John’s Vista Blog- Day 9

May 12, 2016 -

John Heald

Good morning everyone from a rather damp day here in Civitavecchia. However despite the rain I am sure that despite the showers that the guests are so excited to explore the eternal city that is Rome. We have over 2,000 guests on tours today and most will be opened mouthed in awe and wonder as they see the Coliseum and of course the extraordinary Vatican City. Rome should be on everyone’s bucket list and I know they will return to the ship tonight exhausted but so very fulfilled and with everlasting memories. And of course once back here they will once again be served and entertained by the crew and head to bed ready for a good night’s sleep and to dream of the adventures that await them tomorrow in Pisa and Florence.

Yep, just three days before the second cruise of your Carnival Vista and the 140 press and TV folks who I will help to look after. And l thought I would share this post with you about two other people who are sailing with us too

Name: Jennie

Message: Hello John. I thought you might like to know that my new husband and I will be sailing on the Vista 5/15. I realize we are just two of many passengers on the ship but want to tell you how we met.

I was a 30 something single average looking gal from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Dating just wasn’t my thing. I kept bumping into the same men at the same parties and church functions. I just thought marriage was never going to be an option for me. In 2015 my friend and I booked a last minute Easter vacation cruise on the Splendor. That’s where I met Brad. We first bumped into each other at the formal evening. United Airlines had lost my luggage and I was dressed in all I had which was jeans and a crumpled t shirt. Not good, especially for a formal night. I was in high spirits, though — how could you not be on a ship sailing the Caribbean Sea, dancing and having fun? When Brad’s head appeared out of nowhere on at the stools next to me at the piano bar, my stomach lurched, my heart beat heavy and fast, it was as if I had tunnel vision. I was for the very first time in my 40 years sick with love. We started talking and it was as natural as could be. Brad was in the United States Air Force. He was back from action in Afghanistan during which he received the tragic news that his wife had died, tragically killed in a car accident. As we talked Brad looked sad and dare I say as lonely as I had felt many times in my life. He was on the boat with his brother and sister in law. We sat and we talked and I knew that this might be something special when he suggested that we both go to the steak restaurant. We spent the rest of the cruise locked into a vacation romance and when we said our goodbyes I felt as sad as I could ever remember. We had promised to stay in touch and sure enough we e-mailed and called each other every day. Brad was now based in Dover Air Force Base and it was hard for him to get away from the base. Being a fifth grade teacher I was able to have more vacation time and weekends off so I spent lots of time and money flying to see Brad as many times as I could.

One afternoon, I was teaching my fifth grade class when suddenly and without warning in walked Brad in full dress uniform. He apologized to the class and then knelt down on bended knee and asked me to marry him. We got married in March  and now live together in Delaware. We never are celebrating our honeymoon on the Vista and we are both so excited. Carnival helped us meet and fall in love and it is fitting that we should spend our honeymoon cruise with you guys on another cruise.

We both enjoy your writing very much and I thought that you might like to hear that vacation romances do happen and sometimes like ours are very special.

Jennie and Brad——-

What a wonderful story and one that proves that vacation romances and specifically cruise romances are alive and well. It seems that fate brought these two people together. It is a fact that this sort of thing probably happens a lot so it is brilliant to actually get to read about it. I will be making this cruise as special as I can for them both. Holiday romances were few and far between for me. No surprise there I guess as girls ignored me at home so why should it be any different anywhere else.

My first proper, proper holiday romance took place in on vacation with my best mate Alan. Lorraine was a 19-year-old trainee nurse from Cardiff in Wales. She was beautiful, funny and one whole year older than me, so I naturally assumed she wouldn’t be interested. I was boring, ugly and had all the traits that girls found easy to resist. I was also spending a lot of time playing the trombone. Trombones aren’t like guitars or saxophones or guitars …….they repel ladies.

One night while on holiday in Majorca, Spain, I was in a nightclub with Alan and even after I had made a complete idiot of myself on the dance floor, remarkably, Lorraine kissed me passionately and that was when I fell in love for the first time in my life. I had no experience in kissing like that. I was probably doing it all wrong but I was thinking it was probably the best kiss Lorraine had ever had. A day later she was gone…… back home to Wales. I lived with my Mum and Dad and gave her my parents’ phone number and begged her to call me and meet me. She promised to call.

Alone again. Grumpy. Depressed with only Alan and some French girl named Bridgette he had met for company. I was distraught. My heart ached and the last few days of my holiday were spent thinking about Lorraine. I sat in my hotel room and thought about sending Lorraine a text or an e mail or a What’s App but realized I couldn’t because it was 1988 and they hadn’t been invented yet. Every night for the rest of my holiday I spent all my money calling my Mum and Dad to see if Lorraine had called…….she hadn’t. I convinced myself that she’d lost the number and was frantically hiring private investigators to find me. The truth was though that that our passionate kiss and swapping of saliva was in fact…….sponsored by tequila.  I never forgot Lorraine. I never forgot that kiss and how passionate it was and I hope that maybe Lorraine will be reading this and she will remember that kiss as much as I do. If you met someone special on your cruise, someone who you fell in love with and are still with today or indeed someone you feel in love with but never saw again, please do share here.


Cheers, have a brilliant day and wywh

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