December 3, 2013 -


Here are two examples of our exciting new menus that we will be serving on the Carnival Glory next week before rolling out to other ships next year.


American Table Menu


American Feast Menu


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115 Responses to THE AMERICAN TABLE

  1. Rita Presnell says:

    Where is the shrimp cocktail and warm chocolate melting cake? I see the word OR a lot. Does that mean we can no longer order lobster AND prime rib?

    • Darren Bailey says:

      I think everyone needs to lighten up a little. Sounds like everyone is getting worked up over something they haven’t even tried,meaning the new menu. Come on people cruising is about new places and trying new things. And don’t forget you here more bad things on a blog than good. Carnival will not a menu cost they the happiness of passengers, they will make you happy. Can’t wait in set sail June 20th!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Clcorwin says:

    A little too fancy for my taste. Wish the Lobster was surf and turf instead of shrimp because of allergies.

    Will everyday menu stay the same?

  3. Steve says:

    John, just a first gut reaction. It seems like a rather slim menu compared to current menus and it looks like it was redone so as to feature for-purchase alcoholic drinks. I may be wrong on both counts in terms of menu variety and motivation, but that is what I am left with. I am sure the items that are listed are fantastic, but it looks like the amount of choice has decreased.

  4. Bobbi Rose says:

    Not so sure I like the looks of those menus. The current menus have more offerings and include beef, chicken, vegetarian …something for everyone… and have fresh fruit and the like for appetizers. These menus look too ‘Foo Foo-ey’ and outlandish. Will the current menus stick around in addition to these new American ones?

    • Tonya says:

      This new menu (the Table one) has pork, chicken (several ways), veal, steak, portobello mushrooms, tacos, and fish. How can you say there isn’t any variety???????

  5. Charlotte says:

    Both menus look great, but I am not comfortable with having family style dinners with folks I do not know. With norovirus so rampant, not a good thing.

  6. Joleen Koprucki says:

    WOW! Can’t wait to try some of these on the Carnival Liberty in April, 2014

  7. Stacy Johnston says:

    John, really how hard it this for people to understand ! It is a new menu! Granted I do enjoy the choices that are offered now, by introducing these changes on select ships to get feed back from passengers is a great idea! I look forward to see what direction Carnival goes with this.

  8. Rosemary Smarrito Stinsman says:

    Ah to be honest I just don’t know….I looked at the erican menu and the only thing that appeals to me is the steak…or. maybe because you have peppercorn and bernaise sauce…

    The feast menu…sorry not for. Me…..

  9. ken wyatt says:

    I enjoy your comments.

  10. Angela Callbeck says:

    They look delicious- and very up-to-date!

  11. Elaine says:

    I’m very excited and can’t wait to see the rest of the menus and experience it on my February Carnival Liberty cruise…

  12. John I see on the “FEAST” menu in the ENTREE section the heavy use of the word “OR” between each item. I hope that’s not saying ONLY 1 “OR the other. No more I will have both the Lobster and the Prime Rib??????

  13. Keith Martin says:

    Thanks for posting we leave Dec 9th from NO can NOT wait!

  14. Tanya Wells says:

    I agree with Steve. The menu looks quite slim. It might just be the layout of the items with the new Port of Call options, however, what happens if you want a salad that is listed “for the table”, but really want a single serving yourself, not delivered “for the table”. The Feast menu does not even offer a salad. I am sure there will be a lot of “tweaking” of the menu along with a lot of feedback from this change. I have seen a lot of changes within the MDR since 1978. Some I understand, and some I don’t agree with.

  15. I like the new Menu Its time for a change Love it.

  16. Marty says:

    Ahhh John as your unofficial parody lyricist trust me when I [zzzzap! sizzle-spark pop] tell you I’m drooling on my key-[zip-zap-spark!] board. You’re killing me man! I-I-I-I- hope your diet is going as successfully as mine [sizzle-bang-fry] now will be that my dentures are welded shut.

  17. Nancy Bradford says:

    Well I have to say that neither of these menus to me is all that great. I do believe that I prefer the ones in place right now.

  18. sylvia hokansson says:

    Glad to see a few more veggies. But as a whole looks good, and we are anxious to try these new menus.

  19. Ethel Kelson says:

    John, Thanks for sharing the menus. We are on the Liberty Jan 11th and we are hoping the menus will be in effect. Will give you an honest evaluation when we return. Our demographic is upper middle class grandparents(who cruise with the whole family)that have 30 plus cruises under our belt, most with carnival. Enjoy your blog and your sense of humor, keep up the good work.

  20. BIG Ed Konefe says:

    John I see on the “FEAST” menu in the ENTREE section the heavy use of the word “OR” between each item. I hope that’s not saying ONLY 1 “OR the other. No more I will have both the Lobster and the Prime Rib?

  21. Virginia Hughes says:

    John, will there still be an everyday menu or is this replacing all the menus and there will only be one menu similar to what you have posted? I only see one dessert choice and it is not chocolate melting cake πŸ™ While the menu looks great it would help to know the answer to the above questionin order to give you more accurate feedback/comments. Thanks

  22. Virginia Hughes says:

    In reading the comments you have made on the side I do like the waitstaff taking the drink order and someone bringing the drink, I think it will save time waiting for the waitstaff to go to the bar and wait for the drink to be made.A system like this on Lido/Serenity decks would be great! I may even order a frozen drink knowing it will still be frozen when I get it. I think Carnival will sell more drinks with this system and as a shareholder I am ok with that, also as a cruiser myself πŸ™‚

  23. heartfruit says:

    One thing I see missing from the new menus is any indication of which meals might be lighter in calories. This is a concern for my family.

  24. Carol Eberle says:

    Both Menus Look good To Me. It’ll be Nice To Try Something New. I’m Quite Sure Standard Fare Like The Melting Cake Will Be Offered.

  25. Paul Zanolini says:

    Looks great John…. My only recommendation would be a garden salad offered every night and I also liked the comfort food alternative….

  26. Pierce G says:

    The menus look like they lack a lot over the current choices. The main thing that jumps off the page at me is buy drinks, lots of drinks.

    For someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, well it just seems the primary purpose of the dining room is to be a big bar that has food.

    Hope that is not what it is about.

  27. Charity Neal says:


    Will we still have the everyday menu? Flat Iron Steak> WCMC ? I hope. Not many Choices tho..

  28. Exciting new menus? They don’t look exciting to me John. Overall, they look the same to me from the other menus.


  29. Rick Drake says:

    It looks like Carnival is taking another step downward in food quality and variety. What used to be a plus with Carnival has turned into a minus with each menu change. Whose directing this ship?

  30. Holly says:

    These menus are beautifully laid out and the American Table Menu especially has so many wonderful choices. Though it’s been pointed out some staples are missing, I’m thinking the same selections would not be on offer every night. Well done to the team that worked on this!

  31. Art Dawson says:

    I am underwhelmed. Keep the drinks and wine in a seperate wine lisr type document and bring back more choice. Apps and soup in particular are in short supply. You and the beards co do better!

  32. The new sample menus look fantastic, and I am looking forward to the 2014 rollout.

  33. Terrie R says:

    I too am not impressed. It does look like you have backed off on the food and added drinks! I am not a big drinker and don’t care about having drink options to fill up my food menu. I also want to know what happens if only I want a Caesar salad? Most of these are too fancy for me. I like basic good food. This does not look like that. Seems like a downgrade from what we have now. Only one dessert option for Feast??

  34. Amy Fisher says:

    At first glance, very disappointing.

    Many of the “only when we cruise” favorites are missing, such as escargots (!), and the wonderful chilled soups (strawberry, mango, gazpacho, etc)

    Very limited and overall unimpressive. You can offer all sorts of cocktails to the menu (at a price!) but that doesn’t spruce up the food selection.

    Sorry — fail! πŸ™

  35. Terry Mavis says:

    both menus look interesting however the MDR is suppose to be similar to a very good resturant and you wouldn’t expect a restuarnt to serve dishes for the table. Every person would receive their order on their plate. I hope I’m misunderstanding the info ypu provided. thanks

  36. Walter Turner says:

    The new menu’s look great. I am booking

    right now.

  37. Kristi says:

    We are heading on the glory in May….will the new menu still be up and running?? Fans of the old one but excited for the change!!

  38. Lise says:

    I see very little choice for people who do not eat meat. I love fish but not tilapia, salmon is good, I

  39. Lise says:

    I don’t see many choices for peope who do not eat meat. What happens to the salmon its not on these menus. More soup varieties would also be welcomed, also more vegetarian dishes.

  40. Bill Becker says:

    Where are all the delicious soups I know and love at? Please dont get rid of them.

  41. Beverly Winford says:

    I’m sure everything being offerred will be tasty, but I’m very disappointed with the glaring omissions.

    No garden salad? None of the soups that I’ve come to love? Sharing things with table mates, no thanks it’s one thing to be seated with strangers, but I don’t want them handling my serving dish or serving spoon.

    One of the reasons that I rarely eat at the buffet is because I don’t want everyone’s grubby hands and germs all over the serving utinsels.

    I suggest you guys video a section of the dining room and then review the tape for how often people pick their nose, cough and sneeze into their hand, run their hands through their hair, lick their fingers….it can be quite disgusting.

    • Rick Drake says:

      Don’t forget all the grubby people who don’t wash their hands after a visit to the restroom.

  42. I think the new menus are a step down. Where are the vegetarian items? Just seems like there are a lot of rich foods on the menu and no healthy options. Quite frequently I just order appetizers for dinner but I don’t see anything on these menus that I would want!

  43. dave says:

    Nice menus. will they be on all of the carnival ships?

  44. Dale says:

    Looks like less choices. Carnival has always been my first choice. Maybe changing that.

    • Babette says:

      I’m thinking the same thing. I have sailed other lines and have stuck with Carnival since sailing on her in 2000. We have averaged at least 1 cruise a year with some years 2 or more.
      Feeling sad!!

    • Jan says:

      There are less choices.

  45. Dana T says:

    Looks like some good choices…Looking forward to trying it out!

  46. Cindy Meyers says:

    Always ready to try a change. After 15 cruises a change might be nice.

  47. Kayla says:

    Doesn’t look very vegetarian friendly. πŸ™

  48. Steve says:

    Not excited about the offerings, looks like a corporate decision not culinary. Where is the Indian vegetarian?

    • Babette says:

      Menus look okay, but don’t like the usage of “OR” if that means only 1 or the other especially on Lobster and Prime Rib!! I see no salads & soups…WTH. And only 1 choice of desert…NOT a good thing. Hope they don’t do away with the everyday menu because I have been on 2 cruises in the last 4 months and have ordered mostly off that menu. Oh also will be sailing end of January for my daughter’s wedding and have a group of new sailers and also a few new to Carnival and don’t think these changes would make a good impression, especially after all we have said about Carnival’s choices of foods being so great.

  49. Nancy says:

    Boy have to say, I’m real excited about seeing tacos on the Main Dining Room Menu. Living here in South Texas that’s all you see on menus here along with other Mexican food. Not real excited about the changes in the menu, sounds like Carnival is downgrading on the food as well as everything else that they have in the past few years.

    • Dave says:

      I’m going to need a seminar at the beginning of the cruise on how to use these menus. And I will not be participating in family-table-whatever style where everybody shares. Not happening. I am not going to be turning dinner into some sort of committee meeting to figure out what “we” are going to eat. Maybe I misunderstand the intent here. Hope so.

  50. Janet Cole says:

    A number of people (here, Facebook & Cruise Critic) have brought up the missing soups and salads, but that concern has not been addressed. I understand that this change is still a work in progress and hope that “the beards” recognize this is perceived as a serious downgrade. Where are the soups & salads?

  51. joyceg says:

    Hi there! I noticed that this blog posting was from you. Maybe you can answer this question. What happened to the postcards mailed by John from that remote outpost in Greenland? There’s speculation that the Carnival check for the postage bounced.

  52. shannon says:

    I don’t like. I like the ones you already have.

  53. Kathleen says:

    Not liking what I am seeing here. Where are the soups and salads? Some of us have food allergies and even with many selections have trouble finding selections we can eat. Cutting down on number of options means less likely to find something. So the five course meal is a thing of the past. I agree with the others suggesting this is a downgrading of the dining experience at Carnival…

  54. Carl & Elsie Steidel says:

    Hi John,
    Finished a great 7 nighter on the Pride a week ago. Just wanted to say how beautiful and well-maintained it is for an older ship. We booked late so we had to have Your Time Dining. We were concerned because we like always having the same wait staff and always tip them additional. But it turned out fine… We got our table for 2 with the excellent Haydee and each subsequent night, all we had to do was ask for our table with her! One concern, though… I’m a big guy (like yourself) and just cant fit in most booths. So we always ask specifically for a table. Well one night we forgot and got a too small booth, and were embarassed to have to ask for a larger one or a table. Couldn’t you tell your hosts to quietly observe if they have a large size guest to direct them to a table or larger booth? We loved the Pride, but when is it going to get the 2.0 upgrades? Thanks!

  55. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    This looks fine to me.

    I do not cruise to eat. I usually just eat appetizers.

    I have no doubt that there will still be plenty of food on any Carnival Cruise we sail on.

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

  56. Howard Nelson says:

    Not impressed. Seems like less is offered. It looks like a means for Carnival to increase profit and offer less to the customer. Where is the shrimp cocktail or fruit cocktail or garden salad? Carnival tried to cut back on the shrimp cocktail before… wasn’t a good idea then or now. Honestly, unless there is something more that I’m missing, this may move this Platinum member off of Carnival and onto Something of The Seas.

  57. April says:

    I’m curious, will there continue to be a children’s menu available? I hope so!!

    That being said, I think the new options sound really yummy. Some people just have a difficult time handling change. Excited to try it!

  58. Laura S says:

    This is my two cents……I am a cruiser that has a food allergy. With the old menu when I am with a table everyone orders something different and I did not feel like my food allergy was an issue. I never felt left out of getting to try anything cause the kitchen crew does an amazing job. With an option of having family meal plates come out now I am going to be the only one not eating it. I know Carnival will accommodate my food allergies however it just makes me feel left out of the table meal. I just don’t see that it is going to make my dining experience any better. I am glad there is some different options but disappointed to see a change with how the food is served to the table.

  59. Steve says:

    dont make the same mistake others have made, tell the beards to leave well enough alone. you want a new menu fine but no family style dining, if you want that go to the lido. bring back the cloths, I know that no cloths saves millions but to what gain, shorts and tank tops in the main dining room ugh. I am sure the beards will pass the savings of no cloths on to the staff and crew and maybe drop fares a bit, yeah right

  60. Esver Camacho says:

    I am on the Carnival Glory right now and just enjoyed the Cozumel menu that was posted above. I also experienced the American Feast menu last night. Let me assuage your concerns. The “For the Table” selections can be ordered individually. They are slightly larger portions of your typical appetizer.

    You can order anything you want from the menu including two main dishes and multiple appetizers, including “For the Table” items.

    My wife tried the Tortilla Soup and it was nice (although a little spicy). I love that they matched the menu to the port. It adds to the experience of visiting that port. The Greek salad is there for those who want salad but we didn’t try it.

    My wife tries to not eat meat so she had the Stuffed Portobello Mushroom. I had a piece and loved it. Mind you, I enjoyed the excellent Veal Parmesan but wouldn’t have minded her plate. There was Ratatouille available too but we didn’t try it.

    The American Feast was quite an experience. You start with a complimentary champaign with orange juice and mango pulp as your waiter encourages you to toast with your newfound friends (even if you’re at a table for two). You get all four appetizers with different people bringing them at the same time. They were all great. This was followed by the fettuccini, which I have to admit was bland and I told the waiter so. The only thing you need to order is the main dish. When we told our waiter we wanted the lobster he said, “and?” Meaning, we could have ordered something else too.

    The chocolate malted mousse was to die for. I guess a choice in deserts would have been nice so we’ll have to ask if something else could have been brought out.

    So far I’m enjoying the changes especially because we’ve been cruising with Carnival for so many years that a little spice is welcomed. For the record we’ve cruised with a number of other lines too, just that Carnival is the longest running.

  61. Esver Camacho says:

    Here’s a request to add John’s Facebook page to the list of free sites that can be visited while using Carnival’s on board Internet. I’m on the ship and all I can get is the blog. Since he updates on Facebook much more frequently it only makes sense to make it available to us.

    Pretty please with warm chocolate melting cake on top?

  62. Bill says:

    I’m a little confused over the “For Table” deal. My wife and I usually get a table for two and select the Anytime Dining option. I order Caesar salad. She doesn’t.

    Does this mean we now order a new and improved larger salad for our “table” of two? I then eat what I want and the rest is tossed away into the garbage?

  63. Wanda Dunn says:

    Just returned from the Glory today. We loved the old menu. We did not like this new American Menu. The choices of food was different and they served some food as family style. I missed the cold soups and the many choices they had for dessert. It just was not the same. Can’t brag on the food this time.

  64. Daniel wang says:

    Hey John,
    I just got back from the Carnival Liberty!
    And I just want to give a shout out to Our hilarious waiter
    Sanjin, he always has a great sense of humor and is very efficient with his job, oh and if you aren’t John, my apologies, “GPS offline”.

  65. Daniel wang says:

    Hey John,
    I am writing just after getting off the Carnival Liberty and I would like to give a shout out to Sanjin, who has a fantastic sense of humor and is always working hard
    (Plus, he can do the ganghem style πŸ˜›

  66. Glenn says:

    Free Range Chicken?

    That can be a very vague term that means anything from raised on a hillside farm to the cage door being opened for at least 5 minutes a day. So ho do we know they are truly “Free Range Chickens?”

    In the US there are only a handful of free range producers that raise more than 4,000 chickens a year, so how can Carnival procure enough true free range chickens to meet their needs?

  67. Duilio Zolezzi says:

    Somehow dissapointed with the new menΓΊs. Seems that the choices now are much less. Otherthing that i found dissapointing is that the food they serve at the lido deck at night is almost the same thing they have on the dinning restaurants.

  68. fmem says:


  69. Brandon says:

    Hello hafiza

  70. DIMIO says:

    You must travel in a different ship. Carnival Glory food is a total disaster,Food was served cool, no variety, food presentation look like food for a prision. The buffet was horrible and don’t said about pizza place. I was last week on this cruise and will be the first and the last. I strongly recomended no take this cruise.

    • Gary says:

      My son was on the same cruise, very unhappy. They have done away with the Mongolian BBQ stations and the Sushi bar on that ship also.

  71. Andre Hodrick says:

    Looks good. Lucky for us we will be celebrating 10 years on that ship.

  72. Tyra says:

    I’m following the comments on the new menu with interest as we’ll be cruising the Glory later this year. I’m not opposed to trying new dishes, but was sad to see the loss of our favorite cold fruity soups. In fact, my 10 yr old son was so sad as they are the one thing that he really loves in the MDR. I’m hoping this trial run will give you lots of feedback to bring back some of those old favorites. And the other thing that’s concerning is all the comments from folks who’ve already tried the new menu, that everything is so slow! We really love eating in the MDR and then going to the evening show, it’s kind of a tradition. I would be so bummed to have to skip dessert in order to make it on time. I’m hoping that improves too! Thanks John! We appreciate you listening!

    • Mike says:

      It would be nice to see a sampling of menus over the course of a week. This will provide a better idea of what one can expect over the course of a week dinner wise.

  73. Hi John. Grief is how each person will go on. Since the death of my mother ( November 7th, 2013 ) I have found solace with the fact that my mom is resting in heaven with my dad. I miss the both of them but I must go on as best I can and you will also.
    One question though, after your return when will you write again on your blog. I see that you are writing in Facebook. I miss you and your blog. Just wondering my friend.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  74. Gary says:

    My son just got off the Glory last week. Him and his wife where not pleased with the changes. Food was warm at best and never real hot like in the pass. One meal they never had their drink order taken till they had been there 20 minutes which then turned into a 2 hour meal. The Glory no longer has the Mongolian BBQ staions and the Sushi bar is gone. Both real disappointments. We are sailing on the Freedom for two weeks in February glad they haven’t switched to this type of dining on that ship yet. My son’s account will lead me to consider other options down the road. Not sure I will even give it a try myself till I see better posts about the changes and this will number 22 & 23 cruise on Carnival for me & my wife.

    • Ida betch says:

      There was also no wifi at all for free! None,zero, zelch, nada! You can get in this cool blog for free though!

  75. Margaret Hamilton says:

    Trying to keep an open mind since I will be trying this next week. It first glance look a bit confusing. Delighted to try something new though!

  76. Susan says:

    I was very disappointed to find out carnival will not be cruising Europe 2014
    We crused the Inurgual Magic in 2011. And the sunshine in 2013 both in Europe
    We were wondering when they will return cruising in Europe once again in the meantime were enjoying the Caribbean islands

  77. Karen says:

    Disappointed in the menu changes. All the favorites such as the soups are gone. Desserts are limited. Pushing alcohol on dinner menus? Been on 14 cruises, 12 of them on Carnival. currently booked on the Miracle this summer but if I had seen the menu changes would have went to another cruise line. Hope the powers to be at Carnival wake up before they lose their loyal cruisers. So Disappointed Why not keep the old longtime favorites and expand a little bit?

  78. Christal says:


    I agree where is the WCMC. We have been sailing Carnival for years and we see multiple WCMC going to every table. And the shrimp cocktail the same to every table. Where are the soups and salads. We just returned from a trip on the Sunshine and what a disappointment in the MDR. 75% of the time the food was not even warm and the buffet sucked. Carnival what are you doing? Changes can be made but there is no excuse for cold food. My husband became very ill after eating at Guy’s Burger Joint. I suspect it was related to temperature and freshness of the burger.

  79. John Overstreet says:

    I am getting on the Liberty tomorrow and am looking forward to the new menus. The people complaining saying it is “slim” need to get out more! This is a typical menu for MODERN fine dining. Less to chose from but BETTER selections and what looks to be a higher quality of food. WIth the old standard menu I was bored with the food after 2 nights. I appreciate this UPGRADE!!! I will give a full review of the food after the cruise.

  80. malika smith says:

    John, looks like carnival is trying to compete with the offerings on RC, well guess what; one of the reasons my family and I continue to book with Carnival is becouse we so enjoy the current menu. This menu will appear to force people into the specialty dining venues

  81. zena gardner says:

    I hope you are still going to have the chilled soups, like the strawberry and peach soups those were the best

  82. Madeline says:

    I am very disappointed that carnival failed to retrieve my garment bag that left in the cabin in an obvious place location on a hook on the wall. It proved that the staff can not be trusted and my I state I left t a generous tip to the stewards. I will not consider to cruise with carnival again what a bummer.

  83. Jan says:

    We were on the Glory over New Year’s and we were disappointed in the American Table menu. We missed some of our favorites – like cold soup (our waiter did get us some the next night though it wasn’t on the menu – great man), fried chicken and flat iron steak offered every night. We did not enjoy our dining experience like we usually do. A couple nights I had a hard time finding something I wanted to order. Also, sticky buns are a breakfast food not a dessert. When we picked our ship for the summer we picked one without the American Table.

  84. In a week we’ll be leaving Miami for our cruise on the Carnival Breeze. Before I leave could you tell me when you’ll be writing on your blog again. The last date that you wrote was Dec. 3rd, 2013 and it’s now Jan. 22, 2014. What gives John. I see that you are always writing on Facebook. Are giving up your blog? I miss it. I just wanted to know my friend.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  85. Aimee says:

    Merde! What happened to ze cheese plate?

    And why only one dessert offering on feast night?

    • bev jamrow says:

      You can still order some of the same things the old menu. You just have to ask. Even had the cheese plate

  86. Sophie says:

    Will carnival still offer the Every Day menu as they once had? Will the warm molting cake still be an option?

  87. Rob Pruzinsky says:

    These menus look really good. We were on the Carnival Dream in September of 2013 and enjoyed the food on that ship. I have to admit it was the best of any cruise line we have been on to this date, including Royal Carribean, Celebrity and Princess. This new dining concept seems to bring even “more” elegance to the dining experience. We will be on the Imagination on March 2nd and can’t wait to try these new menus! Thanks Carnival for always striving to approve the cruise experience! All we need now are Cloud 9 Spas on ALL the carnival ships and we would never wander from the brand! πŸ™‚

  88. bev jamrow says:

    Was on the Liberty in January. We are avid cruisers (28 on Carnival). We didn’t enjoy the new menu. Everybody we talked to had the same opinion. Not that we don’t appreciate Carnival trying something new.

  89. John I recently disembarked from the “Glory” and I am happy to add my thoughts. First No table clothes except for the dresser nights. The table tops are all new and glissened with a fine finish and an excellent table setting. This worked very well regarding other aspects. The nights that were dress casual, especially with most folks sitting in Tee Shirts and Casual dress, clearly “IT FIT” !!! Every night water was poured after one sat. The basket of breads on the table excelled from the usual bland offerings from many cruise lines. Rasbberry rolls (not muffins) 5 Grain rolls, Garlic breads and a varied selection of others. This was placed on the table. I along with others agreed that this broke the ice as one needed to ask to pass the basket and theirfore had to introduce oneself to the other tablemates. Salads were varied nightly along with appitizers. As this was an American table / feast salads were always served with the appitizer. This is basic American service and not at all European. Fresh Shrimp Cocktail always on the menu. Always at least 6 main course items with many changing daily plus a different vegitarian dish nightly. Some foods came with potato and vegitable as clearly listed on the menu for each dish and some did not. Side dishes were clearly posted on the menu as directed by the server the first night. Desserts were plentiful and once again varied. Always 5 or 6 different desserts to choose from. Some were hot / warm as needed and others were not. Always the Carnival classic “Chocolate Melting Cake”. The two dressier nights, table clothes were used. A Mimosa / Sparkling Wine Toast was presented to all on both of the dressier nights. All the foods were generally very good to excellent. Cutlery was changed with each course. Also nice to see once again, Carnival has brought back Silver Sodder service. The servers always with a smile and greeting all by name.

  90. Hi John, My wife and I are old Cruisers (35+cruises)Our first cruise was in 1985 on the Festivale. We have cruised all the major lines but still come back to Carnivale. Why, because the food, entertainment, and the value for the price can not be beat! We just cruised on the Splendor out of New York in December. It was a Great value for the price we paid! Please ask everyone at headquarters not to mess with the quality of the food or entertainment. We were sailing mostly on RCCL but they have really messed with the quality of the food and entertainment to cut costs! We are both retired now on Social Security so we are looking for the best value so we can continue to cruise until the “Big Guy” calls us up! Many Thanks

  91. Justin Mathis says:

    I am on Liberty right now and here to tell you that the new menu is just ok… They took away all the cold soups, changed a lot of the side orders and sauces. Shrimp cocktail and flat iron steak still available,vegetable spring roll only available one night and not as good as it was, I found a lot of the new food to be weird, lots of citrus, chunky loaded baked potatoes, cold beef salad, not a very upgrade. It seems to be less formal and confusing. also there is a flatbread pizza available that is the same every night.

    I hope the feedback isnt very good for this menu and they bring back the old food.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      I am on the Glory right now heading back to Miami and I concur with the criticisms of the new menu. It’s not just the choices but the format. I definitely have the impression that the format is designed to steer diners in the direction of purchasing more drinks and cheaper menu items. It’s behavioral marketing 101 – the presentation influences choices. It’s also a step away from the traditional restaurant menu and all the history that goes with it.

  92. Jan says:

    Got off the Glory in January. All six of us, representing three families, did not like the new American Feast style for many of the reasons cited, and said so on the after-cruise questionnaire. Unfortunately, I just talked with my usual representative at Carnival, looking for a ship that does NOT have the American Feast and he told me that it is supposed to go fleet-wide during the second half of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. Obviously, someone is NOT LISTENING to those of us who DO NOT like this new concept.

  93. stephen voss says:

    I am the glory that left port on the 16th.

    For the most part the new menus are bland and froo-froo with reduced choices.

    The menus are one thing…what I REALLY don’t like is the dramatically reduced alternatives. It used to be if you didn’t like what they hsd in the dining room you could go to the lido deck and find something different. Now all that is open is something called “good eats” which tonight served EXACTLY the same thing as the dining room and pizza and the Deli(which is only until 10pm because no one wants a sandwich at midnight, right??? right???) . At 8 pm THATS IT. Not happy. After 10pm you have pizza…nothing else.

    The burrito place: not open for dinner
    Guys burger joint: not open for dinner after 6 pm. Do people stop wanting burgers at 6 pm????

    The Mongolian grill: GONE and nothing replaced it.

    btw: Im a gold cruiser.

  94. Mike says:

    We have a cruise on the Ecstasy next month. My wife I do not think would be a fan of the new menu, if it were on our ship.

    She is a vegetarian, and appreciated all the options she had every night on the Glory last year. She had more choices on CCL than she has on the RCCL ships we’ve been on.

    She also considers the cold soups one of her “cruise foods” and would be bummed to know they are gone.

    • Jessica says:

      I just got home from a cruise on the Ecstasy and I too am a vegetarian and have to say I was completely unhappy with the vegetarian choices offered on this ship. The only good option was their veggie burger, but you can only eat that so many times before its too much. The main dinner menu only had one main vegetarian option to choose from per night, and they weren’t very good at all. One night in particular the only main entree meal was indian food, which was spicy and not tasty at all. Overall I was dissapointed with the food on this ship. My husband is a big meat eater, and he even found the steaks to not be very good.

  95. Mike says:

    My wife and myself are frequent cruisers and are always signed up for at least one or two. Currently we are signed up for the Miracle in July and Freedom in January. Having reviewed the new menus, I am very concerned as to the limited number of choices since I already do not eat red meats, do not like lamb and have a few food allergies. From what I reading, Carnival should do something else. Disappointment with food will not leave a good taste in people’s mouth.

  96. Debbie M says:

    I cruised on the Liberty in January. We had the American Table Menu. I was not impressed. Too little selection and the food was not as good as usual. I am hoping they do not put this out fleet wide. I will be looking for another cruise line.

  97. Gayann says:

    Do you have the list of ships that are getting the new menu’s and on what date?

    • Jan says:

      Before I booked a cruise for this summer, I phoned my personal planner at Carnival and asked him if either of the ships I was considering served American Feast. Fortunately, they did not. HOWEVER, he said that Carnival plans to implement it fleet wide sometime after the busy season. In the meantime, before booking any cruise, call Carnival and ask!

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