John’s Vista Blog- Day 8

May 11, 2016 -

John Heald

Good morning from your Carnival Vista which today sits in the Sicilian port of Palermo…………leave the gun, take the cannolis. It is a beautiful day outside (allegedly as I have been sitting here in the dining room, in my underpants answering three hours’ worth of questions) and guests are exploring, shopping and soaking up the atmosphere – lucky sods.

Everything else here is going very well and now comes the busy and somewhat exhausting part of the cruise as we have Palermo today followed by Rome tomorrow, then Livorno, then Marseilles and then the cruise comes to an end in Barcelona. I will have a full report and yes, an honest report, on how this cruise has gone soon and I do hope you have enjoyed these posts and the videos on my Facebook page.

There are 150 children on board this inaugural cruise and many are teenagers and all it seems have their own cell phones and from what I saw last night at dinner in the Horizons dining room, it seems conversations at dinner about the fun had and the fun still to come has been forgotten as heads are bowed over their Eyephonesamungs. I guess I can’t blame any of them, though, because I’m as inexorably drawn to the screen of my Eye Phone and my Raspberry as a guests are drawn to the sight of a large stick with a cowboy hat on and, because it’s elegant night,  wearing a tie.

You probably are, too, because the average person apparently now checks their phone between 30 -80 times a day.  Anyway, it seems that other guests being on their phones all the time really aggravates the other guests. I say that because my mate Ken, the senior maître d here, told me that a family of five, Mum, Dad and three teenage kids while seated at a table, they were approached by a woman who began to berate them for being phone junkies. Now this of course was not her business and the wife of the family got very defensive and tempers flared and Ken and his staff had to calm things down.

The lady was shouting,  “This is meant to be your family time,” over and over again and I again, I know this was none of her bloody business but I can’t help wondering if she had recently lost someone, a family member and was taking her sadness and maybe regret out on this family? Still, it’s an interesting question: what’s more antisocial — being glued to your eye phone or presuming to tell complete strangers they’re antisocial bastards for being glued to their phones?

Whatever you think about this guest and what she did – I think she really does have a point as it is all getting a bit out of hand. Maybe we should ban phones from being used in the dining room………but then again, how can we possibly do that?

I wonder if the Russian guests we have here will be heading to a Sicilian beach today to get naked? They have certainly tried to do that here both in the sauna and yesterday a couple both decided to get naked on the Serenity deck causing giggles from some guests, shock and awe from others.

When Mr. and Mrs. Titov were told to please put some clothes on they seemed shocked as to why their nakedness had caused so much concern. Yep, stripping stark naked and treating the whole of the deck 12 forward to an eyeful of your dangly bits and lady garden bit seemed quite normal to them. I, on the other hand, have never felt the need to get naked in front of strangers. Removing my clothes in the presence of random strangers is honestly the very last thing I’d do and having seen myself naked, trust me, that’s to the benefit of all concerned. Nudity, however, is very much a thing of today and not just in Moscow.  I would not be surprised if there are websites that show that baring your private bits in famous places is all the rage. Maybe there is a website called

Cheers, have a brilliant day and wywh.

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