May 24, 2016 -

John Heald

Good morning from Athens and the start of a new cruise. Guests started to leave this morning at 5:00am and by 9:10am all guests were ashore and it was  a very smooth operation in deed. Embarkation today will need a dollop more patience from the guests as we have to do so from deck 0 as there is no pier from the terminal to the ship’s deck 3 as we have in Barcelona. Anyway, it was  a wonderful second cruise here on your Carnival Vista and as we begin cruise number 3 I will share the itinerary and who is cruising on this Mediterranean voyage.


5/24/2016 Tue Athens 0:00:00 19:00:00
5/25/2016 Wed Kusadasi (Ephesus) 9:00:00 18:00:00
5/26/2016 Thu Rhodes 8:00:00 17:00:00
5/27/2016 Fri “Fun Day” at Sea  Elegant – 1 hr back  
5/28/2016 Sat Valletta 8:00:00 17:00:00
5/29/2016 Sun Messina (Sicily) 8:00:00 18:00:00
5/30/2016 Mon Naples (Capri/Pompeii) 7:00:00 19:00:00
5/31/2016 Tue Rome (Civitavecchia) 7:00:00 20:00:00
6/1/2016 Wed Livorno (Florence/Pisa) 7:00:00 19:00 – elegant
6/2/2016 Thu Marseilles (Provence) 9:00:00 18:00:00
6/3/2016 Fri Barcelona 6:00:00 17:00:00


Guest Count                           4203

Back to back guests              82


Blue Card ( first time with CCL)   2033

Red Card                                815

Gold Card                               1019

Platinum Card                                   310

Diamond Card                                   26

Guests under 18                      322


Female guests                                    55%

Male guests                            45%


USA                                          2561

CANADA                                 440

FRENCH CANADIAN             88

UK                                           332

ISRAEL                                                183

INDIA                                      56

HOLLAND                               51

AUSTRALIA                             46

SOUTH ADRICA                                  41

GERMANY                              33

DOGS ( SERVICE)                   1  – Name of Mittie ( diabetic alert dog)

Top states:

Florida  – 396

Texas – 317

Montana – 309, bugger, I mean 3


And so off we go again and with 200 more guests than this cruise and it will be interesting to see how that impacts the ship because so far and it is quite astonishing to note that this ship has never, not once felt crowded or overly busy. Embarkation will start at 10:45am and the crew will be ready once again to give the guests the very best of times. And this is my last cruise here on your Carnival Vista for a while and now all the press have left I hope to have more time to bring you some live video and lots more news from on the ship. Oh and in Naples Heidi and Kye will be joining me and as I have not seen them in over a month I am of course very excited about that.

Today is the busies day of the cruise for the vast majority of the crew including of course the  stateroom stewards. On an Athens home port day like today,  Ketut the cabin steward will wake up at 5:30am. After his shower he will grab a quick breakfast in the crew mess which is open from 5:30am on debarkation morning. And yes, we serve rice for breakfast because rice is the most eaten food at every meal for the crew and as I have said here before, there is a common phrase you will here on every ship and it says: “ No rice, no power.”

Then it is straight to his section where he hopes, truly hopes, that you will all be on self-assist and have leave the ship as soon as Matt the CD says permission has been given for guests to disembark.

That’s because he has anywhere from 18 to 27 cabins to clean and only one or two at the most assistants to help him and when I say clean he has to: – Deep clean the cabin, bathroom, toilet and storage spaces. – Change the sheets, duvet and pillow cases – Clean the shower curtain – Check the safe has been emptied and left open – Check everything is working properly – Place the new Fun Times and shore excursion sheets in the cabin – Make sure the previous guests did not steal the remote control or the toilet brush.

And Ketut has to do that to every cabin and finish by 1 pm at the very latest…………and if Ketut has some Diamond/Platinum cabins or Faster to the Fun, he has to do those first because they now have express cabin service.

So do the cabin stewards want guests off the ship as quick as possible?

Absolutely they do. But not because they are not grateful for everything you did for them but because they want to be able to give the next group of guests the same Carnival service that are based on delivering that feeling of “family” that only a Carnival cruise can.

Oh and they also want to finish because they hope to have an hour to rush to the Greek version of Walmart which is called Kostanotalotopus , call home or simply sleep………..ready go again later that day when they are back in their sections ready to say “welcome aboard” to their new guests.

I want to say a special hello to Walter N, a regular cruiser who I shall photograph this week. He is a solo cruiser and a back to back cruiser from last cruise where he at the age of 85 did some remarkable things. He did the SKYRIDE, he did all the slides at Waterworks and he spent most nights on what became his stool at the RedFrog Pub and Brewery. How brilliant is that and how lucky he is because he told me his kids are paying for these two cruises for him.

How wonderful that they would do this and at if I make it to walter’s age I hope to be doing all the things he is doing as the alternative is  not worth thinking about.

So in 30 years time Kye says to me “Dad, we have found you a nice spot at The Cruisers Critic Retirement Home,” I will start drinking again, smoking 20 cigars a day and eating nothing but animal fat and raw yak meat. I may only have a few days left after adopting that lifestyle but surely that’s better than ending your days wasting away on a wipe down chair wearing a diaper ……………..right?

Embarkation has just started and there will soon be so many wow moments as guests walk into the atrium and see the Deramscape and their adventures on this brilliant ship begin

Cheers and wywh


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