ATTENTION: John has announced the next blogger’s cruise! Here is all the info you need to know:

Blogger’s Cruise 10 (BC10-Hot)

When: February 4, 2017

Where: Carnival Glory out of Miami, FL

Ports of Call: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic |St. Thomas, USVI | San Juan, Puerto Rico | Grand Turk

Registration for BC10-Hot is now closed.


Blogger’s Cruise 10 (BC10-Cool)

When: May 23, 2017

Where: Carnival Legend out of Seattle, WA

Ports of Call: Cruise Tracy Arm Ford | Skagway | Juneau | Ketchikan | Victoria

Registration for BC10-Cool is now closed.


Haven’t made it to Bloggers Cruise? This is why next year will mark the 10th anniversary of The Bloggers Cruise – come and see what all the fun is about . Click here to watch.

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321 Responses to Bloggers Cruise

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  3. lyleba says:

    We’d love to sail with you again out of Galveston!! Texas is full of fun loving friendly people!!!

  4. Todd Ruckle says:


    you are the heart and sole of Carnival.

  5. Mike Lawson says:

    Hi John, Mike here, I gave stephanie a note on the Glory about the Splendor. I am curious if you received the note , and if you can help? ( John please respond) Thanks, your friend Mike

  6. Betty says:

    When is the next Bloggers Cruise? I’d like to be a part of that one.. Couldnt do this one here.. But want to do the next one.. Thanks!!!

  7. jessica says:

    I think there should be more videos of tips for new cruisers. Like what you should pack and what you should take advantage of on the ship!

    • Hi, actually while cruising southern region make sure you take sunscreen with you because it affects more over there and many times people forget to cover scalp so take care of it

  8. Robbie Holmes says:

    Told my mom about your bloggers cruise!!! i think im going to take that semester off from school just so i can go on your cruise!!!


  10. harun says:

    hi john ı m from Türkey..ı m 30 years old and ..ı was working in Türkey 5 stars hotel kusadası. bodrum. antalya barboy. barman bar waither….but now ı dont have work my dream ı want working cruise..maybe you are help for me job…thanks ı will wait from you news ..take care….

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  12. David says:

    Any clues into the “special events” you will be doing on the Bloggers cruise? Mach is posting teasers on CC that are useless to those who need to know. Their group rates are excessive and they say there will be events only those who pay those rates will be able to participate in. Personally, I plan to pick up a $300 cabin on the Lido deck the week before sailing, but you might change my mind if you are doing any “can’t miss” activities. Thanks

    • Janey - OKGIRL says:

      David, You don’t have to book useing the Blogger’s fare code (PBL) to be part of the Blogger’s activities. I generally book the ES rate through Carnival’s website and that’s what I’ve done on BC5 as well.

      The group cruise rate on Cruise Critic comes with special gifts from CC as well as OBCs and stuff like that. Again, you can participate in all of the CC events but won’t get any of the perks if you book directly with Carnival.

      Sometime closer to the cruise they will put up a link for everyone to post your name and cabin number on to show who is participating in the Blogger events.

      On BC4 we had a special “Superstar Live”, special cocktail parties and a shore excursion. We got lanyards, backpacks, ball caps and photo albums as gifts.

      • Teri says:

        Thanks so much for the info on the bloggers cruise! We are going to go on the one in March..(our first bloggers cruise but our 6th CCL cruise)we use a travel agent that has become a good friend to us and don’t want to book thru anyone else. If I understood you correctly at some point we will be able to indetify ourselfs as part of the group before we sail right?
        Thanks again!

  13. Janice Dubiel says:

    My husband and I splurged on a cruise for our 25th Anniversery. We left Long Beach for cabo and Puerto Vallarta on the 15th of may on the Splendor. Our Grand Suite was nice and the people that took care of the room wre lovely.
    We never were able to go swimming or get into a hot tub. It seemed that the same 350 pound hairy men got in the tubs in the morning and stayed all day every day. We know ’cause we watched hoping to get a break. So we set our sights on the Comedy show and tried every night to get in there but again no room. With little to do we decided to try the casino. We talked to a lot of people but everyone said the same thing. No ne reported ever seeing anyone win.
    We were Looking forward to our first dinner at the Pearl where we thought we wuld be dining together just the two of us as we requested but were told that was not going to happen. Another couple was crowded into the booth. This other couple were not people we would have spent under any other circumstances utterly erasing our hope for our intimate anniversary dining. The staff danced on the tables and seemed to be enjoying that.

    At one dinner the Cruise director or dining director took off his dinner , jumped on a table and began rubbing his balls with it as if he were wiping himself. At that point I figured things couldn’t possibly get tackier!

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  16. Brian And Tina says:

    John- Just off the Carnival Victory- Wonderful Cruise- Great Staff. Nothng- absolutely nothing to not like or complain about. Met Karl with a K. Left the poop bumper sticker with the Purser (Guest Services) desk and they said they will get it to you. Cabin Steward Joey possibly best we have ever had, waitress Knock Knock in Atlantic Deck 4 dining room also the best along with Tatiana. The casino hostesses were also great along with all the casino staff. Another amazing cruise aboard Carnival with many many great memories. I hope everyone knows how much they contribute to the success of Carnival.

  17. Teri says:

    Hi John,
    My friends and I were lucky enough to have you as our CD on the Conquest last year! Best time we have ever had! (you were thrown down on the stage and rode by a passenger during the bedtimne story..I almost wet my pants and still watch the video we bought!) My question is…if we are able to go on the next bloggers cruise on March 4th 2012 is there anything special we need to let our travel agent know so we are identified as part of your “fan club”?
    Crossing my fingers we get to see you again!

  18. Frank Corey says:

    John, I booked the bloggers cruise online through the link on the blog and it shows up as 3/4/2012 CCL Magic, do I need to do anything else to be part of the bloggers group?

  19. Laurie Schauer says:

    Hi John! I am really excited to take my first cruise with Carnival leaving Tues. July 5th on the Carnival Spirit headed to Alaska. My husband and I will be celebrating his birthday through this cruise, we will be staying in stateroom 5201. Hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend

  20. Carol Famulari says:

    Hi John Thought that you would like toknow that Corky aka Chucky did his litte dance when you said TEXAS in the Cucina today August 7, 2011 and thanks for the strawberries
    Carol aka Diane

  21. sandy sammy says:

    dear sir.

    mr.john hello, I am a eksperience holland american lines, want to work at the company that you lead I wish I could join your company may have an opening for my position as a cabin steward.
    for your attention and cooperation you accepted the love I say.

    best regards

    erisal Sabirin

  22. Joe Dombrowski says:

    We met you on the Freedom in 2007, then again on the Splendor in 2008, then two more cruises on the Freedom and Splendor with Ron Pass. Now we are finally signed up for one of your Blogger cruises (Magic March 4, 2012) and looking forward to seeing you again as we celebrate our almost 35th anniversary (September 2012 but we are celebrating a little early). You certainly have been a loyal and valuable employee for Carnival – but way more than that you are certainly a very Good Will Ambassasor. See you in Galveston.

    Love and Hugs to and your beautiful girls!
    Barb and Joe Dombrowski

  23. Barbara Hamill says:

    My daughter Angeline and I are sailing on the Oct. 28, 2011 cruise from Barcelona, Spain. We want to partake in the Chef’s Table. Booking #91Z7B4, cabin 11246, Angeline and Barbara Hamill, from the Great State of Texas. Thanks, and I can’t wait to meet you. B

  24. Neal Victa says:

    Hi John I will be partaking in the Western Caribbean Cruise on board the Carnaval Legend. I had quite the experience on my last Carnaval Cruise so I am back again with friends and family! As mentioned before, it was my first time cruising and I was quite overwhelmed with the many activities available. Is there anything you can recommend that can make my experience even more memorable?

  25. Neal Victa says:

    Western Caribbean Cruise date will be on October 9-16

  26. martha leftwich says:

    me and my best friend are going on our frist cruise sept 12 will you post on here if the weather may cause a change and if so will they go some where else? thanks again.

  27. Brenda says:

    Dear John,
    I am interested in the bloggers cruise, but due to the fact that I am wheel chair bound, I know I have to book through a special dept for my cabin. Is that possible to do? Thank-you,

  28. LaVerne Wizy says:

    Hi John,

    I was truly amazed about my recent experience on the Carnival Dream which went to the islands of Nassau,Grand Bahamas,St. Thomas Virgin Islands,and also St. Maarten. We encountered rough waters but our Captain Massimo Marino steered us out of harms way. The storm diverted and we set sail on our original course. The expertise of the staff and crew were terrific. The food was excellent. The comedy shows were great and Butch plus 6’3″ Amy was terrific. We had the time of our lives and a trip to remember for years. We plan on going on another cruise within a year or two. Thanks to the staff who made our trip so very memorable. Bon Voyage for now. Will return.
    A very satisfied couple: Steve and LaVerne
    Riviera deck room 1204.

  29. Edie says:


  30. John – do you know if grill chicken breast will be available still on the lido deck. Currently I have that two or three times a week. I know that you will now have Guy burgers; however, since I am not a beef eater, that does not excite me (it does my husband). Unless Guy also decides to serve turkey burgers.


  31. tina says:

    John we had the privilege of having you on our very first cruise (mind you we had no clue who you were at the time).You made the cruise so much more fun. Loved ya!! Now we get the joy of having you again on the bloggers cruise. Never been on a bloggers cruise but looking forward to it. See ya in march!! Tina

  32. Hadi Kassam says:

    My wife & I just came back from our 1st crise on a 7 day western caribbean & mexico. We had a terrific time and all the cruise crew were excellent specially Raj Chellam, Ni Made, Ma May, Calvert, Remesto, Milos were really helpful and very accomodating. We are already planning our next cruise with Carnival.

  33. Ward says:

    I sit here in my underpants typing you this little note. I am an avid reader of your blog, and have finally booked the bloggers 5 cruise. Mach form the CC boards convinced me that this is a cruise not to be missed. I look forward to a week of new friends and tons of laughs! see you on the ship (please dont forget your pants)

  34. thom schaffer says:

    john would guy consider doing sliders on whole wheat ?./i am gluetin in tollerrant if u can do whole wheat slider being that i have a small stomach .a full size burger would be a waste.though u have not repiled to me out of four e mail i wont hold my breath this time.

  35. Les Halla says:

    I new to this,just how do you join a bloggers cruise? My wife and I are sailing out of Galveston,Tx Nov 14 on the new Magic with our daughter and 2 grandkids. We can’t wait. We have loved every Carnival Cruise we have taken. We’re looking at a 12 day out of Barcelona for next year.

  36. Roberta Erber says:

    Hi John, I am really excited, me and my friend are turning 40 next year and we are taking both our families on the splendor 7 day cruise to Mexico, leaving March 11th. We are very sad you wont be on our cruise, you are one funny guy. Anyways, we are really having fun watching the webcams daily. Just wondering why you only have the two spots with webcams We would really like to see more areas or cams that rotate. Maybe I’m asking too much, but please think about it. Looking forward to our trip and many more after. Thanks for all you Facebook comments and blogs, really enjoying them. You ROCK!
    Roberta Erber

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  39. Brenda says:

    Sounds like this was a wonderfull cruise.
    Ports of call that I’d really like to see.
    If I hadn’t just take a cruise in November I’d book the Blogger Cruise #5.

    Have a GREAT time and please show a few shots of each port.

    Thanks for all the blogs John

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  41. Peggy Price says:

    Hey John! Looking forward to Bloggers Cruise five. My husband charles and I will be aboard the Magic and really looking forward to a very relaxing week I hope we get an opprotunity to meet you sometime during that week. I do have one question for you. Are you a boxer or a brief kind of guy? I want to make sure I have the proper visual in my head as I am reading your blog! *wink wink* Thanks so much for your up front REAL way of sharing your thoughts and feelings here on your bloggy thing.Thanks for the laughs. Hope to see you soon! Cheers….

  42. stephen mcwilliams says:

    Dear John. a group of six of us have booked a cruise on the Costa Classica sailing out of Singapore on 16th March, 4 of us have previously cruised with Costa. Initially we had booked inside cabins and all-inclusive package, sadly due to current events off the coast of Italy thw women are petrifed. I have tried to placate them and I have asked Costa if we could have Free Upgrades to o/s cabins, initially they told me that the ship was fully booked and later on in the conversation they said that I would have to pay for the upgrades. there was no concern in thier conversation. We cannot afford to pay for the Upgrades and I know that it will be a nightmare experience if we do not get o/s cabins. So I implore you to find a way of making this a cruise to remember. In anticipation Yours S Mcwilliams, E A Mcwilliams A Dormer A griffith P Pavitt R Pavitt


  44. Becky says:

    I love viewing Mr. Radu’s photos on your blog. He is truly brilliant with his work! I just returned from the Magic, Jan 29th cruise and missed seeing him and attending a seminar. I think your idea of a seminar on each ship would be a terrific and well received idea. Guests would love it! Just don’t burn him out, allow him the freedom to keep going to ports and sharing. That makes a guest want to travel to the ports of call.

  45. GulliverLouie says:

    I have no idea what a “Bloggers Cruise: is but I am booked. I hope it means you will be the CD. If not, I hope it means you are on the ship and we get to meet a bunch of people who have joined this Blog. I’m game.
    This is our cruise # 4–but I just recently joined Funville–excuse my lack of knowledge.

  46. Marcia says:

    What can you tell me about the shows that will be on Miracle 3/17/12. We have 6 women sailing then. I have looked for things to do on ship,have not found much.

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  49. To whom it may concern:

    We are both regular guests on the Carnival Dream and we loved our visit to the many interesting islands and we are going to be returning on Sept.29,2012. I have a general question which is: Who is our cruise director for the time we both will be on board? We are looking forward to coming back again. We love the ship and the crew.
    Very satisfied guests LaVerne Wizy and Steve Cymbal. Ahoy mate!

  50. Carl says:

    Hi John,

    Hope all is well! I need to sign up for the bloggers cruise, we booked it at our travel agent. So what do we need to do to get into the fun?

    Carl and Sheila

    PS we left a message at carnival headquarters for you did you get it?

  51. Jeanne Pittman says:

    John, I am not sure if you remember my post on Facebook but I am the one that will be on the January 19, 2013 cruise with my husband celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary. I see that Bloggers Cruise 6 is on the same sailing! Does this mean that you will be on the sailing and if so, how do I participate? 🙂


  52. Kathy says:

    John, tell us more about Bloggers Cruise 6 – we want to go – what special arrangements need to be made to part of this event? Thanks.

  53. Friend says:

    Sad to report the passing of Carol Schoenberger. She loved Carnival and John.

  54. Lisa Dekle says:

    I sail in 4 days on the Carnival Imagination! This will be my 3rd cruise and I have a 4th one booked on the Ecstacy in Sept. My husband has food allergies and I’m so impressed by the way the Carnival dining room staff takes care of him every night. My hats off to them. One of these days I hope to sail with you John! Love your blog!

  55. Ronny & Mandy says:

    We had a terrible experience with Carnival’s Group booking reservations in Miami. Do not book with Carnival! They are awful! Such rude customer service. We are disgusted

    • Tammy says:

      They are not really rude, But I am not happy to talk to them. Sorry that I booked the cruise directly through their website. That’s a mistake. I should have let Carnival my travel agent book for me. Easier that way.

  56. TomPug says:

    Seems like fun! What do you use to book the cruises? I know for Carnival it is good to use their main site, – Seems to be the easiest way!

  57. katie says:

    I am a food blogger and will be on the Med 10/1 cruise. Is their any way I can do some food reviews and/or get private tours in exchange for a few blog post?

  58. Bernice Capers says:

    Hi John,

    Just a quick question. My husban and I will be sailing on the breeze Dec 8th 2012. Will you be on the ship then? We hope to see you then!


  59. Gerald N Niland says:

    My family was on a 12 day cruise that departed Barcelona on about the 26th of June on the Carnival Breeze. You would think the highlights of the cruise were all of the wonderful ports of call, but one of the highlights was also the wonderful dinners. The food was great, but the service was outstanding. The first few nights we bounced around until we landed at Vitaliy’s table. He was the head waiter. Peter was the assistant and Slobodan was the beverage person.
    Vitaliy’s professionalism added greatly to the dining experience. He was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. I am retired Army Colonel and was raised in San Francisco. I have dined at many high end establishments. Quite frankly, I am surprised that Vitaliy is not working at 5 star restaurant. He certainly has all the right skills. It got to the point that he knew what we would order and his suggestions were always on the mark.
    Peter was always friendly and took the extra time to get to know us personally, even when he was busy, he made us feel like we were special. He is perfectly suited for the cruise industry. He has tools beyond the dining room. We were amazed with his friendliness. Even though logically we knew were just another cruise in a long line for him, his enthusiasm gave us the impression that this was his first cruise and we were his favorite passengers. It is amazing how he keeps such a positive attitude after several months at sea.
    Slobodan was always very polite and he remembered after the first night what we all drank, and who took decaf and regular coffee with dessert. We didn’t even have to ask.
    We sat at their table for 9 nights.
    The entire crew was very friendly, but these 3 stood out with their high level of service.
    If I was a competitor, I would make them offers that couldn’t refuse.
    If they worked in my city, that’s whether I would eat.
    Carnival Cruise Lines should feel very fortunate to have these men as employees. You should promote them all as soon as possible.
    Thank you for a wonderful cruise.


    Gerald N Niland

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  61. Tony Childers says:

    Slogan for BC6

    “Breezin’ and Bloggin’ with John Heald,
    our main Noggin.

  62. taunisha Campbell says:

    Don’t sail for less Breeze with the best…Bloggers 2013

  63. Joel Niten says:

    Opinionated words from interesting people!

  64. Diana Schlosser says:

    I just booked the Breeze on January 19, 2013. Could you tell me how I join the Bloggers activities. I tried to register, but don’t see any place where a registration is available. Appreciate your help.

  65. Duchess Sandy will be there…along with Duke Richard the Great!

  66. Kathy Cochran says:

    So excited to have just signed up for the Bloggers Cruise! When will more details me coming our way? Thanks, John!

  67. Tania LoNero says:

    I wish I could go on the Bloggers cruise with you! My daughter and I love to be apart of the Shows and events on board. Here is hoping we get picked for the T=Shirt contest!

  68. Yeah! It’s official and we are booked and signed on for John’s BC6. Can’t wait to sail with John again on our first bloggers cruise.
    Mary Ann and Robert aka Marie and Bob Wolff

    • We had a blast with the bloggers this past year, will be sailing with a friend since hubby will have too much going on with his business..But Teresa will be loads of fun thats for sure!!

  69. Fantastic!! We will wait!

  70. John, I’ve Registered Mary Lou & I for the Bloggers Cruise 6. Last January I arranged for our cruise even before you set the Blogger’s Cruise. I was so happy when I found out that the Blogger’s Cruise was the same one that set up. We are very happy and excited for this cruise. Hope to see you my friend.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  71. Denise W. says:

    I’ve been on many cruises. this is the worst most aqful cruise I’ve ever been on. The food was awful and everything that is way too much to list. Just don’t do it!!!

  72. Roger Monson says:

    Hi John —

    Wife, daughter and I will be sailing with you on Jan 19. This will be our second cruise (first was on Liberty in 2010 with Butch).

    I booked it before I knew it was Blogger 6, but I like blogging about favorite things football, music, politics to name three), so I am interested and intrigued by the opportunity presented, but am very ignorant of the associated expectations, requirements, etc.

    Is there somewhere I could get more info?


    Canadian Carnivaller

  73. Rania alazem says:

    Hi John,
    I sent you a personal message and I still did not get a reply from you, Can you please reply to my personal message.

  74. Kathy Dimmick says:

    Hey John,
    If you loved your Boxer last bloggers cruise Remember (THE MAN THE LEGEND) ?? YOU are going to love even better your new pair for BC6 … There packed and ready to meet you on the Breeze

    See ya not soon enough

  75. Kathy Dimmick says:

    I wanted to email you and tell you that I just completed my 13th Carnival Cruise and I had the pleasure of being on the Legend 3rd time , loved every mineute of it even while we were fogged out of the port of tampa, That just extended my ship time, What an awesome and great Cruise it was. I really want to let you know about a few very special carnival staff that do not get the reconition there deserve, Firt of the Photo staff what a great job they do with the very long hours they work and all the wonderfull pictures they produce from the ship in such a short time. I also had the oppertunity of being able to visit with Captain Valpori whom has been the captain on 5 of my 13 sailings now he is off to retirement , what a Great Captain so friendly and caring Carnival Crusie Lines has the very best, Now… Let me tell you that I finally decided to do the Chef’s Table Oh my that was the most amazing tour and fun I have very had other than the BC5 21 tournament with you.Chef Panda he is an outstanding Chef I would do that again in a minute, I can not tell the Guest what they are missing by not taking the opportunity to particapate in this the best very best .., Please tell the Legend Staff thankk you so very much.
    Kathy (KDCUTIE)
    see you 76 days BC6

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  77. Steve Rissman says:

    I ready to go what special events are planned?

  78. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    We have changed cabins because we added Josh….do we need to resend our info???

    Linda (Mom of DJ)

  79. Michael Notfree says:

    You gotta B kiddin me,,, no more bathroom aminities,,,sad

  80. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    Just making sure that you got our cabin change to 2247 AND the addition of JOSH…

    (our oldest son now a Naval Officer)

    woo hoo

    Linda, David, DJ and JOSH!!!

    The Powell Family!!

  81. Steve Rissman says:

    When are we going to get info on the cruise. I’m booked but what happens on the cruise.
    Steve Rissman

  82. KATHERINE says:

    Dear Sir, I know you do reviews of Carnival, but I am wondering about advice to make sure that my husband and myself can get a reservation on the royal princess’ chef’s table? any advice? thank you

  83. lisa reskovac says:

    how do we get signed up for the blogging activities? we are on this cruise jan 19th.

  84. James says:

    Hi John… my mother is going on the bloggers cruise on 1/19/2013. I know that there is a charge for internet access usually but she wants to know if internet is free as this is a “bloggers cruise” and she wants to bring her laptop.

  85. ron says:

    a friend of mine will br married on the 1/19/13 hope to see pi c,s

  86. Dee Sarro says:

    Hi John,
    I just love your blog,you are so cute.You have a great sense of humor and make me laugh. My husband and I are going on our 25th cruise on Carnival on Feb. 2nd out of Port Canaveral. Our home is in Cocoa Beach real close to the Port. We always look forward to the cruises they always treat us right. Maybe someday we will try to make the Bloggers Cruise. Till then keep up the good work.

  87. James McDonald says:

    Hello John I have become hooked on cruising and would love to be on the next bloggers cruise how do I become eligible for it?

  88. Andy says:

    I just returned from a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Dream. I am a single traveler and I am disspointed there are no price allowanaces for single travelers. The dining room personal found it awkward to seat me with other singles. Even though I had requested this when booking. There where no single meet and greet programs offered that I was aware of. I have experienced the same on othere Carnival trips have taken. Although I still enjoyed my time it could have been better.


    • Doug says:

      I was on the “Blogger Cruise 6”. We didn’t book this cruise based on the Blogger event. I have to admit, I have no idea what this event was. Are all these people bloggers or just people that follow this blog? There’s scant information about what Blogger Cruise actually meant. I guess you get to be in a secret club and get a t-shirt.

      We enjoyed the cruise anyway although Butch is a bit much to take (and the Hasbro game show is a complete dud in my opinion).

  89. Molly says:

    Just booked the bloggers cruise where do I sign up so I get to attend all the fun stuff?
    Does my roommate need to sign up seperatly as she is a blogger or is just by the cabin?
    Thanks Molly R

  90. Gale Westburg says:

    My wife and I were on the Breeze for a back to back cruise from Jan 19th through Feb 2nd. The ship and everyone involved were just great. The gal that did the Internet was outstanding. Very knowledgeable and helpful. This was our 17th Carnival cruise. We have never had a bad cabin steward but we have never had a better one than Jose who was our steward for this trip. The back to back part of this trip worked very well. Carnival has taking care of folks that stay on down to a science. They would have to try very hard to improve what they do know. We have already booked on the Valor for another back to back next January from San Juan. The only negative was we thought we were booked on the Bloggers cruise. When we checked about the only explanation we received was it was full and there must have been a paperwork snafu. Happy sailing – Mirth & Gale Westburg

  91. Connie Moran says:

    John, I was on Bloggers Cruise #6. On the last night of the cruise I was notified that my brother had died. The purpose of this e-mail is to share with you the wonderful care and support I received from one of the staff on board. I hope that I remember the young lady’s name correctly–Valeria, and she was from Belarus. She was so helpful and kind and caring from then on until we left the ship. Carnival Cruise lines has a real gem in her. I would also like to thank carnival for allowing me to make as many phone calls as I needed to to various family members at no charge to me. In spite of the sad ending to our cruise, I would highly recommend Carnival Cruise lines any day. If you could convey to Carnival and, especially, Valeria, my heartfelt thanks, I would be grateful. Sincerely, Connie Moran

  92. My husband & I booked the Carnival Sunshine for the Bloggers cruise sailing from New Orleans on Feb. 16, 2014 yesterday. How do we go about being included in the head count for Bloggers cruise? Just watched a video where John said the head count for bloggers cruise fills up fast and this is the top reason we booked this cruise date. Thank you.

  93. Mona says:

    Folks………..haven’t you realized yet that “you get what you pay for” and NOT a BIT more. You probably can’t find cheaper cruises than Carnival………..doesn’t that tell you something ?????????

  94. Martha Looney says:

    Although I have been on 5 cruise lines so far, I have enjoyed Carnival the most. Could it be the melted chocolate cake desserts? However, we were disgusted that the shows at 7:00 and 9:00 were only on two nights of our last seven night cruise!!! We last went on the Norwegian Dawn, and neither the food nor service were great, but they had great shows every night at 7:00 and 9:00. Is there any way that Carnival can start having the big shows at an earlier hour?

  95. Donald Garbutt says:

    Single passengers are not well recieved. I have cruised on 8 Carnival ships. The last one was The Dream from Pt. Canaveral. The ship is too big too inpersonal, The quality of service is low. The comedy clubs you are promoting are cheep and duscusting. I do not apprecitate someone on stage telling me to F myself. Also the entertainment on the big stage in the evening was not the quality it use to be. There was not meet and greet programs for single guests. This hurts as single passengers are paying full double fares.

  96. Sheri says:

    Hi John,

    You were our Cruise Director on the Ecstacy and one of the reasons why I wanted to share a fun ship cruise with my son. You made the cruise so much fun! As I read your blogs, I can hear your charming accent:)!

    I just came back from a cruise on the Valor with Felipe Couto and told him how much I enjoyed cruising with you and he said that you were the inspiration and that you helped him to become a Cruise Director. He was absolutely fantastic! I didn’t think I could enjoy having a Cruise Director as much fun as you were, and he helped to make this an amazing “fun”tastic cruise. It’s so easy to see how much you both love your jobs! I love reading your blogs. Thanks again for making my first Carnival Cruise so special:)! I just wanted to share another fun Carnival experience with you:)!

  97. vince says:

    great cruise on legend

  98. Sandra Hickey says:

    We are scheduled to sail on the Triumph on June 13th…..this is a FAMILY CRUISE we’ve had planned since last fall….I DO hope all is still “good to go” for the Triumph to sail on June 13th. It’s a celebration cruise for our family. My husband and I had our 50th anniversary last Sept. 8th….Our oldest grandson graduates from high school on June 10th….our daughter and son-in-law celebrated their 18th anniversary on May 20th….our son and daughter-in-law will celebrate their 22nd anniv. on June 1st…..we will all be together on this cruise along with grandsons ages 7, 12 and 12.

  99. Denise Whisler says:

    Dear John,
    We are saling our 10 th cruise on October 24th on the splendor.. My question is …. We will still be sailing on October 31st which is Halloween and we have a 4 year old little girl named Hailey and she is wanting to be a nice witch … She is very concerned about trick or treat.. Do you know if they do anything for Halloween on the ship…. She also wanted me to say hello!!!! She will be on her 4 th cruise and she thinks you will remember her… Lol .. Thank you in advance. Denise & Hailey Whisler

  100. Amy Potter says:

    Hi John,

    We just came back from a 7 day cruise on Carnival Pride as I am platinum guest. However, I must say I am very disappointed as this was the worst cruise on Carnival. The service was slow and the mood of the employees were low. We went to dinner and the wait staff did not get our food for 2 hours. Did Carnival reduce the staff? Why the changes?


  101. Gina Marando says:

    Please update the link for the bloggers cruise on your blog website. It is still announcing BC6 which already happened 5 months ago. I know you announced BC7 but I can’t find it anywhere and I want to book with you! Looking forward to it! Thanks!

  102. John R says:

    Just in case you read the comments John – there are now many married same sex couples (and soon from England & Wales, as well)that may prefer not to be called partners but “husband & husband” and “wife & wife”.

    There are even those who are in civil unions in states where they still can not marry but also wish to be referred to as “husband & husband” and “wife & wife”. Cheers

  103. deanna says:

    my husband and i just got back from our fifth carnival cruise. and can i just say that you guys have THE BEST customer service? i had no idea about your bloggers cruise. i will definitely have to look into this. i love blogging. and i love cruising. a match made in heaven!

  104. Wow late to the party here, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a bloggers cruise. I better go do some research! 🙂

  105. Rita Raeside says:

    Dear John: My family has only cruised with Carnival and I would like you to have a poem writing contest for a free cruise….thats because I wrote a great poem about our family cruise and I keep waiting for you to have this contest….My husband and I have cruised with you 8 times and love it and are ready to go again….How about it? Rita and Doug Raeside…Waiting to hear from you!

  106. Jennifer says:

    Is the Carnival Magic going to set sail aug 25th?

  107. Lawrence A Wolfson says:

    I booked when do we register for the bloggers thingy?

  108. David Chiola says:

    I had several issues with Carnival. Although we had a good time, I feel like there are several things you can improve on. First of all the shuttle service. I booked a shuttle sercie through Carnival website. I then wanted to cancel it four days in advance and nobody was able to help me. They said it’s another company and they can’t refund it. Then why is it on your site? I think because there is no airport in Port Canaveral then the shuttle should be free – or at least as cheap as the independent taxis. Did you know Enterprise will give you a free shuttle and then you can rent a $20 car and take your whole family to the airport? I ended up using the shuttle on the way back but I was still out &70 and nobody from Carnival helped me. Even the email I sent was respond to four days after I sent it. I don’t like the price gouging with the pictures. First of all, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone got a free picture of them boarding. It’s a couple of bucks and it would be a nice gesture. Instead photographers are all over taking pictures, and holding up lines so they can print them all up and ask $12 a picture. Isn’t it a tremendous waste to print them all up? Why not give people a sticker with a number after their picture is taken and then they can view them on a monitor and get them printed, We didn’t buy any pictures but I’m sure dozens of pictures of us were thrown away. If the pictures were $5 everyone would come out ahead. I probably would have bought 10 pictures. Multiply that by 2,000 passengers. We played trivia several times on the cruise. By the third day they were asking the same questions. It’s so easy to find 20 new trivia questions – just google trivia!! I can send you thousands of trivia questions if you would like. Why are gratuities added? Are they mandatory? I’m not saying I wouldn’t tip but if you’re going to add them in automatically then the price of the cruise that you’re quoting isn’t really the price. You guys make a fortune on Bingo. Why not pay out adjusted on how many cards were bought like most places do. No – instead it’s all about the bucks with Carnival. Your shows need a lot of improving. The comedy is good, but the Motown show and Brits show were repeated and the Blues Brothers show was basically the cruise director acting like an idiot. you could learn a lot from Disney here. So basically a five day cruise had two one hour shows. When people win things why not give them a $5 or $10 cruise cash thing instead of those cheesy trophies. Again – money. Overall I’m not sure I would book Carnival again unless some of these concerns are addressed.

    Carnival responded by saying they want me to cruise again, but I don’t see them changing anything.

    • Frances Perdue says:

      We (my husband and I) have taken 22 cruises. We did not care for the first one my memory is foggy but I think we felt the same then we were thinking Carnival offers these services they are not forced on guests . You can go to guest services and request gratuities be taken off, take your own camera, wave as you walk by the photographers, enjoy its your cruise have fun and try it again it’s a good value , you cannot stay in a nice hotel, go to a quality restraunt and go to two great shows for the price of your cruise. Been to Disneyland recently you pay more for fast food there than you would for dinner at the supper club. Good point on the cost of pictures $5 would sell more but they sell plenty.

  109. Dieter Heinzer says:

    Hi John,

    We enjoyed the Bloggers Cruise 5 last year; now I want to sign up for #7 in February next year!!!!

    Where / How do I sign up?!?!?! Can’t find a link for that anywhere. Help !!!!

    …and keep up the great work!

    – Dieter (and Vanessa “The Wench”)

  110. cruzndave says:

    Carnival Sunshine Coming To Cape Canaveral, Next Year I So Excited!!

  111. captnlen says:

    BC7 registration but a couple of places says it is for BC6 so needs correction

    Lot are registering so if not real 🙂

  112. Mary McQuillen says:

    Can’t wait for this cruise!! Gonna finally get to meet John!!!!!!

  113. Maurice O says:

    John, I am Really looking forward to this cruise. It has been a long time coming for me to meet you, and now to finally sail with you. Get ready, because it’s going to definately go down in the books, my friend =)

  114. kevin records says:

    I love carnival . But not happy they are leaving Baltimore. Bring a smaller ship there.

  115. Cruising southern region can be a great fun. Though I always keep valium with me while cruising, I still like it. It all started at my first dinner cruise with Lady Windridge. Now I am looking at “next Bloggers Cruise”.

  116. Larry brant says:

    I sailed on carnival Cruises 26 times, got friendly all ways with the ships Doctors, what fascinating people they are educated and caring.I am in contact with about 8 of the doctors and most of them are not happy now.
    The new management of Carnival Cruises are cutting down on
    Doctors dignity and Doctors do not deserve that.
    Every doctor in every ship responsible for the well being
    of passengers like me,the crew and even the honorary Captain.
    So how in Gods name can the management remove wonderful Doctors and put them in small rooms change their life style on the ship with that high Education and responsibility.I will not go on carnival cruises anymore. If a Doctor is not
    happy, I can’t take chances to be taken care by them.
    How about the Family limits to stay with the Doctors.
    Management should walk with shame.
    No more cruising for me MR. President of carnival, I will go with Royal Caribbean where Doctors are smiling and feeling highly respected that they are saving life on ships and makes sure that there is no legal problem on the
    Shame on you high rank executives you don’t know what you are doing.
    Don’t go for numbers but go with your heart, if you have any.
    Put Micky Arison back. A Man with a wonderful heart.
    Goodby carnival,
    Hello Royal Caribbean.
    Micky Arison please come back than I will come back and so the others.


  117. MR. THOMPSON says:

    Are we kidding? No way I will cruise Without happy Doctors.
    This carnival had enough problems and the most important people as Doctors suppose to get the most and to honor their education to be TRAMA DOCTORS.
    This repulsive idea gets me sick.
    I cruise once a year with all my family 21 members, I can’t take chances.
    I am out, I will not visit the BLOG.
    Micky Arison,Please, you and your good team come back and rebuild the COMPANY for your Fathers sake TED ARISON. I cruised on Carnival for 12 years with my Family, that is going to be 12 years and that’s it.We wil Cruise with
    Different Cruise Line
    Where Doctors are happy

  118. John,
    We are now booked on the bloggers cruise..can’t wait. See you soon in New Orleans. Hope you remember me from Test your sanity cruise and Kukis cruises and early bloggers cruises..You may also remember my daughter Catie who is now a freshman in high school??my how time flys!
    Regards, mark

  119. I just got back from my 7 day cruise leaving from Miami to Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Grand cayman. Had a wonderful time. Was so expressed with the cruise director ,Josh. He is the best!!!!! I would love to go again wherever he goes. The next time I want my husband to go with me. Thanks for the memories Josh you MADE
    the cruise

  120. I so enjoyed my cruise this pass week . 7 days to Caribbean . Cruise director Josh was the greatest !!!

  121. Ken Haoi says:

    Hey John,

    Enjoyed this as well as we sailed down to Hiko Bay and shelled Lazawn Lagoon on the 4th Sunday of 121’s flock.
    Slaughterhouse Bay & La Zawn ‡ Hiko ‰ Top choice picks.

  122. Brenda Stewart says:

    We are all looking forward to BC7! Our first BC cruise!

    From several roll call and FB sites this is going to be a packed full time of fun! as every cruise oughta’ be, right!
    I heard Ken Bryant singing maitre is also on this cruise.

    Monkey Heads on too….it’s going to be a challenge bottom have a good time! Looking forward to seeing you there!

    • Brenda Stewart says:

      Lol! Dang auto correct.. Previous post was supposed to say. ” a challenge not to have fun!”
      I need to have coffee before I post!

      A lot of us on this cruise are also running away from the snow and cold weather here in states. Easy choice between below 3-12 degrees or the beautiful Caribbean!

      Everything else is icing on the cake!

  123. Marcia Brooks says:

    John, How can I tell if we’re registered. I think I did. Not sure if I did t-shirt sizes yet. So excited. Looking forward to 2/16! (Marcia and Jim Brooks)

  124. Geri & Jack says:

    Dear John,
    1. Had a wonderful cruise on C-Breeze last week.
    2. Had minor painful med prob onboard and Nurse and Dr fixed problem completely. Great praise to them. I’m very impressed.
    3. Pete, CD gave us some wonderful presents for our 56th Anniv. He is a very nice funny CD. Please thank him for us.
    Can’t say enough good things for staff and ship, as usual. Love being platinum.

    You’re doing a great job. Open dining great – first time for us in 28 cruises.
    Booking another cruise as we speak.
    Take care,
    Geri & Jack

  125. Maxine Wood says:

    Will be arriving with sister and special couple. My sister and I will be the ones with flowers in our hair. Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday.

  126. Richard McQueen says:

    Thank you for the updates, John. On behalf of those, like me, who have benefited from your messages, it is a shame that some are so impatient and lack understanding. You are appreciated.

  127. Amber Travers says:

    Just got off the Carnival Splendor boat yesterday 4-2-14 & I won a ‘$500 Slot Tournament seat’ for 2014 Ultimate Slot Face off Tournament Main Event-on the Carnival Breeze for “NOVEMBER 8th 2014!” I’m looking to sell this seat!!!

    It’s taking place on the ‘Carnival Breeze’ and top prize is $100,000 first prize, all the way to 50th place paying $150.00,Anyone going or looking to go? This will save you $ for the limited Tournament entry seat ($500) and it allows for you to purchase discounted cruise tickets when you have a tournament seat voucher!(This allows for both the discounts) I am looking to sell my seat- I do not expect to have this voucher long and have “only 1″ but the discounted cruise alone is well worth it! Email me ASAP for the info as I check my email daily: Amj2222@yahoo .com

    The date is Nov 8, 2014- Nov 11, 2014 from Miami, Fl to St. Thomas to Antigua, to San Juan PR, to Nassau, Bahamas and back to Miami, Fl. Great locations- worth the cruise discount alone!

  128. Sharon says:

    Hi John

    I live in sunny Sydney (Australia) and was contemplating booking in for your BC8 cruise. Being so far away require me to do a bit of planning with 20 hour flights etc. I am already a VIFP Red member so I logged into my Carnival account and starting searching for the BC8 cruise (BC8 would make me a a Gold member – yay :)).

    However, I cant find it for sale! It doesnt come up as a cruise option, so I am wondering and hoping that surely its not already sold out? Quelle Horreur! Please let me know if the BC8 date has been changed since you announced it or if there is something I can do to find it as a purchase option on the Carnival Website?

    Thank you very much for all your wonderful writings and help you give each day. I really love your Facebook page and your blog.
    Cheers from Down Under,

  129. Benny Resto says:


    We took a cruise on the Sunshine on March 23,2014, we enjoy every minute of it especially the Cozumel beach tour with Tripping cool, the tour Guide Adolfo was great and I believe he is a great asset to the Tripping cool excursion. please pass this on to Tripping cool management.

  130. Mike says:

    I see the Miracle is 21.3 knots now. We will be sailing on her on 6/17/14 and were told she will only do between 18 and 20 knots. We will lose stopping at one port due to this. My question is why is it running faster now and not then? I do own a sail boat on the East coast and understand the dynamics of what can hamper speed, just not now with certain dates for this vessel not stopping at a port that it is stopping at now. Secound question, where are the post cards from Greenland . I have heard of slow mail but duh. Thanx for all you do making our travels a fun time. The best to you and yours. Mike Randall & family

  131. Mari Campbell says:

    Hi John. My husband and I love your blog and FB page and get many laughs from it daily. We do have one question though: You repeatedly state you do your online writing in your underwear, however, we haven’t seen any photographic evidence of this. Are we supposed to just take your word for it? 🙂

  132. jeannie caswell says:

    hi John
    I kept hearing about Johns blogs, I finally decided to google you and find your blogs.
    interesting I might say

    keep on blogging!

    I love cruising so all your info is very useful

  133. john allen says:

    PLEASE do a Bloggers Cruise out of Charleston SC.
    I know it would be booked up after reading the Facebook and Carnival Posts.

  134. saimai C frank says:

    I would like to thanks all the performer play list on carnival fascination.the show was amazing , I had been wait to see this show for a long time,
    for my special thanks for,
    Matthew , I remember that first day I met him , that time that they changed a new cast.i saw him had been practiced , do the singing , repeat again and again that why I knew that why he was amazing on the stage , you are my amazing friend , thanks again for all hugging that you gave me all the time you met me, love you
    Jen, dance captain and josh, big thanks that allow me to have a photo with all your team
    Bernard, keep singing , I can guarantee you can do it because I heard you already.
    Casey, a little girl but you had a lot of power on the state ,
    Lindsey, you singing has a power , and your move also..I love it
    Jaime, all you move and dance were great!!!
    Jane, now I know who was the owner of the great voice ,, so power and caught my heart

    Thank you for your great performance , you guys made my day , hope to meet you again
    Your friend, saimai

  135. Kathy Selman says:

    Will you be on the blogger’s cruise?
    Kathy Selman

  136. Paula says:

    John, what feedback are you getting regarding Carnival’s new smoking policy, especially for those cruisers who have booked and already paid for a cruise after Oct 9, 2014? Seems only fair that those people who got a balcony expressly to be able to smoke!

  137. Joanna Moore says:

    I contacted Carnival the day after we arrived home from our cruise but still have no feedback. I have heard that you are the one to contact who will genuinely take interest in your guests concerns so here it goes. On our departure day, July 14th, my husband was not feeling well so I dialed 911 from our cabin. My husband was having heart issues and since he had a heart attack last December, I was concerned. Shortly after the phone call, a lady showed up with a wheelchair. We grabbed our belongings (my children 10 and 11yrs) and followed the lady. She went to Deck 3 and as we got off of the elevator, she pushed my husband and turned to ask me to get out our sail and sign cards. I did exactly that and then realized that she was pushing him towards the door to leave. I asked her where we were going and she said off of the ship. I immediately saw red and told her that he was having heart problems and needed to go to the infirmary. She didn’t even know how to get there. She had to turn my husband around, ask another crew member where to go and then brought us down to Deck 0 to the nurse. Once there, Gary the nurse was wonderful. My husband’s issues were attended to and we were able to leave within the next couple of hours. My reason for wanting to bring this to the attention of Carnival is so that this does not happen again to any guest. 911 means emergency. I ‘assumed’ and I guess that was my first problem, that by asking for medical help, the staff would have understood the proper procedures to follow. While it may not be correct, I feel like dialing 911 was an automatic understanding that medical attention of a guest was needed. This happened aboard the Triumph on Monday, July 14th. Thank you! Joanna Moore

  138. carol says:

    I have always dreamed of going to Alaska. It was suppose to be my dream cruise. I’m sorry I spent my once in a lifetime chance on visiting Alaska with Carnival. I just returned from my cruise on the Miracle. Although the ship was clean and the staff excellent, that is where the positive ends. I did not know till after the cruise began that they had canceled stopping in Ketchikan. We spent more time at sea than on land. The three stops we made were too long at such small towns, leaving a lot of time to spare. You can only walk around so much in the rain. The time on board was painful. Activities were boring, unexciting and lacked creativity, after all how many times a day can one play trivia?? The few lectures I attended, turned into sales pitches. The few decent activities/shows were all scheduled at night, making you rush your dinner and having to choose between the show or the comedy. Why not have some comedy shows during the day when at sea? Or additional shows? or movies? I have been on other cruises before and have not had an experience like this. There is a reason people gain so much weight on cruises…because there is nothing else to do but eat!!

  139. Diane says:

    Sad day for me with Carnival Cruise! I have been sailing with them for over 20 years off and on.
    Today I had to cancel a cruise due to medical issues and sadly when booking this trip NEVER did the agent from Carnival tell me that I would NOT get my refund if cancelled. Matter of fact I even asked that question about a refund…I even took their INS. This cancellation is taking place way before the sail date.. So anyone out their make sure you can make that sail date or you can kiss your money goodbye….. Hello Royal Caribbean!!!!

  140. Mary says:

    How do you locate someone you met briefly on a cruise and have very little info to go on? His name was Joey, staying on U deck, had his young son with him, from upper Indiana, if I am not mistaken. Would love connecting with him again. Thanks, Mary (Fantasy, July 7-12, 2014)

  141. Randy Smith says:

    Diane and I were on BC6. It was fantastic! John, Calvyn, and Butch made for the greatest cruise ever! We’re going to book for BC8 when we cruise on the Pride next month! The only bad thing is all the PT Cabins are gone already! I guess we’ll book an interior! Interiors make me sleepy! Sigh!

  142. Sandra says:

    John, I just booked my spot on the Carnival Breeze for your Blogger’s Cruise on Jan. 31, 2015!! I’m so excited! I have a great cabin on the Lido deck (near the pool) and cannot wait to meet you in person.

    Have a fantastic day, John!

  143. Patricia Wright says:

    John announced the other day that he will post the Bloggers Cruise Reg at the end of September. Bob and I are going on the Liberty for 3 back to back cruises starting Sept 21 and ending Oct 11 th. On the 11th we are then driving to Jacksonville and boarding the Fasanation for another 5 days. I’m afraid the Bloggers cruise will fill before I can register. Our booking #ID7ZF9 on the Breeze. Please help us. Thanks, Bob & Patti

  144. Michelle says:

    We just booked our cruise on the Breeze on Jan 31st and to our surprise found out after it is the Blogger’s cruise…. Honestly could not have done this if I tried! I am now way way more excited for our cruise… We have been following the blog and facebook for years and have learned so much and enjoyed Carnival updates though John…. What an added bonus to go with the great Past Guest deal we just got and a wonderful room on the Lido! Bring on the winter!

  145. Sue says:

    Bugger! or blogger…I’ll be on the repositioning cruise for the FREEDOM and we had hoped you’d be there!
    Hoping there will be lots of fun even without you on that REPO cruise….

  146. Kim Ford says:

    Looking forward to joining you on BC8!

  147. Thank you for having another very special cruise with super carnival staff John Ken and the Beards. Carnival is #1 and always will be, I just keep adding more and more to the blog and will Continue … I love Carnival 18 cruises in just 8 years and many more to come all Carnival and several bloggers now. Thank you

  148. Just returned from the Elation to Mexico – 5 days out of New Orleans – 1st time for an inside cabin — this Staff/Everyone — absolutely Fabulous!! Met some of the greatest cruisers and had such fun. Our 6th cruise, 4th with Carnival, and read so many negatives about this ship — baffled. We were so pleased with this cruise… staff was superb/helpful/went out of their way… superb organization of the entire cruise experience. Carnival, you truly do have this figured out!! Our entire family across two states are celebrating Winter in Ohio and Illinois in January on the Liberty!!! Can’t wait!

  149. karen childs says:

    on the sensation cruise ship think it is great will do it again. but was suppose to get perks, as a frequent cruiser didnt get it
    what up with that

  150. Pat hansen says:

    Hi john the girls will be there and we re not will Calvin be with us this time.

  151. Ashley says:

    I have cruised with Carnival a couple of times before I was the age 18 with family and really truly have enjoyed it. Now that I am a responsible adult I’d like to enjoy your cruise line on my own. After looking into your policies I was very disappointed. I cannot cruise alone until I’m 25 or married. I believe the age requirements should be reexamined, I’m sure your losing business. I’m sure your reasoning is that there has been bad experiences but you shouldn’t let others suffers because of their actions. Enforce those actions not punish the responsible.
    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -Martin Luther King Jr

    Blessed journeys in 2015

  152. Marvin Sowers says:

    I’m an avid blogger and am wondering what qualifications are required to join the bloggers cruise. (Can’t make this one of course, but I’m interested in next year’s cruise.)

  153. Terri Munro says:

    I would like to sugn up for Bloggers Cruise 9, on the Freedom, 2/20/2016.

    • Julie Lyon says:

      Please sign me up for the Feb 20, 2015 Bloggers’ Cruise too!! We Texan folks are way fun!!
      Looking forward to blogging with you!!

  154. Claudia Medinas says:

    Want to go on the Bloggers cruise 9 if it is on the west coast 🙂

  155. Marty & Les Wysocki says:

    was on this cruise, want to be a blogger, whats next?

  156. Joe Molina says:

    Booked on the valo jan 2016. Will the valor get a 2. 0 upgrde before that cruise. Both my wife and I are platinum BBC cruisers.

  157. Kim Hanlin says:

    I went on Bloggers Cruise 8, & IT WAS AWESOME. The Breeze was a great idea for the ship, considering this was only my second cruise (my very 1st one was on the Valor. I kept eating the chocolates before the rest of my family could get in the room – the chocolate ice cream was good, too). All my expectations were exceeded – the ice cream was SO GOOD! I kept getting more at least every half hour – but I regret never taking the opportunity to try sushi. There’s still next time, though! 😉 Big Hero 6? #BESTMOVIEEVER

  158. Kim says:

    Can you please schedule a bloggers cruise on Carnival Vista European destinations?

  159. Kim says:

    Please, let’s to Europe abord the Carnival Vista !

  160. Glen says:

    Can you please schedule a bloggers cruise on Carnival Vista European destinations?
    Love u

  161. Kindel Booth says:

    Where do you find registration for Bloggers Cruise 9 or advertising? After crossing the Atlantic with you, we want to spend more time with you! We think Carnival is Great!

  162. Colin thomson says:

    I am looking at the Vista next year. My qyestion is about the beer. Since the ship is in europe, will it be local beers OR AMERICAN” what will be the earliest time of departure in barcelona

  163. BRIAN says:

    In September of 2014 me and my family took a cruise on the Carnival Freedom which left out of Miami. When on the cruise, we proceeded to go to the top deck and the Blue Iguana bar.There we met two of the best bartenders i ever came across, the bartenders were Ketut York and Giddy Cosmo. I want you to know Ketut York and Giddy Cosmo made our cruise fun and very informative.
    Both of them just didn’t want to serve us drinks they wanted to know about me and my family. They would take time to talk to us without ever neglecting any other passenger. Also, they went above and beyond what should be expected of them and their duties on the ship. They actually kept an eye out for our child when on deck without ever neglecting thier duties or being asked to.
    By the end of our cruise we came to know Ketut York and Giddy Cosmo very well. They not only became friends but they became part of our family.
    Recently , I learned that Ketut York and Giddy Cosmo will be going to seperate ships. This is a team that shouldn’t be split up. They should continue to work the Blue Iguana bar. Being how well they complement and work well together. I believe it would be unfortunate for the passengers and Carnival to not have them working the same ship or the Blue Iguana deck bar. Being they are two employees who when working togther have the knowledge and drive to make the Blue Iguana and the pool deck come alive and fun.

  164. Julie says:

    Please include me in the in the Blogger Cruise for February 2016!!!

    My sister and I are booked and paid for!! Please include us in the Bloggers… Terri Munro and Julie Lyon!Thank you!!Julie

  165. Belinda Snowden says:

    Hello!!! I would just like to say I have enjoyed Carnival Cruise Ships so much that I would like to eventually work on one after I graduate (I will graduate with my Bachelors in May 2017). Thanks Carnival for the wonderful experiences!!!!

  166. Erik Valentine says:


    I’ve already booked for the Blogger’s Cruise on 2/20/16 and wanted to know how to make certain we would be registered as “Bloggers” when on the Cruise?

    Is this automatic or are there further steps we need to take?

    Thanks as always,

    Erik V.

    • Cassandra says:

      If and when you get a reply please post it here. I would like an answer to that same question. Thanks

  167. Hi my is Diana
    I would like to know how can
    I setup my WiFi to my ineter so
    I can go online

  168. have booked cruise feb 20th how do I join blog group

  169. Joe Kyle says:

    I am just wondering when we can register for Bloggers Cruise out of Galveston as we have already booked months ago!

  170. How do we sign up for blog cruise I am already booked for Feb but how do we make sure we are how do we register

  171. how do we sign up already booked for BC9

  172. Daniel Villota says:

    I just came back from a beautiful 7 days cruise in “GLORY” was great, but specialty your dinning service for my son and daughter were clase A. I like to mention two names that make our experience the best of all,Team Headwater Sabby Lopez and Team Water Wargo Waluyo. Thank you very much for those great moments. looking foward to come back ASAP.

  173. We have booked the Miracle for the March 12, 2016 Blogger’s Cruise 9 West. This is our first Blogger’s Cruise, and we want to know how to get signed up as part of the group. I can’t believe we finally get to experience this, and so looking forward to March. Thanks for any help for us first-timers.

  174. Regina Carroll says:

    I was hoping that maybe you could help me with something. There are four of us cruising on the Fantasy in August and two are first time cruisers. This happens to be their honeymoon / 1 year anniversary. We wanted to purchase decorations from the fun shop but there’s nothing for an annivermoon. lol I was wondering if maybe by some small chance you could help us come up with something?

    Thanks in advance


  175. Terri Munro says:

    I filled out the form for BC9 but have not received aconfirmation email. Is this normal?

  176. Montie Clark says:

    This will be our 48th wedding anniversary cruise. What better way to spend it than with you, John. But you will be excluded from any rumpy sessions. Just saying.

  177. Kandy says:

    Cant wait to sail with you again. GingerTot Kinley is looking forward to meeting you (he calls you “Mr John”) :’)
    I hope I filled the form out correctly. 🙂

  178. Shirley Kish says:

    We would be grateful for an email confirming that our registration for BC9 has been received and processed. Thank you very much.

  179. michael harrell says:

    Yes i am ready

  180. Lynda Robertson says:

    We have not been on any Blooger Cruises, just wondering if we need do do anything else
    Thanks so much for your time
    Lynda Robertson

  181. Jack Carstens says:

    This is our first Bloggers cruise. Please be gentle with us.

  182. Alana Branum says:

    Im soooo excited!!!!!!

  183. looking forward to Feb 2016 Cruise

  184. Colleen says:

    We can’t wait to cruise with you!

  185. Pamela De Marco says:

    Looking forward to this cruise and meeting you John! Thank you!

  186. Catherine Wilson says:

    Waiting to hear for confirmation. Looking forward to our first blogger cruise.

  187. Valerie Booth says:

    Signed up for the Freedom BC. Did NOT get a confirm email as my traveling companions did! Help us please.
    Booking #5Q8MN2. Appreciate whatever you can do.

  188. Pamela De Marco says:

    I signed up for the BC9 West cruise on Saturday, 6/20/15 for myself and friends. I also sent an email to on Monday, 6/22/15 and have yet to get a confirmation email. I know others have so I am quite concerned. Please advise at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

  189. got email for Blog cruise but not confirmation does this mean I and included by getting email

  190. Joyce S. says:

    Hi John:

    I believe that I submitted our information to join you on the Blogger’s Cruise. Will I receive a confirmation that my email request was received?

  191. Michael says:

    On the registration form there is no option for BC9 out of Galveston!

  192. Richard Blomquist says:

    I’m trying to register for Bloggers Cruise 9 out of Galveston on the Freedom, but the registration form only shows BC9W. I’m already booked on the Feb. 20 cruise and need to register for that one.

  193. BC9 Galveston. (Freedom) Still no response. Signed up in Feb for cruise. Don’t understand why registration was closed. This is my 1st bloggers cruise. would be nice to know.

  194. Sandy White says:

    My husband and I are super excited about the BC9 Blogger Cruise .. so excited we had to book another to bridge the gap! 🙂

  195. Susan says:

    We are going on the NEW Vista in June. Since one of the port stops is Turkey we’re a little concerned.
    What is the alternative if Carnival finds it to risky?

  196. Michael Ledet says:

    Registered for Bloggers #9 Cruise Feb 20, 2016 on Freedom. Bookiing # is 5B5TS3 and cabin # 9236 for Michael and Donna Ledet. Can you confirm that we are on the list?

  197. Trish Ross says:

    Hi John:
    I’m on the Nov 29, 2015 Magic sail and have been blessed with an incredibly active FB group of 215. Many events have been planned including Games, Cabin Crawl, Door Deco Contest, PJ Party, etc.

    By chance could y’all supply us with Door Contest gifts-maybe even a Carnival judge, an official meet & greet and perhaps a “room” for Mock Speed Dating & How well Do You Know Your Spouse. we’d also like to organize a slot pull and maybe a group birthday party (since several folks will be celebrating). Can cakes/ venue be provided for us? Anything Carnival(ly) for meet & greet, prizes and/or birthdays would be really appreciated.

    Oh, and if any of the staff do West Coast Swing I would Love to dance with them.

  198. Rena Harp says:

    Hi John.

    Is there anyway to find out the seaside movie schedule for Conquest December 6th out of Ft Lauderdale (of course)? I created a FB page for our cruise and we have a good 50+ members and we are trying to schedule a few meet ans greets. and FYI, love your BLOG

  199. Kathern Dimmick says:

    I was booked had to cancel but am re-booked do to begging at work not to miss the Bloggers cruise after this many years can I and my roomie be put on the list

  200. Lorna Tilson says:

    Just booked BTW and want to register for it, but being told that registration is closed, anyway for two (my daughter and I) Diamond Guests to register, surly there must have been some cancellations?

  201. Monica Thomas says:

    Prakash Serrano and his crew were amazing, someone I left out in my survey was Marlina she had such an amazing smile and kept us laughing even when we would lose. Mr. Prakash and his other pits made us feel special and part of their lives, Thank you.😊 I hope to see you all again. Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

    Yours truly,
    Monica Thomas

  202. Roger Lay says:

    Hi John,

    I know it has been the holidays, but you have yet to mention BC9 since it was first announced. Can you please talk about what will be happening, or any plans that have been made for the cruise. It is 50 days away, and I remember many posts last year before BC8. Looking forward to our first cruise with you

  203. wilma & Art Sukman says:

    We have reservations for the Carnival Freedom cruise Feb 20th. Can you tell me if our names made it on the blogger list or where can I find the information.

  204. Brigid Massey says:

    How do I get a pass to be apart of this?
    Thanks Love!

  205. stephen perrin says:

    my wife would really like to go on bloggers cruise 10 we have been waiting for you say when it will be we have tried the last couple of times but its always sold out by time we find out it sucks being on the west coast.
    so if its possible could you let know so we can book it
    Thank you
    Stephen perrin

    if you cant we understand

  206. Glen Dunn says:

    How do I join John’s bloggers?

  207. Gil Helsel says:

    When will registration for BC#10 open?

  208. Kathy Chambers says:

    When will the blogger cruise for Feb 2017 be open to sign up? I am new at this. Thanks for your help

  209. charlene james says:

    does each person who reaches Platinum Status receive a plate of chocolate covered strawberries?? so if more than one platinum member is in a cabin, there should be more than one plate of strawberries delivered. on a past cruise the strawberries were delivered with a card with my name on it, so i took them and shared with other friends on the cruise, assuming the other platinum cruiser in my cabin would get her own plate of strawberries. well they never came, even after she called repeatedly to guest services requesting her chocolate covered strawberries. (the card that was with my strawberries only listed my name!!!)
    According to Carnival’s page it says under “My Platinum VIFP Club – My Benefits*
    “Chocolate Delight”
    (delivered to stateroom on 5+ day cruises)- which means that the “MY BENEFITS” is what each and every platinum member is entitled to. i would love to hear asap as i cruise Feb 28, 2016

  210. Ashley M. says:

    I wanted to find out if you are going on any cruises this December. My family will be taking a cruise out of miami for the first time since my dad passed away. The last cruise we were on he passed away the last day of the cruise ( he was home not on the cruise) So its a big thing for us. Bittersweet! It would be exciting to meet you.

  211. Eunice Yurko says:

    John, I just booked on the Glory for Feb 4, 2017. This is Bloggers Cruise 10 Isn’t it? The Vacation Planner from Carnival didn’t know anything about it. How do I make sure I am on the Bloggers Cruise?

  212. Barbara McQuillan says:

    John. Is Bloggers cruise 10 scheduled? I want to enjoy the fun of one of these. Thanks

  213. Debi Seay Leonard says:

    John, Hubby and I are signed up on the Glory on Feb 4, 2017 for the BC10. Is there another list or something to sign up to participate in the Blogger’s events? Thanks so much. Debi

  214. Jennifer Harris says:

    When is the next Blogger’s cruise?

  215. Linda Ruddock says:

    When will we be able to register for the Glory bloggers cruise February 4, 2017…Does it usually fill up quickly.

  216. Barbara McQuillan says:

    Hi John. I’m looking forward to the next Bloggers Cruise on the Glory Feb 4th 2017. How do I make sure to be part of the group. I’ve cruised many times but wanted to be part of this fun. Thanks

  217. Robert Burgess says:

    Will Calvin be on the Bloggers 9(W)?

  218. Linda Ruddock says:

    where will we need to go to register for the bloggers cruise on August 1?

  219. Joyce Holtz says:

    Hi John
    What time on August 1, 2016 do you start taking Registrations for BC10? My friend and I are in the same cabin. May I register for both of us?? and one last question, how fast does the registration fill up? only 700 scares me that we won’t make it. Thanks for your help and all the laughs you give me every day.

    Joyce Holtz

  220. Joyce Holtz says:

    Hi John

    What time of day will you open your registration for BC10? Also, may I register for my cabin mate at the same time I do my registration? We have our cabin booked and can’t wait to sail with you. Thank you.

  221. Lillian Francis says:

    Will you do another bloggers cruise of Alaska in May 2017. I just booked in the hope that it will happen

  222. Maryann Fox says:

    Might there still be a bloggers cruise to Alaska in May?

  223. Tonia Porada says:

    John, we just booked the Legend for May 23, 2017 so we can join you on the bloggers cruise. It will be our first one. Where do we go to register on August 1st? And what time do you open registration. We are on the west coast and if you open it up at let’s say 9:00 am eastern time, we will probably still be in bed. Thanks.

    • cclmischelle says:

      We’ll advise a specific time as we get closer to 8/1 and we will keep our friends on the west coast in mind.

  224. Tonia Porada says:

    John, we just booked the Legend for May 23, 2017 so we can join you on the bloggers cruise. It will be our first one. Where do we go to register on August 1st? And what time do you open registration (please specify time zone). Thank you.

  225. Maryann Fox says:

    Can we book it now and register later?

  226. Paula says:

    My husband and I were already looking at booking the Glory on Februrary 4 2017. We actually have it saved but we’re wondering if we book now can we still be a part of the blogger cruise? We follow John all the time and would love to be a part of the blogger cruise. Should we wait until August to book?

  227. Stefani says:

    Just booked the Alaska Blogger cruise…thanks so much for having something driving distance away. This will be my first blogger cruise, but have been reading your blog since the beginning of time 🙂

  228. Lillian says:

    Very excited about our first bloggers cruise. We’ll be joining you in Alaska. May 2017. I see you have welcome and good bye events for the bloggers. Will there be a shore excursion for bloggers! If yes, what port would it be? I don’t want to book something else and miss out.

  229. Debra Seay says:

    Wow!! BC is closing at 500 guests now??? It was 750. Sure hope I can make the cut; cruise is already booked based on the BC and that is also part of a BtoB on the Vista following…..Oh the drama and anxiety!!!!

  230. Donna Nichols says:

    I haven’t been on a bloggers cruise before. How would one register on August 1?

  231. Pam Peters says:

    John, my husband and I have booked our 25th cruise with Carnival on the 10th Blogger’s cruise next May. We have never been on a Blogger’s cruise before and I understand they fill up fast. Where do I get the form to register, what information will I need and at what time does registration begin on August 1st? Thank you so much, and we really look forward to sailing with you again!

  232. Cassandra washington says:

    Can I sigh up for our group? We have booked the bloggers cruise 2/4/17 and were wondering if each of us need to register or if one of us can register for the group? Some work days, and some work evenings so there is seldom one time when we will all,be able to sign up at once.

  233. Mary says:

    Where are you cruising out of in September 2016?

  234. Peggy Arenburg says:

    John, my daughter & I have already booked the cruise on Feb. 4th. Can’t wait to sail with you again!

  235. Cassandra says:

    Anyone who has registered for this cruise in the past, can you tell me how it usually happens? This is my first time trying to register and have already booked our cabin. I don’t want to miss the sigh up by not knowing the how’s and whats to it. I know the date of sign up is August 1, and that is just about all I know about it. Thanks in advance.

  236. Heather says:

    Any plans to schedule a bloggers cruise for the summer months? I’m a teacher full time so the current dates overlap the teaching schedule.

  237. Karen Olson says:

    Looking forward to our first bloggers cruise May 23, 2017 to Alaska. We love John and just sailed with him on the Vista’s maiden voyage. Can’t wait to meet new people.

  238. Virgil Glaser says:

    Already booked and have August 01 on my calender. Will be up at midnight waiting for the list to be openef

  239. Lana Filipponi says:

    I have never even known there was a blogger cruise. I am so excited to try for it.

  240. Trisha Thill says:

    Would love to cruise with you July 1, 2017 on Vista! Hubby and I celebrating 15th anniversary.

  241. Gladys MARY Stelow says:

    Hope you are on Vista Jan 27-February 4, 2018! Also, can they add couches to inside cabin (stateroom) on Vista for 3 Seniors traveling together on a budget so one of us won’t have to climb into a upper bunk?

  242. Paul Brotherton says:

    Thanks for all your info .. I am hooked now on Carnival…. going out on the Carnival Conquest on 15 Oct.. any new news? I will become a GOLD member this cruise wooohooo

  243. Liz says:

    Hi, my husband and I are booked for the BC on February 4th. Do you have a link to the site where we register on August 1. Does registration open on Eastern standard time? You see, I am worried we will be the 501st to try to register.

    We are so excited about going. Please help me understand how to do this.

    Thanks so much.

  244. Don Perdue says:

    What time does the BC10 Cool registration open (PST) on August 1, 2016?

  245. Don Perdue says:

    What time(PST) does registration open for BC10 Cool?

  246. Don Perdue says:

    What time PDT,does registration open on 8/1?

  247. Gigi says:

    I was wondering if you can sign up on board for a future bloggers cruise if the registration starts during the time you are on board a cruise. Also can you take advantage of the on board credit offered for signing up for a future cruise if it is a bloggers cruise? Thanks so much for the help!!

  248. DONNA NICHOLS says:

    I believe I joined a group on CC but I booked my cabin with Carnival. Is that how to join the blogger part? I also know about the sign up on August 1. What time and what time zone will that open?

  249. Kevin Stannard says:

    Do we call carnival to register for the bc – 10?????? Or do we register on here. What are the hours to register? Can I call at 1201 am August 1??? Thanks.

  250. Laura Davidson says:

    Hello John Could you please tell me where the ‘Ask John tab’ is. I have a problem and I need your help.

  251. Donna says:

    Please FFS!! Will someone tel us what time the registration starts for the bloggers cruise on August 1. I (and others) have asked numerous times.
    Thank you ❤️

  252. Barney Fergus says:

    What time zone are you using for the opening of the registration for the BC10? We do not want to miss out, we will be on that cruise.

  253. Mary Dagostino says:

    Hi John. Here is my question, which I have already asked on your wall…but I never see the answers, so I will ask here. I know that registration for the Blogger’s Cruise is on August 1, 2016, but I am not sure what time or what the procedure is. Do you announce it when the time opens and then is there a form to fill out or a phone call to make…or what? Please let me know so that I can be prepared. Thank you very much!!!

  254. Jeff says:

    Hey John
    I can’t find the Ask John tab above so thought I would just ask here and see if by chance I get a response. I am looking to propose to my future fiancé (hopefully) onboard the Carnival Valor sailing on Aug 19-27. It will only be us two and I really want to make sure there are pictures taken. Do you have any ideas or suggestions that could you could help with??
    Thank you in advance for any help

  255. Christine says:

    John what time does registration begin for bloggers #10? First bloggers, do not want to miss it. Thanks

  256. Barney Fergus says:

    My wife and I will be onboard for the Bloggers Cruise. What time zone and what time can we sign up?

  257. Robb Homokay says:

    How do I register for BC10-cool?

  258. Robb says:

    Please tell me how to register for BC10 Cool.I have already booked the cruise.

  259. Sharon Sass says:

    Hi can you please tell me what i need to do for regestration for bloggers cruise never done one before

  260. Robbin Homokay says:

    Arizona does not participate time changes/ Presently when its 9am in East Coast it is 6am here. Question: since its registration starts at 9am EST does this mean that I can register at 6am or do I have to wait till 7am?

  261. john how and where due I sign up for the bloggers cruise If I screw up my wife is going to kill me I need your help please

  262. Mike Del Costello says:

    John, I have a group traveling on the Glory for Bloggers 10. Can I register my entire group for the activities or does each room have to do it individually?

  263. dorothy young says:

    How to I sign up for the Bloggers

  264. Terry Ann Tamborello says:

    Any idea what time tomorrow the registration for BC10 opens?

  265. Deborah Dunn says:

    John, I am sorry to bother you. However, I can not find the correct link to register for the May 23, 2017, Bloggers cruise.

    My husband James Dunn, mother Doris Seabolt and myself Deborah Dunn will be on the Legand and would love to attend the bloggers cruise. I hope this will work for my registration.

    As always,

    Thank you,
    Deborah Dunn

  266. tim parsons says:

    how do we register for the bloggers criuse

  267. John Oliver says:

    Would like to register for the bloggers cruise going to Alaska May 23, 2017. Our booking number is 1NK4B1. Please advise.

  268. Wendy Krafthefer says:

    Still trying to figure out the best way to make sure we are signed up for Carnival Bloggers Cruise 10 HOT on 2/4/17 Glory!!
    Names : Wendy Krafthefer DIAMOND
    Steven Krafthefer PLATINUM
    T-shirt size: 2x and 3x (larger if possible…)
    Booking # 3 C V B N 6
    Cabin # 1 2 4 7
    Thanks so much for your consideration- this is a BUCKET LIST item for me! (And the sweetest DH)

  269. Debra Seay says:

    John, I can’t find the registration form for the 2017 blogger’s cruise on the Glory. Hubby and I have been waiting years to get on board. Help!!

  270. Debra Seay says:

    Blogger’s Cruise 10 (BC10-Hot)

    When: February 4, 2017

    Where: Carnival Glory out of Miami, FL

    Ports of Call: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic |St. Thomas, USVI | San Juan, Puerto Rico | Grand Turk

    Registration: Registration for BC10-Hot will open August 1, 2016 and will close as soon as we reach 500 guests….where is the registration form????

  271. Chris McMillan says:

    Love your blogs and your way of throwing down some reality for people. You make the anticipation of a cruise fun and not anxiety! Thanks

  272. Gay Stackhouse says:

    where do you register for the bc10?

  273. Deborah Dunn says:

    Good morning, last night I tried to fill out the registration forms for myself, my husband and my mother. However, all it would ever say was that the registration was successful. The email I used was for my husband James Dunn. Please help. I realize this shouldn’t be so hard. However, I’m not sitting here in my underpants and I have no dangly bits….so can you help a girl out? We had so much fun on the Freedom last year and want to make sure my mom is going to have the same fun. My booking number is 1JM9F6 for James Dunn, Deborah Dunn and Doris Seabolt. Again, I tried to get the form to pull up without success. Thank you guys for all you do.

    • cclmischelle says:

      Registration doesn’t open until 9:00AM et and when it opens; it will be very easy. The forms will be on the Blogger’s Cruise tab, as well as posted on John’s Facebook page.

  274. Janis Spector says:

    Trying to register for BC 10 and can’t seem to find the registration form. Help

  275. Linda Ruddock says:

    Is there a specific form to register for the bloggers cruise…I see on the posts that there are 46 views for the bloggers cruise registration form submitted and when I cick on that it says “Success…we have received your registration…does that mean my husband and I will be part of the group or do I still have to fill out a form?

  276. Kevin says:

    Password for bc-10 hot???

  277. Dan Atkins says:

    8:55 AM waiting for to signup to BC10….Cruise Happy everyone

  278. Diane says:

    It’s 9am – I would like to register my husband and myself for the Blogger’s cruise on Feb 4.

  279. Joe Quimby says:

    how do we register for the bloggers cruise?

  280. Bonnie says:

    Registered! BC-10 Cool…So excited! See you there!

  281. Megan Johnson says:

    Is it too late to sign-up for BC10-cool?

  282. Dorothy Anderson says:

    sent in form for cruise blog 10 Miami said was sent successful bur have not got email other say have done at 9

  283. gus melchion says:

    i’m booked on the blogger hot cruise. this cruise will be officially my 100th CCL cruise. I have more dating back to 1979 on the Marti Gras. All, are not included, save 1 cruise on the tropical are before the milestone system was initiated.
    Thanks much Sir John for doing your jobs so well over the years despite having Calvyn to train. LOL Calvyn

  284. Jasmary says:

    My family and I are dedicated cruisers for the Carnivalcorperation. We recently experienced a terrible trip on the carnival sunshine Aug 1-9, 2016.

  285. Jeff Northrup says:

    I sent in the form for the Cool Bloggers Cruise the other day. How will I know whether I’m in?

  286. Diana Kahn says:


    If there is a waiting list for John’s Carnival Glory Bloggers’ Cruise on February 4th, please add my name to the list. I am booked for the cruise, and I’d love to hang out with Mr Heald.

    Thank you very much.


  287. Victoria Prima says:

    I am going on the Dream out of New Orleans LA
    on Oct 30th, 2016. On previous cruises there was no where to watch football games.
    There is a big game on Nov 5th the Alabama bulldogs will be playing Louisiana State University Tigers. I was wondering if the comedy club or the piano bar or disco could be set up for fans to go and enjoy the game.
    The last cruise we were all crammed in front of the bar in the casino. We could not hear the play by play.

  288. dennis Peretz says:

    leaving may 16 can l join the bloggers?

  289. Sharon Islam says:

    When is there an opening for the bloggers cruise?

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