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Piano Bar Schedule: Coming Soon…

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417 Responses to Sail With John

  1. Carrie Weaver says:

    John..please reply.
    Was just looking at the ACD schedule. Does this mean that Eli is your ACD on the Magic? We sure hope so!!

  2. george graham says:

    I sailed on carnival Inspiration on March 2010 and I loved it!!!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Hey John!!! Was wondering if you got the Piano Bar schedule yet?? Totally hoping the next Piano Person on the Legend – starting 5/15 – is good!!!

    Thanks bunches!

  4. Bruce Camiller says:

    Who will be the ACD on Carnival Magic?

  5. Roxianne says:

    Marcelo is the BEST Asst CD. He will be a GREAT CD but I would hate it because you always see more of the Asst CD than you do the CD.

  6. +darcy mccullough says:

    Hi are you actually affliated with the Carnival cruise line> I find your website unusual for the typical Carnival cruise line. It reminds me of a website out of Utah or something? Thanks darcy

  7. Jo says:

    so you’re the big kahuna i’ve been hearing so much about,,, i’m happy to say i’ll be sailing w/ ya in July to Italy can’t wait for all the fun,,ciao bello

  8. John Heald;
    Been on many Carnival Ships along with many other cruise line ships, some 75 cruises. I have never been able to get a behind the scenes tour. My wife recently read that the Dream has a Behind The Scenes Tour that only takes 32 people and has a cost of $90.00. My wife and I are booked on the Dream for our 51st wedding anniversary on the Dreams’ May 7,2011 cruise
    I was wondering if you could help us get a reaservation for this tour. We only need one space as my wife would not be able to do so much walking.

    Any assistance you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

    Ed Walker

    • Jodi Bourdon says:

      Edward, Do take the behind the fun tour. It is very interesting. My husband and I took it on the Liberty last October and loved it. We will be cruising on the Dream in August and my husband is going to do it again this time with my son.
      As soon as you get onboard go straight to the excursion desk and book the tour. They do not book them ahead of time. We did and we were the first ones to book it. Our tour was not even full.
      Have a great time and a wonderful cruise

    • Rhonda Hendershot says:

      Happy anniversary! I hope you and your wife were able to go on the Behind the Scenes tour. I did it on the Conquest, and was wowed by every minute. Worth every dollar, and Carnival went out of their way to make the tour first rate. Some surprises, too. I’m still quoting on-board trivia and explaining how they feed us all, keep our linens fresh and entertain us! The secret is to book this the day you board or shortly after, as it does fill up fast. I’m going on the Breeze in August and you bet I won’t be able to stop sharing with folks my Fascinating Facts! lol

  9. Karen Geisel says:

    John, Well it seems like you are the most sought after cruise director ever; so I was really excited to find out you will be our cruise director on the Magic when we sail in December. This is our first cruise so be gentle with us please LOL. Can’t wait to sail with you.

  10. Ron Arant says:

    How about a soup bar on the ship? You have the Deli Bar and where I come from, soup and sandwiches go great together. It will also make a big hit for those who like to have a light lunch. This would be a big hit on all the ships and I know that all the people would take part in it just like they do the salad bars. And for those who get a little sea sick, there is nothing like Chicken Soup to get you back on your feet.


    • Vicki says:

      I love the soup bar idea!!!

    • Marilyn Lacey says:

      What a great idea! They have soup in the MDR every night and I love it! I would definitely opt for soup as a lighter lunch.

    • Debbie Mortensen says:

      I love soups, but I live in Minesota. Long winters. Not sure I go for soup in the tropics but ships that sail in the cooler climates it would be a hit. Especially Alaska Cruise.

    • SClark says:

      Great idea. Soup and Salad bar is a great idea.

    • Deborah Lustman says:

      I agree! There have been a number of times when someone in our group started coming down with a cold, and a nice bowl of Jewish penicillin, chicken noodle soup, would have been perfect! Also a great idea along with a sandwich! Great suggestion! 🍲

  11. Ruth says:

    I look forward to meeting you on the Magic on May 22nd! It is amazing how you are able to do it all.

    See you soon, Ruth

  12. Victoria says:

    We are looking forward to seeing you John, on our Magic cruise in December.

  13. Kim says:

    who is the cruise director for Splendor?

  14. Jon says:


    I am going with my wife and a group of friends on the Freedom 10/8 this year, and was looking for suggestions you may have for onboard activities, and shore excursions to places like antigua, tortola, and st thomas. I have never been to these ports before and was looking for some expert advice! I enjoy the blog and enjoy your time on the Magic…I look forward to sailing on it one day.

  15. Christina Thomas says:

    So when John be the CD on the Magic 02-12-2012?

  16. Erica Hart says:

    Hey there John! When is the schedule for July going to be posted? We are sailing on the 9th of July πŸ™‚

  17. sally says:

    Inquiring minds want to know. What can you tell us about the CD and ACD for the Magic TA? You do know, I am sure, that a number of people cancelled when they found out you would not be the CD. They signed on just because of you.

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  19. Katie w. says:

    hey! We just scheduled our January 2012 cruise on the Dream! Can’t wait! We haven’t been on a “newer” ship in a long time. I was wondering when the CD schedule will come out for 2012.??

    Thanks and keep up the great blog!!

    • David Horn says:

      The Dream is a awesome ship Katie. We went on it April 30th 2011 to the Western Caribbean. The boat, staff, and food were great. Your gonna have a geat time, Enjoy!!

    • Lorenzo Giannobile says:

      you r going to love this boat!! i mean LOVE IT!!! have a graet time

  20. David Horn says:

    Hey John, I’ll be sailing on the Breeze April 27 2013. I was curious if you will be on the ship at this time?

  21. Wayne Holmes says:

    Nice to see Destiny has a new ACD!
    The idiot we had just loved the sound of his own voice and he owes me $50 for a lost bet.

  22. TeddyN says:

    just a little “FYI” for you. You need to get the good people in Miami to update the “Sail with John” page. It still shows that you will be on the TA and also your time off this summer is incorrect. Trying to save you some grief from troll’s that look for ways to harm you and Carnival

  23. Hannie de Goede says:

    Hey John, Just read that you will sail the Magic on 09/04/2011, sadly for you your vacation will be over but lucky for us. Looking forward to see you.Give my regards to Heidi (she was the international sea on the Triumph)She made the cruise for me and my sister unforgetable and it was very special that we could talk our own language(dutch).

  24. Suzanne Celentano says:

    Hi John,
    My parents and I traveled with you way back in November 1991 on the Holiday. We sailed from Miami to the western caribbean for 7 nights. You were so wonderful and so CRAZY that we have never forgotten you! You absolutely MADE the cruise for us! I believe I have a picture that I will have to send later. Anyway…I see the cruise director schedule is posted until the end of the year. When will the schedule be posted for 2012? We would love to sail with you again, but we are not able to go this year. I am looking forward to your response and Congratulations on your tenure at Carnival. I hope the “beards” know what a valuable asset you are to Carnival!!
    Regards, Suzanne Celentano, Dallas, Tx

  25. Lorenzo Giannobile says:

    John im from Hmailton Ontario i know u have someone cloase to us what u want me to say to her?? i will be comin on a ship this year what ship r u on Jan or Feb

  26. Lorenzo Giannobile says:

    sorry!! Hamilton Ontario!! i will hopefully set sail on the first week of Feb or 2nd week of Jan 2012

  27. len says:

    Well John won’t be on the Magic as listed. He is off for the
    TA and for several vacations

  28. CB says:


    Any chance of getting updated Fun Times for the Splendor since the CD just changed? Am cruising in under a month and would love to see them.


  29. Martina Palmier says:

    John’s next sailing will be: On the Carnival Magic starting May 1, 2011 until the end of the year. does this mean that you are going to be on the magic on the 26th august ? i am going to bee there… are you john ?

  30. Enjoy reading your blogs and experiences. I use to be a cocktail pianist in the early 90’s onthe American Hawaii Cruise Ships that left out of Honolulu. Enjoyed it very much. Keep up the great work!

    Terry Mikeska
    San Angelo, Texas

  31. Frances Haver says:

    Please confirm Chefs Table Dinner on 10/29/11 on the Magic for 2 people. Frances/

    • cclmary says:

      Hello Frances,

      Please send all request for Chef table to Ask John page.

      Have a wonderful evening.

      Thank you.

      • Frances Haver says:

        I am the travel agent for Frances requesting this for her. HOW do I go to “ask john”? This is not a normal item for me to handle and finding the “blog” was hard and confussing enough. Please make this easy for me!!!!! It is very frustrating when the res agents at Carnival don’t even know how to get to the blog let alone an ask John page.

  32. Suzanne Celentano says:

    When will the 2012 CD schedule be out? I am wondering what ship you will be on next year. Please let us know as soon as you can!


  33. Brad Kincaide says:

    Damn, we are getting on the Miracle 09/19/11, was hoping you would be running it.

  34. Linda says:

    Please reply
    Will be sailing with you October 7 John, My brothers birthday Ron RIchardson will also be onboard its his birthday hope there is something to do for him on the boat? I had written you numerous notes before but yet to get a reply..First time cruiser for me brother and his wife has sailed numerous times. Thanks so much for any information. Linda

  35. Hannie says:

    Hello John, Just want to ask if you will be the CD on the Magic that sails on sept 4th.(2011).If so do you need some “dubbel zoute drop” just let me know, also if Heidi is in desperate need of some homecountry stuff just let me know and i will see what i can do.
    I hope that during our 12 days we will meet and have time to shake hands.
    Kind regards Hannie.

  36. Bob Markle says:

    John – We sailed the Dream in 1/11 and did the chefs table which you helped arrange. I know the Breeze isn’t sailing until next year, but we have booked it already for the 1/5/13 sailing. I know the chefs table only takes 12 people, but we are traveling with 14 or 15 people… question..would they allow this many for 1 night with the chefs table????

  37. Carlos Pugliese says:

    Please delete my previos post as it has some personal information.

    Thank you.

  38. Josh Johnson says:

    Hey John:

    I am setting sail on the carnival Liberty. Ive been on a total of 3 cruises with you. You may remember my outrageous chicken mask i bring on every cruise!

    This cruise date is set for September 3rd-Liberty.

    This is going to be the cruise where i pop the question-(marriage). Will you be on this cruise? can you give any ideas where i should do it on this cruise? Im open for all suggestions!

    You a great director! cant wait to cruise with you again!

    Josh Johnson
    Syracuse NY

  39. Hannie says:

    Hello John, Just saw on your facebook(I don’t have it I have real friends hihihihi)that there will be a possible itinerary change for the upcoming cruise. We sailed Europe a lot and want to let you know that this change in our opinion is great. So for all the people on this cruise don’t worry Marseille is very nice.
    See you sunday woehoe !!!!!!

  40. Maureen says:

    Who is the new CD on the Glory????

  41. Ronald Moyer says:

    The Carnival Breeze 11/24/12 8 day cruise will be my 5th with Carnival. Carnival is the only line I will sail. Is it true that you will be the CD for our cruise? That will be a dream come true, to be a passenger on a cruise with the Legendary John Heald! Thank you.

    • elaine says:

      maybe we’ll see you on board as hubby and I will be on that sailing also

      AND I have been asking this same question for over a month now and never have received a reply. hope you have better luck

      I’ll be watching my email for a reply. hope one of us gets one

  42. Linda huneycutt says:

    Enjoyed reading about the ship (Pacfic Princess) we will be cruising Oct.27th. We (my husband and another couple) are leaving the 22th flying to Europe we will be boarding the ship on 27th in civitavecchia,Italy returning to Ft. Lauderdale Dec 20th. I have been on several cruises and I was concerned about going on “a smaller” ship. BUT, after reading your article you certainly but my mind at ease. I am ” now” really forward to seeing just what it will be like going on Smaller Ship!
    Thank you, Linda πŸ™‚

  43. Maria Tapang says:

    Hello John

    Is the assistant director like the MC on the cruise? Is this the person that is speaking to the guests over the loud speaker?

    I cruised on the Liberty on May 1, 2010, and loved the MC. I recall he mentioned he would be moving to I believe was the Dream Ship. I was wondering what his name was. He was an excellent MC.

    We will be sailing on the Liberty again with my husbands entire family in May 2012.

    Looking forward to our upcoming cruise.



  44. Dieter Heinzer says:

    Hi John,

    We’re booked on the Magic Feb 26th, 2012, and are REALLY hoping you will be the CD!! We were on the “Dottie cruise” with you in ’96 and have cruised many times since then, but never with any CD anywhere near you caliber!

    Here’s hoping we picked the right week and will enjoy your unique skills once more…


    – Dieter

  45. Hi John!
    Great blog as usual.
    My question is a bit unusual I fear. My family just left the Legend in August. We came home and booked three more cruises! We cruise the Paradise this December, we cruise the Sensation in January 2012, and we cruise the Dream in March 2012. Please tell me I don’t have a problem! We just enjoy our trips with Carnival so much!
    Do you think I am addicted to Carnival???
    Regards, Evelyn

  46. Becky Gaynor says:

    John, I have clients on the Magic May 27, 2012, booking number 769nq0. They would very much like a table for 4. I was told that you can help me with this?

  47. Rebecca says:

    Do you know the who will be on the Legend in the Piano Bar 01-15-12?


  48. Bob McAdoo says:

    Well John, now you’ve done it! You’ve taken Butch off the Dream, and removed any hope of Todd on our 26 Nov cruise. You will be off to some WalGreens somewhere buying nose spray. What are we gonna do for a Cruise Director on our cruise? Are you gonna let us entertain ourselves? Yeah! Mandatory Karaoke, OMG, HELP! Give us a CD, please..LOL

  49. tim says:

    wheres is “Wee Jimmy”?

    • Maurice R. says:


      you say Where is Wee Jimmy? Not to be mean, But I hope he isn’t a CD anymore. His arrogance and demeanor is by far under CCL Standards compared to any other CD I have experienced. Wee Jimmy should be doing any job that doesn’t involve direct contact with Cruisers

  50. Debi & Rick Nelson says:

    Dear John,
    My family & i are going on the Dream 11/26/11, We are staying in the family suite rooms. Are they roomy? Are there alot of activties for the children? Ages 9,7,6.
    Me & my husband havent been on a cruise since our honeymoon, 11yrs ago, . This cruise was suppose to be for me & hubby for our anniversary but we are now taking the children. So i wanted to know what has changed?
    Debi & Rick Nelson

  51. Kevin and Hue says:

    No Way! John, does this mean you will be our CD 1-29-2012 on the Carnival Magic? Say it is so. We can’t wait to meet you My friend. Happy cruising!

    • Kathy says:

      We are just off the Oct 23rd legend cruise out of Tampa. We had looked forward to having ” Wee Jimmy” as our CD due to the raves on C.C. etc. We only saw him at the shows in the evening, and at the love and Marriage show. I liked his humour but would have liked to have seen more of him around the ship. I felt his entertainment staff were not up to scratch at all. { I am a long time cruiser and this group were the worst.} i.e. mini golf tournament; No scorecards offered, we were told to keep our own score, Tardy timekeeping at Trivia. Dee the comedy host was rude and was out of her depth in her role. Anyway I feel if Jimmy had monitored them he, as a professional would not have liked what he was seeing. That said, it didn’t ruin our cruise and I plan on booking another.

  52. Shirley Huffman says:

    Hi, John! We have a cruise booked for Feb,5 2012. How far in advance do you know which ship you’ll be on? We’re thinking of booking the magic for the first week in Feb.2012. I’d just love for you to be our cruise director. We won’t be able to book till next year, but I’ll wait to book if you’ll know where you’ll be. THanks!!!

  53. Kim Millier says:

    Do you know when the 2012 Cruise Director schedule will be posted? We are planning a cruise in April for my husband’s 50th birthday and wanted to know who the CD is on the ship’s we are considering.

  54. Bev Curtiss says:

    Who will be the Cruise Director on the Magic- 2/5/2012?

  55. Bev Curtiss says:

    Who Will be the Cruise Director on the Magic? 2/5/2012?

  56. Charles and Renate Burks says:

    Hi John and Jacques. we are home now had lots of Fun on the Carnival Freedom.We will have a another Cruise Booked before the next weekend.
    We always Book Deck 8 Cabin 8455 on the corner.
    Looking for too see you guys again.
    Thanks Again Jacques for a GREAT 8 DAYS on the SEA.

  57. Sue March says:

    Your reputation is widespread…even heard about you while on a Princess cruise ship. We will be on the Magic on the 11th and I think the schedule shows you’ll be sailing with us. This is a multiple celebration for us. 3 out of 4 have December birthdays, hubbie is celebrating end of chemo and it’s a family reunion! (and 2 are cruising for the first time)

  58. elaine says:

    okay I’m confused… I was told John was going to be cruise director on the Breeze but now read the Magic. does this mean he’s on the Magic till THE Breeze is built and then coming to the BREEZE? or not????????????

  59. Charissa says:

    Hi John. When would the 2012 CD list be published?

  60. Maureen Ginty says:

    Leaving Saturday Dec 10th on the Liberty Really looking forward to it

  61. Heather says:

    We have traveled with you before and loved every minute of it. So much that we tell our friends and family that if ever the chance they should cruise with you as their CD. My husband and I will be planning our 10 year anniversary trip for sometime in the fall of 2012. Do you know when the CD schedule for June-December 2012 will be posted? Or even better, what ship you will be on? Thanks for your time. Heather George

  62. Regina Thibodeaux says:

    Hi John,

    I hope you are enjoying your time with your family. We are sailing this summer on the Magic(July 1 ). We were hoping to meet you , but it looks like you will be off on the next new ship. My family and I have sailed with Carnival for many years and haven’t had a chance to meet you. A good cruise director can make for a good vaction.We were on the Valor last summer and Goose was alot of fun. He was very friendly and always out and about speaking with Guests. I think this is the kind of service that makes one remain loyal to Carnival. I also want to recognize someone you proably don’t know. Her name is Jacquelyn Spier a personal vacation planner. I have never met Jackie , but when I call her to plan our next vacation she treats me like a million bulks. She always speaks to me like we are in a face to face conversation. She is the reason we remained loyal to Carnival this year. Jackie is always pleasant and fun to talk to. Look her up. She deserves to be recognized.


  63. darlene arnold says:

    John, I recently boarded the Freedom. Fabulous cruise. It seems there are not as many engagements catetered to the singles as once was. I used to be able to cruise as a single and pay single rate, and then attend various single cocktail parties and events. Does not seem to be that way anymore. the last cruise I was on, was in Sept of 2011 on the Freedom. The ONLY event singled out for singles was a night in Scott’s Piano lounge with Marty. It was great fun, but never was a mention of it being singles night announced, or made a deal of. It was couples all through the place, and not a bit of a flare of a singles event. I love Carnival….I do….Please help out such a lad with the finances of cruising single and events to attend while cruising!!!!! thank you for your time and consideration. I am ready to book my next cruise. just waiting for a bit more accomodations regarding such…thank you for your help.

  64. Teri says:

    How do we get a reservation for the Chef’s Table? We’ll be sailing on the Fantasy on Sept 15, 2012.

  65. NANCY ROBBINS says:

    Happy New Year John, My husband and I are booked on the Magic Jan 22. Wondering if you are on for that week. We sailed with you years ago and loved you. It was our 4th CC and now we think this will be our 15th(lost count,they are so much fun!) Would love to have you again. When we crusied with you the first time, you said it was your last cruise. I think before moving into your postion now. Do you remember that cruise? Love to read your blog, very addicting for someone like me that loves Carnival Cruise! Hope we see you in a few weeks. Thank you for all the info you give us. Nancy Robbins

  66. Gerri says:

    We’re sailing on the Glory departing Super Bowl Sunday. Do you know if the game will be shown on the pool theatre screen? Thanks! P.S. We sailed with you on the Magic in Europe last June–loved it!

  67. Debbie Mortensen says:


    we sailed with you on our very first Cruise, February 2008 on the Carnival Ship Freedom. We are sailing in 18 days on the very same ship, celebrating our 30th wedding Anniversary. We want to sail with you next year. What ship will you be on in 2013?

  68. MaryAnne says:

    Why is Splendor not on the list?

  69. Laura McHugh says:

    Hey John,
    It was wonderful to meet you on our cruise. My husband and I did the Transatlantic from Spain to Galveston. Just wanted to know what ships our Cruise Director and Asst.Cruise Director are on now. We really enjoyed meeting James and Kevin.
    Looking forward to planning our next cruise soon.


  70. Travis says:

    John is there an updated CD schedule for 2012? You were the CD on our last cruise(splendor) and you had your newborn baby girl. Hope to see you again.

  71. Amy Koester says:

    Hoping that if things look right we will have you on our cruise the end of Feb.!!! We took our 3 kids on the Conquest 2 years ago with you and they thought you were a hoot as well as we did!!! We are super excited to take on the Magic!!!!! Enjoy your time with family and thoughts to you and all the Carnival family at this time. See you in February!!!!

  72. Delores Gardella says:

    Hi John, we will be on the Spirit in April from San Diego to Hawaii. Is there any way we can find out who is the captain an read something about him. Thanks Delores

  73. Gary Klepperich says:

    OMG! I was so excited to hear that you will be sailing on Carnival Magic on February 5, 2012. I’ve had the privilege of sailing with you on board several times in the past and you have always made the cruise. I can’t wait to see you again. Let the fun begin!

  74. Kathy Holmes says:

    Okay, am I blind or do you need to update this schedule? lol!

  75. Bill Rose says:


    I asked before, but think you missed it due to recent events. On what date will you depart the BREEZE in Dec 2012.


  76. Diana says:

    Hi – Just wondering when the 2012 Cruise Director Schedule will be out. Very interesting in cruising with John but need to book in advance.

  77. Robbie Boquet says:

    Is the 2012 CD schedule available yet? When I click the link above, it gives the 2011 schedule, but nothing for 2012.

  78. Linda S.Weitzel says:

    I would love to know which ship you’re going to be on after your stint in Dec.2012?

  79. Paula says:

    Hi John – will this list be updated soon. I still see 2011’s list. Have a great night. Hope you enjoyed being home with the girls and are now enjoying the Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly.

  80. Kasey says:

    Hi John, do you have the activity schedule yet for Mar 4 Magic? I’m so looking forward to this cruise.

  81. Harold T Fowle JR says:

    Hi did not see a schedule for the magic will be cruising may 2012 thanks

  82. Gail says:

    Hey John,

    My sister and I are going to celebrate her 40th at sea. I would love to surprise her and book another Carnival cruise with YOU as the CD. Do you know your itinerary for Feb.-March 2013. We had a ball with you in the past and this would make the celebration even better. Let me know! Thanks, Gail



  84. Gail says:

    Danny Ghilarducci

  85. George Deslaurier says:


    Wanted to thank you for arranging the Steakhouse reservations for our 20th anniversary. We are cruising with you on the Magic, March 4th.

    By the way, if you can think about any kind of surprise gift for my bride to be in her cabin 10256 when we arrive, I will greatly appreciate your help as well as reimburse for the expense.

    Looking forward to our 19th cruise.

    George and Iris

  86. Meechelle says:

    Hello John! Hey where in the heck is the 2012 cruise director schedule? I’m waiting to book my cruise….it could be next week, the week after; just need to know!!! Hugs!

  87. Brenda Lovell says:

    Looking forward to the fun on Carnival Magic on March 4th!!

  88. Jewels of Da Sea says:

    Helloooooo Mr. John,

    I’m sure you haven’t gotten this in an email before, but I loved when we would pull out of Port you would sing over the loud speaker Anchors Away… I miss that lol. That was in 1990. You are the best!

    Jewels of Da Sea (Platinum)

    On the Dream March 17th Please send a green beer to my cabin lol

  89. Jordan Eddelstein says:

    Is there a way to get the Carnival internet for free?

  90. cordia says:

    I dont see a CD schedule for April 2012. who will it be on April 5th from Port Carnival for the 3 days cruise to nassu?

  91. AJ says:

    Hi John!
    We are cruising on Glory leaving Miami April 22. Can you tell me who the cruise director will be for our cruise……we wish it to be you…


  92. Barry says:

    How about the 2012 schedule. We are cruising on the Magic in July and hope that John is the CD.

  93. Julie says:

    Hey just checking to see if you would be on the new ship Carnival Breeze next February.

  94. Tony Gonzales says:

    John: Had the pleasure of sailing with you for 12 days in July of 2006 on the Liberty which I believe was Carnivals newest ship at the time. You made that cruise memorable. Now I see that you will be on the Breeze at least until June of 2012. My wife and I hope that you are still on her when we arrive to sail the Breeze on July 9th. We will be sailing with a couple that we met on this cruise in 2006 and have remained great friends ever since. Please say that you’ll be on to celebrate our return to Europe.

  95. MC says:

    I was looking for the assistant cruise directors list, and though the there seems to be a link to it, when I click on it, it says “Page not found.” Is this a problem with my computer, or with the website?

  96. Linda Park says:

    I hope that you put a new schedule up with the entire Summer season. I see John is on the Breeze, end of June & July. We are sailing Aug 2, 2012. Hope to meet you then!

  97. Kelly Belton says:

    Hello John,
    My husband and I took our first cruise many moons ago on the Triumph and you were the cruise director on that trip. You even picked my husband out of the audience to come on stage the first night. He was mortified while I laughed my butt off!! We are looking to go on a cruise this fall sometime between October and November and were wondering what ship (if any) you might be on. We would love to see you again. I tried to check the schedule but the date is from 2011. Is there a 2012 to check or maybe you could just let me know?? For the last couple of years we have been struggling with our business and have finally decided to take some time off and treat ourselves. We often talk about our first cruise and the great memories we have, that being said we would love to go on another where you will be because we know we will have a great time again. We love you so much and follow your blog (gives us a little humor in our lives hehehe). Thanks and soooo sorry you missed Peppa Pig πŸ˜‰

    Kelly Belton

  98. Yakia Hall says:

    Hello John,

    I sailed with you when you were on the Carnival Triumph and I really enjoyed your performace. Currently, I am a travel agent and I have couple by the name of Tory Lusk and Josilyn Himes that will be sailing on the Carnival Magic on April 8,2012. They will be celebrating their honeymoon and I would like for you to show them a good time just as you showed me.


    Yakia Hall
    Travel Agent

  99. Amanda Duncan says:

    Hey John…
    Any idea who is CD on the Magic on the October 21 – 28, 2012 sailing.

  100. Kathypf says:

    I know this may sound like a silly question but it’s important! We’re sailing in two weeks on the Freedom and we want to know if they serve nuts on the buffets, and I mean other than the human ones!

  101. elaine says:

    please update the “sail with John” link. thanks

    PS … I have clicked the link at the bottom as well but it doesn’t go to the end of the year.

  102. Eileen Lacy says:

    Where can I find the up to date schedule of cruise directors. I keep getting the schedule for 2011.

  103. Jessica says:

    Dear John

    I am looking for the 2012 Cruise Director schedule. The only one I found was for 2011. Is there an up-to-date schedule?

  104. Lisa says:

    Hi John:
    looking to find out how to get in touch with other passengers ready to cruise on the Destiny on April 16th. I am a single mother travelling with one of my daughters..she is 18. Would love to try to meet other parents travelling alone?

  105. John Collier says:

    I was looking for the Cruise Director Schedule for 2012 and all I can find is the schedule for 2011. We sail on Fascination on August 4 this year for our 33rd Wedding Anniversary and was just curious who the cruise director would be. Thanks and keep up the great job you and the fine folks at Carnival are doing.

  106. Krystal B. says:

    Hey, John! I just came off of a wonderful cruise aboard the Valor and I loved every minute of it! I’m already planning another cruise for December of this year and I think I’d like to do the same 6-day cruise (or possibly a 7-day) aboard the Valor with the same CD/ACD (Goose/Everson…they were awesome!)I’ve already looked at the CD schedule for part of this year, but I can’t seem to open the ACD schedule. Help! Where might I be able to find that??? Thanks!

    Krystal from Dallas, TX

  107. wanda says:

    we are sailing on magic july 1 2012.
    my son n law is hoping you will be on our ship
    we have sailed with u before and he just loves your banter
    being from venezuela i had repeat mostof it but he enjoys your stories

  108. Karen Wellner says:

    Can you tell us who will be the cd on the Breeze Dec.2? We are hoping it will be you. Make 3 sisters dream come true.


  109. John says:

    Is there a 2012 schedule since I’m sailing on Victory 9/23/2012

  110. Tam says:

    How hard is it to put an up to date CD schedule on a blog? The link above which says it takes you to the most up to date schedule is linked to one from the 2nd half of 2011. The link at the bottom of the page that says 2012 CD schedule is only for the 1st half of 2012. Is there a schedule out yet for the 2nd half of 2012?

    Thank you

  111. Jenn N. says:

    Hi John,

    Any chance of getting an updated CD schedule for 2012? I said on the Breeze in Dec. and hope we get someone great (loved Goose, Butch was so-so). Thanks!

  112. Leigh S. Jones says:

    The link from the “Sail with John” page points to the “2011 CD Schedule”. I was wondering if there is a “2012 CD Schedule” also?

  113. richard hercock says:

    Hi John
    We took our honeymoon in the Caribbean in 2005, you were cruise director, and we bring our four four year old on the Breeze on June 15. Are you on board then?
    Rich (UK)

  114. Pierre says:

    I think you should check this page with the “MOST” up-to-date Carnival Cruise Director schedule link. It’s still says May-December 2011.

  115. Frederick Pillivant says:


    My son works for Carnival on the Imagination as a drummer. Can you please email me?


  116. James Nolan says:

    Hello John,
    Hope all is well with you and your family!! πŸ™‚ Just returned home from a Carnival cruise out of Houston yesterday. It was a GREAT cruise and Tex was our cruise director. He was good but, no one can match you my friend!! Hope to join you on the Magic when you return for your holiday. I am working and living back in the states. I worked over two years in Kuwait with our military which was much better than working in Iraq. Hope that you enjoy your time at home with the two special women of your life. Tell Heidi hello from me and I miss the potato salad at Grand Ma’s house in Croasia. Take care and I will talk to yo soon.
    James Nolan

  117. Garris Graham says:

    John, we sail on the Breeze on July 9! The cruise director schedule only goes thru June. We are hoping that we will get to meet you and Calvyn!

  118. philip newkirk says:

    Hello john ,,love your blog ,,puts a smile on my face everyday.Quick question ,,We will be cruising again out of the great city of charleston on the beautiful fantasy on november the 8th ,,will sexy craig johnson be the cruise director? we had a smashing good time the last time we cruised and he was great.Thanks for all you do john ,,one day I hope to be able to be on the same ship along w/you,

  119. Adam says:

    Hi there John. I’m sailing on the Carnival Breeze November 22 the 2 day cruise. Will you be on her? I would love to meet you. Adam

  120. Stephanie Mason says:

    We sailed on the Carnival Splendor in April and I have to say that Todd was the bet CD we have ever had. he was funny and very nice! We had a blast and laughed our butts off the entire time!! Thanks!

  121. Jill says:

    John, It is unbelievable that now apparently if you are not “Physically fit” you are not worthy of a job. That is prejudism!!! How can this man who thinks he is so wonderful, dare to spout his prejudism at you. I am sorry that you have to be subjected to such bigotry and then you answered with such respect and dignity. You truly are the better man!!

  122. Cherri says:

    Will we have the pleasure of your cruise director talents on the Carnival Breeze Dec. 16th sailing?

  123. Rhonda Hendershot says:

    Hi John,

    I am so excited that you are still on the Breeze! I am a great fan of your blog – it’s brilliant! I finally got to meet you this spring on the Magic, and now I’m sailing on the Breeze Aug. 26th for my 60th birthday and I know I am going to have a brilliant time! I am traveling without a companion and I have a favor to ask from you and Ken. I am not sure where they will assign my dinner seating, but is it possible to arrange for me to be at a table of 6 in the center area of the main dining room so I can enjoy all the fun? Thank you for all you do for us to make these voyages so much fun!!!
    Rhonda H.

  124. Linda Abbott says:

    Hi John,
    Just wondering if I am missing something, is the CD schedule posted somewhere for July-December? We are on the Magic on 23 Sept and were hoping to find out this information.
    Additionaly, my great-niece and her husband (they are on their honeymoon) will be on this cruise. (Amazingly they booked it after us ranting and raving about our fabulous time with you on the Splendor a couple of years ago. Anyway, who would have thought a couple of honeymooners would want to hang with a bunch of old-fogeys like us?) This is their first cruise and we hope to “show them the ropes”. I know you always say to write you and remind you as the date gets nearer which I will do, but I really hope you can do a little something to make their first cruise/honeymoon something special! Thanks in advance, John and I hope the next time I see you that you’ll be sporting that lovely rose-gold Heublot watch!

  125. Renee says:

    John will you be on the Carnival Breeze in March 2013 out of Miami?

  126. Angel says:

    Hi John…

    First I’d like to say that you were our cruise director on the Valor in 2009, and we LOVED having you! And to that, a huge thanks for making our cruise so memorable.

    That being said, I’m looking at taking the Caribbean cruise out of New York on March 6, 2013… I was wondering if they had the CD schedule out that far? I see from the link you have above, it’s only showing for the first half of 2012…
    I would love if you can find out for me!

    I see that for this year, it was Malcolm, and I’d be so happy if it was still him (knowing that you won’d be on that ship…)

    Thanks in advance!

  127. Angel says:

    Hi John

    I was wondering if you have the cruise director information for the Miracle for 2013?? I’m looking at taking the Caribbean cruise out of New York on March 6, 2013. As far as I can see, the schedule above is only for the first half of 2012? Enquiring minds want to know! πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance!


  128. Angel says:

    oops! Sorry for the multiple posts! I’m not that technologically talented!

  129. Michele Tancredi says:

    Hi John. My 16 year old daughter and I were lucky enough to sail with you on the Dream a while back. We both fell in love with you and your humor. She wanted to sail with you again this summer but we had to choose the fantasy on August 21st as it was what we can afford. Is there anyway you could send her a note or autograped picture on board telling her to have a great time. I know she would love it. Her name is Elizabeth Lippincott and we will be staying in E109 with my Mom. Thanks, Michele

  130. connie says:

    Hi Can you get the ACD list. The site does not open this one. Thanks.

  131. Stacy W says:

    Hi John,
    My husband & I took a cruise on Destiny, Feb, 2012. We met “Piano Bill”, the resident piano player in the piano bar. He thoroughly made our cruise fantastic. We’re planning another cruise this December & are wondering if Bill will be working or off, if indeed he’s working-can you disclose what ship?? It might be a deciding factor for which cruise we book.

  132. Violette Doummar says:

    John would you know the best deal for a group to Europe or Mediterranean for May 2013, I would like to take a group from Canada On.Thanks and God bless.


  133. Lois Heiner says:

    Hi John, we have sailed with you previously and are always trying to get onto another ship with you.We love to take advantage f the early saver rates to book and the Cruise Director schedule is not posted that far in advance. Do you know what ship/ships you will be on next year? If yor contract needs to be renewed, just let the beards know that we think you totally rock and would sail with you anywhere irregardless of the ship or ports!!!

  134. Michael Watkins says:

    Just wanted too say that my wife and I went on the Liberty last year. We were on the first cruise with the 2.0 upgrades.We had a wonderful time. So much so that we are sailing on the Liberty again on Nov. 3rd cruise with my parents and we are looking forward to it.Been too other lines but always come home to Carnival!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Michelle says:

    Please send me the CD schudle for 2013. I don’t want to book a cruise til I have the schudle.


  136. Samantha Flynn says:

    wondering if you will be on the sunshine november 2013??????? want to sail with you!

  137. Jena says:

    Hoping you will still be on the Breeze for the 3/10 sailing.??? Would love the opportunity to sail with you as the CD.

  138. Carole says:

    See you next Tuesday in Barcelona. WooHoo

  139. Randall Smith says:

    Hi John! Diane and I are so excited to spend her 24th Fun Ship Cruise, and my 23rd, sailing with you on the Breeze next month. We are really looking forward to the Blogger’s Activities. We’ve waited anxiously for ten years to sail with you as our CD. The little red numbers at the top of my VIFP page says 46 days to sailing. We’re almost there. Yay!

  140. Elvira Jones says:

    Hello John,
    we had the pleasure to be with you on the Carnival Breese from Barcelona to Miami in November 2012. It was such a great experiance to see you and Calvyn in the morning show. When you both had to go, the cruise was not the same anymore.
    How do we know on which ship you gonna sail in the future (so we know what to book)????????

    Greetings from Germany

    Elvira, Ralph, Helen and Mathias

  141. Sandy White says:

    We miss you in Texas, come to the Magic the last 1/2 of 2013 !

    “Sandy White” Beaches

  142. Bob Grinham says:

    Hi John, I have been sailing for about thirty yrs and most of them with Carnival. I just concluded a cruise on the Breeze yesterday. My family and I loved the new ship and the new decor. The entire experience was great from beginning to end. The dinning service was probably the best I have ever had, thanks to David, Isreal and Wawan in the Blush dinning room, table 751, they should be commended for their hard work and professionalism.

    I have read many critical article about the new ship Breeze on Cruise Critic and found our experience a very positive one.

    The only thing I would change is the singers in the shows, unfortunately they were not very good and all the techno screens in the back could not make them any better. I will admit this was a first for us, usually the main entertainment is great.

    Well I am sure you are very busy and keep up the good work, i enjoy your blog….

  143. colin thomson says:

    I am sorry I am late with this. I wanted to thank you for sending the gifts to my nephew &I.They were an added piece to a incredible cruise on the BREEZE.I assume all the beards are watching right now.EVERYONE is working hard to maximize the guests” enjoyment.YOU should be proud of the job BUTCH& AMY[6/3] are doing.THE entertainment,again, was outstanding.This was my 6th carnival cruise& the best yet.The only two negativeswere thay the shows were too short. The performers were very high energy.The second wasNO LIVE MUSIC.Carnival prides itself on the live music but was disappointed that they cut the LIDO deck band & theshow band.ALL in all an outstanding job. I can”t wait to come back

  144. Nicole says:

    When will the director’s schedule be updated for the rest of 2013?


  145. Lynn says:

    I was just wondering if you received my message. It was suggested that I send it on your blog instead of facebook

  146. Ashley says:

    We cruised with you in 2010 on the Carnival Dream and had a great time. The CD on our last cruise in 2012 on the Liberty was okay, but so okay that I couldn’t tell you his or her name. Our group will be booking another cruise In April for early 2014. Will the CD schedule for 2014 be available by then? Thanks and I love your blog and humor.

  147. tinamarie hughes says:

    what ship will skip lyons be on for january 2015 ? just came off dream for the crazy breakdown in st martin and the cruise director was terrible, there was no interpersonal actvity’s the games were horrible , no calaypso band until they brought one on when we broke down the cruise director was mostly seen on tv by pool which if i wanted to watch tv i would of stayed home . we will book again but now i know to ask right questions first, is there a giant screen by pool that replaces the need for people , is there one bufffet line for lunch to feed 4000 people, and are there live bands not just a dj

  148. sabrina bilter says:

    So glad you will be our Cruise Director ! Still waiting on the piano bar schedule to post. It is not showing up yet above. Where can we park in Miami to avoid the costly Carnival parking for six days May 5th on Carnival Breeze ?

  149. elaine says:




  150. Darlene says:

    Hello John,
    As I watched the transformation of the Destiny into The Sunshine, I immediately became excited when I saw your interview about the work being done. I was so hoping that you would grace us with your presence on our first Med cruise on May 16th. In 2009 you made our trip one of the best ever. We met you on The Legend during the Welcome aboard show. Yes, we became apart of the show and to our surprise,we ended up having a great time and meeting more people than we have in a lifetime, thus far. So my question to you is, wouldn’t you like to switch with the assigned cruise director and join us in making this trip just a memorable? You see this is going to be a special trip anyway because my husband Robert and his old navy buddy Reginal had recently became reacquainted after 20 years. We (the wives) are very happy for them. As young men they sailed the Mediterranean Sea with stops in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and the like. I know they will recall many events from their tour of duty but I would like for them to gain new memories that will include the wives. I know my request is far from reach but it is my way of thanking you for making a brief part of our lives so memorable. By the way we are the couple whom Philadelphia cream cheese was made for. (not really, LOL!)

  151. Sandi Kulig says:

    Hi John, I have become a big fan of yours by just reading your blog. You have to be one of the most honest people I know.
    I have a question. We will be cruising on the Freedom, October 27-November 2, 2013 and someone said that you might be on the same ship. Tell me, is this true? I would love to meet you in person. We will be celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary on this cruise, and it would be an honor to meet you.
    Thank you for your time.

  152. Debbie says:

    Dear John,
    We cruised with you on the Breeze coming back to Fl. You, the ship and the cruise were great. We’re doing the Freedom in Dec, but want info on next summer in Europe especially Russia. When will the info be out.
    Thanks so much, Debbie

  153. barb attwood says:

    I am booked-with a group of 16-for our 10th Cruise on the Sunshine in March (changed from April booking because of ship change). Is there a way to find a new CD list? Thanks.Keep on being FANTASTIC!!!

  154. Peggy says:

    Hi John,
    We have sailed with you on 2 different sailing and real enjoyed you. We will be sailing on the Carnival Breeze Jan 18, 2014(celebrating my 53rd birthday) and hope you will be sailig then as well.

    We are looking so forward to our cruise. We have not sailed with Carnival since 2009 when we won our trip on the Imagination and had such a great time. This will be our 5 cruise with Carnvial and have never been let down.

    Hope to see you on board.

  155. Cindi Ruf says:

    Hi John, Was sooooo excited to see you are on the Legend. Finally we were going to get to meet you. BUT alas I just read the schedule and you get off the day we get on 10/10 to do the repositioning cruise to Tampa from NYC. Thought we’d get to celebrate our 42nd Annivesary with you. I guess we will just have to keep trying to catch up with you. Enjoy your blog, keep it going. Enjoy your time off. : ) See you on the water another time : )

  156. Leonard Pittler says:

    We cruised on Carnival Freedom July 2013 and we are contemplating sailing again on the Freedom to different ports in November 2013. The production shows were A-1, however seeing them again so soon would be unacceptable.
    Bottom line…will the shows be the same in November 2013 as July 2013?


  157. Allison says:

    What was Brad Calabrese assistant cruise directors last name on the Carnival Freedom 8/4 cruise? First name was Steve.

  158. John, Will you be on the Sunshine wk of Feb 9th as well as the 16th? Hope so we will be there.

  159. Terri says:

    Do you have a more updated ACD schedule? The image above isn’t working/showing πŸ™

  160. Beverly Young says:

    Hey John, I just wanted to tell you that I always enjoy your comments along with some of the questions that you get. We are currently sailing out of JAX due home tomorrow.
    My first cruise was on the Carnival Tropicale and I have had such a wonderful time on all my cruises since.

  161. Trish Wild says:

    Hi John,
    Just checking…So….Steve Cassel won’t be on the Paradise now Sept 21? Bummer! This would have been our second cruise with him. I got him a “Fiddle Rocks” hat. Can I just leave it with the Guest Services Desk on-board?

  162. Joyce Shackelford says:

    John, my husband & I have cruised with you a couple of times on Carnival. Next cruise we take will be looking at your schedule to make sure we cruise with you. The host sets the stage for the cruise. We’re getting ready to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary on Nov 15, 2013. Can’t go this year due to finances but maybe next year. Looking forward to cruising again. Best regards, Phil & Joyce Shackelford

  163. Deb Shinder says:

    Hello, John. My husband and I are planning to book the July 1 sailing to Alaska. I notice in the CD schedule that for July 2014 on the Miracle, it shows “John Heald off” and “Troy Linton on.” Will you be on that first Alaska sailing of July? It would be fantastic good luck to get to meet you; I enjoy your sense of humor and I know my husband (who is finally about to go on his first cruise with me on the Triumph on October 26) would enjoy it even more.

  164. Laurin G. says:

    Hi John. My family is sailing on the July 29 sailing of Carnival Miracle. Your blog post made it sound like you’d be on through the end of August and Troy would be taking over for the Hawaii sailings in September, but the schedule lists you off and Troy Linton on. Do you know whether you’ll be on the July 29th sailing? Please say you are!

  165. Thank you. I just wanted to know where to ship it since I know now to keep producing it

  166. jose ( joe ) Rosa says:

    Hello John, I wrote to you a few days ago, complaining about how I felt lied to by one of the agents on the phone, he told me he was a group planer and he was not, anyway I vented to you but in a non offensive way,i expected no reply ,NOT ONLY DID I GET A REPLY

  167. Kelly Keller says:

    I am sailing with friends and family May 18 on Carnival Dream from New Orleans. Four of us would like to eat @ Chef’s Table. Could you please sign us up? Thanks so much and love your blog thingy.

  168. Sally Schaefer says:

    I had posted a facebook Thank you but was told to repost for you to see it. Not sure what I did with it or what day I posted it. So…. Thank you so much for the goodies provided to my hubby & I on the Carnival Elation on our cruise on Nov 16th. It was a surprise, taken care of by Hennie and his wonderful staff. We had a great time and especially enjoyed the Cole Porter Lounge used as a Saints football viewing arena (you could really sell some snacks there with the beer & cocktails, hint hint), and LOVED the comedy club. I shall always treasure our Golden Ship on a Stick, and have it displayed proudly on the mantle. I will have to work it in for the Christmas too. You are a great representative for Carnival as the Ambassador of Fun. Thanks again!

  169. Momma Dietz says:

    Morning John….I have been trying to get into the Cruise Director schedule and it won’t let me in. We are sailing on the Freedom over New Year’s. We are so excited…taking our sons and the two best girls with my husband and I. Really would like to know who the Cruise Director is and also would love to know who the Social Hosts are. We have sailed the Freedom 2 times before and love the ship. My son used to work on the Legend as the Lighting Designer. He loved it there.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas.

    Thanks, Deb

    PS…I am in my pjs…lol

  170. annie ball says:

    Dear John. I have great friends Dale and Cyril Newnham who are sailing to capetown on 10/1/2014 with their Sevenoaks friends the Benyons and they are being refused their request to dine and theatre together. can you help?!! Ann Ball

  171. carmen says:

    I would like to know who will be the cruise director on the magic in August, I sailed last October on the Magic and absolutely loved James Dunn and 6-3. I am looking forward to my future cruise.

  172. Debi T says:

    I noticed you were on the schedule for April for the Miracle. Does that mean you will be going to Hawaii in the 16 day cruise?

  173. Sheryl says:

    Why is there no listing for the Carnival Legend for the future sailings.

    Will draft beer be available on the Legend on her voyage to Sydney from LA. We were on Spirit to Sydney in 2012 and there was no draft beer, us Aussies love a pint.

  174. Tammy Boyer says:

    Can you tell me who the CD will be on the Legend for the April 20/14 sailing? No names are listed for month prior to this.
    Thank you!

  175. Stacy says:

    John, might you be sailing on the Legend during the Tampa to Long Beach sail through the Panama Canal?

  176. Tom says:

    Why is there no cruise director listed for April on the Legend leaving out of Tampa? are making a surprise appearance? I sure hope so! Now how am I supposed to plan my trip and what to do.Would love to met you finally. This is my 3rd cruise on carnival. I have followed you on and off thru the years and i would love to meet the man behind the madness(so to say).
    A fan, Tom Bell

  177. Nancy says:

    Hi John we are soon sailing on the Breeze on March 15th… We are now looking ahead to our 4th cruise for 2015. Do you know what your schedule will be for March / April? We were so excited to see your ship in port this past Summer on Newfoundland and couldn’t believe you were so close and we couldn’t meet you in person. Hope to hear from you soon πŸ™‚


  178. Williaml/Faith Leonard says:

    Hi John ,We sailed with you last July out of Dover on a 12 day Baltic cruise,we had a great time, Delta lost my bag for 9 days,thank god it wasn”t my wife”s bag, Carnival was excellent in finding my bag and having it delivered to port, Ps I booked
    my flight direct with Delta!We will be sailing with you on Feb 15th on the Breeze,looking fordward to seeing you Bill

  179. harry mc clay says:

    john just realized you r our cd on miracle on june 3rd alaska cruise how nice! we were with u on the Breeze in october 2012 europe cruise
    what a great time and was the trip of our life! you made it special ty cabin 4197 this time see ya there Harry& Karen

    • harry mc clay says:

      getting our bags packed for the Miracle June 3rd to Alaska second time with you last time with Breeze Mediterranean cruise wonderful trip of lifetime!ty cabin 4197 Harry and Karen McClay

  180. Just wanted to send a shout out to all I am currently on the Sunshine that set sail today from New Orleans On the John Blog Cruise Happy Cruising Everyone!!!

  181. dave& sandy says:

    John I’ve just joined your elite club. My father passed on a at 12:30AM. Maybe when we are on the miracle in July; we can share spot of tea, she’d a tear and toast the ones we’ve lost.Life is had enough but losing your dad makes it even tougher. Hope to see you in July.

  182. Charles Black says:

    Are you going to be doing an updated cruise director schedule?

  183. Jeffrey Rotz says:


    We have sailed with you many times. The last was Tampa to Barcelona with you and Calvin. We enjoyed the cigars under the stars on the Serenity Deck. We are on the Legend again. ship looks great. Cruise in June on the Liberty. Looking forward to see 2014 – 2015 Cruise Director schedule. Will be cruising January/February then March/April. Regards to your family. Chef Jeff & Dee Rotz

  184. Gregory Sikkens says:

    Hello John,

    We had a wonderful time on the cruise from Dover to NY last fall. You and Calvin had us in stitches. Where is Calvin now?

    Keep up the good work you do on Facebook and ignore the pseudo PC police.


  185. Cecily Sherbo says:

    We will be sailing on the Liberty on November 2 with a group of our friends! My husband and I were on this ship just last year for our honeymoon and we are going to be staying right next to the room we were in on our honeymoon! We didn’t get to do anything for our first anniversary so this will be a celebration for us! I can’t think of any better way to celebrate our first year of marriage! I just wish you were going to be our cruise director! Looking forward to what will be the fourth of many more Carnival cruises!

  186. Jeremy Artoff says:


    My family and I just got off the Carnival Breeze yesterday. I just wanted to let you know we had so much fun! Between the casino games (Cash Cube and Cash Vault very much included) and the entertainment we were wiped out and totally pleased by everything that we did! We wanted to thank you and carnival for making our vacation very much enjoyable! We had Yves as a waitress one night and she was ABSOULTELY amazing. My wife and I had Ady (Not his real name but that’s what he told us to call him) and my in laws had Predrig (I am positive that is not how you spell his name) and they were both amazing as well. Thank you so much for everything that you guys do. It is much appreciated.

  187. john we where on lib . the last med. it took great time got off in .chev. before you’ll lift for lart. every one got sick we were in paris miss that fun ha ha sept. 13 jax back to back5/4 come on down see you

  188. Louie Alers says:

    John i hope we see you on the carnival Valor next feb 22 2015…

  189. 'Bonnie' Jones says:

    I just checked your cruise director’s schedule and Risa Barnes is still listed as the CD. As you know she is no longer with Carnival, but is still listed as CD. Risa sent me the notice ‘her boss’ (is that you?) sent to all the ships.
    Who will replace her? Sexy Craig Johnson? He was her ACD for a long time, knows the ship and ports.
    We cruise a lot on the Fantasy but it won’t be the same with out Risa, or Mark Hoffman
    (the retired hotel director) and we also miss Francisco LaFarina but he is now in Miami and loving having Anastasia and his son Misha with him all the time. He is now Director of Stability and Damage control for Carnival and is Commodore of Fantasy Class ships. We hope to sail on a ship with him again when he is on board.
    Oh, we are Diamonds, 320 days!

  190. Jeannine says:

    You say you will be on the Miracle for the Alaska season, but the schedule says that you will be off in July & then the schedule does not even cover Sept. which is when Alaska season ends.
    Will you be on the Sept. 10-18, 2014 Alaska sailing or not?

    Thank you!

  191. Ed Williamson says:

    John we never received are post card from the cruise in October.2013 That was mailed from that little village going Thursday the pass on are way to New York from loudon. Have you heard anybody that has received there’s? Please respond. Thanks Ed

  192. David says:

    Hello John,

    My family and I will be on the Freedom on August 24th, will you be on this ship.

  193. Christy Shine says:

    We will be on the Carnival Fantasy for the 4th time since it was ported in Charleston, SC. We love the ship and the crew. It would be nice to see you on it. Also, how often do the shows get changed? and we activities?

  194. Rocky Crain says:

    Looking forward to sailing with you next week 5/20/14 on the Miracle. By the way love your facebook posts!

  195. Yvette says:

    See you in August on the Miracle…Love you posts and Blog!

  196. Carnival has already set up the rules…the more cruises we take, the more rules braking we see. If Carnival would just enforce the rules they already have in place, it would actually increase the enjoyment of these cruises of all people, even though the rule breakers will not see it that way. Why is it because they pay for their ticket, they think they can do and say what they like, no matter the circumstances? I understand you can’t control them all…someday these people might grow up and wonder why others do stupid stuff. Have a Great Day John..truly enjoy your blog!!!

  197. David Noah says:

    We are traveling on the Miracle in December to Hawaii. Who is the CD during this trip? Hope the Miracle got a good face lift since we were on her in Oct. of 2012.

  198. Mike says:

    John, My wife and I had the pleasure of sailing with you and Calvin on a Transatlantic and Mediterranean cruise in 2013 and had the time of our lives. Are you scheduled for any Caribbean cruises either in November or December 2014?

  199. merle says:

    After sending my last message I got your updated schedule for cruise directors. We booked our cruise on Fasination in march based on our belief that PAUL SANTLEY would be the CD. Our sail date is Oct 20. He is scheduled to off. We are loyal Carnival cruisers with 30 cruises. We are devastated with this schedule. Jacksonville is a long trip for us.

    We have 30 Carnival cruises.

    Merle and Margo Anderson

    • merle says:

      We sailed with you in 2009 on the inauguaral cruise of the Dream from Port Canaveral. We have 6 cruises in 6 Months. We were on the Dream, Sunshine, and Liberty mosy recently.
      We have 8 cruises scheduled this year.
      Jaime on Sunshine is the tops. She says she would look like my wife in 30 years. (that is a complement I think). Britany on Liberty is also very good. My all time favorite is Paul Santley and we were willing to travel to see him again.

      We will cancel our cruise if he is not the Cd

      Merle and Margo Anderson

  200. Merle says:

    Michelle our Carnival personal vacation planner changed our cruise date so we should be on the cruise with Paul. (Nov 13 to Nov 17).
    As I said we loved the Sunshine and Jamie. she is a real keeper.Living only a few miles from Port Canaveral makes it easy for us so a trip to Jacksonville is slightly inconvenient but seeing Paul again will make it worthwhile. We also like the Liberty which we did in May. Britany also is a keeper.
    All that said we would say our favorite ship is the Sensation. I think we are very comfortable on that ship. (like an old shoe) if I can use that analogy. We are Carnival cruisers and have used the other lines as well, but always come back to Carnival.

    I hope I have your CD schedule right this time and looking forward to our cruise on the Fasination.

    Merle and Margo

  201. Merle says:

    We just had a wonderful experience changing the sailing date on a booked cruise. Since we had never needed to do that we were not aware of how easy that was while following the Carnival policy. We can now see one of our favorite CDs, Paul, as we had hoped.
    We love cruising Carnival so much. We are also booked on the Concert cruise in Dec. Yea!
    Margo Anderson

    • Merle says:

      This is a reply for a somewhat confused Alisa.
      We had a scheduled cruise based on John’s CD schedule for 2012 which ended in August. Our cruise was scheduled for Octcber 20 on the Fascination. CD Paul Santley who is a good friend has his 2 month off then. We had a booked and paid for cruise and did not know if we could change. When we called Carnival they changed our cruise very smoothly. We are probably not as articulate as you Alisa but my wifes entry was to tell John how happy we were. Now, Alisa you can get a drink and critque someone else.

      • Alisa Jones says:

        Merle.. I think you are the confused one.. as my post was not having anything to do with you or your wife or your booking.. was not even mentioning you. Please look again at my post.. I think maybe you were having a drink.. possibly many of them.. Cheers..

  202. Alisa Jones says:

    Hello John.. I dearly enjoy reading your blogs. I find them quite humorous and informative. There are days I read the encounters you experience and I give many props on how you handle each one. Some people out there truly need a swift kick in the arse on a daily basis. I ran across the above article which I just had to shake my head at. Was wondering if you had ran across it yet?

    Alisa Jones
    Thornton, AR

    had to say” what in the bloody hell was this guest thinking…. your opinion??

  203. Sharon Braasch says:

    Hi John
    We wanted to thank your for the best cruise to Alaska on June 3rd. You are the best cruise director and the funniest. Your assistants Dee and Stephanie were terrific. Our families really enjoyed the show and we laugh our socks off every time we run the video. John is taking the video to work to show the gang at Coca-Cola. I will be taking another cruise to Alaska, but this time I am bringing my granddaughter. Hope to see you all on the cruise.
    Anita and Dick Little

  204. David Jones says:

    Hello John.
    My wife and I will be sailing in September aboard the Magic (our 7th anniversary) and we were wondering who our Cruise Director will be.
    Thank you

  205. Cheryl finnegan says:

    We are going to be on the pride in sept. Who will be the cruise director. We had butch once he was great.

  206. Cheryl finnegan says:

    Please update your cruise director schedule were going in sept thanks

  207. Michele says:

    I hear you are currently on the Miracle right now. We are sailing on August 12 on the Miracle. I hear you are one of the reasons this cruise is so great this year! Will you still be around in August? It’s a special trip for us. My mom has spent the last 12 years in Skagway and passed away at the end of last year. We booked two rooms with an adjoining balcony and are taking our families up to Skagway to meet her friends and scatter her ashes. We are looking foward to a wonderful trip!
    Hoping you will be there!

  208. Dennis Chew says:

    You are a very remarkable talent…made my cruise on the Miracle to Alaska

  209. Carmen Prescott says:

    Who will be the cd in February 2015 on the magic?

  210. Charmaine says:

    Hey love your blog how can I put in a request on the Freedom my hubby only eat Fish no meat or shel fish.Thanks.

  211. Phyllis says:

    John, What are the best months for cruising in Alaska ?

  212. Pamela says:

    Went on the Splendor July 2013 for the first ever cruise. Loved Malcolm “WhooHoo” as the cruise director. Went on Splendor again in December 2013. There was a different director- Eli. Not as jubliant nor as fun, but okay. Going on Splendor again next month August 12th. Will Malcolm be back as the cruise director? Bringing my daughter along on this cruise trip and I know he will help her first cruise trip feel really great and fun. Keeping my fingers crossed. WhooHoo!

  213. Caroline says:

    Hi John,
    first of all I would like to tell you that your blog is very awsome! You do a very good job!

    Also, I just want to know if you’re gonna post another schedule of cruise director soon… I think this one is not up-to-date… Matt Mitcham is now on the breeze

  214. Richard Guinn says:

    Hi, I would just like to confirm that John will still be CD on the Miracle for the Alaska cruise scheduled 9/10/14.
    Thank you.

    • doreen speight says:

      no l believe john is leaving the ship on the 10th this is the second time this has happened to us ,l guess we are not mend to meet john

  215. Lori says:

    I’m thrilled to say it looks as though we will be enjoying your company on part of our cruise on the Legend. This is cruise #13 for my husband and I and I think #6 for our daughter, who will be celebrating her 12th birthday while on the cruise. I hope we get the opportunity to meet you while on board, but if not, we will be listening for your voice. Let’s get this vacation started!

  216. Lorraine kalb says:

    Hi John
    My name is Lorraine kalb.
    You have been my favorite Cruise Director since the first time I sailed with you many many years ago.
    I have been passionately advertising Carnival Cruise line since my first cruise.
    I need some help on how I can continue do this and be rewarded.
    Please give me the instructions I need.
    Lorraine kalb

  217. Ray Richard says:

    John, we are leaving on the Carnival Dream this coming Sunday. It is the first cruise for my two sons. They are 8 and 5. It is also a complete surprise for them. Any advise or help to break the news to them? Thanks a million.

  218. Ann says:

    John, I can’t believe it. According to the schedule, I may finally get to meet you. It says you will be on the Legend — it appears to be for the cruise from Long Beach to Sydney., Aug 30 – Sept. 22.
    Can’t wait to meet you

  219. Barrie Duvall says:

    John I’m on the Pride now heading to Grand Turk. I am booked for her repositioning cruise in March 2015 and it would be so great for you to sail with us! I so enjoy your blog, you make me laugh everyday so come and join the fun in March!!! Please???

  220. Dorian Hansen & Courtney Ulyatt says:

    we can’t stop talking about you and hope that nobody steals the TP and that there is ample supply for Calvin and for your next gig!
    Dorian & Courtney

  221. Carroll Lawson says:

    Good Evening John, Thank you so very much for filling our days with your wonderful blog. It brings so much Joy to us everyday that we read it and many posts we read several times. Thank you for posting the Cruise Directors on upcoming cruises. We are excited to meet Eversen From GA on our August 30, 2014 Cruise which will be our 10th Anniversary and Our 15th Carnival Cruise (Yippie). Thanks John and keep up the great blog. We love it !!!

  222. terry t says:

    hey john on the sunshine enjoying the cruise and george is awesome but no really impressed with the organization where you have to go to deck 5 to check in for your time dinning and then go to deck 3 to sit and eat find it to be very ackward and bothersome wish you the best on your cruises hope to see you soon have a few trips this year saw that james dunn was on the magic now and happy about that wish the two trips i was taking was on the magic if you could tell james that trouble says wut up and amy i said hey girl friend still remember how much fun i had with my first cruise on the freedom when you were the cruise director and also with mr. dunn and my sweety amy can’t wait to hit platinum by next year and enjoy much more future trips with the crew on each sailing have a wall with all my ships on a stick on it want to have the whole fleet on that wall one day if you have a destiny ship on a stick handy send it my way on my cruise in october 30 this year on the triumph lots of luv to you and the whole carnival family

  223. paige says:

    The video will not play says it is private??

  224. Rosette says:

    Can you please tell me what happened to NOONAN? In my opinion he was the funniest cruise directors EVER! I just looked at your link and don’t see his name anywhere. If he left the company can you suggest another cruise director with his sense of humor. Thanks

  225. Jackie menefee says:

    I was on the Miracle 16-26 August. On our last night my wife and I were surprised in our cabin 1157 with a nice bottle of champagne and a nice note. We are not sure if you got the wrong cabin or what. Either way, thank you it was a great cruise. I want to also let you know the staff and crew were fantastic. I filled out the survey, but thought I would also tell you so you can pass it on. You are an outstanding cruise director and we hope to see you again on another trip. Dudi and his cabin team were great. They new me by my first name from day one, outstanding job. The dinner staff with Freddy table 242, Sonia and the young assistant all greeted us by name. When we were in Skagway Sonia saw us and yield our name from across the street and seemed excited to see us. Sorry this is so long, you and the crew we so great, just thought you should get the complements. Also, try to convince Carnival not to do away with the live bands, the are what really make the shows. We took the last Destiny transatlantic and the return trip on the Sunshine and it is missing the the excitement and glamour with out the big band.
    Thanks again,

  226. Kathy says:

    John, I follow you and value your blog but the mattress man??? Ask your Chaplin to speak with him and his wife (separately if need) to maybe get a deeper understanding of his willing not to let go. I see patients in our hospital do this because they CANNNOT control their environment eg bedding. Bathing food/dietary social media. Dig john you will find the reason for this utterly dissatisfaction of not just this cruise BUT his whole life. Dig deep john

  227. Katherine says:

    When will you be back on Carnival Ships?

  228. Ray says:

    John, I see you are on the Miracle right now, are you guys still going to Cabo? We will be on there next month. Also can you tell me if Tommy Green will be playing on the miracle?

  229. Roberta Gerlach says:

    John, We sailed on the Legend more than once, a nice ship, and we enjoyed the repartee’ that you and Calvyn brought to the daily John and Calvyn Show. We are sailing on the Conquest in April, 2015, and I noted in the CD assignment chart that Calvyn would be on board, but the chart stopped showing him there in Feb 2015. No one else has been listed, and I was hoping to see him continue on board. We sailed on Miracle end of Apr, 2014, to Alaska, and did not realize that you were aboard until your presentation in the theater with the CD assigned to the ship. That was at the end of the cruise, and I am sorry that we did not have an opportunity to spend a bit of time with you.

    This April, we will celebrate my husband’s birthday and our 37th anniversary on board. Carnival has been our favorite means of sailing, especially in comparison to other lines, so I look forward to a wonderful sailing. Hope the family is well and all your concerns have diminished.

  230. karyn gomes says:

    Who will be the cruise director for carnival Breeze Oct 19,2014

    • Laurin G. says:

      According to the Cruise Director schedule link located on the lower right corner of John’s page it will be Ralph Valente. Hope this helps!

  231. esther foster says:

    I am a platinum member sailing on carnival for over 10 years. .sailed with malcolm couple years ago . Caugtht him on the splendor in may want to know what ship next year .he give me the info on getting youe website i am currently book on the conquest for may next year willi g to change to go with malcolm he makes my vacation worth a whole lot

  232. Kathy Pichado says:

    John, we are about to sail on the Sunshine!! One of our first cruises was on the Destiny (spelled wrong) anyway you were the cruise director (before you became famous). We had a great time every night in the main club because you made it terrific!! We are leaving on the Sunshine Sat because we want to see what Carnival has done with this ship!! We wish you were the cruise director (the best). We hope to see you soon on another ship . We experienced you on another ship a few years ago but we have been on so many cruises they are starting to run together. P. S. the year was 1998 on the Destiny and it was one of the best. You were not married at the time!!! Good luck and we will miss the nights but remember you with lots of laughter!!!

  233. George Avola says:

    Hi John,

    Just wanted to tell you about yet another wonderful cruise I had with Carnival. This time I brought a good friend and his wife along and they are now converts! We sailed the Conquest with Mike Pack. I think we have found your replacement! He was amazing! Mike and Roly(Asst CD) worked great together. You should have him teach a course on how to do trivia nights. We have now sailed with Carnival for 51 days with Alaska up next at the end of August for our 25th anniversary.
    Thanks again for giving us yet another memorable cruise.
    George and Maureen Avola

  234. Ruby says:

    If you are in port and the bar at the casino is closed is smoking allowed while the bar is closed ????

  235. Pam says:

    Hi John, will you be on the Legend in 2015?

  236. Don says:

    Hey John: You were our cruise director on my first cruise in 1997. We sailed on the destiny and she was beautiful. I have never laughed so hard when the passenger pulled your pants down on stage. You were laughing so hard you were having a difficult time getting them up. Wish you would come back for an encore. I will be on the Breeze tom. 11-8-14 for 8 days. Congrats to Gerry as well.

  237. Kathleen Mistic says:

    John ….how many formal nights are there on Miracle on Dec 6 sailing and if possible which nights are they?

  238. Sheryl Macnowski says:

    I remember you John from our last cruise. You might remember my visual explanation of a mans hairy chest being called a “man sweater”.

  239. pat skinner says:

    Carnival Freedom Repositioning Cruise Facebook page currently has over 300 members. Several of us would be interested in purchasing the Cheers package for this cruise but with the current cost of $49.95+15% gratuity for 12 days for 2 people per cabin that is almost $1400. Is there any chance the price would be lowered for the longer voyages? That’s more that what a decongestant cruise would cost. Please Dee if anything can be done. Thank you

  240. Todd thoene says:


    We went on the sensation in September 2014 I sent in a compliment to our MDR waiter John Kenroy #236593. I want to make sure he was recognized. Out of all the cruises he by far went above and beyond anything we have ever had. Look forward to the Freedom being here in Texas and will be sailing on her May 2.


  241. Nate says:

    Who will be the CD on the fantasy February 14th cruise to the bahamas?

  242. Mina says:

    Hi John, When will you sail on Miracle?

  243. Teri Wilson says:

    Looking forward to my first Spirit class cruise. I have been on over 10 Carnival cruises and first time on a spirit class.

    Is The Miracle getting a Guys Burger Joint during dry dock? I do not see it on the list, but the Pride was able to make room so really hoping they make that adjustment.

    Also wondering if they will be adding a new slide to the Miracle?

    Our last cruise director said great things about you. So hopefully you will be on the Miracle in July. πŸ™‚ Teri Wilson

  244. Robin Moss says:

    What factors are considered when assigning dinner table? I have been on 5 cruises with anywhere from 2-10 people in our party and I am ALWAYS seated in the far back corners. I do not mind meeting new people nor do I want to sit alone. Also, FYI…the 2nd comedian from last nights show truly needs to be replaced.No one was laughing and he was quite rude–new experience on Carnival from ANY entertainer. I am currently on the Miracle 1/17/2015

  245. dave says:

    will You be on the breeze from february 28th to march 8th? just curious.

  246. Brenda Pleasant says:

    Hi John,
    Hope all is well with you. I really enjoyed meeting you in June on the Miracle and thoroughly enjoyed having you as the cruise director. I will be sailing on the Triumph on the 21st of Feb. and on the Freedom in April. Any chance you will be on either? Where is Mr. Radu now? Any chance he will be on either. I really enjoyed his photo tutorials. We were really spoiled on the Miracle, having you, Mr. Radu and Ken the singing Matre D all on one ship…best cruise ever and it wasn’t my first and certainly won’t be my last.
    Thanks in advance for the info.

  247. Terri Vejvoda says:

    Planning our first cruise on Carnival and only our second cruise ever. heard lots of good things about Carnival. We are about to book the March 2 -5 day Eastern Caribbean cruise out of Miami. Any helpful hints for new cruisers? thanks!


  249. Christine Rayburn says:


    I know you stay so very busy, but I’m dying to know if you will be on the Legend for the August 4th sailing? That will be my 19th cruise with Carnival, but first to Alaska and my hubby and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary! We are so hoping to meet you!

  250. Penny Blanchette says:

    When, excluding this week, is the next bloggers cruise? you mentioned late Feb, Early March, but is that this year, or next 2016? Need to know when and where to book my cruise. …. What ship also?.?????

  251. Don Smith says:

    John we are about to go on our 4 cruise 3 with Carnival and the other 2 with one of you sister lines! So I would like to tell those out there that I would not cruise for 25 years. My wife always want to go and I didn’t. So in 2007 I said yes for our 25th anniversary! SO I had such a great time I plan the cruises we go on!

    With that in mind I see the Vista has a brewery on board and being a homebrewer I would be interested in seeing how they are brewing at sea. Do you know if brewery tours will be offered?



  252. Robert Mascia says:

    Going on Valor April 4 cruise. Wondering who cruise director will be?

  253. Karen Mainoous says:

    John, I have sailed with you twice. January 16,2016 will be our 25th with Carnival and we are taking our granddaughter to Hawaii on Miracle for her graduation/18th birthday, and our 18th wedding anniversary. Figure that! We are HOPING you will be aboard. Chrissy has sailed Carnival 11 times and she loved the time with you. You are absolutely the best. Hoping and praying we can see you aboard!!!!

  254. Kenny says:

    John, do you have an update to the cruise director schedule? I am going on the Glory in March 2015 and was wondering if Eversen will still be on her.

  255. Caleb R says:

    I know you are a very busy guy, but I am just curious as to when you might have the new cruise director schedule, as it is almost March and the current schedule only goes through Feb. of this year.


  256. Richard Green says:

    How about getting an updated Directors list. We are sailing on Conquest 3/21/2015.

  257. Crystal Sibley says:

    We are sailing out on the Dream March 22nd and I am curious to know who our CD will be. Your posted schedule only goes thru Feb.

    Thank you!

  258. teresa giles says:

    John, I can’t find an up-to-date (2015) cruise director schedule…any suggestions on where to look? Also, I’m wondering if there is a similar list for maitre d’s? I didn’t really care about this until we had Konstantyne on the Glory a couple of years back – he was super! I’d love to sail with him running the MDR (and singing to us) again.

  259. Janice Owenby says:

    Have been following along on FB for a few months now and will be on the Legend in August. Looking forward for the opportunity to finally meet you in person!

  260. Ray Scruggs says:

    Please will you guys update the Cruise Director schedule soon? Thanks for your help.


  261. Kay says:

    Will you be on the October journey cruise out of New Orleans? We hope so.

  262. Brett Haftel says:

    The link for the up-to-date cruise director schedule ends with Feb. Can you please update (or tell me who is on the Breeze for the 3/28 sailing this coming Saturday? Thank you.

  263. Jonathan Mason says:

    Hi John! Come see me on the Miracle cruise the 25th of April and wish me a Happy Birthday! Have enjoyed cruising with you in the past to Alaska.

  264. Gina Raborn says:

    Hi John,
    I am a loyal carnival cruiser, and I wanted to ask about the Victory Dry Dock. I was on her in 2003 and now going back on her again in Sept. I wanted to know about any upgrades and is there any link we can follow her transformation?
    On another note I must say this will be the 6th carnival cruise we will be on and that’s not many to some other cruisers out there, but I want to say I have tried another cruise line and was greatly disappointed. I will never stray again…lol… We were married on the Dream in 2013 and hope to sail The Carnival Vista Europe next year…I have a lot of saving to do, but so excited that there will be an Italy cruise I have been waiting for this. So putting the pennies away and I hope I will sail her in Sept. 2016. Well a girl can dream anyway.
    I just want to say thanks for all you do at Carnival and thanks for never disappointing us!!
    Gina Raborn

  265. Brigid says:

    I am planning on booking the journeys cruise on the Elation in 2016. I read that the ship was refurbished. I can not find any before and after photos on line. What exactly was refurbished?

  266. Janice Bush says:


    Hello love your FB posts and your comments. I will be sailing on the Legend August 25th. I understand you are the CD on the ship that week and would absolutely love to meet you in person!! Wondering if that would be possible.
    Thank you for all you do
    Janice Bush

  267. Angel Boyer says:

    Hi John… We’re sailing on the sunshine August 8-16th… Which still has the cruise director as TBA… Any ideas as to who will be our director in our sailing?? Thanks for checking!!

  268. Wendy Hollands says:

    Hey John I love following you on Facebook!! We just booked on the Vista sailing May14th
    was really, really, really, hoping that you may be the CD!! Have they scheduled anyone yet?
    Have a great day!

  269. Matt R says:

    John, will you be on the inaugural sailing of the Vista? Its less than a year away!

  270. Les Wolff says:

    My wife and have sailed on the Liberty and the Splendor with John in Europe. We are taking our Family on the Inspiration the 15th of June to celebrate our Fiftieth anniversary and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate. John we have really enjoyed you and hope to see you again.

  271. John says:

    John, we will be on the victory for the 1st time 6/27/15. Can you tell us who the cruise director is. We did the Liberty out of miami last april and had a great time. Looking to do the same.

  272. Yvonne says:

    Do you know if the band Blackjack will be with us on the Dream for October Journeys cruises?
    Have heard they are wonderful.
    Looking forward to sailing with you.

  273. Claudia Medinas says:

    John, could you please post info on Bloggers cruises, dates, ship, etc.

  274. Aussie says:

    John, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed cruising with you in the past. By chance will you be bringing over the Vista??????? If I had to choose who I’d love to see on the new ship to bring it over from Spain would be you for the druise director and Ken (Maitre’D) what an amazing cruise that would be. I’ve been on several cruises with you both and they were the best cruises I’ve ever been on *60 cruises and counting* Please let us know!!!

  275. Lucy Flemmons says:

    HI John,
    We sailed on th Elation in 2014 an the crew was amazing, they mingled and got to know the passengers. THEY WERE FUN!

    IN MAY 2015 we sailed on her again, totally different crew.
    They didnt mingle when not performing and were very dry. (Almost stuck up)
    we were really disappointed.
    Also, I read in ur blog the ships use to stay in port longer. Why has that changed. There is not enough time to do all the things u want to if u do an excursion. We swam with the dolphins in Cozumel, but want to swim for awhile and but souvenis. For the money, and time it takes to get there, we should have more time in the ports.

  276. Kim Rice says:

    Hey John,
    I work CS for Carnival would love an opportunity to sail with you next year on the Vista, what dates in June 2016 will you be on the Vista, look forward to meeting you, you do a fantastic job love following your blog and facebook.

  277. KellyK says:

    John – you stated you were going to be on the Glory soon, was wondering if it was the July 11th sailing we are on? We would love to meet you.


  278. Patricia says:

    who is the CD on the Sunshine when Jamie D is on vacation in September. She is the best, just wondering who will be taking her place.

  279. Hadleysunshine says:

    Hi John,

    Just wondering how your friend Captain Salvatore Messina, is doing and which ship is he currently on? I actually meet him years ago and tons of good laughter!

  280. Loretta Pennington says:

    I am a carnival cruiser. I am hoping some day changes would be made with the food. When you on different cruise ship the menu would be different something to look forward too but that’s not the case. The only bad things is the same food from ship to ship daily.
    Loretta Pennington

  281. Tammy says:

    Do you have a list of the dj’s on each cruise ship?

  282. Beverly says:

    This August 30 will be our 4th time on the Magic! Is there a way that we can find out who our captain and cruise director will be?

  283. Phil S NYC says:

    John we last sailed with you on the Legend Trans Atlantic in October/ November 2013.
    We have completed 19 Carnival Cruise to date and have 2 more booked for 2014 both on the Vista.
    After a cruise on the Splendor last week I have come to the conclusion our personal preference that the smaller the number of passengers on a cruise the enjoyment level increase, BUT the entire cruise industry is racing to build MEGA cruise ships, with a 6000 passenger ship announced recently.
    I think it is time to look at the reality of these monster ships, they are to crowded! they reduce the enjoyment of the passengers/customers.

  284. Bruce says:

    Hi John,
    I had a question for you. My wife and I are sailing with friends next September and we are also bringing along our 14yr old son. My questions is in regards to if he can expect other teens to be onboard? He sailed for the first time this past August and loved it, especially Circle C and we were curious if there would be enough kids his age on the ship so that he might have a similar experience. Someone mentioned you posts the statistics on such things, but damn if I can find it (My luck it’s probably painfully obvious).

  285. stacey straub says:

    Sailing on 11/28 Freedom cruise. Celebrating 40th bday with family during cruise. Thrilled the ship will be decorated for Christmas. Sailed last 3yrs on magic, with James as CD. Noticed no CD on freedom for our cruise. And that James is off of Magic that week. When will we be able to see who our CD will be? Thanks for all of your info and daily chuckles. I look forward to “checking in” to see what you’ve posted/asked each morning.

  286. Nick Gird says:

    do you know who the Aug 2016 cruise director on the magic will be? I’m hoping Felipe conto can be but who knows

  287. Shirley Scott says:

    I am trying to find out if you, John will be on either of these Journey cruises in Jan, 2016. Galveston to San Juan 1-16-16 or San Juan to Galveston 1-27-16? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  288. Scott says:

    Haven’t heard back but asked who is the CD for Magic end of November. Can I get a response??

  289. Gary wank says:

    Sailing on the Glory Leaving October 31. Would like to know if John will be sailing on that journey cruise? Hope so b

  290. Riza Villena says:

    Hi John! So glad to see Melody de Dios name as a cruise director. I was just thinking about her when we were on the Victory end of October. Can you please extend my congratulations hope to see her again on another cruise.
    Aren’t you sailing with us on the Vista? We are scheduled on May 14 instead of the maiden voyage.

  291. Christina says:

    I had my reservation accidentally taken over by a Travel Agent because a few in are large party used said Travel Agent. She needed my pin to link our reservations together for dining. Somewhere along the way there was confusion and she took over my reservation without my permission. She’s very sorry and since we have been working hard to have it returned to Carnival and myself. Still not having control of my reservation has been very stressing. I am a Platinum member and have never used a Travel Agent for any of my travel needs. I like to have control over my trip. Do you have any in site on how I can speed this along John? Cyber Monday is just around the corning and I know there are some great deals Carnival offers. The Travel Agent is in Europe currently and with the difference in time I’m worried I will miss out. Thank you πŸ™‚

  292. Christina says:

    Sorry!! Didn’t read the Policy first. Please disregard my message. Thank you….

  293. Peg Brunelle says:

    When does the cruise director schedule come out for Sept 2016? Looking for the Conquest 9/3/16. thanks!!!

  294. Sylvia McPherson says:

    Was sorry to see that Jamie Dee will not be on the Sunshine when we sail in Dec, but looking forward to meeting another cruise director on the ship…We LOVE Jamie Dee! She is so much fun and very personable, made all of us feel like family especially my 82 year old mom :o) Would like to meet you one day John.

  295. Mandy says:

    I was wondering if the Entertainment staff stay with the CD?

    We were on a cruise in May ’14 on the Sunshine and spent a lot of time with Max from South Africa. The CD was Jamie Dee. My son and his girlfriend became engaged on that cruise, and we found out a little over a month later, a miracle pregnancy too (aoracle because she was previously told she was unable to conceive.)

    We are heading back on the Sunshine as a family for the babies 1st Birthday, and we’re curious if there is any chance that Max is still there? I see Jamie Dee is leaving the week before we board.

  296. Kim Sands says:

    John, will you also be on the Freedom February 13, 2016? Thanks, Kim

  297. Linda Bzar says:

    Dear John,

    What is your sailing schedule for 2016? I will be on the Victory on May19, going Bermuda and would love to know you will also be on board.

  298. Kelly Rogers says:

    Hi John. We sailed on the Freedom with Wee Jimmie over New Years 2015. His energy and the way he stayed involved with the passengers was awesome! This past New Years cruise we were on the Dream. I wasn’t impressed with the CD this year. In fact, the only time I saw him was on TV in out cabin. We plan to be on the Dream again next year. All we want for Christmas is Wee Jimmie for our CD. :).

  299. Kyle says:

    John i know this is a question that has been beat to death. But what uogrades will the valor get in march while dry docked?

  300. Walter Harris says:

    I just finished 1st cruise on the SUNSHINE. I wanted to ask your opinion on the new setup in the Theater? My wife and I were quite shocked on this new setup and size. Much smaller than we are use to. You have to get there early to get a chair on the floor level.
    We are not complaining just wanting to know your opinion. We love Carnival Fun Ships!!!

  301. Kelly Cooper says:

    Hello again John! We just booked for April 18th on the Carnival Fantasy! We are bringing 2 first time cruisers along and since we haven’t been on this ship I was wondering if there were any tips you could share? As of today, there are 5 of us travelling together. We would like a table with a great view of the waiters singing and dancing (early seating). Is that something we can call Carnival about to have arranged?

  302. Marilyn Field says:

    Do you have a list of the movies that will be shown on the Magic 2/7/16 thru 2/13/16? thanks

  303. jeremiah says:

    Hello john. I have one question, who is currently the cuise director for the carnival breeze. I will be sailing for my birthday on april 9 And i would like to know

  304. Angela says:


  305. Jacob M says:

    John, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.
    I am currently on a 21 day back to back Caribbean journeys cruise on board the Glory, and am thoroughly enjoying every moment.
    One question, however. I can’t help but notice that the cigar lounges have been completely eliminated and cigars are not allowed inside the casino. Us cigar smokers have been relegated to the always windy, sometimes rainy deck 10…Which makes lighting a cigar with a match slightly complicated, as you can probably imagine. Yes, I know, I should have a torch, but I just happened to forget mine at home. Silly me. Anywho, is there a reason Carnival has eliminated cigar lounges on the ship? Is this a feature that was implemented in the Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades? Just curious.
    Thanks again for the laughs, looking forward to booking a cruise with you on as the CD and maybe smoking a cigar with you.

  306. kyle says:

    John, i am cruising in July. The Valor Cruise director schedule only carries into June. Who is going to be the CD in July. Thanks!

  307. gary carney says:

    Hi John I heard the dream is going for upgrade in 2017. I am scheduled on dream in apr any problems?

  308. Stephen schilf says:

    John, please see below that was recently posted about the Breeze. What have you heard/know. Please advise. Thank you!


    I just want to give a sort of “public service announcement” for anyone travelling on the breeze this week or any time soon. I just got off sunday and there were a lot of reports of illness on the ship.

    Many passengers were quarantined, other guests reported seeing soiled bed linens in the hallway outside cabins, and both my mother and I personally were very ill the last couple of days. I am a member of a Facebook group which contains more than 60 people who were all sailing the same dates as us. A scarily large number of them all got sick with some variety of the same illness either while on the ship or since returning home Sunday.

    The illness includes a severe headache, sinus issues, gastrointestinal issues including severe cramping, diarrhea and severe vomitting, sore throat and coughing. At least one member of the group has been confirmed as having h1n1 (swine flu), another has been hospitalized with the flu and pneumonia, and at least one other was in the emergency room for the illness yesterday. Carnival attempted to blame some peoples’ illnesses on food poisoning obtained in one of the ports. They are denying an outbreak. We are concerned that this was underreported because so many got sick either the last day or two of the cruise or upon travelling home. Everyone has roughly the same symptoms and no one ate the same things, so we are denying food poisoning.

    If you get sick, please report it immediately, even if it’s after you return home, since Carnival is required to report illness to the CDC. Don’t avoid going to medical services because of the cost–Carnival didnt charge any of the members of our FB group who reported their illness while on board. If you have not yet sailed, please take extra precautions to avoid getting sick. I have not had the flu in years, and this one was horrible. My chest muscles are severely aching today from how violent my vomitting was the night before we disembarked.

  309. Anxious cruiser says:

    Looking at booking the Vista in May 2017, when will the CD schedule be updated? Would like to see Matt again of course…looks like he may be due for a break around then.

  310. Peggy Sparks says:

    Hi John
    I was wondering if you would be on the Dream week of March27, 2015?
    My family and about 25 other family members will be on the cruise. I would like to meet you

  311. Bruce Slack says:

    John, It would be great if you could join us, on the Vista May 20th 2017. I know that here are always people wishing this but hey Its worth the try.

  312. Cindy Pierson says:

    Oops never mind found it. Sorry we won’t get to meet you John. Lol

  313. linda jones says:

    Hey John – I am cruising on the Breeze on March 12,2016 – who is the cruise director and what can I look forward too


  314. Bev Carter says:

    you were on our very first cruise in 2002. it was great. We are doing the dream in June. Do you know who the director will be then? We have been on 12 cruise since then and have never had a better director then you. Thank you.

  315. Sheila Ervin says:

    John when is the bloggers cruise in Alaska 2017? My husband and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and this is the cruise we have been looking for. (Leave from Seattle return to Seattle. My husband won’t take one that doesn’t return to the same port) Thank you for the information.

  316. Antoinette Cardella says:

    Hey John…we will be sailing on the Miracle May 14th…I just sent you a message regarding that sailing…I hope to hear from you soon.

  317. Doug Godin says:

    Hello John,

    How much longer will you be sailing on the Miracle? Thank you!

  318. Kate says:

    How about a list of the maitre ds?
    We miss Vivek (V the Maitre D)…want to book a cruise that he’s on & can’t seem to find that info.

  319. Carol Woodring says:


    You send out a schedule for Cruise Directors do you have a schedule? I have 3 cruises booked as was wondering if you would be on any of them.

  320. Jill Dibos says:

    Where can I find your schedule and what ships you will be on this year ?

  321. Tanya says:

    Please let Donkey be the cruise director on the valor in November 2016

  322. Matt says:

    Why do some boats have “entertainment directors” and some do not? Also are there no more Assistant cruise directors?

  323. Kimberly Beecher says:

    Glory cruise director for April 23rd sailing

  324. Margie Cowan says:

    John … was on Pride recently (this is second trip on Pride within 5 months) and want to share several experiences with you, but not publicly online. Had requested via AskJohn for a means to contact you and got an incident report with comment that I would hear back within 7 days. That was on March 27 and still have not heard anything. Sent another query yesterday and still no response.

    Have plans for Carnival cruises on May 15-25, 2017 and September 3 … very much want FTTF … can you also possibly help with that?
    May 2017 trip is on the Sunshine and September trip is on the Vista … very much want Behind the Fun tours on both.

    If you prefer not to have me know an email address, just send a snail mail address where I can send a letter.

    Many thanks

  325. Nancy Rice says:

    My beautiful daughter will be 18 on April 24 and we sail on Carnival Pride out of Baltimore omega April 23….what can I do to make her birthday special on the ship..?

  326. Lynn Dennis says:

    Hello John
    Who will be the cruise director on the Sunshine in August?

  327. christine fraser says:

    John is carnival ; yet thinking about having rooms for single ;s on the other cruise liner they do and it is cheaper and much better for the single who wants to cruise .

  328. Sarah O'Neal says:

    I noticed that the cruises after Nov 2016 on the Paradise there isn’t a cruise director listed. When will that be available? I’m just curious as to who the CD will be on my cruise on the Paradise June 24, 2017 πŸ™‚

  329. Sarah Parkson says:

    Had the worst experience on the Carnival Miracle the first week of May. The Cruise Director for Entertainment is atrocious. Was not friendly to my guests and I. She was too preoccupied with her coworker at the piano bar. I found that highly unprofessional. This has been my third Carnival Cruise and by far the worst Cruise Director, I have dealt with personally. I believe she only schmoozes with the well off or people that suit her.

  330. eunice Ruffin says:

    Why did Carnival stop selling the cruise highlights videos and will they start back on the new ships?

    • Lisa Poole says:

      I agree, I loved the videos. Me and my friends always managed to get on them, and we bought them. Cherish them forever. I want them back!!

  331. Monica says:

    Who is going to be the cruise director on the Pride after Steve. Thanks

  332. Meredith says:

    Hi John! We will be getting married aboard the Breeze in July. From the current list of cruise directors, one is not currently listed for our cruise time. Do you know when these will be announced?

  333. Susan says:

    Sunshine only shows schedule until May. Can we get an update? I’m cruising in November and I’m curious who’s going to be there!

  334. Debra Smart says:

    Hi John: Will you be on the Vista sailing Nov. 16 from New York to Miami? Thank you!

  335. Juan Mark Maldonado says:


    I wish to add the Chef’s Table Experience to our booking, but do not see the “Ask John” tab on this blog. Can you please assist?
    Sail Date: 6/12/2016 on the Fascination

  336. Lisa says:

    Who is the director for the Dream in October? Also what about the piano bar and the entertainment crew πŸ™‚

  337. Hello John, We are Diamond VIFP cruisers with now over 300 days of sailing with Carnival. You had asked us for suggestions about the next level of VIFP. The idea we have is to make the next level to happen at 365 days. That would be a full year of cruising on Carnival. It could be called Diamond Yeary. (which my husband says sounds “salty”). What do you think? or something else referring to achieving a full year level. We hope to see you again in October when we do back to back Europe and transatlantic on the Vista. Can’t wait!!

  338. Melissa B says:

    Is there any way to see schedules farther out? I’m trying to book for 2017.

  339. Melissa B says:

    Is there a 2017 schedule?

  340. Dave says:

    Paul santley…What ship is he on in July of this year{2016}?…Thanx

  341. Deborah Bethea says:

    Hi john
    When will you have a up date on the CD schedule? I remember you saying that there was some changes since this last one

    • Cher says:

      On the bottom right of his blog page is a blue box. The link to the CD schedule download is there. Click on it then click on your download icon. It should show up there.

  342. Carol Moore says:

    Don’t think they do but should. We are cruising with 11 family members. Our whole immediate family. Daughters & husbands and 5 Grandkids from 17-5 in age. Wish they had a group rate for 11 on Shore Excursions. First cruise for most of them. Our 14th. Cruise. Really would like to do a Dolphin Encounter. We are going on Breeze July 24th. out of Galveston. My birthday July 29th. too

  343. Hi John, we are so excited to be going on another cruise with Carnival in September 6th 2016 on the Legend out of Seattle WA to Alaska, this is my husbands bucket list cruise. See he has stage 4 lung cancer and has battled it now for 3 years praise GOD and he feels it is now time to full fill his wish to go on this cruise he is doing a new cancer treatment and he is feeling really good now Immune therapy and it is showing signs of working so we are doing this trip, now while we can. We want to Thank Samatha Collie (Carnival Cruise planner) called out of the blue and said I see you have been looking at Alaska cruises and could she help us and she made it so very pleasant and easy for us and we felt comfortable with her and so we booked it we weren’t going to due to the cost but we figured we will find a way to afford it, Samantha went out of her way to help us she needs a pat on the back she is so sweet and did a great job getting us the perfect cruise with a balcony and near the elevators. Thank you again , we love Carnival

  344. Kimberly says:

    Hi john, we are thinking of booking the vista’s repo cruise from NY.? Are you going to be sailing on her? Thanks Kim ps.we did the legend yrs ago & missed you by hrs!!

  345. Kathy says:

    How do we “register” if we are sailing with you on a blogger’s cruise? We are on the Glory with you on Feb.4, 2017. It says we must register, but I do not know how.
    Thank you.

  346. John Delaney says:

    I think Carnival needs to change its policy to include a Military Id and or a Military Passport as proper cruise credentials. I find it strange that a company offer a military discount but will not accept forms of Military Id. To enlist a birth certificate is a must. Service personnel that have served around the world can not use the same Id to cruise is ridiculous.

  347. Dylan Eichenberger says:

    Hello I’m crusing conquest to Jamaica leaving august 8th, I’m planning on proposing I would really appreciate getting some feed back on how I can get some help!!! Anything is definitely appreciated

  348. Jacqueline gillow Shears says:

    Hello seven friends and I are going to be taking a cruise it will be my first cruise and I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday and it’s an all girl event LOL was wondering if you would be on the cruise we are taking the carnival victory September 15 2016 hope to see you have a great day

  349. Rich D. says:

    John… wife and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary next year and want to go on our 17th Carnival Cruise. We live in AZ and have been on all the ships our of Los Angeles….When will the ships be changed…dont really want to go on the Inspiration, Imagination or Miracle again…looking forward to a new ship out on the west coast or a brand new itineray? Any plans for new West Coast Options?

  350. Pattie Lindgren says:

    We will be sailing on the Valor Sept. 30 (our 24th cruise) I’ve looked everywhere for the Cruise Director & cant find the name. I believe a Cruise Director is important. Do we have a Good one? LOVE Jaime & Matt- did we get lucky?

  351. Maxine Bartlett says:

    I will be on Sunshine Aug 25 I have a ocean suite ,I would like to know if I can get my cabin earlier with a suite without getting FTTF . One carnival person tells me I can and another tells me I can not. Please someone tell me the answer I really hope I can I have payed a lot money for this cabin . I should get some priorlty

  352. shirley cato says:

    when is the next bloggers cruise?

  353. Gary Evans says:

    Who is cruise director on Valor ship???? August 19-27th 2016 ??

    Also what entertainment floor shows are on this cruise…. ??

    Looking forward to the cruise.

    Thank You,
    Gary Evans

  354. Misty Carreiro says:

    Hi John, can we please get an updated posted Fun Times for Breeze out of Galveston. It may be silly, but I have a cruise planned as a graduation gift for myself and I find it fun to take a look from time to time just to keep motivated. Thanks! John, take care.

  355. Rene says:

    Could you tell me when John is going to be on the dream?

  356. Theresa says:

    I cruised on Glory this past May and will be cruising on her again May 2017. We had Eric B as our cruise director and loved him. I see on the cruise director schedule he’s on from Dec 2016- May 2017 but no exact end date. We are cruising the week starting May 20th. Will he be on still? πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎhe is.

  357. Brooke Patton says:

    My husband and I have been traveling with Carnival since 2009. We LOVE it! We now take all our children with us, started off with our 4 older girls ages 6-10. Now we have 2 more children ages 21 months and 6 months. Last year, being our sons first cruise and he was about 10 months, we noticed something we never had before…NO CHANGING AREAS! Is this true or did we just not find them? The experience with him was amazing and we have absolutely no complaints except the fact that is was difficult when we were out and about to find a place to change his diaper. We have our next cruise booked at the end of September on the Conquest and will have the newest addition and last (lol) to our family and so now we will be faced with two in diapers. We understand the ships are small when it comes to restrooms but was wondering if this has ever been asked of or looked into having one designated area for changing diapers perhaps in a larger handicapped restroom. Your thoughts? No matter what nothing will stop us from traveling and vacationing on Carnival’s cruise line.

  358. Richard Green says:

    We have sailed with Carnival quite a few years. We are Gold Members. Although I know you probably have no power to make a wish come true but here goes. We are booked on the new Carnival Vista for Nov 27 to Grand Turk, Ocho Rios and Nassau. Personally we have been to Nassau twice and have never been really impressed. October 2015 on the Sunshine we were suppose to go to Half Moon Cay and due to weather problems we didn’t get to stop there. What are the possibilities of instead of going to Nassau Dec 2nd we could go to Half Moon Cay?

  359. David Brumberg says:

    hi John I like to know what ship you’re going to be on next summer because my wife’s retirement and we’re going to have a big party so we want to be on a ship where you’re at because we think you are the best please let me know

  360. James Covington says:

    John help! Cannot book everglades tour on Dec 3 after my Vista cruise. Can you work your magic?
    Thanks for being accessible.


  361. Katrina Wesley says:

    Hi John.
    I will be on the Sept 25th and the Sept 30th Valor cruise.I have organized a Slots Pull for both of those cruises.
    How can I get some Logo items and hopefully those FABULOUS SHIP ON THE STICKS to hand out the participants?
    Thanks so much.

  362. Theresa says:

    Good Morning,

    Will Eric Brouman be on Glory May 20th, 2017 or will he be off the ship by then. He was our cruise director May 2016 on Glory and was excellent. Hoping he will be on next May. If not who will?


  363. Kimberly Feather says:

    Could you please talk about luggage.I’am a long time cruiser 34 years.I will be going on a cruise with 8pp in Jan and want new luggage.My luggage is very old and heavy.What is a good brand and easy to move around no tilting and falling over.

  364. Kelley Thompson says:

    I’ve read about a meet and greet on carnival for Facebook groups all I have to do is message them 14-10 days out. They still not responding 😫 Please help I leave Sunday.

  365. Jamie says:

    Hey John…going on the Carnival Liberty with my two best girl friends. I am celebrating a birthday and those two have never been out of the country or on a cruise. Trying to get them hooked so they can join me and my husband on a yearly cruise or two. Any ideas how to make it special for them?

  366. Christopher Myrick says:

    Hi John. I will be on the Triumph this coming Saturday 10/1 and me and my girlfriend are more than excited. 8 have cruised (and only with Carnival) in the past but this will be her first cruise so I want to make it special. Is there anything you and do or maybe send to our room to surprise her? That would be so awesome!

    Thanks so much!

  367. Sharon says:

    Who will the cruise director be on the Paradise in Dec 2016. And on the imagination in June 2017?

  368. Joe Garofalo says:

    John I have been sailing with Carnival for nearly 30 years now and still our paths have not crossed. I am scheduled on the Vista Nov. 5th out of New York will you be onboard then.

  369. Nancy Mullins says:

    Hi John,
    I sent you a request on June 28, to see if you could help me with a table for six. We will be sailing on October 29 on the Carnival Freedom. You have helped me on all my cruises. This will be my 10 cruise with Carnival. Love the ships. We would like early seating in the Posh dining room (the biggest dinning room, I hope.). The names are Larry and Pam Mullins room 7426 book in #2HD6V5’Barry and Nancy Mullins room 7422 booking #2HD6W0and Paul and Lois McDorman room 7415 book on #2ND1X4. Thank you for helping me in this matter.

  370. Barb says:

    I teach two online math classes every morning. Do you think I can do this with my laptop and the premium internet service offered by Carnival Freedom.I am planning to spend two hours in my cabin teaching the classes and head out for fun after the classes.

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