Where can I find the most up to date Cruise Director and Assistant Cruise Director schedule? The schedule can be found by clicking this link.

How many formal nights are onboard? Which nights are they on? Most evenings we have a Cruise Casual dress code, but there are those Cruise Elegant evenings one or two nights throughout the voyage. The length of the cruise determines the number of Cruise Elegant evenings in the Dining Room. The first Cruise Elegant evening is scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd day of the cruise; the second Cruise Elegant evening is scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd day prior to the end of the cruise, schedules permitting.

• 1-day cruise: none
• 2-day to 5-day cruise: one Cruise Elegant evening
• 6-day or longer cruise: two Cruise Elegant evenings

How do I get in touch with a Crew Member that I met on my cruise? Unfortunately, nor Carnival or I am able to provide any personal crew member information.

What is your favourite ship? That’s a hard one to answer but I have three ships that mean a lot to me for personal reasons. They are: The Carnival Fantasy, The Carnival Legend and The Carnival Splendor.

What is your dream car? Aston Martin DBS convertible.

Who has the nicest bottom in the world? After myself and Gerry Cahill it is of course ……Megan Fox

Where can I find your Facebook thingy? Simple. Visit http://facebook.com/johnheald.

I have no idea what you are talking about… help!?! This link should help clear things up.

Where can I find all of the Fun Times? All of the FunTimes I have posted to the blog can be found here.

More FAQ’s coming soon. Have one you want to submit? Leave it in the comments section below this post.

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478 Responses to FAQ

  1. Riley says:


    The questions about stamping passports in the countries of the ports of call comes up a lot. With the upcoming European season, this is sure to come up. Maybe you can add it onto the FAQ page?


  2. James Speelman says:

    I would like to know where do I find the Bridge cameras, on all of Carival’s ships. Thank you.

  3. Lori says:

    We will be sailing B2B cruises on the Magic (Oct. 7 and 16, 2011) and are wondering how and where to get info about the Chef’s table dining experience. Is this something that is regularly setup by the cruise line, or only when ppl. ask about it? Is it best to try and arrange something like this on a sea day, or on a short port day (ie. Mallorca is 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 14)

    thanks for any assistance

    • Kathryn Chesnut says:

      Go to Manage your Cruise and click on view details and click on Plan activities and scroll down the steakhouse should be there click on it and you can request your reservation there.

  4. Janice Gile says:

    Hi John – I heard that you are the go to guy. I am looking to see if there is a department or person to talk to about services for people who are visually imparied. I am 58 years old and have crusied with carnival 8 times but recently a blood clot on the brain has impaired my vision significantly. Crsuising will always be in my life but I find myself asking for asssitance to make it easier. My only need on the boat is good lighting while dinning. Is there a way I can request a table in the center of the dining room versus the dimed lit seats on the side. We are booked on the Freedon for March 24, 2012. We will be traveling with a party of 10. Is there a resource person that could help?

    • Mary says:

      I have an 18 year old special needs child. We are cruising in about a week and a half and it will be our 6th cruise and his 4th. Carnival has always been amazing with him and us, so we continue to return and have no plans to change that. They have always allowed him to participate in Camp Carnival within his abilities for short periods of time. I normally wait until we are there to meet with Camp Carnival staff personally so they can meet my son because describing him tends to make his sound worse than he is. He functions around a 2 to 3 year old level but understands far more than that. Two years ago they allowed him to attend the same camp as our younger son as long as they were there together and my older son did great. We kept it to short periods of time and things we knew interest him. Sooooo my question is since he is now 18 will this affect his ability to participate in the camps? I’d hate to see him not get to enjoy the camps at least for an hour or so on this trip. He actually “walked” for his high school graduation this year so this is his graduation party cruise and I’d like for him to be able to participate in as many activities as he can. His now 7 year old brother will be there too, so I would not let my older son attend without his little brother there with him to just help keep an eye out. We also never do this for more than a hour or so a day. we normally pick out the activity that our older son would find the most fun and let them both go to that and then my 7 year old can go to as many as he wants on his own. Thank you so much for your time.

  5. Jim Dale says:

    Can you clear up some questions about the cabanas at HMC? Some people are saying they are already assigned, and that you have no choice. Can you give an update?


  6. Debbie says:

    How do I find out if you got my request for a Chef’s Table reservation? I was told to blog you which I did some weeks back…..Carnival Paradise 4-18-11 out of Long Beach….

    • Debbie says:

      Ooops, I wanted to check the follow up box.

    • Bruce Johnson says:

      Did you receive an answer about how to sign up for the Chef’s Table. We are cruising on August 28. Thanks for your help.

      • Steve Mason says:

        Will be on May 29th,2012, cruise to Freeport/Nassau out of Charleston, SC on Carnival Fantasy for 5 days. Would like to make a reservation for a Chef’s Table for two during that cruise. How do I do that? Can you assist?

        • Michele says:

          You book the Chef’s Dinner onboard. Ask at guest services. (Anyway that’s how they did it on my last cruise.) 🙂

  7. tina downen says:

    What time will we be able to board in venice 5/1?

  8. Rachelle Wilson says:

    Dear John,
    I am trying to send an e-mail and I need to know how to go about it? I have a question and or comment and wish to share.

    Thank You

    • Eric the Beard says:

      Hey Rachel,

      If you want to submit a question to John, you can do so my going to the “Ask John” page at the top and filling out the form with the appropriate subject line. 🙂 – Eric the Beard

    • Randee says:

      Are there hairdryers onboard the Splendor?

      • Rick Williamson says:

        Yes, VERY Carnival ship has them. Once or twice they weren’t in the room at the start of our cruise. So we just ask the cabin person to get us one. nd the only time I can remember it happening the ship had just come out of it’s refebishing.

  9. Daniel Lee says:

    2 questions,,,, Has there been any new news about the Carnival new/updated Loyality Program? What will be the new Carnival Breeze US home port?????


  10. Jamie Jett says:

    Hi John,
    I will be on the Triumph on July 23 going to the Eastern Caribbean. I am bringing a friend with me that has not cruised in the past. I have cruised many times and love it. She lost her husband last year and I lost both of my parents last year, so this is something that we are doing for ourselves to recapture life again after a lot of sorrow. I would like to get some information on how to book the tour the cruise ship when you first get on board. I saw something about what a good tour it was, but don’t see anything on how to book it.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

    • Jodi Bourdon says:

      Jamie, all you have to do is go to the excursion desk when you first get on the ship and ask for the “Behind the fun tour”. They will then put you on the list for the tour which is always held on the last sea day. I’m sure you will love it. We learned things that we never knew. Hope you have a great cruise. Jodi

  11. Karen says:

    I was wondering where I may purchase some of the dinnerware that was used onboard the Carnival Dream? Thank You

  12. cclmary says:

    Hi Cynthia,

    All request for Chef’s table must go through “Ask John” page.
    Have fun!

  13. Marty says:

    Can you put up the Funtimes for the Fantasy soon?


  14. Catherine says:

    What is the deal with dinner at the captains table. How do I make a reservation? Carnival Magic departs 6/12/2001

  15. jerry horn says:

    this is my wife and I’s first cruise and I have so many questions I don’t know where to start. We are leaving out of New Orleans on the Triumph on June 25th. I will just list the questions and you pick the ones you can answer.
    1) Who has the best Mayan Ruins – Cozumel or Progresso?
    2) On a 5 day cruise how many Elegant evenings do they have, and is a sport coat (no tie) okay?
    3) Should we hit the Steakhouse at least once?
    4) Can you bring any alcohol on board ship with you when you board in your carry on?

  16. Debbie says:

    We are going on the CArnival Liberty and
    My husband wants to go scuba diving on our cruise
    which port would you receomed as the best one to scuba dive in st thoma or grand turk

    is there a excurison or company anyone recomends

  17. Shirley Haley says:

    We will be staying on in Barcelona for a few days after our cruise. What time do we have to disembark the ship

  18. Elizabeth Ann Griffin-McGahey says:

    why is it that new ship that is being built has a better site than the new Magic. Breeze floor plans have a 360 view and stateroom floor plan. Magic sight is incomplete. Can’t see inside of real rooms and such.

  19. Luc Marchildon says:

    Dear John (please reply),

    I am looking forward to our next cruise. It will be the Sep. 25/2011 sailing of the Carnival Magic. Our 8th cruise on Carnival (almost platinum). A few friends will be joining us on this one. It will be their first on Carnival. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a Your Time dining reservation. John, since it appears that you are in good terms with our Maitre D’, Ken, do you think it would be at all possible to twist his arm and get us a Your Time assignment? Many thanks. I am looking forward to meeting The (great) John Heald.

    Luc (aka, Tangocherie)

  20. Dottie says:

    Will be on the Dream in Septmeber and use a walker to get around. How do I find how what is available for disabled people We are on the Lido Deck so that should help, but how can I get a seat in the forward (Crimson) dining room. is there info for the handicap?

  21. Phyllis says:

    I usually cruise single on RCL but I am taking a friend and I thought I would take Carnival. I am thinking about Destiny and a suite. What do you think about that ship? I am Senior Citizen and shes in her 30s. She has never cruised before. Answer soon going to book 6/8 maybe.

  22. Kathy Preis says:

    Greetings to all! I’m sailing on the Glory’s 7-day New England/Canada on Sept 10 and would like to see the Fun Times. Will that be posted soon? BTW, I am totally smitten with John, his blog thingy and his attention to his FB! I congratulate Carnival for keeping an open mind and recognizing that he is genuinely concerned about making the passengers’ vacation experience the best ever.

  23. Kimbrae Abner says:

    Can you help us secure a table for 2 on our cruise leaving 7/19/11, Seattle RT to Alaska.
    We thank you for any and all help.

  24. cclmary says:

    Hi Lesley,

    All request for the chefs table must go through the ASK JOHN page.

    Have a great night.


  25. Nancy says:

    I know it will be a vacation on the Magic but I was wondering if there are laundry facilities onboard. I don’t want to have to take my whole wardrobe and I might have to rinse out my unmentionables.

  26. Nancy says:

    Hello all Magic cruisers. We will be sailing May 6, 2012 out of Galveston. Hope to meet all of you. It will be our 3rd cruise. Gets in your blood, doesn’t it.

  27. Sally Ann Woock says:

    I was told I could sign up for the Chef’s table on your blog but do not find it. We are sailing July 16 on Carnival Dream
    it) party of 2. Please sign us up.

  28. Sally Ann Woock says:

    What is a verification number

  29. Emily Miller says:

    I was wondering if there was anyway of getting reservations for the Chef Table on The Freedom. We are going on the July 2nd sailing. We are celebrating our 28th anniversary and our daughters graduation. I had sent you a request about 2 or 3 months ago, but I think it was about the same time you were getting started with your new ship and I’m sure you had a couple of other things going on. If there is anything you could do to help us get this arranged, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you and smooth sailing

  30. Mike says:

    can you please update the funtimes library- i can`t find anything for the Eastern Carribean 8 day Freedom Cruise. I am leaving 8-13 on our 9th Carnival trip

  31. Brenda Fuselier says:

    I am a Platinum Member. We will be cruising with another couple who are not. If I book their cabin under my name as an additional cabin, will they be able to enjoy the boarding priveleges? I understand they have to be connected with my sail and sign account. Is that true? Thanks, Brenda

  32. LEN says:


  33. Delmer Thompson says:

    John,I read the look, friends box above and it said for unrelated items go to the ask john tab above. above what and where. I have not found any such tab. Please tell me how to work this bloggy thing. Thanks and God Bless. Delmer

  34. Steve says:

    I heard that recently the Dream has taken their trays off and you have to try to carry your food, drinks, etc. without trays. This happened to us on the Miracle once and it was not easy to carry food around. Why did the Dream do this and Is there any way you can correct this?
    Thanks – Steve & Linda

    • Juanita says:

      They didn’t have trays on Triumph last week either but it was not a problem. Their plates are now huge and hold alot more than any human can eat so you just put your salad bowl on that platter with your other food. Waiters came by asking what we wanted to drink and brought us lemonaid, water, tea, coffee, etc just as if we were in the main dining room.

  35. Al Olson says:


    Nice blog and writing style. Informative.

    My wife and I will be sailing on 1/22/12 on the Magic out of Galveston, celebrating our 45’th anniversary. Yea!

    How do I book the Captain’s Table reservation so we can enjoy that experience?

    Thanks so much and can’t waait to see the Magic in action.


  36. Liz says:

    Hubby&I will be on the Magic 9/4 can’t wait.
    Our 1st Carnival Cruise was on the the Pride 2/26/11 and we loved it so much we book the Magic. Can’t wait to meet you.I enjoy your blog and can’t see why people complain to you so much,what is not to like on one of your cruises.They should think about how luck they are to be able to cruise on one of the fun ships

  37. john says:

    Hi John – we are cuising 14th August. Looking to pre book a meal in the steakhouse but dont want to clash with the cruise elegant nights. Any idea what days they will be that week

  38. buena dotson says:

    ok i am booked on the ship liberty. sail oct.1 2011 stateroom 9274lido deck early dining.we have a few family members going also same time dining we are seating togther under the YOUNG party.my ? is i have a friend that just booked same cruise LESTER NORMAN PARTY OF 2 STATEROOM 8374 got my time dining. if you could please try to see if you could seat them with the YOUNG PARTY or as close as posable. thanks in advance buena dotson

  39. Jim Meyers says:


    My wife Trina and I were on the November 7, 2010 sailing of the Carnival Spleandor. I found your blog right after that cruise and read it daily. We will be sailing on the 9/23/11 Carnival Spirit sailing in room 4218 ref booking # xxxx. The 26th of September will be our 24th anniversary. In the last 4 years, my wife has helped me through two heart surgeries, a neck surgery and two stents. She is an awesome lady. Trina does not drink alcoholic beverages. However, if you could do it, a special note from you would really make her cruise.

    Your friend Jim

  40. Sharon says:

    We’ll be sailing on back to back cruises October 16 to November 13. I am so EXCITED to Sail on the CARNIVAL Magic. I have read that You Sir. “John Heald” like to joke around with your audience. Please be nice to me, I will be near you for a month. I will try not to bug you. I think you are really funny. This will be my 30th cruise and the longest one and first one to Europe. Also the first time to not be in an inside cabin. We had to save for a few years for a balcony on the spa deck.
    I don’t know if you ever have time to have a meal with a guest, but it would be wonderful to have dinner, lunch or snack with you when we are on the 28 day cruise. I know how busy you all are. But we’re at sea days a lot in November. I can’t even imagine all the people you deal with on each cruise. You must have a really great staff working with you.

  41. Kevin Holcomb says:

    I am having problems printing the blog off of the website. When I do a print preview, I get a bunch of garbage. I am using Outlook and have not recently cahnged any of my settings? Please help. Thank you.

  42. Rebecca England says:

    How do we get reservations for the Chef’s Table on the Victory sailing 9/19/2011?

  43. Daniel Lee says:

    John, if I ask you a question, where/how can I track the answer or response?

  44. Chris says:

    Hello John
    My wife and i are due to take our first Cruise on Carnival Liberty sailing on the 22nd of October. This is a reward for my wife in obtaining her second PhD.I am English but my wife is Thai all i have is admiration for my wife coming from a very very poor background, it is remarkable what she has achieved, I would like to do something special for her have you any suggestions.
    Thanks Chris

  45. scott kiss says:

    just wondering what ships in the Carnival fleet have waterworks?

  46. Dora Huff says:

    Third email – please respond. (If I missed your response, please tell me where I can find it.)

    Dear John,
    I am an avid fan of Carnival, will soon be taking my 8th Carnival cruise and have enjoyed all my cruises even the Mediterranean when we took nine family members for a cruise of a life time. You were the Cruise Director and the day before we were to disembark there was that little problem of terrorists at Heathrow which threw everything up in the air, (and my Drambuie confiscated at the airport) including our departure from Rome taking us two days to get home. I was so surprised and happy to see that you were again my Cruise Director last November as I took my best friend and her daughter for an exciting adventure on the Splendor to Mexico. Well, maybe the toilet problem wasn’t exactly as planned and the meals not what I had bragged about, but every single cruise crew member did their best. Guess what, my friend, her daughter and myself are going again, same ship – Splendor – same week departing Nov 6 and even the same deck! This time I upgraded to a small suite. My question is, is there anything you can do to make this really special for my friends? Last year was their first cruise and even my friend’s adult daughter’s first airplane ride from Missouri. I wish you were going to be our cruise director again because maybe the third time would be a real charmer. lol Can you get us a seat at the Captain’s table one night, or dinner seating at a window? Do you know if they do anything special for us true blue cruisers that survived what has been dubbed Smoke on the Water? A little extra special welcome would be great. The reservation is under Dora Huff, Connie Russo and Gina Russo. Thank you so much.
    Dora Huff

  47. Is ThristyFrog Ale available on the Splendor? It not is there a target date or a guesstimate when it will be? Thank you.

  48. David says:

    Where are the new menus?

  49. donna haddix says:

    We are planning a cruise in January 2012. I am trying to find the recommended dress code for dining. I havee not been able to locate on the web site. Thank you in advance.

  50. Rose Frederickson says:

    What ships currently have the “drinks on us” program in the casinos?

  51. Bruce Lanter says:

    Mr. Heald, I’m confised. Getting different answeres to the same question. We are going ot Hawaii on the Spirit on April 13th, 2012. My question is ship time in Hawaii. Some say Hawaii time others say San Diego time. We arrive 8:00 -11:00. Hopefully this is Hawaii time. If it is San Diego time it would be 5:00am – 8:00pm. and some days we would be leaving mid afternoon. Can you clear this up for me. Thank You very much.

    • Lee says:

      If the Spirit is still doing this cruise out of Ensenada, get prepared for a day from Hell. My wife and I , along with another couple, took this cruise 2 years ago. Theship was scheduled to depart Ensenada at 4:00 PM. At 4:00 PM allpassengers were still in SanDeigo, awaiting being bused to Ensenada. It was a mad house. Finally, CCL got all 2300 passengers on buses and police escorted us to Ensenada, boarding ship at 11:00PM, sailing approx. at midnight. That is the bad news. But let me say, if you have never been to Hawaii, once you get there, you will decide that ANYTHING that you went through to get there, will have been worth it. Magnificent. But, to answer your question, once there, you will be on Hawaii time. By the way, if Stewart Dunn is still cruise director on the Spirit, you will be further delighted. After 10 CCL cruises and 2 others on other lines, he is absolutely the very best.

  52. michael leezer says:

    I am booked on the liberty march 3,2012. can u tell me who will be in the piano bar?I went on the dream in 2010 and the piano bar man was the best ever. last year on the liberty the piano man was a dud!!! carnival will sell more drinks in the piano bar if the piano man has a great personallity and play music like the man on the dream in 2010

  53. who is piano bar entertainer on liberty march 3 2012

  54. Boyd W Miller says:

    I won a seat to the $100,000 changle and can’t make it. Need help on how to post it.

  55. We are sailing on the Carnival Freedom on December 3, 2011. Someone in our group mentioned that Carnival will help us hold a meet and greet. If this is so, please advise me how we would proceed.
    Thank you for your attention to this question.
    Mary Ann Wolff

  56. Lori Keener says:

    Hi John,

    We just returned from a FABULOUS cruise on the Carnival Freedom and someone told me that Carnival is considering changing the VIP program from number of cruises to days at sea! I have never thought about this before but wow what a revelation! We live in Northern Illinois and only take 7+ day cruises (once we pay airfare we want to take full advantage). But people who live near a port could cruise short three day cruises and add their points up much quicker. Can you tell me if this is truly being discussed as a change in the policy?


  57. TOBY YOSH says:


  58. Joanne Barkan says:

    I’m on vacation so no I don’t want to dress up.
    Can I still go to dinner in the dining room or other public rooms?

  59. Marcia Schectman says:

    Can you give me the Fun Times for the upcoming Dec 17 Inspiration? I have a group on this sailing and would like to know what to expect. Who will the cruise director be? Will there be a formal night and when? Will there be a captain’s fun farewell, etc.Punchliner comedy etc.

  60. Julio Garrido says:


    We are sailing on Nov. 20th on the Carnival Glory out of Miami, our 10th cruise on Carnival Woo hoo !!! We want to reserve the Chef’s table for the Tuesday or Wednesday of our sail. Can this be done prior to boarding ? We would need 6 – 10 seats. Please tell me what needs to be done.


    Julio Garrido

  61. Hanna says:

    What is your stand on the debate about regulating cruise ships in Charleston, South Carolina?

  62. Frances Wohl says:

    Hi John,

    How are you? Can you tell me who’s the cruise director on the Dream. I’m sailing again in two weeks, I was hoping my friend Jorge Solano was the cruise director since it’s been about 10 years since I last seen him.
    Just to let you know who I am. I handled the recommened store program with Patricia Garza 15 years ago. Yea thats right 15 years ago. I used to bust your balls about returning goods to the stores for exchange.

    Anyway please let me know who’s on board the Dream.

    Thank you

  63. Betty says:

    I heard that you are aloud to take bottled water or soda drinks up tp 12 and under 20oz per person going on the cruise, does it have to be in something special so they can ck them before boarding, thanks

  64. Jorge says:

    Just curious to know. In regards to Captains of Carnival cruises, just how many captains are there for the cruise liner, how are they chosen, and whats the average salary for a ship captain? (if any one knows)

  65. Cleve Harrison says:

    Why is it that if I want to board the Carnival Victory in Barbados, I am not able to obtain a Junior Suite or something above that category?

    Why is it that I have to travel to San Juan to occupy a suite?

  66. Carroll Bowers says:

    Am a “sexy single senior” cruising on 3/9 aboard the Miracle. I would like to sign up for the chef’s table. Can one go alone? How does one go about requesting a reservation? Do you have any advice for two SSS’s going to the southern Caribbean? We’ll definately be enjoying the clothing optional beach, for sure!

  67. Peggy says:

    On the Carnival Dream, is there any specials to use their tharlassotherphy pool? Can’t find anything about this. This is our 14 cruise with Carnival and wonder if they have any thing to offer us on this?

  68. Jewels of Da Sea says:

    Will Platinum Members be getting more rewards? We would like more or ship board credits to reward us. Be loyal to the one’s that cruise the most. We are the one’s that believe in Carnival.

  69. Kevin Champagne says:


    I have been enjoying your blog, thanks.

    Possibly you can direct my question to the appropriate person/department at Carnival. My wife and I took our first Carnival cruise on the Ecstasy in July of 1994. Our itinerary was (I believe) Miami, Key West, Cozumel. For some reason this cruise does not appear in our cruise history.

    Any idea to whom I would speak to get that cruise added?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    • Kevin: our first cruise on the Carnival Holiday was not on our completed cruise list. Lucky for us, I had a picture of our embarkation with the name of the ship and the date we sailed. I mailed a copy to Carnival, and boom we were one trip short of Platinum. Look for pics.

      • Kevin Champagne says:

        Great idea!

        We actually found a picture we purchased from Carnival with many of the family who attended the cruise. Maybe they can decipher the code on the back?

        If we can get credit for this cruise, we will be Platinum on our next cruise.

        Thanks fro the tip. Where/to whom did you send the info?

        Kevin C

        • Kevin: Re your photo for proof of your sailing. I spoke with someone from Carnival, and, he told me where to fax the picture. It was quite easy. Sorry I do not have more specific information as this was several years ago. Just call Carnival in Miami (I am sure there is an 800 number) and they will direct you to the proper person.
          Good luck. I know you will be ok.


  71. Cecilia says:

    Why are the live cams not actually live??
    It would be cool if they were actually live…We are scheduled to sail on the Dream next month! Very excited…

  72. Looking to make reservations for chefs table on Pride sailing 02/29/2012 for 4 people Will be Cindy & Michael McDonald,Mary & Ralph Stears

  73. kelly says:

    How do you get an on board spend in credit?

  74. Rachael says:

    I sailed on Carnival in the past but was RAchael McCoy. We had a stateroom that had a partition between bed area so we could slide door, we were in the front and bunks in the back. Can you tell me how I can figure out the rooms with this configuration. My new husband and I want to take his daughter on her first cruise, she is 17 and we want a room like this for privacy.
    Rachael Spudowski

  75. Nancy says:

    My husband and I would like to dine at a table for 2. How can I request that? We are sailing the Magic on March 25th from Galveston.

  76. Linda Griffin says:

    Do you know why the deck chairs have been remove from deck 3 on the Conquest? We docked beside her a few weeks ago in Cozumel and I saw there were no chairs on that deck. Asked on Cruise Critic today for someone to verify if chairs had been removed. This is my favorite place to sit on sea days. Tallyho8, just off the Conquest today responded no chairs on deck 3 all week. Could you find out if this is temporary or permanent?

  77. Sue D. says:

    Hi John,
    I just wanted to drop you a line about our cruise on the Carnival Conquest we just got back from. We had a great time and did not let the small stuff interfere with our fun. ALL of the crew and staff were very friendly and was always willing to help. CD Henni was great as was the manager of the comedy club Uncle Bruce. The comedians were great as were our room stewart (not sure of real name he told us to call him NINI) room 8361. We enjoyed it so much we are going again in May on the Freedom and I know we will enjoy it as much as the Conquest.

  78. James vaughan says:

    I would like to book Chefs table for 3 on the Triumph sailing 3/31/2012, cabin number 1031

  79. Melissa Campbell says:

    heard this was the place to ask a question. We are going on the Carnival Victory 3/11/2012 and our teen daughter wants to make sure she makes the meet and greet. As we all know this is the most important part of the teen program to bond with others from the start. With the departure time not until 10pm will the meet and greet be prior to sailing or after later that night. Just want to make sure if before sailing she is on board or not at dinner or whatever and makes it. Thanks in advance for your help

  80. Julie Levandowski says:

    My husband and I are going on our first cruise Sept 22 – 29 on the 7 day Exotic Western Caribbean trip. I would like to make a reservation on Friday for the Chef’s Table for our wedding anniversary 🙂 How can I make this reservation early to make sure we can enjoy this special treat?

  81. Sharon says:

    I can help you with your cold. But I don’t know how to get the stuff to you in a timely manner. My sister will be on the BC5 March 4-11 in room 12020 her name is Diane. If you want I can mail the stuff to her and she can bring it to you then or i can send it to you if I knew an address for you direct.
    First of all i have to say that last Monday I was Very Sick and this does Work. It is not inexpensive. in fact it cost about $125.00 but it works overnight. I am not joking. I will send this to you for free. But I don’t want to spend that much if you are not going to do it.
    Here is what you need.
    1 bottle of On Guard
    1 bottle of Breathe
    1 bottle of Frankincense
    1 bottle of Melaleuca

    These are essential oils from a company called doTERRA. Their website is
    Their address is 370 West Center, Orem, Utah 84057
    Their phone number is 1-800-411-8151

    What you need to do is rub the Frankincense oil on your chest, and the Melaleuca on your feet, you gargle with a solution of a few drops in water OnGuard, put the Breathe on a tissue or handkerchief and hold it in your hands, cupping your hands over your nose and mouth and breath it in. Keep all of these away from your eyes and ears and don’t put it directly in your nose. Honestly, they really smell awful, but they work. I REALLY want you to be well and this does work overnight. Before doing all this you should take a hot shower and then the oils then to BED and to sleep.
    I gave you my email so you can tell me if you want me to send them with my sister. FREE I don’t need money. I care about you and your family and this is my gift to you.

  82. Leah says:

    Hi John!! ASTON Martin huh!! My boyfriend works at an Aston dealership!!Quick Question.. can you help us book chef’s table reservations… will you be on the Dream anytime soon?? I would love to see you maybe I could even snag you an Aston shirt!!

  83. Sandy Hockenberry says:

    How can I pre-sign up for the Chef’s Table dinner on the Legend sailing 4/29/12?

  84. Lonie Graham says:

    How do I send you a message on FB?

  85. franco says:

    nobody know, that the officers on board carnival ship they cannot rest enough?!
    that for example on fantasy class the officer cabin are over the lounge, and the music during the shows is so high that is impossible for the officer with night shift to sleep, with reduction of attention when involved on night shift and navigation and reduction of safety! and on spirit class the problem is for the engine officer that have cabins on noisy zone of ships, and in all fleet nobody respect the autority and the orders that the officers give.
    and nobody know that company is zero tollerance for alcool but on crew bar there is no limit at the alcool that everibody can drank!
    “safety first”!

  86. Liz Stevenson says:

    Hi John.

    Just recently cruised on the Victory.

    I know you can’t give personal info on cruise members that we meet, however, I just would like to reiterate how AMAZING the Karaoke Entertainer was.

    He is destined to be star! I was hoping to find some videos of his performances to show my colleagues at work b/c he was a RIOT!

  87. kathy lewellen says:

    hi john,i would like to know when did carnival start alowing dog on board?i went on my cruise in late oct.on the dream.i had a suite and the room next to me was’t a suite.they had a dog in there room.it would bark late at nite and early morning.i love anmials but i was on vacation and paid alot for my room,this was the first time i have every seen a dog on board.please e-mail me back. thinks kathy

  88. Brenda Booth says:

    What wines are in the cruise the vineyards package? I know this has to be a FAQ. However I can not find this list anywhere through your blog or Carnivals web site.I know I can find it on cruise critic but I assumed Carnival’s website would be more accurate on all things Carnival. I’m cruising on the Magic in May 2012 & would like to see the list. I’ve already purchased a 5 bottle pkg .

  89. Sylvia Clement says:

    We are going to be on the Carnival Spirit April 13th,2012 …..
    Do you have mah jongg sets on board (american type) and where can they be found on the ship?

  90. Mary Giragosian says:

    John, Is there a place or list that I can look at to see what ships you were on in the past? Unfortunately, after many cruises, it’s difficult to remember who the CD was and I was wondering if you were on the Legend in March 2008? Thanks, Mary



  92. geneva sykes says:

    i went on a carnival cruise but i never get anything from you guys for past passenger. like any deals or anything can you please help me or tell me who to contact

  93. Patty Sanders says:

    Is there a way to know specifically which nights will be the Cruise Elegant nights on the 6/24 sailing of the Carnival Victory?

  94. Michael Mackey says:

    How many times must we sign up for the blog..I am trying to verify my reservations for the chef’s table on the Magic cruise 9/16/12,,,trying to give the names and cabin # for those in the party of 4…Please let me know how to do this M

  95. Charlene says:

    In the event that passports may get lost, (or stolen by robbers, such as recently), is it ok to take a copy of our passports with us as we exit ship in Mexico Ports, and leave original passports safely in our room?


  97. Lisa Tamburi says:


    I will be sailing with Carnival in July on the Legend, I CAN’T WAIT!!! My question for you: On my return I was unable to get transfers because of how early my flight is, is it easy to get a cab or is this something I need to make arrangements before hand. Thank you for your help. And I really enjoy your blog!


  99. Maria says:

    I cruised with you last June 24,2011. My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. This was our 15th carnival cruise. One big mistake I made was I somehow did not purchase our boarding photo. I purchased many others, but missed that very important one. I have a collection of all the cruises on my wall. Is there any way to get it now? I appreciate any help you can offer. thanks!

  100. Rae Heim says:

    Hi John,

    We booked our wonderful cruise in August, 2011; we were to fly out on 02.29.12 to San Diego for a 9 day cruise on the Carnival Spirit sailing on 03/02/12.

    The night before our flight we were at the hotel, when my husband had a TIA otherwise known as a “mini-stroke” we ended up at the hospital. He was released on 03/02/12. Our ship had sailed.

    The night we returned from the hospital my husband had picked up from the hospital the bug called Nor virus, two days later he shared it with me. Lost 8 pounds, not worth it.
    It took a week to recover.

    I am writing all this for a couple of reasons; the response I received from the from Carnival’s contact number was full of compassion as was the response from the Vacation Protection people, the compassion needed and the advice most valuable.

    The second reason; after sitting in the hospital for days I concluded CCL ships are ten times cleaner than the average hospital. The newspaper people should put that in their pipe and smoke it!

    Rae Heim

  101. Wallace Malone says:

    Forget Carnival after Star Princcess ignoring man in ocean! Have been a long time customer.

  102. Betty Gonzalez says:

    Hi, John I would like to reserve for the chef table for 2 Going on the Carnival Dream 4/28/12 can you tell me if I’m able to get in. I read that you can reserve on your page.

  103. Elizabeth Wingard says:

    Hello John,
    My fiance, myself, and our entire family will be cruising on the June 16th cruise on the Dream. Since this will be our honeymoon, which we are sharing with our entire family (kids and parents), we would like to have a special experience for just the two of us. We are both “foodies” and when we inquired about reservations for the Chef’s Table experience, we were told to contact you via your blog. We would be very interested in enjoying this experience and would love it if you could help us get reservations for the two of us.

    Thank you, John.

    Elizabeth Wingard

  104. Chucky J says:

    In your response regarding getting in touch with a crew member I think you’d be well served by replacing the word ‘nor’ with ‘neither’, i.e. “neither I or Carnival…”.

  105. Susan says:

    Could you post instructions on how to go about arranging a Meet N Greet event onboard? Our CC roll call would like to arrange something and don’t know where to start! We don’t cruise till October 6, 2012 so have plenty of time to plan – but then consider our Dream On roll call has been chatting like a year already you can understand we like to plan ahead lol!

  106. Jenny says:

    Where can I see the new dinner menus for a 6 days cruise?

  107. Dean says:

    Which Carnival ships have cabins that can accomodate 5 guests?

  108. Hi John. Nice to meet you. We host a Native Show on Arawak Cay in the Bahamas and we would like to make it a part of your shore tours in Nassau. Can you point me in the direction of the person I need to speak with to arrange this. Thank you so much.

  109. gary koontz says:

    my wife and i are sailing on the Carnival Victory this Sunday. Are there formal nights on this cruise? If so, how many?

  110. randy says:

    John will the breeze have tuxedo rental available so we can all look good for formal nights and some great photo opportunities as a family. We sail June 27th 2012 whats your thoughts

  111. Susan Rostar says:

    Dear John.

    I went on my first cruise this winter on the Miracle. While cruising I found that I had problems with my feet swelling. On returning home my doctor believed it was from the ship using a water softener that was salt based.

    Does the Miracle use this type of water softener or was this reaction from all the saltwater around us?

  112. Fred Roberts says:

    Are any of the Dream’s dining rooms open on embarking day? Just looking for an alternative to the mass confusion that occurs in the Lido Buffet.

    Thanks 🙂

  113. Mike Kilcommons says:

    Hi John,
    Will Karoke host Mathias be on board the Elation at the end of Nov 2012?

  114. Sammi says:

    When will the CD schedule be posted for the remainder of the year? I see it goes through June, but I am planning one in August and one in September. I would love to know what you know!
    PS – can you bring Mitcham back to the Florida ports? I see he leaves in June and that’s so sad. He was awesome! Thanks!

  115. William Paul says:

    Can you book the Chefs table for the week of June 19th on the Spirit before you embark?

  116. John Duke says:

    Greetings John. We are booked on out 3rd cruise on the Magic on July 15, 2012 out of Galveston. My wife wants to know is there is a DVD player in the Ocean Suite cabins? Please advise.

  117. Deena Harris says:

    Hi John, it seems like you are the guy “most in the know”! My DD, SIL, Neice, and I have scheduled a cruise 4/28/2013 on the Conquest. SIL and Neice have never cruised and we want them to really enjoy it and be impressed. Is there a way we can change our cruise ship to the Breeze? Do you advise this.
    After reading your blogs, “I want to cruise with you!”
    We are going a few days after my birthday to celebrate my completion of my chemo.
    Thank you for any advice, oh we did book through Carnival.

    • Deena Harris says:

      John, no need to answer this, DD and I are going to just book another cruise!!! We are both so excited! We can sure stand two cruises in 2013. Thank you so much for any trouble you might have had in checking on this for me.

      Deena Harris

  118. Tina says:

    I was just wondering when Mazatlan is going to be added to the 7 day Mexican Cruise instead of 2 days at Cabo. I noticed other cruise lines have already added it.

  119. Christine Riffel says:

    John, this will be my 3rd cruise with Carnival, my sister and her husband’s second and my niece and nephew’s 1st. They are ages 9 and 7. Where can I see an schedule of activies that they will have the option of doing at Camp Carnival? FYI, I talked them out of Disney for the Magic cruise!!

  120. Haley says:

    Hi, when will new fun schedules come out and new cruise director schedules come out. We’re sailing Aug 26 from Galveston on the Magic. Would love to know what is planned and who the CD would be. Thank you. Also, this page is awesome because a “red” level cruiser, I’ve learned a lot about Carnival and am very pleased that we’ve chosen y’all to cruise with!

    • Haley says:

      Oh and why doesn’t Carnival do the all you can drink (alcohol) pass anymore for small bookings? That is a great perk, that my friends had enjoyed but by the time I started cruising it was strictly for large bookings. Thank you

  121. maryu says:

    John: How do we make reservations for the Chef’s Table on the Freedom 8/5/12-8/11/12?

    • Haley says:

      Sign in online on carnival.com, go to your booking and go to the activities tab. Go to shop activities, and on the left hand side there will be a list of Activities and Excurisions…. Click on Steak House and it’ll take you to the reservation page, fill it out and you’re done. You won’t know anything it’ll just say an email has been sent, but if there is a problem the steakhouse will email you. good luck and have fun 🙂

      • William Paul says:

        Thanks for the reply but I cruised last month to Alaska so you are a little late. I did go to steakhouse to reserve the Chef’s table seats but did not get a reply.

  122. Jerome says:

    You you book a carnival cruise the day of. For instance. Cruise leaving today at 5:30PM for LA, can I book cruise.

  123. susan rostar says:

    My husband and I plan on cruising on the Breeze in February 2013. I’ll be having major surgery in September 2012 on my right knee. Where can I find information on specials arrangements for handicapped.

    Thank You

  124. Deb says:

    I am cruising on the Liberty in November. I want to do a burial at sea for my parents cremains. Who do I contact about this and when? Thank you.

  125. Adam Tomko says:

    How do I go about getting a seat at the Chef’s table on our next cruise (my soon to be wife had been asking to do this on previous cruises and I have to step up for the honeymoon!). We’re on the Victory out of San Juan on 10/7/12. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  126. Jane says:

    Can you please tell me if anyone still wears tux for the elegant nights.

    Thank yiun

  127. Bekki says:

    Hi John. I was wondering how I could book 2 seats at the captains table as a surprise for my husbands birthday.

    We are sailing Sept 29th on the Carnival ecstacy. 5 day cruise.

    Thank you so much for your help. LOVE YOUR PAGE!!

    Bekki 🙂

  128. Jackie says:

    Hi John!
    does Carnival ever make an exception to the 10-person per table set up? We have 12 on the Breeze for the TA and of course would like to have all of us at the same table verses two tables. thanks!

  129. Thynia Douglas says:

    How do I get a seat at the chefs table for my upcoming cruise on Carnival “Victory” Nov 18 thru 25? And what exactly happens at the chefs table? Will I be seated at the chefs table every night?


  130. Robert Younginer says:

    Just wanted to tell you my two cents worth on
    the decision to change the booking of future
    cruises on board the ship…I like most people do not know months in advance when I can get off work and arrange everything else to leave
    town. Having the flexability of not having
    to know the exact date we can cruise worked great for us. We are on the Dream in November and I was already planning to put deposit down for a future cruise . But NOT now. Hate this new way of doing it…wont work for us at all…

    • Nancy Houchens says:

      I agree! We just got off the Pride a few weeks ago where we were going to purchase several more of the Future Cruise Vacation Certificates. We attended the talk given by the Loyalty Cruise expert who gave no indication that this perk was being stopped. We actually asked her if they would be selling them on the Breeze and she said yes so since we had already booked to go on the Breeze TA in November, we decided to wait and purchase certificates then. Imagine our shock and disappointment when we got home and found out that the very next week they were discontinuing them. We would have purchased them on the Pride if we had been advised of this. We LOVE Carnival but this sucks.

  131. LaToya Scroggins says:

    John, I really hope you can help us. On your blog page on carnival.com you have Fun Times Library that have capers. What about the capers for Camp Carnival? I have been searching and searching for Camp Carnival for ages 9-11, specifically for a 7 day and preferably from the Liberty. I know that these are subject to change but this is the first cruise for myself and my son (hubby has cruisd twice). We have looked at the daily capers and would really like to see the one for Camp Carnival. Can these be added tot he Fun Time Library? Is there a way to get one sent to me from a previous cruise? Thanks!
    ~LaToya S

  132. Julie says:

    Any information on how to get in on Chef’s Table for the Victory for the October 21-28 sailing? My husband (to be) and I will be on our honeymoon and this would be an awesome treat!

  133. Mary says:

    Hi John,

    I hope you can help me. My husband and I will be on the Victory April 11-15, 2013. Can you please tell me how I can make reservations for the Chef’s Table? We will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and I thought this would be a great way to surprise my hubby. Thank you in advance for your help.

  134. Phil James says:

    Hi John

    It’s not ’til August 1 2014 but, just under a year on from our Mexican Riviera cruise on the Splendor, my wife Margaret & I have booked on the Spirit out of Sydney through the South Pacific Islands. AND we’ve talked my sister & the brother-in-law to join us & we know they’ll be instant Carnival converts!

    We are sooooo looking forward to it & hopefully the time between now & then travels fast. We loved every minute of our time on the Splendor & we’re 1000% sure Spirit will be equally as good.

    A question John:Margaret’s a smoker & I know she was allowed to puff away on our balcony on our cabin on the Splendor but my reading of the Carnival Oz website would suggest that she can’t light up on the Spirit’s cabin balcony. Please say I’m wrong but I have this horrible feeling that she won’t be able to.

    Love reading your news & tales John.

    Kind regards
    Phil James

  135. AJ says:

    Any information on how to get in on Chef’s Table for the Victory for the October 28-Nov 5 sailing? My husband and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and this would be an awesome treat to commemorate 5 years of love! 🙂

  136. PK Dunne says:

    Can you reserve a space for 2 at the Chef’s table on the Jan 13 2013 Magic from Galveston for us? When and where will tea time be on the ship? THX

  137. Judy Beleck says:

    I desperately want to make reservations for myself and a friend to dine at the Chef’s Table while on our cruise. Could you please, please help me with this?
    We will be cruising on the Carnival Pride from Dec. 2nd to Dec. 9th.

  138. Michele says:

    We just returned from the Splendor (Thanksgiving week) and had a superb, happy, helpful cabin attendant named Emmanuel. We were on the Riviera deck, cabin 1284. He was going home this weekend and looking forward to it but I wanted Carnival to know how superb he was and is. Thank you Mr. Heald for your blog.

  139. Janet Blouin says:

    Good Evening John,

    Thanks for securing reservations for us at the Chef’s Table on the Dream sailing on March 16 from Port Canaveral. We are really looking forward to the cruise and the delightful Chef’s Table.

    One more question please. I have medication that I need to take a night *with* orange juices. Since we will have a minibar in our cabin will I be allowed to bring a small bottle of OJ on board?

    As always, thanks for your help.

    Regards to you and yours for a great 2013!

  140. Rachelle Wassel says:

    John! Now that you’ve convinced me to book the Victory, could you please help with a chefs table reservation for two on march 29?

  141. Gisela Kelly says:

    Can you tell me what nights the Feb 9 Carnival Liberty Cruise will have their Chef’s Table?

  142. lexi says:

    Hi John
    I am so looking forward to my first cruise in 60 days (not that I am counting). I have a 13 yr old son who will be joining me on the Liberty. I was wondering if you had an activities list of what they do there?

  143. Edith Borg says:

    Hi John,

    I’m traveling on the Dream, April 27, for my 40th birthday with a group of 6. How can I get a reservation for a window seat for my party?

    Thanks in Advance!

  144. Diane says:

    How do I make reservations for the Chef’s Table on the Conquest March 24 sailing?

  145. Juanita Loschen says:

    We are to be on the Triumph on May 20. In light of the recent fire and the shape of the ship will the cruises past April 13 be cancelled. I don’t want to wait to find out at the last minute as this was to be our 35th wedding anniversary cruise. I would need to find another cruise or what is the possibility of another ship leaving from Galveston if for some reason the Triumph isn’t ready by then.

  146. Eduardo says:

    Dear: I intend to do my first cruise with my lady on 10 October 2013 with that europe-canada. My doubts are many but the first is to get the best prices and the best location. Would appreciate your advice. Eduardo

  147. Annette says:

    not sure where to ask questions, but i’ll try here first, last week i went to a jewellery store to see if i had bought a 14 k or 18 kt yellow gold chain that i bought on the Carnival Liberty, because it was not marked on the chain, it was a sale at the time, i bought an 18″ gold chain with dolphins all the way around the chain on it, and i paid $1.00 an inch, and i understood that all their chains were real gold, any how this store i went to tells me it’s a fake!!! i need to know if this store is telling me the true, please reply for me

  148. Misty says:

    Can you see who and what gift someone purchased for you on carnival.com?

  149. France Chasse says:

    Excursion at M’ont St.-Michel when thé Legend stop at Le Havre???

  150. Meghan says:

    John, Ive heard that passengers (21 yrs old +) of the carnival are allowed to take one bottle of wine on the ship to enjoy durring the cruise. I will be on the ecstasy in April. Is this true? Thank you or your time.

    Bessos, Meg

  151. Anne Thimm says:

    Hi – Sorry, but I can’t find the info – I’ve heard that on this blog I can sign up my group of 11 for a Chef’s Table for this November’s Sunshine Transatlantic Crossing. Would you be so kind to let me know if this is possible? We are all returning from the Breeze Transatlantic of last November, so we are looking for something super special. Thanks in advance! Anne

  152. Meredith Atkinson says:

    I would like to know who to contact regarding an excellent time on a Carnival Cruise I was just on. I want to make sure I give the praise for these individuals to the correct people. (Cruise Director and his assistant, the Dance Captain, and room Steward)…. I am not trying to contact these individuals themselves as I am sure this isn’t possible. Just want to make sure to send the letters to the correct individuals who are over them. Thank you for your time and help with this!!!!!

  153. Kelly McNiel says:

    John, is what cruise.critic saying true. Is the carnival Legend having a problem with one of it’s azipods? And are the guests abored receiving a $100 credit, refund on their excursions for grand cayman since they will miss that port and 50% off a future cruise?

  154. Susan Wojciak says:

    Is there any date that the Carnival Pride is to get the 2.0 makeover?

  155. Suzanne says:

    Good afternoon John,

    We are taking our children ages 10 and 14 on their first cruise this summer. My question is this…is there any way of finding out the number of children in the different age groups that will also be on the ship.

    They are getting very nervous and it would be a great comfort to them to know that there are many other kids in there age groups that will be going also.

    Any help you can offer would be wonderful to make their trip a success!


  156. Debi says:

    Under the listing of Ships, the Fantasy is not listed. Why is that, is it a substandard ship?

  157. Hi John,How many formal nights in med sailing we are on June 28,2013 Carnival Sunshine,Ihave been on numerous carnival cruises and i know on 9 day there are usually 2.But someone posted their is only i on a med cruise.Any help will be appreciated.Thank You and welcome back!

  158. Jodi says:

    Where is the Carnival Fascination link? I see all the other ships.

  159. Asmith says:

    Do you have a site with info about each criuse director? I’m would like to know who going to be on my next cruise and would also like to get more info about last ones. Thanks

  160. ernie lyon says:

    Dear John,(had to say that) LOL
    I gotta tell you we have sailed on almost a dozen times with CCL. The majority of the Cruise Directors have been good. But when we sailed with you as the CD, you are by far the most personable and funny one we have had the pleasure of sailing with. Keep up the great work, and God bless

  161. judyp says:

    i read somewhere in the start of the blogs that there are refrigerators in the cabins?is that right?
    thank you

  162. Kathy Beach says:

    Hello – I’ve read on the forum that I can make reservations for the Chef’s Table on this blog? How do I do that exactly?

    Thank you1

  163. Neil says:

    on the 26th May I will be boarding the Sunshine I would like to know if there are any drinks packages for me to purchase ie wine, beers or sodas

  164. Dennis Elliott says:


    My wife and I will be on the Sunshine transatlantic sailing (Nov. 1st) my wife follows you on Facebook and I often here her laughing at your blog. Her birthday in on 11/5 and she keeps talking about the chefs table. I would love to be able to make a reservation as part of her birthday surprise. Could you help me with this request or point me in the right direction? I understand its limited availability so any information would be great, my wife is an amazing women and I wouldn’t be half the man I am if she wouldn’t have came in to my life when I needed her most. Also I know people ask you for things all the time and you really go above and beyond so I thank you in advance for your time, If it’s not to much trouble could you send her a note saying happy birthday; I know it would make her day ?

  165. angela says:

    when posting the funtimes for august can you please post carnival conquest aug.25-sep.1,2013 thanks.

  166. Jeanette says:

    Does the Carnival Cruise line have name brand stores, or are the stores Carnival specific stores. In other words, is the shopping like a regular mall? If so, does your site have a list of what stores are on ship?

  167. Lynn says:

    Looking to take a Summer Cruise in 2014. Really like the itinerary of the Freedom, but want to be on a ship with the 2.0 upgrades. Read different reports on when Freedom would be refurbished. One said late 2013 the other TBA 2014. Do you have any info on this. Thanks.

  168. Darla says:

    is there somewhere I can find out what comedians will be on Carnival Paradise Aug 5-9 cruise week? I know the comedians are moved around a lot.

  169. Edward Walker says:

    Have a simple question. Why does Carnival Cruises not publish a cruise brochre?
    I cannot find any other cruise line in the Carnival class cruises that does not publish a brochure.

    • Nancy says:

      That is a good question. I really miss being able to look at a brochure to see where each ship goes, dates, etc.

  170. Savage says:

    Hi John

    Chefs Table needed for 2 on the Paradise out of Tampa 8/29/13. I can not find a way to make them online ahead of time. Thanks so much.

  171. Pam Williams says:

    How do I sign up for the Chef’s Table

  172. Donald R. Kilgore says:

    I would like to make a reservation for the Chef’s table please. We are sailing on the Breeze on 7 Dec ’13.

  173. Rebecca says:

    Does the Dream offer Unlimited Internet? If so what are the rates? Many thanks!

  174. L Douglas says:

    Hi, John:

    We have booked a voyage on the Carnival Magic in February 2014. We will be taking my children on this cruise wtih us and I am just wondering if we will be able to use the Water Works while at sea. The last couple of cruiises we have taken the kids on it has been hit and miss when we can use it. On the Dream a few years ago it was only open when we were at port and then we weren’t on the ship to enjoy it.

    Thank you!

  175. Linda says:

    What does Carnival look for in possible candidates to work for the cruise line? My son is graduating high school this next year and is very interested in pursuing a career with Carnival.

  176. Gina Ahlstrom says:

    We are taking a family cruise on January 13, 2014. Sad to say but out of 10 of us all of us will be first time cruisers. I see that we can purchase room decorations, in one of the rooms we have 3 people staying, 1 will be celebrating a birthday and 2 will be celebrating a graduation. Can I purchase more than one room decoration per cabin?

  177. Matt R says:

    John, with Carnival exiting the European cruise market, we still want to cruise Europe, why can’t we keep our platinum status when we cruise with another CCL family line? If I fly with affiliated airline I keep most of my 1K benefits, but with CCL corp we get none of the benefits of staying within the family. Time to update your business model to keep your customers happy and inside your life line (nautical term). Thanks and hope to hear from you. Matt

  178. Donald R. Kilgore says:

    Hello John,
    Second request…I would like to make a reservation for 2 at the chefs table on the Breeze. We sail on 7 Dec, 13. This will be my 18th cruise with Carnival and have loved every one. Thanks for your help

  179. Linda Bolin says:

    Serenity deck. Nude, topless or not? I say it is not, my husband says it is. Someone settle this for me please.

  180. Donna Druckenmiller says:

    Hi John,
    Just took a Disney Cruise with my Granddaughter and had a wonderful tour in Nassau. It was the Graycliff chocolate Tour and was the BEST! They said at present only Disney did this tour but they had just been signed to offer it on Carnival. PLS recommend this not only for families but for everyone. We toured, made candy and got to take it home in a nice handmade cigar box. Best tour in the Bahamas and I’ve been on them all on CARNIVAL! I promise no more Disney. Out of 5 grandchildren we took 3 so far, We hope we can talk the other 2 into Carnival instead. A Platinum member and a happy sailor!
    Pls comment abt this tour to let me know it is available soon

  181. As a Carnival Traveler, I would like to see a cruise from Charleston, SC, to New York City for the fall Christmas Shopping and / or ballgames in the area. A November and December cruise would be a homerun for the Christmas season and in the summer also but the Christmas season is a NO BRAINER. THANK YOU

  182. Larissa Cruz says:

    Hello John,

    First and foremost I love Carnival Cruise Line. I have cruised with Carnival about 7 to 8 times. Actually getting ready to cruise in just a week.
    The reason I am writing to you is that I am studies hospitality and writing a paper on a type of lodging such as Cruise divide up jobs and managers. Would love your take and insight on this. How does it all work when there is so much to a Cruise. Such as Food Services, housekeeping, guest services, retail, entertainment, and much more.
    Thank you so much.

  183. JoAnn says:

    All I would like to know is how I can get info on how I can plan a cruse. I want to plan a seven day cruse next year but I need to have the info I need to do this.

  184. John Blackburn says:

    Where can we find Carnival Funnel Hats/Smokestack hats?

  185. Jenny says:

    How do I UNsubscribe to the follow up comments on your Greenland blog-I am getting more than daily emails to these comments and I need them to stop. Thank you.

  186. Michael Long says:

    I am cruising out of Galveston on Saturday, 23 Nov 2013 and I was wondering if you had the ship’s event schedule. I was looking for the shows, contests, etc. Thanks.

  187. Kevin says:

    My family will be cruising on the Carnival Splendor February 5th sailing & we are wondering if the new “Seuss At Sea” will have started for our cruise?
    We are so looking forward to our cruise!
    Thank you!

  188. Margie Mason says:

    Hey John, we had an amazing experience with a waiter about 6 months ago on the carnival fantasy. We are still in contact with him and email each other some. He is now on a new ship and we didn’t know if we ever chose to go on the ship he is on if there was any way to request him as a waiter?

  189. Lakia Elam says:

    What ship is Everson currently AD on? Who will be AD on Conquest in May?

  190. Shane Wessel says:

    Any chance you could post copies of the Fun Times for the Sunshine Western Caribbean (Belize, Mahogany Bay, Cozumel) itinerary? You will make 32 people very happy for an upcoming cruise! Maybe even more!

  191. Connie hocking says:

    I wish carnival would sell hat pins with each ships name on it. I sure passages would buy them. I know I wood.

  192. Kayla S says:

    Hi, I just recently went on the Carnival Legend. The Music Highlight band was amazing. I am a 20 year old girl, and my grandma and I would dance to this band every single night. The one night they were off, we were so upset because we had so much fun watching them. How do I know what ship they will be on next? They are absolutely amazing.

  193. Shannnon says:

    Could you please tell me if wifi works on Carnival Spirit and what the costs are? Sailing the South Pacific from Sydney in November 2014.

  194. Erica Henri says:

    I would like to sign up for Chef’s table for two on the carnival valor starting sail on June 8. How do I do this? Ericah Henri

  195. Cathy says:

    Hi, I am thinking of cruising on the Freedom in June. I heard that ship was going in for the 2.0 upgrades in April/May. What exactly is being done/added to the ship? Thank you, Cathy

  196. asophieyou says:

    Hi John!

    Your blog is amazing and I’m reading it cover to cover due to ultimate bored-ness (I’m on the Carnival Miracle right now). Just a suggestion: Carnival should offer more free sites on the ship, like Google, Bing, Gmail, Outlook, or anything that might be critical to guests. I find the wireless plans very expensive and would like to see more free sites (like I have listed above). Thanks. 🙂

  197. Vickie Cobbina says:

    Where can I find Fun Times for Breeze 8 Day Eastern Caribbean?

  198. Veronica Messick says:

    Hi John! I was just wondering where it is I find a link to get reservations for the Chef’s Table.
    My husband and I will be traveling on the Carnival Sunshine on May 10, 2014 on a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise. We will be in cabin 2281.
    We have been to the Chef’s Table before and thought it was the best meal we have ever eaten and would love to do it again!
    Please let me know so that I can get it booked before it’s too late!!!
    Thank you so very much!!!
    Veronica Messick
    p.s. You are our favorite cruise director…and I’m not saying that to just get a seat…..We Love You!!!

  199. Gail Foley says:

    We just returned from 8 days on the Breeze to celebrate both our 40th anniversary, and a birthday with dear friends. I am a huge fan of the spirit class ships because I like the smaller, more intimate setting. This was my 17th Carnival cruise and my experience on the Breeze definetly changed my mind about the bigger ships. We encountered nothing but the best from the entire crew. Cleaning of the ship was ongoing 24/7 and the efforts to keep all public areas spotless did not go unnoticed by us. Our cabin steward “Ringga” was wonderful! He always greeted us by name, kept our cabin spotless and took time to chat when he had a minute to do so. And I have to give a shout out to our favorite band, #RhythmNation. Carnival should be proud! They are an amazing group of talented young men and women that we immediately bonded with. We were lucky enough to spend time talking with Devan, Nathan and Andreece on several occasions and found them to be genuine and kind. Their music was great, but they also appreciate and know how to play to their audience.
    We now are counting the days until we sail the Sunshine with our family and friends in July!

  200. Elizabeth says:

    Can you please let us know whether Carnival will be sailing the Mediterrean in 2015 & 2016? We sailed with Carnival Freedom in 2007 in the Mediterrean & had a wonderful with you, John! It was our first time to go cruising then & since, we have taken over 20 cruises with different cruise liners, normally, combining two or more segments. Carnival is so far the ” fun ship” we sailed. Thinking of bring my entire families who are first time cruisers to The Mediterrean in 2015 or 2016. Please sail back to Europe!

  201. lisa says:

    the cruise director schedule is woefully out of date. It says 2013 on the blog page. Can’t you update it – its Spring 2014 already. Thanks.

  202. mack durante says:

    what s up with carnival cruise line. they seem to be cutting back on where they travel to. is it because of all the problems with there ships. or are they just going down hill. I’ve been on 24 cruise and more then haft has been with carnival. I planed to go to Europe St Petersburg Russia. we booked last year but I had to go in the hospital and could not go .beside Europe there is not many places to pick from .WHY

  203. Kathryn Chesnut says:

    When is the 2015 Bloggers Cruise somehow I missed the date Thanks

  204. Mathew Deines says:

    Cheers Program:
    So you can buy an unlimited number of drinks at full price for others but not yourself???

    As it was explained to me 3 weeks ago on the splendor after I was cut off; once you buy into the cheers program you are limited to only 15 drinks period and you cannot even purchase at regular price there after. I find it relatively easy to purchase 15 drinks on a sea and not be blubbering drunk. Even though the assistant bar manager said I didn’t appear intoxicated and that she would sell me another drink if she could but the computer wouldn’t allow anyone to ring me up one more drink even at full price.

    My wife and I are regular purchaser of the cheers program and find that it is a great value. However I don’t understand why after 15 drinks I cannot buy any additional drinks for myself?
    If this is not the case my wife and I deserve an apology.

  205. Bob Russell says:

    Beth (wife) and I have 45 cruises under our belts and recently traveled on the Carnival Sunshine – great trip met a lot of new friends and saw many friends from previous cruises – I was very much impressed with Jamie Dee and Weezie (CD and assistant CD) great folks and really enjoyed the towel animals on display toward the end of the cruise – especially the 8′ alligator – in 45 cruises I have never seen and alligator made out of towels – thank you to the crew responsible for the awesome display of towel animals

  206. krystal says:

    I have a question…………I have been told that if i buy Carnival stock and book a cruise i can receive on board crd…….is this true and how many shares do i need to buy…..

  207. Stephanie says:

    How do I subscribe to your blog

  208. Dan Wernery says:

    John we are sailing with you on 9-2-14. Can’t wait to meet you face to face. I have looked high and low, and can’t find the answer.

    How do you pronounce your last name? Held or heeled? Things like this keep me up at night!

  209. Kelli Bray says:

    What kind of drink packages do you have on Carnival Sunshine? All you can drink soft drinks? Do you have beer or cocktail packages? If so, how much are they per day.

  210. Jaclyn says:

    Hi John!
    Word on the water is your the go to guy for Chefs table reservations.
    My fiancé is a restaurant owner and I think he would truly enjoy this experience. We will be on the Victory 5 day cruise leaving next Monday 6/9. Cruise manager online didn’t have a place to book dining reservations- what should we do? Also on the victory are there speciality restaurants with an upcharge that we should book ahead of time?

    This is our first carnival cruise- were celebrating our recent engagement. So excited!
    Thank you,

  211. Robin says:

    I just wanted to say that I recently took my first 7 day cruise. My boyfriend and I loved the cruise and for the most part was pleased. However there was one thing we found lacking and that was the Cruise director on the Liberty. There was not enough communication as to what was happeing on the ship and the worst part was the utter lack of communication on disembarkation. It was a total and utter mess. I could not believe the lack of disorganization and lack of communication. She seems nice enough but could use a few more classes on how to keep folks informed.

  212. Sherri says:

    Looking for the Fun Times for the Liberty 5-day Bahamas cruise. Thanks

  213. Jamie says:

    I have been on 2 cruises thus far. Last year I cruised with a casino offer which was a great deal. Is there a uniform time when they are offered? I recieved one in March or April that was not that great and I believe I booked last year on the one I got in June/July. Will there be another one this year?

  214. Victoria says:

    Can we get an updates Funtimes for the Carnival Dream. We sail on July 6 and was wanting to get something similar to ours. Thanks

  215. Harold Young says:

    Trying to see if Consuela Ivy will be performing on the Elation during aug 4 – 9th? if not how can we request her? my wife and i will be celebrating my 19th wedding anniversary and my best friend and his wife will be celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary>

  216. Jade Gonzales says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat, can not find my last post.

    I would like to book the Chef’s Table for 6 guests on the Carnival Magic. Can you please tell me how to go about with this reservation. There is no option under manage and plan activities.

    It was apparent on our last couple of cruises this was booked prior to embarkation.

    Thank you!

  217. Mary Enser says:

    I am interested in a cruise for seniors that goes beyond Ensenada, are there any and what kind of price range will I be looking at? My cousin is 85 and needs a handicapped bathtub etc. We would like to go somewhere over the Labor Day Weekend if possible.
    Thank your for your comments.
    Mary Enser

  218. John – SUBMARINER FRIEND HERE .. and when I write this in uppercase It means something positive … You had a place on your blog where I could put in a comment without if it going public. As mentioned the last couple of days I AM RESENTLY ON THE LEGEND and sitting in port in Cozumel. Met one of the crew and want to write to you about him. Fricking amazing person. But because I am still on the legend I don’t want it publizised until I am off the ship Sunday July 27 and I need to write it before I forget the details. Thaks, Stephen Worden. P.S. Notice .. I’m not always complaining! ;-}

  219. Heather Liles says:

    Hi John,
    I am new to Carnival, but have cruised with Royal Caribbean. My hubs and I rather enjoy the option of being anti-social during our vacations (that’s right, I said it) and are wondering why Carnival does not offer the option to request table size online. I’ve been informed by customer service that we may make our requests know to the maitre d once we embark. Any suggestions as to how to ensure we don’t end up seated with strangers? Thanks!!

  220. alou berquin says:

    hello, i heard that carnival cruise ship will go to Haiti, can you please tell me what ship and if want to book when the trip will start. thanks

  221. Mu husband and I are cruising on the Dream on November 2, 2014 out of our beautiful home port of New Orleans. I would like to book the Chef’s Table dinner for my husband for a birthday present. Please tell me how to request the Chef’s Table dinner for that cruise. Thanks, Michelle

  222. melanie wellard says:

    I am trying to send John a blog thingy but it keeps saying error with the verification code?? What should I be putting in the Verify box??? I have tried my email & also the code thats outside the box with no luck…please help!!

  223. Brenda Theriaque says:

    Who can I contact in order to get our balconies opened up between the three staterooms we have booked together so they are open when we arrive? Also, we are a group of 8 traveling together, and we would like a table on the main dining room floor. Over half of the group is platinum.
    Thanks You, Brenda

  224. Janet Koenig says:

    I have a reservation for two at David’s Steak house on our upcoming cruise. Will we be able to have a table for two? We are sailing on the Carnival Pride 11/9/14

  225. Virginia Avery says:

    Hi John,

    Why do babies have to be 6 months old to go on a cruise? We just found that out when we were trying to book a cruise for January and our newest grandson will only be 4 months old.

    Also, how many cruises do you have to do to be platinum?

  226. Marsha baum says:

    Need to know my booking number

  227. Pamela Stoodley says:

    Please advise who I should contact to request a table for 2 on the liberty December 27th.

  228. Dave Lassanske says:

    Purchased wifi time on ship.
    What happens to the unused time at end?
    Refunded or lost or can be carried to future cruise?

  229. Elizabeth young says:

    Hi John,
    My husband and I cruise with Carnival a lot. Febuary 8, 2015 we are taking our 7 year old grandson on the Liberty out of Port Canaveral for his second cruise. His hope is to win a ship on a stick on this cruise.
    Can’t wait!Elizabeth

  230. Shirley Wright says:

    Do you have a 6 Day Cruise copy of the Fun Times on the Magic. Thank You

  231. Phillip Thibodeaux says:

    What kind of celebrations or themed parties are going to be on The Triumph for the January 31, 2015 cruise? I know that is Superbowl weekend…anything else besides sports?

  232. jacqueline furman says:

    would bruce be the cruise director on the breese for december 19-27-2015

  233. Ronald Prothero says:

    Hi John,

    We just finished on the Breeze then relocation of the Freedom. We loved it and booked this 12 day on the Triumph.

    I am a big time road bicyclist and took this cruise because of the ports we were going to visit and the idea that I would love to bike while at the ports. Before leaving I wanted to find out Carnivals policy on bringing my own bicycle. I found that Carnival does not allow passengers to bring any kind of bicycles.

    Can you reply with the reason of this policy, or was I misinformed?

  234. Dana says:

    I would like to know how can I leave a message for John without it being posted .I don’t want everyone to see it.

  235. Sarah says:

    Do you know where I could find Fun Times for the Freedom since its been in Galveston? Can’t find them anywhere. Thanks!

  236. Dom Cangelosi says:

    For some reason, I have not been getting your blog. Have you stopped writing it or just taken a few months off? I tried to subscribe but was told that I am already subscribed. I really enjoy your blog and have been on many Carnival cruises. Thanks for your help.

  237. Dom Cangelosi says:

    Hey, what gives. I’m trying to get my subscription activateda and keep getting kicked back to the activation screen. I love your blog and want to receive it again but haven’t for some time. HELP!!!

  238. Diane says:

    Does the Inspiration offer the “Cheers Beverage Program” for alchohol? Is so, how does it work?

    Thank you!

  239. dom Cangelosi says:

    Wjere has your blog gone? I haven’t received it in several months. Do you still write it or not? Please put me back on your list. I enjoy your blog.


  240. matthew hart says:

    My next cruise on April 12th will give me Gold status. Will I receive a gold S&S card this cruise or next? Love the blog.
    M. Hart

  241. Viki King says:

    My DH and I will be taking a 11 day cruise (journey) next April. How many “elegant” night?

  242. Mr Arhur Sainsbury says:

    Hi. Would like to buy shares in Carnival. Never done this before, so will you let me have detail how to go about it..

  243. Shirley Medearis says:

    Is there a site to search for last last minute deals. i.e. a week before sailing. I am looking for last minute deal for 5/16 sailing out of Galveston Next Week

  244. Colleen Norton says:

    Can you book me at Chef’s table on the Liberty the week of November 29th Thanks so much

  245. Theresa Tripp says:

    my fifth cruise – love CARNIVAL – can you please tell me the movies that will be playing on the outside theatre and especially the thrill theatre. Also what nights will be elegant night – as i am trying to make arrangements for the steak house. We will be cruising on the Breeze August 9 – 14. Thank you and happy cruising!!!!!

  246. Melisa O'Brien says:

    I am sorry to say that I have caused a disagreement on a Facebook group regarding the dress code in the MDR. I have seen Flip Flops there and honestly I live in them every warm day that I can. My office job even lets me get by with it. My opinion is just follow the dress code and leave our habits at home. Long story short, has anyone ever been called out upon entering the dining room wearing flip flops?

  247. bill hennessee says:

    When will FTTF and other excursions be available? I am sailing at end of Jan on Valor from Pt Canaveral.
    There does not seem to be a way to purchase anything. When I try, it just sends me in circles and never provides an option to choose and pay.

  248. Carole says:

    How in the bleep can I turn off the email notifications? I post a reply one time and now i have 500 emails clogging up my box! Please make it stop and delete me from the blog.

  249. Taylor says:

    My family is traveling on the Dream Journey from Nola to San Juan the first week of January. My question is, how many Owl Jam/Late night parties will there be on the 11 night trip? (and what nights??? ) My DD will be 10 at the time of sailing. Thank you for taking to time to answer my question.


  250. sslaton99@yahoo.com says:

    Is there an updated list of ships that offer the Hub App for iPhone/Android?

  251. Rose Leezer says:

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get removed from this blog. Can you please remove me from the list? Thank you

  252. Daniel Toma says:

    OK…I’m sure you have had this asked before but since this is my first time commenting I will give it a try. Why can’t Carnival have a lighter roast coffee instead of either the South American or Italian bean that they use. Second…have you tried the breakfast bread (toast, bagels) on the Lido deck…all cold when served. That’s because they run them through the toaster (roller) and put on tray. Why not have the toaster where the person can toast their own. It only takes several seconds to go through and more than one can use it at a time. So what you say??

  253. Flo Lopez says:


    I’m trying to find who traveled on August 8, 12 on Carnival “Conquest” Ship, Western Caribbean. Trying to get a copy of the video of all the activities. Could you help?

  254. Gina Rojas says:

    Can you please send me the most recent funtimes for 8 day Eastern Caribbean on the Sunshine? I can’t find one anywhere.

  255. got e mail got where I request to be add to Bloggers cruise but never confirmation

  256. linda says:

    I’ve read how Carnival’s policy is to keep your luggage unlocked, which I intend on doing. But I am getting a lot of flack from family members who think differently.
    What should I do? What is the actual policy?

  257. Tracey Van Lawick says:

    John, I need your assistance please. We are cruising on the Legend September 25th Honolulu to Sydney, Australia. There seems to be some uncertainty about embarkation day. Once we check in “ARE” we allowed to get back “OFF” the ship to do our own thing?? And return before departure. The ship does not leave until 11pm Friday evening. I know you are flat out with emails but could you please settle this for me??

  258. Stacy Johnston says:

    John, what a disappointment I have just experienced on the Legend. Here is my rant and take on our experience…. I have always found the better deals on perfumes and colognes on board, we found that the Dolce for men and women was being offered with a great gift of buy two get one free during the month of July. We spoke to the clerk about this deal last night and went back in this morning to find that this month long deal was no longer available due to stock being depleted and it is a product CCL will no longer carry, so it will not be available reguardless of how much of the month of July is left.Granted there was another item put in place of the original free gift item, but it did not compare to the orginial item. Now if I had been informed that there were only limited quanities available I would have made the purchase yesterday and not waited until the following day. We have always purchased on board and now are rethinking that loyalty. Maybe when a product is offered in limited quanities the staff should make this perfectly clear so loyal customers are not left disappointed. All I have to say on this .

  259. danna gaynor stein says:

    Hi John, I am trying very hard to get in touch with you.. I worked with you on the Holiday (1989)Fantasy 1990- Youth Coordinator and would love the opportunity to see you again. I will be sailing on the Glory during the week of July 18th. with my husband and son. I know you are there now.. :)Are you going to still be there? If not.. would love to have something special to help to celebrate my husbands birthday/Please let me know or leave a message for me.. Thanks a bunch:)

  260. Gabi Shea says:

    I will be traveling with my family in January 2016 on the Sensation. I have an 11year old brother that won’t turn 12 until February of 2016. Is it possible for him to join the older children camp? If so how do I go about making this happen for him?

  261. Tracy Edwards says:

    Looking to book two seats at the Chef’s Table on the Dream for my ‘mature’ folks on the 12/6. Would you be kind enough to steer me in the right direction?

  262. Michelle says:

    Hi John I had seen a post from you in the past about dispersing of a loved ones ashes either onboard or in a port of call. Can you please advise of the process? I will be on the Vista in 2017 and trying to prepare….thank you in advance and keep up the awesome work with your posts they are funny/helpful!

  263. Kelly Guillory says:

    My husband nor myself have ever taken a cruise. When I get online to I’m not sure what is being talked about. Many questions I’m sure you have heard before. Passports needed? What kind of medical staff onboard if any? Mainly what is the best beginner cruise for a couple?

  264. Manoj Kukreja says:

    Will be cruising on Aug 24, 2015 from New York on Carnival Splendor.. Would like to make a reservation for a Chef’s Table for four during that cruise. How should I proceed with the request?

  265. Rachelle Stunger says:

    I apologize in advance, if this isn’t the correct place to ask a question.

    I love cruising on Carnival with my husband and twin 8 year old children. We, however, live on the west coast and although the ships are beautiful, they aren’t the newer ships. Can you explain to me, why the west coast never get any of the new and more elaborate ships? This is definitely not a complaint, but rather a plea for newer ships or explanation as to why carnival can’t/won’t.

    Thank you so much, John… For all your bogs and Facebook posts. I truly enjoy reading them every morning.

    Rachelle Stunger

  266. Karen Jolly says:

    we took our last cruise on the Valor and in the lobby close to guest services there were busts on the wall of famous Americans. Because we had our adult children with us I decided to test their knowledge. (Not really) what I really wanted to know were the names of these famously people. None of us knew them all and then they got into discussions when they could not agree on who the people were. I asked a very nice man at guest services who did not know but did ask three other of the guest services staff. They did not know either. I am not complaining about their lack of knowledge but about my own. Can you identify them for me, please?

  267. Margaret Tatum says:

    Hi! Not sure if this is the place to ask, but here goes. can cruise protection be purchased by one individual if there are three booked in the cabin or do they all have to purchase it? We have a wish you washy sister who can’t make a decision to save her soul! She has ten days till final payment is due. Thanks for your help!

  268. John Weiss says:

    I’m booked on the Carnival Splendor for the Sept 27th sail date out of NY. We booked our cruise late and was given the late dining room time. We are sr citizens and cannot eat late and sleep well but the Early Dining was fall and I can’t change it to wait listed. So…I changed our reservation to “On Request” Dining. What does “On Request” mean??

  269. Brenda Comeaux says:

    How do I get dinner with the captain?

  270. Debra Harvey says:

    Help! We are cruising on Valor on October 17 and really want to make reservations for the Captains Table for 2 AND….we Really, Really want faster to the fun…can you help us….please!!!!
    Debra Harvey

  271. Michelle Petty says:

    Do they have and where can I find Facebook pages/groups for specific cruises?

  272. Mary Smith says:

    I would like to know that IF by some chance bed bugs were found, would the mattress be changed out and the room treated or would a room change be necessary. Looking forward to sailing on Oct. 4 with you on board.

  273. Ryan Pterson says:

    What movies will be playing at the seaside theatre in January?

  274. Brenda Comeaux says:

    I traveled on the Magic in Dec 2014 from Galveston. Great time.
    Now I am on the Truimph out of Galveston and horrible service! They have cut staff and corners. I felt sorry for our waiter at dinner. So understaffed!
    Not even towel animals or mints at night.
    Now wondering if I should change cruise companies?
    What is going on?

  275. KATHY says:


  276. Jasmine N says:


    I have a quick question regarding the Cruise Director schedule you posted – who will be the Cruise Director for the Magic on sail date 11/29/15? I didn’t see any. Wee Jimmy is on the Magic from 9/27 – 11/15 but there’s no one for the 11/22 & 11/29 sailings.

    I look forward to your reply.

  277. In the 90’s did they have VIFP program?

  278. Karen says:

    What are the movies for Halloweeen cruise on board the Dream?????


  279. Debbie says:

    Hi John!!

    I have a question…well, doesn’t everybody haha? We are going to Amber Cove at the end of October and I read on that site, Everybody Has To Be a Critic, that most of the shops are empty and the pool/swim up bar/lazy river was not open yet 🙁 We are taking some new cruisers with us this trip and I will be bummed if we can’t enjoy the port (if this is even true). Can you confirm or deny this so we can try to plan something else, please? It’s our 24th anniversary trip and we are so excited to visit a new port! Hopefully next year for our 25th we’ll be on the Vista!!

    Thanks for your help 🙂

  280. Brenda says:

    Hello John, I have a question. How can we send a card to a worker on a ship? I want to send a birthday card to someone who is in Liberty and someone who is on Pride right now. Thank you for your help.

  281. chris gill says:

    can you post a link on your blog with the planned 2.0 upgrades for all the remaining ships?

  282. Michael Jones says:

    Does the Carnival Cruise Ship, Imagination have the steak dinner house available.

  283. Lynn Wingo says:

    What is the real deal on organiser usage inside cabin on bathroom door? Yes or no? Is Carnival trying to stop cabin door decorating totally or just the ones who go crazy and decorate the whole passageway? Thanks.

  284. Patrice says:

    where can I go to find the upgrade schedule? Specifically the Valor?

  285. RaeGina Covington says:

    Hi John!

    My partner and I just booked a 4-day cruise on the Ecstasy from Miami to Cozumel via Key West during the New Year. We’re excited!! We’ve traveled the world but never took a cruise.

    I was wondering how do we find out which comedians or entertainers will be on our ship? We leave Miami Dec 28 and return Jan 1.

    Thank you for your blog!


  286. Susan Rogers says:

    Sent a request for my honeymooning grandson and the Ectasy Monday was wondering if it reached John?

  287. Linda Wood says:

    We are bringing 9 guests (family memory cruise) on the Sunshine sailing 12/19/2015 and are wanting a round dining table. Booking # 4L5GG7 Linda Wood we are doing early dining at 6:00! I don’t know whom else might be able to let maitre’d know . If it is possible we would be very grateful! Thank you if you cn

    • Linda Ford says:

      Linda-I hope you had better luck with your request than we did-we just came back from our 7 day cruise on the Sunshine and were stuck with the Anytime Dining and had to stand in line and sign up every night for a time and table-always different each night. We opted to just eat at the buffet-we requested early dining but to no avail. Good luck.

  288. Maurice stewart says:

    Why were the gold members not grandfathered in to the changes. It was unfair to give us a goal and then change it after we achieve it

  289. Kathy Green says:

    John, I love cruising, especially with Carnival! I have introduced family & friends to the joy of cruising. For different reasons, not everyone wants to take an action filled excursion. Some of us want to simply sight see, dine, sit in the shade with a drink or two (maybe three), visit a shopping area or museums-activities that are handicapped accessible, low-key, easy-going. If Carnival doesn’t want to offer such an excursion, would it be possible for the name of a reputable tour guide or service to be given to us? We love to see the sights and listen to the history of the area. We are not sun worshippers, snorklers, zipliners. Can you offer us any help?

  290. Amanda Sproul says:

    I just have a question about who to contact about a bariatric menu for when I am on my cruise in April on the Carnival Dream.

  291. Tammy says:

    What to do on a 4 day family birthday cruise to Mexico/ Catalina and it’s just rain each day in the forecast… Bring coloring books and Dramamine?

  292. David and Drusilla Ates says:

    We will be sailing back to back cruises on carnival triumph to San Juan from and back to Galveston, Texas. We will be on for 21 days. Question: how many formal nights will there be?

  293. Beth says:

    John am I to old to work on your cruises with you? I am looking to do some arts and farts with the fossils and dinosaurs. Yes I do fall into that catagory….

  294. Parker says:

    I am sailing on the Liberty in March on the eight day. I was wondering what playlist production shows are aboard that ship. I know that John Heald maybe has a list of what Playlist Shows each ship has.

  295. Kerry Ditty says:

    Hi John
    We have cruised with you before on the Breeze in Europe which was fantastic. Our son has now turned 18 and we are considering The Vista for summer 2016. Are any activities, even meet and greet organised for the 18-20 age range. I know you have commented that this has been under consideration before but have Carnival auctioned this issue.
    Many thanks

  296. Kelli Potosky says:

    I know you probably get asked this all the time, but is there a current cruise director schedule available? We sail on the Dream from March 27-April 2. The latest thing I read was that Jase will be gone as of the 27th. Just wondered who signs on after he leaves. Thanks so much!

  297. Waynette says:

    When is the Carnival Magic going to get a Guy’s Burger Joint.

  298. Trish says:

    Do we have any current fun times schedule?

  299. Michelle says:

    You are very entertaining and informative. I enjoy your Facebook posts! My question or request for you is:
    It would be nice if somehow we could request (like during online check-in when requesting two twin or one King bed, or dining time) the contents of the mini bar (or more importantly that it remain empty). I know it has been mentioned before. It’s just a minor inconvenience to find something to hold the unwanted contents and where to put it. I know people sometimes use the bottom drawer, but I haven’t been able to train myself or kids to pack less so as not to need that drawer.
    Also it would be nice to have more room choices for families of 5. We most enjoyed the OV with 2 pull downs and couch. Just not enough space with a trundle. I haven’t found it yet, but hopefully it exists, a balcony with 2 pull downs and couch. This next cruise will be our first in 2 adjoining rooms (way down at the bottom 🙁 of the ship-well above the crew).
    Thanks for taking the time to read my concerns.

  300. Wendy boles says:

    Where to find the updated list for dive in movies for upcoming cruises?

  301. maxine bartlett says:

    I am going on the Sunshine August 25 from NYC I would like to know who will be the CD When will you updating this

  302. Janice says:

    I can no longer find the place to select dining time when booking a cruise. Is this a thing of the past selecting dining time before we book? I am trying very hard to get used to the new carnival booking website and and now I come upon no dining times to select before paying. Am I silly for not wanting to know dining time before I book? Please bring that option back! Thanks

  303. Lynn says:

    When will the Hub App be available on the Dream?

  304. Elizabeth p says:


    Love your posts on facebook! I was checking out your blog and saw the cruise director schedule for this year. I noticed that nobody was scheduled for the triumph in september. Is there another updated version so I can see who I’ll have? Thanks so much!!

  305. Cheryl says:

    We are going too be on the Carnival Sensation during march madness basketball.Would you know where or could you recommended a place on that ship to see a game? We found there is no sports bar on this ship. Thanks…

  306. Somja Nickerson says:

    Where can I get tge dive-in movie schedule?

  307. Maxine Bartlett says:

    I am going on the Aug 25 Journey cruise is there the Midnight Buffet I called Carnival they say there is not any Midnight Buffet on the Journey cruises I have read there was now I am told there isn’t also was told there is a Captains Party now carnival says only for Diamond/Plataun only. Iam told all differnt things

  308. Deena Harris says:

    Hello John, I Haven’t received any of your blogs for a couple of months now. I tried to “re-join” and it tells me I am still a member? Would you please check on this? I look forward to every one of your blogs!

  309. Dean Grassino says:

    John…there are a group of us sailing 1/21/17 on the Conquest and they still
    do not have any shore excursions listed. Many cruisers like to book these early and pay off their cruise over time so they do not rack up credit card debit. Any idea when these are going to be listed??? Thanks !

  310. Dianna Byers Floyd says:

    Oh John….how I love your facebook page! However I can only share your posts and cannot comment. This makes me very very sad. What am I doing wrong?!

  311. Don says:

    Hi John, I am enjoying your Blog and FB page before sailing on our first CCL cruise on Vista this August. Would you be able to address a query raised elsewhere on-line – do the wait staff and the stateroom attendants receive 100% of the tips if guests charge them to their account? Or should guests give cash tips? To be blunt, does CCL take a skim? Best wishes – hope to meet you in person one day.

  312. Sydney Jefferson says:

    Hey John !
    I just sailed the inaugural Vista (amazing )Carnival sent me a survey to fill out . There is one waiter I would love to recognize. Problem is no name . I have a picture of him from dinner can I send him in and you guys can identify him?

  313. Jordan Schommer says:

    Hi John,
    I am going on the Breeze this Sunday. I am in a room with another 21 year old not wanting to buy the drink card. The value is amazing but I am wanting to show her realistically how much she will spend without it. I can’t find current drink prices anywhere and i am running out of time. Can you help?

  314. Barbara Greer says:

    John, I do have a question for you that isn’t I the FAQ’s. However, I don’t see a “Ask John” tab on this web page. How do I send you a question?

  315. June miller says:

    I was wondering why yall don’t have a one person room so someone single could go on a cruise without having to pay for 2 people would love to go on a cruise but I can’t afford to pay for 2 people when I’m the only one going thanks

  316. David Dawson says:

    Hi John, sounds like you are having a good but very busy time on the Carnival Vista. My question is I have booked the Vista for the 8 Day Europe cruise starting in Barcelona on the 18th August for my entire immediate family of 11 (feels like I have chartered the ship!). Our son & daughter with the grandchildren have been booked in Family Ocean View cabins while my wife and myself have an Ocean Suite cabin on Deck 7. Will we have access to the family area for visiting and no doubt baby sitting duties?

  317. Wendy says:

    Hi John,

    We are leaving next Saturday evening on the Freedom. My question is, are we allowed to bring a fan on the ship? I read where we can, but I also read on a thread where they were being confiscated. Will I have an issue with this? Or, does Carnival provide one? Please advise? Thanks in advance

  318. Peggy says:

    How many Faster to the Fun are offered on the ships? My daughter and her fiancé will be sailing in September on the Pride to Burmuda for there honeymoon. I tried to purchase them a faster to the fun as a gift but it wouldn’t let me.

  319. Vicky Kirk says:

    Hi, will you please clarify the rule on fans? I have always taken a fan onboard, but Galveston is now not allowing them? Please help!

  320. LaShunda Tate says:

    Is it possible for Jacksonville to have a second ship? They have one that does 4 and 5 days to Bahamas would out be possible to get a second one that can do 4 and 5 days to Key West and Cozumel? Just a thought running through my head.

  321. Shannan Helmer says:

    John, my daughters and I faithfully read your posts on Facebook. Yes some have been topic of conversation 😂 We have been on several Carnival cruises as a family, my daughters just got back from a Royal Caribbean Cruise since they aren’t old enough to book with Carnival (21&18) You get many opinioms from cruisers, I thought theirs, since they are young may interest you. They will wait for Carnival from now on. They said the staff did not interact at all. Ship was beautiful and clean. No variety on food. Everything from beginning to end was more expensive but not worth the cost. No designated smoking areas which they had to move several times as guests would.walk up.next to them and start smoking. Only saw CD one time the whole trip. They both preferred the experiences they have had with Carnival. Food is always great, CD is involved and sometimes hilarious, staff are always amazing! They feel like family at the end of the week, etc. They had a great time, great sister cruise and will continue to travel but future cruises will be with Carnival.

  322. Barbara Greer says:

    HI John,
    I couldn’t find the “Ask John Tab” on your blog page, so I am going to use this space to ask you a question.

    My entire family and I (12 cabins) are booked for a family reunion cruise on the Freedom leaving out of Galveston on June 18th. When I contacted Karen Williams at Carnival (who by the way…it absolutely AWESOME…I worked with her on my class reunion cruise several years ago also), she told me up front that our cruise was not eligible for any group booking benefits. As this was the only time that we could get our whole group together (trying to coordinate vacations, kids sports schedules, etc) we had no choice, but to book the cruise.

    Our grandson lives in Hawaii and recently graduated from high school. Because none of the family could attend his graduation, we were wanting to do something for him on the cruise (as this will be the only time our entire family is together). I contacted Karen, who referred me to group bookings. I explained my situation to the agent, asking if there was a space that wasn’t used during the day that we could use for an hour to have a gathering of our group (29 people) She quickly found me a space and told me that we would have to pay for a drink package for our group (approximately $10 per person) in order to use the room. Since we are spending over $30,000 for our family to do the cruise alone (this doesn’t include travel/flights in addition to tours, gratuities and other on-board expenses), I was hoping that Carnival would be able to provide us with a room without having to incur further expenses…especially since we did not receive any of the benefits that usually accompany a group booking. We are truly stretched to the limit financially to do this “once in a lifetime” family reunion.

    My question to you, is there anything that can be done to get the use of a room for an hour one afternoon during our cruise….or do we just need to “seek and find” a place we can all gather and hope that we aren’t disturbing or misplacing others?

  323. rhonda cox says:

    I am needing to know how I get my free cruise for spending over $10,000 on art at the parkwest auctions. I was on the april 9 freedom and the guy from parkwest said I would get one for that trip and also my husband and I was on the back to back on triumph january16-feb 6 and spent that plus but have yet to receive my vouchers for either. Can you please tell me who I need to talk to. Im ready to go again for another auction, we finally found something we both enjoy on the ship. Thank you

  324. Larry Mathias says:

    Quick question: The webcams on the Sunshine worked fine before it went to dry dock, but hasn’t been updated since it launched again. The last updates were 5/9/16. Did someone forget to switch them back on ?


  325. Brandon says:

    What are the movies on the Splendor for June

  326. Wendy says:

    Hi John,
    I’m boarding the Freedom on Saturday. Will I have an issue with a 9″ personal fan? I’ve been reading different issues with fans. Do we carry it on or put it in our checked in baggage. Please advise. Thanks!

  327. Karen Olson says:

    Dear John, Just sailed with you on the magnificent Inagural voyage of the Vista and can’t wait for the Visra Sista in 2018. On June 11 we set sail again for our granddaughters graduation cruise with 17 family members. Last nite I went online to the gift shop section at Carnival to order a celebration package to have her room decorated upon her arrival. She and her sister will be sharing a balcony room by themselves for the first time. My mom was supposed to share the room with them but she died unexpectedly in Feb. we will have the suite next to them and the other family members will be across the hall. When we checked out they said the decorations would be up by that evening. We really want them up when we get there so she can be surprised. Can you look into this for us. We will be on the Freedom sailing out of Galveston and her room number is 7334 . Thank you so much. You may remember me as ” the cleaner ” , we met on the Legend in May of 2015 , Troy was the cruise director. That’s the day I feel in love with your wit and charm. Karen from Texas

  328. Paula Longmuir says:

    Hi John – When will you be posting a copy of the Fun times from Carnival Vista?

  329. Manny Canero says:


    I am booked on Carnival Vista cabin 11230. I looked it up on the deck plan and the cabin between 11230 and 11238 is not a cabin you can book, Can you please tell me what goes on in this cabin.

  330. Hi John,

    Michael here, we met at The Alchemy Bar last week (May 24th sailing) and again while debarking on the last day in the elevator. I’m the tan guy who was eating at Bonsai Sushi 🙂

    As always, my friend and I had a wonderful time which is particularly why we only sail with Carnival. I was, however, disappointed that the Platinum and Diamond VIFP party was scheduled when many guests were on Carnival excursions. I booked my excursion through Carnival and we did not return to the ship until 5:30PM as planned. The VIFP party was scheduled promptly at 5PM while the ship was still docked at Marseille. Needless to say, I missed the party which was something I was truly looking forward to. Who doesn’t enjoy free drinks and appetizers?

    To be candid, I felt that was poor planning on Carnival’s part. What are your thoughts? I follow you on FB an read all of your posts. Feel free to post a reply there if you have the time.

    Safe travels!


  331. Jenn says:

    Carnival should offer gift cards on Coinstar kiosks. My kids love saving their money in their piggy banks and it would be awesome for them to be able to purchase their own card. That would also help people that might not be able to afford a cruise as quickly to be able to save slowly for one.

  332. Andrew says:

    Does Carnival Magic support the HUB app? If not, when will she?

  333. Debbie Rose says:

    Ok, I have spent my whole morning looking for the ask john tab, can you please tell me where it is hiding, think I have tried every button, but I can’t find the ask john tab.

  334. Craig Hahn says:

    Hello John – My wife and I will be sailing on the Vista this Saturday, 6/11 – will you be on board? We hope so as we love cruising with you and following your adventures. We are celebrating our upcoming 28th anniversary, so if you could send a little something to cabin 2322 it would be great to surprise my wife. And if you can throw in a Vista ship on a stick for me, even better. Thanks John, Craig & Kim Hahn

  335. Tina Chappell says:

    Hey john, I sailed on the triumph may 19-23, 2016. My great nieces lexi and Brittany and I had a photo shoot done. Luis de la selva with dream studio is the one that did it. I could not find him on the last day. Because of his pictures i will always remember the smiles. My nieces have problem parents and a hard life. He made them and me feel so special. This cruise is something they will never forget. I was told to contact you and possibly you could pass my message along to him. This would mean so much to me. I can never thank him enough for capturing their joy. Thank you so much for your help. Tina Chappell

  336. amy cullen says:

    I just got off a Carnival Sunshine 10 day Journey’s cruise and I just wanted you to know how fabulous our cruise director, Emma was. You just could’t help but love her and I totally would go on another cruise based on the fact that she was the cruise director! I already miss her! We did anytime dining for the first time and the staff was very accommodating, one waitress who waited on us two nights named Nunthaporn was fabulous – we loved her! The matre D Amith was very accommodating and was able to switch our dinner reservation from late dining to anytime seating as per our request with no issues. The men who took care of our cabin were absolutely lovely. Also I wanted to ask, on this ship all guests were invited to attend a special Captain’s cocktail party. I have been on several sailings over the past 3 years and have never had an event like this. Is this exclusive to Journey’s cruises or is this because the cruise was 10 days? I will be going on the Carnival Conquest on August 4th just for a 4 day trip and was wondering if this would also be an event. It was really so nice to sample some free cocktails, especially because my bar bill was racking up! Overall I had one of the best experiences on this cruise and look forward to cruising again soon.

  337. Abby says:

    After such a good recent experience on a cruise ship I am beginning to look into becoming a cruise ship nurse on carnival. John I saw that certain entertainment staff has access to guest areas but saw no mention of medical staff. What is life like for a cruise ship nurse – do they share cabins and are they able to use cruise ship facilities such as pool when off duty?

  338. Michelle Anderson says:

    I saw you posted that a cruiser won at the poker table on one of the boats. Can you tell me which boats have the live poker tables instead of the computerized poker game? My husband is a poker player and wants the live card tables.
    Thank you.

  339. Gerry Roberts says:

    Hi John. Where can I see a chart or listing of the officer insignias on a carnival ship. I would like to be able to identify the officers positions I see on the ship (a few are obvious but not all). I have tried mother Google and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

  340. Ellen Jung says:

    Hi John –

    We just returned from a 4 day cruise on the Carnival Victory. I have been waiting patiently for an email survey…but it has not arrived. Since I want Carnival to know our experience with Anytime Dining I thought I would write you.

    It as our first night onboard and we were not familiar with the layout of the ship. The galley is in the middle and sometimes you must go up or down and over. It was confusing. We tried several times to find the main entrance to the first floor Atlantic Dining Room with no success. We finally arrived at the back entrance of the second floor Atlantic Dining Room confused and frustrated. Then we were most fortunate…we met the Maitre ‘d, Metin AKA “007“. He was wonderful! So understanding of our plight. He requested a waiter escort us through the dining room, down the stairs, up to the desk to be seated. “007” is, without a doubt, the best Maitre-d we have ever encountered in all our many sailings on several different lines. He is friendly, helpful, and funny, still maintaining a professional demeanor. We were to see him many times in the dining room and he always had a smile and kind comment for us.

    Then our second fortunate event – we were seated at a table serviced by Team Devy. Devy is an outstanding waitress and team manager. She and her team….Nengah, Joel, and Shasha took excellent care of us. They were always helpful, friendly and smiling. We wanted for nothing. They were always there to take our orders, clear the table, fill the water glasses, etc. We were so delighted we asked to be seated in Team Devy’s area every night. Devy was very impressive directing her team with a smile.

    Shasha remember our drink order and when we wanted to try something different she was most helpful. An we pleased with her suggestions. Nengah and Joel were also very attentive. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to see us each night.

    We so enjoyed our time in the dining room with this great team. It is obvious that “007” (Metin) sets the tone and Team Devy easily follows his lead. They are a credit to Carnival and truly deserve to be recognized.

  341. Sandy B says:

    Hello John😂, I belong to several Carnival Facebook pages and I have seen so many discussions about leaving extra water and sodas for the next guests after your cruise. This kind gesture has raised a lot of heated discussions on the pages as to whether this is a good practice or not. Some say it is thrown away as soon as you leave your cabin others say the cabin steward gets to keep it. But I have never heard of a new cabin guest ever received this gifts. Can you please let us future cruisers know if this is a great thing to do or just a pain for cabin stewards to throw it away???

  342. Sandra Cormier says:

    We know Carnival considers 21 to be legal drinking age. My question concerns people turning 21 DURING their cruise. Does Carnival take this into consideration and will guests that turn 21 after the ship has sailed be served? There are NO answers to be had on CCL’s site.

    • Jim wodahl says:

      I just got off the freedom, and it seemed that if there was a question of age, the bartenders checked state i.d.’s.. if they were over 21, they got served..

  343. Andrea says:

    John. Would carnival ever do single rooms for single people. Prices are way to much for a single person when u have to pay for double occupancy.

  344. Alisa says:

    Please update the cruise director’s for the pride. Also wish you would post the piano players .

  345. Rene says:

    John, Could you please let me know where I might find which movies will be playing on the Carnival Dream on the August 21, 2016 through August 28, 2016.

    Thank you,

  346. Penny Dunn says:

    How would I go about requesting a table for two?

  347. Glenn Kvalheim says:

    Hi John, We have cruised with Carnival several times. Last year in the dining room on the Breeze, we were set at an small open table right by the waiter station and escalators. It was not good and some of our party skipped dinner because of it. We are going on the Vista in Fed and was wondering if there is some way we can be assured a better seating assignment. Thank You

  348. Clarkson Brown says:

    I am writing to heap praise upon Carnival Breeze host Ty. I was on the Breeze last week (6/5 – 6/12) with my sons, Daniel (13) and William (16), and my girlfriend Melanie and will be on next week (6/19-6/26) and on in November 6/6-6/13). I usually have a cruise that involves food, casino and sleep, but this time I promised my sons I’d do no casino and spend the whole cruise doing family time. While we did other activities, our main activity was trivia. Since we don’t get off the boat at most ports anymore, we did a lot of trivia and were lucky that a host named Ety was the host on duty last week. The few times he wasn’t there were noticeable, as the other hosts just didn’t have his knack for making the Ocean Plaza games really fun. At first I have to admit he was a bit of rough seeming, but that thought promptly went away after a few games and the realization that his dry sense of humor was hilarious. While he is not easy to describe, a number of words come to mind. Hilarious, dry, intelligent, loyal, knowledgeable, kind, caring, attentive, energetic, sarcastic, sassy and “funnest”. Every descriptive is a compliment. When all put together you get The Ety. He cares about the guests, is committed to Carnival, knows more about Carnival and just general knowledge than is probably healthy for one brain and goes that extra mile to make the guests feel like they want to return. We would return just for Ty trivia!!! On the ride home it seemed half the conversation involved something fun that happened with Ty in the Ocean Plaza. I’ve been on about 15 cruises and have never written in about a specific employee but generally write an overall review of a cruise. But, given what an exceptional person Ty is, I felt compelled to write. I don’t know who the host on duty for our next two cruises on the breeze, when we return (one with a couple we are trying to sway to Carnival from Royal) for more cruises, but I hope Ty will be leading some events that we participate in around the boat. Carnival did an excellent job in hiring him and should be sure that he remains with Carnival as long as possible. I hope someone will share this with Ty and let me know where else I can send this to be sure the “suits and beards” recognize an excellent Carnival team member who deserves upward mobility with Carnival.

    Thank you for a great cruise and for having someone like Ty there to make it very memorable and a cruise line we will return too and recommend based on him alone. I hope this email gets to Ty and those that can recognize his excellent efforts. If I should email someone else with this accolade let me know who that should be and I’ll do so. See ya’ll very soon!!

  349. Robert Lunsford says:

    What percentage of the crew (not the crew category) receives the gratuities? IE: if there are 1000 total crew members, what percentage of that number is eligible for the gratuities?

  350. Anna Gorton says:

    Any chance the cruise director list will be updated soon? My husband and I will be on the Pride July 24th and the list doesn’t mention who the cruise director is. Just curious.

  351. Paulette Koenig says:

    We have a family cruise scheduled January 14, 2017 aboard the Vista. Unfortunately, my husband’s father just past away. He was supposed to be with us. He loved cruising and especially the formal nights. We would like to spread some of his remains at sea at 5 pm on the first formal night of the cruise. Can we get an officer on the ship to be present?
    Thank you in advance ,

  352. Lavon Mark says:

    Hi John,
    Could you please tell me when Vista 2 will post her itineraries?

    Thanks, L. Mark

  353. Jim wodahl says:

    Mr. Heald.. if I may make a suggestion for one of your posts, let the people on your page know that the funshops on board the ships are not owned by carnival.. I just had dealings with trying to return an item to the jewlery shop (a watch)and was upset at the carnival salesman for lying, and myself for falling for it.. now that I know the shops are independently operated, I am still upset with myself, but no longer at carnival – just the third party vendor and their salesman..

  354. Glenn Kvalheim says:

    Where can I go to, to ask John a question?

  355. Michael Cole says:

    Mr. Heald if you really exsist. I just wanted to express my disattifaction on my very 1st Carnival cruise. It was very stress full. Can someone please contact me as promised?


  356. Michele Loper says:

    I can’t find the “Ask John” tab. John, I need to write to you. How do I send you a note?

  357. Daryl Buford says:

    Hello John,
    would it be possible to get a photo backdrop for cruise elegant nights that resembles a red carpet event with red carpet and a backdrop with the carnival logo stamps all over it?

  358. Troy Hoper says:

    Hey John,
    Need some advice, we currently have 2 cruises booked over the next year. One is to celebrate a birthday and the other is to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Do you have any ideas on something special we can do on these days ro make them VERY special.

  359. Anna Cornelison says:

    John, In a few weeks, there will be 10 of us sailing on the Pride (7/17). We are all card players and was wondering if we can utilize the conference room to play if it’s not in use? If so, how do we go about it? Is there a fee to do this (hopefully not)?
    Looking forward to your response.


  360. Tina Granger says:

    I was on the Pride last summer, which doesn’t have a future cruise desk. I like to take advantage of the OBC and book my next cruise while onboard. I was told at Guest Services that I could book when I got home and mention the situation, and that I would get the OBC because of the situation, that I wouldn’t be penalized. I’ve currently got three more cruises booked in the next year, and have been repeatedly told that no, they won’t honor the OBC. One cruise in November is even an anniversary cruise, 5 years. I’m very disappointed in this and wonder who to ask.

    • Mike says:

      I have been on the 8 times. They absolutly have a future cruise desk. It is just outside the casino. Someone is not also there however, but they do have hours posted

  361. Lindsey roper says:

    Hi, how do I ask you a question about my upcoming cruise. It says to use the ask John tab but I can’t find it!!!! I’m probably just being blind!!!

  362. Samantha scuffil says:

    Hi could you please tell me has the smoking policy been revised on dream class ships.

  363. Jennifer Garcia says:

    Hi John,
    My husband and I have a question. We have been on 2 cruise this year and just got off the recent cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy. My husband plays the casino often and got a free interior cruise offer and also won a drawing on the cruise for a free cruise. So we left with 2 free cruises that we have to take by the end of the year. He doesn’t have enough vacation to take off from work this year to take 2 cruises. We just booked our one cruise during thanksgiving but our question is could we use his other offer to take my parents with us? Or what do you recommend? We are disappointed we won the cruise and can’t even use it 🙁
    Thank you for your help

  364. Monika Floyd says:

    John, on the Vista TA in Oct , will there be a costume Halloween Party and if so what night will it be. The actual day is Oct. 31, but that is the overnight in Bermuda, so will it be the day before the 30th on a sea day.? I’m waiting to hear before purchasing costume. Can’t wait to see you again and meet Matt. I’m soooo excited. Thanks Monika

  365. Pembroke Kenner says:

    Good morning,

    I was recently on the Victory (6/30 ), and was looking forward to the cruise, and using the Black and Red Seas Jazz Club smoking lounge/cigar bar. The lounge is no longer used for that purpose, and was hardly used at all during the cruise with the exception of a few meetings. I’ll be onboard the Valor (12/22), and learned that the Jazz Club on there also no longer allows cigar smoking. I do make use of the new outdoor smoking areas, but with the popularity of these venues among cigar (and cigarette smokers), why is Carnival shutting them down for this purpose, when there not being used otherwise. I realize smoking is no longer popular with some cruisers or some in the public, but having this area set aside may eliminate those congregating in a small area of the casino, or the casino itself. These rooms already had the ventilation in place to remove the smoke, which to my knowledge, did not linger or carry over to other area. Also, can you also provide an updated list here or on the Carnival Website of which ships still have the Jazz Lounges or other venues that allow cigar smoking? Thank you. I also asked this question on your FB page, and sent an email to the beards.

  366. Kim Miller says:

    I have a request regarding how names are printed our sign & sail cards. My husband, and lots of other people, goes by his middle name. It would be so nice if we could choose which name would be printed on our cards so the crew onboard would know the actual name we are used to hearing.

  367. Rocky Quismundo says:

    John I’d like to send you an inquiry however your “ask John” tab is awol. Its important and it wont cost the Carnival corporation anything while it will give a very simple, free, and well deserved loyalty in return to a platinum member done inside of 7 years. How can send you my inquiry… please…

  368. matthew wilson says:

    Can the IT guys be asked to add a few filters to the cruise search?

    I like being able to seach by departure port, but I’d like to be able to search by specific destination port.

    Also, I’d like to sort by least expensive balcony and not just least expensive interior room.

    Thirdly, I’d like to be able to say from the beginning of the search, that I will have 3 people in a cabin. That changes the price from the default value of 2.

    Thanks for any help you could provide.

  369. Brenda says:

    I was wondering what can be done if you have a mattress on a cruise that is so firm sleeping on the floor would be softer? Can a mattress be traded out with one that is not so firm or is it just tough luck? The last time we sailed which was on the Triumph the bed was super firm and I hurt the whole trip. I was just wondering if something can be done for our next cruise in case the bed is firm like those if not no problem had to ask though. Thank you for your time.

  370. Rosa Snyder says:

    Question? Those carnival conquest has hub?

  371. sonia cepeda says:

    Does the havana bar have cuban coffee?

  372. Ida (Heidi) Cairney says:

    Hi John, we will be sailing on the Legend August 23′ 2016 to Alaska. My son is turning 16, August 28, do you do anything special for birthdays? We ordered his cabin to be decorated. We can’t wait will you be on that ship?
    Thank you Heidi Cairney

  373. Gemina Del Costello says:

    We are going on the bloggers cruise in February of 2017. We know registration opens up on August 1st at 9 am. Is there a link to register? How do we do so?


  374. Lucretia Robertson says:

    Why does Carnival say 110% price guarantee but when the price drops you always get the run around and end up with nothing. False advertising is not a good form of advertising

  375. Robin Brandsness says:

    Good Morning John,
    We are so excited to get to sail with you on the Vista in November. This will be our first anniversary, and my birthday as well. We got married on the Splendor last year. We have become big fans of Carnival and of you John.
    You are so helpful to so many. You always have great information. I find myself reading the visitor posts, and I see all you do. Thank you so much for doing all you do to help so many.
    I do have a couple of questions… 1.) Will Carnival ever consider setting up the Behind the Fun Tour online for pre purchase? We did the tour on the Splendor and would love to do it on the Vista, but I am sure that it will sell out fast. This is the BEST gift I can give to my new husband for our first anniversary… We do have priority boarding with our suite, but so do many others.
    2.) What is up with the souvenir apparel in the online Fun Shop? Most top out at large sizes… DH is a XL. Most of the shirts are youth! Will there be a reorder or any new items before November? I love to order things online that I know are not available in the shops. This has become a tradition for us, and we really love that the items are waiting for us when we get to our stateroom.
    Thank you for your help John. And for all you do!
    See you soon!

  376. Barney Fitzgerald says:

    I last cruised on the Triumph in September of 2012. While on board I purchased a future cruise voucher for $100. When I returned from the cruise I went thru a divorce and thru all things totally forgot about the voucher. I believe it had a 24 month expiration. My question is is there any way to get it reinstated or anything at all that could help me? My new wife wants to go on a cruise and we were just wondering as it will be our honeymoon cruise. We weren’t able to take a vacation until January 2017.

  377. Nina Azzarone says:

    Thanks for all the good information. Do you have the Fun Times for Victory to Bahamas?

  378. Charlene James says:

    Can u please double check for me, as I have gotten different answers, for this question – Does each Platinum guest get their own EARNED plate of chocolate covered strawberries?? I assumed we did as we each payed for our own cruises (not a couple just school mates) & should be able to receive our own and not be expected to share a plate or share only 1 perk. I choose to share mine with new friends we met on board and my cabin mate expected her own but it NEVER showed up. Guest Services was no help. My PVP said that we both earned it separate & would receive it the same.

  379. Betty Emmons says:

    how do I ask John a question? have friends sailing with us end of August and we want to make sure we are at the same table at dinner.
    Called Carnival and they said to wait until o the ship to ask!!! Please help

  380. Robert says:

    Hi John. As a parent with 2 special needs children, dealing with lines and crowds can be challenging. While they can wait in some lines, it can go south quickly. Because of this we always get F2F on our cruised. Sadlybnonevare available for an upcoming. Is there a way to get more released so we can purchase one. Thanks.

  381. Laurie Bochert says:

    Good morning John,

    Hope you are well, we will be sailing on the sunshine the first week of October and may need your assistants if possible. I have had surgery several months ago on my right shoulder which has not healed to the degree that it should and now have difficulty with my right arm. I tried signing up for faster to the fun so it would be easier to get out of the large crowds with embarking and have access to our room if things get a little crazy the first day, but it was closed out. I know everyone is excited to get on the ship. I called disability services and they stated they could offer me a wheel chair. I am able to walk do not need one and I do not want to take that away from some that does. I would like to pay for the service and I am not looking for something for nothing. We are traveling with another couple and would like to stay together. Again having access to our cabin would be a big help.

    Thank you for you help and love your Facebook live. Have a wonderful day

    Hope to hear from you soon


  382. Terri says:

    I’m going on the Magic in September and am looking for a copy of the daily Fun Times newspaper.

  383. Diane says:

    John, where can i send a request? I am treating people sister on a cruise, september 24th for her 60th birthday. On the sunshine. Can you do something for her in the cabin. Thanks

  384. Donna Preston says:

    When will the Conquest have the Hub app available? We are sailing in October.

  385. Laura Sergent says:

    Can / do you have a list of upcoming movies for future sailings?

  386. Staci Miller says:

    We recently sailed from NY on the Sunshine. While sailing from NY would be our preferred port, we did not like the Sunshine. Does Carnival ever switch their ships around so that different ships sail from different ports? If the port of NY offered a ship that we liked, we’d sail once or twice a year!

  387. Mary says:

    How far in advance can you purchase faster to the fun.? I see where it is sold out for our cruise in late January.

  388. gary says:

    when will the ship moves for 2018 come out. we will book our 2018 cruises by knowing this . thanks.

  389. Tina Royles says:

    We just booked a cruise yesterday for the last week in December. We immediately went to purchase Faster to the Fun, and it was already sold out. I was wondering if they will open up more tickets as the cruise fills up.
    We were shocked to see the FTTF was full. We just got off the Breeze July 31, and we didn’t purchase FTTF until June.

  390. Barbara McQuillan says:

    Hi John, I’m looking forward to the Blogger’s cruises in 2017. Will Ken join them as the maitre’d? He is the best!

  391. Geri says:

    Good Morning.

    Just wondering if Carnival will start regulating self-assist debarkation any time soon? Every time we try to use this option, it is a cluster @#%&. No Carnival employees try to manage the lines. We always stay on deck 2, and you can not get an elevator because upper levels clog it up to wait. That means debarkation level is clogged up. Fire Marshall needs to be called. Very dangerous.

  392. Sharmaine Marshall says:

    Hi John! I had some friends on the Carnival Liberty FB page suggest I contact you here. My husband and I are going on the Liberty on Sept. 1, 2016 and are celebrating our anniversary and my birthday. I would really like to have a table for 2 by the window. A friend on the FB page said you were able to help her and she sent me a lovely pic of the table by the window you set up for her. Would you be able to do something like that again? Our booking is #7T3MS3 under Sharmaine Marshall. Thank you for your consideration. 🙂

  393. Tammy Popwell says:

    Just got off our 2nd cruise for the summer. Purchased the embarkation photos for both we always do. I received the shutterfly luggage tag promo code for the 1 photo purchase on each cruise. So I have 2 promo codes. A lot of good it does. The promos are only good for 1 account and 1 billing address. AND DON’T FORGET THE $5.18 YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING.
    I would think that by know Carnival, would have came up with a punch card for a free photo of equal value. Either the embarkation, fun photos, port photos or the 8x 10. It wouldn’t be hard simply make the card th he color on the price mats. Do something for the cruisers for a change. Lowe the 8x 10 to 10-15 you would sell so many more. Embarkation and port ports to 10 and fun to 10. I’m sure you would sell so many more that way.

  394. Steve Krafthefer says:

    Is there a way to find out what movies will be playing on the Seaside Theater and in room on the various ships? Just curious. Thank you for all your’s and your staffs work to make our cruises with Carnival as great as they ALWAYS are!

  395. stewart says:

    I would have posted this in the Forum but it no longer exist. On a cruise on the Dream a couple of weeks ago I was shocked that the refrigerator was no longer stocked in my cabin. When I ask the steward he only wanted to know if it was working and that was it. I have always purchased beverages from the mini-refrigerators before on my cruises.
    The second concern relates to drug use on the ship. This was my 14th cruise and I always have a balcony. On this cruise I was sitting out on my balcony and the people in the next cabin along with others starting smoking dope on theirs. They were very loud the whole cruise and I could hear them at all hours in my cabin like I was staying in a cheap motel. Also, they had children below the ages of six or seven running up and down the hallways banging on their door trying to get in their cabin day and night. The kids were also out on the balcony by themselves a number of times. I could easily see them going overboard while their stoned parents where not paying attention.

  396. Kelly Brown says:

    I know some people say they have been given recipes from Carnival. My question is this. How would I go about getting the recipes for the desserts with no sugar added? I would participate love to have the orange cream cake, banana cake, apple pie, and especially the diet Chocolate cake. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated, as I am a devoted lifetime member of Weight Watchers and really have to watch what I eat. These taste so decadent!!!

  397. Bob Comeau says:

    Very disappointed that you are charging now for the Seafood corner. What is next? Using the pool? Eating too much food in the buffet? Where will it end.

  398. Mandy says:

    Hi John,
    Can we talk about the Carnival Horizon and her itinerary? I don’t think that I can be alone in desperately wanting Carnival to take on more worldly ports. I think there is a great opportunity here for Horizon to return to the Baltic Capitals route that previous new ships have taken, but no one has seen in years. I’m a long time and very loyal Carnival cruiser, and I’d love to see Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Iceland and more from a CARNIVAL ship… and not one of her competitors. I think Carnival has the clientele for that market. Can we poll Facebook and maybe get the beards in on the discussion?

  399. Kathy says:

    Just returned from the Breeze celebrating our 25th anny. My PVP had asked if we had any special celebrations…I told her and she confirmed we would have something special set up, but we never received. Guest Services had no notation. A real disappointment. On FB posts, cruisers post pics of special recognition with wine, treats, and a card from you.
    Curious how they get this….Just booked another cruise and I’m going to try to have a belated anniversary event for hubby…will bring my own supplies this time, for sure!

  400. Al Bassett says:

    We are looking for the schedule for the Dive in Theater for Sept pleaSe

  401. Tracy says:

    Where can I find a list of movies that will be playing on my upcoming cruise?

  402. Lynn Laski says:


    I’m scheduled to sail on the Vista on Sept. 3rd out of Barcelona. We are supposed to go to Turkey but in light of all the problems there is this port still on? I follow you on Facebook and you stated that you would post this but I must have missed this.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much and best regards,


  403. eugene goings says:

    Where can I find the latest Paradise 5 days menu?

  404. Deb Ellenberger says:

    John: on the vista in ocean view category…..do the cabins have a single bed for each person (4in a cabin)? I have called repeatedly to reservations and get differing comments about ocean view cabins for 4 or 5 people. Thanks for any input!

  405. Carolyn Diskin says:

    Good Morning John We are going on our first TA.This is also our 50 wedding anniversary gift to ourselves. Do they do any recognition for those celebrating their milestones. We are so excited, and finally we are platinum on this cruise. Thank you and cant wait to see you !!!In room 6262.

  406. Mary Cary says:

    Every year we cruise during December. We like to cruise as soon as the ships are decorated, and early enough so we are back home before Christmas. Every year I call Carnival to try and plan this, and I receive many different answers about when the ships will be decorated. If I call five different Carnival reps, I’ll receive five different answers. Is there any way to find out the earliest dates the ships will be decorated for Christmas so we could plan our trips each year? I’d so appreciate your help.

  407. Ron Armstrong says:

    Need help with burial at sea

  408. Jodi Yarnelli says:

    Hi John,
    How do we request Dejan Vukonic to be our waiter aboard Carnival Vista for the October 11th sailing?
    Thank you!

  409. Casino Players club says they will return your call in 3 days. Wrong!!!! Cruised 126 days in the last 2 years and they can’t return my calls or my emails? Wrong!!!! Since they obviously don’t understand, they are in a competition for my gambling budget, let me assure you they will understand in the near future, when I stop gambling. We have VIP hosts in land casinos that immediately answer my calls or return them in minutes. Carnival hosts can’t return a call from a Diamond Guest/shareholder who sometimes gambles 30 hours on a cruise in over a week? No excuse for a first time cruiser, no excuse for me. Feel free to call me. Frank Strother, 409-698-7004. Better do it quick, we leave on the Triumph on 8/29/2016!!!!

  410. Lynn Laski says:

    How do I get a request for a table in the MDR to John?

    Thanks so very much,

  411. Lindsey Roper says:

    Had such a fantastic time on Vista , would love to go on the new ship Horizon. When will the prices and itineraries be out for Horizon?

  412. Catherine says:

    Can you no longer private message John? On the Blog you use to be able to– am I missing it now? TIA

  413. rich damante says:

    John: I have written to you a few times with no reply. My wife and I have been on 16 Carnival Cruises going back to 1982 on our honeymoon cruise on the Mardi Gras. We live in AZ and like to drive to the ship but have very limited itineraries and ships. When will you be switching the ships leaving from LA? Any new itineraries planned? We have been on all 3 Long Beach based ships and really want to go on a different ship. We would also rather spend the money on a nice room than airfare. Please let me know of new itineraries, ports of calls, and when the ships will be rotated our West. Dont forget about your west coast passengers….

    • gigi ross says:

      I couldn’t agree with this more. THe West Coast absolutely needs and deserves a nicer, newer, larger ship. We would cruise much much more if Carnival offered one out of Long Beach or better yet, San Diego.

  414. Nicole Connors says:

    Dear John,
    My fiance and I just recently got engaged on the Carnival Glory. Our sail dates were 8/20-8/27. This happened on August 21st on the Lido Deck during the Mega Deck Party at around eleven pm. We are so grateful for everything Carnival did to make this happen. Unfortunately, our family member who was supposed to record the entire proposal was blocked by the crowd that formed. We are looking for help to locate the footage of our proposal so we can share with friends and family. My fiance and I went to guest services multiple times and asked for help while on the cruise ship and we were turned away every time. Please help us locate someone with the footage, it would mean so much to myself, my fiance, and our families

  415. Vicki Jackson says:

    John. have the luggage express program at the end of the cruise where they ship your luggage to the airport been discontinued.

  416. Candice says:

    Hi John, As a fellow Brit I was wondering why Carnival doesn’t advertise on the main UK TV channels? I love Carnival but fed up of trying to convince brits that it’s not all like sailing the QE2 and that there are informal fun ships! Come on Carnival UK get advertising here in the UK! Much Love!

  417. Missy Daigle says:

    Hi John!
    We have a performance scheduled on our cruise Oct 2, 2016 on the Dreams. We have a talented group of Jr Twirlers that will be performing a dance routine. We have the final approval from the group department and have the date, time and location.
    Is there a way to have it posted in the fun times?
    Thanks so much!

  418. Kara says:

    Goodmorning! My family and I have been cruising with Carnival since I can remember. Next summer we are going to Europe and were hoping to take a Carnival cruise around the Greek Isles. As of right now it looks like you won’t have any ships in Europe in 2017. Hoping that Carnival will move a ship out there so we wont have to go to a new line. We love Carnival 10 times more than any other. John, do you know if any of the fleet will be in Europe 2017? Thank You!

  419. Kara says:

    Good afternoon! My family and I have been cruising with Carnival since I can remember. Next summer we are going to Europe and were hoping to take a Carnival cruise around the Greek Isles. As of right now it looks like you won’t have any ships in Europe in 2017. Hoping that Carnival will move a ship out there so we wont have to go to a new line. We love Carnival 10 times more than any other. John, do you know if any of the fleet will be in Europe 2017? Thank You!

  420. Rachel Russell says:

    The Fun Times on the above link only goes to 2015-09-30. We will be sailing on the Glory on 26 Nov 2016 and I would like to see a Fun Times if possible. I am trying to plan a Meet & Greet or fun event for our Facebook group.


  421. I have not gotten any thing other than onr E mail saying got y request for BC 10 Feb and made it in time did first morning but have no gotten anything else

  422. James Davis says:

    John, I enjoy your blog. On one of them you ask us with special dining requests to ask you and not the maitred. We will be sailing on the Breeze this Sunday out of Galveston. My wife and I would like a table for 2 in the aft dining room for early seating. We really like the main part where the action is.
    I sure wish you were on this ship. We laughed at your antics several years ago when we couldn’t get one the Conquest because of the fog. You dispelled all anger with your humor and wit. Now that’s style!
    Thank you!
    James and Renee Davis

  423. Jennifer says:

    I have a question you may not be able to help! But if you lost sometime on a ship in the room “like left in the safe!”! Are they a lost and found on the boat?!

  424. Jerry says:


    I didn’t know where to ask this even after a search on this site. I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect area.

    Will you be adding Cigars under the stars to all ships?

    Best Regards,

  425. Adela says:

    When is the formal night on a 4 day cruise…the valor out of port canaveral …. Thanks

  426. Fay McDaniel says:

    How do I find out what the menu in the dining room is going to be before the cruise? We are sailing on the Dream on sept 25 out of New Orleans. I want to know the menu if it is scheduled

  427. John says:

    I have heard rumblings that you have said people can use gift cards to purchase CHEERS onboard the first day and get the pre-board price. Is this true? Thanks!

  428. Gina says:

    What happened to the Carnival discussion boards? I’m afraid I might have to go to Cruise Critic.

  429. Greg seay says:

    Hi john left you a message on bloggers page that seem to disappear in the intervening black hole. Really wished I had saved a copy as it extolled the both Carmvial and your FB which the wife and I follow religiously. I also mentioned out dislike of whiners and how our cars color doesn’t matter. Finally and with no expect ion but only because you asked we sail next week 9/25 on the Breeze to celebrate our anniversary 8 years and multiple Carnival cruises later a CCL cruise is our first choice to celebrate

  430. steve says:

    How far in advance can I make a request for a table for two. Thank you for your time. Steve

  431. Carla Riddle says:

    Last year on one of your posts I commented on how my husband and I met a couple at the dinner table in the MDR. This was our very first cruise in 2011. Here it is 5 years later and we are going on our 7th cruise with them. Anyway, I had posted how we had met, became good friends, have been to each other’s homes (although we live 3 states apart). You said it was a wonderful story and to let you know our cabin number the day before the cruise and you would arrange something for our friendship. Apparently I didn’t contact you on the right website. One month after returning home from the cruise I received an email from some of your staff stating they had just seen my post. We will be cruising with our friends again on Octiober 9th on the Dream out of New Orleans. Is your offer still good for that “something” you offered last year?
    My husband and I have been married 42 years, it took me 37 years to talk my husband into going on a cruise. He is now addicted to cruising. He says it’s the most relaxed he’s ever been in his life! Thanks for always showing us a good time on Carnival!

  432. Stephanie Hamm says:

    We are currently on the beautiful Sunshine and have a fantastic time. Emma is great as are the crew!!!!! FABULOUS!

    Please update the spa stay to the John Heald special as they are under the understanding that if was for August only.

    It is also our anniversary and I had requested “goodies” be sent to us, but received nothing 🙁

    Stephanie Hamm
    Platinum card holder

  433. Debra Smart says:

    John: If I wanted to request a special something for a special family…on the VISTA Nov 16……how can I do that? Thanks

  434. Christopher Myrick says:

    Hi John. I will be on the Triumph this coming Saturday 10/1 and me and my girlfriend are more than excited. 8 have cruised (and only with Carnival) in the past but this will be her first cruise so I want to make it special. Is there anything you and do or maybe send to our room to surprise her? That would be so awesome!

    Thanks so much!

  435. Tiffani Bowers says:

    Hello John! My family and I will be cruising on the Breeze October 9. We love cruising with Carnival and enjoy all the fun! One of our favorite parts of these trips is dinner time where all 7 of us eat together every night. This cruise we will be celebrating my mothers 60th birthday and we would love to have stable by the window to enjoy our dinners! I would greatly appreciate if you can help with this!

  436. Rachel Massingill says:

    I have a question Mr.John Heald I’m taking my mom on a cruise Oct 2017 out of Galveston on the Liberty and she needs a handicapped room she can walk very little and needs a sit in the shower we will have her to wheelchairs with us what kind of room due I need to ask for her. I did take her on a cruise on the Ectasy and I guess I got her the wrong room because It was super hard for her to go to the bathroom and it didn’t have the sit in the shower. Thank you for your time. Rachel

  437. Annette Neufeld says:

    Hi John
    Love to chat with you about my first big experience with Carnival on Pride.

  438. Sandta says:

    How does one send John a message without it being public?

  439. Leslie Culver says:

    Hi. I’m trying to contact John Heald directly or his support team with a special request for my upcoming VISTA repo cruise from NY to Miami.

    It’s not a huge request but this cruise means a great deal to me, as my husband passed away on September 13th and this is something he very much wanted me to do with his passing, go to my “happy place” which is anywhere on a CC ship.

    So please contact me?

  440. Abbi says:

    Hi John, I had a little matter I was hoping you could help me with. My husband and I are foster parents and over the last 3 years have had 15 children come through our home. Some for as short as a few days and several for 1-2 years! We decided for Christmas this year to take our gaggle of children on a cruise (7 of them and no worries cruisers, they’re a pretty well behaved group, all things considered), when we were booking our cruise we were frustrated by the lack of options for name changes in our cabins. When we book cruises we have no idea if these particular kids will still be with us or not and if they do move them out and new kids come we may well not be able to get travel documentation for the new placement (DHS is SO slow!!) so we ended up having to pay a higher rate (instead of early saver) to be able to name change and then have to pay ANOTHER fee to actually change passengers within a closer time window. I’m sure we aren’t the first foster family to run into this problem, is there a better booking option that I don’t know about or are we just SOL?

  441. Doris McBride says:

    We have 10 girls in our group sailing on the Freedom November 5th out of Galveston. We are all celebrating birthdays!🎉 I was wondering if it’s ok to bring birthday confetti ( nothing too small and I will gladly clean it up) to decorate our table on elegant night? 😘

  442. Linda Frese says:

    We are booked to leave on the Dream 2/26/17. This will be a few weeks after it’s scheduled dry dock and refurbs. Due to the situation in Freeport at this time due to the hurricane. Will the dry dock be completed or will the updates be postponed? We are excited to try the Guys Burgers. 🙂 Thanks for any info!!

  443. Bill Ford says:

    Who Will the piano be on the Breeze Feb. 12-19 2017.
    Thank you in advance

  444. Julie LeValley says:

    Hi John-

    we are avid carnival cruisers with Platinum status (Yes I know the snotty platinum people)we booked the Tim McGraw 3 day cruise for the only reason…. TIM MCGRAW we couldn’t buy the tickets until the cruise was paid off. we paid the cruise off today and we are now told the tickets for the concert are sold out, yet the carnival site is still advertising that he will be performing- can you help PLEASE

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