April 29, 2014 -

John Heald

I am staying in a guest cabin this cruise here on the Carnival Miracle, so I want to start today’s blog with an observation, if I may. In the bathroom the stateroom stewards (or “stewarts” as they are sometimes called – FFS!) place three sizes of towels for us to use. There are the big ones used after a shower and there are the medium-sized ones that we use to dry our hands and faces after a wash or a shave and can also be used to wipe away that stubborn toothpaste mark from around the sink. And there are the two little squares of towel that can be used as a wash cloth which is what I want to talk about with you and ask, does anyone still use a wash cloth? Now in the UK, we call a wash cloth a “flannel,” don’t ask me why because in the same way as fanny means a lady garden in the UK but bottom in the U.S. I have no idea why we call these tiny bits of towel such different things.

But, regardless, people of my generation all had one – that square of cloth sat festering on the side of the bath or shower. In the UK these flannels basically gone. Thanks to sponges and those disposable wipes, etc., they are becoming a thing of the past, at least in the UK. My rule is never wash your face with something others might have used on their arse. I learned this from my wife Heidi who caught me scrubbing my dangly bits with the wash cloth she used nightly to clean her face and she was not pleased. Heidi’s reaction has since then made me think about this time and time again so I always travel with my own blue thingy to wash with – just to be on the safe side.

 Well, after a few months away, it is time to bring back the blog Q and A……………here we go;

John Allen asks:

John – after we complete the two cruises we have planned for the remainder of this year, I will have completed 24 cruises on Carnival consisting of 172 days at sea. At one point in time, the 25th cruise was a landmark so to speak. Is there any significance still given to 25 cruises?

John says: 

Hello John Allen.

It is always wonderful to hear from you and, of course, I want to start by thanking you so very much for your amazing loyalty. Our milestone recognition program denotes a guest’s 25th, 50th 75th and 100th revenue cruise with Carnival. Guests will then receive a special milestone Sail & Sign card on their corresponding milestone cruise. We want to distinguish guests on their milestone sailing with a unique card so that we can make his/her milestone experience extra special and memorable. After this milestone cruise, they will revert to the card that corresponds to their VIFP level. Guests will receive the full set of benefits according to their VIFP level.  

In addition to a special Sail & Sign card, the guest will be granted the opportunity to redeem a future on-board credit equivalent to 25%, 50% or 75%, corresponding to the milestone reached.  A letter will be sent to the guest advising them of this earned benefit that they could redeem for any sailing in the next 18 months.  This letter will include a redemption code and redemption instructions on what to do. I hope this helps clarify and answer your question and if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know. Best wishes.


Lance and Tanya Mayer ask:

Lance and Tanya Mayer

Will be in cabin 6319 on Carnival Victory 5/22. Special cruise for wifey and me because it is our 10th anniversary. Need some help with some stuff. Wifey and me are big folks so make sure no arms on the chairs for us and no BOOTH. Table with other Americans aged same as us – early 40s. Need an extension cord for our CPAP machines. Have been reading that there is a wait list for this so need to get one reserved for us both in cabin 6319. Need a total of 6 pillows for the bed. If you can send wifey some chocolate goodies and champagne too for our anniversary. This is cruise number eight and we will reach platinum by years end.

Lance and Tanya Mayer

John says: 

 Hello Lance and Tanya Mayer

Thank you for spending this special milestone with us and I am sure you will have a wonderful cruise. I am sure I can help with all your requests. I will speak to the maître d’ and although I know he cannot guarantee the age of the people you will be seated with, I know he will make sure you are not at a booth and have the chairs as you requested. All your other requests are fine and I will work with the ship to make sure you are comfortable. I wish you a brilliant time together. Best wishes.


Annie asks: 


When is the 2014 cruise director schedule going to be published on this site please?  Waiting to book when we know who the cruise director is on the Carnival Miracle to Alaska this summer. Thank you.

John says: 

Hello Annie

The schedule will be out soon actually. I had thought I would have to wait until July but later this week, or next at the latest, I will have the schedule. The answer to your question is that your CD will be a fat, ugly, boring and not very funny chap called John Heald and I know he will do his very best to make sure you have a great time. Best wishes and see you soon.


Melissa Rosson asks: 

Melissa Rosson

Hi John: We traveled last August on the Carnival Elation and were thinking about doing the same this upcoming August. The only concern that no one can answer for us is will the entertainment be the same? We enjoyed the shows and they were a highlight of our cruise, however, we would like a definitive answer if the shows will be different…same comedians? Thank you for an answer ASAP we are waiting to book our suite until we can get this answered.

John says: 

Hello Melissa Rosson

Outside of the comedian line-ups and the variety acts, the entertainment will remain basically the same since your cruise last August. However, in September during her dry dock the ship will get two new shows and Hasbro, The Game Show, as well. I do hope that helps and I do hope we see you very soon for more brilliant fun. Best wishes.


Gabriel asks: 


The bar service on my cruise was the worst. Never mind getting a drink while laying in your lounge chair, no one comes by to take your order. Also there is no table or anywhere to put it. This ship is aimed towards making lots of money; they even charged kids for popcorn and cotton candy. So many extra charges for things that should have been included in the all-inclusive price. Too many rooms and not enough of fun areas on the ship….BORING….I can’t say enough about Merick our waiter and Ary our stateroom attendant…They were the best… I made the best of this vacation, but disappointed with the ship. By the way, I’m 48 years old. My husband is 53.

John says: 

Hello Gabriel

I was about to start my reply when I read again these words “charged kids for popcorn and cotton candy.” Now, as far as I know, we don’t sell cotton candy on any ship and we certainly do not charge for popcorn which is free on Lido during movie nights. As I do not have your surname to look up your cruise history, I wonder if you could tell me what ship you were on so I can help you further. Best wishes.



Am I missing something here, everyone……………..cotton candy?

Paul Redmond asks: 

Paul Redmond

John sir, please can I ask who the comedians will be on our next cruise which is number 14 for us? We are on the Carnival Conquest May 25. Last cruise, I found the comedians to be the best ever with a lady called June stealing first place. Thanks, sir. You are a good and decent fellow.

Johns says: 

Hello Paul Redmond

Thank you for the very kind words and for your amazing loyalty. You are, I think, talking about comedian Just June who is indeed very funny. Here are your Punchliner comedians for your next cruise who I am sure will have you laughing out loud. They are: Tim Walkroe, Lowell Sanders, Derrick Eason and Mike Lukas. Have a brilliant time. Best wishes.


Brandy S. asks: 

Brandy S

Seems like my question is rather simple, but impossible to get an answer over the weekend. …I am a lesbian, been with my partner for almost 10 years!  I finally received the proposal I have

been dreaming of, time to set the date.  We are past and future Carnival cruisers……have another one planned for August!  So…….why not do a commitment/wedding ceremony on our favorite Fun Ship?  I am able to find information on weddings but nothing on gay ceremonies…..not even by calling the 800 #.  I’m simply instructed to contact the wedding planners.  I know, I know it’s the weekend.  So I am unable to speak with the wedding planner people, but a very simply “yes” or “no” is all that I need.  I do hope that in this day in age, Carnival is not exclusive to heterosexual couples.  I am aware that I cannot have a “legal ceremony” at sea but my question is do you do these types of ceremonies at all?  My extensive internet research this weekend tells me no, via the boards I’ve found… BUT the most recent posts on public cruise forums regarding this are from 2010…a lot has changed.  Carnival is my favorite cruise line and it is my hope that it is now inclusive of GLBT commitment ceremonies……otherwise, I suppose, I’ll have to sail Royal Caribbean, because they are happy to welcome my family aboard for our special day!  I really want to have my event on my favorite fun ship.  Besides, what’s a wedding without a carnival bon voyage deck party?!

John says: 

Hello Brandy S

I am very happy to read that you are finally able to get married and wish you both many wonderful years together. The simple fact is that we are ready and willing to help you and, providing it is legal in the state of whichever port you choose to get married in we will make it a very special day for you. I hope that gives you the simple answer that will enable you to proceed and, if I can help with anything else, please do let me know. Best wishes to you both.


Rickie Alexie asks: 

Ricky Alexie

Hi John, glad we were able to meet you on the Bloggers Cruise 7. Here is a question for you. We’re planning an Alaskan cruise within the next 24 months. The reviews on Carnival’s Alaskan cruises seems to be far lower than on other lines. Please give me some info on why this may be. I am devoted to Carnival and plan that Alaskan cruise on Carnival. I know you’ll be on an Alaskan cruise in the future. Maybe you can give us hope with some good news! 



John says: 

Hello Ricky Alexie

It was great to sail with you on BC7 and I hope you will think about joining us on BC8 on the Carnival Breeze on January 31 next year. I can’t answer for reviews I have not seen but I have read so many reviews on people’s experiences in Alaska with Carnival that I have absolutely no doubts that you will have a wonderful time there. I have been writing about Alaska and people have been posting their reviews about it because I am there now and will be the CD for the season. So I do hope you will join us for this incredible adventure and I will be here if you need anything. Best wishes.


Barbara P. asks: 

Barbara P.

Hi John, was wondering what happened to the European cruises?  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here, so you might have answered it before.  I have done three past sailings with

Carnival to Europe and wanted to do it again, but couldn’t find them anywhere on this website…

Let us know…

John says: 

Hello Barbara P

Unfortunately, we will not be returning to Europe next year but we will see what the future holds as these cruises provide such a wonderful experience for our guests. I will keep you informed when and if I hear anything. I do hope we see you soon. Best wishes.


Tim O’Neill asks: 

Tim O’Neill

I have taken 11 Carnival cruises and paid for another 60 or so for my family – we are all platinum members and lifers. Just shuffling along in a relentless pursuit of Diamond Status. In the meanwhile, here is what I would like: I would like to be able to say “thank-you” to each crew member in his or her native language. We enjoy thanking our hosts every time they do something for us. If they had, say, color-coded badges that corresponded to phrases published in

the Capers, I could have a lot of fun learning to say “thank-you” all cruise long. I know that a big part of the crew’s advancement is based on learning English (learned that on the Behind the Fun tours) but let’s see if we can give this idea a try. Once per cruise, just insert a sheet in the Capers (Fun Times if you must) with a list of all the ways to say “thank-you” and then couple that with a way to match the phrases up to the corresponding crew members. Thank-you.

John says: 

Hello Tim O’Neill

I am sure you will make diamond status soon and, of course, I thank you so very much for your amazing loyalty. I think this is a great idea and let me see if I can get this going. In fact I may start a trial with this on the Carnival Miracle next cruise. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for the great suggestion and for thinking of the crew. Best wishes and hope to see you soon.

Beverly Hoffman asks: 

Beverly Hoffman

Why doesn’t the Carnival Pride go to other ports from Baltimore? We have been on the Carnival Pride twice and went to the same ports each cruise. Now aren’t there other places to go to out of Baltimore? We like going from their cause it’s close to home. In five years we have gone on seven cruises but this year, sorry to say, we are taking the Royal Caribbean out of N.J.  Please try to change some of the ports. 

John says: 

Hello: Beverley Hoffman

We will be returning with the Carnival Pride next year to Baltimore after some time away and I do hope that we will see you there for some more great fun. Let’s see what ports the beards send her to and I will be here if you have any questions. Best wishes.


Peter Vestergaard asks: 

Peter Vestergaard

I need to know what ships have the American table new dinner menu because I want to make sure it’s on our next cruise, so need URGENT reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John says: 

Hello Peter Vestergaard

I am sorry that my reply was anything but urgent as I see this was posted three weeks ago. The American Table menu is currently being served on the Carnival Glory, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Imagination. And in June we will serve it on Carnival Freedom as well. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best wishes.



And that’s all for today. Well, after a long time, I am back here on the blog and back on a ship as a crew member and ready for my time again as CD. I have not been a cruise director since October last year on the Carnival Legend’s transatlantic cruise. A lot has changed since then. I have lost 40 pounds and I have lost my Dad.


I can’t begin to describe how it felt to lose him. Those of you who have lost a parent will understand and those of you whose parents are alive will not and I hope it is many more years before you experience the loss of the people who brought you into the world and are responsible for the person you are today. I miss him; I miss his smile and his sensible shoes. I miss his brilliant craftsmanship and his sometimes annoying perfectionism. I miss his advice and I miss his very British way of always looking on the bright side of life and that stiff upper lip that got him and his family through tough times. Yep, I miss my Dad and I always will.

 I also missed this blog which has always been about my life at sea and really does not translate to me being at home. And with 52,000 fans on Facebook now, it has become harder to manager that page so we shall see how I do with that, the blog and oh, yes, running a cruise ship.

 But it is brilliant to be back and the crew here who have worked with me and the crew who recognise me from the various videos on the ship’s television have all been so welcoming, they are as always a blessing and a joy to work with. I will though never ever get used to the term “team members.” I understand that “team” is appropriate to what we do and what they are but its old dog, new tricks here and so the word “crew” often escapes my lips when it should be “team.” Regardless of what you call them, it is an honour to be one of them and I look forward to taking the microphone and trying to remember how to be a CD.

 But that is next cruise, this cruise I am in the background despite so many guests recognising me. Here, then, is a staple part of the blog which tells you who is sailing with us and where we are going.



Guests:                                    2,102

Platinum:                                147

Diamond:                                11

Children                                  101 under the age of 18.


USA                                        1,459

CANADA                               195

TAIWAN                                91

AUSTRALIA              89

UK                                          25

BOTSWANA              1


What a brilliant cruise and it is already obvious after just one day how important the naturalist is here. That means she knows about nature, not that she walks around the ship naked. I will be writing a lot more about Michelle in future days and as we left Vancouver just now it was fascinating listening to her talk about the lighthouse and the history of Vancouver.

 Tomorrow, as we are in the Inside Passage, I am sure she will have her eye open for wildlife and will be able to give the guests far better information on what they are seeing than I ever could. I mean, me saying “look, a huge sodding bird on the port side” or “on the starboard side we can see two sperm whales having rumpy pumpy” just isn’t going to cut so I am very glad she is here.

 Over the last few months, there have been a lot of changes with our shows on the ships and so I thought you might like to see an updated list of shows on each ship, so time for me to show you shows.

 Carnival Fantasy :      

The Brits                     Motor City

Carnival Ecstasy:        

The Brits                     Motor City     

Carnival Sensation: 

Far From Over            Curves

Carnival Fascination:

Divas                           Motor City

Carnival Imagination:

Epic Rock                   Divas  

Carnival Inspiration:  

Studio VIP                  Motor City

Carnival Elation:        

Win                             Just Rock

Carnival Paradise:      

8 More Seconds          Shout  

Carnival Triumph:      

Wonderful World       Big Easy         Magic Show                            Kiss Goodnight

 Carnival Victory:        

Livin in America        Vroom

Carnival Spirit:                       

Big Easy                     Jazz Hot          Singing with the Big Band                 Magic Show

 Carnival Pride:          

Wonderful World       Vroom             Jazzin 

 Carnival Legend:       

The Brits                     Motor City      Studio VIP      Epic Rock

 Carnival Conquest:     

The Brits                     Latin Nights    Divas               Studio VIP

 Carnival Glory:           

Latin Nights                Motor City      Divas               Epic Rock

 Carnival Miracle:      

Ticket to Ride             Generations    Singing with the Big Band                

 Carnival Valor:                       

Far From Over                        Nightclub Express      Magic Show   

 Carnival Liberty:        

Wonderful World       Just Rock        Singing with the Band                       

 Carnival Freedom:      

80s Pop to the Max     Getaway Island           88 Keys           Heart of Soul

 Carnival Splendor:     

The Beat                     Vroom             Fiesta Latina  

 Carnival Dream:        

Dancin in the Street    Get Ready       8 More Seconds

Carnival Magic:          

Destination Unknown            Groove Line    Win     Kiss Goodnight

 Carnival Breeze:         

The Brits                     Motor City      Divas               Latin Nights

 Carnival Sunshine:     

Latin Nights                Motor City      Studio VIP      Epic Rock


 One of our shows recently won a very prestigious award and thanks to those of you who voted for Epic Rock to win. Here is the link that will tell you all about it and many congratulations to all those involved both on and off stage. It really is an epic show and I hope you get to see it soon.


 As mentioned before, Carnival Elation will get new shows during her dry dock in September.

 So back here on the Carnival Miracle, I have a lot to do in scheduling shows, music, activities, events, talks and more, plus, I am told there are some periods of time when internet coverage is down due to the Alaskan fjords and whales humping, etc. My biggest decision is when to perform the shows. You see as I mentioned on Facebook today, the management here have moved the dinner times to 5:30 pm for early seating and 7:45 pm for late with Your Time Dining from 5:30 pm – 9 pm. This was done as so many want early seating and moving the late back 30 minutes seems to have helped. I am not a fan of early shows so am thinking of doing 8:15 pm and 10:15 pm performances……………..what do you think about that?

 Yep, it is going to be a hectic time for me but, regardless, it is my intention to bring you as many blogs as I can each week, plus answer your questions on Facebook, starting on May 6 and I will include as usual comments from happy guests and those few that are not. I hope you will join me. The ship looks great, she really does and it is interesting to see that they have the air conditioning set really high as to combat the colder temperatures outside.

 I have to be careful as well when I see something that I think needs changing because I don’t want to come in like a hurricane and try to change things that really don’t need changing. But I had to say something this morning. A guest was at the coffee shop and I was in line behind him. He asked the lovely Thai baristar…….barresteer……….barstardier……..coffee maker for something called a “dry cappuccino.” The young lady did not quite understand and said, “Sorry, please say again your order?”

 “Dry cappuccino,” he barked

 Now it was obvious that she did not know what a dry cappuccino was and she wasn’t the only bugger because neither did I. The guest was getting upset now.

 “Don’t you know what a dry cappuccino is – are you serious?” Yep, those were his exact words and, just as I was about to introduce myself and ask for instructions on how to make a sodding dry cappuccino, he turned on his heels, waved his hands in the air like he was praying to Jesus ………………and stormed off. And so, Lila, the coffee shop lady, and I stood there not knowing what a dry cappuccino was and wondering why this guest was so upset at her.

 Should she have known how to make one? Possibly, but the crew are not perfect and for me to suggest otherwise is ridiculous. But Lila, like so many of our crew, would have loved to have helped, to have learned what he wanted and then she would have made him this mysterious cup of coffee. But, instead, he left her feeling guilty. Dry, my arse.

 So it’s Monday night and my jet lag is getting the better of me and my bed is calling my name. I wanted though to get this blog sent into the office as I hear that tomorrow as we cruise through the Inside Passage that internet can be slow to non-existent. I am very much looking forward to seeing what so many have told me is simply stunning and Mr. Radu will be taking photos for me to post here and on Facebook.

 One of our most popular excursions, I am told, is The Deadliest Catch where guests can go on boats and as in the TV program catch crabs. It is apparently a brilliant experience but we do warn guests that they need to be good sailors as the conditions may get a little bumpy. If that’s something that worries you, don’t worry because depending on who you meet, you’ll have another opportunity to catch crabs somewhere down the line!

 Seriously, though, it is going to be a brilliant Alaskan season and I look forward to sharing it with you here on the blog.

 Goodnight and wish you were here.

Your friend,



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97 Responses to WASH AND DRY

  1. Sam says:

    What is “Singing with the Big Band”

  2. Welcome back my good friend. I’ve been a little angry about you not writing your blog which I read each day but I forgive you for not being there. Only joking John.
    I know what you meant about losing someone. I lost my dad in March, 2000. I use to talk to him everyday. After he past away I found it very difficult for awhile and even to this day, I still miss him. Last November, a month before you lost your father, I lost my mother. She had dementia and quickly went down until she dies. I really miss her but she is resting better now. It was hard for awhile but as time goes away you realize how life goes on. Have strength my friend. Your dad is now looking down from heaven knowing that you are the best Son he’s had. Well I’ll go now. Congratulation that you are back as Cruise Director and writing your blog, John Heald’s Blog. See you John.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  3. Mary says:

    I think Gabriel was thinking of an entirely different “Carnival” where his kids were charged for popcorn and cotton candy…

  4. Sheri James says:

    Hey Lance Mayer…how about a PLEASE and THANK YOU??

  5. Carolyn Bartlett Richman says:

    My whole family is Platinum. We were on the miracle last July for 16 year olds birthday (her choice), we were on the Breeze for Christmas, and will be on the Paradise July 12 for the #PlatinumBride ‘s wedding. We use the beach towels after a shower and the bath towels for our hair. The other towels are unused. Usually I pack a beach towel to take off the ship.

  6. Mary says:

    Question: What’s the difference between a wet and a dry cappuccino?
    Answer: As if all the various espresso drinks weren’t confusing enough. A typical cappuccino has 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foamed milk, and 1/3 espresso. The differences between a wet and dry cappuccino aren’t exactly carved in stone. A wet cappuccino has more steamed milk than frothed milk, whereas a dry cap has less steamed milk.

    • AnnieD says:

      Lol Mary. I had to look up to see what a dry cappuccino was & found it the same place you did. Had never heard of it before.

      • Sandy Schubert says:

        Never heard of wet or dry, new to me. Why is it so hard to explain what you want?

  7. Sue March says:

    We were on the Miracle to Alaska last year – Miracle is not our favorite ship as we about FROZE with no heat in the cabin and we were not fans of the decor.
    That having been said – the trip itself was FABULOUS despite the inclement (rainy & cold) weather we experienced.
    Any chance you might be on the repositioning cruise moving the FREEDOM from Fort Lauderdale to Galveston????

  8. Bob & Nimia says:


    John, Cotton Candy and Popcorn are indeed sold on some other small cruise line; royal caribbean, in the ammusement park, on the conspicuous consumption of the sea.

  9. Richie says:

    Great comments John…glad you will get the hang of things soon and get us some pictures, video and sounds of nature………Stay warm and cozy.

  10. Julie says:

    I think the person complaining about paying for cotton candy and popcorn was on a competitor’s ship. While they may be “Alluring” they charge for stuff every time you turn around. It’s quite annoying.

  11. Mark Kinnick says:

    Yes I still use a wash cloth.

  12. Linda Missildine says:

    We spent our 40th anniversary on the Elation and it was wonderful!! I saw that the Elation will be in dry dock in September. Is this wonderful ship getting the 02 upgrade and what about the entertainment? We love this ship and certainly hope the entertainment will not include animations. But even if she does, we would love the 02 upgrade. Cheers!!

  13. Linda Missildine says:

    Wash and dry…..we need all of the towels and washcloths. Thanks.

  14. Lynn Boor says:

    Two Starbucks terms that apply only to cappuccinos: wet and dry.

    The words wet and dry in Starbucks land refer to exactly how much foam is in your cappuccino; a wet cappuccino has more milk and less foam, while a dry one is the opposite with more foam and less milk. Ordering an extra-dry cappuccino will get you a cup of espresso and foam with just a splash of milk. There’s no such thing as an extra-wet, light foam or no foam cappuccino – these are all phrases that would refer to a latte.

    A standard cappuccino is half steamed milk and half milk foam.
    A dry cappuccino has more foam and less milk.
    A wet cappuccino has more milk and less foam.

  15. Marie Wolff says:

    Hello John:
    Congratulations on your weight loss of 40 lbs. You do look wonderful, keep up the great work. I also am happy that you have finally had your wish of sailing in Alaska come to pass. I know you will be a wonderful CD for this venue.
    When we sailed on the Spirit in Alaska a few years ago, we noticed it was quiet in the evenings. It seems that the excursions and early rising to see the wonderful sights left most tired and looking to retire earlier than on most cruises. That being said, I think a show time after 9:30 would not be well attended. JMHO. Enjoy yourself.
    Thank you for all you do for we Carnival cruisers.

  16. Lisa and Mark Green says:

    John, Here we are on the Miracle with you! (April 28)We thought you were going to be our cruise director. We have been looking for you! My sister and brother in law thought they spotted you down around guest services. But it appears it is Ron. As he is ok. We had hoped it would b you.We will continue to search! WYWH! Oh u r…somewhere 🙂

  17. James Smith says:

    Hi John,
    We just got home from our Cruise on the Fascination and it was AWESOME! I do however wish that you would stress to the beards how much we as loyal carnival customers want the Future cruise voucher back!!! This booking on the ship is hard to do as we have no clue what are schedules will be next year when we want to sail but with the future cruise voucher we have a little more time to choose exactally what cruise we want to take. Also if you can please let them know that Catalina our dinning room waitress was wonderful, we have been on 9 carnival cruises and she was great, very friendly, fast with our orders, and always took great care of us!!! Thanks again John!

  18. Catherine Thomas says:

    I use face cloths all the time and so does my husband. When we went to England we brought some with us. Please keep them, I don’t want to have to pack them.

  19. Jim Anderson says:

    Dear John, (I’ve never written one of these before…)
    Sitting on my Splendor Balcony, recovering from sun and fun in Grand Turk and discovered your blog. It’s brilliant! This is our 6th (?) Carnival Cruise and love every day with your teams! Just wondering if our favorite asst CD Ali ‘Jersey Girl’ has made it to the big chair? Wouldn’t have asked except your CD schedule isn’t out quite yet. Fair winds on your return to ship life in AK! Thanks for having the best in the business!
    Jim and Sharon Anderson

  20. JUDY says:

    JOHN-YES we do still use washcloths! we use big one after bathing, med for wiping hands and face etc and small one to wash face with especially in shower! wash the body with small one!

    • Tammy Montgomery says:

      Well I certainly do hope that the wash cloth has been properly cleaned between washing your dangly bits and washing my ugly face!

    • Sandy Schubert says:

      Use wash cloths daily. Keep all the towels and wash cloths available please.

  21. Martha says:

    So he couldn’t just say, I want a Cap with less milk? He missed a perfect opportunity to teach her, so that next time he asked she would know what he wanted.

    We will be joining you in September. Looking forward to your blogs and Facebook posting on Alaska.

    • John says:

      You see it’s guys like that that make the real Normal people look bad. He was upset because he too did not know how a “Dry” was made. He was following someone else one day at Stubucks and tried what she was having and liked it. To me a good cup of coffee does not have to dressed up with all those sugar additives.
      Black with 1 h&h and 1 sugar Please.

  22. karen hensley says:

    Two key terms to know when it comes to espresso drinks are “wet” and “dry”. A “wet” drink has more creamy, hot milk. A “dry” drink has more frothed milk. The foam in dry drinks keeps them more insulated, so they stay hotter longer. Plus, they are great for making latte art in caffe lattes and other dry drinks.

  23. Tracy H says:

    Dry cappuccino is espresso with foam only-no hot milk. Pour the espresso in the cup and then spoon the milk foam on top. (skim milk works best for this) Enjoy!

  24. John Riccardi says:

    Hi John
    Last September my wife and I were fortunate enough to sail with you from Dover to New York on the Legend. We still talk about that trip, especially Greenland!!!! We remained on the ship and did B2B to Tampa (our home area). One question and one request. Do you know if anyone has received the postcards, we are still waiting. I understand Carnival is not going to Europe in 2015. Please tell the beards that if they would be kind enough to return in 2016, we would likely be the first to book the eastbound transatlantic!!!

    Best wishes

    • Mary Utsinger says:

      I also asked Heald about the postcards. He told me only a few received them. He was upset and disappointed. So was I.

  25. Leon Biesiadecki says:

    John, I enjoy the new American Table menu, but please keep the tablecloths. It’s a nicer environment for the passenger and even crew have mentioned the new tables are harder to keep clean without the tablecloths. When glasses sweat and the table gets wet, they slide around. Plus it’s much more sanitary to lay your utensils on a clean tablecloth than a bare table that was hurriedly wiped down. The menu is an improvement, removing tablecloths isn’t.

  26. george kotch says:

    Please put Ticket to Ride as your premiere show.

  27. Martin says:

    Wet vs. dry cappuccino: http://coffeetea.about.com/od/faq/f/wetdrycapp.htm
    The differences between a wet and dry cappuccino aren’t exactly carved in stone. A wet cappuccino has more steamed milk than frothed milk, whereas a dry cap has less steamed milk.

  28. wally smith says:

    Dear John. I am no longer getting your blogs sent to me. I signed up again today and it tells me I am already logged in. Thank You, Wally

  29. Mary says:

    Hi John,
    My husband and I cruised with “another cruise-line” in April out of San Francisco. We have sailed with Carnival six times before. I must say, without being mean, NOTHING compares to a Carnival Cruise. My husband asks why Carnival doesn’t offer a cruise out of S.F., as we live in Northern California. Thanks for all you do!

  30. Anonypilgrim says:

    Hi John,

    According to Wikipedia’s entry on Cappuccino: Variations of the mixtures are usually called cappuccino chiaro (light cappuccino, also known as a “wet cappuccino”) with more milk than normal, and cappuccino scuro (dark cappuccino, also known as a “dry cappuccino”) with less steamed milk than normal.

    Apparently some people are just way too cranky without their coffee.

  31. Jana Ison says:

    Hubby and I will be on the 7/1 Alaskan cruise on the Miracle. We will be celebrating our 25 th anniversary. So glad to see you will be the CD hopefully we will get to meet you. I look forward to your blogs.

  32. sherry calhoun says:

    Don’t leave us hanging john — what is a dry cappuccino ???

  33. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    John :

    Welcome back to the stage you love.

    Your Dad would be so proud of how well you are taking care of the family that he loved.

    And the best life possible is what your Dad would want for you.

    Please do not try to do to much. Cruisers who follow you want this experience to always be fun for you too.

    We would never want it all to become overwhelming.

    Btw, I Googled dry cappuccino and this is what I found…

    Question: What’s the difference between a wet and a dry cappuccino?
    Answer: As if all the various espresso drinks weren’t confusing enough. A typical cappuccino has 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foamed milk, and 1/3 espresso. The differences between a wet and dry cappuccino aren’t exactly carved in stone. A wet cappuccino has more steamed milk than frothed milk, whereas a dry cap has less steamed milk.

    Seems even the “experts” do not have a definitive definition of what a dry one is…..

    Linda ( Mom of your friend DJ )

    • grizel robertson says:

      Well said Linda. Who cares about the tiniest differences in the contents of a special coffee choice? I don’t give a hoot and it would not influence my choice of cruise line or ship!

  34. Sara Ray says:

    I’ve never heard of dry cappuccino either. apparently it’s served at starbuck’s, which makes a lot of sense. lol. here’s what google said:

    Two key terms to know when it comes to espresso drinks are “wet” and “dry”. A “wet” drink has more creamy, hot milk. A “dry” drink has more frothed milk. The foam in dry drinks keeps them more insulated, so they stay hotter longer. Plus, they are great for making latte art in caffe lattes and other dry drinks.

    For a cappuccino (or cap), the difference is this: A typical cappuccino has roughly equal parts steamed milk, foamed milk and espresso. A wet cappuccino has more steamed milk than frothed milk. A dry cap has less steamed milk and more frothed milk.

  35. I just want to say; Congratulations Brandy!
    I’ve had clients of the same sex marry on Carnival and had wonderful experiences! I hope you are able to have the same. The only thing to worry about it the legality of it all, if that is of concern.
    My husband and I were married on the Victory 12 years ago and had a wonderful wedding!

    • Kent Pitman says:

      Hi John, Had a WONDERFUL experience on the Sunshine Reposition cruise a few weeks ago. I never received a survey from Carnival on the experience and really wanted to share some kudos. Alex and Fernando on the entertainment staff were awesome and fun. Jaime D was AMAZING!!! We had a waiter in the Sunrise for YTD named Dan from Romania. He should be training your other waiters. He gave great service to us on many nights, mornings, and afternoon. The shows, especially Studio VIP and Epic Rock were the best I have ever seen on water! My biggest (and only major) complaint was the horrible smell on deck 3 and 4 (and on a couple days we could smell it all the way up on our deck, 10 near the atrium opening) Would love to give them some official kudos!

      • Rick Williamson says:

        Kent, have you not gotten a commite email from Carnival yet? If not do you use one of Carnivals Personal Vaction Planners? If you do send your committes to them and they always pass them along. I do both so that the Breads hear about how nice the crew was on our cruises.

  36. Mark Feola says:

    So glad to see you back on the Blog…. Welcome Home! as far as the dry cappucino I think this Nasty Guest was wanting a Cappucino with just foam from the milk sometimes they ask for a Wet one and the steamed milk is poured into the coffee I hope this explains it for you! Great reading as always!

  37. Carmen says:

    Hi John, I believe that I saw small containers of cotton candy in the Cherry On Top store. Can’t remember for sure as my kids don’t eat cotton candy but think I saw it there.

  38. Hi John. Missed you by one day. Got off Miracle yesterday at 8 a.m. after 16 days doing the Hawaii cruise. Love the Miracle, 2nd time on her and it was good seeing her again. I love the theater and dinning room. One of the best dinning rooms I have ever seen. Love the idea of your show times. Our shows were at 6:30 and 8:30. Way too early. Loved having the 10 piece band and they were so good along with the wonderful dancers. Brent did a good job also but no-one is as good as you. Disappointed we didn’t get anything from Carnival for celebrating our 50th anniversary on board and my 70th birthday. I did write 3 x as per your requests, but received nothing. Not upset, still a Carnival girl. Thanks for all you do.

  39. Richard Rost says:

    We never received our post card from Greenland from the transatlantic cruise on the Legend last fall. You and Calvin went to that little town to have them mailed, we wonder if they were ever mailed

  40. Blake says:

    John, please keep us updated if the moving of dinner times becomes set in stone. We normally do late seating, but we chose early seating for our 9/10 cruise to make sure we don’t get shut out of the comedy shows. But 5:30 is a little early for us.


  41. Lisa Wiggs says:

    I believe the shows would be better attended at 7:15 and 9:15. Then there is still time afterwards to go to the Punchliner Comedy club.

  42. Jeanne says:

    not sure where to go to see if this has already been commented on….so here is the answer to a “dry” cappuccino

    As if all the various espresso drinks weren’t confusing enough. A typical cappuccino has 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foamed milk, and 1/3 espresso. The differences between a wet and dry cappuccino aren’t exactly carved in stone. A wet cappuccino has more steamed milk than frothed milk, whereas a dry cap has less steamed milk.

  43. Lucinda says:

    My family and I are celebrating two weddings aboard the conquest July 20, this is our fifth family gathering aboard a carnival ship. We love Carnival. Last year we lost our mother, so I understand your loss, I pray that your grief will pass. We are boarding the ship without mom, but I will have her last sign and sail card with me. Happy sailing ole Chap. Thank you for the laughter when I needed to smile.

  44. Dan says:

    John, the ‘dry’ cappuccino is simply made with a stiff foam so no milk will dilute the espresso. Typically any ‘good’ barista would make it ‘dry’ by default. For someone ordering a dry cap and specifically saying “not a latte” is foolish.

  45. Carolyn Bickel says:

    Lance Mayer, have you ever heard of the words PLEASE and THANK YOU? Try using them the next time you have a request.

    John, yes I do use a wash cloth, at home and on the cruise, mostly to wash my face. In the shower I use those puffy mesh “sponges”.

    Enjoy Alaska, John. I’ve heard from so many people, that it’s just beautiful. Haven’t been there, but I hope to some time in the future.

    Congrats on your weight loss! 40#’s is great! Keep up the good work!

    Take care. Glad to have you back as CD.

  46. Brittany says:

    Hey John. I think Tim’s “thank you” and phrases in another language every day is a brilliant idea! I know my family and I are always asking the staff how to say things in their native language and would totally participate! I can never say enough about how awesome all of Carnival’s staff in so maybe another way is to try it in their language! Love having the updtes back! Enjoy your time in Alaska!

  47. Arlene Pretty says:

    This is in response to Lance & Tanya Mayer. As a Canadian and a Platinum member I am insulted and shocked that you have asked to be seated at a table with only Americans in their early 40’s. Talk about discrimination!!! We have met some very interesting people and good friends, (which we still cruise and visit with), from all over the world while seated at our dining tables with all age groups as well. If you want to be so discriminatory perhaps a table for two would be better suited to you! Congratulations on your anniversary!!

  48. Brian R. Fey Sr. says:

    Welcome Back John – you have been missed!! We, Susan and I, are looking forward to sailing with you on the Carnival Miracle on her last Alaska voyage this September 10th. Once again welcome home and thanks!!

    Brian and Susan

  49. Ron says:

    John, the passenger asking for Dry Cappuccinos – could he have been German and asking for drei (three).

  50. Lydia Nurse says:

    Please keep the wash cloths. I may not use them for my face but i do use them. I feel the same as Heidi.

  51. Mike says:

    Great to see you back on your blog and looking forward to hearing what you say about the Miracle and your Alaskan cruise. My wife and myself are excited to be cruising (9th Carnival cruise) on the Miracle beginning July 22 and have not let the modified schedule dampen our enthusiasm. We are planning to have the time of our life.
    When in July will you be leaving the ship and Troy Linton taking over? Would love to have you as our Cruise Director, but will also enjoy Troy.

    I would like to offer condolences to you and your family for the loss of your father. Two years ago I lost both of my parents in less than one year and my mother-in-law within 3 weeks of my father. I knew the day would eventually come (they were 86 to 95 years old) but it was really hard. Cherish the memories and love.

  52. Marilyn Pejinsky says:

    John, We will be sailing with you on the Miracle May 20. Our Cruise critic group are planning a get together on the first sea day at the Sea day Brunch @ noon. We would be honored with your presence.

    Also, seeing that Ketchikan was deleted from our sailing, I was looking forward to the Great Lumberjack show. Maybe you and your team can do a substitute Lumberjack show. The ship should be moving slow enough for balance.

    John, this will be our 2nd voyage with you, we sailed on the Magic in Europe. If I was given a choice of CD, it would definitely be you. Looking forward to be entertained by you again. Marilyn

    • Dana T says:

      Marilyn….your post cracked me up. I thought you were going to complain about missing Ketchikan, but you came up with a great replacement! I like your sense of humor!!

  53. Hey John,
    I’m glad you brought up the whole Face Flannel/Wash Cloth thing. Flannels are called that in the UK because at one time they were made of flannel, not terry cloth as they are now. When I am on a cruise I always ask my Steward to give me a few extra Wash Cloths each day. Yes, I still use them as does my Fiancé. I take your comment “My rule is never wash your face with something others might have used on their arse.” a step further. I say never wash your face with something you washed YOUR OWN arse with. I use a new wash cloth every time I use one. At home I buy a bulk pack so I have plenty to use between laundry days. On the ship I just drop it on the floor of the shower for the Steward to replace (love those guys!). On port days I usually shower twice so that’s why I ask for extras. Oh, and do you dry your body with the same towel your dried your bum with yesterday?

  54. Diane says:

    Glad to have you back writing the blog. I remember when you first started writing it back in 2007.
    Maybe the gentleman who wanted the dry cappuccino really didn’t know how it was made either, and had to walk away, so as not to make himself more of an ass than he already had.

  55. Cathy says:

    Hi John! Welcome back to the Blog! Quick question: You said you’d be on the Miracle for the Alaska season, but the last time I looked, you get off at the end of August. We are on the last Alaska cruise starting Sept. 10th. Will you be on or are you already off? Thank you for your reply. Mr & Mrs Cannoli of Taormina

  56. Elizabeth says:

    I am so glad you are back. I haven’t met you but feel that I know you. You were missed.

  57. Maryb says:

    I’m sooooo glad to see your blog today. In fact, missing your blog, I was worried that I had been ‘UN’registered, somehow, and tried to sign up again only to be advised that this email was already in the system.
    Best wishes to you – Alaska is amazingly beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  58. Jenn says:

    Disappointing to see that, since the majority of your eastern-more coast cruises are out of states like LA, FL and TX, it looks like you won’t provide commitment ceremonies (weddings)for same-sex couples because those states are behind the times.

    Sad indeed. Carnival is missing out on bocu bucks!

  59. Darlene Taylor says:

    It is good to have you back blogging again. You are such a wonderful person, so nice to all the Carnival cruisers and so very accommodating to such a variety of requests.

  60. Cheryl Williams says:

    According to About.com: Two key terms to know when it comes to espresso drinks are “wet” and “dry”. A “wet” drink has more creamy, hot milk. A “dry” drink has more frothed milk. The foam in dry drinks keeps them more insulated, so they stay hotter longer.

    Who knew?

  61. Carolyn McGonigle says:

    the wash cloth must stay…we will be going to alaska on the May 27 cruise, i also like the later show times,

  62. tess says:

    I use the wash clothe, but only once and done. Hopefully they are washed in hot water.. maybe even bleached? I may think twice about using them now.

  63. tess says:

    1.) Wet-No foam, all milk, and espresso

    2.) Dry-More foam than milk and espresso

    3.) Bone Dry-All Foam, no milk, and espresso

    4.) Regular-1/3 milk, 1/3 foam, 1/3 espresso

  64. Donna says:

    No washcloths. Don’t even use them at home

  65. Mike says:

    John, I still remember the time we were at a hotel in a small town in Montana, about as far away from a cruise as you can get, and we went to the bar and ordered two martinis. The poor bartender was barely old enough to be working there and had no idea how to make a martini. Well we had a martini making class right then and there! She was happy to learn something new and we were happy to teach someone how to make a proper martini! Please tell Lila not to feel bad. Unless someone tells you something, how will you ever know? And yes, we use the small wash cloths, especially when coming back from an excursion to wash our faces and the “hand towel” or medium towel to dry. The big towel is for drying the whole body. Or maybe it is just a generational thing!

  66. Rick Drake says:

    10:15pm is way too late for late show time. When do we get to see the comedy shows?

  67. Cliff Bennett says:

    John, congrats on your weight loss. Not easy but pays benefits every day.

    Sorry about the loss of your father. I lost mine three years ago.

    I think once we get beyond the unappreciative teenage phase, our fathers become a reference point, sort of a lighthouse for our journey. We make our own way because we have to, are driven to, but measure our decisions against his. In later years I was comforted by his steady person.

    Just as he impacted you and others in his sphere, you are carrying the banner and touching many others’ lives. No, John, not literally touching. 🙂

    You are directly providing a better cruise experience as a CD and indirectly making many folk’s day brighter with your blog. I am confident your father was very proud of his boy.

    Best regards, Cliff

  68. Joede says:

    I am currently on the Ecstasy and my dd is sleeping while I write this… I wasn’t going to say anything but I have since changed my mind.

    I purchased the F2F pass to avoid lines, especially with an 8 year old child. I went to guest services and waited in line under F2F. I needed to exchange to get some $1 bills because the kiosk does not break $5 bills. There was an extensive line and one of the agents (Z….., eho aldo happened to be a trainer/supervisor) proceeded to help the remaining line. Ok, no problem. I politely asked if anyone was servicing the Diamond, Platinum and F2F line. She then proceeded to try to embarass me (which is not easy) by LOUDLY proclaiming “I am sorry but I cannot stop to help you! I need to tend to the remaining passengers in line!” Thankfully, my daughter was with me because my ordinary response would not have been very nice. What is the point of F2F if I have to wait like everyone else? I PAID for that service!

    Like I said, I was going to remain silent but maybe you can enlighten me on the benefits of F2F?

    Thank you.

  69. joyce geraci says:

    Hi there! It’s nice to be able to read your blogs once again. I’ve missed them.
    Enjoy your Alaskan cruises. We did Alaska many years ago on the old Tropicale. It’s still one of my favorites.
    We will be cruising on Freedom in August. It’s one of the few Carnival ships we’ve not yet experienced. Will all the upgrades be finished by then?
    I too am curious about the Greenland postcards. Having you send them off for us was a highlight of our very memorable TA.
    Please get Carnival back to Europe before I’m too old to go back there!


  70. Tiny Puggle says:

    Lance and wife, chocolates really? ‘m thinking walking track and work on those manners.
    Still use a wash cloth. Bad incident with Loofah and Bubba one time.

  71. Granny B says:

    We own dozens of wash cloths and use them daily. What would we wash our little ones faces with, a sponge? Ouch…I also launder all bath towels and wash cloths in hot water and use bleach with extra rinse. Same with dish towels, etc. Each to there own, I guess.

  72. Richard Taylor says:

    I don’t think flannels were ever made of flannel, the Oxford Dictionary says one is a face cloth made of towelling. And it’s origin is from a welsh word meaning woollen.
    And yes, I still use one. They’re also useful in the shower to wash shampoo out of your eyes!

    And I’m sorry to hear Carnival is not returning to Europe next year. Having to resort to River Cruises…… !

  73. Chris and Debbie says:

    We are enjoying our first cruise with Uncle Greg and Aunt Marlene on Carnival Breeze. The food has been excellent and we have been participating in volleyball and dodgeball tournaments. Loads of fun! The comedy routines have been Fabulous (Uncle Greg’s word).

  74. Jeanne says:

    We still use the wash cloths in our room. I have been known to ask for extra washcloths so that there is no cross contamination. I know that a cruising friend asks for 4 just for herself. At home we use a towel called a bath sheet which is closer in size to a beach towel and dearly miss having this size of towel while on the ship. My friend suggested I just use the blue towel left on my couch. However, that one has generally been used for absorbing sea water and sweat while on the deck and isn’t clean to use when getting out of the shower. We make do with what we are given but would love a big towel large enough to wrap completely in addition to our much used wash cloths.

  75. Brian says:

    Lance and Tanya Mayer:

    “We’re so corpulent that we can’t sit in chairs with arms, but please give us free chocolate.”


  76. Michael Brehm says:

    2 quick questions. 1. Where is the barbeque place on the DREAM? 2. Is the coffee/espresso bar free/complimentary (being asked by a coffeeholic of course).
    Looking forward to May 25th!

    Thanks much John

    • Dan says:

      Hi, Michael Brehm.
      If John does not get back to you fast enough, this might help if your cruise comes upon you sooner.
      Fat Jimmy’s is the BBQ place you might be looking for. Check this Carnival link: http://www.carnival.com/onboard/cruise-food/fat-jimmys-bbq.aspx . I found several links online about Fat Jimmy’s , but none specific to the Dream, and since Dream is the CLASS lead of the DREAM MAGIC BREEZE fleet, you might not find everything there… but it would be on deck 5 in the Ocean Plaza area or just outside on the Lanai, still deck 5 . (you will enjoy this, if you haven’t already on Dream Class.)
      There is a ‘saying’ on Carnival, “some things are included, but nothing is free.” The coffee/espresso bar is a private venue, typically on all ships, some ships have several locations, but there is a charge (S&S only).

  77. JoJo says:

    John, booked my 9th cruise on Fantasy leaving from Charleston. Will be a Honeymoon trip. Any specials we can request and/or expect to celebrate this special event?

  78. Laura Bunts says:

    Hey John,

    I am currently in my cabin aboard the Carnival Breeze on the 2nd half of our B2B (14 days total) celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. I believe this is my 16th CCL cruise and 32nd cruise overall. We are HUGE CCL advocates after having sailed with several competitors where our experiences have been far less than what we’ve experienced with Carnival.

    That being said, I came to your blog site today specifically to search DINING & SHOWTIME comments and was delighted to see your request for feed back about you shifting those times by 30 minutes on your current cruise and going BACK to SHOWTIMES that follow the dining times. I am in full support of the shift and would love to advocate that fleet wide!!!!

    We have always been late seating dinner guests and always love attending the shows FOLLOWING dinner. The past 11 days aboard the Breeze have been a bit frustrating trying to make it all the shows pre-dinner or trying to fast forward our dining room experience to make it to a 9pm or 9:15 show with an 8:15 dinner time and it’s been a struggle. We are in our late 40’s/early 50’s and have not been a fan of the pre and post dinner Showtime changes over the last few years as it goes against the natural flow of the evening.

    We will be sailing on the Sunshine over Christmas with our children 18, 19, 20 (the only Christmas they’ve ever know since 2004 has been on a cruise ship) and would love to be back to a “late dinner and a show to follow” schedule. What can I do to help make this happen!!!

    LauraB – Cruising-the-Breeze!!!

  79. loretta says:

    Hi John, I just wanted to say what a great time I have had on the Carnival Pride I would like to thank the following staff for going above and beyond while I was cruising. Caudia(Dinning Room) Grorgiana (David Steak House )omg what a great dinner. Jelica (bar Waitstaff) what a wonderful person. Bunny and Paul (casino)Great people so much fun. Yusuf (Bar waitstaff) always remembered me from pervious cruises. Maridane (casnio) love this girl so much fun. IKomang(bar waitstaff) fun guy hard working. Muliastra I Made(room stweart) so kind and helpful.Martin (room stweart) Love martin very nice man hardworking. This is why we cruise I will miss some of this staff when they move all. I look forward to the fun we have on board with them please acknowledge them for all their hard work. We also loved the shows. I think the best part this time was the great I mean great dinner we had at Davids Steak House omg so goooooood. Thanks much for your hard work also.

  80. Joe Molina says:

    My wife and I are platinum cruisers. Only sailed with carnival, loyal carnival cruisers. Please explain the new american table dinner menue, since we are booked on the liberty on Oct 25,14. Always proud to display the ship pins we get on each cruise. Our cruise planner, Sarvia Juarez is always ready to assist us on any questions we have. We are working on our diamond status. Thanks for your time.

    Joe Molina

  81. Deborah Mitchell says:

    Last year my family sailed on the Dream, on 9/21/13. My sister, brother and I wore shirts that said “My Mom is my hero”. Everyone in our party of about 23 people had on shirts recognizing my sweet mothers battle with Pancreatic cancer. Mom wasn’t supposed to live but about 2 months, according to her doctors, so it was a joyful celebration for her to be able to go on this cruise with her children, grandchildren and friends. While we were on the Promonade deck, the captain saw Mom sitting down, while most of us stood in line, holding a place for her, held her so we could have a family picture with Mom. Mom was looking at him. I walked over to him and asked if I could bring Mom over to meet him. He kindly came over, sat beside her, and spoke with her for a while. This man had the kindest, most compassion face, and manner of speaking to Mom. He stood up, and approached the photographer, said something to her, and motioned to Mom. She went to him, and they had their picture taken together. The picture was later delivered to Moms cabin. It is the sweetest picture and means the world to her. On Sept. 13, 2014 my family is again sailing. This time on the Breeze. I’m so grateful to say, Mom will be with us.there are 25 of us so far. Life is good.My husband & I have been on 20 cruises with Carnival since 1997. We have back to back cruises on 9/13/14 & 9/21/14. There is a reason for this. Carnival is fun, and a whole lot more!

  82. Jana Bowers says:

    second request for information regarding door decorating contest on upcoming Magic, November, 23, 2014. how do we get the ship to judge and give prizes? TIA for your assistance/information.

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