienced almost 10 years ago on a page that is totally unrelated to your opinion of my favourite CD (& that of countless others) & why wait so long to do it?

    • lollypop says:

      And yourpoint was??????????????

  26. Robert Reid says:

    John, These are great videos of Greenland. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Brenda Furmato says:

    AWESOME! How I wish Carnival does that itinerary again! Love to see all those great ports….Wonderful photography…Love that ship, cruised on it twice but only the Caribbean…Kudos to you, John! Our favorite CD!

  28. Beverly J Winford says:

    John, These video’s are fabulous, hopefully Carnival will make this voyage again in the future, perhaps with the Carnival Vista. Going on the bucket list for sure….

    Have a great few days at home, Donna and I will see you soon on BC7…..take care….


  29. Susan says:

    Thank you John and Martin for taking us along on your amazing journey.

    Susan and Kevin Hoffman

  30. Irving Carlyle and Sue Wells says:

    John (and Calvyn) as you know, we were there with you on this most spectacular cruise and it was probably the greatest of all our cruises. From the Fjords, the glaciers, the huge icebergs and the majestic mountain ranges, we thank Carnival, you and Calvyn and the great Captain of the Carnival Legend for allowing us to enjoy these wonderful experiences! And if Carnival should ever repeat the Baltic, Norwegian Fjords, British Isles and Iceland/Greenland cruises, we will be one of the first to book!

    Most sincerely – Carlyle and Sue Wells

  31. cathy ans frank sykes says:

    John~ the staff at carnival went above all to make this an awesome vacation! we never dreamed of taking home so many memories. I am home but still pinching myself that we were there on this voyage. I feel like we hit the lotto with this one!! thanks again for the cruise, the wonderful staff and the extra mile you took to make this happen. on a side note, disbarkment took 5 minutes, OUTSTANDING!!

  32. Janice VanWagoner says:

    BEAUTIFUL! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I had always thought I would never want to take a cruise to someplace “cold”….but these video’s are breath taking beautiful. I think you have changed my mind. Thank you Carnival, as always for all the beautiful pictures and video’s! For now counting down the days til’ “I’m walking on Sunshine” next June.

  33. Karen Dietrich says:

    This was so beautiful ! Thank yuou for sharing this with us! Another reason why we love you and Carnival…….you always are thinking of us ! Again thank you for sharing this wonderful journey !

  34. Lynn in VA says:

    Beautiful!! I am so sad we had to cancel this cruise.

  35. HOFFHACK says:

    Yes! It is wonderful! The Aurora borialis is fantastic……the first 6 or 8 or 10 times you see it!!! I was stationed on Adak Island in the Aleutians, which is on par with Greenland as far as nearness to the North Pole!! We also had a base in Kelflevic, Iceland!!! Just be thankful you don’t have to live there!!! Believe you me!!! It gets pretty old, pretty fast!!! My far better half keeps asking me:

    “When are we going to cruise the inside passage???” (up the coast of Alaska)
    I not so calmly reply: Never, Never, Never, Never………been there, done that, got the tee-shirt!!!!! (:-))) 19 hour nights are barrels (of vodka) fun!!!!!!! Just be glad you were “JUST PASSING THROUGH!!!!!”

  36. Laura says:

    Awesome!! Thank you for sharing. Perhaps one day I will be able to experience Greenland on Carnival.

  37. Linda & Dave says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Greenland We wish we were there especially cruising with you & Calvin Our next cruise is to Hawaii Dec 7th on the Miracle.

  38. dave says:

    great pictures and a wonderful trans crossing. ports of call were nice.
    mt wife and I have been on the legend several times. we had planned to fly to eu only for the trip back, but plans did not work out.
    maybe next time

    • Valerie says:

      We arrived home last night from this wonderful cruise. The Legend crew and staff were so wonderful and gave us all the trip of a lifetime. I tear up when I think of all that we did during the cruise. The people at most of the ports were so gracious and willing to share so much with us about their lives in these beautiful ports. I don’t have a favorite because each place was wonderful and special in its own way. Seeing the Northern Lights and Prince Christian Sound were not even on the itinerary, but turned out to be the jewels of the trip.

      Thank you so much to everyone involved in planning this adventure for us.

  39. Ronald Pope says:

    John :
    Thank you and Carnival Film Crew for these pictures of Greenland …. We may never get to go there – but now we know what it looks like, and would love to.
    Ron Pope

  40. Linda Lane says:

    Magical! Thank you!

  41. Amy says:

    Awesome videos! Thank you so much for posting!

  42. Tom & Michelle says:

    Thank you so much John for such a wonerful trip. We’ve been on dozens of cruises and this was, by far, our favorite. The itinerary was wonderful (as you can see by these stunning videos) and the addition of the fjord was the cherry on top. Thanks so much for your work setting it up with the Captain and the Beards. I truly hope Carnival makes this a regular journey so others can experience what a fantastic itinerary this is.

  43. Nancy McQuarrie says:

    Hi John,
    Words are not enough to thank you, Calvyn, the Captain, and Ice Pilot for this fantastic voyage. It was absolutely, brilliantly fantastic! Memories were made to last the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing these video clips – a great way to show friends and family everywhere. Again, my thanks to you and everyone who went far beyond the call of duty to make this a fabulous, unforgettable voyage!


  44. Bob says:

    Amazing video… but even more amazing music. Thank you for sharing this journey.

  45. Leon & Peggy says:

    John, Awesome pics!! Thanks so much for sharing. If there’s a Bucket List somewhere
    this trip should make it.

  46. Francine says:

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing these with those who were not there but by watching these, it makes us feel as though we were.

  47. Carl Harmon Jr. says:


  48. Jenny says:

    Would appreciate knowing the name of the background music in the first video. Beautiful combo with the video. Thank you.

  49. Jan & Bob Whisner says:

    It was a great trip, WE WERE ON IT!!!
    Thank you so much John for making the adjustment to send us through the Fjord!!
    Better than the Alaska trip I had taken a couple years back!! For sure a BUCKET TRIP 🙂

  50. Tim Hoyt says:

    John, thanks so much for mailing my postcard from the ice station. My wife Sally and I were fortunate to be able to make the cruise with you. The surprise trip through the fjord was amazing. It was the highlight of the entire cruise. Your give and take with Calvyn was most enjoyable. Reading that I am not quite sure that was the correct phrase to use. However, kudos to Carnival for the great detour and kudos to you for making the cruise quite memorable. Cheers from Maryland.

  51. Caroline says:

    It was an amazing cruise!!!! One that could never be bettered. Tks so much for all d hard work – ranks as our #1 cruise!!!! Fantastic

  52. Sharon Gelvin says:

    Amazing videos. Thank you so much for sharing with us. What a beautiful country. Would love to see Greenland in person but the videos provided the next best thing.

  53. Ann-Marie says:


  54. Ann-Marie says:

    Those videos are miracles, beautiful. Definitely a sight to see. Only wish we got to see it for ourselves. Maybe next sailing. We will be onboard and share our adbentures!

  55. Once again John you are so thoughful to share the pictures with all of the CCL lovers that could not be there with You Calvyn and the amazing CCL Teams. This is what makes CCl #1 People like you that care and share …

  56. rochelle smith says:

    Dear John and Calvin,

    Thanks again for arranging with Brett to have my husband have photos taken with some of the dancers.

    The trip was awesome and the voyage to Greenland was more than we could ever hope for.

    We look forward to our 15th cruise in January and I will be booking 16th and 17th next week.

  57. susan says:

    WOW WOW WOW ok wow !!!!!!!!!!
    thank you thank you for bringing me there if only on Video 🙂
    We went to Italy for my Dream and the rest is so wonderful every day is a DREAM

  58. Rebecca says:

    Wow! Awesome trip for ya’ll. happy for you! Nice film lets get it into a documentary and win an Oscar!

  59. Norman Gelber says:

    I only want to say that this part of the trip, which was magnificent, would not have been so if it were not for John Heald.

  60. Barbara Burns says:

    AMAZING!!! So when is Carnival going to put together a trip like this again?

  61. Kaitlyn Forrest says:

    So beautiful! Wish we could do a cruise like that! We’ll be on the Breeze for the first time in April for our 1st anniversary cruise. I wanted to give a shout out to the Carnival Fantasy crew with Risa, “Donkey,” and the rest of the entire crew. BEST CRUISE EVER!!!!! Hope that the Breeze will be as awesome! (Hubby is so excited about finding out about the new Angry Orchard drinks on board, it’s all we drink at home!!! Thanks for adding it!!!)

  62. Carolyn says:

    Amazing videos! Thank you for sharing.

  63. Katherine Kitts says:

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful & so awesome to see. Maybe the closest I get to Greenland!! Looks like a fantastic cruise!!

  64. Peggy Dunbar says:

    What an amazing adventure, thank you for sharing.


  65. Daisy says:

    Beautiful videos and inspiring music tracks. I don’t have a Bucket List, but if I did this Voayage will be one. At least I get to experiece the beauty and esplendor of the Northern Lights and Greenland as seen through the camera lense of my son Martin.
    Thank you for sharing the videos Mr. Heald.

  66. Brooke Schroder says:

    Hi John,

    Wow, these photos are amazing! I just love your blog and to see how beautiful the crossing is, makes me so jealous!
    I will be on the Alaskan cruise this July and hope to see you there.

  67. Laurie enquist says:

    Loved the Greenland videos. I want to be on that cruise next year. I read your blogs, love them. This was the best. Think I will watch the videos again. You are amazing with your connections to cruisers and I appreciate all that you do: even if you write while in your boxer shorts. Thanks John

  68. jgeraci says:

    Thank you, John for sharing those videos with everyone. I was there folks, and it was awesome! In fact, my sister & I were on the Legend from Sept 1st to Oct 10th. Greenland was the best! But a special thanks needs to go to you & the captain for taking us to Liverpool. Both of my granddaughters are thrilled with the souvenirs we brought back for them from the home of the Beatles.
    Who cares if the weather was crappy most of the time! We went to Liverpool & through the Prince Christian Sound. Life doesn’t get any better than that!!

  69. Robert Galitz says:

    WOW! These are awesome pix/videos. However, it doesn’t come close to experiencing it in person – upfront and personal. This was truly an amazing journey you orchestrated with the captain and crew on this epic journey. How you got the “beards” to approve what you pulled off is beyond me. Perhaps it was because we were beyond the GPS radar, literally.

    Tim and I are still decompressing and wondering it this was for real or just a fantazma-magical dream. Either way, we were glad to have been part of it.

    We know you’re concerned whether Carnival will offer itineraries like this in the future. I know that future “once in a lifetime” itineraries will be offered. We continued to be surprised and Tim and I look forward to see where the ships will sail next.

    Thanks for a terrific holiday. Looking forward to our next adventure.


    Rob and Tim, The Tampa Boyz.

  70. Leslie Henry-Mellor says:

    So envious. Our favorite ship in places we would love to visit. I hate the prospect of getting old but retirement will have it’s rewards. We cannot wait to have the time to do cruises such as these.

    Meanwhile, we will continue our 7 to 8 day cruises and enjoy the ships within the time constraints of the working public.

  71. Shauna says:

    Thanks for sharing, John. My husband and I were on the cruise, celebrating my birthday, our anniversary and my 25th carnival cruise! It was truly a wonderful cruise…one that we will remember always!

  72. connor says:

    this blog is the best go check out my channel on youtube called connor guy

  73. Pat Iamon says:

    Had a wonderful time on the Legend Trans Atlantic cruise all ports were great but Iceland and Greenland were my favorites. What a beautiful serene place Greenland is, wonderfully friendly Inuit people. I learned so much at the little church lecture the town gave. Thanks John for the trip down the fjord and for mailing all our postcards. Especially loved the Morning Show with you and Calvyn!

    Pat Iamon

  74. Judy says:

    Mr. Heald your cruises are the best. I have been on several cruises where you were the Cruise Director and you are excellent. This Greenland cruise looks marvelous. I hope to take it one day. I also want to take Carnival’s Australian cruise. I have been on a land tour in Australia but I want to take the cruise. I believe it will be wonderful. Keep up the Good work.

  75. Wanda says:

    Had an absolutely FUNTASTIC time! All of the fantastic sights and people, who could ask for more. I want to give a shout out to ALL of your wonderful staff especially Matt Sims, Stephanie, Matey, Katherine and Calvyn who made the cruise especially memorable. I loved participating in nightly karaoke and the Legend Glee Club. I will treasure my Legend’s Idol Karaoke Trophy (At Last) and my Glee video and group picture.
    I had so much fun I am leaving again on Sunday on the Carnival Conquest out of New Orleans (my hometown) visiting Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Hope I have as much fun as I did on the Legend!

  76. Wanda says:

    I hope Carnival makes this a regular itinerary for the Legend or one of its other ships. The ports are beautiful, pristine and still relatively untouched by heavy commercialism. We got on in Dover, England however we heard from other passengers that this cruise was a continuation from Russia and the Scandinavian countries. Had we known it, we would have booked that part of the cruise too! Please do this trip again and again!

  77. Hey John, have you given up your blog for facebook? I miss your blog and you.


  78. RICKI says:

    was on this cruise. thanks for the trip thru the sound. what an awesome trip. Greenland, Iceland, like no other!

  79. Hello John,

    I must start this comment with a BIG thank you to you and the rest of the Carnival staff and crew for a job well done on the recent Transatlantic crossing on Carnival Legend, Sept. 25- Oct. 10, 2013. My wife, daughter and I were fortunate enough to be on what turned out to be a very special cruise. Although my wife and I were more than thirty years younger than the average passenger on this cruise, you did an excellent job of balancing the entertainment to appeal to all or most passengers (John announced the average age of the passengers on this voyage was 73.) My daughter was one of only a handful of 3-5 year olds on the ship and she danced the nights away with the music of The Highlights and the Dimas Duo.

    The itinerary was already “Legend”ary when we booked the cruise. Little did we know the itinerary would become Epic. A “Once in a lifetime” trip. When you announced there was a possibility of passing through the fjords in Prince Christian Sound, we were thrilled. I’d like to give kudos to the Ice Pilot for navigating us through the narrow passage. As a photographer, I was in heaven. It was truly a photographer paradise. Absolutely breathtaking! (I also had a nice surprise when I logged into the blog today… I’m the person in the second screenshot above, wearing the black jacket and holding the camera)

    As majestic as the fjord was, I must move on to the Northern Lights. Thank you for making an announcement about the lights. My family and I rushed up to the top deck in time to see the natural phenomenon for the very first time. It was an unforgettable experience.

    One of the major highlights was Aappilattoq. This small settlement was amazing…oh what I would have paid to be on the tender boat to Aappilattoq with you and the other staff members. When we were notified that Carnival would provide us with a postcard to be mailed from the ice station and postage would be covered…we remembered why we continue to choose Carnival. Very nice touch…very classy!

    Lastly, having cruised several times and I hope to have many more in the future…I don’t know if I’ll ever be on a cruise as magnificent as this one. I’m sure my fellow passengers will agree.

    The tongue-in-cheek humor you graced us with over the PA system was priceless. Although I did not have an opportunity to meet and talk to you on this cruise…I’m sure I’ll get to meet you on a future cruise.


    Willie Romero

    I never did hear about the Delay family again. I hope they made it back on the ship after Belfast.

  80. John Riccardi says:

    This was a trip of a lifetime for my wife and I. We will never forget it. Please return to Europe. We would love to do an eastbound transatlantic soon.

  81. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    I truly hope that Carnival does this itinerary again….

    next time, we WILL be on it!!

    Linda (Mom of your friend ~ still mud bogging~ DJ)

  82. Sandy Boe says:

    I was on this cruise-it was wonderful! Got to see the Northern Lights, cruised through Greenland fjords where we saw glaciers, waterfalls, and icebergs!

  83. Eileene Plummer says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing these, John. My dad served in Greenland (long ago), and I can’t wait to share these with him.

  84. Tammy & Thomas Roberts says:

    John hope your visit home was a good one. We cruised on the Carnival Glory 13 -18 out of Norfolk VA this was our 9 cruise and our 6th on the Glory. It was our 29 Anniversary Oct 13 we ate at the Emerald Steak house it was wonderful. The next night we decide to try the Chef Table always wanted to but this was the first time was so glad we did Chef Karan Singh and his team made a night we will never forget. The Galley tour so many people that are working so hard that most people never see. Just wanted to say thank you to them. The food at Chef Table was outstanding even tried some food never had before everyone should try the Chef Table. Great cruise great time love Carnival and thank you John for all you do. Tammy and Tommy Roberts

  85. Michael Coulombe says:

    John, the videos from Greenland were great. I really wish we would have boarded in Dover. Talked to number of people that were on that part of the cruise and they said it was outstanding. I hope at some point I get on a ship with you. I would also like to take a trip with Mr Radu as well. I really enjoy his photography.

  86. Christine Lewis says:

    square root of 47 is… 6.8556546004
    Yepo Im a smart arse! 🙂

  87. Sharyn R says:

    Dear John, Since Jan, 2013 when we booked the transatlantic cruise, we were so excited we were going on the cruise of a lifetime. Imagine our surprise when we arrived in the more northerly part of the North Atlantic and learned the hard way that there was NO HEAT on the ship. I complained several times but was told in no uncertain terms that there was no heat, nothing could be done about it and I should close the air conditioning vents. Our Loyalty Expert who booked this cruise for us while we were on the Freedom never once told us we could experience cold for 24 hrs a day for 6 days. If we had known we never would have taken this cruise. The UK and Ireland was great, the dining staff and cabin stewards were also great but it was totally unacceptable that we were so cold for 24 hrs a day for 6 days (including 4 sea days and therefore captive to the cold in our cabins). The ship ran out of extra blankets so we had a difficult time without much success trying to keep my sick husband warm with beach towels, bathrobes, coats, sweaters, scarves, and hats. Our dinner companions had to warm their beds and clothes with the hair dryers. You asked us all to provide positive feedback so that Carnival is encouraged to repeat this itinerary. Honestly, this cruise should never be contemplated again until first solving the problem of keeping the passengers warm, comfortable, and, therefore, happy. We still cannot believe that Carnival intentionally planned a cruise to the north of the north on a ship with no heat and thought the passengers would be warm and comfortable in their cabins. I mailed an extensive letter today to Carnival to add to the 3 complaints I made during the cruise regarding these conditions. If Carnival ever does decide to sail to the frozen north again, the booking agents need to inform the guests that there could be some cold conditions in the more northerly ports and sea days. Any and all possible adverse conditions should be fully disclosed so that guests can make informed decisions whether this cruise is for them. We did not have this option. If we did, we would have not taken this cruise. Carnival should also stock extra blankets in ALL cabins when they are in cold climates like real hotels. It is amazing that such a wonderful sounding cruise could turn into such a frozen nightmare. So the Alaska cruise is off……

  88. Rick Vernon says:

    Sorry this post is so late, but we just got back home a few days ago after driving around the states a bit from NY. Alice (my wife) and I were on this cruise and the two before (through Norway, Great Britain, etc.) totaling 40 days – it was a trip to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Though it was cold, windy, and rainy much of the time, we had a ball. (Life is what you make of it.) We especially liked the day in the Prince Christian Sound. What a marvelous, magical, unexpectedly beautiful experience – and the sun even came out of a little bit toward the end of the day. My wife and I took over 800 photos that day. Everywhere you turned, it was gorgeous. The ship was a bit chilly, but a sweater or fleece was all that was needed for inside. Outside was COLD in some places (we’re from Florida by the way), but we just layered up and off we went. The northern lights were COOOLD but spectacular! So many things we liked about these cruises, it’s hard to list them all – the food, the entertainment, the staff, the Demos Duo and the guitar player (love their music)… OK – I’m gushing.
    Thanks for a great time.

  89. Phil Saglimbene says:

    John, we were on this fantastic cruise, had lots of fun.
    But the Greenland Post Office is slower than the USPS, 11-18-2013 and we never received the post card that you mailed with 1600 others!
    Are you sure you put the right amount of postage on them LOL !!! 🙂

  90. Bruce Erickson says:

    This was the best cruise (we’ve been on over 30) yet ! The northern lights and Prins Christian sound we’re fabulous! You and Calvyn added a lot too!

  91. kyle done says:

    My lifelong dream is to see nortern lights. .that video makes me so jealous

  92. Pauline Phelps says:

    My best friend and I were on this amazing sailing. It just would not have been the same without John and Calvin. Thanks for making it the best sailing ever.

  93. What happened to our post cards?

  94. Jewels of Da Sea says:

    is there ever a chance that Carnival could cruise as far as Trinidad or have they ever? I would love to cruise their.

  95. Jewels of Da Sea says:

    I know warm chocolate melting cake is a wonderful & popular dessert. I don’t eat it as much because it is so filling after a big meal but I do manage to take one bite from my sons. I would love to see a light dessert like a good chocolate mousse served.

  96. Jewels of Da Sea says:

    here’s my question: Didn’t the cruisers get 1 year to make Platinum if they were a few cruises away from Platinum status? If you were lets say at 20 cruises or so why didn’t they give the people that actually had more cruises under their belts a time buffer to make it to Diamond?

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